Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 83

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*composes self* …Mmkay, things on twitter were so full of uber crack! spam that 7-san had to message me if he needed to lock all our crazy fangirling in a cage box redirect everyone to iRC before twitter experienced a site meltdown…


Anyways, oho~…MVE is going to have a field day with this, alright (I swear, crack! is her caffeine and she’s awesome that way, lol). As for me?

Let’s just say I’ll be talking directly to a few of regular commenters in my post so if you feel left out, gomen, but I have to reference them cuz…

Oh wow…they actually have these kind of shows? D8
No wonder why American celebs aren’t that great. They don’t have comedy awards that look like emoticons. :P

I really don’t get it. Why can’t you just go up to your mom and say “Maman, I have a problem with you flitting around variety shows instead of doing some hard-on dead sexy professional acting! It’s time we went back to France cuz I’m sick of being skanked around by Satelight when they can’t do plot and just use me to kill time!” and so on and so on.

Besides, hearing the same “I won’t let Easter or Tsukiyomi Ikuto get the Embryo!” thing sounds so boring~
How many times have I heard that from Tadase and Utau (though in her case, it was regarding Amu)? Argh, stupid script-writers.

lol, Yaya is like a real-life event RSS feed. Universities would absolutely love her but hell no! Yaya’s ours! *steals Yaya away* xP


Screw the fact that it’s a festival. Rima and Nagi…TALKING! <– going crazy over them because I can.

Well, we didn’t get any suspicious Rima…but hmm, is that so? See, looking at how casual and almost easy-going they are with each other right now (if Amu is not in between ^^; ), it would just make what happens later on all the more…BIG and dramatic! Cuz right now, Rima is on the same boat with Amu and Yaya. They all think Nagi is Nadeshiko’s twin brother. When Rima finds out otherwise and the fact that Nagi has deceived them for…well, hmm, since ep 56 (and that is a pretty long period to be fooled, y’know), it’s just going to add to her anger and distrust at him. Yea, that might have toned down in ep 62 but she still suspects him. If anything, she suspects him for Amu’s sake more than her own, I think.

Because Nadeshiko is Amu’s first best friend and that really got Rima all riled up because Amu is Rima’ first best friend. And Rima treasures Amu more than any other Guardian does. So to find out that Amu has been lied to by Nadeshiko, it’s like stepping into a lion’s territory. Rima, who has never had a true friend before she came to Seiyo Academy, learned and received friendship from Amu. Heck, she was able to smile again because of Amu. Therefore, she would place Amu in very high regard and find it very unforgiving if anyone, even the Guardians, betrayed Amu’s trust. So see, it’s not always so much about Rima’s jealousy but also because of how much Amu means to her. Yes, Rima is mad for everyone else who doesn’t know of Nagi’s secret but not as much as for Amu, who seemed to confide mostly in Nadeshiko, and when Nagi came, him because he and Nadeshiko were alike.

Ah, I love going into depth about BFF friendships. Especially Amu and Rima’s cuz they have the best friendship in the whole entire series. I know Amu isn’t really touched upon in the Rimahiko manga chapter but still think she has a large part on why Rima would act so hostile towards Nagi after eavesdropping on him talking to Nobuko. In the anime, it seems to be partially resolved but expect Rima to be even nastier when we get to the tower part. All this time and development the anime built up between ep 56 and then…oh yea, Rima ain’t going to be happy.

And that episode will be guuuud. I can’t wait! xD


THIS was what I was waiting for and it came~ <3

Now I’m going to post pictures of violins all over the place where Amu can see them so she can constantly remember that Ikuto is still locked up somewhere by those horrible bastards.

*draws up some poster*…*copy machine is dead*…


Ok, you can’t see Rima’s face but you see her Loreal-shampooed model hair and that’s good enough for a Rimahiko shot, dammit! XD;

Other than that, hoho~ What smart Guardians they are. They practically voiced out what I was thinking last week. If Easter was going to interfere with the music festival. Of course, when I say something, the opposite tends to happen a lot…or rather, not happen but…either way, it doesn’t make the situation any better!

Anyways…waaahahaha! Rima and Nagi discussing Easter all “This is srs bznz!” like. x333 I can go on but…I need more Rimahiko shots and I don’t have any at this point. TAT

Whoa, Yaya. Easy on Amu’s do. Oh look, it’s so spikey like a porcupine! Ouch! >.O

You look so…booooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddd. D/

lol And he asks for manga. Indication that he misses Amu’s room because not only did she have manga to read…she had shoujo manga to read! …And it was Nakayoroshi! …And her room had windows and actual lighting! \P

Of course, Easter being utterly boring as it is evil, like hell they would have manga. You suck, Easter. I hope your stock plummets into a hell hole just because your whole building is full of fail.

Ok, first of all, I refuse to put a screencap of Ms. In-need-of-a-lip-surgery but honestly, who really wants to see her when smirky Ikuto is enough?

Anyways…EL EM EY OH. We have hit the crack (no, don’t you start writing fics about this cuz I will puke on you if you do!)
WTF, IKUTO?! I was laughing my ass of so hard and feeling so revolted at the same time! xDDDD

Oh god…ok, the rough translation would not be “sweetheart” cuz Ikuto said “Onee-san” which I think everyone knows means “big sister” and it can be addressed to any older female figure out of just…addressing someone as such if you don’t know or want to use their name. I dunno why I’m so paranoid cuz CR’s (rather crappy) translation is can fit but…”sweetheart” coming from him to some older woman sounds gross. Eck. lol

Moving on, aha~ …we hardly get see Ikuto actually acting like a playboy because like Utau said way back in ep 29…Ikuto was never interested in any girls until Amu came along. Then he started messing with her and only her a lot and doing that kinda just drew out the playboy nature in him. But oh god, you rabid fangirls, don’t think of the light flirting in this scene as anything serious cuz Ikuto loves to mess with just about everyone (Amu the most). xD
Plus, I think the directors’ suddenly became aware that Ikuto’s playboy reputation seemed to precede Ikuto himself (he’s only a playboy around Amu, hehehe~) so they just threw this in for fun. Very cracky, ewwy, yucky fun but it’s still humor.

That aside…I was pretty much a mix of and because I can’t really express the look on my face in words.
And it might just be because I’m older than Ikuto and that I’m pretty familiar with his character that I can only roll my eyes when he did this. Kind of like how an older sister would towards her younger brother…yea, kinda like “Ikuto, you naughty boy! Hitting on older women just because you know you can!” xD;

I mean, even though I’m pretty much over my giggly fangirling over Ikuto himself (I act more like a obsessive parent in everyone’s case nowadays), I, and any other sensible girl, know that it’s hard to resist exploding into hearts and melting into a puddle of fangirl ecstasy when he uses that tone of voice. Cuz Ikuto’s an attractive guy and he knows it. Narcissist. lol

Haha, I hope I’m not the only one who was thought up of what would have happened if Amu and/or Utau happened to witness this. Utau would act as usual. Turn into the demon queen of hell, terrorize all of Easter’s female employees, squeal her twin tails off and run around like crazy till the whole building collapsed or…all the above. :D
For Amu, I think if he really acted like this towards any other girl (this was just under desperate boredom circumstances, otherwise he’d never really do it, pfft), she’d get jealous. Oh yes, I think she would. And then she’d be all stubborn and deny it and…KYAA! I want to see Amu jealous over Ikuto! *stomps feet all around* xDDD

Other than that, I wonder if they’d be a little grossed out like I was. I mean, yea, this was purely for lulz but still…he’d probably make Utau cry and Amu even more wary of him. Of course this will never happen but it’s fun to picture. *silently cackles to self in a corner*

Something doesn’t seem right. Doesn’t Ikuto in the manga address the bastard director as “Mr. Director” instead of “old man”? What’s going on?

Hmm…well, this part isn’t serious but we haven’t really heard Ikuto call him as anything other than “old man” up till now in the anime…and I’m not happy with it. Cuz I don’t acknowledge that bastard as anyone’s parent at all so he should not be called as such and just be reserved as “Mr. Bastard Director”.

Aha, you guys suck.

Glad to see Ikkun’s hasn’t lost his real, trickster self to those idiots yet. Yea, Ikuto! You keep on messing with their stupid old heads! XD

Eww. Well, duh, Ikuto is cool but still…eww.

lol “Think of the age difference!” WTF, EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! As if!

No more crack! Moving on! XP

*smacks them with mai sledgehammer* Like hell you’re going to use him for another experiment! LET IKUTO GO, YOU ASSHOLES! DDDDDD8<

Aww, I really got to hand it to Nana this episode. Like any Chara, she tries very hard for her owner and…aww, Nana~ *still likes Nana more than Lulu* ^^

Yoru gets the top prize, though, cuz he’s always the best in looking out for his owner.

But who can resist sweets? ^^;

RI-MA-HI-KO ♪ SHOT~! x333

Huh? This is so kiddy-like. But what the hell? You don’t need straws to make instruments! Just get a huge empty jug and blow it at the rim. There! You have music! :P

lol Girls up front. ;D
Kyaa! Now this reminds me of DVD vol. 13 cover. UMG, that cover was gorgeous, yo!
AND WAAAAHHHHH! RIMA WITH A GUITAR TWICE HER SIZE!!!! *fangirl AXPOLDES* XDDDDDDDDDDDD Aww man, now I really can’t wait until the second character song collection comes out!



Ok, it is so blatant, it isn’t even funny. If you’re caught up with the manga, you know what I mean.

All Nagi needs is his pair of GINORMOUS headphones plus his ghetto outfit and we’re good to go. ;D

Ah, nice tie back to Nagi’s mild egg dilemma. But I’m rather impatient at this point. I want to see that part happen already. RAWR RAWR RAWR!

Well, first of all, another thank you to the commenters who comforted me over this part last week. Really, I re-read them all before watching this on live-stream and when I saw this, I was like “Eh? That’s it? I felt nothing!” You guys are wonderful~ <3

Tadase doesn’t seem to have much of a blushy reaction like he usually does either…or is it just this episode? I don’t know. Even though Amu still has a crush on him, it seems that Tadase is somewhat unconsciously pulling his own feelings out (just like you said, Chibi-san :D). Not completely, of course, but…yea. I think after that apology talk they had over Ikuto and him always seeing Amu so depressed whenever something Ikuto-related comes to mind (like the violin earlier on in the episode) makes him kind of question how much Ikuto really means to Amu. That and how much Tadase doesn’t know about what Amu and Ikuto have been through together, how well they know each other (heck, Amu knows Ikuto better than he does and he was childhood friends with Ikuto). All these things are going through his head and affecting his perspective on things. Well, if that’s the case, go for it, Tadase! If anything, you’re a lot smarter than Amu in regards to your feelings! :P

Honestly, Amu is a wonderful, beautiful girl and you’d be the luckiest guy in the world to receive her affections but she’s not a person that can just fit and go with anyone, y’know. And Tadase certainly isn’t the guy for her and she certainly isn’t the girl for him for so many reasons already stated. Nuff said.


At least Yaya had the right reaction! YEA YAYA! Be mad that you didn’t get a bento made for you by Amu!

Taken because Yoru eating okonomiyaki is cute~ |3

Nooo! It wasn’t your imagination! D/


Ok, because we all know that this episode focuses on dancing and with Lulu twirling around in an outfit like that, only one thing comes to my mind…

…*stares at LGB*

*grins* :D

I’ll give you a cookie if you know what we’re talking about. And I don’t think a lot of people do unless you actually watched it or gone through my comments. |D;

Well, whatever. I mention it again later on anyway.


IKUTOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! TT_________________________________TT

(Ignore that the screencaps are not in order. :P)

How stupid. -__-;

Though it was kinda funny.

Ha, the Lukuto fans must have erupted out of their sleep again. Crazy fangirls.

Meh, I don’t really like Lulu “helping” Ikuto this way but I can’t say what she’s doing isn’t understandable for her own purposes. At least she’s well aware that she can’t do anything against Easter by herself. Seriously, what the hell can a girl like her do against a corporation with so much power? Since she knows Ikuto is trying to escape them and that they need him to make their plan work, she helps him as way of disrupting their plans so she can get to the Embryo first. That’s pretty much the only thing she can do. Sure, Lulu, I’m down with that. Just keep your nose out of my plot and everything’s A-okay.

Keh, at this point, she’s better at interfering with Easter than she is with actually finding the Embryo. How ironic. -_-;


*puts Rimahiko fans on mute*

This was so cute! And c’mon, it is so not yuri. Don’t you dance with your gal pals for fun, too? :P
Hehe, I love Yaya so much. She can get along with practically any girl in the series cuz she’s so…friendly and outgoing and…wow, I think my love for Yaya has increased nearly to the 3/4 of the level of my love for Rima. o.O;


Ok, back into Rimahiko fan mode. Whut? Nagi! You should go dance with them! Especially Rima! Go go! Shoo! *pushshoves*

I kinda feel bad for the filler girl this week. Cuz it’s not like this was her dream or anything. She just wanted to dance for fun and Lulu warped it out of proportion like usual. -_-;

Uh…um…yea…ok…I don’t get it.

Stupid Satelight and their stupid plot-hole-creating pinheads! If Yoru can sense Ikuto calling him from quite a while away, why doesn’t he notice that Ikuto was right behind him? D/

Though I guess you can say due to the amount of X-energy that’s covering him, it makes it difficult to pinpoint Ikuto’s presence but that doesn’t make sense either cuz if it’s that much negative energy, a Chara would sense it almost immediately and Ikuto was RIGHT THERE! ARGH! Stupid Satelight! Dx


I told you my violin plan would be a success. ;D

(Btw, I love Amu’s outfit~ She looks so pretty~ <3)



…I think this is enough to describe all my frustration with this part…NO?

Ok, fine!

…stupid…?-egg! RAWR! We had the dramatic white background lighting, the close up of their shoes and everything! Satelight, stop making this into a drama more than it is already! *writhes on the ground*

Well, she wasn’t so annoying cuz…if it weren’t for her, Nagi wouldn’t have gotten screentime. :D

*gasp* Nuu! Rima! Yaya!

…Oh wait, they’re only doing the Russian dance. |D

Been a while, Amulet Spade.

Crazy…pointe shoes of doom. o.O;;;

Drosselmeyer would be pleased. He wants a pair. |D;

LAWL~ Someone make an animated image of this for me. XD;

And here’s some more Nagi image spamming:

Now I want to dance with Nagi! *jealous* XDDD

Aww. ^^;

lololol, Nagi is such a Tutu. He’s just more *SPARKLY~!* XD Aww…now I want to watch PT again. That is such a beautiful mahou shoujo and if any of you have never seen it yet, get your arse onto Youtube and search for it now (and then buy the DVDs afterwards) cuz it’s really a great classic magical girl anime and the best part is…the anime is the original! So even if you may think some episodes are filler…they’re not. Everything is part of the main plot.

So yea…go check it out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. ~.^

He was there! Go back and look for him! *throws a fit*





…*sniff*… TT____TT

Yea, we should all know that there wasn’t even the slightest chance their eyes would meet in the crowd or that Ikuto would somehow catch up to her but still! Don’t torture me like this (though I love anything that’s Amuto so I’m also okay with it *masochist* xD; )! Save him already! ASDJLKFSDAJFLSAKJDF Mahou shoujo dorama and all this stuff is not suppose to be this heart-wrenching! *cries*

Well, it’s official now. Lulu’s going to get her ass whooped by Easter and ousted out of the game. But who cares about that now?



IKUTOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! ;___________________;


Nikaidou next week…he’s teacher of the year…congratulations…Nikaidou…where’s your car? TAT *too worn out from shouting and crying*

How many more fillers left? Please say it’ll be over soon. Please. Plllleeaaasssseeeee.


8 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 83

  1. WordPress likes to be sucky sometimes. I wouldn’t say it’s your fault. =3

    American celebs aren’t great at all. In fact, most American celebs are highly over rated. Japan has such a sense of humor and a touch of originality though~ But I guess if its Lulu’s mom, then there are going to be shows like that. XDDD

    Lulu is boring in general. Really. The fact thats she’s cliche, mixed with typical, mixed with fail is just ugh. I wish Satelight would have put more effort into her. Really~ I guess they’re just lazy as usual though. Well, I guess they have done some awesome things in the past. But they just messed up with Lulu~ Come on! If you want a good character, she needs better traits!

    Yaya was adorable in this episode. Why do people dislike her? Ugh. She’s so different from the other girls. She needs more attention~! She’s such a bundle full of energy though. Real life event RSS feed. That is really her.

    I wanted a jealous suspicious Rima~ Gah. Rima is such a sweet little girl. Though of course, she doesn’t show the sweet side to anyone but Amu, for that matter, but she’s still sweet. But Rima being such a good friend to Amu and then being so hostile to Nagi is what we love. We love the Rima and Amu friendship because its so pleasing to watch. Everything is cute~ Rima only opens up to one person, and there is her cute side. And then her little jealous suspicious side that originated from Nagi is fueled by her Amu friendship. Which brings us back to the everyone loves Amu thing. Because she is lovable. Rima opening up to Amu first proves that. Then again, shoujo heroines should be this way. But that doesn’t take away from it. Rima and Amu friendship is the best~ Well… Amu and Utau friendship almost ties with it. But any friendship where Rima has opened up is good~

    Well in this case, we must find every way possible to remind Amu of Ikuto. XDDD I love seeing this side to her come back. Amu worrying about Ikuto is such a big quality of hers. It’s been so neglected lately! But I love seeing it again. And I love seeing how the smallest things remind her of him. If that doesn’t prove anything, nothing will.

    I need more Rimahiko that involves suspicious stubborness~ But I love them discussing things and talking. I love how Satelight gives them more interactions together. And how if its in a group, they’re always standing by each other. XDDD I find that happens a lot.

    That Ikuto scene was pure win. He just owned those people~ Of course Ikuto will own anyone, but he was such a sly suggestive little thing~ Oh Ikuto. I’d love to go kya kya but… he still looks so bored and sad. He needs to see his Amu again. And not in the sad way he saw her in this episode! Ugh. But Ikuto~ Man. I think he really does know he’s attractive. He does it on purpose. Everything you said up there was so right. XDDD And he used that voice again! Gahhh~ Amu would totally get jealous if Ikuto acted like that to another girl. I really want to see that now.
    Ikuto is a lovable trickster. He’s so cool. He even got that creepy filler lady to like him.

    Anime Kazuomi is really lame. And very ugly. But no~ Don’t let Ikuto go yet. Because we still need those scenes… gah. I’m chapter 38 deprived.
    I actually like how he’s kind of captive and all of that though, even if it is sad, because it’s making him a more important character. And that is always good~

    Nana is cute. I said it before but Lulu needs to appreciate Nana more! Lulu needs to appreciate everything more. Lulu is too selfish~ Plus Nana is so cute and she tries hard to make Lulu happy. But I agree. Yoru is the most faithful chara. He really is~

    The festival scenes were great. The DDR reference was funny. Rima with the guitar was win! Gah. I hear Rima playing the guitar now. But ahaha! Nagi as a DJ. I love the small little hints they’re dropping. The again, I wonder if that was on purpose. XDDD

    I agree with you on the Tadamu. It’s juts not as strong anymore. I don’t feel it. It’s great that Amu isn’t doing her usual Tadase fan girl thing. But I don’t see what it was all about any more. I mean… it’s kind of like saying… Tadamu was just there for Tadase character development. I mean, I can still say that the ending pair is unclear at the moment, but I can’t see Tadamu happening in the end. It’ll either be an open ending, or Amuto. And even with the open ending, Tadase and Amu are already dating? So they’d have to break up? And that’d mean… Amuto?
    ^ gah. Getting of topic.

    Satelight makes Rima so OOC sometimes. Hmph. Rima needs to be more protective over Amu. But she needs to deny it too.

    Of course, Yoru eating anything is cute. I just realized how cool his hair is though. 0_0 <—– weird

    Lulu’s outfit was kind of cool though. I hate her blue dress. Seeing her in that was cool.
    But I didn’t like seeing her help Ikuto like that. It’s pretty much like her walking right into the manga and tearing open the plot, and finding herself a place to squeeze in. Which annoys me~ Plus, it’s not like she wants to save him. She’s doing it for herself. Again. Selfish~

    Yaya and Rima are so cute~ They make good friends too. But YAY! More people love Yaya now. Not enough people love her, but she’s so darling! Kya~

    The filler girl was cute. She was juts sitting there in the corner being cute~ Lulu had to ruin it. Hmph.

    Argh. Satelight probably doesn’t even realize the plot holes they’re creating. Which makes me laugh. XDD But still. Yoru should have sensed him.

    Amu’s outfit is pretty! All of her outfits are cool. I want them! Or at least, I need a store that sells that kind of clothing. <3
    But yes! The violin! There at the exact right time. I’m so proud of Amu, remembering Ikuto this much in this episode. It makes my insides all fluttery and giddy~

    Why couldn’t she have looked over just a bit more? Ugh…..
    -sobs in a corner-
    Poor Ikuto though. Even though she didn’t seem him, and he didn’t see her… still. SHE WAS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM AND…

    The fight scene was actually okay~ It involved more than a few random attacks and a shoujo speech. It reminded me so much of Princess Tutu, with the people spinning around. Plus, Miki is voice by Ahiru’s VA. And Amu was transformed with Miki. XDDD

    The Nagi scene was so wonderful! It was touching. I love to watch him dance. I love Rimahiko, but him dancing with that girl was so pretty! Gah. So many sparkles.

    She was right there. His only hope was standing right there and you could tell how much he wanted to go and just… fall into her arms. But he couldn’t.
    Easter needs to die. Really. It’s all their fault. TT^TT
    Amu looked so worried though. I mean really. She looked so so worried.

    These fillers need to be over already~ I like Nikaidou but still. Amu and Ikuto reunion needs to happen now. I need it. I’m fluff deprived and I can’t stand it anymore. Gah~ I won’t be able to hold out this long. =<

    But I liked reading your post this week. This episode was enjoyable all around. So yay. :’D

  2. Okay, firstly, you can quote me on anything I say, including what I said in your chapter 40 comments. ^^

    It’s kind of hard to understand Lulu (especially because Satelight keeps jerking her personality around so much) but I think she sees it as her mother having become so “corrupted” that she it’s impossible for her mother to become “pure” again unless it’s by the embryo. For Lulu, the embryo means not having to become accustomed to change/accepting that her mother might not be the perfect lady she expected. It’s kind of frustrating, though, when Satelight so obviously only brings her in when they’ve got time to kill. I dislike it when they treat even a character I don’t like that way.

    Yaya! xD I used to not really like her that much, but now I do. I think she’s an underappreciated character who gets overlooked a lot because of her would-be self. I think if she wasn’t there, the guardians would get swept up in being unnaturally somber sometimes (particularly since Kukai isn’t there anymore, either). She’s more than just comic relief, although a lot of people seem to take her that way. I loved Amu’s spiky afro in this, lol. It was great.

    Yeah, I totally agree about Rima and Nagi (except I think Utau and Amu have the best friendship :P). Right now, Rima seems to have tentatively agreed that Nagi’s presence is okay, but I’m sure she’s still not happy about it. I think it’s because Nagi has never tried to be anything more than a friend to Amu at this point. I’m fully expecting Rima to be a bitch towards Nagi in the tower scene in the anime. Not only will it be about Amu having been lied to, it will be about the possibility of Nadeshiko taking Amu away. Up until now, Nadeshiko has been a very distant threat. After the tower scene, she’s not distant at all, and I think the animosty will continue until Nagi makes it clear what his “intentions” are towards Amu. We will have lots of suspicious Rima then.

    I was so happy to see Amu getting concerned over Ikuto in this episode. Even though I’m sure Satelight was only doing it for convenience (music festival and all), it felt way more realistic. She didn’t forget him! I also liked how Tadase felt it was up to him to cheer Amu up or distract her. I think it’s helping him realize that Amu really IS attached to Ikuto, and that she can’t just forget about him even when he’s not around. I’d even wager that Tadase might be feeling a little annoyed/frustrated, because since he is there with Amu, he can’t really compete with Ikuto. It’s like the two of them are going through the motions of having a crush on each other.

    IKUTO! T_T Well, that was my face until he hit on that girl. Then I cracked up. I actually wondered if he wasn’t flirting with her in order to make her off-balance and possibly give him a chance to escape. I mean, it’s not like he’d have the same effect on the guys, correct? That was my first thought (well, that and he has to keep in shape to tease Amu when he gets out). Besides that, maybe it makes him feel less…. helpless? Ikuto really can’t DO anything right now. He’s trapped. Flirting and teasing are the only things he has left; the only ‘powers’ he has with which to make Easter’s life miserable. Awee, I feel so bad for him.

    I liked the part with Nana. She can be a little annoying sometimes, but it was nice to see her work so hard for Lulu. It makes her seem like more of a chara. I honestly do hope that we get to see Lulu chara nari before she leaves, because that would mean she’s grown up enough to let go of this silly embryo dream. Right now, I think that’s keeping from her being able to chara nari – she’s not focused on her real would-be self.

    lol I never even though that about Nagi at the CD station but you’re right. How obvious can you get? And then to have the dancing right after it… I hope that’s a hint that it’s going to happen soon. I want to see Temari and Rhythm!

    Ahahaha, this part. It was sad. Like I said, it really feels as though Amu and Tadase are just going through the motions of having a crush on each other. Tadase didn’t react nearly as much as he would have even a short while ago, and neither did Amu. Yes, she was blushing and a little embarrassed, but I think she was more flustered from the teasing of the other guardians than from giving the bento to Tadase. I agree, I can see it in Tadase’s eyes that he’s wondering WHY Amu is giving him the bento. He doesn’t look excited at all. Rather, you can almost see him going “Does she really want to give me that? Is she thinking of Ikuto even now?” This scene was kind of pathetic when you look at it. All Tadase ever sees of Amu in a romantic context is that blushing, girly side that’s not really her.

    I’m torn up on Rima’s reactions. On the one hand, I think that maybe Rima has accepted the fact that Amu and Tadase like each other, and that maybe she even thinks it’s not going to go anywhere. Because why else wouldn’t she be upset? If Rima thinks Tadase isn’t a real threat to her relationship with Amu, then she wouldn’t really care when Amu does stuff like this. But on the other hand, I think that Satelight is making Rima a little too uncaring. They’re acting like the friendship between Rima and Amu has cooled off a lot when in reality, it hasn’t.

    I didn’t care for Lulu helping Ikuto, either, but mostly because I knew how it would end. Again, I’m torn – part of me thinks that her trying to put a crimp in Easter’s plans was good of her (even if it was for selfish reasons) and part of me thinks that she’s being a stupid, selfish little child who doesn’t think about the repercussions of enraging a powerful company. Now Easter is going to go after her (or her parents) and then I bet Amu is going to have to step in to save her. Now I’m wondering if Lulu is going to be around long enough for them to fight her on the tower. I think her arc might end before then.

    “AARGH!” was my reaction to Ran getting Amu’s attention right before she would’ve seen Ikuto. I mean, logically I knew she couldn’t see him, but it was super frustrating anyway. That was an evil, EEEEEEEVIL move on Satelight’s part. And it made me pissed off at Lulu. The embryo has NEVER appeared when she creates a ?-egg. Why doesn’t she realize that?

    Awww, Nagi is such a good dancer! It was great to see him dance again, and it makes me wonder even more if the scene with his eggs might not happen soon. I want to dance with him, too! I think any girl would be graceful with him. For all of Satelight’s faults, I like that they found a way to involve Nagi in sealing a ?-egg even though he doesn’t have his charas yet. Nagi has kind of fallen out of the light for a few episodes and it was good to see him back in it. He really does look the happiest when he’s dancing.

    Baw! TTTTTTTTTTT_TTTTTTTTTTT Ikuto looked so hopeful when he saw Amu. Again, even though I knew nothing could happen, tears filled my eyes. I felt soooo bad for him. He was SO CLOSE. I had kind of hoped that this would be the episode where Amu sees him being dragged off and screams his name (it would’ve been the perfect set-up for it) but I guess not. I really hope they bring that in sometime in the future (and I hope it’s in front of Tadase like it was in the manga). Argh, stupid Satelight. Way to tug on the heartstrings. *grumbles* Amu and Yoru looked so upset…

    And, another filler… *sighs* Oh, well. At least this episode was a good one. I think they’re going to finish off Lulu’s arc before the rest of it, which makes me think that SC could easily go over 100 eps. Oh, and I wanted to say that I hope you feel better, because I noticed your mood on your blog was “sick” for a little while this week. ^^

  3. Yeah! I’m commenting again! Feels so good! (Though I need to eat at some point…)

    I’m ignoring Lulu from now on outside what’s necessary. She’s just a waste of space. It’s kind of sad because there was some potential in her at some point, but Satelight kind of ruined it by now.

    >_< I still want to see a suspicious Rima though. It’s good that they get along because of what you said and stuff, but they should have put another filler in there where it ended with them getting along. Not giving eachother the laser death ray eyes. lol

    Hey~ I’m kind of glad that copy machine is dead! You’ll drive Amu crazy with that much! Aren’t you her adoptive mother? Take better care of her! *scold**scold*scold* lol

    I don’t even know what I have left to say about Ikuto’s scene. I already said all that was possible, right? Ikuto really is just too much for even older girls to ignore. Every time I calm down after the fangirl esplosion I try so hard to avoid thinking about it after and retain my mature adult-ness! But it’s impossible~

    Oh yeah and the “sweetheart” translation pissed me off. That alone won’t sway and older woman’s heart! There’s something special about “onee-san” I think~

    Now then…Because of your imagining what would happen if Amu and Utau were there, I got to thinking about other girls that have liked “cool” guys in anime (hey, if we’re using cool to describe Ikuto, then other boys don’t even compare) and get all jealous when it’s specifically an older woman because that’s so would suit them. I wonder if there’s a Cool & Spicy way to go about that…if there was I’d like to see it.
    Too bad it’s not possible scientist lady though. The older woman needs to be attractive anyway. (Yeah! Then we have a fun little story~ lol)

    Ikuto’s just addressing him as that so it’s not so, “lolobvious” that he’s trying to trick them…I think? You know if they’re talking about the director and then he goes, “ah the director” then it seems too obvious you know? It’s not what Ikuto would call him but this way it flows~ better you know?

    If you take a big empty jug to make an instrument it’s not building it silly! You need to at least do some cutting or something!

    Yaya, Rima, Amu, and adding in Utau…that’s a version of K-On! I would like to see. Twice the good moe, and ten times the attitude!

    Oi, what’s this about being comforted? Are you being a stupid worry-head when I’m not paying attention again?
    But even though I think there’s nothing to worry about I don’t think Tadase is going to be pulling out his feelings that much too soon. It feels like he’s just becoming more mature to me. Which could be a way of saying he’s pulling out of his feelings too since Amu and Tadase just totally give off the aura of the truest definition of puppy love (aside from actually loving a puppy because they’re just so cute and d’waww~).
    Hmm…but after reading what you said I think Tadase is going to get over Amu before Amu totally gets over you know hurting him when she chooses Ikuto or something. That seems like how the two of them are to me.
    Of course then Tadase can find himself a girl that actually suits him and everyone will be all happy! Happy endings all around are what this series needs! Everyone gets paired up! (But seriously we need to find someone that fits with Tadase, poor shouta can’t be the only one left out)

    Who would see Rima and Yaya dancing as yuri? Everyone wants to twirl Rima around because she’s our doll! And our teddy bear! And everything else that’s cute and huggable~
    Plus, Rima’s cuteness surpasses genders. It’s not yuri if it’s just Rima-focused~

    Yeah the Yoru not sensing Ikuto right behind him just seemed stupid. I ignored it completely because…come on! So stupid!

    Oh my god I want to dance with Nagi too. It didn’t even occur to me with me so focused on, “Rima and Nagi dancing would be so cute.” So here’s how it’s going to go down. I get to dance with Nagi, then Rima’s standing off to the side being stubborn so I can play with her~ (being the cute doll she is), then I will forcibly make them dance. Ohoho~ It’s a foolproof plan!

    I still need to buy the DVDs of Princess Tutu. I got to watch it with my one friend who liked anime (who has since moved away) and I loved it, but why don’t I have the DVD yet!?

    Why did you do so much screencapping of the end scene? Are you trying to kill me!?

    Oh you poor thing. This episode really took a toll on you. You can’t even get excited for Nikaidou for the sake of Nikaidou and Suu being all cute and defending him in the preview for some SuuxNikaidou crack.
    What has Satelight done!?!?!?!?!?

    I’m sure it’ll be over soon though. Maybe even just the ones coming up that we know about, then finishing off Lulu. At least for the fillers. It’ll take them a while then to get to Ikuto. T_T But at least when it happens it’ll make fangirls the world over smile so much that even the minority of fangirls that happen to ship another pairing and making ridiculous excuses will be ignored.

    It’s all worth it in the end! That’s what I keep reminding myself.
    (Though hey~ Peach-Pit~ it’ll be even easier to get through these episode if you give us more fluff to look forward to~)

  4. Somehow I think that WP had an issue with your anger towards Statelight in this, no? XD You curse them out quite a bit (though I totally understand! I felt the same way. -o-)

    Anyway, I thought this filler wasn’t all that bad at all. The crack was quite refreshing, and I got a few one-shot ideas from this. ^^

    I thought the same thing as you, I even had that same face: D8 Why, Japan? Why? DOUSHITE!? I try to avoid those shows on American TV, don’t tell me I’m gonna have to avoid them when I’m in Japan too! D: Emoticons FTW! V(^-^)V

    I really don’t get it. Why can’t you just go up to your mom and say ‘Maman, I have a problem with you flitting around variety shows instead of doing some hard-on dead sexy professional acting! It’s time we went back to France cuz I’m sick of being skanked around by Satelight when they can’t do plot and just use me to kill time!’ and so on and so on.

    ‘Cause it’s a Mahou Shoujo anime, so everyone has to learn a lesson in the end (and they usually have to learn it the hard way (as with most things in life…) Alas, that is the truth (I think…^^;>)

    I wish my University had Yaya! I never knew what was going on (none of the good stuff anyway…¬.¬)

    (_ _)( ̄  ̄) I agree with you completely on this, Rima being angry at Nagihiko for “lying” to Amu. The talk that Nagihiko and Amu had insures that when the time comes for Nagihiko to confess, Amu will accept it all rather well. She understands. Amu realizes that Nagihiko was probably beating himself inside everytime he “lied” to Amu, that he was probably wishing he was stronger each day he woke up, because he still had to put up with a farce and a lie. She had to deal with that too. So, in Amu’s mind, Nagihiko’s punished himself enough that he doesn’t need anymore punishment put on him.

    That doesn’t mean that she won’t be shocked or a little hurt. She will. But it’s an event that I see Amu forgiving rather quickly and accepting easily.

    Rima, on the other hand, well, I think she is going to react just the way you wrote she will. It makes sense to me. Oh, and I hope Satelight has he explode more, that would be wonderful…erm, in a not “good” wonderful way…but I’m sure you get what I mean. Enough with this though, moving on! ^-^

    AH, YES! This made me so happy! >3u.<)

    Dude, I would be bored if I was Ikuto too! There’s nothing to do there. NOTHING, I would go crazy. He doesn’t even have Yoru to bicker with or anything. Getting more serious here, I find it extremely interesting that Ikuto likes manga so much, especially Shoujo manga. I think that says a lot about him actually, that he wishes for those almost fairy tale like endings that so many Shoujo manga have. I would go into this some more, but like I said, this episode got my one-shot inspiration flowing! ^.~ Of course, I also find it funny that he likes Shoujo manga so much, ’cause, ya know, he’s in one. Ah, irony, how I love thee! <3

    LOLz! XDDD I had the same expression as you, at this scene. Of course, I then was hit with a plot bunny (a very basic one that I actually have to think about some more.)

    We have hit the crack (no, don’t you start writing fics about this cuz I will puke on you if you do!)

    I have a feeling that this statement is directed right at me! T^T Yes, we have hit the crack, but, pssshh, I totally don’t see the possiblity for a crack pairing. They don’t have any chemistry AT ALL, not like Suukaidou or Nikaiya or even Tadami (who have, like, no interaction at all!) All I see here is the possibility for a one-sided crack pairing that will involve Amu and Utau in some way tormenting this “scientist.” Don’t worry, I won’t make you puke. I promise! (^.~)b

    In other news…OMFG!!!11 (and, yes, I did this on purpose! :p) I fangirled like nobodies business when he was speaking here, and looking here, and just doing everything here. It was too hard not too… .-.

    Oh, and Ikuto’s…”charm” here, is it overthinking it if I suggest he also did it to get out (and not solely for the kicks)? Like, if he charms that girl scientist then he can be all like, “Hey babe, how about letting me out of here?” With his shirt unbuttoned or something, she goes all hearts in the eyes, and he sneaks out. What, Ikuto knows that he’s smexy, I wouldn’t put it past him to try something like this. It’s possible, I swear! |D

    “Old Man” is a really disrespectful way to refer to one’s father, so really…just think of it him dissing him or something (which is basically what he’s doing.) Plus, the lol I got out of this was worth it…I think. Basically, don’t worry yourself over it, then you won’t get upset about it. Just don’t think about it! Really, it works like a charm. ^^

    Go Ikuto! ^O^ But really, he needs to do something to keep his sanity.

    What age difference? Really, she doesn’t even seem that old. Soubi and Ritsuka totally blow this not-even-worthy-of-being-a-crack-pairing-pairing, out of the water when it comes to age difference. Really.

    I like Nana more than Lulu too. I need to write a “Unexpected” one-shot for her, but I can’t think of anything at the mo. Something will come…eventually. Hopefully, she deserves it, I think.

    Yoru is the best though! When it comes to sticking by his owner, Yoru wins (okay, with tough competition from Eru.) I find this interesting too (you’ve pointed it out before) that the Tsukiyomi Charas’ are the most devoted. I think it has to do with the fact that 1. They’ve been with their owners longer than the others, since both Ikuto and Utau are older than the others and 2. Ikuto and Utau have had the hardest childhood. They’ve never had anyone stay by their side, beside each other, so their Charas’ probably feel (and understand) that loneliness that their owners have, which, in turn, makes them so devoted.

    I mean, Amu has a loving family that she can turn to when she’s feeling down. Even if she can’t tell Midori anything, I can easily see Midori (being the awesome mother that she is) comforting her daughter without having to know what’s wrong. Also, she has her father and sister who, without knowing it, can probably cheer her up or aggravate her to no end (both of which would help her forget her worries for a little bit.)

    Tadase had his wonderful grandmother who taught him how to be a good person. And a father that doesn’t seem too bad. Yaya has parents who spoil her, but do seem to care for her, and a younger brother to look out for. Kairi has family beside his sister and friends back home. Nagihiko has his mother (and maybe a father?) who cares for him. Rima, she, at least, has memories of her parents laughing and smiling with her. Plus, I have a feeling that things started to get better after that whole event with Tsukasa and “star gazing” (he really has to come up with better excuses… -.-)

    So, yeah, no more ranting on this (it actually got out of hand. ^^;)

    Yoru’s my favorite Chara, by the way. Ah, and I can’t resist sweets. I have a really bad sweet tooth… >.> Speaking of sweets though, didn’t Suu say that she would make some for Yoru? So, isn’t that like a bento from Suu…or am I grasping for straws…? ^^|| Either way, here is the show of the couple that my roommate thinks is beyond adorable: Yoru/All of Amu’s Charas or the Mormon pairing (as my friends and I like to put it! XD)

    I knew you’d take a screenshot of that! XD I was like, “Ah, a Rimahiko shot, those two will get it!” And, lo and behold, you did. ^_^

    Somehow, even though it’s childish, I can see my friends and I making those straw instruments…and me failing like Amu. ==

    Aww, that was so cute! X3 It’s like real life Rock Band or something! xD

    W00t, w00t! DDR! o(^O^)o I seem to have Amu beat here. At least I can do DDR (she seems to be having some trouble.)

    This part, I wasn’t even paying that much attention to Nagi, I was LMAO at Tadase (trying to be Ghetto and just having EPIC FAIL! XD Poor Tadase, I like not Ghetto anyway. ^^)

    That was a nice tie back to Nagi’s egg problem. And, I’m impatient too.

    I’m so happy and proud of you! You didn’t get all nervous about this Tadamu scene. I was afraid that you would, so I’m beyond glad that you didn’t. There really is nothing to worry about. Like you said, and Chibi-san (and possibly myself, at one point or another (or maybe I was just thinking that and never actually wrote it down?)) Tadase seems to have realized that there is a lot that he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know Amu’s true feelings for himself, he doesn’t know (though I think he knows a little better than Amu herself) Amu’s feelings for Ikuto, and there’s a whole lot that he doesn’t know about the moments Ikuto and Amu spent together. Nevermind the lack of knowledge that he has about Ikuto in general. I think he’s backing off a little.

    ADORABLE! Really, Yoru totally is! X3333

    My expression and thought was the same, “It’s not your imagination! D/”

    You got to shout Ikuto and do your ;A; face oh, and later you go T______T!

    When I was reading your post (for the first time, ’cause god knows I’ve been going back and reading with every comment I make!) when you wrote: stares at LGB…I was like: O.O I froze for a second, then I knew what the heck was going on! XDD

    I agree with you on the whole Lulu thing. Don’t really have that much to add.

    That was kinda funny, even if they are idiotic. -3-

    Aww, when I saw Rima and Yaya dancing, I knew I had to write a one-shot for them in “Unexpected.” There is a serious lack of Rima/Yaya friendship fics out there! They seem like they would be a really interesting friendship to write about. (I didn’t even think of Yuri…not really my thing (Yaoi fan! Yay, Zeruto (okay, not really, but it cracks me up everytime! :’D))

    I knew you were going to get a shot of Nagi here too (and you did!) This also inspired a one-shot idea (something with Rima, Nagi, and dancing. ;) ) I find it uber cute that Pepe and Kusu Kusu are dancing just like their owners are! ^w^ Oh, and I dance with my friends all the time!

    I kinda felt for the filler girl in this episode too.

    I .<# I would have been fine if Ikuto had caught a glance of her there (or later too!) And I know why they couldn’t have Amu see him…But, to just build it up and have nothing! Uncalled for!

    True, true. Yay for Nagi screentime! :D

    I think I gasped there too!

    Geez, what the heck!? Russian dance…they should have gotten a better dance! =3=

    Amulet Spade wa sashiburi da ne! (^^)/

    Don’t mess with Ballet shoes…trust me (used to do Dancing.) Oh, and you are just horrible (the thought of him with Ballet shoes on is horrid, scarring…::shiver::)! I <3 you! *-*

    I want an animated image of that too (and I also want to dance with Nagi!)

    Aww! n.n

    Nagi is Tutu! Agreed! XD I also recommend this anime to Mahou Shoujo fans everywhere (and anyone who likes good anime!…or anyone reading this comment, but I think you might be the only one Xiao Jie, this thing is massive! O.O;) Anyway, it’s really unique for a Mahou Shoujo anime, so many themes and…just gonna say it…*SPOILERS*…Fakir/Ahiru! ^ω^ They’re right up there with my Amuto.*END SPOILER*

    And now, this. Actually, this scene doesn’t upset me as much as the other one did. Ikuto saw her. He actually saw her and his eyes widen just a bit (he looked like he really want to reach her.) It was adorable. And, I kinda like how he got to see her, in his normal state of mind, looking down and concerned for him (yes, he can totally tell that by looking at her back! >o<) I hope they play with this a little, maybe having him think about her and such while he’s being held captive (even though we all know that he’s thinking about her.) It would be a nice touch to actually show him thinking about her. IMHO, anyway.

    This was actually a really innovative way for Satelight to get rid of Lulu. It fits into the anime plot and doesn’t cause that much disturbance with the Ikuto’s plot. But, I’ll refrain from saying anymore, I have to see how it all plays out first before I can pass any real judgement.

    Still, I’ll join you this time: IKUTO!!!! T^T

    Last minute thoughts on this epi (AKA things I forgot to mention.):

    1. I like Amu’s outfit in this episode too. But when do I not? Really, I can’t recall.

    2. That plothole that you mentioned with Yoru and his sensing of Ikuto…hmm, I think it might have to do with all of the people nearby. When he sensed Ikuto the other time, they were away from the crowds, eating lunch with their small group, so it was probably easier for Yoru to pick up Ikuto’s presence there, rather than in a throng of people.

    The preview:

    Even though it’s a filler (and I really do want the fillers to end!) it’s nice to see a filler focused on Nikaidou! ^.^ I heard a bit of Suukaidou (all on Suu’s part) in this preview. So expect a Suukaidou one-shot after next week’s episode. I would love to hear more about Nikaidou’s past (like how he and Yukari got together, or even how/why they broke up) but I doubt that we’re going to be getting much of that. Either way, I look forward to next week’s episode (even if it’s a filler.)

    I can’t really tell by the name of the upcoming episode titles, but I think we have a few more fillers to go. ::sigh:: We just have to hang in there a little bit longer. That’s all.

    Phew! -V- I’m done! I think I may have written more than you! o.o That’s unusual. Anyway, take care! (^^)o

  5. I loved your post this week :] This episode was really nice and it’s nice to see that not everyone hated it. I don’t really understand why everyone hate’s Lulu but I thought she was total win this episode XD Nagi did remind of PT. It’s actually my favorite Majou Shojo after CCS. Thanks for the awesome screenies and opinions :D Im looking forward to reading more of your fangirl rants ;3

  6. Good lord, I have to live up to all of those comments? Those essays? D: The pressure!

    Haha all I wanted to say was

    “Drosselmeyer would be pleased. He wants a pair.”

    100+ Points for the reference!! 8D

  7. Lea: At least they apologized…so I felt kind of bad for bad-mouthing them. ^^;

    I agree…totally agree. *nodnod*
    Haha, they probably made that show just for her. xD;

    That’s what I’ve been saying since the start! I think in the rush of coming up with Doki!, they just slapped Lulu on there without finishing her rough draft. No wonder why her design, even if made by P-Pit, is so flat…like her face. =P

    I can see why she’ll never be a top favorite or anything but Yaya is so awesome and lovable! There is no reason to dislike her! She needs more love to make up for all the people who (wrongly) don’t like her. *loves Yaya* <3

    Everybody always loves a suspicious Rima~ :3
    And yes~ I love reading all that cuz it’s true~! That’s kinda why I think Rima and Amu’s friendship is the best…cuz it’s so wonderful and funny at the same time. Of course, Amu’s friendship with Utau is awesome as well but I wouldn’t compare them too much since it’s pretty different from Amu’s relationship with Rima. In short, both are great. Rima and Amu are just cuter (and Nagi makes it even more funny, lol)! ^^

    YES! I so missed her worrying about him, too! Plus, it just helps start her coming to terms with her own feelings for him. So yea! I suggest we push a little more angst on her to rescue him sooner so that we can get that hug, RIGHT?! XDD

    Haha, yes…Satelight obviously loves Rimahiko like they love our other favorite pairings. But Rimahiko is more workable with…cuz they’re on the same side and part of the Guardians. Kyaa! Satelight, more Rimahiko!

    Absolutely! He’s Ikuto after all! lol XD
    But yes, we all want a happy Ikuto after all so we should get him back to Amu as soon as possible. Or the other way around, whichever works first. Haha
    Yes! Yes! Jealous Amu, plz! X3
    And only a weirdo would not like Ikuto.

    Waaaah! Chapter 38 animated seems so far away. T_T
    Well, yea, I guess him being a damsel in distress (lol) isn’t so bad since I want to see Amu saving him and all that nice stuff following afterwards. I just wish he wasn’t tortured this much.

    I agree! It was bad enough to see how our main cast sometimes ignore their Charas but to see a bad add-in do the same…GRR! That just makes me angrier knowing that Lulu isn’t selfish for the good reasons. >:(

    I think it is. XD

    Huh, I like how you worded that. Tadamu was there for Tadase development. Then again, that happened with Amuto, too, BUT! …it actually worked both ways while in Tadamu, it only worked one-sidedly. AHA!
    I really can’t see Tadamu being an ending either cuz there’s not enough time to squeeze in anything new that can give them development. The only reasonable options are either open-ended or Amuto. And pfft, they’re too young to be “dating” but I do like how you went off-topic. Lol Yea! All directions to Amuto! XD

    Omg, yea! Where have they hidden Rima?! It’s the same with what they did with Amu a few episodes ago! RAWR! *angry* D<

    Yoru’s hair is pretty cool, eh? XD

    She looks old in that blue dress. And she’s only what? Fourteen? But yea, her fairy cosplay was better.
    I’m actually glad she’s doing it for herself. Gives me reason to be anti-Lukuto. =P & well, technically, she’s doing it for her mom but not because Lulu just wants her mom to follow her own image instead of letting her be happy for the way she is so yea! Lulu being a selfish bitch still stands!

    *adds more Yaya love* Never can enough love for our girls. ^^

    Haha, Amu should open her own clothing line. I would be a regular customer there! XD
    And it’s always good to feel happy for any kind of Amuto, even the angsty times. ^^

    *can only cry along with you* TT_______________TT

    Haha, yes! Miki’s VA, Nanae Kato, is awesome! Guess she can still play the heroine through another heroine (lol, how strange this magical girl stuff works).

    More sparkly dancing FTW, I say. Yep yep.

    Argh, that’s it! Let’s just storm Easter and wreck the place down right now!

    Agrees~ They kept us from fluff long enough! There should be a limit! *starts foaming at the mouth* (see, it’s that bad! O.o)

    Thank you! The episode really was enjoyable even though it made me uber sad. And thanks again for leaving me an awesome long comment (now I just have four more to do, lol). :D


    Chibi-san: YAY! ^^

    I like how you worded Lulu’s predicament with her mother’s career being “corrupted”. But Christ, that girl is so spoiled and so dumb that I want to slap her sometimes for being so conceited. Noble French blood my ass! If she had any sense of…sense, why doesn’t she just do it the upfront proud way instead of sneaking around like a rat? God!
    But true, not all fault can fall onto Lulu since Satelight was what brought her in anyway. And they do such a horrible job with her, I even feel sorry for Lulu being tossed around like that. It’s pretty bad with Easter as it is. =<

    *nodnod* Really, you got to appreciate the secondary happy-go-lucky characters for who they are because…well, that’s who they are! Everybody else needs there time to be emo so we need to balance that out, y’know? More love for Yaya! Yea! ^^

    Haha, there are lot of good friendships in SC! so it’s hard to say who’s best but I think Rima and Amu has the closest friendship out of all of them. That I’m sure of.
    Ooo! I like that! I will quote it when I get the chance again and hopefully it somehow reach Satelight and get their brains into working more suspicions in Rima! Kyaa! See, fans know best after all! Heh.

    Very true…and I’d like to think of it more as…hitsuzen rather than convenience but whatever works for Amuto is fine with me! lol
    Anyways, I really think Tadase is kinda frustrated, too, but that’s good because it’s natural to feel that way. For one thing, he can’t say “Forget about Ikuto” because Ikuto is his friend that he has to save and sort things out with AND Ikuto is very important to Amu as well. AGH! Stupid drama! Even though it’s kinda working in our favor but still…stupid drama. -_-;

    I think he might have had something like that at the back of his mind but he probably knew it wasn’t going to work. But he was extremely bored and like you said, pretty much helpless and trapped so why not mess with lackeys to make himself feel better? Heck, I would. And lol, yes, he really needs to keep his teasing in shape for Amu when he gets out. She’ll forgive him for flirting with other woman if he uses that excuse. Lolol XD;

    Yea, Lulu’s Chara-nari and her realizing that the Embryo isn’t necessary is all I’m waiting for. Then she should take a hike back to France and contact them only through letters…oh no, I probably just jinxed it and she’ll probably stay now. -_-;
    But yea, she’s so focused on a wrong goal that she can’t even connect with her Chara. Which is sad cuz isn’t that the whole point of having one? Such a fail for a SC! character. Amu should really set her straight! ):<

    Haha, Satelight loves dropping hints, I’ve noticed. The problem is…only 3 more fillers! Hopefully! Just 3! And then back the plot, alright?! *glares at the floor*

    I agree. I mean, it would have gone okay if her Charas didn’t just jump in and started making things worst but it didn’t…which I’m glad for cuz it just further proves that Amu’s only shy about her crush. Nothing more. *shrug*
    And oh, poor Tadase. He’s figuring out now that the blushy, fangirly Amu who likes him never really showed him her worrying side. And since she’s worrying for Ikuto, it’s making him feel pretty uneasy cuz any person with a brain can tell that if Amu’s worrying for someone that much, then she must be pretty close to them. But yea…that’s how it is, Tadase. I hope he just backs away for his own benefit. I think that will make the hurt less painful for both of them.

    Haha, yea, I’m pretty conflicted, too, on Rima’s…ngh, I can’t say “acceptance” because though Rima has Amu’s interests in mind like any good friend does, she doesn’t necessarily have to see all of them as always good. But since Tadase is a friend and is nice to Amu, she tolerates him. However, Rima is a smart girl and probably knows that they won’t work out and just let them stay that way so that they can naturally figure it out on their own. Either way, Tadase can’t override her time with Amu because they are only crushing on each other and there’s nothing serious. Knowing that, it’s good enough for her.
    But back to your last point on Satelight’s treatment of Rima. It’s unforgivable! Rima is not the type to just sit back and let Amu ridiculously fawn over her crush like he’s some Greek god or whatever. Rima is practical and if she’s anything like the overprotective Rima we know, she’d walk right up to the guy and demand if he really liked Amu for who she was, truly loved her, etc. And she hasn’t done that. Rima really values Amu more than anyone else (maybe Amu even rivals her parents) so for her not to…confront Tadase for Amu’s interest strikes me as something so un-Rima-ish! GRR! Stupid Satelight!

    I think it can be both of what you said cuz they are both true and can co-exist with each other. Either way, as long as they finish her story and not have it meddle with the original plot line, that’s good enough for me. Keep Lulu away from the Ikuto arc and let her stay on her own fail Embryo quest. She really has not other purpose than to be save by Amu. She should not have any other purpose.

    It was very frustrating indeed. Even more because of Lulu’s stupidity. That girl doesn’t care what she does as long as the Embryo comes out. Problem is…she can only do one thing…and it doesn’t work. It just gets in the way! Dx

    I agree. That was a very nice touch on Satelight’s part. You really don’t need any special powers to bring a person back to their right selves and Nagi’s superior dance skills in this episode prove it. Which just makes me want to see his Chara-nari even more. So that we can see him even more happier! T_T

    Omg, when you remind me of that part in the manga and say just how perfectly it could fit into this last scene for this ep…I want to break down crying again! TAT
    I think there’s a good chance they will bring that part in again. Cuz they’re Satelight. They know how to make up for stuff. But anyways…*BAWLS* All this Amuto angst is driving me crazy! I love it and all but I need FLUFF! *collapses and twitches on the ground*…*twitch*

    Anything is fine as long as I get a good ending. Good closure…the manga chapters animated right…Amuto…yea…
    And thank you! I do feel better. It was just a headache and my allergies but ohh, it can get pretty bad when I get a cold. But yes, thank you so much for your concern! ^^


    Fuyu-san: Why are you not eating on time, dearie? D:

    Satelight probably doesn’t care about Lulu…which is why she’s a waste of space in the first place. Great, now I have to feel sorry for her. Stupid Satelight. Stop making feel bad and start doing the right job with the episodes so I can actually say that Lulu is not so bad the right way. xP

    Everybody does. >.< It’ll come back sooner or later…hehe, in the meantime, we can wonder what exactly is happening with them while Amu, Ikuto and Tadase are off facing Gozen. I hope Rima’s questioning him about such and such. That would be fun. :D

    Hun, you forget I’m a weird person so therefore, I’m a weird mother! xD; don’t worry. I’m doing this for her own good. Cuz either way, she’s not going to be happy any time soon, especially with her confused feelings. If she thinks about Ikuto more, she’ll sort out her heart in the process and aha! Am I not a genius in solving emotional problems?! 8D <– Basically, my logic is…angst, and then un-angst (by saving Ikuto) and be done with it. Huzzah!

    Haha, Ikuto is such a strange guy…he has that aura…that just sticks to you and never leaves you alone. XD;

    Yea~ Anyone can say “sweetheart” but “Onee-san” is just more…oh, you know what I mean! lol XD;

    Oh, definitely. When it comes to cool, Ikuto reigns supreme. No questions asked. *dramatic whoosh of the hand*
    And I think there is a Cool & Spicy way to deal with it (there is always a Cool & Spicy way!)… ‘cept it will probably fail really quickly cuz it’s Ikuto and he can see through Amu’s pathetic posing self pretty easily. But yea, older lady has to more attractive. Which is why I was so “eww” with the scientist one instead of just rolling the eyes and smirky. (oh jeez, now you make me want to write one! lol XD)

    I still don’t like “my old man” either way…which is another reason why the manga is better. *lurves the manga* <3

    Gathering material is part of it! That satisfies my “building” criteria! XD;

    WOOT! Now THAT’S a K-ON! I would not miss! 8D

    Well, he’s starting to…and that’s good enough for me! 8D Ok, back to serious business (lol, hell yea, love is a serious business, yo!), I like seeing the maturing side of Tadase cuz it’s not only helping our shipping but himself in the long run. I know Tadase is still a boy who just happens to like a girl who has crush on him (watch me lay it on thick, oh yea~) but he’s at the age where he needs to start ditching his shouta shorts for some MAN jeans, y’know? (Of course I’ll always like his shouta charms cuz that’s what makes him cute but that’s beside the point)
    And with that, instead of just liking a girl for the sake of…liking someone, actually find a companion more compatible for him. Yea yea! That’s it! It comes back full circle to what you said.
    Anyway…I agree. I think if he realized sooner that he and Amu don’t work out, and therefore stepped out sooner, it would minimize the hurt by a great deal and their friendship won’t be so much harmed in that they can’t even speak to each other properly after their break-up. That’s the best ending case for Tadamu. Clear out what’s not functional and salvage the actual good parts of the relationship. :)
    And HELL YEA! to that “no pairing left behind policy”! Really, that’s just mean to leave Tadase off by himself…even if our other shippings might not get so much of hints like Amuto does but…ARGH! No! No negativity! Must think positive. Must think positive. *starts meditating* LOL xD;

    You know the fans. They see two people even talking to each other and immediately, they go “YAOI/YURI/CRACK!” o.O;
    Wahaha! Rima is a god. There are no barriers to loving a god (of incredible adorableness), right~? :D

    Urgh. Like those precious two minutes wasted…and those two minutes is more than enough for Amu to notice Ikuto in the crowd AND for him to call out to her! *starts ripping hair out* Dx

    Dude, I want in on the plan! 8D

    *gasp* Get it! Put it at…the fifth spot on your To-Buy list. It’s really awesome. Not as much as SC! but y’know, PT came before it so you can think of it as some sort of proto-type…if you want. Haha

    Nooo. I would never kill you! How can you think such a thing? D8 …I only want to torture you. >3

    *twitching on the ground and unable to respond*…*twitch* D’/

    Omg, I’m so glad YOU said that cuz you’re almost always right…so I hope you’re right. Say you are! Please say you are! *starts building a temple-pedestal for you to sit on as all the Amuto fans come to pay tribute* lol XD;
    Haha, y’know, our fangirl smiles is like the blinding sun. All holy light sheds on the world and the all negativity is erased off the face of the Earth. Wow, look at the power of Amuto! *dork* xDDD;;;

    *wailing*…Ok, I’ll be a good girl and suck it up. In return, I want moar fluff as a reward. *sniff*


    LGB: So are you saying that WP is in league with Satelight?! *gasp!* …Oh, this war is on now! D8<
    lol xD;

    I thought this ep was quite amusing and good for my much needed Amuto dosage, even if it made me uber depressed. Huu~ x’( But good for you then! ^^

    Ah well…Japan is much more fun than America cuz they have better celebrities! So you don’t have to avoid them. Hehe ^^

    Then the truth sucks then. xP But then again, any opportunity to see Amu pwn someone stupid is alright with me. :D

    I don’t even bother with what’s going on in mine…but I’d pay attention just because it’s Yaya. XD;

    I agree. Amu’s matured very well and learned a lot of things in the past chapters. If anything, her friendship with Nagi (and therefore, Nadeshiko) means much more to her than some trivial lie Nagi had no choice but to make under his own circumstances. So I can see her forgiving him pretty quickly, too. At least she should have Tadase’s forgiveness in mind and to me, that issue she and the boys went through was a much bigger problem than Nagi’s. And hey, they solved it pretty quickly (especially when they’re just kids, too!).

    Haha, but yes, Rima still has to get mad. That’s necessary cuz an angry Rima at Nagi is so cute! x3

    Ah, I think part of your comment here got cut off again. :(

    Haha, I can picture him wanting to see some happy endings or stories that promise happy ends. And usually, shoujo is a good place to go for that (minus the angst and if you can deal with all the drama). Lol, and yes~ So that means he gets a happy ending, right?! With Amu?! Please?! <3

    Isn’t it so much fun to be attacked by those sneaky little things? xD

    And noo, it wasn’t directed at you or anything (you already wrote a jealousy one-shot so that’s good enough, don’t go starting more, lol). I’m just saying it cuz I know fangirls are crazy with their crack. I’m not worried about this one cuz…it’s just too gross for anyone with a sane mind to fanthom. Eww! xP
    …whoa, whoa, wait, wait! HEY! I said no! *chases after you* XDD;;;

    Lawl~ Do it as the fangirl in you commands you to! xD

    I never said it wasn’t~ lol XD; But even if that was the case, he probably knows that any chances of escape are slim. Especially with that tuning fork, he wouldn’t go far. There are alarms everywhere and anything.

    I still won’t accept it! *stubborn* -3-

    …ok, fine! She’s ugly and still old! :D

    Just let the bunny come to you…maybe you should rewatch only Nana moments. They’re funny enough to watch on their own. Hehe

    *nodnod* I completely agree with everything you said cuz it’s all true. Plus the Charas were born from their hearts so they’re really in tune with their feelings as well. Knowing how close Charas are to their owners, just imagine how the Tsukiyomi Charas feel when Ikuto and Utau were going through hard times. They’re Ikuto and Utau’s Guardians so they would want to protect them even more fiercly. I’m surprised they haven’t gone crazy yet. ^^; Then again, people who are strong have Charas who are also strong. So it makes sense. hehe

    (and aww, it’s okay. I do it worst so…hehe ^^; )

    Me, too~ Sweets are just too good to resist! X3
    WOOT! Mormon pairing FTW! Charas only, of course…and that means…Yoru only, of course. Haha xDD

    I try never to miss any shipping screenshot! X3

    I’d probably use it to make stars or something…yea, I’d give up pretty early. ^^;

    I still need to get into DDR! *pout*

    LOL Ghetto Tadase! Omg! That’s hilarious! Oh, I gotta write that down. Gotta write that down! *excited* xDD

    Yay! I feel like a good girl now. ^^
    Ah, no! You did mention something about that, too. I know you did! Argh, I’m sorry. My memory fails me but you did and thanks for that.
    That being said, yea, Tadase’s conflicted right now. He wants to comfort Amu but when it’s about Ikuto, he doesn’t know how. The only way to solve her problem is to actually go and save Ikuto from Easter already. And of course, you know what’s going to happen when they do. Which is why I’m even more impatient! I want to see it now! Now now now! *grumpy* …But yes…I hope Tadase figures it out faster so it won’t be so hurtful for both of them.

    I know! It’s mandatory! IKUTOOOOOOOOO!!!!! T___________T

    Lol This is why I write all my comments (all of which are long) in Word before submitting. It’s easier to manage I think. XD

    There’s not even enough fics centering on Yaya herself! So yes! Write one!
    & I like shoujo-ai just for the awws and the laughs. Shounen-ai more for laughs (and oh no, not you, too! Cross-over crack yaoi…oh no… ^^; )

    Ooo! I can’t wait! You’re spoiling me~ 8D
    Hehe I think KusuKusu and Pepe have such a cute Chara relationship as well! x3
    My friends won’t even dance with me. *feels lonely* :(

    I can only cry in misery at that scene…again. T_____T

    Hey~, I like the Russian dance. =3=

    You’re welcome~ :’D

    Let’s kidnap him for an hour to play DDR with! XD;

    Lol Fahiru is like the Amuto proto-type. I love Amuto more but Fahiru is cyute~ ^^

    Well, it made me happy and sad at the same time for all those reasons you stated! *huggles Amuto pillow to herself and rocks back and forth like a mental person* :’3
    And I totally back that suggestion! I back it 110% and more! Now that he’s seen her, we should see him thinking about her at the very beginning of the next episode!
    …Ok, now you’ve convinced me. I’m going to write it now. Watch me! *runs off*

    ..*comes back* Ok, let me finish replying first. XD;

    I just want them to get her over with. I don’t really care about where she’s going anymore as long as her shallow story is DONE (though some parts of it has been funny).

    And you should join me every time! IKUTOOOOOOO!!! TAT

    Yesh, Amu is always a beauty and her clothes are so fine as well. ;D

    But Yoru has a connection with Ikuto, not anyone else…except when they can sense X-eggs or ?-eggs. And Yoru reacted to Ikuto’s call back at Utau’s first concert, too so…yea.

    Me, too. I was just very worn out but yea, I’m looking forward to any Suukaidou. Some Yukari thrown in there might be great, too, but I guess we’ll just have to see.

    The episode titles are on wiki. I know we have at least two more after Nikaidou. Hopefully that will be the last of them then.

    You really are declaring war on me, aren’t you? *dangerous smare~* (a smare is a smirk and glare mixed together* >83 Thank you for the long comment! I really appreciate it! ^^


    Meli: Thank you! ^^
    Lulu was okay…we just can’t really forget that she called our awesome Utau a loser when she was the one being a loser. Yes, it’s very hard to get over that. *solemn*

    Yay! Another PT fan! This anime is so in need of more love. Cuz it’s just too awesome not to. :3

    Thank you! I’m so glad you like reading my crazy fangirl rants! Thank you for the comment! ^^


    Karen: Aww, you don’t have to…but you can try. :3

    WOOT! YEA! 8D


    You little asdfghjkl bastards, YOU LET IKUTO GO AND THEN YOU PUT HIM BACK IN A A DAMN CAGE. Somebody get my freakin’ sledgehammer and mah blowtorch.

    *cough* Okay now that that’s outta my system!

    999999+ Points to you for Princess Tutu. Nagi would be PERFECT.

    Omg yaaay crazy Japanese show about people recording other people’s homes. [/shot] And LULU just walked back into the plot thare, oh well, respect points increased tenfold for letting Ikuto go, but I’m not gonna forgive what she said ’bout my Utau!!! -huggles Utau plushie-

    Yayneesss for Ikuto/Amu scene with ze violin, it just makes me happy seeing it. OH.EM.GEEEEE Ikuto acting like a playboy with the swollen-lips scientist? Nuuu don’t do this to mah brain. *runs to get mindsoap*

    We toastally need a Yaya in our school, yeesh, she’d solve A LOT of problems, RimaHiko moments FTW plz, they’re so cuute ^ ^

    Hehehe Nana was always spunky but now she’s just plain adorkable, especially when she fell asleep and started the really loud snoring (lol)

    =DDDDDDDDDDDD Yoru’s reactions to sweets was so kawaii. (Dear gar I need more synonyms for cute) Somebody give that hard-working neko a hug, a good scratch on his head and a piece of chocolate.

    Awww Rima and Amu with a guitar, they should totally make a band, Yaya’s using her lungs full-volume for the microphone.

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay DDR, I love it especially if it has Love*Shine MUAHAHAHA >:D Now I wanna play it.

    Ikuto suffering moar, nooooo, GODDAMMIIIT. -headdesk-

    Lulu in some sorta masquerade that was actually quite pretty except it looked like a colorblind firefly put on the wrong dress coloooor.

    D= Easter grunts are complete and total IDIOTS. Thank gawrd for that.

    AGGGGGGGH why why why why why did they have to come so close to seeing Ikuto? I could’ve sworn that Amu had seen him. >=O

    LOL I was like O___________________________O Ummm…. when that dude got a tutu, it was so frickin’ creepy, and then killer ballerinas started attacking the children, sounds like a really bad, old, not-bloody horror movie.

    YEEEES, Nagi finally dancing again, I want Temari to come oouuuut and I want his new egg to hatch and I want these fillers to eeeend. But yaay Nikaidou-sensei next episode, that dude looks like a wolf, his hair eminds me a ton of Mikami Teru from Death Note. XD Now I wanna see him write.

    SHIIIZ Men in Black came and took Ikuto away and now everything’s ominous and I wanna drive a wrecking ball through Easteeeer.

    Sooo, yeah xD Gaaaaaar

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