Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 84

Well now. That’s three consecutive SC! ep posts in a row. I’ll be posting an obligatory general blog post afterwards (if I have enough energy left, that is). This is pretty bad from my perspective but don’t worry! I’ll keep on blogging SC! to the bitter end! It’d be stupid to give up on the first main reason why I opened a blog anyway. :P

That aside, this episode was guuuuud~ ^^ I seriously wanted to gag at some parts though cuz Satelight just loves mind-screwing my head, urgh! -_-# But we’ll get to that when we get to it.

Not as much Suukaidou Nikaidou as I expected it to be but I guess that was expected as well? His issues were solved way back so it’s pretty awesome to see him giving helpful advice and support to his students who really need it.

He’s a sensei after all. hehe :D

I did a lot of analyzing with this episode so expect it to be one of the record-breaking ones. Why? Cuz I found that I can relate to it a lot. Being a college student and all who went through most of this when I was younger and am still going through even now. Hopefully, I’ll feel refreshed when I finish but eheh~…I wonder about that. Anyways, onto the screencap galore! ^^

Ugh, but why do we have to start out on a bad note? -_-;

Well at least we don’t have end on a bad one then.

Anyways, the so-called ass-whooping I was expecting Lulu to get was just as I imagined only less severe. Cut her off from Easter and bar her from entering. *shrug* I mean, yea, I didn’t really expect Easter to go after her or her family or anything (not in a shoujo that has been toned down a lot for the kiddy audience). Lulu is too trivial in their grand evil scheme. She has never been an asset and will never be one. Her ?-egg tactics don’t work, she can’t Chara-nari, and most of all, she is never anywhere close to getting the Embryo. Basically, useless. So it would be useless to put any efforts into “punishing” her. Useless, and a waste of time. Best option is to just kick her out (wow, Easter actually has a bit of brain in reserving its resources =P).

Though I hate to tie Lulu’s layoff (hohoho~, first joy in using an economic failing term *shot*) to what I’m about to say, this could partially explain why Easter has never made a big deal about Utau leaving (and Nikaidou, too). But wait, before anyone jumps down my throat about “HOW CAN YOU COMPARE UTAU TO LULU?!”, there’s more substantial reasoning behind Utau’s. Of course there is! It’s Utau after all! >:/

It’s true that Utau voluntarily joined Easter so you can argue that Easter would obviously have little to no interest if she left or not. That’s kind of how companies on the very basic level regarding employment works (I think…). However, Utau, unlike Lulu, had enormous usage value (ugh, forgive me) because she had two Charas, could Chara-nari, and fight very well. Not only that, she was famous, making the area of her egg-robbed victims even larger and thus, making her a more essential tool in their Embryo-plan. So why didn’t Easter attempt to go after her now that Gozen is getting even more impatient about getting his shiny egg? Why couldn’t they just threaten Ikuto in front of her to make her go back to Easter so that they can team the siblings up again and get even more X-eggs?

Well, other than the fact that Ikuto does so well in protecting his loved ones to the point where we all just want to smack him upside the head for being unconcerned about his own well-being, here are some reasons I pondered on revolving mostly and only around Utau:

1) Even if they somehow succeeded in getting her back (I do not doubt that Utau would put Ikuto before her career), Utau is not the same as before. When she was still working for Easter, she was still battling with herself on her own morals. This kind of put her in a vulnerable position as it was easy for back-then-bitch-Yukari to manipulate her just by mentioning Ikuto’s name. Utau would obediently obey not only because she wanted to save Ikuto very badly or the fact that she wanted to beat Amu, but because she was pretty much a “lost” child herself. It’s natural instinct to do something when you’re feeling threatened, right? And at that time, all she could think of was “I must get the Embryo”.
But after the BLACK DIAMOND arc, Utau finally realized that this was something she absolutely did not want to do and regained a firmer footing on sticking to her own true self. If Easter got her back and expected her to become their idol-puppet again, they’re truly naive. Because Utau (after getting some awesome mahou shoujo peptalk slammed in her brain) has changed. You tell her to hunt eggs, she’ll just stick her nose up at you and refuse as best as she’s able to. This will be even more problematic because not only will Easter have Ikuto rebelling against them, they’ll have Utau, oh so stubbornly awesome tsunderreko Utau, rebelling as well. And one Tsukiyomi is more than a handful for them already (OH YEA!), what makes you think Easter can handle two, much less keep both if they can do a rebel-team up together? *smirky*
Whichever way, this plan would not work and it would only cost Easter more time in trying to find ways to bend Utau to their will. And they don’t have time. To them, going through all that trouble is not worth the time they can spend on searching for the Embryo.

2) Alright, then if they can’t have Utau as a lackey, why didn’t they try to continue bringing her down like they did back in ep 47? If she’s going to be working against them, then better to make her as powerless as much as they can so she doesn’t interfere with their plans. Well, Utau left Easter on her own will to pursue her singing career under another company. If some word leaked out that Easter was harassing a former employee on behind-the-scene grounds (and it always does), then this is going to effect their own reputation. Easter is long-standing international corporation, and a rather successful one, too. Even before Utau was born, Easter has already drilled a deceptive “good image” of itself in people’s minds. They can’t afford to lose that over one girl who called it quits. It’s not worth it. Moreover, when the Embryo search became more urgent, Utau became less of a concern and therefore, that issue was tossed back into a janitor closet somewhere.

3) Just like how Easter could not afford to waste its time on Utau, Utau as well cannot really afford to waste time to go against Easter. You can say that she’s allowed to file a complaint for what they did, trying to get in the way of her work, but Utau’s not dumb. For one thing, she was the one who quit Easter so she is going to have to reap the consequences of those actions. And this includes Easter teaching her a (rather poorly carried out) lesson not to mess with them. In the end, Utau still prevailed using her own strengths instead of turning into a vengeful bitch that cried to the media. If she did that, her image would go down and for a celebrity, it’s all about the image. Once you soil it, you’re done for. No one will look at you the same way. It’s sad but true. Chris Brown is a perfect example. And Utau was only beginning to make her way up the idol ladder again. She can’t act out of line even though it seems she has every right to. Otherwise, her dream will be ruined before it even started anew. And c’mon, this is Utau. Does she really look like some bimbo who’d be a big baby and go on a complain rage like that? No. /P

Another thing: note that even though Utau was immensely popular, a lot of credit really does (sadly) go to Easter for their massive promotion of her singles. Back then, Utau was affiliated with Easter, not the other way around. Utau was associated with a bigger, more familiar brand name. When she dropped that, she dropped a huge chunk of her popularity as well. It’s not outrageous when the majority of the public sides with a label over a person, especially if that person hasn’t reached esteemed fame like say…Ayumi Hamasaki or Gackt. No, Utau hasn’t gone to that level, as famous as she was. Talking realistically, not every Utau fan back then was an Amu who immediately saw how great Utau was…meaning not all of them were true Utau fans. They only followed her cuz she was the next biggest hype in the music industry. And this happens all the time. It does, ok? It does.

So with those two things (and more) in mind, Utau’s goal no longer focused on the Embryo but what she could do to really sing on stage again. Yes, the issue concerning Ikuto and Easter will always been on her mind until he is actually freed but face it, Utau has very minimal power in going up against Easter, especially when singing demands her full attention. She knows this. She can’t risk singing and she knows Ikuto would not want that to happen either so that’s all she can really do at the moment. Easter knows this as well. Utau is busy, Utau does not have enough power to attack them. It’s enough to convince them that Utau is only a mild threat (oho~, wait till she really raises that up, you dumbasses) and therefore, there’s no need to waste time over worrying about her.

In short, the overconfident Easter thinks they have the sufficient guns and ammo to lock them secure. The Guardians are a nuisance but they still got a lot of X-eggs to be satisfied, Ikuto is under their control, Utau is off being an idol, and Lulu was just a measly, annoying bug. And all of this is going to come bite their ass back one day. So I say we all march up to Satelight and demand that that day be moved up a few episodes sooner, AMIRITE?! >8DDDD

…*cough* Sorry…whoa…that was a long (gone off-topic) rant. Sorry again. Couldn’t help the business part of my brain. Heh. ^^;


…That was my overreaction, if you will. I guess you can tell me not to worry (please do) and I’m not…I’m just annoyed. Annoyed because after last week (which was just for laughs), elephant lady here is now such an eyesore and should just chuck off the screen unless she’s with her other two useless cronies.

Plus, my annoyance is heightened due to increasing suspicions at Satelight for making this seem more like a one-sided crack than it should be. I honestly have no problem with crack…I just don’t do it in regular doses. And I don’t like it when people throw crack at my feet when I’m not in the mood for taking it.

Either way, she needs to buzz off. I don’t care if she’s doing this under orders or not. She’s annoying. xP

*sigh* Ikutooo… :(

Che, in a no better situation than he was at the beginning of last week’s ep. LGB, they didn’t do it~! They didn’t show Ikuto thinking about Amu here even though it is so appropriate to put something like that in here, right now! Especially after that scene in the park! ASDJFKLDSAJFWOFJLSDAFJLAS!!! *TANTRUM/STOMPS AROUND* >A<

OMG, CUTENESS TIME! 8DDDD (I took a lot, and I mean, A LOT, of Rima screencaps this ep)

Kyaa! Rima looking so troubled over writing her dream down. AWW! RIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333

Go for it, hun! We back you all the way! YEA! xDDDDD

Ah, and we finally get to a Nikaidou screencap. ^^;

Back to the episode, I remember the Guardians discussing this writing assignment all the way back in…*checks* episode 7. Y’know, the Chara-filler with Ami. Awwz, that was such a cute filler. x3
But yea, I’m glad to actually see this happen for real this time because 1) it fits appropriately for one of Shugo Chara!’s themes, 2) I was curious to know how Amu would respond given that she’s still so indecisive but that’s what makes it even more better, 3) children writing about their dreams are so cute (RIMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! x333333333), and 4) because even when I was in high school, I did this, too, so it brings back sort-of fond memories. ^^

Yea, I think that’s all I needed to say about that. hehe *in such a good mood for some reason*

Miki: She’ll probably be an artist.
Ran: No! She should be a sports star!
Suu: You’re both wrong! She wants to become a cooking instructor!

AAAAHHHH! Even Charas have dreams~! *finds it incredibly adorable* <3333
Of course, their dreams are their owner's dreams, too…since they are dreams themselves…but it's still cute so aww with me. Aww~! <3

And aww, Amu is so cute when she’s indecisive over like this, too. Over her dreams only, though. Just her dreams… ;3

At this point, I want to say that whoever thinks Amu having more than one Chara is a bad thing that you should shut your @#$*in’ trap and GTFO our Shugo Chara! D:<
I want to know who in the world would think it is a bad thing for a girl, a 12-year old girl who has unlimited possibilities open to her, to have more than one dream and to wish so strongly that they can improve themselves into a better person. And into several different kind of better persons, as well.

Honestly, Amu is probably the most insecure, pessimistic person in the series when it comes to her own self but how the hell can you think that is wrong, regardless of whether it has to do with romance, future goals, or whatnot? It’s natural for a girl to not know where she wants to go or what she wants to do in life yet, especially if they’re at Amu’s age. Hell, I’m almost 20 and I still have four or 5 major things I really want to do and are you going to criticize me just because I want to do many things? D:<

I say this because I got a review for one of my fics that said "I'm glad you gave Ami only one Chara instead of like 4. To me, I never really liked that much about Amu" or something like that. Well, hun, then you've obviously never dreamed enough and even though you gave me quite a nice review, say something like that to my face again and prepare to be burned. Seriously, all you people who hose others down based on your own judgments over things that shouldn't be judged at all need to throw yourself off this planet. Even if it's your opinions, these are stuff you'll have to keep to yourself. It's none of your business nor your place to say what is right and what is wrong in regards to what others want to do (unless they're doing it for the wrong reasons). So #$*% off and go rot in a corner somewhere.

Aww, Yaya, you will always be the baby of the group so I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that. ^^;

Seriously, though, by the time you graduate, I hope you have somewhat of a career in mind. Even “big sister” is fine. o.O;

Why does Satelight like to keep throwing these “contemplating Nagi and his eggs” images at me? It just makes me all the more impatient for when they really hatch! *stomps foot* >:/

And it’s the totally the same blue background as always. Not that I think it looks bad or anything (I think it’s very lovely) but argh! Two more fillers, right?! Just say it’s two more! Just say it’s only two more~! TAT

“I think it’s important to treasure my dreams as they are now”

That’s quite a nice response. ^^

But way to be vague and evasive as always, you prince of traps. Now you’re prince of vague, too. Or should I say jack of all vague? *shot for lameness* |D;

lol Amu doesn’t get it. She’s so cute! x3


Erhem…um, yea…aww, Rima wants to be a comedian. Who didn’t guess that? <3
*runs around the house screaming*

(I will take this time to say that I notice animation was pretty good this ep…and I realize this when I saw Rima, lol)

Che, Nagi should have been the one to ask Rima what she wrote. He was right before her, too. =3=

Uh, seriously? I thought since a while back that his “King of the World” dream was all just figurative kind-of joke thing. o.O;

Ah, maybe I’m looking too much into this again (especially since it’s Kiseki who’s talking here, phah) but really Tadase, you should stop letting your Chara speak for you and start talking yourself instead of just nodding your head and agreeing with him. That being said, “king of the world”…a good leader who wants the best for everyone. I think if we hid Ikuto behind a curtain for a while (not putting him aside, we’re just hiding him!), Tadase’s ambition has always been a very admirable thing from the start. But then the whole drama thing occurred way back when, it just really clouded all the nobility in his dream, making it seem like he was more of selfish and spoiled brat (well, then again, he was) instead of anything leader-like. I think it’s even correct enough to say that I’ve never seen someone so badly mislead off the right path like Tadase…and this is the category where Utau fell into, too. Though with Tadase, he had his shallow sense of justice and Utau had her overly proud sense of self-righteousness.

*sigh*…kids are so dumb. /P

*unhides Ikuto* ^^;

I wanted to go HSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! right here but I’ll save that for the next screencap.

Instead, I don’t know whether to feel slightly relieved or…irked at Yaya’s behavior towards these two. It just further proves that there’s really nothing more than another blush war going on but Yaya’s lack of knowledge (as well as everyone else’s) is just hard for me to deal with…since I know what happened…yea…two more filers, right? 8D;

Ok, ok, I’ll restrain the hissing for a bit longer because I’m happy that Tadase wants everyone to be happy, including and especially Ikuto. Meaning I think he really has let go of that old grudge against Ikuto now and in a way, already forgave him as well. All he wants is answer to that misunderstanding with Betty and I think because he’s implying that, Tadase’s also starting to believe in Ikuto again. Which is good. It is very, very good.

I seriously mean it. I like seeing Tadase like this, I really do.

So please excuse me for a moment but

HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <– I'll do this often when I feel threatened about whatever…namely my shippings.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried when Tadamu came on (*re-reads everyone’s last week comments like mad* TwT). But here, it's more because I felt that Tadase's treading on very dangerous territory. Or rather, just my territory and not only in regards to Amu, whom I have a huge admiration for. Don’t get me wrong, I think Tadase is an awesome shouta with a good heart and I really liked it when he said all that to reassure Amu’s worries but…if I were a cat, it just makes my fur stand on edge.

This is much different from what I felt before. Back then when I couldn’t stand Tadase, I’d probably want to shove him out a window and say “Good riddance!” with an obnoxious smirk plastered over my face because back then, he wouldn’t have stood a chance. But now that my immaturity has cleared up a bit and I can see Tadase for who he really he is, I’m just hissing and spitting like an animal would do to warn others off. Why? Because there’s a teeny tiny hope for him now. Right now, though Tadamu is still severely under-developed like a loli’s flat board chest *SHOT*, it’s still holding onto a fragment of chance. When I was watching this for the first time, you can imagine the look of horror that came onto my face. I was ready to scream bloody murder at Satelight for expanding this hope but just bit my tongue and glared at the screen because I knew it was done on fair grounds…uh no wait, NO but you get what I mean. Doesn’t mean I have to like it but I can accept. Still, it was very…unpleasant. I still felt it even after I woke up this morning and usually all the bad feelings go away after I sleep. Yes…it was very that bad for me.

As I’ve said many times, there is nothing really wrong with the relationship and it is meaningful. I have nothing against Tadase. This doesn’t even have anything to do with being a whiny Amuto brat. It’s just that all the warning alarms for a potential competition have started ringing in my head and I’m just feeling defensive…like how Rima is with Nagi over Amu! Yes! That’s kind of how I wanted to put it.

God, I hope I make sense.

BUT! I’ve been cured of it since I watched it subbed the second time (I needed to cuz there was a lot of dialogue in this one). I know it may seem weird but looking at this screencap, the way Amu brightens up can send two messages to me. A good one and a bad one.

The bad one is related to what I said before. I feel threatened by a person I hold no grudge against. And I know, I’m sure that there is no way Tadase would do such a thing but for some reason, I couldn’t help but feel as if there’s some secret motive in saying “I want Ikuto to be happy, too”. I think Tadase was also trying to impress and maybe even win Amu over, knowing how worried she is over Ikuto. If that were really the case (which I 97% believe is not), it seemed successful. Now that is something I cannot approve of…which is why I don’t believe it’s been said to impress Amu. Tadase doesn’t seem like the type to just say noble things just to win a lady’s heart. That’s OOC. He wouldn’t use such a dire situation (concerning a friend, no less!) to his advantage. Tadase’s not manipulative…nor is he cunning enough to do such a thing. So I place the entire blame for getting me all riled up for nothing on Satelight! RAWR! What the heck are you doing?! Don’t test my temper! RAWR!


The good one is…Amu is happy that she’s hearing someone else say that Ikuto should be happy. Up to this point, Amu knows that she and Utau were practically the only people who really thought what Easter was doing to him was cruel and that he should get what he deserved and wanted the most. Freedom. Now that she knows that Tadase, who has been so hostile against Ikuto ever since ep 1, feels the same way, she’s even more thrilled. And~ because then Ikuto and Tadase can make up and be friends again (and hopefully end all the silly little brawls between them). And~ because if someone important to Amu can be happy in the end, then she can be happy as well. So it all works out.

Hmm…yes, I love it when the good stuff makes sense and the bad stuff doesn’t. Let’s just stick to the good message, mmkay? 83

Well, I really like Amu’s answer here, too. Really, I think even adults should never shut out any opportunities to do what they want to do…cuz isn’t that what living is about. Doing everything to the fullest with no regrets? How can you accomplish that if you tell yourself “Oh, it’ll never happen so I mind as well not waste my time”. *shrug* Ok, your lost then. :P

Ah, yes, back to Nikaidou (wth?! This is his episode! Why aren’t there enough screencaps of him?! XD; ).

Umm…yea…I wish I had a teacher like Nikaidou. He’s so cool even when he’s bumbling like this. haha

LAWL~ That’s my girl. ;D

Taking other people’s words to keep it cool. XD;

Yay~ A filler for a non-filler…that sounds like an oxymoron. But maybe not as much as “good filler”? lol XD;

Well, anyways, I think Wakana is sweet and I admire her for wanting to be a teacher just because she wants to teach and help children learn. There is seriously a severe lack of teachers who really have this in mind…or maybe they lose it some two or three years into teaching. I don’t know. I never had the yearning to teach anyone so I can’t really talk but just the fact that we don’t have enough good teachers these days (brought down more by the fact that there aren’t many people who want to teach, I don’t think) is depressing. It’s not that I don’t understand why it’s like that…but since when did teaching just became a “job” and not a “career” is what I’m trying to say, I guess? I dunno. I’m confusing myself. @.@;

Anyways, I can see Wakana becoming a teacher…cuz her glasses gave off that sort of vibe…just to let you know, I never liked that stereotype but I assume most people with glasses should be smart not counting me…yea. ^^;

This counts as Suukaidou! *dramatically points fingers at it* >8D

Ah~…I was so worn out last week that I couldn’t even properly fangirl for my Suukaidou~ Buuhuu~ ;3;

But I’ll make it up now.

Kyaa! Suu~! Always so defensive over her favorite sensei. This crack pairing rules the world, yo. *nodnod* (-.-)b

I really do wonder where have all the good teachers gone. After hearing Wakana’s description of the ideal teacher, I wanted to bang my pillow against my face because there is no way I would be able to find a professor who comes close to fitting that description. Helping students learn, scolding them when they do something wrong, praising them when they do something right, looking out for them. Basically, a teacher (not a professor, that’s college, that’s different) is in a way, your daytime guardian while your parents are at work. I mean, I had my share of decent teachers but they always seem to fall short of one of these traits. They either don’t care about you and your grades or they don’t really care about teaching you stuff you need to learn and actually understand…oh, and there have been cases where both of these happened at the same time. Mmhmm, yea. Not a very happy memory. Nope.

…Or this could just be because I’m so pessimistic about school right now. But I don’t care. I don’t have to go back until Thursday (for summer courses) so let’s just move on.

Wahaha, Suu is like Amu. When she hears someone else say something good about a person she likes, she gets so happy, too. *hinthintnudgenudgewinkwink* 8D

Yay~ Even when they’re off Guardian-duty hours, they’re still looking for Ikuto! YAY~! <333

Haha, and I know someone’s happy about a certain kitty on the basket there. I told you he was there~

Now if you’re reading this, I hope you’re eating on time or I’ll scold you when I go read your review. :P

Anyways, prepare yourself for le cutest Yoru spammage yet! x33333

Whoa, whoa, slow down for a moment here.

Oh, you poor tired lil’ kitty! Everyone needs to snuggle Yoru now! Or…just pet him on the head since it’d be rude to disturb his sleep. *more cooing and awwing*

Aww, awesome, loyal worn-out Yoru~…gokurosama. hehe ^^

Suu wants in on the Yoru rabu, too! Nikaidou is off busy being a sensei. 8D

Aha~…more similarities between Amu and her Charas. I think I was discussing this with one of my commenters before (you know who you are). It went something like…the longer period you spend with your Charas (aka the longer time you’ve had them since they materialized into existence), the closer you and your Charas become and therefore, the owner takes on some of the characteristics of their own Charas if they haven’t already while likewise, some of the owner’s own traits start to become more noticeable in the Charas. It is not so apparent at first but if you’ve been following the show since ep 1, the changes everyone have gone through are as obvious as day. I’m not sure who’s the one who has gone through the most change (my guess is on Rima with Amu following in close second) but even for the ones whose personality don’t go through such a dramatic shift when they Chara-change or Chara-nari have also experienced something similar. Perhaps to them, they don’t really notice it much but to the viewers, it’s pretty clear.

Your guess if right if you’re thinking I’m talking about the Tsukiyomi siblings. For Utau, I guess Iru was a representation of her wish to become tough and strong while Eru represented her wish to make others happy with her singing (among many others I won’t bother to list cuz it’ll take forever to list them all ^^; ). What Iru got from Utau was her stubbornness (and maybe that incredibly cute pout, too? hehe) and Eru…hmm, well, I think Eru always had this from the start but they’re both pretty straightforward and determined about their goals, aren’t they? Ah, so I guess you can say Iru and Eru are similar to each other, too, even though their appearances are meant to be opposite but hey! When Utau’s their owner, everything fits together. No questions asked. Nope.

For Ikuto, it’s a little more difficult to determine since he’s the oldest and we can assume he’s already gone through most of those changes before the series began. Still, there’s a little way for him to go. He and Yoru have the playful, naughty kitty side down but compared to Yoru, who’s loud and rather rambunctious, Ikuto is the silent, brooding time who keeps to himself because he is still trapped by Easter. But we already saw the changes in him when he interacted with Amu, didn’t we? So he’s getting there.
On Yoru’s part, Ikuto’s characteristics in him have been shooting out like WHOA recently. Like how incredibly loyal and noble he is to the person he cares about, his penchant for sweets (yes, I know someone said this to me in last week’s episode’s comments), etc.

…Yea, I’ll stop it here but hmm, Charas are so awesome, aren’t they? <3

WAHAHAHAHA! Ok, all I have to say is…reference to Amu’s bed. Yea, yea?! xD

lol Now I’m back in the Yoran mood I haven’t been in so long. Though I’ve always been a Yoru x all of Amu’s Charas cuz it’s only right that he has them all cuz he’s so cute! x3 lol
Yea…I rarely do any Chara shipping unless it’s for laughs but…yea, Yoru x any of Amu’s Charas are the only ones I’m serious about…when it just calls for it. hehe

G’nite, Yoru~ <333

…Anyone notice how all the eggs are extremely shiny and polished today? 8D
And I like how Yoru's egg looks against the similar pattern of Amu's Eggs…it looks very snug and comfy. |3

I almost forgot what I wanted to say here but remembered just in time.

“Dreams disappear as soon as you mention them” or something like that.

Yesh, sadly this is true, too. I think when I was around 11 years old, I told my dad that I had taken an interest in wanting to become a translator one day (I even mentioned that they get nicely paid if you work for the UN or whatever cuz apparently, salary always has to accompany your dream job these days xP) and as soon as I said that, he shot it down like one would shoot geese during hunting season…I was pretty much crushed and endured the next 8 years going through a lot of hell aspiring to become something I didn’t really care for. But I’m so glad I “woke up” from all that crap and changed back to this goal. I’m so very, very glad. ^^

See, this is why I can’t stand traditional anal parents…especially Asian parents. Ugh. *shudder* They always expect you to go into the professional field, get lots of money from it and just be like the majority of the community. Well, SOR-RY, but I’d rather enjoy my life doing what I like doing instead of sitting behind a desk all day counting numbers. :P

You’re probably wondering if I’ve been kidnapped and replaced by a crazy fan who’s in love with Lulu’s mom but no, I’m still here. lol XD;

I was just curious about this character. If you take away first two strokes (I think? *fail*) and just leave the character for “yume” (“dream”), it forms the last half of Amu’s kanji name, right? I’ve read a couple of translation for Amu’s name and most people say it stands for “Asian dream”…and I think that’s a very original, lovely name but my first thought was that the “Asian” part seems a little out there.

I checked a dictionary, of course, and “Asian” makes the most sense. So I wonder if it has anything to do with Amu’s Charas. This brings back stereotypes to the topic where apparently, Asians are so smart, they can excel in anything. Pfft, no. We’re just very hard-working…and smart. |3 *smug*
But thinking about it, it does seem to make some sort of sense. I think all girls would like to be athletic, artistic, good with home skills (oho~, yea, that’s true alright) and be able to shine in a way that sends everyone in awe. I’m not sure if this is true, but Asian girls definitely feel the pressure on maybe not all but most of these things as they grow up. So in a way, it is an Asian girl’s dream to be best at everything? Perhaps…hey, I am (a failed) one so I should know. XD;

Ok, I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Just lightly messing around with it to see what you guys thought.

I never knew Lulu jumped out a window trying to be a bird or tried to be a goldfish…Lulu, the current you sucks. I’d take being a bird over being nothing any day. Can’t say the same about goldfish. I still remember mine being flushed down the toilet. *goes to a corner and sulks there*

Y’know, I’m still tired of hearing the same thing concerning Lulu over and over again but when it comes to Nana bugging the hell out of her about her wish, I’m all for it. Go for it, Nana! Nagoya-ben your way into Lulu’s thick head and use your mad opera singing skills to tear open a hole so common sense can enter through it! xP

Though Lulu claims that she’s doing it all for her mom, I’m not sure if that’s what often on her mind anymore. She’s been kicked out by Easter and is feeling furious at being treated this way. Now I’m guessing she wants to get the Embryo to make them feel sorry for ever throwing her out like a piece of useless rag that she is. So basically…another girl who’s lost sight of her goal! Only this time it’s more stupid! HAH!

Nana, bug her some more. DO IT! D8<

Yay~ It’s just the two of them walking to school today~ <3

I want to see this happen when they're in high school! Somebody! Make it happen! Show it to me! Plllleeeaaaasssseeee~~~~ 83

And another nice Rima shot.

Oh, Rima, you look so wonderful today. But you always look so wonderful. But still~ <333

WAH! And we’re finally back to Nikaidou! XDDDD

…Ok, now I think it was a bad idea to put him as the front image cuz I haven’t ranted about him at all yet but don’t worry, I’m getting to it.

Though I think this week and the next must be some sort of unknown girls’ holiday or something cuz how else would you explain all the…MOE in the air?! HUH?! I mean, I mean, this ep is probably just an excuse to put more spotlight on the girls cuz pfft, like hell boys would show an interest in being a teacher. And anyways…girls talking about their dreams together are cuter~

Yes, I am convinced (cuz I’m eccentric). The last two weeks of May are unofficial MOE appreciation weeks…now I just hope nobody will kill me over that. >.>;

I can understand how Wakana feels. Especially when it comes to being a teacher. They have it very tough, y’know? Not only are they underpaid (at least the professors in my school are), they often get a lot of bad treatment from their supervisors, their students, and even the students’ parents. I mean, I think the awful ones really do deserve to be bad-mouthed behind their backs and more (like that awful Algebra 2 teacher who won’t give you extra credit no matter how much you beg for it) but for the good ones through the same thing is a unfair. And it usually winds up in cases like these (I can’t believe they have a show about this but it raises awareness so I’m good with it):

“Monster Parents”…how appropriately named.

Yea, I hate parents who have no sympathy for you just because they want you to live up to their expectations but I hate parents who take out their anger on people who don’t have anything to do with their issues even more. I mean, the first case is utterly ridiculous. “My daughter got injured! You’re supposed to hit the girl who hit her back!” WTF? How can you ask an educated man to hit one of his students? Just because you’re uncivilized, doesn’t mean every other adult should follow your example. And isn’t school a place where everyone should set an example on how to behave? Sheesh, if it’s anyone you should talk to about violence, it should be your own daughter. When you’re slapped, slap the other person back. Stupid.

Oh, and the second one really got me laughing. “You sign this contract and agree to raise my son’s grade by ____%” This isn’t the issue with parents, either. When kids complain about how a teacher won’t give them a good grade for obviously dumb reasons (i.e. “She’s such a bitch! She’ll never give me a passing grade!” when they don’t even bother talking to said teacher in the first place), I just want to smack them. Yes, it is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure you’re understanding what you’re learning but it’s largely the student’s part in actually learning something while they’re at school. I rarely see these kind of cases where parents have to be involved but really…use your brain. You’re studying for yourself. The teacher is just doing his job. It’s not his life duty to insure you get to Harvard. xP

Anyways, though I understand why Wakana would be having second thoughts about wanting to become a teacher (heh, just mention the yearly wage and that’s enough to make me want to doubt), I think she should just ignore the TV, sleep off all the anxiety and just go for what she wants to do the most. So what if people say otherwise? It’s none of their business. So what if it’s hard? Life isn’t a free lunch, y’know.

In addition, she’s not going to be a fashion designer…that’s Amu’s job…stylist, eh…Amu’s a stylist already. :P

Lulu has gone back to stalking Amu at the school. -_-;

I agree, Nana! Your owner couldn’t be honest with herself even if she had the Embryo floating right in front of her face. How those two relate together I have no idea but I’m sure it’s true. \P

Lulu is a mean bitch. Smack her! *smack*


Obligatory SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! x333333333333333

&& *GLOMPTACKLEHUG!!!* <3333333333

GAH! Rima's too huggable for her own good! No wonder why she's been targeted for kidnapping before! She's so cute, you just want to pull a Rena "OMACHIKAERI~!!!!!", pick her up and then dash right back home…but yes, those people who tried to kidnap her are very, very bad! Very! Don't touch Rima! D:<

And finally, we get back to Nikaidou for real this time. lol |D;

But um, ok, so the line he said happened after this screencap but it’s still Nikaidou so it doesn’t matter.

“I’m glad you trusted me enough to write down what your dream was.”

That made me love for Nikaidou increase by a 100 folds. Because Nikaidou isn’t just any teacher…he’s a teacher who really, literally understands his students. I should hope so because he’s the one who got lectured by a 5th grader more than a year back.
Well, anyways, it’s just hard to find an adult who can really sympathize with you on peer pressure and all that society crap. Nikaidou’s parents discouraged his dream of building robots and it hit him pretty hard. Rima’s parents told her that acting funny was stupid and that hit her pretty hard. Even if Nikaidou isn’t as well informed about Rima’s past as the rest of the Guardians are (or maybe just Amu and Kairi), he was able to tell just how much Rima has changed after she joined them. And when she first transferred in, it’s hard to miss that Rima was incredibly cold and rude…and she hardly ever smiled. Now after like what? Around 52 episodes she’s smiling a lot more often. You’d have to be a blind idiot to not be able to tell. Point is, Rima’s more comfortable now but is still a bit insecure when opening herself up to others. But still, she trusted Nikaidou enough not to make something up and I think that meant a lot to Nikaidou as a teacher who wants to be a support for his students as much as possible.

So the signs are all there, Nikaidou reads what she wrote, finds some common ground and he gets it. Completely…ok, maybe not completely. But the general idea, he understands cuz she wants to be a comedian but if she said that out loud, she could be laughed at or ridiculed (because a lot of society is that stupid). So he encourages her and I think that’s what Rima really needs, too. Because we’re still unsure if she resolved her issues with her parents yet so Nikaidou is the closest person you can actually turn to. Sure, Rima can always get encouragement from her friends but there’s something different when you get it from an adult, y’know? I guess it’s because adults have more experience so they know how to properly guide you without putting you down? …Well, they should but that’s not the point. An adult knows what it’s like in the real world so if they think you can do it, then you can definitely do it if you try hard enough. Cuz they know…they lived through it, after all. They know.

Aaaaannndddd more adorable Rima for your viewing pleasure. :3

I personally found this metaphor…no simile, I guess cuz he used “like” (w/e), very fitting. Comparing flowers to people and not knowing what they’ll bloom into (cuz he didn’t plant them, lolol) and comparing himself to the watering can that only help them bloom, just like how a teacher can only guide his students.

Wow…ok, who’s been writing the script for the fillers lately and where the effin’ hell have you been for the first 30 episodes of the season cuz this is AWESOME CHEESE SAUCE RIGHT HERE!!! D8<


Mr. Scriptwriter, you owe me three…no FIVE good OADs, ok? >8D

Aaaaaaaaaaaand more Rima adorableness~ x3333333

OMG, she looks so cute and curious! KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Aha~ I remember now. Rima wasn’t here when the Guardians turned Nikaidou back to the good side so that’s why she’s rather curious about him saying all this stuff to her (no crack please, not in the mood today). Well, I think it’s very awesome that Nikaidou shared some of his personal experiences with Rima cuz then it won’t seem like he’s pulling all these words out of thin air. As much as I’d like to believe that Rima can trust what most (good) people would say, Rima is rather cautious when dealing with people so you’ll have to show her some proof in order to get her to completely believe you. At least that’s what I think.

…Come to think of it, Nikaidou is 30-something, right? I’ve been asking myself lately if he belonged in the Guardian’s generation or not since he’s obviously not as old as any of the Guardians’ parents (heck, I know Tsukasa is older than him at least…he’s still probably a *@#$(^, too *SHOT*) but is he young enough to be a part of it? Hmm…dunno…I’m going to say he is part of their generation just because I believe people closer in age can understand each other better. Nothing too serious to think about but still something interesting to muse over.

You are now officially addicted to Rima’s adorableness. Now you will post her image around the world because she is your Queen…she is your god, I tell you! YOUR GOD!!! *DIVINE LIGHT SHEDS UPON THE WORLD~!*

…Hmm, yea, I want to make a Rima scrapbook right now…while listening to her character single. |3

lol The name was so obvious. “Teacher Dream”

And is she suppose to look something like a bumble bee? I forgot, but I think bumblebees were associated with school…or something. Wait no, isn’t that suppose to be a worm in the apple? Oi… XD;

Am I the only one who finds it funny how the whacked-up Chara-naris who wear heels don’t actually walk on the ground but fly through the air instead? I mean, these kids aren’t even old enough to wear heels. |D;

Been a while since a human actually talked with Lulu face to face about dreams. The last time I could remember something like this happening was with her grandma…and that was literally ten episodes ago. o.O

Behold, my child! You have been…BAPTIZED! 8DDD

Now go forth and preach to the rest of the unknowing world the divine existence of our teddy-bear god with Suu’s energy drink as your energizer bunny.


OMG YAY! Many things made me happy.

1) Amu and Rima tag-teamed! I’ve been wanting this since two weeks ago!
2) Amulet Spade! YEA! Only art supplies can combat school supplies! Aren’t they the same thing? And I so missed Colorful Canvas! <3



…… |D ……

Ok, Mr. Script-writer you owe my 8 good OADs…but if not, one hell of a good closure to this arc and the season would suffice, too.

But finally! Finally! I think Lulu actually absorbed something this time and it actually fit with her dilemma over her mother, too. A person can be anything they want to become, just like how a seed can bloom into just about anything as well shut up, let’s ignore logic for now. So yea, Miss Prissy, I hope you stick this useful lesson in your head somewhere and take the time to actually realize how stupid you are. Then after that, just march up to Amu, get a peptalk and you’re home free. Doing this within in the next two episodes will gain you 15 respect points back if you hurry! But only if you hurry! *nodnodnod*

“Nikaidou-sensei is a sensei after all.”

Whaat? Pfft, you should try talking to Suu more and get hooked onto sensei crack! *SHOT* LOL XDDD;;;.

Alright, we end on a very WEIRD good note.

I know I said no crack before and I take that back. Anyone notice that lately, Nikaidou’s been scoring scenes with the girls a lot? First, it was Yaya and today, Rima. Then he his ex, Yukari and of course we can’t forget Suu…HOLY SH*T, Nikaidou is the guy with the harem in this series! 8O
…But Amu still beats him by a lot on her own female harem. *SHOTSHOTSHOT!!!* |DDDD;;;


OMG~! The filler girl is cyuuutte!!! x3

&& look! She’s even a fan of Rima’s fluffy hair! See! See! I told you this religion would work! 8DDD

Erhem…but yea, got the news that Yuua here (did I spell it right?) is being voiced by Rie Kugimiya a while back and she’ll also have a character single on the second album collection which is like…a big history-making event for me. No filler has ever gone so far as to secure herself on a CD with the main cast (does Yaya even have a song this time? I don’t remember).

But what I’m relieved about is this…she’s not a tsundere! Yes! She’s not! At least I goddamn hope she’s not cuz certainly doesn’t look like one and everyone who knows me knows how goddamn annoyed I am with them always shoving bitch tsundere roles onto Rie-san’s work plate so YES! I am happy we get a cute and pretty filler girl! Besides, if they added on more tsundere even for a filler…I’d explode. We already have three awesome ones and a flunky. We need some cuteness to balance it out. Of course, Rima is plenty~ but yea. /3

And some more stuff about how she’s a model but now she wants to become a singer or something? And something to do with Utau cuz they apparently know each other and Utau was a former model, too? Eh, I’m not sure about the details but I’m sure I’ll like this episode either way…cuz I think Amu’s gonna do some modeling, too? Judging by her hair? YAY! XDD (God, I hope I don’t kill it before it airs. -.-; )

Cecil is pretty cute, too. I don’t mind that they’re using the music note motif again cuz…it’s cute. :P

But here’s our returning twin-tail tsun queen in full and brand new regalia, baby! WOOT! A salute! *fires missles*

I knew it! I knew it! I so knew that the very moment I saw the new OP, I so knew this outfit and the new do meant a new song. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear a snippet of it, too? 8D

Well, Utau’s return is all joy and no kill for me. I think the only problem is how is Amu going to break the news that Ikuto has been taken by Easter…and how Utau will react…omg, no! Now I’m worried…though it’s a filler so I shouldn’t be…too…worried…argh, journey to marriage is a pain in the ass, isn’t it? >:/

They look like cousins…aww! <D

Hehe, in this shot, Yuua kinda reminds of Emeraude from MKR.
And I hope I'm not the only one who feels bad that this girl got a chock full of crap thrown at her when the episode title and summary came out for a preview. I personally didn't react to it much cuz…it's a filler who stepped over a few lines, so what? At least she's not bitchy and that's good enough for me.

Now then, would I be saying too much if I wanted to ship Tadase with her? 83
Yes, I think I found the perfect girl for Tadase but all judgement is hold off until the airing a week from now. And with that I end my post.

WOOT! 8686 words! A new record! XDDDD


5 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 84

  1. I was a little annoyed by Lulu going up to Easter, actually. She made no effort to hide her identity last episode, so what made her think that Easter was just going to open their doors to her? That was a little stupid on her part, if you ask me. But yes, I agree that this is why Easter didn’t care that Utau, Nikaidou, Yukari, or Lulu have jumped ship. To them, they’ve already got everything they need to make their plan work (and following your line of thought about coercing Utau back because of Ikuto, Easter might be thinking that Utau won’t do anything serious against them as long as they DO have Ikuto). Bottom line is, Easter is a corporation that seems to severely underestimate those they consider ‘below’ them.

    I think that the Easter Lady (EL) scene was there to point out a possibility many people probably thought of – that Ikuto was flirting with her to get under her radar in order to be able to escape. I didn’t really see much of a crack pairing in them. Even if I didn’t love Amuto, it’s obvious that Ikuto is annoying the employees to keep sane. I think it was also to demonstrate how much Easter kicked security up (again with the underestimation).

    As for him not thinking about Amu… I actually, in some ways, think it’s more poignant that he wasn’t thinking about her. He’s probably thought about her a million times by now, and wished that he had never left her house. Thinking about her, or about Utau or Yoru (whom he also saw), is most likely just too hard for him. It would be nice to see but I don’t blame him for trying to keep his thoughts away from them… At this point, Ikuto still believes he did the right thing by leaving Amu’s house. I expect he’s just glad she’s still ‘safe’ (stupid boy).

    I think people dislike Amu having so many charas because, to them, it makes Amu a “mary sue” for having so many different powers. But they never stop to think that Amu’s powers are a representation of the fact that she doesn’t really know what she wants to be. I think it was Ran who pointed out that the dreams of the charas are extensions of what Amu’s dreams are and that’s why they’re so varied (I’d also like to point out that, because Dia represents Amu’s dream to be accepted for who she is, that’s why Dia is the strongest). Amulet Fortune is kind of like the amalgamation of all of Amu’s dreams. A bride is a wife and possibly mother (Suu), it is the day in which she is the bright and shining star (Ran) and her outfit represented Amu’s unique fashion taste (Miki), but it’s also the time when she is going to be with someone who (in theory) will accept her (Dia). Oops, now I’M getting OT.

    I think the whole “king of the world” thing IS a joke… or at least, I hope it is. :/ But I think it’s a representation of just how unnecessarily inflated Tadase’s real dream has become. I think that’s a problem he struggles a lot with. Part of his whole problem is that instead of taking small steps, he was trying to go the whole distance all at once. He only really began improving when he started with smaller steps. And I think now that he is realizing that being a good leader means caring about EVERYone, and not holding onto grudges (particularly when you don’t know the whole story). I’m still not crazy about Tadase, and I’ll never like Tadamu, but I am beginning to like him more as a person.

    I didn’t really see that Tadamu moment as anything to be concerned about. I’m sure Tadase is going up in favor by being worried about Ikuto, but like you said, he’s not the kind of person to use that to his favor. I think part of the reason Amu was so happy here is because it probably finishes off the rest of the worrying she had about whether or not Tadase would be really angry about her relationship with Ikuto. Hearing that was, I’m sure, a big relief on Amu’s part. Also, like you said, it’s reaffirmation that someone else believes Ikuto’s situation is wrong. I never thought about it before, but Amu must be feeling so lonely right now. She is really, besides Yoru and her charas, the only person worrying about Ikuto. Utau is out of town and might not even know yet. The other guardians know, but the barely know Ikuto so it’s not a huge concern for them. It probably felt good for her to hear Tadase acknowledge that he wants Ikuto to be happy.

    Aw, Amu’s answer was so very… Amu. I thought it was a good answer for her to write, and I’m glad that she just didn’t pick an answer to have the assignment done. Amu’s indecision is part of who she is, and I agree, just picking one dream to follow is pretty silly. But then, what you said is exactly how so many adults end up with broken eggs, because they cast those dreams aside thinking they’re silly or worthless. Amu’s ability to hold onto her dreams, even when she’s not even sure what she wants, is part of what makes her so special and lovable.

    No, I agree with you. It’s super hard to find someone who fits Wakana’s description of the ideal teacher. I think it’s because a lot of teachers get burnt out. They lose the drive and determination that they began with. I always find they come short on the ‘praising students when they do well’ or ‘looking out for them’. Far too many teachers are likely to say ‘it’s not my problem’ and have that be that. I think what you meant to say is, when did teaching stop being a PASSION and start being just a JOB. :)

    I think with the charas, maybe being around them/their being around the owner causes the characteristics to emerge that were already there. I mean, that is what charas are – the would-be potential that already exists, so it makes sense that being around the charas would help to make them show up more. One chara who I wish would get more from his owner is Kiseki. He hasn’t really seemed to have settled down or become kinder at all. Yes, Tadase is getting more confident, but shouldn’t it be going both ways? Really, the only situation I can remember that could be construed as Tadase rubbing off on Kiseki is when Kiseki apologized to Yoru, but even then I think he only did it partly because the girls got pissed at him. And I think it will be interesting to see how Nagi changes when Temari and Rhythm hatch, because Nagi has changed a lot and I think it has at least partly to do with Temari’s disappearence.

    I never noticed until your screencap, but Yoru’s egg really does ressemble those of Ran, Miki, Suu and Dia. o.O Weird.

    This is so sad, but true. -.- Saying dreams out loud gives people the ability to try and take them away from you. Or at least, to tell you all of the reasons why those dreams won’t work out. But, I think that is also can wear down your dreams if no one else shows an interest in them. If people are always really “meh” about it, then you start thinking it’s something you can’t do. On the other hand… if you don’t say your dream out loud, it can be hard to accomplish it. I think it has a lot to do with saying it to the right person.

    You know, it struck me while watching this episode that Lulu is kind of like Amu’s foil. Unlike Amu, who has so many dreams she doesn’t know what to do with them, Lulu doesn’t seem to have any dreams at all. Her wish to have her mother be a more respectable actress wasn’t really a dream. It seemed more like something Lulu latched onto in order to avoid having to think seriously about her own dreams. It makes me wonder if somewhere along the way, before Nana came along, that Lulu was told or got the impression that dreams are impossible to obtain, so she shouldn’t bother to try. It also makes me wonder if maybe Lulu’s dream is just to be able to have the freedom TO dream and be free while still being a lady.

    I wanted to be a teacher once, too, but I gave it up pretty quickly. Monster parents is one of the reasons why. I just wouldn’t be able to deal with them; they’re too stupid and frustrating. And don’t you just LOVE how smug that kid in the second case looks? That would drive me absolutely crazy. And I know every job has its good and bad, but that would be an absolute deal breaker in my case.

    I think that Lulu is just too stubborn (stuck-up) to admit that she wants to hang around with Amu. I really do think that her dream is about having the freedom to do what she wants, without being so concerned about being a “lady”. But it’s kind of creepy that she stalks Amu. o.O

    Aww, I was happy for Rima when Nikaidou said that. It’s good that she was able to get that reaffirmation of her dream (and I thought it was adorable that she was worried he would think her essay was ‘weird’). Based on that, I don’t think she’s completely reconciliated with her parents quite yet. I actually think Nikaidou is younger than that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is in his late twenties, maybe early thirties. I just get the feeling that he’s not very old.

    I don’t actually think Wakana was ‘lost’ this episode. She has a lot of dreams, so I think it’s normal for your preference towards a dream to shift as you think more about them. Lulu jumped the gun… AGAIN. At least it came back on her this time. I hope that she’s beginning to realize that she (and her mother) don’t have to comform to one vision. And I think the logic with the seeds was supposed to be more, if you plant a seed without knowing was it is, it could be anything and you can dream it could be anything. Ultimately, it will still grow up to be what it is supposed to be (like the rest of us) but having dreams, like water, will make it flourish and bloom beautifully.

    Ooh, the next episode looks good (I LOVED that shot of Amu with her hair down. It looks really good on her that way!) and I’m glad Utau is making an entrance again. I’m not sure how Amu is going to break the news either (very carefully and from behind a locked door, if Amu is smart) but hopefully it will incite a meeting with Death Rebel. Because it just occured to me, Utau never actually saw Death Rebel in the manga, did she? And now I’d like to know what her reaction would be if she did see it. I want to see her asking Amu to save Ikuto (but in that adorable, tsundere-Utau way). I hope the person who’s been writing these episodes lately locks away the pen and doesn’t let anyone else touch it. He or she is doing a fantastic job compared to what we were getting before.

  2. lol. Rima, Goddess of Comedy, the one who’s throne stands in the center overload. lol

    Rie Kugimiya is voicing the girl in the next episode!
    As much as I love Utau and really really really wanted to see her, there are two problems. The first one you already stated, how Amu is going to break it to her about Ikuto, and the second is how will Satelight handle this? Because she’s supposed to be in Hawaii/Okinawa when they go to rescue Ikuto. Oh well, I guess they’ll just have her do a short-distance trip to Easter rather than a long one from Okinawa/Hawaii.

    Yeah I suppose the ? Charanari was supposed to look like a bee, but seriously. A global butt was… unecessary.

  3. about the part of dream being part of amu’s kanji name. your right. it’s amazing that you noticed it. after i read that, i looked on google and saw her name in kanji, and that japanese/chinese(japanese uses chinese too for those who don’t knwo that) character. take out the was of writing man “⼈”(it was written like “亻” in there though) and you get the last part of amu’s kanji name which is 亜夢

  4. This was such a cute episode. I really loved it. Maybe this is Satelight’s big final push to the finish. Make every filler entertaining~! And I’m happy that the filler next week also looks decent. :’D

    I was kind of sad that Lulu just… got kicked out like that. She’s been in Easter for the whole Doki series. I’m used to her just… being part of Easter. This episode made me like her more… kind of. I have no idea why. XDDD
    It’s sad to say Utau had more “usage” as you said, but its true. She had more going for her.
    I was never expecting Lulu being kicked out to be much more of a big deal. Utau leaving like that was bigger… but I guess that is just Easter being the jerks they are. They obviously think that they have more resources to turn to if someone like Utau leaves. I guess they’re just being selfish. But Easter is always selfish. So not much of a change there. XDDDDD

    Oh I really dislike that… filler scientist girl. =3= They made that scene look so dramatic. I was just thinking “WTF?” when I watched it.
    All three of those filler scientists should go away. They’re not doing anything. I don’t think I’d be wrong to say that no one likes them. So that’s that.

    I really hate when Satelight ignores things. -sigh- It would have made so much sense for Ikuto to be thinking of Amu at that moment. But I guess Satelight is trying to avoid as much Amuto as possible right now. And they’re shoving some unnecessary Tadamu in our faces to boot… so I’m suspicious. o3o

    Rima was so adorable in this episode~! I wanted to go and hug her… or something. XDDD That’d be pretty awkward though. I’m shorter than her. DX
    I love Rima too much, I think. I guess it is because we have the same birthdays. <3 She's so cute though~! Kya~ .<//

    Now I'm really impatient for more plot! Nagi~! I think he deserves for his charas to appear finally. I can't wait for that scene. I can't wait for the Rimahiko too, for that matter, but I'm glad they're giving Nagi some attention. It's a start. =3

    I always thought Tadase's "want to take over the worl" thing was because of Kiseki. I kind of want Tadase to just… wish for everyones happiness though. Since it's such a Tadase thing to do that. I can only imagine him saying that. Well, I guess he did.

    I agree with you so much though. I'm worried about Tadamu. I hate how Satelight is making Tadamu scenes and is making it more of… the "already confirmed ship" kind of thing. Ugh. Because if it keeps going on like this, then it'll be weird for an Amuto ending. The little Tadamu things should have ended long ago. @^@ Now it's really milking it. It makes me scared. Amuto = plot and we need our plot and Amuto! So rawr! TT^TT

    Tadase is such a character. I guess that's true. He could have been saying that to impress Amu, in a way. But I loved how she reacted. Maybe.
    I mean, yes, it could say two thing. She was happy that Tadase cares about Ikuto…?
    I really would rather it be… she's happy that someone cares about Ikuto, and not only her. Well sure, other than Utau, she cares about Ikuto the most. I think it's like that way though. If you really like someone that much, you want them to be accepted by everyone else you care about.
    And now I want more Amuto because… haaauuuuu. TT^TT I'm so Amuto deprived. We're working with nothing here. It's like sand that is slipping through our fingers. We need more of it for it to stop slowly disappearing.

    Amu is a smart girl. She's smarter than a lot of 6th graders I know. In fact, she's way more mature than 6th graders I know. She's more mature than people my age, in 8th grade. That's really saying something. Nikaidou must be impressed. 8D

    Wakana is cute. I've always kind of liked her and Manami (that is her name, right?). I like fillers that involve characters that already exist. It make it more special. I don't know how, but it just gives off the feeling that the episode had more effort put into it.

    Nikaidou is a good teacher. Having a teacher like him would be so much fun. He's so caring. And silly. I was in Girl Scouts, and we did these brain puzzle things. They were lots of fun and everyone enjoyed them. But then some stupid mom complained about how her daughter didn’t “get” them. And we couldn’t do them anymore. Just because her daughter was a FFFFFFFFFF airhead my god. =___=;;
    /off topic

    Glad someone else has seen Higurashi. XDDDD
    Rima is TOO ADORABLE. <33333333333 I laugh at all of the fanbrats who think Rima is a selfish cold-hearted bitch. They're missing out major. Pfffftttttt.

    Nikaidou is amazing, right? Gah~ I wish he was my… older brother or something. XDDD Or even my dad. (Yes please. Anything to replace the dad I have now.
    … I won't even mention it. )
    But Nikaidou is the best. That line of his must have been so reassuring. Especially to someone like Rima, who hides away her feelings because she's scared of the people who will make fun of her for feeling that way. I really understand that. :'D

    Yes finally! Lulu is actually thinking things over. =A= Just a little bit longer (hopefully only three episodes) and we'll have her join the good side, ect… and then BAM out beloved plot if back. :'3

    LOLOL Nikaidou harem. XDDDD Pedo harem, to be exact. I think everyone loves Nikaidou though. Safe to assume that. Oh and, Yukari does like him. She just doesn't want to admit it. |3
    FFFF Amu is harem master though. Not only is she deeply admired by a few certain boys, but she has girls fighting to be her best friend too. XD Lulu secretly wants to be Amu's friend. You can just tell.

    YUUA. LOOKS. SO. CUTE. ;3;
    I hope she's not tsundere. She doesn't look like it though so UMG YAY. TT^TT
    Cecil looks adorable too. Very original looking. And YAY UTAU. She's back~

    Next week looks good. For sure~!! =w=


  5. Wow, I haven’t commented in a while. lol. I like how all of your opinions and ideas have a lot of logical and wise reasoning behind. You’re right – Rima and Nikadou are awesome. ^.^ I love teachers that joke around a bit. Amu is a great character too I absolutely love her! (Although Satilight made her kind of not Amu lately.) She is much more mature than people in my grade (8th grade). I like how Tadase didn’t say my dream was to be King of the World or how he wants to be strong. (That was getting kind of annoying) The filler looks good too. Yay!

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