Shugo Chara! ~ Ch. 40

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Ack, I really wanted to do a review for Chapter 39, too, but time didn’t allow me. TAT No matter, I guess. I can always save my explanations for certain moments and my SQUEE! fests when it gets animated (so please don’t screw it up, Satelight, please).

Anyways, you know the deal, spoilers ahead for those of you who haven’t caught up.

Ignore the watermark. I just cropped it.

Look at the expression on Amu’s face! I mean, yes, I know that this was a very significant sibling moment between Ikuto and Utau (Ikuto finally says he’s not going to keep turning happiness away anymore, yay!) but ever since his whole arc started (aka when he crash landed into her bed) and she got to spend more time with him and hence, get to know him better, Amu has unconsciously began to slowly let her own feelings for Ikuto come to the surface.

Meaning, from the point where she started believing that he was not an enemy changing to when she wanted to help him out when he was on the run from Easter and now going back full circle to the time when she asked herself “It feels a little sad that Ikuto’s leaving.”

Of course, I do not deny that a large part of all that started as a genuine gesture of friendship because honestly, that’s really how all love starts. I count the small innocent crushes in there as well so the same also applies for Tadamu. Even if this is shoujo and love confessions are quite common to sometimes the point of exaggeration, you wouldn’t just give your feelings without knowing a person first, right? Not counting the heroine’s naivete in what she thinks is “love”, attraction is one glance-at-the features thing but attachment is certainly another. Attachment grows when you spend more time with someone and get to know them, and therefore, develop some sort of friendship to serve as the initial foundation of that love, whatever kind it may be.

I’m saying this because I don’t want people to start making lame accusations like “WHAT?! Are you saying that Amuto is just a friendly relationship?! She only likes Tadase because she always thought he was cute!” or “HA! See! Amuto is really just all about them being friends and while in Tadamu, they actually told each other their feelings! The hug she gave Ikuto was just because they were buddies!”

Shut up and let me finish what I have to say, bitches.

Amu is “in love” with two guys, both of whom she is on good trusting terms with (without the romance interfering). Which is why her feelings and her heart are greatly confused. Understandable because she is only a 12/13-year old girl. You cannot expect her to suddenly realize “Oh! Now I know what love is now!” No. If you just think the way she acts around each of them will be enough to define who she really has affections for, then you are like her in what she only perceives as love AND worse in that you’re letting your fangirl fantasies run ahead of the critical-thinking parts of your brains (if you even have any).

You have to understand that feelings work on so many different levels but it’s not hard to see when one interaction between two people have such a great effect on either one. When Tadase confessed to Amu, she was thrilled and extremely happy that her crushed liked her back. She was blushy and giggly, heart going dokidoki! very fast with her head on cloud nine. The same as she’s always been when she’s around him. A school girl around a boy she likes.

When Ikuto confessed that she was the one he liked, she was very surprised, got a second of exhilaration (which I think all girls would get when they’re confessed to, regardless of who that guy is), and then slightly angry and even a little hurt because she thought he was just fooling around again. She hit him because she didn’t want him toying around with her feelings but stopped when he looked at her in such a sad way.
When he smiled at her, a smile so filled with overflowing love and gratitude over how far she’s gone to save him, and said to her so seriously and determined “This time, I’ll be the one to protect you“, Amu was so taken aback that she couldn’t even respond. But it wasn’t only because she was so shocked or happy that Ikuto said that to her. It was also because she couldn’t readily comprehend the huge wave of mixed feelings, old and new, that hit her when he said that. The way he said those words struck her in a way, caused her to react in a way that Tadase’s were not able to do. Whereas with Tadase, she was only happy while with Ikuto, her frustrations about him melted away, her sympathy and the pain she felt for him – with him – merged with the emotions she stubbornly tried to suppress because she thought they were brought about only by his teasing, and therefore, what she considered “not serious”. Basically, she doesn’t understand what she’s experiencing right now but the fact that she’s experiencing A LOT of emotions all at the same time still stands. And it was all caused by Ikuto. Ikuto was able to make her feel this way. Just by saying that he truly wanted to protect her, he was able to draw such a reaction from Amu.

And the way Amu glances towards the siblings’ direction like that in this panel somewhat shows the lasting effects of that brief yet deep exchange. Even though Amu and everyone else know how close Ikuto and Utau are as siblings, Utau is nonetheless, still a girl. A girl Ikuto treasures very much. Even though Amu knows Utau is his sister, she looks a little lonely here and perhaps even a little envious of Utau on how close she is to Ikuto, something that Amu has not accomplished with him yet (at least not to or above the extent of Utau’s level). And it’s definitely understandable to feel that way. Ikuto and Utau are family, a family where they only had each other to rely on. Amu is an outsider who didn’t live through the same things they did and can only understand so much even after seeing Ikuto’s memories of his past. Of course, she would feel a little left out.

But the point here is, she’s starting to look towards him in a way she’s never done before (in a way she’s never looked at Tadase either). She’s starting to feel sad and lonely without him. Almost as if she wants him to stay by her side. It’s not so clear to her now but some part of herself is beginning to acknowledge that Ikuto is more than just an important friend to her. And with that, I think it’s safe enough to say that she will one day realize she really does love him. Not just like him, but really, truly love him. All they just need to do is solve the Easter problem and give their relationship a little more time to develop. And if/when Amu and Tadase can/will come to terms with each other that although they get along, they just don’t work out as a couple because they don’t need each other like how Ikuto needs Amu and vice versa. Easier said than done but it shall be done! *strikes a determined pose*

… :D

Ah, yes, I think I’ll stop there. But man, I loved going on an Amuto rant again! x3
Oh, and no belittling Tadamu either, ok? I didn’t do it, so you shouldn’t. If it’s comparing them while acknowledging that Tadamu is a meaningful relationship (it is!), that’s the right way to go, but please, don’t belittle Tadamu like a bad fan. :(


The chapter was satisfying. Yay for plot and backstory! Gets the issue solved much faster and therefore, finish the whole thing much faster. Haha

I have no complaints but there are a few things that just didn’t really settle with me after I read it. And it’s mostly regarding Gozen, aka taiyaki kid. But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

lawl~ I used my planner to hold the pages down but it looks more like it’s chomping on the Nakayoshi instead. |D;

Ah, nothing much to say here. I just like this page cuz it’s a classic shoujo “Ok, we’re going to face the bad guys now!” start of a chapter. Hehe ^^

Ok, so a small complaint.
What the hell? That elevator can so fit more than three people, darnit! *is just fussing over nothing* At least take one more person with you! And it should be Utau since she is still one of the top four important plot characters and Easter is still her problem anyway! xP

Ah, it probably just looks that way since Amu and Tadase are so small (elementary kids~). Really, though, I think they should have taken Utau along but then the elevator will get cramped and…fwah, nevermind. We don’t want a cramped elevator with those four now that I think about it. ^^;

Anyways…haha, here I was thinking what the hell were they going to discuss on the way down especially since these three dummies didn’t really apologize to each other yet (are they ever going to, I wonder?) so it would’ve been very awkward but yes, talk about Gozen! Save the awkwardness for after the mission and be awkward out in open air…or whatever. xD;

…I hope this elevator ride is short in the anime. *slight claustrophobia speaking* -.-;

All I have to say here is…WAAHH! There they are! I was wondering where all the Charas went cuz they seemed to more or less disappear temporarily at the end of the last chapter. ^^;

But yay~ Glad to see Dia is up and about out of her egg! Ugh, if Satelight wasn’t such an idiot and kept her in there until they get to this part. Now part of my excitement has deflated. -_-

Oh, here it comes…Gozen is…a fancy chair :P

no wait, a fancy chair with a tape recorder sitting on it! not here.

But oh wow, is it so surprising that it’s a voice-distorter? To be honest, I thought it was kind of strange that his voice was like that in the anime. It sounded too…unhuman that I figured it probably wasn’t his true voice. I mean, only monsters in mahou shoujo would get hideous voices like that. Even old, evil men don’t sound that creepy. Or maybe that’s just me? Hmm, dunno.

But hey~, like what I mentioned in my PreSpoiler post, we still got a lil’ bit of Amuto alright. *giggles*
I really love it how they both don’t notice how close they’re standing next to each other. Especially Amu. Especially her! XD
It’s rather subtle but this still speaks volumes to me because even when he saved her from that giant X-egg Chara, she’s all flustered, embarrassed and probably would’ve screamed for him to put her down if he didn’t follow up with that awesome line of his (kaah, I’m still so giddy over that, lol).

But here, it’s Amu who’s standing close to him, not that other way around like how it usually is. I know this probably isn’t the proper mood to address something like that but it just reinforces my belief that if you’re that close to someone and are calm or comfortable with that proximity while not really realizing it at first, it really moves you ahead in couple status because you’re content in each other’s space…yea, something like that, you get what I mean? This happens quite often, too, so you should get what I mean. (Really, if you don’t, GET WHAT I MEAN!) xD;

Aha, and I love Amu’s line (?): “There are more and more mysterious unfolding” with her hand under her chin like that…reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. lol

So they arrive in the room with rocks via secret passageway but that’s not really what I’m concerned about.

Peach-Pit, answer me honestly. I’m happy you give us two short Amuto panels and I am not complaining at all but are you really dropping hints or giving false hope?

If you’re not aware, I am very, very attentive to details to the point of obsession. I’m also very cautious about shipping when we’re already this far into the story and I don’t want all the big and small Amuto-related things I appreciate to really flop in the end. Granted, this part isn’t exactly a romantic moment but I still count it as something to my Amuto list because the fangirl within me tells me to. I’m not overreacting. I just like all the things that contribute to my shipping, no matter what they are. That’s all.

& hey, if Tadamu fans could scream and squeal over Platina Heart, why can’t I smile at an Amuto panel? And let me just make it clear that I don’t really see a joint-attack or even a joint-transformation as anything romantic unless the author purposely added such overtones to the moment. So yea, Platina Heart was nice and made the Tadamu fans happy but it wasn’t romantic. Amu and Ikuto’s joint-transformation is the same…they just transformed because it was battle-necessary. It was special for Amuto fans but it’s not anything seriously related to romance. :/

Oh whatever. Don’t mind me. I’m just paranoid and like looking into things too much. But I really hope they don’t drop an anti-bomb for a climax, that’s all. *worried*

Back to the chapter, Gozen is the taiyaki kid who’s name is Hikaru. Woohoo, another corporation ruled by the hands of a midget. What else is new in the world? :P

Really, I’m not surprised he’s Gozen and I’m fine with it but I seem to like him…less now because of that? I don’t really see him as cute anymore (I’m probably one of the only few who thinks this, too). To be blunt, he’s a spoiled brat with too much power. And stuff like that just really turns me off. But before we get into that…

I want to make a shout-out to one of my wonderful commenters, Chibi-san, cuz she gives me such…awesome comments (waah! I’m so grateful! Thank you! XDD) andand I feel very bad for not responding to them lately due to being so busy so I felt this would be a good time to say it.


Noo! It isn’t! *shakes head* It’s just that we share the same sentiments on whether taiyaki kid was ever going to show up in the anime or not and when ep 80 eww came out, we figured he was pretty much going to be a no-show. Then this chapter came out and oh, everything changed again. @.@;
So I guess the chances of him appearing in the anime later on have risen quite a lot. There’s still a small chance Satelight might take a different route but highly doubt it. I may not like Hikaru all that much but I certainly don’t want him out because not only does he play a major role as Gozen, he plays a very important part in the moral as well (which I will get into later). You don’t screw with the moral like how Satelight screwed up ep 80 so he’d better show up unless they want to face my wrath! *glares* D8<

…erhem, but yes, that’s all I wanted to say regarding the anime. And thank you again, Chibi-san! I really appreciate your comments and I hoped you enjoyed the first honorary random guest spot of an ěk-sěn’trĭk post so it was random *shot* |D;! XD

Alrighty, back on topic…Hikaru is a spoiled gaki.

And this supports it. “Oh, it’s not shining anymore. Don’t like. Do not want.” *toss*


I guess I was just really expecting him to be some kind of wise Gandalf child who would show up at the right moment and PWN! everyone with some powerful but utterly “HUH?!”-inducing speech (dramatic spotlights in the background and everything) but turns out not. *sigh* Oh well. There have been worst.

(Btw, the cages are…yea, but I always get freaked out when they just drop out of nowhere. What if it crashed into your head first?! *thinking too much* o.O; )

Hikaru still gets me angry, though. Even if he is just a selfish little kid whom you may think does not know any better, that does not excuse him for sending an entire company on a wild goose chase for the Embryo, and thus abusing and using the Tsukiyomi siblings as tools as well as harming so many innocents and endangering their dreams all because he wanted to have something extra shinier to put on his collection shelf. No, his sob story, his age or the people that could have possibly influenced him does not cancel out his wrongs. He has done this all on a selfish whim and damn it, the brat needs to be spanked with a hard, long piece of wood! D<

*calms down for a moment*

In relation to this page, however, it seems that Hikaru values his stones more than he does people and that his subordinates are only worth something if they can get him something. Ok, now I really can’t wait to see his backstory cuz I would like to know how the f***in’ hell do grown up adults bow down to a kid like this and not mind that their dignity is being trampled on?

…Then again, all adults in Easter are retards and that has been proven correct. *nodnod* And ah yes, of course, that voice distorter and curtain along with the fact that no one but the asshole director gets to actually see the true face of Gozen so it all makes sense~…
Which makes the director an even more of a faggot. He treats everyone like trash but would serve as a human rug for a boy five times less his size.

Can I kill him now? We shouldn’t let such a failure of a man live and ruin the image of humanity more than it already is ruined. *crazy look*

Anyways…I’m so confused. @.@; Where the hell did the black egg come from? Is it the same one that was inside Ikuto and enabled him to Chara-nari into Death Rebel? If so, when the heck did it come out?! And if not, is this another black egg that just formed when all the X-energy sucked itself out of the violin?

(Btw, yay! The violin is no longer corrupted!)

Oiyoiyoi…I hope this will be explained better when it’s animated cuz the manga seems to be just rushing through to get to the climax. No problem with that. I would just like some clarification on this egg! *still sooo confused and lost* @.@;;;

Pfft. Well, I give credit for still keeping the humor alive. One of the smaller things I really love about SC! Spontaneous WTF comedic moments.

Oiya, the glass displays have axploded and Hikaru is “NOOO!! My precious stones!” while bastard director tries to molest protect him from the blast.

Ooo, rejection sucks, doesn’t it, ugly?

I kind of want to laugh at how Hikaru’s so desperately trying to gather up all his rocks. I’m not being mean or spiteful either. It’s just funny to see him all crouched over the ground…over rocks. Pretty rocks, yes, but still…rocks? |D;

However, there really is a good theory to why he’s freaking out over them. Quote MVP’s post:

I think Hikaru really needed someone after his parent’s death and didn’t have it, or something happened to make him feel worthless and say something like, “My parents left me.” Because, well, though they did, they died. While it isn’t abandonment, Hikaru might see it as such and was never able to cope with it, thus carrying baggages of anger and sadness inside him until his Heart’s Egg broke and vanished. He’s basically an empty soul. But it seems his fetish for rocks speaks a great deal about his character; he wants to hold onto something, something that won’t break easily. Rocks are stone and hard, and are nearly impossible to break by the human hand. I think he admires rocks, how strong they are, and wishes he himself could be like that. So he keeps everyone at a distance, and throws them away so he can keep himself from breaking should he get too attached, and that makes sense; no attachment, no time for him to feel sadness at losing them. So when they’re destroyed, the look of panic and horror on his face shows that not even rocks are unbreakable and he’s lost yet another thing along with his sense of security.

I pretty much have the same opinion in mind.

Hikaru said he had no time to mourn for his parents because he needed to study hard to become a good leader. Like how Ikuto and Utau were when they lost their father and their mother fell ill, he thought that expressions of sadness will get him nothing and worse, cause others to look down on him with pity that he doesn’t need. It’s the pride that’s speaking through. Which is the main reason why they all wanted to become stronger. Ikuto and Utau placed a lot of faith in swallowing up their sorrow, steeling up against the people who oppressed them, and trying to rebel against their “fate” of serving Easter. They did not put their trust in anyone, believing that others could not possibly understand and that they would only get empty words of comfort that they don’t need. The thought that because they were able to fight for so long up till now without anyone else’s help, that they were “strong”.

While Hikaru developed an obsession over stones, which are supposedly unbreakable. Moreover, to him, people are not like stones. People’s emotions and feelings are extremely unreliable while stones have no feelings at all. If he could become a rock, polished and cut to perfection, then that is good enough. He doesn’t need feelings because he thinks feelings are weak and dreams are fragile. So he threw them away and focused on objects that defined the image of “strength” in his mind, just like how Utau tried to throw away the kind and gentle side of her because she thought she didn’t need it to “win”. And in a similar yet altered-around way, just like how Ikuto pushes happiness away to prevent himself from losing what little of it he has. Better to not have it at all than to lose it.

But in reality, it’s just to hide their weaknesses from the rest of the world. They don’t want to look at their shortcomings bravely in the face and chose to run from them instead, which doesn’t solve the problem at all.

Utau wanted to “win” but what would she have won? Nothing. She wanted that satisfaction of beating Amu to prove she was right but like that is going to make her feel any better even if she did “win” a shallow victory. She’d still be slaving under Easter, doing crap she doesn’t want to do, and Amu would continue to interrupt the bad guys like the good heroine she is.
And Utau did all the bad stuff at the price of almost losing her dream to sing…along with the person whom she really was, which caused Iru and Eru to leave her. Utau’s problem was that she kept denying her true self and started chasing a deceiving image of “winner”. Hence, she was just making up excuses to hide her weaknesses when it did the exact opposite. It just showed how insecure she was about herself and just how badly she tripped off the right path.

Now with Ikuto, if Amu didn’t save him, he’d just keep spiraling downwards. Ever since he was a kid, he’s been denied happiness and continually forced to do Easter’s dirty work in order to protect his mother and Utau. If that wasn’t enough, people starting placing the “unlucky black cat” mark on him and accusing him to the point where he seemed to almost agree with them.


But Ikuto, nonetheless, still cared about those close to him and was willing to take the bitter end in order to protect him, even if it meant that he had to make his loved ones hate him to do so. And though he has that all in very, very, very noble intentions…he’s such a dummy. Selling himself to Easter never really did make things any better, did it? He’s brainwashed and forced to take more X-eggs, he can’t protect Amu or Tadase while he’s under Easter’s control and whether he wanted to keep them out of it or not, the Guardians were still going to face Easter in the end anyway.

But he still could’ve reached out to someone (Amu) and taken off his mask of indifference to show just how much he’s been bottling up inside. He didn’t but he should have. He didn’t explain all those misunderstandings to Tadase when he should have but if he did, it wouldn’t have come out to such a predicament where Tadase absolutely hated him.
However, it just goes to show that Ikuto is as scared as much as he is proud. He has lost so much already that if he were to show his true self to others, they would either accept him or still reject him. If they accepted him, he’d be happy for only short while until Easter comes in and threatens to do harm to that happiness. He doesn’t want the same to happen over again like how it did with his family so it would be better if he was never happy at all so that Easter doesn’t know. He knows it doesn’t solve the problem but given the type of guy he is, what other choices does he really have?

Despite that, both Ikuto and Utau realized that they were wrong and got back on the right track while Hikaru…

…is still being stubborn. But not anywhere smartly stubborn. Just plain old dumb stubborn! >:(

Honestly, Hikaru, rocks are rocks. In symbolism, they might have the “ooo, awesome, rocks never break so they are strong!” logic but wake up and smell the eggs, stupid. You can collect as many shiny stones as you want and you’ll still feel empty and want something more to fill that void. Rocks do nothing. They just take up space. They won’t respond to your feelings nor will they give you the sense of fulfillment that only interactions with people can give.

*being angry because I can*

Yes, I know that since Hikaru is still just a kid, he probably doesn’t understand the meaning of all this but like hell I care about his age or how much he’s been spoiled. If he’s competent enough to lead a company then he should goddamn learn how to get his little arse out of his fetish office and be in the real world for once. xP

(And gawd, Amu, why must you be such a good heroine and stick up for even to the most loathsome of bad guys? *huggles her~* x333)


Xiao is happy.

Now release them from those cages! D<

Holy mother of macaroni, where the hell did you get the spare keys? -.-;

So…here’s the part where I go into the Embryo rant.

Y’know all this talk about “The search for the Embryo was completely pointless!” is really getting on my nerves. Yes, I do understand (MORE THAN A GREAT HANDFUL OF YOU!) that none of the characters really needed the Embryo at all. They really only needed each other to see the potential within themselves and use each other’s support to get closer to their wishes. Example: Tadase’s wish is to become stronger and a good leader, and therefore, Kiseki was born. Tadase was discouraged once and felt lost and betrayed a couple other times but he has managed to overcome those problems with the help of his friends and realize for himself (by himself) what he needed to do to become stronger. In short, Tadase never needed the Embryo, as much as he wished for it.

We got that part down? Good.

Now, the Embryo has just turned into a rock. WOOT! That’s the way I like it! xP

But to call the whole search for the Embryo useless…you guys are missing a very vital point or you’re just not thinking enough like usual. First of all, just like Tsukasa explained, the Embryo is not a jewel or a precious stone but “the egg of people’s dreams.”

What are dreams, people? Wishes. Goals. Something we want to accomplish. Thing is…dreams are not tangible. You can’t see them anywhere except inside your head. You can’t touch them, you can’t feel them. It is something that was created inside your own mind and will only take form within your own mind.

But knowing people, they’re impatient. They don’t like waiting for the results and constantly demand that they get something relevant AND physical of their wishes fulfilled. They don’t want to just think and work for it, they want to actually see something. And this is where the Embryo comes in. The Embryo is a physical representation of those dreams. Not only dreams. Dreams and wishes that are granted. No wonder why so many people chase after it. Isn’t it easier to just grab a shining egg floating in the sky then go through school just to get a diploma? Of course it is! Now get back down to reality and focus.

The Embryo quest was not for nothing. At the very least, people should be aware that if there was no search for the Embryo, there would be no Shugo Chara! and therefore, no interactions between the characters who make the plot move along.
Secondly, if there was no Embryo to chase after, none of them would realize that they don’t really need the Embryo in the first place when they can just do their best on their own actually, they really haven’t realized this yet either but that’s beside the point.

Thirdly…Shugo Chara! not only deals with the theme of growing up and learning to accept yourself for who you are but it also deals greatly with the matter of the human psyche.

People respond to incentives and rewards. And that is what the Embryo is. So that’s why they search for it. To say it was pointless is just like saying that chasing after their dreams are pointless. So what if the Embryo turned into a rock? Then it’s just not the Embryo anymore. That doesn’t mean its power no longer exists or that there isn’t another Embryo out there, waiting to be caught. It just means that dreams are once again intangible and you’ll have to try harder this time to find it again.

Note how I did not say that this new Embryo is a flying egg that you have to grab hold of. Did I say it was anything like that? Did I imply the Embryo is even an egg at all? No.

But as previously stated, people are lazy, selfish and very often chose not to think. They see something of promise, they grab. They don’t get what the want, they chuck it into trash bin and whine like a bitch instead of moving onto the next step. Hikaru is a great example of people and their greed in general just like how the Embryo represents people’s desires.

See the representation now? *sigh* So many fans are so shallow. They only see what’s on printed paper.

And moral of the story? Settle for collecting Snapple caps instead. It saves up more space and you can actually play with them. *SHOT*


Kidding. But just to say that things like wanting to be strong, making a wish come true, etc…it’s not something that’s material. Simple as that. *shrug*

Current final concluding thoughts about Hikaru:

I still don’t like him. >:(

I admit that since he is still only just a kid who’s gone through some troubling times while growing up, it gives him a little more leisure space to be forgiven but not enough to redeem himself! He’s still a dictatorial brat who’s done too much wrong to completely make up for. And while Ikuto and Utau had little to no power to resist Easter’s orders to hurt people, Hikaru had the whole corporation kissing his feet with a silver spoon sticking out of his mouth.

Of course, we all know that Amu will eventually talk some sense into Hikaru (or will it be Tsukasa? Meh, who cares…) so when she does, something big might happen for a moment and yay, maybe then we’ll get some sort of definite signs of ending. I’m actually hoping it isn’t just Amu to play the peptalk role this time, though (lol, Ikuto scolding a little kid should be funny to see xD; ) but if that’s how it is, then so be it. She knows how to handle little kids best and since Hikaru never really had an older, reliable figure to pat him on the head and sympathize with him, it would seem as if he’d get attached to her really quickly. Oi. :P

My only peeve is that since Gozen is just a kid, we’ll probably never get to see Easter collapse to the ground. I’m rather disappointed cuz I was really looking forward to something like that. Easter has left too many bad memories for me to just accept that it will continue working like it always has. But who knows, maybe it will get some sort of reform doesn’t change a thing or whatever. I dunno. In order to un-annoy me, they’ll have to do something wackily sensible like putting Hikaru and Ami together and therefore, making Ami the future wife of the CEO of Easter. 8D;

On the brighter side, HOORAY! I think it’s safe to say that Ikuto and Utau will not be inheriting the company after all now that Hikaru took that spot. And who wants to be in charge of a company that used you as slaves anyway? xP

So ends my review. Damn, that was long. Next time: Hikaru’s past. Looking forward to it, despite my small grudge.

Mmkay, going to take a short nap now. But not before I read LGB’s latest one-shots. OMFG, she wrote me a Suukaidou! I ♥ you, hun~! <333 *dashes off to go read it again* LOL xDDD;;;


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  1. Whew, long post! *rubs hands together* Firstly, whoa, I thought the splash page was beautiful. Amu looks so much older in it! I really think she looks around fifteen/sixteen instead of how old she is now. There’s just so much detail to it. Really lovely.

    Do you know, I never considered that image of Amu looking at Utau and Ikuto like that, but now that I go back and re-examine the page, I think you’re right – Amu looked both lost and shocked in the image. It’s almost like she’d forgotten that Utau existed, or that there was another girl out there who was close to Ikuto. Honestly, I particularly liked how the panels showed Ikuto and Utau together, and then the rest of the guardians around Tadase. Amu really is caught between the two worlds. There’s a part of her that fits with each one but she doesn’t feel like she belongs to either one.

    I wished the same thing. Actually, I wondered if only three people could go so that they wouldn’t get caught or something like that? I almost hope Satelight comes up with a reason why only three people can go, because right now it seems like Peach-Pit just wanted the three most obvious ones to go. Why is Tadase even going? Utau knows Easter almost as well as Ikuto, so wouldn’t she be more helpful? Amu is still a guardian, so the reasoning that “Tadase is the representative of the guardians” falls flat. It was something that stood out to me as being weird. I mean, I know Tadase, Ikuto, and Amu had to go, but I’d like a real reason for that which makes sense in their world.

    DIA! I was ecstatic to see she was out of her egg. That was probably the part of the chapter that thrilled me the most (I love Dia). I still think it will be epic to finally see her out of her egg, because it means Amu’s getting that much closer. Yeah, Satelight cheated a little, but it doesn’t really ruin it that much. In my opinion, they can make up for it with another epic Amulet Diamond transformation. I demand the best animation they can do for those episodes!

    Honestly, who DIDN’T see the voice distorter coming? It was so obvious. Even if it wasn’t a child, using a voice distorter makes sense. And as for Amu and Ikuto standing close to each other, I took it as Amu subconsciously remembering what Ikuto said (it’s my turn to protect you) and feeling safe when she’s with him, especially because she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. Amu has been feeling quite vulnerable in the past few chapters, and she sticks very close to Ikuto throughout this whole chapter.

    I have my fingers crossed for an Amuto ending, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the story ended in a more open way (just point towards Amuto, PP! COME ON!) Really, at this point, I can’t forsee a Tadamu ending. The relationship between Tadase and Amu seems to have died out with everything that has been happening. It’s like that doki first part has been overwhelmed. It really makes me wonder how Tadase and Amu will act around each other after, particularly since Amu has been going through so many feelings about Ikuto. I have a sneaking suspicion that they will agree to just be friends.

    Whaa! If you were referring to me in your shout-out, I’m incredibly flattered and stunned. If you weren’t, ah, watch me hide under a rock for being presumptious. -.-”’ Anyway. I do think that Satelight is going to have to bring in Hikaru at some point. I highly suspect that we’re going to see a manga episode that covers everything we’ve been missing up to this point, including him. Furthermore, I could see them introducing Hikaru along with his morales, as if Amu hadn’t realized some of them on her own. My guess is that Satelight (mistakenly) figured he was unimportant, and now they’re going to try to cover that up.

    Hikaru makes me angry, but my guess is the Director and he are both using each other. Because the Director undoubtedly had a grudge against Aruto, even if for nothing more than because Souko still loves him, which means that the Director probably saw the perfect opportunity to get revenge and make Aruto’s children suffer under the guise of searching for the embryo. I might be incorrect, but that’s what I’m thinking right now.

    Um, as far as I can remember, yes, that is the Black Egg that Ikuto chara nari’d with to become Death Rebel. I think – think – that it was still inside of his violin, and that Hikari somehow summoned it. But yeah, that part was a little confusing. The manga really does seem to be rushing a little. That’s such a common trap to fall into when you get close to the end. I bet the anime will offer explanations for it, though. Satelight seems to be good at that.

    Hmm, Hikaru does have a lot in common with Utau and Ikuto, but somehow I’m more forgiving of them. Maybe because in the long run, Utau wasn’t really hurting anyone but herself (and Amu a few times), and the same goes for Ikuto. Hikaru’s self-destructive spiral extends much further, apparently over all of Easter, and he’s affecting a lot more people. Really, in my mind it’s hard to think of the kid as anything but a spoiled brat. I’m not inclined to give him any leeway because he’s just a kid. He may be a kid but he is a kid in a position of serious power, ready and able to hurt a lot of people.

    WTF?! Who the hell is saying that the search for the Embryo was pointless? It most certainly was not. Just because none of them got the Embryo doesn’t make it pointless. When they started out on the journey, none of them knew that they’d never reach it. Honestly, it taught them all a lot. For example, the embryo kept pushing Amu away when she got close to it, which only made her strive harder to get it and accomplish her goals.

    I have ALWAYS guessed that the embryo is exactly what people *think* it will be; it represents something different for everyone. For Amu, it was something she was working hard towards that she was AFRAID to attain. For Tadase, it was something he was scared to even try for. For Ikuto, it was something that was always just out of reach. For Hikaru, who believes that dreams are stupid, it turned out to be a normal rock that was hidden under the guise of something spectacular. That’s why it was the egg of people’s dreams. The embryo is a physical representation of people’s dreams; its power already exists inside of everyone.

    I agree, I want something to happen to Easter. It really is a creepy company and it does not deserve to continue unscathed. I don’t know how it could be resolved, but I really hope that Peach-Pit can come up with some way to make it fall apart, or to otherwise make the suffering Ikuto and Utau have gone through validated (not that it ever could be, but you know what I mean).

    Wow, this was long. It took me 45 minutes to type up. o.O I have to go to bed. Can’t wait for the next chapter! And I hope you’re going to be less busy soon. ^^ Being stressed and crazed all the time isn’t good for your health.

  2. Ah, I think if the embryo really is just a kind of metaphor then Peach-Pit really have to work into the story more fully the concept that there are no quick fixes in life. Afterall, wasn’t that the whole point of Shugo Chara to begin with? That it wouldn’t be nice if, in an instant, you could be the person you wanted to be?

    Of course it has been shown that, even if you can chara-change or chara-nari, it’s no substitute for finding yourself with your own two feet. I guess that it is the same with the embryo. If the embryo really could grant wishes, it would really send out the wrong message.

    My problem is though… that the way the plot seems to be unfolding seems kind of… morally dubious. We know that Hikaru wanted the Embryo, and so Easter wanted the Embryo, and as such the Guardians’ wanted the Embryo. At this point, it seems that Hikaru learned about the Embryo from Tsukasa, who wrote it in his book, and Tsukasa knew about it from where? Or did he just make it up? Because if he just made it up that’s kind of messed up, putting ideas in people’s heads like that. Even if you’re doing it for a good reason, even if you think it will help people, I still feel it’s kind of wrong to just mess with people’s minds in that way.

  3. I agree with you about the love triangle. Amu really does like both boys, but might slowly move towards Ikuto based on her actions. I’m hoping for a flash forward preview to reveal this.

    Nods. Any kid who had an active part in hurting Utau and Ikuto, and more importantly didn’t act with the sense of honor either of them had in that case isn’t that cool. What annoys me is that so many fangirls are going “Easter Director isn’t so bad~” Now that they see he’s so nice to Hikaru.

    I liked Amu scolding Hikaru too. She’ll talk some sense into hime.

    I think Hikaru is a clone of Tsukasa. The only way he could have managed to control a company. Easter might still callopse though.

  4. A rant about Amuto without insulting Tadase or Tadamu. *applause* Well done, Xiao. ^_^

    Hikaru is a brat. A very cute tsundere brat, but still a brat. WTF happened to the cute little boy who blushed at eating his first taiyaki! *rage* But he’s judgment has been postponed till we learn about his past.

    Just to make it clear, I’m one of those fangirl who’s going “Kazuomi isn’t so bad~” -_-
    Myth: I’m going to start liking him and act like he never did all those terrible things~. *throws keyboard* Heck no. I’m not going to forget everything just because I see a little humanity. I’m not a Mary-Sue nor am I idiotic. I will also NOT deny I bashed Kazuomi. I wished death and destruction upon him cause I thought he was a jackass and I not going to claim I didn’t because I feel guilty and might be wrong.
    Truth: He will be just barely neutral until I find out why he had such a desperate look on his face. If it’s a good reason, he stays neutral, but if it’s a bad reason, back into the hate pile you go.
    My reason for this simply because my morals won’t let me judge someone if I don’t know the full situation and if it’s clear I don’t. Kazuomi has never acted so desperate before so I figured I knew enough and bashed him for being a jackass. But as it turns out , I didn’t and I feel guilty enough to stop hating him until the whole story comes out.
    ‘Kay, rant over.

    Yes, how did Tsukasa get down there? @_@

    *Also looking forward to next chapter for explanations.*

    Thanks for the Post!

  5. First off, I

    Anyway, onto this actual chapter (or, well, the splash page at least.) Amu looks gorgeous on this splash page! *0* So pretty and mature, a lot of people didn’t even realize it was her (though, I don’t really know how they could do that, since Amu is the only one in the series with pink hair, but…yeah. >.>)

    Moving on, I really don’t have anything to add to your Amuto and Tadamu comments, you cover everything! Also, the couples have been talked to death, there really isn’t much that can be discussed or debated anymore. The only thing us fans can do now is wait for the verdict (so to speak.) Though, I will say that my friends and I fangirled over the cute little detective scene between Amu and Ikuto! >v.>; I think I’m one of the few SC! fans that wasn’t surprised that the Taiyaki boy ended up being Gozen. I mean, everyone else already had their ‘parts’, so to speak, in the story…except for the Taiyaki kid (though, I still think it would have been awesome if Tadase’s Bitchy!Mom ended up being Gozen! XD That’s a different story though…) In my mind he HAD to be Gozen, he wouldn’t have fit anywhere else. But people were insistant that Gozen was Tsukasa or Aruto! O.O I really don’t get where they were going with those theories…=.=

    Everyone was guessing that the Taiyaki kid was actually the ‘owner’ of the Embryo, that the Embryo was his heart’s egg, but that never made sense to me. First off, the way he spoke, when Amu asked him if he like the Taiyaki and he said something along the lines of sweets being “useless,” I knew right then that he didn’t have the mind of a child. He had the mind of a corrupted adult. Ya know, it goes along with the symbolism of children liking sweets and adults preferring slightly bitter foods, since they have seen the…less innocent aspects of life. Then again, it could just be that I love FLCL too much (even though I haven’t watched the series in years!) I thought to myself, “There’s no way that the Embryo, this object [egg] that is supposed to make anyone’s wish come true, could be the egg of this kid’s heart.” Of course, then I thought that the Embryo couldn’t be the egg of ANYONE’S heart. No one is that perfect, no one is that special, that they would have a wish granting egg instead of a Shugo Chara (or would-be-self, to be more accurate.)

    That’s why it didn’t shock me that Hikaru was Gozen nor that the Embryo turned out to be nothing but a rock (or stone, whatever, the two are close enough! =P) Basically, what you wrote about the Embryo and the journey, that it WASN’T pointless, not at all, was dead on, in my opinion. I have nothing to add to it. People are constantly chasing after their dreams, this is just a physical representation of that symbolic statement. Now, something that would be truly pointless would be if they all died in the end or something. That’s why I hate tragdies.

    Ah, let’s see, I think I’m going all over the place in this comment…oh well. ^^ Brief note on Asswhole!Director…he got more asswholey…What the Hell!? He protects Hikaru, but he doesn’t protect his own “children” (ugh, I hate using that word to describe Ikuto and Utau’s relationship with him, but technically speaking that’s what they are to him. Now, figuratively speaking, yeah, we won’t go there…)

    Getting away from Asswhole!Director, Hikaru. A Gandalf child! XD Ah, it’s been too long since I’ve read those books (once I get time I should re-read them…and re-watch the movies too, those were some great movies!) Anyway, I wasn’t really expecting a Gandalf-like child, I was expecting more of the little brat that we got. Also, the theory of Hikaru and his rocks, I loved it! I was thinking along the same lines as those, though I didn’t have the idea down in such a concrete way as MVP or you did. So, it was really nice to read about it when it’s all thought out and organized.

    Oh, quick question about Hikaru’s parentage…wasn’t Ikuto and Utau’s mother supposed to be the head of Easter, because her father had been? Or was her father simply the director and the actual owner of Easter was someone else completely? That part got me for a second.

    Also, you bet I pair Hikaru and Ami together! XDDD I have since we first met him. I even hinted at it in my one-shot “Smashing Sandcastles,” of course, in that one-shot it was more of a friendship developing between the two (and more of an ‘Ami-is-curious-about-the-Taiyaki-kid’ thing, more than anything else), but you get what I mean. Expect an one-shot about these two when they are older. It’ll be coming out after we find out more about Hikaru through his story.

    I’m really looking forward to Hikaru’s story. Hopefully we will also be able to find out about that missing page (since it seems like Hikaru ripped it out, he apparently didn’t like what it said, which leads me to quite a few different theories about what could be (could have been?) written on that page…but there are just too many floating around that I’d much rather just wait and find out in the manga, rather than guess.) Also, we should, once again-hopefully-be finding out why Tsukasa wrote “Eggs of the Heart” in the first place. Personally, I think he might have written it for someone. I say this because the whole thing is just reminded me a whole lot of “A City with No People” from Chobits. The book series was written specifically for Chi, in order to help her find “The one just for me.” I’m pretty sure that this is something similar. Though nothing, and no one, can be certain about any of that until the next chapter (when possibly two birds can be killed with one stone.)

    Finally, we come to my last comments. First, I think that X-egg was the egg that was in Ikuto’s violin, if I’m not mistaken. When it actually came out, I have NO idea, but it apparently did. I’m hoping that the anime makes this bit clearer too. It’s the only real compliant that I have with this chapter, which is actually nothing. Second, you totally made me want to start collecting Snapple caps! XP Third, it would be wonderfully horrific if Ikuto tried scolding Hikaru! XD Ikuto is way too socially awkward to actually do it right, but I would love to see him try. Realistically speaking it will probably be Amu or Tsukasa that scold him and give him a taste of being Mahou Shoujo’d out. Though, I also think it would be interesting to see Tadase give it a try. But, we kinda already got that in the anime didn’t we? (And LGB didn’t really like it, so…yeah.) Last, but not least…I still think that Hikaru is cute. ^ω^ But he is not adorably cute, that’s saved for good, cute kids. ^^

    I hope you enjoyed reading the Suukaidou one-shot and take care! (^^)o

  6. Pffft. Just looking at all of the comments above makes me so depressed~ I’ll never be able to write that much. D:

    But here I go~

    The Amu look from the last chapter… I noticed that too. But maybe she gave that look because she’s finally seeing Ikuto and Utau bonding as siblings again? The whole story line, she’s pretty much been seeing Ikuto pushing away Utau. So maybe this was more of a surprise for her. It could also be Amuto though.
    But gah~ I’m just so unsure of any Amuto moments lately because I’ve really set my mind on an open ending. Me being pessimistic and all~ I want to have faith in my ship. DX
    Amu looking at Ikuto like that… I’ll take that any day though. Especially if she’s getting jealous of Utau being by him… that’s saying something.

    Ah yes~ I wanted Utau to be with them on the elevator too. =< She’s being neglected as a main character. Utau is my absolute favorite. Hands down. She needs more attention. But I guess I was hoping for fluff in the elevator. Maybe a small shipping moment. Or a Tadase-Ikuto brother moment… that would have been perfectly fine. But ah~ I guess they needed all of the page space for the later scenes. Still. We haven’t had fluff for a while and I miss it~!
    On the topic of the elevator though… it really does look like more people could fit. Maybe there is a certain weight limit though…? XDD

    Dia surprised me there. We really didn’t see the charas at all in the end of the last chapter. Everything was just left hanging… I guess? I wasn’t sure if she had hatched or not but she’s there and… OMG YAY. Dia~ How long has it taken? Six or seven books? Lord knows how many chapters. Even I don’t keep track. But Dia. She’s such a know-it-all. Just like Tsukasa. XD

    Okay, I admit. When I saw the voice distorter, I would have thought “IT’S SOUKO OR MIZUE RIGHT? 8D” because I have my weird crack theories like that. But reading the summary first spoiled it too much. Took away the impact. =<
    I noticed Amu and Ikuto being in a closer proximity in this chapter too. But maybe its just…I don’t know. The way they drew it? GAH. I want it to be Amuto~ I’m just so unsure. They look so comfortable around each other now. I love comparing these kind of things to way back when Amu still called him hentai neko mimi cosplay kitty and stuff. So much has changed in about a year. They’ve grown together and that just makes me go “awwwww” because in a relationship, you need that kind of growth/understanding. And they’ve had that exactly to a tee. They’re not just totaly strangers anymore who encpunter each other once in a while. They’re more than friends now. I wouldn’t consider them friends, and not exactly in a relationship. But that is what I love about Amuto. It’s something completely different. They’re so used to each other. And that is why I liked seeing them in those panels.

    Concerning Hikaru, I like him. Because he’s probably going to have a sad story coming around the corner that will make me feel bad for him. If I hate him now, the same thing will happen with me as it did with Kazuomi. I’m so confused on what to think about Kazuomi now. I ranted hugely about it in my post. But I felt so bad for him. Just being pushed away by Hikaru like that. Those are the kind of things that tug on my heart and make me want to cry because Kazuomi obviously wants to protect Hikaru for some reason. I’m guessing a good reason that we’ll discover soon enough. But it was just so sad. I don’t have the heart to call him names and yell at how stupid he is anymore. I don’t like him. But I don’t hate him. I’m sure of that.
    I’ll just hate anime Kazuomi instead. Manga Kazuomi is more acceptable for me. Because I just feel so bad for him already, without knowing the reason behind his actions.
    Ack. Got off topic.

    I have a feeling… that there is a reason behind his want for the embryo. I don’t think it’s just something for his collection. Even though the chapter implied it… I get the feeling that there is something more. Which is another thing that makes me go “AH Next month please?” because I’m so confused now~! ;3;
    BUT~ That being said about the rock collection, I’m thinking there is more to what is behind Hikaru’s actions too. Because if he’s doing all of these things as Gozen, he needs to have strong reasoning. A big support.

    DAH~ Seeing Ikuto playing the violin like that… finally…

    My god. Finally.

    Made me so so happy. Because we haven’t seen his normal violin playing self for I don’t know how long. And Ikuto~ Just seeing him normal again… makes me want to cry because I’m so happy. That’s the Ikuto we all love. :’D
    And reading/looking at this page makes me wonder… how can some people just hate him?

    I had a feeling the embryo wouldn’t be used in the end. Just Shugo Chara ending with Amu granting everyone’s wishes… I couldn’t see that at all.
    Even so… I still think that the embryo will come back as the embryo we know…? It lost its shine due to Hikaru’s actions in the part. That’s what I think. So maybe… Amu gives him a speech after his story is told, embryo shines but is let go or something. -doesn’t know-
    And then Hikaru goes all “Onee-chan~ <3” on Amu and Ikkun gets jealous because jealous Ikuto FTW.

    ^ I am so tired. That really shows it. DX

    I don’t know what to think. I’m waiting patiently for Hikaru’s story. More justification. Closure.
    It’s been so long. I think… I’m not sure. Actually, I don’t even know but four more chapters left?
    GAH. How are they going to finish this? -Lea doesn’t know-


    You are so very good at analyzing and going into detail. ;3;
    But a very very good post. I love reading what you have to say. :’D

  7. Chibi-san: I really love the cover art, too. Usually, I’m not really fond of the idea of a person looking older (which doesn’t apply to manga art much but just in general) but yes, Amu looks so much more mature and gorgeous and…GAH! She’s just beautiful. <3

    YES! That’s exactly what I was thinking, too. I mean, even though she was with the Guardians for like almost a year (in the manga) now, there’s some part of her true self that she can’t really show to them and I think that part was pretty much reserved for Ikuto. Like how she wants to express herself freely in front of someone without feeling pressure at all and we got that in the amusement park date when they were alone together. With her friends, however, it really depends but it’s never gone to the same level as it has with Ikuto. And in this particular moment, Ikuto’s attention wasn’t on her for once so it’s good that we got to see some of her perspective directed towards him instead. :)

    I really thought so, too. Even if Tadase is part of the top three OVERALL important characters but really…Tadase is younger than Utau and doesn’t have any relations to Easter like she does. If they really wanted to include him and make sense at the same time, then just make the elevator fit more people. *shrug*

    You’re right. If Satelight can wow us with wonderful animation and a brilliant transformation sequence for this part of the arc (which is a MUST, no questions asked, PERIOD), then Dia coming back would still be OMGDIAISBACK!WAAAAHH!!!! lol xDDD

    Oooo! I like that! I very, very like that! And yes, it totally makes sense cuz it’s true~ hehe 8DDD Fangirl bias aside, Amu always had the stronger sense that Ikuto would do his best to make sure she’s not harmed in any way. Sure, Tadase has caught her a few times but it isn’t the same. I guess it’s because Ikuto’s older and hence, seems more reliable? I dunno, but it’s just the feeling.

    I wouldn’t be surprised either but even if Amu is still just a 12-year old girl who still needs some more time to actually understand what love means, I can’t stand it if neither guy in a triangle gets a solid answer. It’s just unfair, even for shoujo. Especially for a series that covers so many themes and sends out so many messages. You can’t just leave a love triangle unresolved because that’d almost be like saying “Oh, yea, it’s alright to be confused if you’re in love with two guys” and then some. Yes, it’s alright to be confused. No, it’s not alright because it’s not fair to everyone’s feelings, including the girl. Realistically, if either one of the two love interests aren’t dead…you can’t have both, y’know. That’s not as bad as cheating on one with another but it can certainly lead up to it if a girl remains indecisive. And we all know how Amu is so indecisive (including herself). It’s just not right (and me being overly paranoid, too).
    I know P-Pit can be sensible and if they wanted a certain shipping to happen, they would do it that it makes sense. But yes, the romantic part of Tadamu is starting to wane while Amuto keeps getting stronger every time. And these kids aren’t dumb. If they know they can’t work out (can feel that they don’t go in that direction), then they’ll be honest with each other about it and can definitely still keep a good friendship. I just want to see it happen that way. :/

    Yep, it was you. You’re the only Chibi-san who comments for me anyway, I think. Hehe ^^
    As for the Satelight bit, I can only nod and hope it will happen like that. It will, I’m sure. Cuz Satelight’s like that. :P

    Hmm…I don’t think the bastard cares about Souko (HE HAS NO RIGHT TO EVEN LOVE HER! *fierce protector of Souko* D<) but just coldly respects her because she’s part of the Hoshina family. I’m not sure what kind of relationship he has with Hikaru but I share your guess about his grudge against Aruto and using Ikuto and Utau as revenge. It’s been verbally expressed too many times to say otherwise. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next chapter to expand on it any further.

    Hell, if Satelight can stretch out half an episode with flashbacks, then making the black egg appear out of somewhere shouldn’t be a problem.

    Me, too. I know all three of them were aware that they were doing wrong but while Ikuto and Utau had some regret for what they were doing and how much they hurt themselves as well, Hikaru does not. He’s only concerned about getting what he want at the expense of others. He is a kid but even a kid would have some sense of right and wrong, right? At least he should be aware that people shouldn’t be abused with like that.

    I’ve heard a lot of people say it but it’s mostly fans who really don’t think things through (aka the middle school twerps). And the way you described what the Embryo symbolizes for everyone without having to take away from its… “egg” image was just great. I applaud you. Can I quote this in the future? I think you hit right on and I want EVERYONE to know it. XD

    *nodnod* I guess we’ll see. Right now, Easter still has good foothold in its business. Though if what they say is true, that Gozen holds absolute power in managing all its functions and if Hikaru somehow just breaks shortly after getting saved, then it mind as well just collapse. But ack, who knows.

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a great comment! I really appreciate it! And now that I’m less busy, I can reply back sooner (hopefully, lol). Thanks again! ^^


    cookiemanga: Is this cookie-san from GW? 8D

    I pretty much agree with most of what you said. There really are no easy short-cuts in life and the Embryo turning into a rock should symbolize that. If they turn it back to normal and actually make it into a wish-granting egg, then do it when everyone has grown up and accomplished their dreams already. To show that while the Embryo was in a way, necessary for them to set a goal on, it wasn’t necessary for them to attain to make their wishes come true. I hope you get what I mean.

    And hmm…did Tsukasa’s book mention the Embryo at all? I had the impression it was just about a lost egg who couldn’t find its owner and therefore, relating back to Hikaru who seemed to lost his own heart’s egg. But I don’t think the Embryo was the centerpoint of his book but that’s probably my bad memory speaking. I’ll have to go back and check.
    Either way, Tsukasa is a very confusing enigma-type of person but I don’t think he’d misguide people, especially a child with so much power such as Hikaru. He’s pretty silly but he should know what he’s doing. At least, I hope. o.O;


    warrior: I would love that. <3 A verbal confession wouldn’t hurt either. :D

    That…really gets on my nerves. I mean, yea, he protected Hikaru but that’s not enough to redeem him from all his past sins against Ikuto and Utau. Dx Maybe they’re just saying it in regards to how he treats Hikaru, not anyone else. I don’t know. I still hate him and always will.

    Eh? No way…cloning is CLAMP’s job. ^^;


    AmethystFeater: Why, thank you. *bows* ^^

    I know! I want the taiyaki kid back! RAWR! I suppose but after all that’s happened, it’s going to be hard to just think better of him even after we find out more about his past. At least that’s how it is for me. I think we’re too far in to actually have room to forgive Hikaru completely. Add the fact that he did it for very selfish reasons, as well. But like I said to everyone else, we’ll see.

    I can understand how you feel about Kazuomi. That’s kind of how I was like with Tadase, too, only more immature but I got over it and really, you can’t judge a person without knowing their background first. Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t yell at them when they do something utterly unforgivable or stupid but you should always leave some leeway just in case their actions can be justified. Still, kinda like how I am with Hikaru right now, even if I acknowledged the “good” part of him, I still can’t forgive him for everything else he’s done.

    That man is…nrgh! xP

    Thanks for the comment! ^^


    LGB: Oh noes. Your first part got cut off. T.T

    Seriously? Hello, pink hair. *rolls eyes*
    But agrees~ Amu-chan is so beautiful, isn’t she? *loves her even more* <3

    Too true…but I do it anyway cuz it makes me feel better. I need to get that ranting out, girl. How else am I going to comfort myself until we get to the final verdict (lol, it sounds so big and official)? Well, I hope that since I put so much time into analyzing this couple that I get some compensation for it. And it’s not a lot. Just for Amu to realize her true love and to say it herself.

    Yea, pretty much. Besides Tsukasa, only Hikaru’s character was the one ambiguous enough to fit Gozen’s role. And uh, I don’t know how Aruto got into the picture cuz…that’s just crazy. D/ (And bitch mom is too unstable to keep herself under control, let alone a corporation but yes, that’s a different point altogether…)

    Hmm, at first glance, Hikaru would seem like he had some connection to the Embryo but after reading what you said, it really makes sense. Hikaru can have anything he wants. He has power, money, pawns, everything. Something an adult would want but would be hard to attain, compared to what children would want (like you said, sweets). The Embryo is just the extra rare jewel to add to his possession. So I guess he’s a balance between a greedy adult and greedy kid. Either way, those are serious flaws which counts him immediately out of being an owner the Embryo. And the way he was looking up at it when Amu tried to grab it a few chapters back…yea, it all falls into place.

    Oh god, if they all died in the end, I think this whole thing was a tragic comedy…and it wouldn’t be funny. -_-;

    (Haha, it’s fine, I do that a lot, too xD; )
    I won’t even accept the legal documents that he is their stepfather, let alone part of their family at all. He’s a bastard, an asshole, I won’t forgive him no matter what and I just wish he would disappear already and never come back cuz he’s an eyesore! *so angry so please don’t mind me* )<

    Ahaha, yes, I should, too. I loved those movies and still have to get around to finishing those books (they’re so long~). And thank you! ^^ Though I have to give most of the credit to MVE (sorry, that was a typo!) for giving me basis to work off on.

    I think by blood succession, Souko would be the inheritor of Easter since the Hoshina family founded the company. The position, however, is debatable. Aruto was suppose to be the next leader through marriage but left so I think the Hoshina family turned to Hikaru then. Not sure if he’s part of their family or whatnot but…agh, I don’t know. I hope they clear this up soon cuz it’s confusing me, too. @.@;

    OHHH!! I was wondering who those two were and I kept on thinking “Wait…it can’t be them…or them…” and argh, you made my head go in circles on that one! XDD But now I know so when I go re-read it to give you a review…I can yell at you some more. Lol
    And ooo, I can’t wait to see this future! one-shot you have planned! Ah, I’m going to start spamming you tonight. Heheheh >:3

    Same here. I’m not so much interested in Hikaru’s backstory but I’m still intrigued by his past and how he became to be Gozen and all. And ooo, nice comparison there! Now that you mention that, Tsukasa writing the book for someone seems very likely. I even have a wild guess he wrote it specifically for Hikaru since in the book, the egg is lost and looking for its owner and Hikaru doesn’t have an egg in his heart and doesn’t want his so that’s why the egg is still lost…but yea, let’s just wait before the theories get out of control. XD;

    Ah, I’m glad two people cleared that up for me. Now I’m wondering if it will hatch soon or not I want to see a chibi pirate! HAR HAR!
    And aww, I miss Snapple caps…I made music with them. Lol xD;
    & hey, that can be practice for…ha! Did you think I was gonna to say children? Nooo. I want Ikuto to scold Amu (cuz it would be cute~! Kyaa~!) and THEN he can practice for scolding their future children. *going crazy* XDDDD;;; But ugh, anything but ep 80 again. Please. -_-;
    & I will call Hikaru cute when actually does something cute.

    I really did and thanks for the comment! You, too! ^^


    Lea-chan: Yea…I write the most so…yea… ^^;

    I think that’s possible, too. I certainly didn’t count that out but Amu’s expression just caught me a little off guard a bit so I focused on that more. Or it can be both…which is kinda better. Hehe ^^
    And nuuu~! Don’t say that yet! I mean, I can understand why people would feel that way and I don’t count myself out but…yea, I just don’t say it so I don’t prematurely jinx it. I really want a good ending. Dx

    I miss fluff, too. & Utau is not my favorite but I think P-Pit putting her off to the side like that is just not right. She should’ve gone down with them!
    And pfft…all of them are so skinny, the elevator couldn’t move any faster if you put two more people in. lol XD;

    But Dia is a cute know-it-all while Tsukasa is…creepy. Funny but creepy. XD;

    I…can’t add anymore to what you just put there cuz it’s what I pretty much think about them, too. Yesh, Amuto is very wonderful like that so…don’t lose hope! ^^

    Even if Hikaru has a bad past and I feel a teensy bit sorry for him, he probably won’t ever be likable for me. I won’t dislike him anymore, perhaps (hoho, let’s see this happen) but I definitely won’t like him like I do for the other characters.
    As for the director, I still hate him. Yea, he tried to protect the kid for whatever reasons but…after all those horrible things he did at the siblings, I just can’t bring myself to say “Alright, I’ll let you off the hook”. If anything, I just want him to go away and never come back. This way I won’t have to get angry and avoid bashing altogether (yes, I need fluff NAO!).

    Perhaps. Ah, I hope I don’t give off the impression that I’m a person who judges too quickly before more information comes out because I’m not. If I rant this much, I’m seriously not. ^^; But…I have a feeling I just won’t be moved enough to start feeling sympathetic. So forgive me for any future coldness I might have towards Hikaru or whoever.

    Yes, seeing Ikuto back to normal like that can make anyone happy. <3 Honestly, who can hate Ikuto like that? Just like who can hate Tadase when he’s being nice to just anyone? D<

    Oho~ Jealous Ikkun FTW, yo. XD
    Meh, the Embryo stay a rock or turn back for all I care. I just hope they don’t go chasing after it all over again since they don’t need it. Heck, they should realize they don’t need it already and that hasn’t be said yet! RAWR!

    One can only guess how they’ll finish it…I just want them to finish it good. And 4 or 5 more chapters seems sufficient but plz, let Amu settle her own drama instead of letting it hang like that. I’ll suffer for the rest of my life if that doesn’t happen! T_T

    And thank you so much! I’m glad you like reading my post and I also enjoyed reading your comment! Thank you! ^^

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