Prespoiler: Nakayoshi & Ribon July 09 Issue & RAWs

Hehe, I had a lot of fun going to Asahiya yesterday even though I had to walk like eleven something blocks back to the station to catch a train home but it was all worth it. ^^

It’s a little different this time in that I’m adding the raws with the PreSpoilers. Cuz right after this, I’m going to update SoMT and then work on a few more other posts that are lined up to be published (along with responding to comments on my last post, you guys are too wonderful *tears up*). Oh, and making my rounds, too. I’m a crazy, busy girl but I love it!

& hell yea, peoples, if I’m going out, I’m going out with one hell of a BANG!

So please enjoy this little thank you present from Xiao, especially those who have given me such supportive comments on my early goodbye notice. This one is for you guys…or just girls (7-san, I’ll make some dedication to you when I think of something, lawl~ |D).

Again, please remember that I can’t read Japanese so I can only describe to you what I’m seeing in the chapters. Therefore, these spoilers I give are highly unreliable and it’d be better if you just wait for the accurate translation before jumping to conclusions (which I will not hold blame for due to what I previously said). On Ribon, especially, since I didn’t buy it, I have a limited view of the latest SHK chapter while I’m in the bookstore (rubber bands are tying the furoku in between the pages so it’s hard to look in). Add my horrible memory on top of that and it’s a rather cloudy description. So please don’t ask me for any more information than the one I already give. I’m not sure and I don’t know. Scanlations should hopefully be coming out shortly after so just be patient and settle for this for now. I really appreciate it.


Ah, first, first, I always want to go through my furoku before starting on the spoilers (and news, too, I guess):

I have no idea what it’s really called but I call it a pamphlet thinga-ma-jigger and it’s so cute. Grape soda~ (I actually like grape soda, henh~) x3
So I suppose this…

Nice little booklet with chibi Amu and all her Charas (Kyaa~! So cute! I love all the Shugo Chara! furoku! x3) are suppose to contain these…

Mini pages of the other manga that came with it. I dunno, I don’t really want to open mine up cuz I just like looking at it for fun. Of course, it’s not just only Shugo Chara! panels that are included (btw, it’s just mostly everyone in Chara-nari and looking cool) but there are also ones for Arisa, Navi Runa (sp?), Kamichama Karin…I think? (lol, I’m really bad at this) and three other series I don’t know the names of. But eh, it’s cute. What more can you ask for. I got SC! and Arisa and I’m fine with it. Need more WnXXS! >3>

Moving along, I also got what appears to be an anniversary sticker (didn’t take a picture) or something of the sort so if that’s true, Happy 55th Anniversary, Nakayoshi!

And, last but not least, this lovely Navi Runa pen…

Uwah~ I always loved super cute pens like these. This is why I never buy them for school even though every single girl in my glass back in elementary did. Couldn’t bring myself to use them and then have to dump them out once all the ink was used up. But my sob pen stories aside, I want to read Navi Runa now…because it has cute mascots. :D

In the news:

Nakayoshi seems to be holding some autograph-signing event with music and everything (for their anniversary?). I mean, that’s got to be the case from how I see it. Just look at all those girls sitting on the floor! Woot! More power to you, Nakayoshi!

Hmm…I find this is the manga subscription I like the most. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever read or watched an adapted shoujo series out of Ciao (we’re ignoring the Iinchou one *shudder*) and the only one I’m familiar with in Ribon is Arina-sensei while in Nakayoshi, they did so many CLAMP works and well…everything! Nakayoshi~ <3

If they keep on giving me good stuff, I just might have to buy it every month. o.O;;;

In Shugo Chara!-related news…more stuff about the musical:

Well, it’s not like a wig is that impressive but at least they’re keeping true to the colors. But ugh, this whole idea still appalls me. Then again if the kiddie fans want it, then they get it and the companies get more money and it’s always about that. Whatever.

lawl~ The one who they cast for Tadase is not pretty enough to be the bishounen ouji though he (or is it a she? I can’t tell! XD; ) is kinda cute. Eh, but he’s too…too…he’s not shouta enough! :P
And Amu’s casting is not Cool & Spicy enough. Double XP.

And the guy they casted for Ikuto (his name is Kenn)…*looks closer*…not cool and hawt enough (though it was impossible from the start, still triple XP). But I think he can fit the Nikaidou role, though. Meh, who cares?

The real eye-stealer is the vol. 1 Doki! cover in the right corner. You can’t really see it well but if you want a look, just go to CD Japan. Amu looks so cute and I love her outfit. <3 Even though they totally took her back to the Vol. 1 stature (meaning a bit kiddish again) but it's Amu so I have no complaints. Amu~ <333

And finally…

There’s a third DS game coming out. This time, green for Suu (I think this cover is okay but the red and blue one still outshine it). So I’m wondering if there’ll be a fourth one for Dia. That’d be nice. I would like more DS OP & ED themes sung by Kanae Ito. That would make me oh so happy. Ah, I really can’t get enough of Kanae-san love~ x333

Ooo! And the graphics for this one are 3-D now? Well, almost. Can’t tell. Not good with that stuff. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to center around music because Yua’s there! Yes, the Yua-chan we saw last week along with Cecil! It’ll include dancing, as well. Waaahhh. Now I want this game~ Or I at least want to see screencaps of it. Now this is what they should continue merchandising. Not that cruddy musical. :P


Alright, now that that’s out of the way, Fukushima Haruka’s new series Chocolate has made its debut:

I’ve never heard of Haruka-sensei until I read kitari-chan’s preview post about Chocolate and I thought the art was pretty cute. So this chapter upload is for you, kitari-chan, for introducing me to a new manga-ka. :3

Plus, cute boys falling out of nowhere down the stairs (into your arms! *dramatic*), then asking you out of the blue “Hey, do you have someone you love?” and giving you a piece of chocolate before walking away makes me go “HUH?!” XDD <– Means I'm interested, hehehe.

Well, the main girl's name is Chi and according to ANN, she has "yet to know love". The cute blonde whom she catches seems to be really interested in her, even though he’s so popular with the many other girls in their class. He does all these little things to make her blush while keeping his cool and she’s utterly confused at how to respond. Cute~ (though I’ve seen better) xD

Then comes in the dark-haired end of the love triangle and I’m assuming, childhood friend of Chi’s who seems to have a crush on her cuz he gets all blushy and angry on how Rei acts around Chi. That I surmise as much. Hehe, well, Rei is cute, especially when he holds up his sleeve to his mouth and just slyly smiles at Chi that way. And the other boy is just your typical adorably jealous kid and to me, looks like the outgoing sporty type.

But the scene that actually got me was when the three were in the classroom talking together, Chi drops the piece of chocolate (it’s in a wrapper) that Rei gave to her when they met, and then I have no idea what happens but she throws it out the window and then Rei dives out the window to catch it (O.O!) but luckily, he lands in the pool so he’s unharmed. Chi runs out to see if he’s alright and when she reaches the edge, he feeds her the piece of chocolate and them um…more blushy scenes ensues. Then the ending I really have no clue so just go look at the scans yourself. *should really learn how to read Japanese soon* XD;

Still, Chocolate seems like a good light read for me (by “light” I mean less kanji and more white space XD; ). It threw out the love triangle card into play quite fast but I think every character is pretty interesting so far. Especially Rei. He looks like the playboy type but seems he’s only after Chi and I’m curious to know why~

Huhu~, yep.

Next, we have…

Shugo Chara!: Omg, this cover is gorgeous. I know Amu’s design has shifted to show her maturing throughout the course of the story but here, she looks so…omg, she looks like a lady! And I must say, just by looking at this chapter and the way she spoke with Hikaru, she really has matured a great deal. AAAAHHH! AMUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~~!!!!!!! You steal the world, the sun and all of the universe for me again! <333

Well, FWPA just announced that the release of the scanlations won't be until 7 PM later tonight so I doubt anyone will care about my inaccurate spoiler summary but I'll go ahead and do it anyway. Starts off with Tsukasa explaining about Hikaru's past with Easter (some parts include stuff about Aruto and Souko as well) and the bastard director also joins in on the revelation spiel and I guess he found or saved Hikaru when he was a baby? There was something to do with a car crash, some image of a crumbling building (I think this is suppose to represent the Easter headquarters), something about Aruto and then he acts like a bastard again cuz I think he thinks he's found the perfect kid to take the position of leader of the company after Aruto left. And then he goes crazy cuz everyone's giving him rather pitiful looks (haha, big ugly baby) but Amu is the one who looks truly sad about Hikaru and she reaches out a hand to him. Hikaru grabs the control from the director and lets her free. Then Amu kneels down in front of him, hand still extended, and starts talking to him with a gentle smile on her face. Well, whatever she said manages to break through and causes Hikaru to come close to tears (oh, so cute~). Then the Embryo that went bust turned back into an original tamago (it’s not the Embryo, it’s just another regular heart’s egg) and goes back into Hikaru’s heart. Hikaru then starts to cry and we see flashbacks of him holding onto the director’s shirt (so I’m guessing he wanted to stay close because Hikaru had no parents to give him the affection he really needed) and then the director gets all sad, said he was sorry (I’m sure), they hug, all’s well that almost ends well cuz that’s where the chapter stops. Hikaru hugging the director and everyone else just smiling that everything okay (oh, and I think Ikuto and Tadase are finally let out of their cages now, too, lol xD).

And now I think we’re going to go through a time skip but that’s fine with me. End this series as quick and nicely as you can (with room for some reasonable closure to spare, ok, Peach-Pit?)

Anyways, I’ll be going more into my current thoughts about Hikaru and all that for my Ch. 41 analysis post (hoho, this will be fun) but I gotta say again, Amu has really, really shone with such power in this chapter. But it wasn’t over-blowing power like how she Chara-naried way back in Ch. 38 (which was quite awesome itself, oh yesh~). It was more like how a parent is the guiding light for his/her child. That look on her face while she was comforting and explaining things to Hikaru at the same time was just very strong. You have to see it for yourself, I can’t really explain it right now since I have to finish this post first.

But I think after witnessing Ikuto’s past and then hearing about Hikaru’s (along with sharing some of the pain they felt), Amu has really learned to embrace and accept everything on her own. Yes, ON HER OWN. She didn’t Chara-nari at all at any part in this chapter but just remained as herself and was able to save Hikaru using her own power. I think it’s even safe to say that at this particular point in the story, Amu has finally achieved becoming the heroine role she always wondered if she could be and definitely, she has definitely even surpassed that. But I will go on more about it after the translations come out.

And if I hear any negative comments on how “it didn’t come out in the way the majority of us wanted it to”, then I’m going to kick that person’s ass so hard, they won’t even have an ass when I’m done with them. Perhaps it might not be the perfect climactic ending but it’s pretty good compared to a lot of other shoujo works I’ve read. More ranting later on, though. Next!

(No, there are no scans for this one so please don’t ask me for them)

Arisa: No color splash page this time but it does feature a nice illustration of Tsubasa with wings. :)

Hmm, well, I don’t know enough to really described what happened but Tsubasa somehow managed to convince Manabe that she isn’t the King and now they’re on the same sides now, I guess? Cuz she went over to his house and started helping him pull down all those photos he had pinned up. Lol I don’t know what happened but it was really funny. She went over and offered him some fruit-filled jello (orange, I think?) and I think he somehow got beat up afterward. Now for everyone who was just dying to see some romance start, I think this chapter is the one that’s starting to turn the wheels. But only ever so slightly in the ManabexTsubasa direction (I still don’t know if he knows she’s not Arisa or not).

And oh yes, you bet I thought Manabe was hot. xD I don’t know about shipping yet but Manabe was HOT alright. *giggle* Not much on Tsubasa’s other male friend (damn, why can’t I remember his name? Is it Takeru? xD; ) cuz he only appeared at the end when they go to visit Arisa in the hospital but seems like Midori and Arisa’s so-called “best friend” aka the King’s first whore are seen having a conversation with each other. Then, OMG! after Tsubasa went through Arisa’s files on her personal computer and went to the hospital to go check on her but ARISA IS GONE! WHUTNOOOOSOUNDTHEALARMSANDBREAKOUTTHEMANEATINGCHINCHILLAS!!!! O.O!!!!

…And then we get to see who kidnapped Arisa at the end. Yea, it was that so-called best friend who practically worships the King.

Oh lord of roaches, I think I swallowed your wife and a whale along with her while I wasn’t looking. -.-;

Yea, I know I messed up the order of what I really wanted to say but I always had a feeling that the crazy girl was extremely suspicious. Though I thought she was only another victim. Maybe more affected by the King then her classmates since she got her wish granted first but…ack, I dunno. Will think more on it when it gets translated. So here’s to more suspense! & more hot Manabe! Mwuaharharhar! >:D

WnXXS!: Ooo, chapter 2 was very cute towards the end.

Hmm, ok, nothing big or drastic happened. It’s just basically them on the first day of their fake love relationship and Yukina is totally PWN!-ing Shigure in every way possible from how I see it! WOOT! YEA GIRL! Show that boy who’s boss! XDDD

lol I think I like Shigure a little more now because of his inability to stand up to a girl no matter how hard he tries (it’s so funny to see him get knocked down, lololol!). He almost got back at her one time during class but even then, he failed so miserably. WIN. Utter WIN. XDDD

But Yukina had her cute moments as well. Like when she smiled at how everybody liked the romance she put into the recent update of her novel. And then (I think) when she told Shigure to hug her, she got all nervous and…oh god, dare I say moe even? Is that too early? I dunno, you be the judge. But she was so cute. And they really did hug for quite a while (because Shigure initiated it). This is the part where the fangirls go “KYAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!” xDD

Come to think of it, they do a lot of these “couple” things while they’re in the classroom. What’s with this? First, holding hands, now hugging, and then I bet kissing is next all done in the classroom?! Next they’ll be dating in the classroom andand proposing in the classroom and what the heck is so special about that classroom that they have to (or what Yukina says Shigure has to, bwuahaha!) do it in there?! …The rooftop is much kinkier! Do xx to me there! *SHOT* xDDD;;;; <– Whoop. Everyone under the age of 12, the sight of Xiao going crazy over something completely ridiculous is not a sight for you. Go home.


Aha~, yesh, I'm still liking this series a lot so far. I just wish there was an easier way to spell the abbreviations of the title. *ish lazy* :P


Yep, just SHK again. I really want to get into another manga that’s currently running in Ribon right now. I feel like I’m missing out on some good ones for some reason even though Nakayoshi has plenty to keep me satisfied. Any recommendations? 83

Ooo, very nice splash page. Her hair reminds me of noodles~ |D

Well, if you haven’t read Chapter 6 already then I suggest you do it now. Aerandria just released it yesterday and it was one…not so epic, but definitely eventful chapter. Sakura drank an antidote of some sort because of the snake bite she took for Aoba and her body reacts violently to it because she’s an immortal being (like I said, go read it) and Aoba helps calm her down during her stress moment and when she woke up, still thinking she was dreaming, she confessed her love to him.

Moving on to chapter 7, poor Oumi who has been smooched by hot Enju demon dude last chapter and told that the watermelon seed she swallowed will make her go KABOOM! and guts splatter everywhere unless she brings Sakura to Enju goes off to find Sakura (whoa, that was confusing). But oh no! Wait! Waaaiiittt…Oumi takes Sakura to a field of flowers and they have a heart-to-heart talk. Basically, it’s a Sakura and Oumi-centered chapter I think. Then Oumi tells her the truth about the old guy plotting with his snakey friend and by doing so, causes that thing she swallowed to turn her into a demon (omg, it’s bloody tragic and awesome!) as well as redeem Oumi completely in my eyes for giving her life for Sakura’s sake. At least I think that’s what happened. I could definitely be wrong though. Enju could’ve have blown her up before she told Sakura anything just so he can appear and “save” Sakura (he pushed demon-Oumi off a cliff and that was the end of her *tear*). But Sakura didn’t seem convinced of him because the chapter closed off with her looking very angry at Enju (if I can remember right).

Either way, I don’t care what people may still think of Oumi at this point or how much more unforgivable her betrayal was than Aoba’s (who has only partially redeemed himself but he’s still not really likable for me). Yea, perhaps you can say Oumi revealed the truth (if that really happened) to erase her own guilt but I don’t think so. From the start, I think Oumi has always been the most loyal…human servant to Sakura (and she proved it by scolding the other maids for talking about Sakura behind her back!). She was just afraid of dying and I find that much more understandable than Aoba’s little boohoo grudge over how he couldn’t be Crown Prince under his circumstances with Sakura (and yes, Fuji totally PWNED! him in chapter 6, no questions asked). Let me make it clear (again) that I don’t really have anything against Aoba. I just find his bratty behavior and lack of understanding (aka temper at almost everything) rather annoying. Oh, so that means he and I are alike in our quick-to-judge issues? …Well, I’m not really quick to judge as much as he is but I can be righteously angry when it calls for it! >8( But he’s getting up to being decent so I’ll just stop there before I get RAWR!-ed on by the fans. *rolls eyes*

Anyways, so Enju appears before Sakura. Ooo, what’s going to happen next?

Hmm. Well, if you’re all eager to get the translations or see the scans, I suggest going to the SHK forum and lurk there for a while until someone posts something (lol, kel-san, you’ll probably laugh at me when/if you’ll read this cuz I’ve been lurking there for a week XD; ). Chiibi-san of SukiDesu Scanlations (?) apparently subscribed to Ribon so she’s going to post up translations and scans soon, I think.

Well, if I have time, I plan to do some kind of catch-up review on the latest chapters. I think I really judged into SHK too quickly though even with the latest events, it’s still far from making up for the rather “meh” taste of the romance. But I’ll get to that when I get to it (and it’s going to be looonnnnggg). :D

That being said. SCANS!


DISCLAIMER: “Watashi ni xx Shinasai!” © Ema Toyama, “ARISA” © Natsumi Andou and “Chocolate” © Fukushima Haruka. Xiao Jie does not own ANYTHING nor is she making a profit out of sharing these scans. So don’t sue!


1) Please feel free to use these scans for scanlations, hosting on your blogs, and/or other personal use ONLY!
2) Please do not redistribute the scans anywhere else through the internet. This includes Crunchyroll, YouTube, etc. In general…general public sites. Forums and LJ communities dedicated specifically to this series, you may provide the link to the download but no more. Again, they may only be used for scanlations, blogging purposes, and/or your own personal (NO MARKETING!) use only.
3) Please give credit to me if you choose to use them for scanlations or your blog posts. I spent a very long time trying to scan them in the best quality I can get. They are not the greatest scans in the world but they’re my work so please respect it by just mentioning where it came from.

I already caught someone who posted my WnXXS Ch. 1 raws on CR last time but she took them off immediately when I asked. Now I feel like a jerk. But yes, people. Please don’t redistribute them on public sites and please just say where they’re from. I’m in a rather good mood right now so I don’t really have time to go looking for people who broke my policies. But if I find someone doing just that, I won’t get mad. I have other stuff to do. You, however, can just say byebye to the raws pret-ty soon. :)

So here are the linkies:

Arisa Ch. 6 Raws
Chocolate Ch. 1 Raws Pg. 46 should be fixed.
Watashi ni xx Shinasai! Ch. 2 Raws Rotated pages fixed.

Tell me if it works or doesn’t.

The links for the scans are no longer available. Please do not ask me to put them again.

So I hope you enjoy the raws and holy crap, it’s almost 3 AM. I scanned 4 manga chapters in less than 24 hours. How cool is that? 8D
Ok, gotta go to sleep now. Will do SoMT, commenting, replying and other stuff later. Ohhh~, retirement~

lol xD;


12 thoughts on “Prespoiler: Nakayoshi & Ribon July 09 Issue & RAWs

  1. *A* *stares at complete awe* *A*


    *dies of too much happiness*

    lol xDDD It’s spoiler time again! x3

    Anyways, the furoku(pen) looks so cute that I want one myself too.. too bad I don’t get Nakayoshi D: So the other furoku.. what is it exactly, random/special pages that you’re supposed to cut and put them in the colored page or something..? Gahh I’m confused >.<

    Oh? Autograph signing event? That is so cool. If only I lived in Japan Dx Imagine how happy I could be if I get to have the autograph of one of my favorite mangakas~ *goes to dreamland* :3 And the release of the third SC game makes me realize how much SC had gotten so popular. :P Kudos to Peach-Pit for this awesome creation~

    I haven't looked at the RAWs yet but I think I'm going to go exploding like a fangirl on hype when I see those three chapters. Oooh~ It just turns out(by the way I see it from your summary) that all 4 chapters that I'm awaiting from this month's Nakayoshi are so interesting and worth praise. 8DDD

    Awwwws~ Thanks for the dedication or something! x3 *hugs* You know you should try her other works too if you have time ;D

    Ohhhh I'm just so excited to read the RAWs already. I think I'll just put my reactions and fangirling in a blog post. Of course, I’ll give Xiao Jie-chama a big BIG credit line for the scans! *stops talking like a kid*

    Again, thanks for the spoilers and raws~ <333 ;3

  2. *sighs* From the sounds of it I don’t think I’ll like Chocolat at all. I’m like, deathly allergic to these typical love triangles. They make me see red.

    lol I skipped your Arisa section because I can’t bear to be spoiled on that amazing manga. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. (i want Arisa to be king. *shifts eyes*)

    WxxS sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see how Shigure and Yukina interact, lol. btw, does Akira show up/do something in this chapter at all? *pets him*

    As for recs from Ribon, I really, really like Momo. =D Try it! I find it interesting.

    homg Ch. 7 of SHK sounds SO GOOD. I was just waiting for an Oumi-centric chapter to happen. I *knew* I shouldn’t have been worried about Arina Tanemura using Oumi as a plot device. Arina Tanemura has always been pretty good about developing her cast. =D Actually I don’t quite understand this extreme hate for Oumi. I find her interesting personally, and want more backstory on her. Because before in the first chapter she seems to have this very Big Sister kind of role with Sakura, and it’s just interesting how her betrayal plays out in relation to their relationship with each other. (It helps that this reminds me of Marron/Miyako towards the end or Marron/Finn Fish, lol *shifts feet*) Also I’m super curious about why she hates demons in the first place and when a character fascinates you this much you can’t really hate them, you know?

    Thanks for sharing the raws! =D

  3. Yes! Thank you 3 mangas at once that I’ve started to follow! It’s sad to see Shugo Chara end, but now I have Arisa and Watashi agh. too lazy to look up the rest X__x to fill it up, or act as a bandaid. or … whatever haha.

    Thanks again :))

  4. same same with the furoko! it’s like… I understand what to do with it but I don’t get the point of it xD

    And I second the Momo recommendation~! I’m not much of a Ribon girl but I really like this series!

  5. Let’s see, first off, I only read the stuff on Shugo Chara and Chocolate, but that’s because I never really got into the other series…and I really don’t have the time to start now! XD

    Okay, so, those scans in the beginning, of what you got with the magazine, are just adorable! X3 Really, they are! Ah, and I remember when I was in Elementary school those huge, long pencils were popular. Yeah know, the ones that were so thick, your tiny, chubby fingers could barely wrap around them, and you bought them with the tickets that you got from places like DZ (which was teh shitz!) Of course, cute and girly pens were in style too, I think they still are even in college! \D

    Ah, the auto-graph signing event. From what little Japanese that I can read and understand, it seems there is going to be a Nakayoshi Festival on July 18 (Saturday) and 19 (Sunday). This part: 今年は、さらにパワーアープ!!This year, there will be another power up! I don’t really know what that means, but there you go! =P I can make out a few words here and there (some more mentions of powering up and lasting for two days), but the scan isn’t big enough and my Japanese isn’t good enough to make out anything else. -0- But, it’s something right?

    The musical…yeah, I kinda forgot about this (since I haven’t really seen or heard any news on it.) I’m not thrilled about the idea either…=.= The people they got for the parts don’t look right (Ikuto looks too old!) and Tadase, like you said, doesn’t have a princely enough look about her. I’m pretty sure that it’s a girl…though I’m not 100 percent certain of this. Something about the way they look though suggests a girl to me. Meh. Amu’s okay, but they could have done much better, I believe anyway.

    The DVD cover for Doki does look very, very cute though! ^w^ I like it! ^^

    Uwa, new DS game! It sounds really fun too! ノリノリ!キャラなリズム♪(High Sprited! Character Rhythm♪) and こんどはゲームは:リズムアクション!!(This game: Rhythm Action). I can’t read anything else, but Yua’s going to be in it! How cool! >3< The covers all right, like you said, and it would make sense for them to have a fourth one for Dia. It would only be fair, ne. ^.~ Ah, and I get what you mean about the sorta 3-D look of this one. I need a better picture to really tell.

    I'm really liking the sound of this Chocolate series. I just looked over your scans (which are fabulous by the way) and I was able to pick up a few things. So, the light haired boy has the same birthday as either Chii or the dark haired boy, I'm not quite sure on that one (I'm thinking it might be the dark haired boy because he says "da ze," at the end, which is manly.) Their birthday is Feb. 14th. Chii's shocked by this, "Really?" she says. The black haired boy says something like, "That's just a coincidence." While the light haired boy says, "That's not the only thing that's a coincidence, you know." That was page 17.

    On page 18 the light haired boy gets distracted by what looks like fangirls (at which Chii says, "Ah, hey!") The black haired boy mutters, "Chance." Then Chii thinks, "I was shocked…That guy also has the same birthday…" and then speaks out loud, "Chance, huh…" and ends her thoughts on the next page, "That's something amazing…"

    Then there's a page or two filled with too much kanji for me to understand, but Chii gets some strands of her hair stuck in a bush ("Ow!" (It got stuck! What should I do? It won't come undone!)). So, on page 21 the light hair boy snickers, "It's all tangled up, ya know…" to which Chii replies, "I-I-I-I know that!" Then he goes to untangle it, and she's wondering what this guy is doing, and then thinks of how he is close.

    Next page, the light haired boy comments on how this is "Chance (or coincidence)." and Chii is thinking that he is too close for comfort. And he says something like, "Chance can't happen three times or more."

    "But fate can."

    (F-FATE?) She thinks, as the boy asks, "Hey~ Did you that chocolate?" and Chii replies with "Ah, I threw it away."

    Then, on page 25 the light haired boy gives a laugh, "Fuun" and Chii wonders, "Why?…I wonder if that lie will haunt me." (Or something like that, I'm really not to sure on this…^^;)

    Now we skip to page 28, 'cause I don't really know what's going on in those pages. Here, the dark haired boy catches Chii's wrist and asks, "Could you be the lover of the transfer student?" I forgot to mention it before, but the blond haired boy is a transfer student. Chii then breaks free, "Wh…" and the chocolate falls out of her pocket.

    The blonde haired boys sees it and Chii screams, "Ah, this is w-WRONG!" The light haired boy then jumps out of the window and Chii runs out after him.

    "No way! Why? This guy…what is he thinking?" (This translate literally to what is he doing, but thinking sounds better.) She then meets up with him by the pool side.

    "Stu-stupid! What are you playing at?"

    "I picked it up by chance," he's out of the pool now and holding up the piece of chocolate, "Doesn't that feel like fate?"

    Chii then thinks back on what he said about chance and fate as he unwraps the chocolate and feeds it to her. Next page she's shocked, Uwa, she thinks, as she says, "It's sweet!" and then comments, "It-It's bit…ter?"

    "That's love." Is what the light haired boys tells her.

    "Wha? I-I don't get what you mean."

    "Well then, I'll teach you about falling in love."

    On page 41 Chii's all stunned and can only stumble out, "Huh? Eh, Tha-that's not…"

    "I promise!<3"

    (But…still…) "I promise." And Chii makes a promise with the light haired boy. The black haired boy sees all of this.

    While in the bath on page 44, Chii's talking to herself while thinking about all that happened that day, "Gosh, ever since I got that chocolate today, some much stuff has happened."

    I wonder what love is like…

    Then there's some more stuff that I don't really know. "Ah, that's the bell!" She's running late for class, when she gets in the classroom there's a little more dialogue. Then we come to the last page.

    Chii tells us readers that, "That morning Hakushima Rei-kun disappeared." (I'm assuming this is the light haired boy, I wasn't really paying attention before to the boys' names… D|)

    The text on the last page reads: Love is sweet and bitter chocolate.

    Woah! I hadn't expected to do that! But then I got dragged in and decided to translate some of it. I was going to talk about Shugo Chara a little, but I think I'll leave that for later when I read your post on the translated chapter.

    And, wow, I'm really liking this Chocolate manga. It's definitely caught my attention, not only with the drawing style (which is lovely) but also with the smilies and themes. I'm really liking this "Love is sweet and bitter chocolate." It's a very sensual comparison that makes me want to read more (that ending didn't help either!) So, I think I may be following this series now! XD

    Take care! (^^)o

    • Ah, I totally forgot to put eat in my translation! The line is supposed to read “Hey~Did you eat that chocolate?” I’m such a ditz! XD Also, I’m not sure if I should translate the text at the end as “Love is sweet and bitter chocolate.” or “Love is sweet, bitter chocolate.” Which sounds better to you?

  6. Yeah! Spoilers and raws all in one~ And 7 can enjoy this as a present if he’s so sure that he’s not like other guys. (lol, and we’ll find out soon enough whether or not he visited because he’ll notice that I’m picking on him again~)

    DX I saw that adorable furoku on baidu and I want it~!!! Gah! I need my first paycheck already so I can buy stuff again. Though I’m pissed that the store I would normally go to online doesn’t seem to be selling single issues anymore. Not that it matters for Nakayoshi, I want a subscription, but for Megami it’s damn annoying!

    …I am ignoring the Shugo Chara musical. it still doesn’t exist. Though…the girl playing Amu is pretty cute (I like the wig anyway).
    And the new DVD is just…well it’s great. It’s not as kiddish as the original series DVDs started (Amu grew up pretty fast too, in volume 4 she striked that fierce pose I used in my first banner on Kokidokom)

    And the game! Another thing I won’t get! I’m pretending it doesn’t exist as well, though for different reasons. *sulks in a corner* It’s not my fault that I got too busy to continue Japanese lessons and I can’t buy text books until I get all of the buying urges I’ve been suppressing for the past year out of the way. *sulk~*

    …Chocolate seems cute, but I’m going to ignore this series until someone trustworthy (that won’t just get busy with other stuff) picks it up.

    Yes, Amu is growing up, isn’t she? Makes me happy~ She’s growing up at a steady pace, but she’s still mature for her age.
    But the conflict ended before the series did, didn’t it? Ohohoho~ CCS-style end nao? Focusing more on relationships and character stuff at the end is fine by me. ^_^
    And yes~ The way that Amu didn’t chara-nari in this chapter was great and I officially love Peach-Pit for it. People aren’t allowed to talk about Amu’s predictable “all-chara” chara-nari anymore because it’s not the all-powerful thing. It just happened and then…Amu moved forward on her own. It was great.

    On Arisa…wtf!? Then that means crazy bitch knows that Tsubasa isn’t Arisa!? Ah…I’m not going to bother to download raws because it will just confuse me more. I love this series though.

    And oh my~ Now I just really want to check out WnXXS! after those spoilers. *clicks download 1001 times*

    Just quickly on ch 6 of SHK, it definitely made me like the series a bit more.
    As for Oumi…I am now sad even though I’d basically been ignoring her. She can’t be dead we’re only 7 chapters in (then again Aoba shot Sakura at the end of chapter 2). But for both Oumi and Aoba, I never really took either of them seriously, I was just sitting at my computer desk, sipping pina cooladas (yes, that’s right) and shaking my head at those two posers. I find idiots to be adorable when they’re in Arina-sensei’s manga. XD

    And when I use the raws I’ll credit again. Less EXTREME-ly this time though. That was just for fun~

  7. AHMAGAWD I need Arisa NAOOO~!

    Haha~ I kind of was already pre-spoiled on this by some friends, but I didn’t expect Arisa to disappear like that.
    That said… I really have a feeling this manga is going to end really soon. Which is sad, because I recently got obsessed with it. Not fair! TT^TT
    I’m still sticking to my Arisa-is-the-king theory, where her boyfriend is the one doing the work. I’m really set on that one.

    But I don’t know. Anyway…

    The Shugo Chara chapter sounds really heartwarming. I guess the plot pretty much ended? But there could be a really sneaky possibility expanded from what happened concerning the embryo that allows Peach-pit to open up a whole new plot.
    But I really don’t want that. XDDDD Shugo Chara needs to end sooner or later.
    But ah~ I officially don’t hate Kazuomi anymore. Yep. I guess I’m the only one. XDDDDD No matter how much I did hate him though, I felt bad for him in these chapters. The things that happened to him with Hikaru… those things really tug on my heart.
    Amu has grown up so much~ She’s so mature! The cover is lovely. I think Amu deserves the “best mahou shoujo heroine” award now.

    Gah~ You lucky people who are allowed to buy the magazines. XDDD I swear, the only time I ever touched an issue of Nakayoshi was in Japan Town in San Francisco. Man~ It’s a huge magazine. o_o;
    Thank you for the raw scans though. You must be working really hard. ^^;

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