SoMT Discussions 01 & Moe Spotlight: Akira!

So here I am, curious to know about what moe means to you voters. But it’s not just moe in general. I want to know any specific, narrowed done thoughts you might have so I thought up some questions for this mini-project (as I’d like to call it) of SoMT. The ones who will be leading the discussions first? My co-hosts. Cuz believe it or not, it’s not because Xiao is busy managing this contest…she is very lazy only has a rather misty opinion of moe. Not enough solidity to go on a rant about (OMGNOWAI~! And you wonder why she’s running this contest) so I want to expand my views from everyone else’s opinions. Plus, it’s easier to read than to write anyways~ *supah lazy* :D

Perhaps it might be a bit silly to some of you cuz of “Ugh, not discussions, just get on with the tournament!” but it’s not. Sure, it’s one thing to vote but like in the real SaiMoe, aren’t voters encouraged to contribute as much support as they can for the candidates? Well, now’s your chance to really promote the moe qualities of your favorites. Use it. Maybe you’ll even change someone’s mind on a certain girl who they didn’t find moe before (heck, that’s just what happened to me just yesterday). Get more people to support your choice. And then we’ll overtake the world’s governments with that. 8D

Are you a true shoujo-moe fan or not?! >8(

… :D

Oh, before I forget, congratulations to Fuyu-san and 7-san on their graduations. I know Fuyu-san doesn’t graduate until June 4th but still congrats again for that AND on finding a job. ^^ And yay, 7-san, seems like that awful dean wasn’t that much of a bitch after all. :)
Last but not least, I think kanzie, your college life is about to start next month? Sorry if I’m wrong but best of wishes and luck to ya and hope you enjoy it to the fullest when you’re not swamped in papers ^^;.

Yep! Now onto our first question:

What aspects of shoujo do you like the most when it comes to the genre bringing the moe out of the character? Or maybe, in other words, what does the moe in shoujo works have that the moe in other demographics (shounen, seinen, and so on) don’t and why do those appeal to you?


Of course, the moe in shoujo should be fitting to its very own demography. When we think of what shoujo has, we have bubbles, sparkles and flower petals falling in our minds, isn’t that correct? The girl that can be a chameleon (lol not literally XP) and can make all these aspects work along with her moe-ness is the most fitting to win this tournament.

So what if she’s so cute? “Cute” is so damn common already in Seinen and even in shounen. Remember that we should find the “cute” for shoujo, and that is the girl that is soft, in terms of how shoujo really is, and also strong in terms of having a very memorable personality. (Always keep in mind about the shoujo sparkles and flowers!!!)~


I think shoujo moe is most typically separated from moe geared at boys with the main difference being “ganbatte!” vs. “Oh, the poor girl needs help.” The shoujo girls usually have their problems but they aren’t all solved by some bland protagonist, they grow stronger (due to help from others yes), but the point is by the end of the story (often before then) they can pick themselves up and do what has to be done. They still fail sometimes, which has to be admitted is totally cute, but then they pick themselves up over and over again. This is shown incredibly well by our queen of shoujo moe Sakura again where, “Everything will be all right” ruled the day!

Of course as a girl this appeals to me greatly. I get my dose of cuteness and the GIRL POWER that I want to see to show that girls aren’t just helpless things that need to be rescued. They too can be the most powerful magician/whatever in the world. (I keep going back to Sakura-chan again~) Personally I also have a preference of seeing a girl become stronger and able to do things by her own strength where in other genres the girl will become more dependant on someone, which can be good when she used to be a tsundere bitch, but come on. Boys just want to think that a girl can go all gooey for them and that sucks. It’s called teamwork! Relationships thrive on equality.

But oh my that’s straying into shipping territory. In shoujo I also get more genki-ness and specifically “warmth” and you can’t like shoujo girls unless you can appreciate the shoujo smile. I love the “pure” girls you get in shoujo when that aspect doesn’t have to be compromised to please the stupid shallow fanboys.

Of course those aren’t the only things that can make a shoujo girl more. There’s also other various moe things in different characters, otherwise they’d all be the same. A little bit of tsundere is almost always welcome, especially in shoujo where the random violence is usually not present. And in shoujo it’s usually all toned down a bit which is what I like. A girl that’s just moe isn’t moe. She’s pandering fanboy bait and I don’t like her.


In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve ever sensed moeness out of all the aforementioned demographics. I guess there may be extremely rare instances, but that doesn’t change the fact that it will be very difficult for me to answer the question with limited knowledge. But in actuality, the answer is in the question itself: for me, shoujo and all its aspects are made specifically to bring the moe out of any potential character. Sure moe can exist in some other genres outside of shoujo, but I often find it hard to imagine moe’s the only thing brought out of the character. Moe in shounen, seinen, etc? Pfft, forget it! They’re most likely corrupted with perversion and whatnots, which then brings me to what I like about shoujo moe. Referring back to my definition of moe some billion years ago, when I said moe should be mostly (if not completely) about a sense of adoration, I find shoujo to be only thing that will make me adore a character. And no…adoration for me doesn’t simply mean awwww-inducing, which is probably the case for a lot of moe characters outside shoujo; it has to be deeply emotional…not intellectual, and certainly not hormonal/glandular (which I’m unfortunately included, as well as 50% of the world). Long story short..shoujo works best.

…*reads*…*nods*…I want to compile all this and make a book out of it or something. Maybe after the tournament is over. I’ll give all due credit, of course. Lawl~ |D
Aaahhh~, muchos gracias, you guys! They were really awesome to read. Can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts on the next prompt. ^^


Moe Spotlight

As you can probably guess from the name, Moe Spotlight gives you the chance to look in on ONE specific contestant’s moe traits. Unlike in the tournament, where you’ll often have to compare two girls against each other, here, your only focus is the girl we present before you. What makes her moe? Why was she nominated for this tournament? Do you find her moe at all?

And our first victim Moe Spotlight girl in the (two-month) history of SoMT is…

Akira from Special A!

What our hosts have to say…


Lol this one’s quite difficult XD When I get to see Akira, I find her not being moe at all, but thanks to Xiao Jie for putting her in the spotlight, I got to examine a certain trait of this girl that I find her having potential to be moe.

The thing that came right into my mind is “When you like moe, can you be moe too?” since Akira’s a character that likes her “moe” best friend Hikari (well, she likes her so much for obvious glomping reasons on her). When you show a huge infatuation or adoration to someone, it totally makes her moe because she also gets all hyped up on everything her best friend is involved in. She gets crazy, and crazy not in a bad way, because she added so much life in Special A. That’s moe already. Akira’s genki-ness and total high energy makes her moe. And last but definitely not the least, girl knows how to bake yummy sweets~~ ^__^.


Actually my first reaction was, “Akira’s not moe…” but then I remembered that I nominated her so she must be. I am too strict to not have seen some moe in Akira. It turned out that I was just forgetful about Akira because she always felt like the most forgettable character in SA to me. Her humor mostly relied on violence and her story was too quick. But that doesn’t stop her from being moe.

To start with, apparently there must be something moe about the girls who are all crazy about other girls because they’re popping up in VNs these days too (just with bigger bewbs). But personally I don’t find that moe, I just find it awesome, so who knows it could be there for the entertainment factor. I’m not a fanboy, I don’t know what they find moe.

However, what’s certainly moe about Akira is her embarrassment. Getting embarrassed is always moe, it’s like the very thing that can define moe! Shy girls will have all sorts of adorable embarrassed reactions, they’ll get quiet, they’ll stutter, they’ll just turn red and make cute noises. All of that is moe. Then you turn to tsundere and embarrassment will cause the typical tsundere reaction, “It’s not like I like you or anything…” MOE~! Oh and of course cooldere girls with their fake coolness, when they get embarrassed it’s an emotion! And the more embarrassed they get the cuter they are and…ah! Embarrassment is moe.

Of course Akira gets embarrassed when it comes to who she likes. This will make her act violently and tsundere or often it will be the rare case where she’s actually quiet. Moments of a personality change (which embarrassment so often causes) are almost always moe. So Akira is totally moe. It’s that simple.


I feel like I suddenly like Akira again…only now she has a new, different light shining on her.

Thank you, girls, for the awesome insight. It helped a lot. ~ω^

Ok, now I want to know what all you readers out there think? Come, come. Don’t be shy. Even one or two sentences will be fine. Nobody’s going to bite you and if they dare, I have my branding iron all hot and ready to burn the idiot’s ass off. hehehehe >83

…*cough* Nah, j/k, but I just want everyone to know that what applied to the commenting rules in the voting rounds will also apply to here as well.

You WILL respect everyone’s opinions no matter how much you disagree about what they think. I am not saying that you can’t voice out your opposing opinion if you have one. By all means, as long as you do it with decency, go ahead and share it with us. This is a discussion after all. But do not, I repeat, DO NOT degradingly bash the characters or other participants just because of your own bias. I know it’s rather hard to distinguish criticism from that sometimes but if you seriously have nothing constructively good to say, then don’t say it.

And don’t spam either.

You’re on my turf and these are my rules. They’re not hard to follow but that doesn’t mean I won’t be strict about it.

Now, before I end this, a quick poll (choices completely selected at random):

Poll closed.

This poll will close on Sunday, May 31st.

I look forward to your comments and the results for Round 1 and the start of Round 2 should be posted up by tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed this so far! ^^


10 thoughts on “SoMT Discussions 01 & Moe Spotlight: Akira!

  1. At first when I thought about Akira, I didn’t really consider her moe either. I was pretty skeptical about it, now that I think about it. I guess I’m pretty narrow-minded about moe. So…thanks Xiao Jie for the mini-project to convince us why some of the contestants are moe (and showing me more insight on moe), since I need some explanations. xD

    All of the co-hosts’ explanations really did convince me that Akira really is moe and just opened my eyes to more moe. And as I thought about what they said, I agreed and nodded at everything. ^_^ Ooh! A book…that would be a book I’d read. :D

    And, I know this is totally out of order, but here goes. Shoujo moe I feel, is where moe belongs best. Because it would seem that most moe girls you think about…are from shoujo (at least, the best ones are). They have that extra sparkle and detail to make them appeal as moe better than shounen, or any other demographic. (You want to squish their cheeks and all)And shoujo gives more opportunity to elaborate on them to show their moe-ness. (Since, just thinking about shounen, they usually skip developing the girl characters…boo to that) They have that extra cute factor, and that personality of blushing and extra experssions to make you totally think moe! The girls in shoujo also often have that warm, adorable personality that totally fits, or they have that tsundere personality that we can consider so cute to watch; thus, moe! (Ok, now I’m getting repetitive and still not giving a good explanation) Plus, I’ve never found girls outside of shoujo to be moe anyways…>_>

    Moving onto Akira…

    From what Kanzeon said: The way Akira is so cheerful and loving to Hikari really does make her more moe, especially when she has those X3-ish looks…if I remember correctly (hasn’t watched nor read SA in months).

    From what FuyuMaiden said: And embarrassed girls really do make moe girls. >.< They are so moe. ^^ Especially when Akira is with Tadashi, she just acts so moe-like to me. When tsunderes blush, it makes them pretty moe in my eyes as well. Because, well, we see right through it, making it cuter~

    And when I began to think about Akira, I remembered her child form! And seeing her as a child makes me remember how she fits the category as well. Especially with what Tadashi brings out…yet again. :] When she acted so cheerful inviting everyone to the teas as well, being that kind girl that brings out the moe-ness in her. ^^

    Anywho, I probably gave some bad, vague, or boring insight, but I really don’t have much to say about Akira, so that’s about it. ^^;;

    On another note, looking forward for the next posts for SoMT. I ended up voting for Yaya, since I think it’d be easier to analyze her moe. xD

  2. Well, I think moe is all about your opinions. ^^

    If that makes sense. It depends on what you find cute, attractive, or a pleasure to watch. Such as… if you like dojikkos and find a quality in them you enjoy or think to be cute, then that is your moe.
    On the other side, if you like tsunderes, that can be moe too. Its completely about personal preference.

    I think (and this is my opinion~!) that the small cute lil’ shy girls are the most moe. Like Rima. Or, if we’re talking about Special A, then Megumi would be a good example. Small, shy, and fluffy. Prone to blushing. In Rima’s case, slightly tsundere.

    Although I wholeheartedly agree with Fuyu. Embarrassed girls are super moe. >.<//

    Akira is a special case. I never looked at her and thought "moe" when I read Special A. I kind of thought of her as the "cool best friend prone-to-violence" type. And then came her "over protective best friend side", which resulted in cuteness. Because friendship FTW. She's moe in her own way. I guess that this is where you need your own preferences though.

    It's really all about opinions. Moe can be different for everyone. That's what make sit more interesting. :'D

    But yay~! I can't wait for more SoMT. This is also, and this post proved it, a very good way to analyze these characters as well. =3

  3. Yay~ This is really awesome, I feel like we’re in a talk show ^^. And thank you~ Oh gawd, I’m totally worrying now that I’m entering college. But still, I’ll try my best to spare time for my judging duties here forevah ^__~.

    Uguu~ My prompt looked too… short -__- *ashamed*. But I hope it still kinda helped ^^ (even though I totally sounded so stupid on the sparkles and the flowers part >_> *shots self*)… Also, I totally agree there on my co-judges ^^. They made more sense than I do LOLz. Most importantly, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so it’s still up to everyone on who they find “moe” :).

    OMG I’m sooo torn apart between Maria and Yaya to vote for in the next spotlight because I know I’ll find Lydia very hard to explain why she’s moe XD… *lazy judge* But I ended up voting for Yaya ^^… but when I clicked on vote I saw like, 11 votes already and I was like “Aww darn, I should have voted for Maria D:” lol.

    So yuppie, I can’t wait for the results~ More power Xiao ^^.

  4. blossomgirl101: I think at first we’re all pretty…well, not “narrow-minded” cuz that gives off too much of a negative connotation but rather have a limitied view on moe. Because, from what I think, moe is largely based on the emotions you feel when you see a female character and if she doesn’t make you immediately say “SQUEE! She’s so cute!”, then sometimes you may not regard her moe unless she does something out of the ordinary (i.e. blushing when we don’t see it from her very often). It’s kind of like…a first impressions thing. Which is not wrong, not wrong at all but I think we can all relate to judging a book by its cover before delving into it first. Which is why I created the discussions posts to do just that so I’m really happy that it worked in your favor. ^^

    Hehe, yay! Another person for the book idea. Now I really want to make it. X3

    And thank you so much for sharing your own thoughts for the prompt and Akira. I really enjoyed reading it and agree whole-heartedly about your view on shoujo focusing on the girl more and therefore, brings out the moe even better than what seinen and shounen does. And that child-Akira was incredibly moe. How could anyone forget child-Akira and all her tea-time fun that she still kept even as she is now? I felt that there was something missing and went “AHA! Yes! Little Akira was so cute!” ^^

    So don’t say you gave bad insight, you silly person. :)

    Haha, I won’t disagree that Yaya is definitely a lot more easier to analyze but it should be fun all the same, ne? ;D


    Lea: *nodnod* You’re right. It really is based a lot on your own preferences and simply, just what you feel is more cute to you. That doesn’t mean other girls are not moe. They just don’t…hmm, what’s the word? …God, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I guess they don’t “turn you on” as much as other girls do. So moe has two sides to it I guess. One in the general view, and one in the more personal view.

    Ooo, thanks for your thoughts. It helped me with my own a lot. :D

    And I’m glad you found the post interesting its analyzation. ^^


    kanz: YAY~ College will not take you away from me! I’ll never let them! Lol XD

    Aww, no no. No shoot yourself. No. *takes gun away* You certainly didn’t sound “stupid” at all cuz that really is the shoujo image if you get what I mean. And I really like how your metaphor there. The shoujo girl is the “chameleon” who has to use the properties of shoujo to her advantage to make her own traits come forward as well as to, as you said, make her personality more memorable. A lot of shounen and seinen series often only go by the superficial features of a girl a lot and only their names and common quality-traits (ex. Shana is a tsundere) are remembered. Not really the character or the development themselves. It’s very lacking in that department unlike shoujo.

    And nice line there. “Beauty is the eye of the beholder”…I want to use it. X3

    It’s alright since I’m pretty lazy, too. And I have the most on to do on my plate. Lol XD; Lol Don’t worry. I have a surprise in store and I’m sure you’ll like it. ;)

    Thank you~! I’m working on it right now. ^^

  5. I voted for Yaya since she gets the least moe spotlight out of all the SC girls, even though she does have her own shiny spot. Yaya’s ability to make other people feel comfortable and normal with her hyperness and gossip is what makes her special amoung the SC girls. Also her willingness to become stronger. Also, even though I’ve never felt like giving her a hug as much as I’ve felt like giving Utau or Rima a hug, there were one or two times when I wanted to give her one, which means she’s at least a little moe.

    I agree from Fuyu about Akira. She isn’t immedialitly moe, but then you remember her embarrassed side. Also little Akira was extremely moe. So shy and such long hair!

    Shojo moe feels better since it doesn’t seem driven as much by fetishes. It’s more about the ways girls work hard to overcome there difficulties in cute and different ways. SDC, SC, FwOS, CCS (not as much though), Fruiba and most other great shojos all use this to an extent.

  6. Hehe, I guess that’s one of the reason why I find Yaya moe. Because she seems like the type to just glomp you tight even when you don’t really need cheering up. If it were me, I’d say “SURE!” *picks her up* XD
    But more discussion on her if she really does take this poll.

    Thanks for your comment. I especially liked how you pointed out that in CCS. I always kinda felt the same way about that, too. :)

  7. I never really thought of Akira as moe because I used to have a belief that moe is only generally for cutesy-cute girls who are all sparkly and stuff but now that I think of it, Akira is moe. And what’s good with that is she’s not the irritating type of shoujo moe.

    So then that leaves to the question of what kind of moe Akira is, huh?

    Well, in my opinion, Akira is one you can categorize as tsundere moe. :3

    Normally tsundere moe is one of the top categorization of moe that we find irritating because of certain reasons BUT there are times when tsundere moe is really likeable; especially when it’s to this type of character.

    So to conclude what I just said, Akira is <33. So is Tadakira >w<

  8. Waaaaaah~! I have nothing much to say about Akira except there’s little moeness in her. T_T Akira’s more like a Tsun Tsun to me..

    OMG…I’m reading the other judges’ prompts…and when I read mine…I make the least sense! I HAS failed. T_T

    And thank you for the graduation greets~! I just found out that the main enemy is not the dean…but the president of the college. Dun…dun..dun..dun. By the way things look, my ass is safe…so it’s all good. ^_^

  9. 3 SoMT posts in a row when I can’t reply, hmm? Well time to get busy getting into my moe mode when I am so overwhelmingly tired. Ah~

    First of all on all of our (wonderful!) thoughts on Shoujo moe, Kanzeon got it exactly right. “Cute” and supposed moe is so common in seinen and stuff that it’s blatant and pandering and…it sucks!

    Of course 7 just made me think again how abnormal he is. He won’t behave like I expect an idiot guy to. Finding shoujo moe the best moe, that’s impossible!

    And oh god Kanzeon’s answer for Akira. That’s so true too! It kind of just reminded me of how certain girls (bloggers, lol) when fangirling so politely and cutely just seem…well cute. Getting excited about something cute is moe too! lol

    And I’ll look forward to the next shoujo moe spotlight. I kind of want it to be one certain character because I want to rip into them, but I kept myself nice and decided to vote on a girl I’d be positive about. It’s a secret who though! Ohoho~

    • You take me for an idiot?! O_O Tsk tsk tsk…haven’t you learned already I’m always going to be an exception to your ‘guys do this’ generalizations? XD

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