Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 81


I’m so happy that I can forget about all that failure from last week with this wonderful episode. *huggles ep 81* lol

And yay! I’m almost back to around 90-ish number of screencaps again! See, if I get slumped with ughness, quantity goes down. Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing but I like taking a huge amount of screencaps so :P



*huggles* You poor kitty! He looks so tired and beat up! Did he really go searching for Ikuto during all this time after the fight?!
Amu! Take him home with you at the end of the day, feed him, give him a bath, and let him sleep in his own basket! Oh~, Yoruuuuu~! ;___________;



Let my Yoru sleep in the goddamn chair! Oh no, wait…

That’s better. ^^

Chairs aren’t that comfy to sleep in for too long anyways. :P


Ok, everyone needs to give Yoru a bear hug and pamper him like their lives depended on it NAO!



Ok, great, so this is where we really left off from last week. Screw the genki ending. *cutslappaste* Done!

I’m not sure if the time stretch between 80 and 81 was more than a day or not but it seemed like it. So that would mean it’s already been a little bit more or less than 48 hours since it’s been visually confirmed by Amu and Tadase that Easter has kidnapped Ikuto and the Guardians have gotten back together as a firm group.

I don’t care. We’re already proceeding into “Rescute Ikuto!” plan now and that’s all that matters.

AND YAY! AMU IS BACK! Goodbye, OOC clone!

Amuuu~, you silly girl! Where have you been all this time?! Do you know how worried I was?! *forgives her immediately and huggles her* I missed you~! ;3;

I’m really glad to see her so worried about Ikuto like how it properly should be. It’s not only because he’s been kidnapped and brainwashed by Easter and is sick on top of it all, but the fact that she still hurt him by yelling at him without believing him first is weighing down on her mind a lot. Even more because right now, she doesn’t even have the opportunity to apologize to him like she did for Tadase. And Amu doesn’t seem like the type of person who wants to let things just hang there and not do anything about ep 78 does not exist. Her conscience won’t let her. And that’s why she’s such a good person. And that’s why I love her. :)

Haha, I really love Yaya, too. Even more now with every episode I see her maturing on her own. She really stole the human side of this ep for me…along with Nikaidou and all.

I really can’t wait to see how they will do the part where she tells everyone to get their act together and literally put “Rescue Ikuto” plan into full action. Because though it’s majorly Amu’s part to encourage others and support them, Amu is also human. She needs to experience some moments of loss so that she can come back stronger and better than ever. This is what makes Amu real and it gives a chance for her friends to come in and help her. To show that she isn’t all invincible and to reinforce the notion that friendship is an extremely crucial part of this series. It may not be as apparent to a lot of fans (cuz they’re always just looking at the romance, those shallow brats) but pay attention here and think for a moment.

How would ep 1 Amu gone from anti-social and cold to who she is now without joining and interacting with the Guardians? Hmm?
How would Amu have broken through her depression over losing Dia if she didn’t have her friends’ support?

Amu at that time was still weak as much as she was strong. Perhaps even so now. Which is what I like seeing a character, especially a shoujo heroine. There’s a good balance of a sense of righteousness with the innocent flaws and naivete that will eventually get fixed. And the best way to slowly fix the latter, for SC! in particular, is not so much through romance but strength established in close friendships.

Going back to Yaya, she really can’t comprehend the pain Amu is going through and she knows that. But that doesn’t mean she’s just going to sit around and make an emo face like everyone else is doing because she’s Yaya. You will never see Rima jump up and start yelling at everyone to get their asses to Easter like god demanded it himself though Rima has been raised to god rank a while back, lol nor will you see practical Nagi suggest they storm Easter head-on without so much of a plan in mind first. They’re the more deep-thinkers of the group but even they need some time to really get into gear. So when Amu can’t fill in the defacto leader role, Yaya is the one for the job to zap them all out of sad mode and keep the whole gang moving.

& I wouldn’t have Yaya any other way. *spreads more Yaya love around* x3



That’s beyond rude! I don’t care if it’s your effin’ room or your friggin’ bed! You DON’T fling people out of bed especially when they’re dead tired and sick! Especially if it’s Yoru!

Stupid little egotistical king (though I forgive him later).

Ok on more hard *SLAP!*


Kiseki, you’re an ass. And a jerk. Looking all smirky as if he finally got the chance to “be better” than Yoru but it only brought himself down more but he’s too stupid and arrogant to realize it.

Talking seriously, though, I think this part really brought some of the flaws Tadase had out into light. Since the Charas are more or less just one-dimensional characters, it’s easier to display the traits (and flaws) of their owners through them as a medium. They are representation of their owners’ inner selves so it makes sense. As the same, it’s also easier for them to make up for their mistakes in 10 minutes while it takes real people to make up for their own over a 10-episodes or more long period. But it works well hand-in-hand. At least this is kind of like variety and that’s good enough for me.



Don’t listen to Kiseki! We all know you tried your best! Don’t be discouraged, hun!

Yea, girls! You tell that bratty Kiseki to shove it up his touche! He seriously went too far this time!

Aha~, and I love it when a girls all gang up on a guy…over another guy. It’s funny to watch cuz the girls are always right in situations like these majority wins. YEA, more power to us!


Erhem…yes, the scolding was needed. xD;

Aww, how like them. To go off by themselves and do their own little “Rescue Ikuto!” plan. Kyaa~, I love Charas~ <333

Though since they’re Charas…yea. |D;

What? Su! You’re not supposed to be using Yen coins! What happen to your mini-little whipper?! That was more effective! xD;

AWWW! KusuKusu wins RandomUnreliableRadar award this week for being the most cute! AWWWW!!! x3333

Ok, I forgive Kiseki. Besides, his methods of “apologizing” are too hilarious to keep me mad at him. xD;

NUUU! Where are you going?!

Kiseki, follow him! Dx

Seriously, Nana just dropped down onto the screen that you’d think they were all being pulled by strings from above. -.-;

Hmm…I’m kinda hoping that she’d just join them soon cuz the Charas, as fun as they are together now, can get more fun with Nana around…along with all the other Charas that aren’t present but I guess we’ll get to this another time.
Yea…I want another Chara filler where all of them are together before the series end. Can I have one? Please? 83

Miki, I love you. I really do. <3 Now just make a larger copy and glue it to Amu’s wall. Yes, the wall right next to her bed so this way she can think of Ikuto every night before she goes to sleep crazy stalking fangirl talk going out of control and worry about him and everything. xD;

Haha, when I look at this over and over again, they really make it seem that Ikuto is more of lost house cat than a guy who’s been kidnapped. Now I’m expecting them to post Miki’s sketches of all over town with a monetary reward note plastered right on the bottom of each poster. “Have you seen this person? If so call Hinamori Amu at xxxx-xx-xxxx. You will be receive 1000 yen for your services.” *shot*

…but nah, I’d rather Amu find him herself cuz I want an emotional reunion anyway. lol xD;

That’s right, Lulu! Ikuto has nothing to do with you nor do you have anything to do with Ikuto’s arc! Good, I’m glad she has some sense not to mess with it so go back to your homework and concern yourself with only the Embryo and getting an awesome peptalk from Amu that will bring you back to the good side! That’s your only purpose for existing anyway! xP

Ah, but Lulu really is a…well, she’s terrible at playing a villain. No one denies that. Seriously, if she was that desperate to get the Embryo, homework would not get in the way. Which is also why Lulu fails as a kid. Look at all the main cast (except the adults). Since when has school ever stopped them? Therefore, Lulu = loser.

But perfectionists are perfectionists, I suppose. Keh, whatever. I’m just glad there was no ?-egg this week. There will be one next week but since Kuukai’s coming back, I don’t care cuz they gave him a reason to come back! :D

Well, at least she did something. ^^;

Man, now I really can’t wait to see the actual infiltration/invasion of Easter’s headquarters (through the friggin’ front doors!).

And I’m missing Saeki Nobuko, too. ;3;

And Rima is so small. SHE’S SO CUTE! xDDDD

ARGH! Stupid line in the middle! Someone please teach me how to do extended screencaps. I’m looking all over google for FAQs but I’m getting nothing. T_T

lol I love Yaya. I really, really do. Bet you $10 that she got this choo-choo-train dash all from Kuukai. xDD;;

We’re just missing…*counts*…4 people. :3

*gasp!* Yoru, you’re so brave and noble and heroic and…such an awesome Chara! *GLOMPS!* x333

It’s so cute how he’s so determined even when he’s so worn out. Aww, he’s so much like Ikuto~ <333

Though just like Ikuto, he’s a bit of dummy going off and doing things all by himself. Then again, he’s not as much of an idiot (though a lovable one) as Ikuto is because unlike Ikuto, Yoru does ask for help when he needs it…but that’s usually concerning Ikuto, too. o.o;

Well, anyways, yea, Kiseki! Go help your rival in his rescue mission! I don’t need to shove you now, do I? |D; (haha, I kinda wanted to add something in here but I’ll refrain from doing so till the end)

Just thought that this part was hilarious. They’re just like the guys (actually, they are boys, too, but you get what I mean). Always competing with each other over silly things and too proud and stubborn to be honest.
Though they have more sense in their own little mini-oversized heads than their owners do. :/

lol, Yoru. You look so tired. ^^;

Um, yea, I thought Kiseki knew that, too. Adults, especially evil stupid ones like the lame Easter MIB-cosplaying guards and their stupid director, can’t see Charas.

And the fact that Yoru does know his way around Easter cuz he’s been there a million times. Really, Kiseki. ^^;

Haha, of course the person the Guardians should go to about Easter is Nikaidou. If you went to Utau or Yukari, who would most likely be with Utau at the same time, about a kidnapped Ikuto, you’d get killed right on the spot. xD;

MWAHAHA! So like Yaya to blurt in front of the WHOLE office about Nikaidou’s past. kahaha

Heh~, Nikaidou really knows how Easter works, too, so I’m not so surprised he’s more calm about it then they are. Still…I would be a little more concerned. -.-;

Like how Rima is here.

“I didn’t think that Easter would be so compassionate towards others” or whatever the translation is.

RIMA! I LOVE YOU! *huggles* <333

And you’re so right in thinking that cuz they aren’t cuz they’re all a bunch of bastards! Dx

But sadly, that’s how a villain company works. Ikuto (or at least his abilities) is too valuable to them to just toss away like that especially now that Utau quit and Lulu is a bunch of fail so they’ll have to let him “rest and recover” in order to get the Embryo the next time around. But they’re still bastards. Horrible, horrible bastards. *kills them*


“Ikuto’s not a tool!”


AMUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! *GLOMPS* X33333333333333333

Promise you’ll stay and never leave ever ever again! You’ll never make me go through suffering another OOC clone again, ok?! That’s a promise, ALRIGHT?! xDD;;

OHHHH my gawd, he took of his glasses! *fangirl scream* (Yes, I’m a little fangirl for Nikaidou, too, aha~)

And he used his evil Easter voice. That was cool. lolol

Oh lord, Nikaidou getting teased by Yaya.

…LGB, I read your latest one-shot for them and have got to say…that I absolutely LOVE it! xDDD Darn you and your crack pairings! I demand you write a Suukaidou for me! LMAO

Yes, I’m happy to see more sad, worried look shots from Amu (and then see some slightly happier faces afterwards). ^^

As much as I don’t like to say it, I admit that these next few fillers will be enjoyable in a small way or another. We at least get to see Amu worrying about Ikuto little by little yet more and more with each passing day when the Guardians really don’t have enough power to go against Easter yet. Though it’s still one big fat plot hole in the anime compared to the manga but I’ll let that slide for the sake of the anime being…the anime. *shrug*

Well, yep, more Amu worrying about Ikuto as opposed to when she tried not to the first time he left xP makes me happy so no complaints. ^^

So cute. Both of them. Though Yoru is cuter because he looks so furious! haha xD

I know this was meant for comic relief but he’s so evil and despicable that I just sat there and went “hah? D| ” when he fixed the plant.

Um, yea, ok. It’s not like you got any redeeming points and it’s not like you ever will (even in the manga). :P

Ok, one thing I never understood was how the hell can these idiots be able to see the Charas when other Easter employees can’t? Then again, it’s anime and that’s reason enough (I say it’s because they’re scientists and scientists are always wacky one way or another). For the sake of the anime, just play along.

I’m curious to know why Yoru isn’t affected by all that X-egg energy when he touched the tuning fork…of course! It’s because Amu’s love for Ikuto is protecting Yoru as well! YAY! Love conquers all! lol XDD

Comic relief. Didn’t laugh. Easter employees are stupid. For one thing, these three idiots seem to forget that the MIB-wannabes can’t see Charas. Idiots.

Kiseki: “Be thankful that I got us out in time!”
Yoru: “HMPH!”

So stubborn…so cute! haha xD;




(Ah, I knew there was something missing in this post. ^^; )


*throws rotten banana peels and uranium bombs at it* Dx

“No, I won’t give this back to them so that they can hurt Ikuto more with it!”



I was going to put something else but nah (and it’s not what you think!). xD;

Kyaa! He’s so cute! That determined face of his! *GLOMPS! x3333

I really, really love Yoru for his undying devotion towards Ikuto. I mean, all Charas are extremely loyal through and through to their owners but Yoru has got to be the most loyal one of them all…or he and Eru are rivals for that spot, anyways (haha, and they’re both Tsukiyomi Charas, ohh~ x3). I guess one thing that would kinda give him a lead is that Yoru stuck close to Ikuto no matter what the circumstances (even when he gets abused by Ikuto ^^; ) while the other Charas tended to run away sometimes when they get into fights with their owners. The ones with the major problems anyway.

But anyways…YORUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! x33333333333333

Erm, ok, I managed to smirk here cuz these guys fail so much that you can’t help but laugh at it. Good job, idiots. The only thing you don’t fail in is to show us exactly how much you fail. xP


Ok, really, the air ducts weren’t even that small, I don’t think, so why are they both crawling on all fours is beyond me.

Again, just for lulz, I suppose.


Ok, I really laughed a little here. Just like Ran and the others to get caught up in amusing themselves while Yoru and Kiseki are running for their lives trying to escape. Ah, odd parallelism FTW.

So back to business…

LET KISEKI GO, YOU ASSHOLES! You’re suffocating him! *throws tables at them* D8<

It’s so obvious that Yoru isn’t going to just sell Kiseki to keep the tuning fork but this was still very nice to see. Inner conflict over saving Ikuto or helping Kiseki. And how can you chose?!

But for the sake of fillers you can’t desert a rival-friend who came with you up to this point (sounds like an RPG). Still, yea, Yoru! Do what’s right!

Oooo, nice hit. ;D

Yoru is awesome.

He really is like Ikuto. Giving up something that’s inches within his grasp to save someone else (ok, let’s keep all our other thoughts on this to ourselves, please, lol). I think that’s one of the major reasons I really like anti-heroes. Because they can act selfishly…without having to look selfish, y’know?

Hmm. <3

lol Back to normal.

When they’re all gathered around together like this, it makes me think they’re ogling and cooing over a newborn, sleeping baby (and the sunlight shining down on them just adds to the atmosphere). ^^;


They even argue when they’re sleeping. How adorable. <D

Well, nothing’s “ending well” yet but Yoru and Kiseki seem to have gotten rid of their “You’re an enemy!” animosity towards each other. Now they’re just a pair of bickering friends but that’s all good because they’re friends now. Hmm…friendship. ^^

Yep, nice way to end this ep.



Next week will be good no matter what cuz Sky Jack, peoplez! We haven’t seen Sky Jack in soooo long! hehe

And maybe I’m hoping a little way too early but if Kuukai continues to make more constant appearances, do you think Satelight might be smart enough to let him show up at the tower battle, too? Please?! That would be so awesome! And since this is an anime, we don’t have to follow by everything in the manga! We can make it better! So please?! Bring Kairi back as well?

Ok, ok, I’ll stop but can’t blame me for trying. I want all the awesome people in the awesome climax…cuz that’s kind of a rule in itself. lol XD;

So here’s the filler kid for next week. Hmm, I don’t think he’s that bad. His character design is kind of meh but there has been worst. Plus, I can’t help but wonder if an episode focusing on baseball is somehow indirectly advertising to viewers to go and watch one of Kanae-san’s main summer roles in Taishou Yakyuu Musume. I’m not the only one who got that message, was I? haha xD

Well, either way, I’m going to watch it even though I’m not really big on baseball. It’s one huge impressive female seiyuu cast alright. Can’t miss that. hehe

So yep. That’s all. Got 4 more posts to do but going swimming now. Bubu~ =3=


5 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 81

  1. How come I always expect chara episodes to be boring, but they always end up being adorable beyong my wildest expecations? This one didn’t even have an adorable Eru along for the ride.
    …Which makes me sad, I miss my Eru-run. When is Utau coming back? *impatient already*

    I think Satelight should fire whoever was writing the past few episodes. They had proper manga stuff to work with, but whoever wrote this episode made Amu act like Amu without any manga material! What the heck! Someone else still could have gone along with the “I don’t want to hurt people” crap without making Amu so unbearably dramatic and emo over it. Fire them Satelight!

    Yaya has really become lovable. She isn’t as awesome as the other girls, but that’s kind of what makes her Yaya, right? She’s a good balance for the others. It’s kind of like there’s a ranking of genki to stubborn for the girls that Yaya completes quite nicely. Utau is at the most stubborn end and Yaya is at the most genki~ end. I’m not quite sure where Rima and Amu fit…maybe Rima is more stubborn because she’s a queen? Yeah…probably. Anyway! Yaya nicely completes that so I love her now~

    Kiseki was such a little ass at the beginning of this episode. That’s all that needs to be said I think. Making my poor Yoru feel even worse when he’s already going through a hard time. (I think the chibi king needs a time out!)

    Extended screencaps…well, I’ll just go ahead and say that when the background is moving along with the panning, it’s almost impossible. You can sometimes make it look better by doing a little feathering with the select tool so it’ll at least kind of fade from one background to the other, but it still usually looks obvious. So very annoying.
    If you really want to waste a lot of time, you have to take more screencaps and do some erasing and stuff and it’s a really big ordeal.
    Heck, it’s easier to fit together screencaps of something that’s moving than it is to make a background that moves separately from the characters fit. AGH! So annoying. (This is obviously something that has bothered me for quite some time…)

    And yes! Someone else shared the random Rima love with me. I love my Rima-tan when she’s being serious and smart.

    And OMG YES TO Amu being Amu and standing up for Ikuto and all of that good stuff— Kyaaa!

    And…that’s it. I ran out of stuff to say. I think it’s my first comment on an episode post in a while too so I feel so bad~ I wanted to say more and make an impressive come back or something.

    Oh wait…HELL YES! To Kukai showing up in the tower battle. Make it happen Satelight!

  2. Easter employees are stupid. For one thing, these three idiots seem to forget that the MIB-wannabes can’t see Charas. Idiots.

    Actually, at one point during the episode, someone mentioned that what the MIB-wannabes could see was the tuning fork floating in midair. Kind of like the time the charas all dressed up in clothes to help advertise for Utau’s concert? So while they can’t see the charas, there’s also no way for Yoru or Kiseki to hide the tuning fork (ah but I wish there had been!)

    It was so nice to see Manga-Amu back again. This filler actually makes sense, even though it is a filler. I seriously wonder why Satelight can create great fillers but they can’t do a very good job with the plot episodes. -.- Why can’t we have the best of both worlds? I hope that whomever made this ep so good continues to do it.

  3. Okay, let’s see here. I have to re-write nearly my whole post because my internet was stupid and froze on me (so I had to restart it) and I was retarded and forgot to copy what I had written along the way (just in case something like that happened.)

    Hopefully I can get this done fairly quick, I have to get back to studying for my Finals (and I have to make sure I go to bed early tonight, I’m waking up early tomorrow for Sakura Matsuri in New York!) So here I go:

    This beginning totally reminds me of when Ikuto ends up in Amu’s room. Instead…we have Yoru randomly showing up at Amu’s Chara’s house and ending up in bed. It’s so cute, really, it is. And, I must say, Yoru is definitely the most loyal out of the Charas, or at least even with Eru. Like you said, no matter what Yoru is by Ikuto’s side and would do anything for him. It’s so adorable! x3 I adore Yoru because of it! ::Huggles Yoru like you demanded, but doesn’t really care because she would have done it anyway!::

    YAY for IC Amu and I agree with everything you’ve said for her. I also agree with everything that you’ve written for Yaya. Then again, I’ve always liked Yaya. Oh, and I’ll comment some more on what I think about Yaya’s character a little bit later, when I get to Nikaidou! ^.~

    Kiseki really deserved those slaps that you gave him! XD I would have given him some, but I think you got it covered. And Yoru deserves a mega-big hug! So, I’ll give him one: (>)>

    Now, moving on to these two. I always find it fascinating to think about the Charas and their personalities in comparison to their owners. For example, the minor characters that don’t really have to grow that much have Charas that are basically just like them only their personalities are just exemplified (i.e. Yaya and Kuukai). Other minor, but slightly more influential characters have Charas of what they could be, but what they always knew was there. Their Charas are just more open about these aspects that their owners keep secret (i.e. Nagihiko, Rima, and Kairi). Finally, we come to the main characters (or bad guys…yeah) who’s Charas are parts of themselves that they always wanted to be, but could never see within themselves.

    We start with Utau, she has an angel and a demon for her Charas. A good side and a bad side. By the time we meet Utau she has already acknowledged her “bad” side, but she completely cannot acknowledge her “good” side. To her, she is not good. Eru shouldn’t exist, and that is the reason why Eru runs away (it’s not that Iru alone! =P) Moving on we have Amu, a girl who really doesn’t understand the potentials that lie within her, and it is that insecurity that makes it so she has four Charas (nevermind the fact that she needed four in order to complete the suite…but that’s beside the point! XD)

    Now, we head to Tadase. He has Kiseki, this pompous and insensitive Shugo Chara. Kiseki is nothing like Tadase, yet he is what Tadase always wanted to be in the sense of asserative-ness and being able to have that strength to stand up for his friends or what he believes in. Slowly Tadase has been becoming what he always to be, but since he is not a flat character he still has his sensitive and considerate side. Finally we have Ikuto. But Yoru…he isn’t exactly like Amu’s Shugo Chara’s or Kiseki. Yoru is more like Eru and Iru in this sense. Yoru has parts of his personality that are exactly like Ikuto (i.e. the teasing and stubborness) but then he has parts of himself that Ikuto slowly begins to gain by the current chapters of the manga (i.e. taking help when it’s offered and showing his true emotions). I wonder if this has anything to do with how long one has had their Chara for and the age of the owner? Ikuto and Utau are both older and thus their Charas may start to take on qualities of their owners? Ah, who knows…@.@

    Moving on from my little rant/speculation speech thing…I was so proud of my girl Charas this episode! ^_^ They told Kiseki off right when he needed to be and put him in his place. Also, they were wonderfully sympathetic towards Yoru, which was really nice since Ran, Miki, and Suu have been known to be cold and somewhat mean towards Yoru, like Amu with Ikuto. But, when they [Yoru and Ikuto] are really distressed or in trouble they [Ran, Miki, Suu, and Amu] always let their true emotions show and help Ikuto, Yoru, or both of them and/or protect them. It’s so sweet~

    Going from being proud…I LOL at all of the female Charas failed attempts at radar. Though, Kusu Kusu has EPIC FAIL out of all of them! XD

    I was like “WTF!?” when Nana first appeared out of NO WHERE, and then I was cool with it! =P Like you, I would like a Shugo Chara filler focusing on all the Charas before the end of the series. I think it would be extremely interesting to see the interaction between Nana and all the other Charas. Also, I would LOVE it if Satelight brought back Kuukai and Kairi for the Ikuto arc! .>;)

    Ah, also really adored that Lulu didn’t get involved with this episode (no random ?-eggs is always a win in my opinion. ^^) Though, don’t diss her for doing her homework! XDDD You are talking to a real life Hermione Granger…okay, well, an older Hermione Granger, who was slightly lax in comparison to herself in first year and such. But, whatever, you get my point! : P

    Even though Yaya’s plan failed, she tried. And that’s what matters the most, in my opinion anyway (I’m pretty sure that you agree though! ^-^) Ah, and that human chain! XD I want it to return one day with more people involved…>:) And yes, Yaya probably did learn this from Kuukai…it seems like something he would do. Hmm…now that I think about it, the manga and anime mentions how Yaya and Kuukai are childhood friends, but it doesn’t really mention how they met each other. AH! I totally need to do a one-shot from Yaya’s parent’s POV AND Kuukai’s (of course, my friends and I have a speculation that Kuukai might not have any parents and that his brother’s basically raised him…but I could be forgetting something that can throw this theory right out the window…^^;>) All these one-shots that I have to write and so little time! : /

    Ah, boys will be boys, even when they are Shugo Charas (or should I say BECAUSE they are Shugo Charas?) Anyway, that’s all I really have to say about this little Yoru/Kiseki interaction. Oh, and Kiseki was just having a blonde moment…? I don’t know, I have nothing else I can say to what came out of his mouth besides him just being stupid or something, which is just mean…so…yeah. ^^;

    The first interaction between Nikaidou and Yaya! ^0^ It’s starts with Yaya being the loud babbler that she is. Out of all of them, Yaya is the one that acts like a kid the most. Actually, she’s really the only one that acts her age…o.o Though, I think it may just be that Yaya states what’s on her mind without really thinking about what she’s saying first. Very Gryffindor, wearing her heart on her sleeve and such.

    RIMA! I love, love, loved her for her completely accurate interpretation of Easter! It was just wonderful! ..>; Whatever.

    LOL! XD the answer you came up with for why those three idiots can see Charas is the same one that my friends and I came up with. Really, it’s the only logical conclusion that can be reached.

    The reason you came up with for why Yoru isn’t affected by the tuning fork though is uniquely…well…you! =P I always just assumed that the tuning fork was especially made for Ikuto, so it would affect him and him alone, not even his Shugo Chara. I like your explanation too, though. ^^



    I was going to put something else but nah (and it’s not what you think!). xD;”

    For some reason, I get the distinct impression that this comment was directed at me. I swear I didn’t get any Kiseki/Yoru vibes in this little interaction or episode…I swear! …Okay, I lied. But I would never act on those vibes. We all know that, if I were to ship a shonen-ai pairing for Shugo Chara, it would be Kuukai/Tadase! ; P

    COMPLETE EPIC FAIL!!!! >O< That’s all I have to say for those three idiots, though, that makes me giggle~ =^-^=

    Yoru crawling like that, when I saw it I instantly thought of “Mission Impossible.” Thus, it is “Mission Impossible”-Shugo Chara style! LMAO! XDD

    This parallel, of the female Charas playing at the park, and the male Charas risking their lives to help Ikuto kinda pissed me off at first, but not so much anymore. Now that I think about it, they were both bonding moments and boys always like their action and adventure! :)

    Ah, Yoru! This is when you see the most of Ikuto in Yoru (or would it be Yoru in Ikuto? I don’t know…) Either way, both are most definitely anti-heros and sacrifice too much for people. I won’t go any further to avoid another needlessly long rant.

    イイヒット!NICE hit, is right! (^.~)V

    “Back to normal,” yes it is. This was a fun episode though!

    The light coming in through the green house and the way they were all looking made me think of people cooing over a baby too! And, Yoru and Kiseki are friends now who argue in their sleep! How adorable is that! =3 I won’t go any further with this either, I don’t have the energy to rant and stuff.

    Next week, Kuukai will make everything worth it…hopefully. That’s all. Now, I need to pass out because this comment is beyond epicly long and took me hours to write (since I got distracted by my roommate and friends and ended up spamming my Facebook page with quizzes. And I gave up on studying HOURS ago, that shall be done sometime tomorrow.) It was all worth it though! : D I hope you enjoyed this spammage and take care! (^^)o

  4. I am officially Yaya x Nikaidou. My new Favorite pairing. All thanks to you Xiao.
    Yoru~ Aww the poor Kitty~ he deserves extra cuddles this week~

  5. Yess, poor lil Yoru. ;___; Amu should take care of him. Kiseki was a total jackass. Ugh.. *Hugs Yoru* Agreed about the overly-happy ending. Let’s pretend that part never happened. Instead, we continue from here. :3 YES. Bye OOC Amu! Worried Amu is win ~ Agreed 100% about Yaya. I like her this way. <33 *Slaps Kiseki fifty times* There. ^^ KUSU KUSU WAS TOO KAWAII! =D It was epic fail but oh so cute! Rofl, Kiseki was funny there. LAWL @ your message under the Miki pic. xDD!! Win. Same! xD It’s gonna be epic! LAWL, Kiseki had a dumb moment. Of course Yoru knows Easter that well! Baka chara, but I still luv you. =P I know right? Nikaidouuu. I love you too, but plz be a little worried k thanx. Of course Rima-tan is right! *Hugs her*

    Easter is a bunch of pricks. -shoots them all except Hikaru ^^- XDDD I do not kill lil cute boys. :3 YEA GO AMU! You tell ‘im! Evil Nikaidou was win. 8D Agreed about Kazuomi. I’m starting to tolerate (but still dislike him sooo much) in the manga (UGH CHAPTER 40 WTF DID YOU DO TO ME?!) but in the anime, I frickin’ hate his guts. No redeeming points for you! *Slaps him* But the plant thing… oh God, I loved it so much. xDDD!!! I know. O: You’d think he was… especially since it’s supposed to make his head all fuzzy? lol, yes they did. Total idiots. LAWL, stalkers with the cameras… XDD I agree about Yoru! He’s so loyal to Ikuto, he would risk himself to save him. Sounds so familiar. *COUGHIKUTOHIMSELFCOUGH* Lol, stupid idiots again. xD Losers. The man in black must’ve been “WTF..?” lol. Lmao, yess. That was funny. xD EPIC HIT YORU! *applauds* lol tsunders till the end, lol although they’re sleeping next to eachother. xD;; Anywayz, excellent post. :3 And yesh! Kukai and Kairi coming to the tower is A MUST!! =D

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