Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 85

I…effin’ loved this episode. So if you don’t, get off. Right now. Don’t mean to be rude but no one in the right mind should cross me when I’m enjoying myself. So anyone who complains about the Ikuto arc should just shove it. This was a great filler that could stand on its own and didn’t detract from anything at all. Save your whining for when the plot actually comes back. Everyone else is welcome to join me in my uber “KYAAAAAA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!”-fest. ^^

Ah…omg, I don’t know where to start cuz this was probably the best non-plot filler ever. I don’t know if it was owed to the great popularity of Rie Kugimiya or anything but I am happy with it even if she wasn’t Yua’s seiyuu. Lessee, I got a cute filler girl whose dream to be a singer was not related to Utau in anyway (F*CK YES, BITCHES! This girl dreams for herself!), very awesome cute shots of the main girls (OMG! Is this a girls-filled week or what?!), Utau showing up (though I’ll probably be killed when I say I wasn’t excited to see her as I would have been…go ahead, shoot me, I have my reasons), a LOL at Nagi and…dammit, let’s just get on with the review. XD

Aha~ I love these magazines aimed towards young girls. Because the clothes are so cute! I mean, as people grow older, I think they start to lean towards a specific a style and a good amount of them usually stick to that for most of their life, don’t they? I dunno, I’m not a fashion fanatic (though I love fashion) so prove me wrong. But when you’re a kid, nobody will really care what you wear…ok, maybe they would but no one around your age would remember. So I guess kids have more freedom to try out different styles because they’re not judge by it. As long as you look cute, then wear it. And clothes for young girls always look cute. At least that’s what I think.

Man, now I’m missing my childhood or what lack of it there was. I was pretty much a slob and my mother hated my appearance when she compared me to other girls. Looking back, I really didn’t like myself back then either. My hair was always a mess, I didn’t care about clothes or fussing over it…yea, it was pretty horrible. *ashamed shudder* -_-; Now I’m just an older slob but just one who knows more about hygiene (ok, I did brush my teeth and take baths when I was little so don’t give me that look XD; ). *sigh* …I wish I were skinny. :(

But anyways, I don’t know if America has magazines like these. I’m sure they do. I just never bothered to pay attention and I won’t really start any time soon. I absolutely love Asian fashion, though. It’s just so much more wonderful and more to my tastes and I don’t think that has anything to do with me being an Asian American cuz even you would agree they have some nice apparel over there. But damn, clothes over there are expensive as hell (omg, Hong Kong) and the sizes are way different from the ones over here. Everybody’s so goddamn skinny, I don’t know how they do it. T_T

…Yea, I really should do some shopping for summer and reorganize all my clothes now that I think about it. *went off topic on purpose* |D;

Back to the episode…of course Amu would be following fashion magazines! It’s only right cuz she’s such a fashion diva herself. HughHugh! x3

lol But I’m not surprised to see Nagi nodding his head in agreement. Cuz…Nadeshiko was a great trap. Truly great. XDDD

LAWL~ So like Yaya to get the Guardians into some activity without telling them first. And for slightly selfish reasons, too, but they’re always hilarious reasons and that’s why we love Yaya for it. <3

& woot! See Rima's "…" expression right there when Amu said "I'd like to meet Yua, too"? So cute! I'm sure a lot of Rima fans are extremely happy to see a reserved suspicious, overprotective Rima again. And I'm glad Satelight kept it at that level cuz…well, it's just the way it is. It's not like Yua was a close friend of Amu like Nagi is even though they went to kindergarten together (and Amu didn't remember it much anyway). So just some slight jealousy over another girl is enough.

Again, so like Yaya to inform them only on the day it’s actually happening. lol XD

And Rima is like “meh” while everyone has the scream face. XDDD


I don’t think even this many people were gathered for Shuraiya’s (sp?) arrival in season 1. Everyone remember that foreign prince who came looking for the Embryo? Yea, I think they’re taking the same double-episode approach with ep 85 and 86 for season 2, only this time it’s a girl. Haha, and this just goes to prove that the charm of a cute girl is much more powerful than any prince with his three personal helicopters. XD;

And everyone notice they put Rima and Nagi standing next to each other again, right? Hehehehe


I haven’t seen Amu’s excited face in so long. I really like this expression on her. ^^

And it’s usually in moments like these that I’m happy she’s not famous or superbly popular like celebrities are because it really shows us that normal girl she’s supposed to be. Amu is a lot of cool attitude but she’s never out of our reach cuz she’s on the same level as everyone else, get what I mean? Of course, I always hope that Amu will take up a profession in modeling or fashion design and maybe even make a name for herself cuz of her sharp sense of style but if not, I’ll still be happy seeing her as she is. Plus, add the fact that she’s already popular in her own school with the fact that she’s helped a lot of people already…if she gets famous, then everyone’s going to be clamoring for her. And a few certain people we know wouldn’t like that now, would they? Since they can get really greedy with Amu. hehe



Kyaa! Yua is so cute! XDDDDD

Damn, she’s even got the boys doing it for her, too! See, the power of a chou kawaii gaaru!! ^^

Umg, Yaya just gets more awesome by the week. *spreads around more Yaya lurve~* x33

lol Rima always make even the silliest, dorkiest moments look cool and cute. Rimaaaaa~~~~~ <33333333

Amu’s so cute, too. Especially when she feels a little awkward and is just moving on with the rest of the crowd for the sake of it. hehe ^^

Ah, this was the part I really got on the edge of my seat cuz here I was wondering if the rumors about Yua knowing Utau, and hence, knowing about Amu through her were true or not. Which really doesn’t make sense in the first place cuz even though in the manga it was mentioned that Utau was a former model turned singer, it’s never been touched on in the anime. But we’ll get into more of this later. Right now, a literal photo spam! x)

Ooo, Yua catches on quick…but it was pretty obvious. XD;

Yua is a smart girl. She knows a cute girl when she sees one. And she knows it’s proper to hug and smother her when she sees one.

Rimaaa~ You’re so cute! All pouty and grumpy. She only wants to be hugged by Amu~ x3

YES! THE BUCKET! I missed the bucket! XDDDD

Now this is cute. Aww, Tadase~ <3

Curious faces FTW~ So cute! x3 (I know, I’m probably very annoying right now but you’ll just have to deal with it cuz I need to fangirl hard for my girls! <3)

lol Weird shot of Cecil’s egg but I like how they show the Charas all on their good behavior while they’re sitting on the sidelines watching them take the photos. It’s quite nice to see, given that they are usually so hyper and bouncing all over the place. ^^

And one final group Guardian shot. We get plenty of Yua and Amu shots later so I won’t complain about Saaya getting in the way. Though I was rather peeved that she showed up anyway. I was totally enjoying the thought that she left/didn’t exist. /<

I know she’s only a young model in a kid’s magazine but aww, she’s so nice! I think most celebrities normally wouldn’t refuse to sign autographs for their fans but since they’re always running on a tight schedule, they can’t really manage it. However, there are some bad ones that do exist. I heard that one of the members of this Korean boy band yelled at their fans for being annoying or something. Now that’s just rude. You got where you are because of them. Sure, fans can get out of hand sometimes (pfft) but don’t treat them like that.

…Then again, it was probably a one time thing and I can understand why they’d get frustrated but…yea. Ok, done with celeb talk for now.


This is official now. Rima is Amu’s #1 fan. She’s quick to point out “traitors”. xDDDD



…Ok, I really do like Seiichiro cuz I find him an amusing filler character but you have been PWNED! by the QUEEN, boy! >xDDDDD

Knew this was going to happen (I already got somewhat of a sempai-adoring vibe from Yua every time she looked up at Amu) but this made me laugh and feel so good inside.

Yua: It’s been a long time, sempai!
Rima: *stares at Amu*
Amu: Heh?


So they went to the same kindergarten together but that’s not the point I wanted to make here. Focus on Rima. Maybe it’s just me being over-analytical (so what, I’m only half-serious and it’s fun) but she seems to look a little relieved yet down at the same time. I guess it might be because someone from Amu’s past showed up but that person was just Amu’s kohai/admirer…whom Amu doesn’t remember (^^ ; ) so she she doesn’t have anything to worry about.

lol Amu has the best expressions. I call this her chicken face. XD;

Hmm…I don’t really want to get into Yua’s past until later so all I have to comment about this one is: Why do kindergartners’ legs look so much like crayons? ^^;

MINE!!! *GLOMPS* >8(

OHHHHHH!!!! CHIBI-AMUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333

Haha, even when she was only in kindergarten, Amu was still playing the role of awesome mahou shoujo heroine with encouraging peptalks. Now that's my girl! *feels so proud of her adopted daughty* x33333

So back to Yua, I think this is the part where I officially said I loved her (I officially liked her when she called Amu her sempai). Because I was always fond of kohai-sempai relationships. But it’s not just reserved for distinguishing underclassmen from upperclassmen. That, anyone can do. With Yua’s situation, she really does look up and admire Amu as her sempai for whatever Amu said to her back then. And they hardly knew each other but for Amu to approach Yua before she transferred and give her words of encouragement that stuck with Yua even up till now…*sigh* Yea, I just find it very wonderful. ^^

Another plus is that Yua felt motivated to follow her own dreams after meeting Amu (I’m guessing). Yea, I know Yua didn’t know Amu really well before she transferred so this doesn’t really count but sometimes I get stories where the kohai (or anyone in general) admires someone so much that they want to be just like them and imitate them in every thing they do. And that always annoyed me so I’m glad this wasn’t the case. I’m am very, severely glad…and will get more to it later.

Now I’m curious to know what Amu could have said because one, it could’ve been super inspirational and supportive or two, it could have been something weird since Yua didn’t say it yet and usually when they keep “quotes” hidden until the end…they’re never what you think they ought to be. ^^; Or it can be both. Who knows. I’ll take whatever cuz I always have fun learning more about Amu’s past. She’s so cute as a kid! x3

Oh, and haha, I find the hand-holding really sweet but Rima is getting “Hey! Your hands are not supposed to be there!” while Tadase and Nagi are completely lost against the girl-to-girl moment. GREAT! XD

Cecil is cute. But aww, Yua doesn’t get along with her cuz she can’t accept her would-be-self. I definitely don’t find her obnoxious laugh at Cecil really offensive at all. It’s just more of a thing she’s afraid to become. Just like how at the beginning, Amu was not really accepting of her Charas either cuz she didn’t know what they were, what they had to do with her, and the fact that they acted as somewhat of a nuisance for always making her Chara-change unexpectedly. So for anyone to call Yua a bitch for being a bitch to Cecil…pfft, do you remember how Eru was treated by Utau?

…Yea, I thought so.

Taken because I’m curious.

Nagi, you stud! XDDD;;;

When did Rima become so comfortable sitting next to Nagi that close? <D

Rima: “If Amu goes, I’ll go.”
Amu: “But I didn’t say I would yet…”

XDDDDD Ok, lots of Rima love to spread. Using Amu as an excuse because she really wants to go, too, and Amu will not refuse both her and Yaya cuz she’s like that. xD; Now I really think Rima is like Ushio in this way only not so warped in obsession. RIMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! x3333333333

BWAHAHAHA! Every Chara who has a trouble with his/her owner always goes to Amu, the Chara-therapist, for help. But silly Cecil, her office hours are when she’s in her room. But since you’re new, we’ll let this slide…

…and invite you over for a party!

Amu: You’re kidding, right? (Nothing is ever good when her Charas have their little festive games in her room, lawl~)

At this part, I almost went “Where’s Amu-chan hiding~?” but slapped myself for being a fool. I can’t help it. I love amusing myself. XD;


Anyways, yay! I got to see Yoru at least and that’s fine with me. I’m very glad that they didn’t have Ikuto show up this week. Particularly because this episode was extremely good filler and if I wanted to I can just stick it anywhere on the episode timeline and it would still be good. Why? Purely because it had nothing to do with the plot. It impressed me so much that I even went so far as to say “Ok, we’re just going to pretend that the Ikuto arc hasn’t actually started yet, Ikuto has gone off somewhere by himself and Yoru is crashing at Amu’s cuz he’s lonely and hungry”. Yes, I think that’s enough reason not to complain at Satelight this week for doing something irrelevant and just enjoy the anime for being an anime. Not an adaptation with a main storyline it has to follow.

Like I said last week, I don’t really mind that they use the music motif again cuz every time they do, it’s always different enough to like. Plus I love music so I’m rarely ever critical with it. :)

Lessee, the earliest music-related filler character I can recall is Shion. She was doubting her ability to compete in a piano-playing competition or something like that. Then the next was the Marino girl who played the piano for the school chorus but almost backed out because she didn’t think she could play well enough. Then it was Kotone who wanted to make violins, then Hitomi who wanted to become a singer but also a tennis player at the same time.

Praise me. I can remember the names of all these fillers.

And then we have Yua who wants to become a singer because she just loves singing.

…I like Yua’s dream the most probably because I’m sure that if she really puts her mind to it, it can really become her passion. That can be said about the other girls, too, but theirs don’t really reach out to me as much as Yua does. Maybe Shion’s but not the rest (and it just so happens they have pretty good seiyuus, too).

Aww. It’s always so cute when a Chara accidentally blurts out their owner’s secret, panic over it and then fly away saying it’s nothing. Eru went ballistic all over the room and wouldn’t even come out of her egg (but she did, lol). ^^;

Oh, and then I love it when they blurt out stuff on purpose especially when their owners can’t be honest. Those are funny, too. haha XD

Suu: “Oh, now I get that was her way of saying goodbye.”
Amu, Miki, Ran: “Catch up already.”

Oh, Suu…SUU~!!!!! You’re so moe! <3333333

Waaah, another reason why I loved this episode. I get to see the girls wear at least two different outfits in just 25 minutes! Woot! I hit the jackpot this week! XDD

Poor manager dude can’t really stand up to Yaya’s…I don’t know what to call it. But I never thought she could make someone feel creeped out by her pleading. lol Now you know why her family and the Guardians are the only ones who can deal with her. They’ve known her acts the longest. ^^;

Hmmm…modeling sounds tough. o.O

I’m not surprised, though. In fact, it looks kinda fun. :D

Omg, Amu looks so pretty! <3

At first, when I saw the preview last week, I didn't think the hair really suited her (seemed too Rima-like fluffy for Amu's hair) but held my opinion until I actually saw it this week (cuz the preview border was blocking everything). I think some people were a little put off by it, too, but I was a little shocked to read somewhere that it was "ugly". D/ Ok, I really don't have a right to say someone else's opinion is wrong or not but "ugly" is stretching it way too far. Seriously, girls are so harsh with their statements…or rather, they don't really know how to use words in the proper way. And "ugly" is a strong word…almost like "hate" and I hate it when people take things to the extreme when it's really not meant to be that way. Trust me, you have not seen "ugly" if you're just judging by someone's hair. -_-;

Anyways, I would still say Amu is pretty even if I didn't like this hair style. Because I think Amu is truly beautiful and seeing her all dressed up and modeling (how many times did I stress this already? lol XD; ) makes me so happy that any off details are completely forgotten and I can just float up to heaven smiling my face off (yes, weird imaging there). And now that we get the full look, I do like it. I don’t think she should put her hair this way often (cuz I prefer it straight) but this is a nice change from her usual style.

Hmm…this reminds me of why I’m not so fond of the idea of Rima having twin tails. I’m not so against it anymore and wouldn’t mind seeing it but we already have so many twin-tail versions from Utau and Amu that Rima will only need to put her hair up like that once and I’ll be satisfied. If everybody kept doing similar things, it wouldn’t be special anymore. So yea, do as a once-in-a-while kind of thing. :)

And now another image spam (KYAAA! Excuse me while I die happy for a moment XD):

You knew I was going to do it. You knew I absolutely had to have a screencap of Rima taking a picture of Amu modeling on her phone (flash and all). Because Rima adores Amu, too. XD

Whoo! That was fun! Let’s do this again in the near-future, mmkay, Amu-chan? Yua-chan, since you admire your sempai so much, get her a job so she can model with you! XD

And the secret breaks out but I’m glad that Yua didn’t suddenly just burst out of the room in tears or something of the sort. We’ve already seen that happen way too many times with the other fillers.

Ah, maybe it’s still premature to say this cuz I want to rewatch everything before I make final statements but I think Yua is Amu’s best filler friend. So what would that be? BFFF? XD;

Seriously, though, unlike with the previous fillers Amu interacted with, there’s actually more substance in her relationship with Yua. With all the other fillers, Amu just got along with them and saved them when things got out of hand. With Yua, I think Amu feels really happy and special that Yua looks up to her so much and in return, Amu really wants to be as much support to Yua as she can as her sempai… like when they were younger. It’s more than just her responsibility to help others. It’s more of like a close friend kind of responsibility.

Also, there’s that long-standing feel that dates back to their nap-time days. Even though Amu doesn’t really remember it very well, she seems very happy to be able to see someone from her old town again before her own family moved and she transferred to Seiyo Academy.

If nothing else, these two make a cute gal-pal pair (interpret that however you want :P). ^^

Ok, I know I always shower Amu with so much love but I’m really not speaking from just my own bias. And even so, I always back it up. Now how does that relate to this screencap?

Well, quote Yua: “Sempai’s going to be watching so I must do my best!”

I don’t want people thinking that Yua is doing this for Amu because that’s certainly not the case. Amu encouraged Yua to sing because she wanted to. In other words, Amu told Yua to sing for Yua’s sake. And when Yua received that supportive push from her, she really doesn’t want to let Amu down. Even if Amu doesn’t have any expectations of her and would just be happy to hear Yua sing, Yua doesn’t want to disappoint Amu because she doesn’t want to let all that support she’s been given go to waste.

Another reason why I like this episode so much. It’s not much about Amu but it definitely covers both the main and (exceptional) filler character in good balance. Amu is only the catalyst in everyone’s progression towards their dreams but she’s fine with it. And I love that. :)

Ah, all this time I haven’t even mentioned Rie Kugimiya! And when I’m such a huge fan of seiyuus in general! Bad Xiao! *slaps self on the hand*

Well, we got to hear the off-vocal version of the character single and it sounds like it’s going to be very cute. But not too cutesy-wootsy. The title is called “Secret Princess” and I’m imagining a lot of shoujo bubbles and sparkles but it sounds it has some warmth to it, too. I guess I’ll stop there before getting too ahead. Can’t really judge before it’s actually sung now, can I? And even then, I’ll still need to look at the lyrics. But I can’t wait to hear this song! x3

That being said, I thought Rie-san did an astounding job with Yua so far. I already knew that she wasn’t going to go with the tsundere voice (cuz what part of Yua besides her being mean to Cecil is really tsundere?) but I’m also very glad to hear something different from “small, shy and timid” Marigold (Hakushaku to Yousei) and the Oujo-sama voice that was Yuuhi’s (AkaSaka <– EWW! XP). Rie-san made her sound so cute and cheerful. I liked it. I really, really liked it. ^^

And I can't wait till next week when she does an evil version of Yua. Oho~ Yes, that part is going to send me squealing into the floor. I just love seiyuus so much. haha XD

(Btw, who voices for Cecil? o.O)

Mmkay, back to the main point…poor Yua. As I thought, it's probably a traumatizing childhood memory that's keeping her from singing. I hope no one's going to be an ass and say "Sing already!" because if they do, then they are just grade-A jerks who don't understand just how much a child can be affected by anything when they’re that young. Take it from a person who’s been through that sort of crap. It’s the reason why I don’t find Yua’s reluctance to sing frustrating at all. All she has to do is overcome it and that will be enough.

Moving on, WAAAHHH! I finally did some full-body screencaps! They’re not very good cuz for Amu’s, I couldn’t get the full top of her hair; Rima and Yaya’s has a merge line running through the upper half (and it makes Rima’s chin look weird, ugh), and Nagi’s upper half is somewhat not in sync with the bottom (you’ll notice it if you look closely at his hair). I wish I could’ve done them better but I was in a rush. So I wouldn’t suggest taking them to use. I’m still pretty bad at it. ^^; Ok, enough talk!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! AMU, YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS! And I love this outfit! XDDDDDD Lately, a lot of her clothes have mostly been pink but I don’t mind at all cuz her clothes look different enough every time andand I like pink anyway andand this is not even pink, it’s mostly black and white for the main ensemble andand you bet this will probably be on one of the DVD volume covers for Doki (btw, cover for Vol 1 of Doki is already out on CDJapan, go check it out). ~.^

But by god, they really do make her skirt seem way too short at times. Of course, this is anime for kids so you’ll never actually get to see anything provocative but us older girls know better, don’t we? Still, I don’t think it’s such a big deal to fuss over like a lot of people would lolicons. Anime tends to exaggerate everything so don’t think too much into it. Amu’s clothes are awesome and she looks great in them. That’s all that matters.


I was ready to blow my top and scream like a crazy weeaboo “KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!” when I saw this. Omg, I really thought that there must have been some special girls event going in Japan this week, too, since they have a fashion show called “Girls’ Festival” so I went to go check but found nothing. ^^; But if somebody knows something about that, please do tell me! I’m always interested in their pop culture, especially in the girls department. hehe

Ah! I love Yaya’s outfit. It’s totally her and wah! She even curled her pigtails a little! Cutecutecute! x3

And Rima…oh, Rima looks so nice. I mean, yea, Rima always looks lady-like but today she’s even more stunning in that aquamarine (?) dress with mini-white polka dots (I think). And her purse is really cute, too! x3 I can totally picture a grown-up Rima in a similar dress like this. She’ll have every boy on the street laying out a carpet for to walk on cuz she’s that beautiful. ;D

Ok, we need to see more of the girls in different clothes! Who agrees with me, HMM?! >83

“Being a girl is tough.”

Ya think, Kiseki?


lol And Tadase looks cute here. He’s blushing cuz he’s surrounded by so many cute girls. great, I probably sound like some perverted fanboy by now Tadase is an amateur pimp. XD;

But it doesn’t last for long cuz…

Trap-kun makes a fashionably late entrance. XD; Omg, his feminine roots are still going strong! WOOT! lololol XDDDD;;;;

I wonder how many people instantly thought this was “GAY!” when he showed up. I’m sure a lot, huh? I don’t think so cuz I’ve seen what a lot of male Asian artists wear and it’s not so different from Nagi’s attire (though the hat is a bit more than necessary *takes it off*). So yes, I do like this style. For everyone else, it really depends on your perspectives of what guys should wear cuz they’re not so limited as we would all think. They just don’t have as much of a wide range of choices as girls do, that’s all.

Well, the one thing I’d like to comment on is his…scarf? Um, no…shawl, yea, shawl. It reminds me of what JaeJoong (Hero) of DBSK wore for their “O” MV and god, I love that song and MV so much. <3 It looked great on him but I'm kinda "eh" on how this looks on Nagi. I dunno, would the whole outfit look incomplete without it or what? It seems a bit excessive (cuz it's a rather big shawl). ^^;

Ah…yea…so ends my talk for fashion this week. It was horrible, wasn't it? ^^;;;

Yay! Utau! ^^

Ah, I have so much to say about her and I’ll probably get booed for it so mind as well get this over with.

First of all, it’s not that I’m not happy to see Utau or anything cuz I am. I’m not even minding that she appeared before her part at the tower scene cuz like I said, this filler stands on its own. But I’m just not as excited or thrilled or squealing with blood tears of joys as I would normally be when I see her. Why? Why when Utau only comes back every other 5 or 6 episodes?

Well, because…I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think my love for Utau has simmered down and cooled off quite a bit over the last few weeks. This does NOT mean I love her any less than I did before. I still love her with all my heart but I guess I kinda…I dunno how to put this without putting Utau or myself down but when I look at Utau now and how far she’s come, all I can say is that I’m happy and proud to see her doing well on her dream. Basically, Utau’s grown up a lot. She’s not just a 14-year old girl just struggling to get through like she was in the first season. She really has become a lady (but she’s still cute, of course) and I’m just content with being happy when they do bring her back for some screentime.

Hmm, maybe this has something to do with me always promoting Utau for SoMT? I think if you do something too much, it’ll affect your perspective on how you see things…hmm.

Well, anyways, that’s not the end of it, unfortunately. If it’s in regard to any of the other characters and how much I squee over them more than I do for Utau, then there’s really little to no explanation for that either. For one thing, I like glomping onto my favorite characters but at the same time I’m pretty restrained when I don’t really see myself able enough to latch onto them like a koala and give them a bear hug. I thought Utau was pretty huggable when she was a little kid but she’s so tough (and GAR) and strong now that I don’t even try thinking about it. ^^; Maybe a pat on the shoulder but that’s it (I’m probably not making sense but yea…).

That and the fact that (fire when ready) I’m starting to think the Tsukiyomi siblings are becoming a bit overrated especially now that Utau has secured a very firm spot in a lot of fans’ hearts after coming back to the good side. I mean, I’m not saying that they are short of awesome. No, not at all. I think they’re both really, really awesome for who they are but there can be a time when some things are just too amazing that it’s a bit overwhelming you know? I’m pretty sure this is only my problem cuz I read fanfiction a lot and it’s reasonable on why people would make both Ikuto and Utau rich, famous, and super popular beyond belief. But I have two conflicting thoughts about this in my mind. One, because I’m not a person who would literally go that far to build mountain temples for individuals I see on an equal-eye level as completely just…human. I know I did this quite a few times already but that was just out of fun.

Two (and I’m not really reading off of anything but I give due credit to Fuyu-san’s ranking posts for helping me think this up), because the Tsukiyomi siblings’ flaws are like a double-edged sword. Even if Utau’s bluntness makes it seem like she’s always in a bitchy mood, it just adds to the appeal of her character and makes her more interesting. Basically, she’s the perfect secondary character in that she is flawed…and her flaws only make her even more perfect. On top of that, she’s pretty much perfect cuz she’s such a beautiful, talented idol with a kickass personality and “don’t mess with me” attitude.

That’s kind of putting her a little more out of my reach. She’s a little too perfect for me to handle. It’s not that I’m going to cut my love for her short just because of that. I just relate to the others more, that’s all. Which is probably why my love for Amu runs deeper than it does for Utau. It doesn’t mean I love Amu or Rima more than Utau just because I can talk more about them. I can just get more out of Amu and Rima’s characters than I can from Utau’s (and trust me, I’m still getting a lot out of everyone).

So I guess my squealing days for Utau are nearly over (except for maybe Kutua). I will still beam sunshine happiness, giggle, go “aww” at and praise Utau as the greatest twin-tailed tsunderekko I’ve ever known when I see her or when she stubbornly blushes to herself and just be…Utau. I just won’t do it in my usual blown-up manner. ^^;

…Damn, that was really hard to get out. o.O;

Back to the eppy (I said that like 4 times already)…

With all the previous said, it was great to see Utau back but she really wasn’t a show-stealer in this one for me. It was more of an extra special surprise flavor kind of deal. And since the setting was perfect, I think Satelight saw it as good opportunity to squeeze her in to please the fans (which we’re definitely all happy about). One, because this was music-centric and music is Utau’s forte so it would be more appropriate to bring in a pro who we’re familiar with rather than just some other random artist. Two, because everything is about girls this week. The promotion and performance of Utau’s new song (that we have yet to hear) and her new costume to go with it at a fashion extravaganza. It was pretty much well-laid out.

Basically, the episode was already good. Utau just made it better with her appearance (the extra zing!, if you will) even though she stayed on the sidelines most of the time. Maybe she’ll take some of the center stage again next week. Who knows?

Haha, that’s how Utau is, Amu. She’s so socially inept when it’s around her friend/”rival”. It’s cute. hehe ^^

Lawl~ Iru rawks. It wasn’t Eru this time who said Utau was happy to see Amu.

Utau, you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed! x3

And more blushy, frowning Utau. xD

Haha, even Eru likes to tease Utau~ ERUUUUUU!!!!!!!! <3333333333

Aww, Utau is even stubborn about being dokidoki! and wakuwaku! inside! Utau ish LOVE! <33333333333333

I took this because…it’s another Tsukiyomi trait I found. They lean on the wall in a very similar way! Arms folded and everything! Awesome! XD;

Ah, but that reminds me. I’m not so surprised that Utau didn’t mention anything about Ikuto to Amu and vice versa. Not only because this was a filler and that Utau was pretty busy with her own schedule but I guess with the rest of the group there, it would be hard for them two to talk about him even though they all knew what happened. Furthermore, Utau still doesn’t know that Ikuto was hiding in Amu’s room so she can just assume that Ikuto hasn’t been in contact with Amu either…I suppose. Then again, filler tends to screw up with the plot a lot so we won’t go too much into. Especially since this one isn’t relevant at all.

The only major plothole I really spot is why Amu didn’t have a slight panic attack and remember Ikuto when she saw Utau. I don’t think Amu is that forgetful about the text message Utau sent her when she was in Okinawa. Yea, that’s the only problem I have. But we’ll disregard it and say this ep happened before ep. 74 or whichever episode Amu dragged Ikuto back to her house.

…I forgot what I had to say but um…I like their hair? It’s nice and shiny today. ^^;

…Oh alright. Lip-syncing. So what? That obviously didn’t happen cuz then the episode would be utterly boring.

Taken because Utau is the leader! ♪ The leader~ ♪ The leader~ ♪ We’re following the leader wherever she may go! *SHOT* |DDDD;;;

…Really, Utau is so tall. I wonder if any of the Guardians will ever be able outgrow her (C’MON KUUKAI! XDDD)

Waaahhh, Utau is so cool! 8D As expected from a pro. A true singer never lip-syncs her songs. You gotta really have a lot of respect, love and passion for singing like Utau does to really be praised for what you do. Even some of the most renowned singers I know lip-sync from time to time. I can’t really tell cuz I never watch them live or anything but it’s kind of disappointing when you find out they did that.

But it’s also because she’s a pro that she understands the performance is the foremost important thing. You have to deliver to the audience no matter what so even if it’s fake and it’s all you have, then you’ll have to give it to them.

Not to mention, Utau is only a side-viewer on the Yua dilemma so she doesn’t know enough to really say any more. Which I’m really glad for cuz in all honesty, Utau and Yua have nothing to do with each other. Yua is Amu’s responsibility and not another Utau wanna-be/follow-up like Hitomi was. I’m getting really tired of people saying these things like comparing someone to Utau when there’s nothing to compare. It annoyed me with issue about the first character song album. And here, the rumors about Yua and Utau possibly knowing each other are all false. Their reasons for singing are the same but they’re completely separate from each other. There’s no competition. They’re just singing because that’s what they’re meant to do. What the hell are you guys going on about? >:/

Gah, so much negativity. Sorry about that.

And I just realized I never went over Utau’s outfit. Bad me! *spanks hand again*

Hmm, judging by the color and design of it, I guess it’s going to be similar to “Heartful Song”? She’s wearing a heart necklace (cool~) and it’s white and pink so Eru’s color. Hmm…maybe we’ll get to hear it next week? Hope so. The second album is coming in two months and I want a preview soon.

Oh, and from the OP, I always thought that she wore a big white flower in her hair. I didn’t think it was actually a ribon. o.O;
But it still looks cute. ^^ And yay! Spiral twin-tails FTW~! <333

Ahhh, I like this. It really affected Amu a lot because she knows Yua pretty well now, huh? Amu’s not just playing the heroine role this time. There really is something more that we got from this episode than what we normally get.

Taken because damn! Utau’s tall! O.o

Man, now I’m feeling even more superly self-deprived of my childhood. I wish I had the chance to go these fashion shows when I was kid (and I know they had them…just not in the US, bleh…). This looks so fun. Ah, now I want to be a kid again. T_T

Someone deleted the vocals on purpose~



Nothing much to say. I just really liked the glow of the cellphone reflecting in Amu’s eyes while she’s smiling. ^^

Yay! First Chara-connection! Cheercheer! ^_^

I’m going to take a guess and be partially wrong and partially right. Yua tried to sing in front of her classmates when she was little but it didn’t turn out very well and she was either laughed at or scorned so that’s why she’s afraid to sing.
But I think this is something that anyone can relate to. At least I know I can. And this happened to me in speech class in 6th grade. But I never wanted to give a speech in the first place so that’s a different story.

Anyways, I don’t think in Shugo Chara! they’d make it any more drastic than my own version above but it seems to be this kind of deal. If so, I dearly sympathize with Yua and if anyone picked on her, they need their get butts kicked out of past the stratosphere.

And we end it off with a cliffhanger…well, better than a lot of the past cliffhangers we had.

Amu, do your kung-pow mahou shoujo awesomeness and then save Ikuto, ok~? :D (Lol, ok, so I guess I couldn’t really brush it off but it could’ve been worse XD; )


Ugh, you’re back. I hope you get caught this time.

Oooo, dark version! I like~ x3
…Come to think of it, is anyone else reminded of X-Dia? XD;

Ok, I see feathers so I don’t know if that’s Seraphic Charm’s doing or not but for once, I’m hoping that Utau won’t be in this battle. I could be majorly wrong (I’m always wrong) but if she does show up, I won’t be surprised. :/

At least we’re promised good animation next week, too. Good, dammit! Finally pickin’ up the slack!

WHOOAAAHOHO! I bet $10 this will be the best ?-Chara-nari of the whole entire second season. This just looks so rawkin’ awesome! I love how they put so much effort into this double-episode. Now hurry up and get back to my plot the week after. You can only distract me for so long! ;_____;

To my commenters who commented last week: Gah! I’m sorry for not responding! Been busy with a lot of things! I’ll try my best to respond to this week’s but I’m not sure yet. Summer courses started, SoMT needs to be managed and I have a recital coming up. It’s going to be a busy week for me and I think I can only do a short post next week, too. My recital starts at 4 in the afternoon so we’ll just have to see.
But I will read them like I always do and thanks so much to the people who comment! ^^

K, laterz.


11 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 85

  1. LOL, I still need to do my post(s) (One from last week too. xD!!) I really, really liked this episode. A lot. This probably has to be one of the best fillers ever, that hasn’t included really ANY manga plot. Like what you said, it could be inserted at ANY place in the timeline and not really effect anything. That’s what good fillers do. Yaya was so funny/cute/awesome in this episode. She had to be one of the highlights for me. Totally cute ~! Oh, Yua’s popularity oubeats that foreign prince guy’s for sure! Yep, that time was a boy, now it’s a girl. ;D And girls are so much for easy to fawn over in Shoujo since they’re, well, girls. Have a lot more appeal than guys do, since it’s just girls that fawn over them since they’re either cute or incredibly sexy. With girls, the girls and boys are fangirling/boying, the girls, in a “She’s so pretty” and looking up to her kind of way, while the boys are completely mesmerized by a pretty girl standing in front of them.

    Yua! <333. She was so cute and sweet, NOTHING like I imagined. I felt bad for Cecile whenever Yua acted indifferent to her, but it's easy to see why. Cecile is totally cute and adorable and sweet and all, but she represents singing, a dream Yua gave up on from something in her past. (Will get to that in a min) So it's natural she would feel like that about something she thinks is never going to happen. But she started to treat Cecile somewhat differently once she was got on stage and was going to attempt to sing until, well.. yeah.

    RIMA! Epic win in this ep! XD I loved her over-protectiveness of Amu, and pointing out the little fanboy was a traitor ha ha ha! Then taking a pic of Amu on her phone (She stole Yaya's hobby omg whut?! =P) because she looked incredibly moe and oh so kawaii. Though, where was Yaya's phone? XD You'd think she'd snatch a picture too. (zomg and save it to let Ikuto see it once he's saved so he can see how his lil Amu-chan looks with her hair all fixed up and looking like a model! *Fangirls*)

    ZOMG UTAU!! I somewhat agree with you about Utau, though my overly crazy love for her is somewhat.. growing. Lol. I've always loved her since even back before she turned good and that only grew afterwards, but now it seems to be even stronger just because I'm so happy for her. If Ikuto isn't in an ep, then Utau being there automatically fills the void for him not being present. Guess one good thing brings another for me, lol.

    NAGI. IN. THAT.OUTFIT. WAS. LAWL. And so epic! xD! Just like Yua's, "You look like a girl." Smart, smart girl she is.

    Yua. Now I can finally reaaallly get to her. ='D She's nothing like Utau. Which makes me happy. A lot of people were calling her an Utau-wannabe and such, especially once they heard she was going to be tsunder (Hell, I am even guilty of this. But I should've realized no one can replace Utau. =P) but last week, once I saw that preview, that was it. I knew I was going to love her. Plus, unlike Utau, she's afraid to sing, and it's something from her past that provokes this. I think you're right, that everyone made fun of her when she did sing and it messed her up slightly. Enough to repulse the idea of singing, that her chara represents. Though I wouldn't be surprised if there's more to it. :/ Which, there might be.

    ZOMG NEXT WEEK LOOKS AMAZING EVEN WITH LULU THERE. It also makes me overly curious what happens to a chara who gets Lulued. Although from the preview shots, it's pretty obvious, lol. And holy SHII at ?-egg Yua. Best. ?-egg-chara-nari design. EVER. Out beats every single one of them! I actually hope this all leads to Lulu getting caught, because it would be absolutely perfect, the best way to get her plot moving.

    Lol, speaking of plot, the only thing I was slightly disappointed about (well, not even really disappointed, just slightly.. "Aw man.." I suppose) was Utau not asking what happened to Ikuto. Though like you said, she doesn't know Ikuto was at Amu's place or that he returned there, though I was at least hoping for a "Ne, have you seen Ikuto?" "Um.. about that.." from Amu, and then.. like I was sooo hoping for, a Death Rebel attack at the end of the ep. Utau never saw Death Rebel and I thought it would be incredibly interesting how she would react seeing her brother like that. Though with Yua here, it would interfere with this incredibly awesome filler, so I'm kind of relieved it didn't. Or, at least, for Amu to not be slightly panicked at seeing Utau fearing she would ask about him, and not even bringing up the fact that she came back soon or something. However, I really, really, would've liked (maybe next week..) Utau mentioning that she's going back to wherever she was (forogt :/) and reinforcing that text message to Amu except this time in person. It would be a good way to let Amu remember Ikuto's still in danger and to get the real plot coming back so they can go to speak to Tsukasa and get to the tower in Nikaidou's van. But of course first wrapping up Yua's struggle and having Amu see a glimpse of Lulu doing the ?-egging. Then she can be the obstacle in the way of the tower bits and then brought to the good side while resolving her issues.

    Lol, please don't mind me, I'm just thinking outloud.. xD

    Anyway, great review. Enjoyed, as always. :'D

  2. Finally! A filler without Lulu. I don’t like her. But because of the preview with Lulu, I’m starting to dread next week’s episode. But I did like this filler(mostly because of the fact that the filler girl wasn’t there).

  3. I loved this episode, definitely the best filler so far, but to be honest I didn’t really see it as a filler – because I never like fillers XD
    But yeah, I thought Yua would be a mean or spoilt person who learnt a lesson from Amu, but I’m glad she turned out nice. And she was so cute.
    Everyone got to wear really cool outfits today – Amu’s hair and clothes looked gorgeous at the model studio, and Rima and Yaya were cute looking. Nagi! He put so much effort into his outfit – at first I thought it looked a bit OTT and stupid, but then I thought if he removed the hat (and maybe the shawl) it would look awesome. Tadase was the only one who didn’t make a huge effort.
    And like you said, I wasn’t so bothered about Utau showing up, just because it feels like I’ve seen her a lot recently, and I thought she was off on holiday or something. XD Still glad to see her though.
    And we’ve had many singing fillers but I thought this was different, and it has a kinda mystery as to why Yua couldn’t sing – but it will probably be just what you said.

    I’m really looking forward to the next episode because Lulu hasn’t been so bad recently, and hopefully she will get caught – perhaps by Utau? – and Yua’s ‘dark’ chara looked really cool. Most of the ?-chara characters I’ve seen all look ridiculous, and so this one looked pretty cool. I think the feathers will be Utau’s, but it would be a nice surprise if they weren’t.

    Also glad Ikuto wasn’t in this episode because its silly having a depressing minute of Ikuto followed by cheeriness. Thats why the last few fillers have been annoying. But not this one :P

  4. LOL, awesome. Ur comments on the photos make me burst out laughing. I think U rock cos of 2 reasons:
    1. Ur a fan of Rima (SPREAD THE RIMA LURVE!!!)
    2. Ur soooooo funny
    And I must agree, best ep ever of Doki.

  5. Rie Kugimiya ftw. XD

    Anyways, now I can understand why Utau was here, lol. I’m satisfied with this filler. It doesn’t seem like a filler, and anyway, in Shugo Chara, we need more Rie Kugimiya!!! XD
    All the girls looked so pwetty (even you, Nagi lol)!! Especially Amu at that modeling studio! <3

    And it's been a long time since we've gotten a good filler without Lulu. Seriously. But next episode kind of makes me want to barf. I hope that Utau or SOMEONE will catch her. She really ticks me off. I don't think she deserves to have a charanari with Nana before Nagihiko does. :( I hope that rumour is false.

  6. I think this is by far the best filler yet. ^.^ I’m Asian American too! (Chinese) and proud to say it! I love having the opportunity of participating in two different cultures.

    Their outfits are so cute! I’m jealous….lol. Can’t wait 4 next week!

  7. I quite liked Yua in this episode. I thought that, for a celebrity, she was actually cute and a lot of fun at the same time. I was glad she wasn’t connected to Utau, but to be honest, I didn’t really expect her to be, either. Yua’s not even a part of the singing industry yet, and since she’s the same age as Amu, the paths between her and Utau wouldn’t have really crossed when Utau was a model. It was nice to have someone who still wanted to be a singer, yet wanted it independently of Utau. I think that’s one of the reason why she came across as more realistic and likeable than that Hitomi girl did.

    Her relationship with Amu is quite interesting, I thought. It’s clear Yua admires her a lot and Amu seems to enjoy being in that position. Of course, Amu is always admired by her classmates, but she’s never really been in that sempai-kohai relationship before. And that kind of admiration has always been because of her Cool&Spicy image; this time, Yua liked Amu for a genuine part of Amu’s personality.

    I don’t think Yua was singing solely of Amu. I actually got the feeling that Yua thought her dream of being a singer wasn’t worth persuing because she had already made it as a model, and she received that validation from Amu. But I do think that part of the reason is for Amu. Even if Amu was encouraging Yua to sing on her own, Yua may not have interpreted it that way. I agree about the tramatizing childhood memory (stage fright, maybe?) and that’s why she’s unable to sing. Although I think it would be interesting if they threw some kind of spin on it, I doubt they will.

    I actually really enjoyed how Amu looked in this episode. It wasn’t her traditional style, but I found that the more mature look really suited her. It’s not something I’d like to see her in everyday, but it still looks really good. It was great to see her being a model (taste of a future job, maybe?) and to see that she really enjoyed it. I liked how Nagi looked, too. I saw it more as, for one day he allowed his Nadeshiko side and his Nagi side to combine. His clothing is tasteful and somewhat girly, but it still has a punk side to it. To me, it was almost like a combination of his chara naris.

    I get what you’re saying about Utau. Personally, I still go “ZOMG!UTAU!” when she comes on screen, but I think that because Utau isn’t as much in the story as she used to be, it’s harder for some people to get excited for her. There’s not really any new developments with her at this point. Like you said, she’s become a wonderful lady (who is tall partly because of her heels lol) and she has established a friendship with Amu. What you said about Utau’s flaws are interesting. I guess I agree on some levels, but I don’t on others. Amu and Rima can be more relatable, yes, but I think that’s partly due to who Utau is. She’s hard to relate to because of her past, and I think there’s a lot that she hides from “the camera”. I’m not sure all of her flaws are double-edged, either.

    I don’t think the feathers were from Seraphic Charm (watch me be wrong haha). I almost wondered if we were going to see a chara nari between Yua and Cecil, and maybe that’s what they’re from. It’s the first time that I can remember where a girl who already has a chara has been turned into an x-egg. I thought it would be interesting if Satelight went down that road, particularly where Yua disliked Cecil at first (which didn’t make her a bitch, wtf, who SAYS these things). Either way, I’m sure next week promises to be interesting.

  8. I think I said it looked ugly D: Or it could of been someone else but my reasons were just I didn’t think it went well with Amu’s face, like I know practically everyone has the same face structure, but I feel it would of looked better on someone else, the curled up bottom part looked awkward in normal animation time, but during the photo spam time it was quite lovely in the previews it just looked like too much was going on, it just didn’t flatter her that well I feel. I did enjoy her being excited over getting her hair done, but animating it so it would look as nice as it was supposed to be was teetering on the edge for me, but honestly it was only present for like 5 minutes, so it’s not a big deal but I guess ‘ugly’ is too strong of a word.

    I do have to say that I really enjoyed this episode alot, and I’m glad they didn’t try to rush everything into one episode, and wow. I completely forgot about the prince who was looking for the eggs. whew. That went over my head, no one talks about it I think thats why XD And congrats on remembering everyone’s names! Geez. I’ll marathon a show and then I’ll forget the main character’s name. It’s really bad ._.

    I loved all of the outfits and hair <3 Ahhh this was a really good episode I feel.

  9. The episode was pretty good. I haven’t seen a full episode of Shugo Chara in a while. I was skiping through the episode like always, and I heard Kugimiya Rie and I saw Utau…/screems

    So I watched the episode, I liked how they dealed with the thing about lip syncing. The part where they shown the cat walk part was really …Satelite. It feels that Satelite used their experienced with Macross F on Shugo chara. compared to the first ‘show’ that Utau did waaay back at the start of the series, this episode stage looks really good. They actually put a decent budget to make this a believable stage show/concert/catwalk.

    There was information about new ending and opening from a certain Hello Project forum. That the new ending is going to be done bu Sakurai Yua. So Kugimiya is doing the ending song…I know I always say Buono! can’t sing live, but Kugimiya can’t even sing with recordings (have you heard her Zero No Tsukaima endings?). I would so rather Nana/Utau did the ending, even if the song ends up being a B-side and doesn’t match Shugo Chara…Oh I love Kugimiya’s voice acting. She did a good job on Yua this episode…but I can’t help think what her singing would be like…

    If they were going to make a character with a high pitched voice to sing, Haruko Momoi would have been a better choice really. She can do a nice high pitch voice while being able to sing (oh and being able to do it live too). But then someone from Satelite might be a Kugi-fanboy…^_^”

    I can’t help but keep thinking Utau is Nana …can we have Utau in a Kimono like Etsuraku Camellia? T^T YES UTAU VERSION OF Etsuraku Camellia as the new ending please…

    Sorry for the long comment…I think I comment more on the voice/sound then the episode itself…

  10. Chiisu! (^.~)/

    First things first…before I even read FuyuMaiden’s blog post…when I saw the picture of Yua and Tadase…I instantly paired them together! XD You can expect an Unexpected one-shot on them (probably after next weeks episode.)Okay, moving on, I just had to say that before I forgot…’cause I would! >.o

    Ah, and let me just say that I really enjoyed last weeks episode with Nikaidou, he was adorable, he got depth, and I suddenly want to write an interaction fic with Nikaidou and Rima (not anything romantic, mind you.) He seems like he would be an awesome mentor, even father-like, figure for her. That might just be my opinion though. Oh! I was upset about the lack of Suukaidou though… T.T I got no inspiration for that pairing (though I DO have another Nikaidou/Yaya one-shot in mind… >:D) I also found it interesting how Nikaidou went from someone who hated kids to, well, a guy that seemed to do as much as he possibly could to help kids. That’s fascinating. There will be a one-shot.

    Last note on last weeks episode…I can’t believe they passed up the chance to show Ikuto thinking about Amu. ::facepalm::

    Getting back to this weeks episode. I will admit, that I had gotten a little frustrated with Yua in the end, but my computer had been giving me trouble that day and I was tired. Not a good combination. I later yelled at myself for being so unreasonable. I do adore her though! ^-^

    Fashion. I don’t do it, I like look at it, but I don’t care enough about it. Also, when I was a kid I had NO fashion sense…no one I know did. I wouldn’t want kids too. That’s the time to BE a slob, in my opinion, when you can get as dirty and messy as you want and no one will bat an eye. When you can not comb your hair and adults will just say, “Kids.” and that’s it. And, while I DO brush my hair and such nowadays…I wish I could go back to being a kid. -0- Back then my mother didn’t tell me all the time that I need to dress more girly…I’m 19. >.>; I like my jeans and T-shirts thank you! =P Though, Asian fashion IS kickass awesome…(I’m not Asian American, Irish and Polish, though I don’t like alcohol! ;P) I just wish I had the money for it! ;^;

    Anyway, Nadeshiko was an excellent trap and I just loved the little interaction between Amu, Rima, and Yaya in this episode! ^-^

    LMAO at the faces they make! XDD I swear, they make those faces one more time in the episode (I’m pretty sure, anyway.) Really, was the news that shocking that they had to do the scream face? I guess so. ::fufufu::

    Dude…I totally forgot about that prince…then again, he might have just got lost in all the different anime princes that randomly show up in anime and Asian dramas…hmm. Either way, props to you for remembering him (and, later on in the post, all of those filler character’s names!) I am surprised though that you didn’t mention that Nagi and Rima are both reading the magazine. Okay, well, Nagi most definitely is, but it looks like Rima is *glancing* at it at least. Then again, that could just be because she is standing so close to Nagi. : / Either way, it’s a small victory! ^^)v

    I agree with what you’ve written about Amu here and her being like any other normal girl, despite her “Cool & Spicy” personality. Oh, and I think you might like the fact that I made Amu explore the world of modeling in one of my latest Unexpected one-shots. I put that in for you, I thought you might enjoy that! ^^ After reading your comment, on people wanting to get ahold of Amu after she becomes a famous model…that gave me a one-shot idea! ::is shot, because everything gives her an idea::

    Hontou ni kawaii chou gaaru! X3

    Spread that Yaya love ::helps::! She needs more of it. I can remember, in the beginning, so many people didn’t like her. I knew why, she was spoiled and childish, but she was always a really loyal and good friend. Also, she was always able to make a situation fun and enjoyable. She’s simple and doesn’t really like complicated this. I think we need more Yaya’s in the world. I want to something about fillers, but I’ll leave that for a little bit later (when I get to your Utau rant-thing.)

    Rima does look so adorable her, doing, “Chiisu!” but I was more amused by Tadase. I really don’t know why either…o.O;

    Awkward Amu. That would be me! ^^;>

    I was kinda wondering what the connection was going to be between Yua and Amu, but then I was like, “Meh, we’re going to be finding out within minutes. Don’t really think about it.” So I didn’t, but I wasn’t at all surprised to find out that Amu was her sempai…in Kindergarten! <3

    She does catch on quick (even though it is obvious)! I bet Nagihiko had fun though, with the photoshoot, because he got to be kinda girly without being suspicious.

    After seeing that pic, of Yua and Rima, I wanted to glomp Rima-tan too! XD I like Seiichiro too, he’s just so entertaining. And, really, he’s been around since episode 1! He was the second character that really met, so he holds a special place in Shugo Chara…or he should hold a special place anyway…

    When this part came up…not only did I find the Amu/Rima interaction so adorable and funny, I also started to wonder if Amu was going to turn into one of those adults who, after they graduate high school, meet up with old classmates years later and are thinking, “Who the hell are you!?” That’s my dad without a doubt. So that caused me to laugh…bad. XP

    I don’t think you are over analyzing Rima’s look here. I thought the same thing, she does look relieved.

    That is a special face there, Amu. I was called it a chicken face in my head too, when I first saw it! XDD

    There legs actually remind me of pencils. The legs that are flesh colored and kinda yellowish (like skin is), the socks that are white (that’s close enough to silver like right?), and the shoes that are pink like the erasers at the end. I guess they can look like pencils too, though? :x

    UWA! The chibi-ness really is just precious! >3v<

    I actually found the fact that Yua didn't accept Cecil to be extremely realistic and kinda nice (of course, not in a nice nice way…but you know what I mean! =P) I know, if I had a little floating person following me around, telling me what I wanted to be, I would be a little freaked out and all: WTH!? So, that's why I really liked how this went. I thought, "I could relate to this." Just like how I thought with Amu.

    Nagi, you stud, is right! XDDD

    Ah, I thought Nagi, Rima, and Yaya all looked so adorable here. I don’t really know why, but I also don’t really care. And, who knows when Rima got so comfortable around Nagi, but it sorta makes sense, since they have been in each other presence for quite a while (unlike in the manga.)

    That scene was wonderful! I love getting to see the girls interact like this! ^___^

    The Chara-therapist, ah, that’s a good one, and it’s completely true! xD And we will let it slide.

    Ah, unwanted parties…sounds like when you dorm in college. I swear, my floor had been so loud, it sounded like the girls on my floor were having a party every night…until three in the morning, mind you. =.= Thank goodness that my roommate and I got along so well. Though, what I’m saying is…I can empathsize with Amu completely. Yes.

    Even though there was no Ikuto this week, they mentioned Yoru going out to look for him, which was reference enough for me. It was just a little off handed comment, but it eased my mind because, even though it was a filler, they still reminded the audience that Ikuto (and the plot) was not forgotten. And, gosh, this scene was just squee worthy! X333

    I really don’t mind the music motfit either, there is so much that you can do with music, and, really, I like music. If it had been another sports filler…I would have screamed (sucks at sports = not fond of them at all! x.X) Also, they tend to do a really good job with the filler episodes and characters when they go with the music motfit…How odd…o.o; I remember all of those filler characters, except for Hitomi (and that reminds me, I should have an Unexpected one-shot with Shion in it. I already have an idea and title for a one-shot dealing with Kotone.) Like you, I think Yua has the best dream out of all of them, for the same reason as you too. : )

    It is adorable when chara’s blurt things out (secrets, or when their owners aren’t being honest.) It also says something about them, I think. They are the embodiment of what their owners wanted to be, so of course they will say the things their owners can’t. Though, it does bring up the question: just how in sync are charas’ with their owners’ thoughts and emotions? I want to know, but at the same time, I’m perfectly fine with guessing (it’s more entertaining.)

    I LOVE SUU!!! .>;)

    I’m not that fashion conscious or friendly, so these next few comments aren’t going to be anything special or insightful… ^^;

    Yaya and the manager was just too good! I was highly entertained by that and would like to see Yaya creep out people some more…like, oh goodness, I just thought of something! Yaya is a year younger than Amu and the others (besides Kairi) that means she hasn’t had Nikaidou as a teacher yet…Poor Nikaidou…RIP. Ah, shame on me, I thought of another idea for a Nikaidou/Yaya. Sigh…-0-

    Ugh…modeling. Not.My.Thing. Thank you. I’ve never liked it (seems too superficial for me.) But, I will never say that models have it do nothing or that they have easy jobs, because they don’t. It does sound tough to be a model, and I really do give them a lot of credit.

    Amu does look cute here and I really don’t know how I feel about the hair style. It may not be a favorite of mine, but I don’t think it looks that bad, and it is definitely not ugly. I’ve seen far worse (AKA my own head of hair…it’s like Hermione Granger’s: brown, curly, and bushy! It’s like a forest in the morning! @.@)

    OMG! I didn’t even notice that Rima was taking that photo! XD Great spot there! (^.~)b Or maybe I’m just not that observant… : (

    i just realized something…Amu has connections all over the place and she’s only 12! What the heck!? O.O; I have connections…ah…somewhere, maybe? ^^>

    I’m glad about that too. There’s only so many times you can watch a character rush out of a room in tears and not think, “Melodrama…much?” It was a nice change. =)

    BFFF? That’s a new one! I like it. Oh, and Yua is def. the best filler friend that Amu’s had. They have the most foundation in their relationship, like you’ve already stated. (Ah, was that gal-pal sentence a tip at shoujo-ai? Meh, I’m not much of a fan for shoujo-ai, though I do think it’s cute.)

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this part with Amu and Yua. Amu, to Yua, is a source of strength, but not the reason for why Yua is singing. Amu just happens to be the inspiration that keeps Yua going. I can easily relate to this, since it’s Gackt and his music that inspired me to become a Japanese translator, but it is not for Gackt that I learn the Japanese language. I learn it because it truly fascinates me (as does the culture) and I want to share that with the world. Gackt and his music was just that extra reason, that extra push, that I had needed in order to realize this dream of mine. If I get disheartened, or if I get tired of studying, I listen to his music and then find the strength again. I don’t think that it’ll be completely hopeless to learn a new language. Of course, once I start studying I get sucked right back in, and my mind gets back into shape thinking, “I love this and really want to do this!” So yeah, I think you’re right about Yua and Amu.

    Also, I’m a person who believes in the philosophy that everything we human beings do in the world is for ourselves. Even charity work is for ourselves. We are selfish beings, and nothing is truly selfless, of course, that doesn’t mean that we can’t use our selfishness to do the right thing. We can, as in the case of charity, or doing our best at something. We always do everything for ourselves, even if we think we are doing it for someone else’s sake, that’s just a defensive measure taken to make ourselves feel better. Of course, you can completely disagree with me on this and I would understand. But, I thought I’d share.

    I don’t really know anything about seiyuus…Though the background music to the song sounds really good and I can’t wait to hear the lyrics put to it! ^.^

    I really, really love Amu’s outfit here! It’s just wonderful (in all the ways that you described it!) Ah, and I noticed the skirt too, but then I just shrugged it off. Little kids (girls) do wear short skirts (of course, not that short, but whatever) and that’s because they can get away with it. >.> Oh, and I grew up with Sailor Moon, so, yeah… ::whistles::

    Kya! They do look so adorable! I really don’t have anything else to add to comment about Yaya and Rima’s outfits, I’m totally ignorant about fashion and fashion sense. -_-

    Lolz! XD Tadase, a pimp!? Oh, that’s a good one. I think it’s even better than my Ghetto!Tadase comment. =P

    NAGI!!!! ZOMG! When I saw this…oh, I think I laughed at first. It was just too much! I love the outfit though, with the exception of the hat and the shawl. They need to go. Without them he would look perfecto! I like girly looking guys though. Yep, I like my Visual Kei bands or J-rockers in general…though some of them wear a little too much make-up and look a little too much like a girl. I like the beautiful guys that, when you first look at them, you aren’t sure, but then (after a nice good look) you can tell that they are obviously male. An impossible find in America… TAT

    I certainly won’t boo you for what you wrote about Utau. I agree with you, completely. Utau is great, she is, and I get excited when I see her (I most certainly do) but her and Ikuto are overrated. In the fact that they aren’t perfect. Shugo Chara fans seem to forget this. All the characters have flaws and all of them are somewhat sterotypical, though they do have little quirks that set them apart, which is what makes the series great. Anyway, I had to take a short break from Shugo Chara fandom last week (not only because I was writing that massive one-shot of mine…OTL) I needed to take a break from the Amuto VS. Tadamu, from the people complaining and hating Lulu simply because she is a filler character, and the people complaining that the anime is pure suckage now because of all the fillers.

    I don’t mind if fans don’t like Lulu because they don’t like her character, that’s understandable, but people who haven’t watched Doki hate her simply because she is a filler character that didn’t exist in the manga. I roll my eyes at that. Anime and manga are two very different things. They are close in nature, yes, but they are different mediums. Just like books and movies are two completely different mediums (something I had to learn the hard way with the movie adaptations of the Harry Potter books.) And, personally, I don’t mind when an anime and manga aren’t exactly the same. It makes the anime less redundant (or, in the very rare case that the anime was created first and the manga created later, makes the manga less redundant.)

    Then there is the whole filler business. Fillers don’t bother me, I like them most of the time, unless they are so horrible and dreadful that they add nothing to the characters (like that one episode in Doki…which was…I can’t remember, that’s how bad it was!) But most of the time I enjoy fillers. They give us a nice break from all the drama and they usually give us good insight into characters or bring back characters that we haven’t seen in a long time. Most of my Unexpected one-shots actually deal with fillers or filler characters actually. And the people that complain all the time about fillers (whether they are good or not, and don’t even bother to give them a try) shouldn’t get involved in a Mahou Shoujo, which are known for their epic amounts of fillers like Shonen series are. Stick with short series that lack fillers or just stick to manga in general.

    So, yeah, I had to get away from that frustation last week (so I read lots and lots of HP fanfiction! XDD) Also, I got tired of seeing Amuto, Amuto, Tadamu, Amuto, Amuto, Amuto, Rimahiko, Amuto, Amuto, Amuto, Kuutau- in the fanfiction section of Shugo Chara. The fandom needs some more variety. That’s why I wrote Unexpected in the first place. -0-

    Okay, I’m doing ranting now! ^^;;;>

    Iru does rawk! She doesn’t get enough credit does she? No, she doesn’t…

    ERU! :D Okay, sorry, I just had to say that…

    Utau’s wearing heels. From the screen shot I’m 95 percent certain on this issue. (Or I could just be trying to deny that she could be naturally that tall…ah, the sore spot of a short person!)

    Kids fashion shows…seems too much like a Beauty Pagenant to me. I know they are two different things…just, yeah, I have my issues with kids Beauty Pagenants and Beauty Pagenants in general. We’ll just leave it at that…

    Ohhh~ Do you really think that the vocals were messed up on purpose? Really, who would that? Lulu!?

    Ganbatte ne, Yua-chan! (>vO< (Or, more specifically, next week.)

    I'm looking forward to the dark versions too! This is a nice twist on the usual ?-eggs, which is another sign of a good filler.

    I'm always wrong too. =.= I wonder if Seraphic Charm will make an appearance too…

    I bet that this will be the best ?-egg too! The outfit looks awesome already (and this will hopefully be the last one, which will make it the favorite for everyone! XD)

    Good luck with everything you have to do in your busy life! At least you have a busy life…I need to find a job! ;;;A;;; I had one down at college, but now that I'm back home…yeah. Need to stop being lazy and get onto that.

    Take care! (^^)o

  11. This is one of my fav episodes, I love the photo shot part where Yua says Nagihiko looks like a girl and then when she calls Rima adorable and hugs her, then Rima gets pissed XD

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