Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 82

Boring filler. Nothing much to say. I’m kind of a little worn out over the last post as well (but writing that felt great!) and some personal issues are making my day worse so this will be a short post.

I will reply to comments for the manga chapter post (and maybe some others) as soon as I can. Right now, my stuffy nose is driving me crazy and I’m so tired because of it. Urgh… =w=

Everyone and their monkeys swore she was a boy. o.O;

…I would’ve liked her better if she was a boy. -.-;



Where’s my Amu?

There you are, AMU-CHAN~! *HUGGLES* x333 My lovely daughty (yesh, she’s my cute little daughty). <3

Ehh, but now that I look through this a second time…actually, no, when I watched it the first time on crappy resolution KeyHole TV streaming, it’s that art again. Y’know, you can tell when they change art directors for every (or every other) episode. I don’t have the names of the directors (couldn’t find them) but I’m pretty sure the one who’s in charge for this eppy was also in charge for the Utau-ramen one back in ep 75. And I can tell just by looking at how the eyes are drawn. Or somebody’s who’s more familiar with this matter prove me wrong but I’m dead sure it’s the same as ep 75.

Still…it wasn’t on par like 75, even with the same director. The designs got extremely lazy especially for all the filler people. Only the main cast seemed to look decent but they had a few short “ick” moments as well. Though I overlooked those since for the most part, they were all okay.

God, I miss the first season’s art so badly. Is anyone feeling the same?

Or do you think that because Peach-Pit’s manga art changed to show Amu maturing from a young girl into a young lady that Satelight is trying to do the same thing?
…hmm, well, I wouldn’t say they failed (definitely not) because Amu really does look a little older as the anime continues to progress but sometimes…Doki just makes a wrong turn and it’s back to kiddy art again. *sigh* …I miss season one’s art. T_T

AWWW!! Even crouching like that in fetal position (kinda), she’s so cute! lol, she has such a constipated look on her face! xDD;;


lol I love looking at this scenario from all sides. Amu is currently the silly but oh-so-cute girl of the trio, Yaya is the actual contemplater for once (WAAH! YAYA~! <333), and Rima is as always the rational one with the slightly exasperated look on her face.

“Oh, Amu, get up and sit on the bench already, jeez!”

RIMAAAAA~~~~!!! <3333

I would love to see something like this again when they’re teenagers. I know I won’t get it but I can picture it alright. It’s nice to know that some things will never change even when they’re older. Ahhh…now I really want to see it. xD;



Lawl~ Why is it when Kuukai comes back, I never call him by his name but always address him as “YOOOOUUUU!!!!” ? |D;

I think it has something to do with ep 75. Amu did the same “…oh, and you, too.” Haha

But I’m so happy to seem him again, even if it was only an episode or two ago. Kuukai~, come to the tower battle with the whole group later on, plz. TwT And drag Kairi along with you, too. The Iinchou must be present (for a tri-Jack attack!)! *so greedy* xD;

*hyperventilates from all the cuteness* So…CUTE! The both of them! AAAHHH!! xDDDDD

And Rima is so petite…which just makes me want to hug her more! *HUGGLE* Aww, she reminds me of a teddy bear! Just like what Amu said when she first transferred in (lol, why am I referencing everything to what Amu said?).

Poor Amu-chan. Don’t worry, I can understand completely how you feel (though in my case, I’m probably the unluckier one to get hit by the ball).


Yaya: “OMG, baseball looks dangerous.”
Rima: “Hmm…I’m bored but I’ll stay just to make sure Amu doesn’t hurt herself.”

Now I want plushies. Someone make me plushies of all the girls…and then all the boys. But the Charas first! Yesh, I want plushies. NAO! RAWR! D<

Poor Amu again. She’s always being dragged along by someone. Come to think of it, I don’t think there’s anyone who didn’t drag her by the hand off to…wherever. Let’s see, Ikuto, Kuukai, Yaya, Rima, Utau (not necessarily by the hand but she did drag her off to lunch so it counts!), Tadase, Nagi, Ami…did Kairi drag her anywhere yet? o.O I don’t recall nor do I think so. Hmm…yea, Kairi is probably the only one but it doesn’t look like he’ll ever get that chance. ^^;

Or does being dragged the other way around counts? haha xD;

Rima: “What exactly did we come here for?”

So I can spam my post with lovely pictures of you, RIMA~! <333

Dude, I would not mind a single fly in my soup if I could have one whole episode dedicated to Rima doing…nothing but just ordinary stuff. Like sitting down here with Yaya or in class studying cuz KAAAH! That would be so cute! RIMAAA~!!! *fangirl overdrive*

What is it that they’re standing on? Balloons of some sort? o.O;
Leave it to Kuukai for his contemporary training. ^^;

The diner~

It reminds me of Shion…and how she’s not there. Boohoo, I really, really liked Shion and wish she would come back cause some sparks to fly for Kutau but that won’t happen. *sigh* Shion~! I miss you! One of the few fillers I bother to care for. T_T

HUAGH! *punch*

This reminded me of kung fu. I kinda miss it (why am I remembering and missing so many things on this episode?!) and want to go back someday. Can’t now, though. Too much work. Agh, kung fu was so much fun, too. *sighsigh*

Aww, Amu is so cute. She gets so happy when she earns a new friend and they call her “Amu-chan”. Amu-chan~! <333

She’s come a long way, hasn’t she? At the beginning, she was always lonely and wanted friends but couldn’t really bring up the courage to approach others but look at her now! It’s Amu the one who’s taking the first step! *feels so proud of Amu and huggles her again* x333

Lawl~ Amu’s second best guy friend really fits his role. I really love Amu’s interactions with Nagi but there are certain times where it just has to be a sibling type of friend instead of a best friend type. For me, Kuukai is the Onii-chan that Amu will never have and I think Amu really needs an older brother figure to guide her because…well, older brothers are reliable (at least they should be especially towards girls younger than them). Yaya probably rivals her for that spot for being the imouto (lol and both Yaya and Amu are technically big sisters speaking in real terms xD; ) but even that doesn’t really strike me as much as Amu does. If anything, if these three were related, Amu would be the middle child, Yaya still the baby and Kuukai the spoiler. Aww, that’s cute. That’s cute! XD

Aha~ Amu’s fiery doom aura extends to her Charas as well. Wonderful~ x3

*thumbs up*

I think she should have winked her signature wink here. It would make this look tons cuter.

& I swear, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can top Amu for the cutest shoujo wink EVAR~ :DDD

This reminded me so much of S.A. (oh, I’m sorry, now you probably remember it, too *dodges tomatoes*) but only done better. -.-;

So like Kuukai to say something like “You gotta pick yourself up after you fall” and so like Amu to still run after them because she can’t leave people in trouble alone. Oh, Amu, why are you such a good mahou shoujo heroine? *loves her more* <3


Been a while. And he looks even cooler now that Kuukai has grown up a bit (did you see those biceps?! LOLOL xDDD).

Plus he and Amulet Heart always made a great tag-team in sports-related things. Ah, tag teams are nice. I always thought so…or at least, I never thought against any that I know of.
But anyways, now I want to see Amu tag-team with someone else she hasn’t tag-teamed with for a while. Rima comes to mind…Yaya’s never even tag-teamed with Amu (more like there’s no oppurtunity for it which is kinda sad :( )…Kairi’s not here (get back here already!)…and Utau is filming a MV. Oh noes, thinking more about tag-teams make me think of the tower. Why am I torturing myself? TT_____TT

Nice hit, Amu! ^^ (haha, there seems to be some sort of pattern going on here…who or what’s going to be hit next episode, I wonder?)

And one more final shot for this awesome pair of friends. End it off on a good note. Heh. ^^


…I’m not going to lie. What point is there in doing so? This worries the hell out of me. SOMEONE! Chibidoucet! LGB! warrior! Anyone! Comfort me and say I have nothing to worry about (will worry anyway cuz that’s how I am)! TT______TT

Ah, but I’m not really freaking out…no wait, that’s a lie, too. Just a little. But I understand that the Tadamu is still there for good reason. They confessed to each other and they still like each other. The crushes are still intact so…yea.
I guess what bothers me the most are the casual atmosphere and the lack of…urgency even with Nikaidou’s reassurance that Easter won’t do anything that will kill Ikuto just yet (it doesn’t matter, he’s still suffering so go and save him already). *sigh* But this is what we get when you’re following both the (BETTER) manga and the (not so great) anime at the same time. Filler-stretches and extreme plot whoop-bags. Ugh.

It kind of pisses me more off, too, cuz Satelight’s not only making Amu seem like she forgot about Ikuto’s confession completely (oh wait, maybe she’ll remember it next episode if we’re lucky *shifty eyes*), they’re making it seem as if she’s really just going to sit back for a while until something happens. Which is not her fault because she can’t even get into Easter at the moment hell, hijack a truck and drive through the front door but…still…Amu has a responsibility not only as the heroine but also as a friend to both Ikuto and Utau, who specifically “gave her the right to protect Ikuto” and look after him while she was away. I know I’m freaking out a little too much but c’mon. This kind of thing didn’t happen in the Utau arc even with the fillers, which actually fit very nicely before the actual start of BLACK DIAMONDS. I don’t see why they couldn’t do it just as good as Utau’s arc. And I know they can…they’re just lazy. *sigh*

Ah, but as if always on cue, Ikuto always seems to be there at the right time to interrupt any possible romantic furtherances (I know that’s not a word but let me use it anyway xP) because it’s like…their intertwined destinies or something. ^^;

Even when he’s brainwashed and sick and…NGH! IKUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! *BAWLS* TT______________________TT

Well, at least we get to see him again next week. I’m seriously wondering how Satelight’s going to pull of Death Rebel appearing before ALL the Guardians cuz that seems like the case here. It’s a music festival where tons of people are going to attend. Perfect chance for Easter to get X-eggs and the whole group is there…so yea.

Did I mention I love music more than I like sports? 8D When I heard “ongaku”, I was like “MUUUUSSSSSSICCCCC!!!!”

And then I heard Yoru’s voice screaming for Ikuto and went “YORUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!”


But either way, I get something good. Nagi gets some screentime (dancing~), Ikuto gets some screentime (though still sick, NOOOO!!! Dx), Yoru is back and hanging with the rest of the Chara gang (yay~! ^^), and…music! hehe

I’m going to avoid the massive rabid Rimahiko fans and likely bashing of the filler girl here (who looks kinda cute) cuz honestly, people. It’s just a filler. They’re not going to affect the main plot whatsoever. If a utterly plain girl like Kotone didn’t (though I liked it when she sparked a reaction from Amu), then let’s not prematurely bash a filler, whose purpose it to make a main cast member look good. I tend to like those fillers better instead of random ones that just focus on themselves. Filler working for an awesome cast. Yesh. Filler by itself. You’re forgettable.

Ah, ok. That’s all. Will try to reply back to comments soon. ^^


11 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 82

  1. I thought she was a girl last week.

    Rima being Rima instead of a random pairing fangirl is awesome. Also cute looking Amu playing baseball and awesome Kuukai Amu friendship moments. Everything else was to be expected.

  2. You can call me Chibi lol.

    And, don’t be worried! Really, with the anime you have to remember that there is a filler world and a manga world. They co-exist at the same time. These episodes are from the filler world, where Ikuto apparently hasn’t been captured by Easter so Amu can be relaxed and moe. I’m sure we’ll see episode from the manga world soon. Considering all of the Amuto coming up (and it better be coming, Satelight! *threatening fist*) I can understand why they’re trying to put in Tadamu now. And since in the filler world, Amu and Tadase’s relationship has continued like nothing happened, because everything that did happen is from the manga world, it’s the ideal time for it. It doesn’t mean anything.

    From the way Satelight treats Tadamu sometimes, you’d never know that it’s a meaningful relationship between Tadase and Amu. Honestly, this didn’t even register on my panic scale. I doubt more of the same doki interaction is going to change anything Amu is going through right now.

    Furthermore, you know what Satelight’s fillers are like. I don’t think this points at a non-Amuto ending at all. *soothes* I think it’s just an episode from the filler world that has a tiny bit of crossover with the manga world. I’m really glad it centers on Nagihiko, though. He’s been far too absent during the past handful of episodes. I miss him. And maybe the appearence of Death Rebel means that episode 84 will be back to the manga world (one can dream).

  3. Whoohoo, I loves your blogs ^ ^ Especially with tons of picspams =D YOU NEED TO KEEP WATCHING, DESPITE THE FILLERS, I almost stopped watching when Nadi and Kuukai left. I was like T______T Noooooo, but then Rima showed up =P And Kairi! Muahaha. Dear gawrd somebody bring Ikuto back into the plot plz, and make it snappy, with Easter’s boss put through a shredder as a side dish and more Utau. Speaking of Utau! I want to hear her new song! Utau’s songs have always earned their fangirling from me aaaaand that Lulu needs to STEP OFF the episode ladder and go cry at the bottom because we need plot. I’m only starting the manga (was too lazy/busy to read) now since I have loads of free time. Glad you put out one already, just came out too :D I for one miss the X eggs, the ? eggs are creepy and take too long and they have to involve LULU >_> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGHGHGHGH somebody save Ikuto pleaaaaaaase, how can you all have fun when he’s suffering? Honestly, I think your truck idea wasn’t so bad, I wanna try it. And awww I wanna see a ton more on the charas next episode, they’re just so adowableee especially when Yoru’s with them. And Kusukusuuuu <3 mmm what else what else, aaa yes, I totally like the idea of Amuto but Amu’s still a kiid and stuff, and Tadamu just doesn’t really appeal to me, doesn’t mean I’ll be all RAWR if it happens, ummm seeing as how Satelight is cutting out parts of the manga then we should personally go and protest, we’ll bring the sledgehammers bwahahahaha. Can’t wait for the next episode, yaaaay for gopher-Nagi getting some well-deserved screen time, we need his eggs to hatch already D; I miss Temari and her competitive/angry attitude.

    Wheee been stalking you for a while, first time leaving a comment though

  4. ::Comforts Xiao Jie:: There, there…It’ll be all right in the end, you’ll see. I kinda do more comforting in my comment for Chapter 40, so yeah…I don’t have anything else (being the youngest child in my family doesn’t help either…::is always the one receiving the comfort::. ^^; Except for the fact that this is a Mahou Shoujo anime. That means fillers everywhere and basically, the story isn’t going to be as good as the manga. It’s the same with most Shonen anime as well (with the exception of the Death Note anime, that was done brilliantly!) Anyway, <byou…don’t worry! ^_^

    Now, onto the actual post…of this filler, which reminded me of how horrible I am at baseball (and sports in general!) D: Oh, and I figured that the filler character for this episode was a girl…I thought I was wrong since everyone else thought the filler character was a boy…^^;>

    I agree with you about the animation/drawing for this episode, it was definitely…not appealing at a few points. Oh well, it’s filler, so I don’t really care all that much. But, I did adore the Amu, Rima, and Yaya interaction (and I’ll try to think of some scenario for Unexpected that could involve this interaction, only with them as teenager! ^^)

    I agree with you that Kuukai and Kairi should return for the Tower bit of Ikuto’s arc, if Satelight did that, then they could salvage themselves (since, it seems, they’ve royally messed up Ikuto’s arc! =.=)

    Rima and Yaya do look absolutely adorable here! ^ω^ ::HUGGLE::

    I was both amused and extremely happy when Kuukai finally came into the picture for this episode. On the one hand I was thinking, “Kuukai knows soccer not baseball!” But then I was like, “Kyaa! Kuukai! “Now, if only you were a little bit older so I could fangirl properly and feel like a pedo!” After those initial thoughts though, I was just like, “Meh, I guess Kuukai is just the sports boy. Have a sports problem? Go to Kuukai and he’ll fix it right up for you!” <-Yay for corny advertising!…or something…o.O;

    Oh, and how Amu looks in that screenshot, with her soul exiting her body, that’s me without a doubt when I try and play baseball…-.-;

    With this screenshot, out of the two reactions, mine would probably be closer to Rima’s. I get so bored watching sports, it’s not even funny.

    Has Kairi ever dragged Amu anywhere? I think you’re right, I don’t think he has. He’s way too composed for that. But, I’m pretty sure that Amu has dragged him somewhere. >:D

    Ah, when Rima asked, “What did we come here for?” I was thinking the same thing as you. Apparently I’ve been influenced by you and FuyuMaiden far too much, but I definitely don’t see that as a bad thing. Far from it, in fact! :D

    I have NO idea what they are standing on! O.O;; ::Is not a exercising person at all:: The extent of my exercising it playing DDR, traveling across campus for my classes, and running around cons… :’D

    When I first saw them at the diner, the first thing that popped up in my head was, “Ew…hamburgers.” I don’t like them! XD

    The Charas were so cute in this episode! ^-^ Then again, when are they not? Ah, I need to learn some kind of martial arts…

    Amu really has come a long way, hasn’t she? I was thinking that exact same thing, at that exact same spot. She’s matured and she’s also learned how to make friends. She makes the friends, they don’t make friends with her. Like you said. It’s a wonderful thing, to be able to compare a character like that and see an actual change. One of the reasons I like anime/manga so much: character development. I won’t any further than this though, I’d get to involved and probably lose track about what else I wanted to say about this episode. =P

    Kuukai is the older brother of the Guardians, without a doubt! He’s so ideal though. Yeah, an ideal older brother. ‘Cause, while they can be reliable sometimes (when they most need to be, especially to their younger sister(s))…I find that responsibility usually falls on the younger sister. They’re still guys, after all! XD Or, well, that’s how it is in my house anyway, I can’t say the same for everyone else.

    Even Suu has fire in her eyes, and Suu is, like, the chill one! Lol! XD

    ::Doesn’t watch enough Shoujo so she cannot really comment on the whole ‘cutest wink’ thing, sadly:: I prefer anime/manga that are a nice mix of Shoujo and Shonen. Or Gothic-styled anime/manga, I really like those (as well as Psychological ones/Philosophical ones.) Yeah.

    ::Feels incredibily stupid:: What’s S.A.? I probably know it, but I swear my mind is still fried from packing, studying for finals, finals, and then unpacking. I did that so much this week… @.@

    I would probably just say what Kuukai did. I’m such a boy! D: But I blame that on all the male influence I’ve had in my life (two older brothers and a very “manly” man for a father…yeah, thank god for my mom! XD) But, I would probably feel all worried and stuff like Amu, I just wouldn’t let it show. On a completely off-topic note, Amu’s outfit in this episode is really stylish and cute. I wish I could wear outfits like that…but they cost so much money! And poor college student me just doesn’t have that kinda dough! T^T

    In better news, I most certainly did see those biceps! ::Is shot for her pedo-ness:: >.O But they were quite lovely! XDDD Oh, and I really like the tag team of Sky Jack and Amulet Heart too! ^^ I agree with you, that I would like to see more tag teams, but like you, I know we aren’t going to be seeing them (really) until the Tower event. But, I would like to see more with Amu. ;.;

    Haha! :D Hits. I think, for fun (and if I remember), from now on I’ll keep note of the whole hitting thing in SC! episodes. :)

    I’m glad that you decided to end this filler episode on a good note, and I’m amazed that we were able to write so much on an episode that neither one of us really favored all that much! (O.O)

    Next week’s episode looks much better. Ikuto, Yoru, and Nagi (plus music over sports, I prefer that anyday!) all make it seem like it should be good. If it’s not…well, we just won’t go there, will we. :”)

    The filler character for next week looks adorable! :3 I’m hoping that, perhaps, Nagihiko will be the one to “save the day” instead of Amu. Instead of giving a pep talk, maybe he’ll dance out her problems (like Princess Tutu.) Ah, Princess Tutu~ Such a wonderful series (a prime example of Mahou Shoujo and what the genre has to offer.) I’ll stop now before I go on a long rant about how amazing that series is! ^^

    Finally, you just work on feeling better and then you reply to the comments when you’re nice and healthy! <3 Take care! (^^)o

  5. mmmm, just a quick reply to you ^ ^ Loooong comment xD I’d like to know what S.A. is too, the only thing I know by those initials is Special A the anime/manga =D If it was that than yaaay, but I still don’t know what was relating to that =3 -feels like dork- Muahaha

  6. She was referring to Special A the anime. For some reason, the anime will randomly insert these crayon-y clips that look horrible. It’s particularly frustrating because it happens when Kei and Hikari are interacting in a romantic way. They look really poorly done and generally disrupt the whole mood. >>

  7. Ah, thanks for that answer chibidoucet. I’ve heard of Special A before. Never read it or watched it though…^^;

  8. You’re welcome. ^^ I’ve only watched a handful of S.A. episodes but those clips are in, like, the first episode. It’s incredibly annoying (and one of the reasons I stopped watching) and they happen fairly frequently.

  9. LAWL Wait… who’s Kotone again? lol I’m stupid and don’t remember Shugo Chara fillers that often. If she’s from this episode… I thought the sickenly guyish girl was called Natsuka…?
    Like I said, I’m utterly stupid so yeah.
    I’m glad that you could end it on a positive note. I never can. -.- I always end up finding negative things, like how the characters this episode were poorly developed except for Rima and Kukai. Even my Amu-chan wasn’t right this episode, she was too cheerful. Or maybe that’s just me. I had a crappy day when I watched this episode and I didn’t want to be cheerful. lol XP
    Yeah when I saw the filler girl I attempted to make a stupid pun and say “That is Rima. I don’t see anyone else there.” Yeah but agreed, she’s kind of cute. I hope that this will be the last range of filler episodes. What can I say? I’m not as observant as the rest of you so yah I’ll shut up now.

  10. Kotone was the filler character from episode 49, I believe, which is the episode where Amu sings while Ikuto plays his violin. When Ikuto’s violin string snapped, he had to visit a violin store and he took Amu with him. While they were there, the owner mistook Amu for Ikuto’s girlfriend and introduced Amu that way to his [the owner’s] daughter. She proceeded to be super jealous and bitchy to Amu until Amu quickly explained the truth. I think the part Xiao was talking about was at the end, when Kotone says something about how much she likes Ikuto (it’s been a long time since I’ve bothered to watch this part) and Amu looks annoyed/concerned/mildly jealous, depending on your interpretation.

  11. warrior: lol So you’re probably one of the few who were right. ^^;

    I milked this ep entirely for those. Everything else is now somewhere in a garbage dump.


    Chibi-san: Okay~, Chibi-san. :D And thanks for clearing S.A. and Kotone up for everyone! I really appreciate it! ^^

    Ah, thank you for saying that. Even though I should’ve have known all that but yea…after watching it just a while ago, seems like there’s nothing much to worry about. Aha~…yea…82 was…I’ll save that for later. But thanks for the reassurance. I really needed it cuz I’m so unstable even though my faith in Amuto is so strong. ^^;

    Hmm, I can only hope they keep it that way. The doki! interaction and nothing more. To be honest, Amu can’t even doki! properly with Easter hanging all over them so…yea, are the fillers over yet? D/

    I think they have no choice but to do a non-Amuto ending. They’re not like P-Pit who have absolute control over the plot. If Satelight doesn’t deliver, then sales will go down. And Amuto is what brings in most of the sales, I’m pretty sure.
    But yes, glad Nagi is getting some of the spotlight even though he doesn’t have a Chara yet.
    And there was no Death Rebel this time but it doesn’t matter because they took him away right after! And 84 is yet another filler but it’s a Nikaidou filler but still…NOOO!!! Dx


    dreamofsoul: Thank you~! I’m glad you like my blog and my image spam! lol XD

    I will! Actually, I never stopped even with the horrible fillers but I love SC! too much to just stop watching because of some dumb fillers! RAWR!
    I pretty much agree with most of what you said though I’ll refrain from killing Satelight cuz I don’t want Ikuto stuck as Easter’s slave forever. But hmm, my truck idea does sound nice, huh?

    Lol Thank you for leaving a comment. And aww, I’ve been stalked. I feel so special (cuz I’m weird like that). lol Thank you! ^^


    LGB: Yay, thanks for the comfort. And aww, lucky duck. That’s the perks of being the youngest. You’re spoiled no matter what. Though I’m kinda spoiled, too, but that’s beside the point. xD;
    But yea, I had to say that to myself a couple of times to really let it go. I should really learn not to put too much expectations on the studios cuz I know there’s always a chance they’ll screw up and they usually do. But as long I get a good closure that follows the plot decently…it should be fine…I hope. ^^;

    Aha, I’m horrible in sports, too. I’m just very good at swimming cuz I’ve trained in it for years now.
    Oh! Bingbingbing! Another person who didn’t get it wrong! Your prize is…a baseball mitt signed by Amu! *shoves it into your hands* xD

    Ooo! Now I can’t wait to read that! Darnit, why must you always be so good in writing stuff and making me giggle my butt of while I’m reading them! xD;

    Ugh, I’m not even sure if Kuukai and Kairi together can redeem Satelight completely but it’ll redeem them a lot, I’ll say that much.

    I like that advertising! 8D
    Haha, well, Kuukai is the competitive type so I think he can excel in anything if he tried. Especially if it’s sports or has something to do with physical capabilities. And you…pedo, you! XDD;;;

    Lol Amu’s “ectoplasm” really is funny. That’ll probably be me, too…if it were a real game. o.O;

    Same here. Unless it’s like a major sports event that only happens in 2 or 4 years but even for those, I’d still doze off on. ^^;

    Lolol We should count Yaya as another girl who loves to drag Kairi around. I can totally see that happening! WAAHHH! XDDD

    MWUAHAHA! Our plan was a success! Now you show eat cookies with us while we fangirl over Rima’s cuteness even more. hehehe >3

    Lawl~ That’s plenty of exercise! 8D

    Yea! …But I like cheeseburgers. 83

    Oh gawd, now I want to see all the Charas practicing martial arts. xD;

    Yes, I completely agree. It really is wonderful to see that change, especially in girl like Amu because she really needed it. She really did and, well…she got it, alright. Got it pretty good, too. :)

    Kuukai’s so ideal, it’s kinda scary. Lol But then again, he has four older brothers so it’s not totally out there. But yea, I wonder how he can act like that without wanting to be spoiled for once. Probably because he’s so competitive so he just learned to do things on his own but…yea, let’s just leave it there and settle with “Kuukai is awesome”. <3

    Suu having a dangerous glint in her eyes is even scarier. ^^;

    Hey, that’s how I am, too! Kind of why I’m very picky with the anime I watch and the manga I read nowadays. But I’ve watched enough shoujo (good ones, I must say) to be able to tell who’s genuinely cute and who’s…well, blegh. Amu is definitely one of the good shoujos. No arguments. ^^

    Since Chibi-san already answered your question, oiyoiyoi, I hope you got through everything okay.

    But what’s wrong with that?! *smacked* xD; Ah, I’ve been raised with boys all around pretty much, too, but I don’t really see myself as a boy. More like…a cold girl…gah, I dunno. I’m just crazily unique and I think most would agree. Lol
    And yes! I wish I could dress as fashionably as Amu, too, but the only problem is, I’m not as skinny as she is nor do I think her punk fashion would suit me well. Buu. =3=

    Lol Did you hear that, Kuukai? You have very lovely biceps! *shot, too* xDD;;;
    & let’s just make pretend until we actually get to the tower. *fiddles with a two pieces of paper* (ah, now we’re desperate, oh noes)

    You and me both. ;D

    Haha, I always have a lot to say, apparently. ^^; But I don’t dwell on the crappy stuff so it’s alright, I hope.

    I’ll get to 83 when the torrent comes out. I hope it comes out soon. It was…whooaaa… o.O;
    And omg, you must be some sort of sage or something cuz that is exactly what happened! Expect me to shout-out to you like mad in my post! *going crazy…again* xD;

    Thank you for the comment! I shall review your stories soon~! <3


    animehalf: I’ll refer to Chibi’s comment on the bottom for the answer to your question.

    And ah, I can understand not wanting to be cheerful when you feel crappy so don’t force yourself. Amu was in character, though, even though this whole episode was out of context with the current events but eh, it’s a filler. Easily forgettable.

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