PreSpoiler: Nakayoshi & Ribon June 09 issue.

Yep, so I introduce a small new feature to ěk-sěn’trĭk and it’s just basically me going to my Asahiya, skimming through the newest Nakayoshi and Ribon issues (maybe more later) on their release dates and giving a brief synopsis of the latest manga chapters that I follow…plus I’ll throw in an opinion here or there for any other series I might suddenly be interested in. Depends.

I do this because…well, I have to spend at least $4 (soon to be $6, stupid MTA) on transit fare to get my Nakayoshi so I want to make that trip (sometimes on a Friday, no less) worth those extra dollars. And the only way I can think of doing so (besides scanning the chapters) is to share what I got with the rest of the fans who don’t have a convenient Kinokuniya and/or Japanese bookstore near them.

…Yea, living and working in NY has its perks. ;D If only I could kill taxes. =.=;

Note: I only skim them very quickly (book-browsing isn’t a really great thing to do in such a small store ^^; ) so my explanations might be totally off from the actual content of the chapter. That, and remember that I can’t read Japanese…and because the issues are bound by rubber bands to keep the furoku intact, I can only see so much of the pages without being caught by the store employees. ^^; Just don’t expect accurate summaries from me, that’s all.

I would gladly be willing to scan any of the subscriptions I bought if anyone needs those chapters. It costs me almost $8 for Nakayoshi, like hell I’m just going to throw it away after reading one chapter. D:
So if you want them, just contact me. I’m only getting Nakayoshi right now, though.

So, onto the spoilers…


First, the furoku:

It’s a SC! bag. :D
Well, the material is kinda too thin and it feels kinda flimsy but I chose that over getting Ribon cuz I need something to store my FLOW cards in anyways. And it’s SC! so it’s perfect. ^^

Some Shugo Chara! “news” as they put it:

I don’t know what this is supposed to be but those people next to the characters are certainly not their seiyuus (Mitsuki Saiga is a woman, not a boy, lol). xD; Hmm, personality-match, maybe? Still so weird and I’m curious. Why isn’t Ikuto anywhere on there? haha

And here is the furoku for next month:

Ooo, I want that “Fresh Grape” soda can-looking…whatever it is and that purdy pen. I think they’re also advertising some kind of small chapter tidbit pamplet (for lack of better description). Don’t know what it’s for but the girl is going =D at it. Pfft, little kids.

Alright, alright, now we actually get to the spoilers. ^^;

Ema Toyama’s new series, Watashi ni xxx Shinasai!.

Fwoo…that’s a rather suggestive title. *arches eyebrow*

And ANN’s description:

The “unpredictable situation comedy about flirtation” centers on a secret relationship that begins between the “absolute-freezing-point ice queen” and the most handsome boy in the freshman class.

Oooo…well, I have to say that I’ve been very disappointed with Ema Toyama’s past works so I hope this will be a good turnaround for all that. I don’t know the main characters’ names yet (ha, can’t read) but I like the megane girl already. Saw her for the first time in last month’s issue and my instant thoughts were “Shana…tsundere…” and now they are “Shana + a little bit of Rin from Little Busters! …cool tsundere…if this gets an anime, Rie Kugimiya…”


No thanx. xP

Anyways, it looks interesting. Megane girl seems very different from Ema-sensei’s past heroines (ick, they were all so annoying to me) and main guy looks really cute. Is anyone planning to take this series up? Hmm? Anyone? 83

Arisa: Ok, I’ve been putting this one off for quite a while cuz it screamed “DRAMA!” when I first saw it but the art won me over (too pretty). Ha, just checked it now and I’m glad it’s only 4 chapters in (so I have chapters 2, 3, and 4 from past issues). Well, add one more thing to my shoujo read list. Crud, I was planning to go back to shounen, too. |D;

Shugo Chara!: I adore the splash page. <333

Haha, the one that’s been anticpated the most. Well, I thought it was a satisfying chapter cuz I’ve been waiting for some plot now and we got plot. The summary has already been released by cookie from GW and I already took pictures of the pages but won’t post them until translations come out.

So…basically, Ikuto, Amu and Tadase go in the elevator to Gozen’s room and Ikuto explains more about Gozen during that time, I guess. They reach the place where Gozen usually sits only to discover a voice distorter on the chair and a secret passageway leading to the room where both Gozen and the bastard director is (the room with all those rocks on display). Gozen turns out to be the taiyaki kid and he’s holding the Embryo. They say some things (go look at cookie’s summary), the Embryo gets rotten and cracks somehow, taiyaki kid goes “Eww, don’t want it now” (kinda, lol) and drops it on the ground. Amu dives for it but all three get trapped in cages.

The cracked Embryo then becomes corrupted (even sucking all the X-energy out of Ikuto’s violin so yay, cuz the violin is back to normalz~) and starts breaking stuff with all that energy it shoots out. Bastard director tries to protect taiyaki kid, apparently called “Hikaru”, from the impact but then Hikaru pushes him away (“Get your hands off me, you ugly pedo! I want Tsukasa! xP” <–Ok, no, just let me have my fun. lawl~) and tries to gather his entire rock collection. Amu yells at Hikaru, Ikuto plays his violin and the corrupted Embryo calms down, a few sad faces panel, Tsukasa appears (OMG, NO WAIZ!), there’s a few flashbacks and the tamago book is mentioned in one of them (it got ripped, oh dear), then Tsukasa asks them to listen to Hikaru’s story.

Yes, I need translations like fast. xD;

Anyways, I’m not surprised about the revelation at all. At least it wasn’t some random person that was never introduced to us before as Gozen. That would have made the plot more complicated. Now I guess Hikaru’s past will be the main focus next chapter (how he’s related to Easter and everything). Heh, I know a lot of people are going to be disappointed with this chapter being what it is (there already are quite a bunch) so if you’re one of them, shut your face and GTFO my blog. It’s a bit lackluster but it’s still good and I’ve seen much worst.

If anything concerning romance, there were quite a few panels that made me giggle because Ikuto and Amu are standing so close to each other, neither of them really realize it (especially Amu! Oh god, lol xD). Hmm, yes, I got a little bit of Amuto in there so I’m content. ^^

And one final SC! note:

OMG, that’s my baby right there! *GLOMPTACKLEHUG!* XDDDDDD
Kyaa~! Our lovely Amu-chan looks so mature! She gets even more beautiful by the cover! AMUUUU~!!! *more hugging* x3333
This just solidifies my wish that she become a model when she grows up. She looks so good with her postures, has a great fashion sense and her personality just adds to the appeal of a model.

…Ok, that’s it. I declare myself as Amu’s surrogate mother (yes, I’ve gone crazy) and will not permit any boys or dating whatsoever! …Except if it’s Ikuto, he can have her on the weekends and they can marry when she turns 18 but other than that, NO BOYS! That’s an order! D8<



Ah, I really love the DVD covers. It’s the only time where we actually get to see Amu wear different styles for her hair…I’m contemplating on getting them but will do more thinking later.
But AAAHHHH! It’s the outfit from ep 51 and ep 51 was such an awesome episode! x333

lol, ok, enough fangirling for now (nuuu~!). Nothing else left to add…’cept I’m still wondering when the heck are we going to get a volume 9 already. :/

Somebody tell me the names for these two cuz they look interesting. I’m sure the one on the left is a new series but all I’m interested in is the cat. The character designs don’t please me but…there’s KITTIES! 8D
And the one on the right has been running for I think a while now. Is it any good? Recommend it? Avoid it like the plague?


WAAAH! Sakura on the cover! Sakura on the cover! Sakura on the COVER! xDDD

I really wanted to get this but thought better of it. It would have cost me $14 total and I know somebody else will get it later on anyway. Plus I already have an order on the way…but oh~, I would have been just satisfied with the cover and the splash page. T.T

So, since I didn’t get it, only SHK spoilers from this point (I don’t know any other series being published in Ribon right now anyways). =3=

This chapter’s splash page is so lovely (cuz of Sakura~). <3

Btw, I plan to have a general review of the past…3 chapters up some time soon. I guess I’ll include this one, too.

So! Just keep in mind that I only skimmed through the chapter so I might have left some parts out (short memory span). ^^;

It starts off with Byakuya talking to Sakura in her room (Sakura’s wearing only the bottomost layer of her kimono) and they discuss something. Elsewhere, Aoba confronts Fuji-prince about Sakura, I’m guessing (I’m sure), talk talk talk, Fuji gives Aoba a pat on the shoulder and an encouraging smile and the fangirls will go wild.

Meanwhile, back to Sakura, she’s throwing a tantrum and crying as her maids try to pin her down to the futon (by order of Byakuya, I think, cuz she’s just standing there with a stern, solemn look on her face). My god, to me, it looked like they were prepared to exorcise her or something. o.O;
They cover Sakura’s mouth with a cloth, too, so she can’t speak. Aoba comes in and here is where I get totally confused about what happens next because he puts her finger in her mouth and she bites down on it, causing him to bleed. Eventually, Sakura falls unconcious and wakes up in the morning to see herself wrapped in Aoba’s arms and the fangirls will go semi-wild, haha XDD. Then I’m not sure what happens to them afterwards.

But the old counciller dude is talking to his snakes again. Oumi is alone somewhere (not sure what’s happening here either) and that demon dude from the last chapter, Enju, appears before her, kisses her (yes, full on the lips, hurr~)…and I guess she faints? *can’t remember* Well, it’s pretty clear that Enju is definitely trying to get closer to Sakura now.

And it ends with an awake Aoba watching over a sleeping Sakura (she fell back asleep, I guess, hehe) with a hand on her head and a concerned look on her face.

…Well, Aoba redeemed himself quite a bit after this chapter showing such concern for Sakura and whatever problem she had. I already see people saying “Ok, I like Aoba now!” and me going “Pfft” at it. :P
I really don’t have anything against Aoba or him and Sakura getting together but this will probably one of those rare times where I don’t support the main couple. Just because I don’t really feel anything from these two. :/

I’m very curious to know what Enju plans to do with Sakura and how he’s going to use Oumi to get to her kiss possession FTW, lolol. Poor Oumi. I no longer hate her or dislike her and can somewhat understand how she feels. Even though it was really wrong for her to betray Sakura like that, she must have been terrified when she learned what was written on Sakura’s life letter. I mean, any normal person wouldn’t want to die and Oumi, being an example of a rather weak-willed but not uncommon woman during that time period, just panicked and did what she can in her frenzy to try and protect herself. It’s a natural thing to do. *sigh*

Hmm, wish I had the splash page instead but oh well. :/

Anyways, I took a look at the Ribon special from a month ago as well and thankfully, it had no rubber bands holding it down so I can (sort of) give you a full story on Asagiri’s special! Yay! ^^

It starts out with Asagiri (with long hair) walking through the snow with a blank yet kinda sad expression on her face. Sometime later, a man picks her up and uses her as a mean of entertainment to get money. As in, he dresses her up in mini-kimonos, shows her off to ladies who squeal in delight when they see her (I think they think she’s sort of some doll or something), they buy her from the man, and when they go to sleep at night, Asagiri leaves the people who bought her and returns to the man who sold her. He puts her in a cage and proceeds to go to the next town or something to do the same thing over again.

One day, they both come across Sakura who runs out into the middle of the road. Sakura sees Asagiri, angrily demands why she’s in a cage, the man is like “Pfft, I don’t have to answer to you, little girl” (WHAT?! How dare you talk to a princess like that! D8<) and this is the part where Sakura throws down her robe telling that she’ll give that to him if he lets Asagiri go. I’m sorry, my details aren’t clear because of the Japanese. Gomen.

So Sakura brings Asagiri home and tries to warm up to her but it doesn’t work (Byakuya is just sitting on the side and being an old baba =P). Sakura extends a hand to Asagiri, who swaps it away and the cut she leaves is so severe, a waterfall of blood starts flowing out of Sakura’s hand (in a humourous way). Oh, Asa-chan. ^^;
And when Sakura tried to doing the same thing again (this time with her hand bandanged), Asa-chan just does the same thing and opens up her cut, making it worst. xD;

Hmm, damn, my memory really fails me here but there’s a point where Sakura holds Asagiri in the palm of her hand, talks to her and pats her on the head and Asagiri cries for the very first time (cuz she’s happy somebody cares for her, aww~).

One night, Asagiri sneaks out and meets up with the man who sold her again. I think he tells her they were going to leave but Asagiri refuses and turns into her true form (WOOT!) and glares him head-on this way. Byakuya appears and…ack, I can’t really describe it but I don’t think that guy was killed. He was just scared off.

So that’s how Sakura really “recieved” Asagiri and after she became an official member of Sakura’s household, Asagiri had her hair cut short to how it is now. And she became more cheerful and…well, Asa-chan is just awesome. ^^

Aww, now this was a great special. Seeing the real, cold yuki onna that Asagiri was change into the adorable yet incredibly loyal companion to Sakura…warmed up my heart. <3

I think this will be in the second volume. Argh, somebody be nice and go get it and translate it already. I don’t want to wait for it be licensed. ;__;

Well, yep. That’s it. Hope you enjoyed it and hope I didn’t anger anyone at the offness of my explanations. If so, I sincerely apologize. *bows*

Look forward to next month, then. ^^


9 thoughts on “PreSpoiler: Nakayoshi & Ribon June 09 issue.

  1. Hmm, I think the next chapter of SC will be quite interesting. I’m really shocked that Gozen turned out to be the taiyaki kid (ok, Satelight, you REALLY better bring him in now or in the anime he’s just going to be some random kid…) but I suppose it makes a little sense. Who’d ever suspect a kid? I hope that Easter doesn’t turn out to be super misunderstood or something like that, though. For once, they’re evil because they are!

    I’m not disappointed that it’s not an Amuto chapter. Everyone should have realized by now that the Easter chapters were coming, and besides, the main point in SC isn’t romance, anyway. I think that before anything else happened, Easter needed to be stopped/investigated… No matter who it was between, whether it was between Amu and Tadase, Amu and Ikuto, or Ikuto and Tadase.

    And also thanks for the SHK spoilers. It almost sounds like Sakura gets sick in some way and they’re trying to heal her? Maybe she was delirious and that’s why she was wrestled to the bed? I agree, the splash page was really pretty. I hope we get an anime from this someday. I think it would turn out to be quite pretty.

    Aaaah~! It’s so hard to wait for everything to come out!

  2. You’re my hero!! : D

    Both SC and SHK sound exciting! (and I’m glad you’re picking up Arisa, it’s pretty great!!)

    I really hope someone scans Ema Toyama’s new work. I’ve never read any of her other works, but the title is just too interesting! xD

  3. Lol I was just planning the same thing since I had nothing much in mind, which I am in the mood, to blog XD The only difference is that if you would compare it on what I had in mind, yours will really have more detail and not actually Nakayoshi and Ribon only, hopefully.

    Actually, I’m looking forward for 3 things in the latest Nakayoshi issue. One is Watashi ni xxx Shinasai, mainly because it’s Ema Tooyama’s new work and I love all her works. It’s the first time that she makes a character that’s an ice queen. :O I hope someone scanlates it :3

    Second will be Shugo Chara because as far as I’ve heard, there will be different revelations of Gozen, just like you said. And yes, the splash page is <3.

    Third, and probably the most important for me is the chapter 5 of Arisa. God I just love this series. Suspense ftw! Enough said xD

  4. Thank you so much

    Hikaru~ I knew it all along. (Glad I get to be smug about something for once. :P) He’s way too adorable to be a villian though really.

    SHK sounds interesting again. Lots of drama as usual. I can see you not really supporting the main couple. I hope Enju ends teasing people.

    Asagiri chapter! Someone really needs to buy ribon special and scanlate it. It sounds super cute. I want a Kohaku childhood story too (she needs to be in the plot way more -___-) and one with Fujimurasaki and Aoba, when they were kids. Basically anything with kids really. Arina draws too cute children not to draw a lot of little kid specials for this series.

  5. Oh btw, the two mangas up there are Youkai Navi Runa (right).

    The other one, not really sure but if you translate the jap to romaji, the result is ke tama tookashina dainagon san by Sakyou.

    God, this is what I get for not learning japanese T__T Though I really want to XD

  6. I’m assuming the Shugo Chara News 1 thingie is for the new musical. Apparently SC! is so popular they’re now trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of this franchise. (Wasn’t a Guardian 4 or SCE member playing as Amu-chan?)

    I really can’t imagine what a musical would look like. Especially Amu’s pink hair. OMG Amu’s hair! The DVD cover is one of her best shots yet, including episodes 4, 8, and 13. I wonder who it features this time though.

    And thank you for the spoilers. Cannot wait for Arisa and Shugo Chara.

  7. Thank you sooo much for this cool feature~ The bag looks so cute ^^. I only like, have one Ribon copy and I even fought to have it, literally XD… Right now, I’m such a miserable little girl which searched on the deepest ends of our hoods to find these stuff, but ends up finding nothing T_T.

    I got a big “ooooohh” on Watashi ni xxx Shinasai when I read that it’s about “unpredictable situation comedy about flirtation” thing XD. I’m not aware so much if I ever read something about Ema Toyama but I hope it gets scanlated soon too ^^.

    >>*snaps fingers* FIERCE. That’s our Amu. That’s Anime’s Next TOP MODEL!!!

  8. I want that Shugo Chara bag it looks so cute~ Though I already have my own adorable blue one~ Oh yeah and my orange little pocket bag too. God all furoku is just so cute. *really needs a job again*

    Yeah! Read Arisa. Do it! More people need to be taken in and get all, O_O and such over every chapter. “He’s the one!” “No it’s too early. There’s got to be some twist to it!” and so on~

    Ah the DVD covers are all so cool. Why don’t we get the full scans of them anymore!? Well…at least we get pretty good quality images eventually. But still! Where are all my Shugo Chara otaku scanning their stuff? Do you proper duty as a fan and share! *greedy*

    Hmm…but I’m wondering who is going to be on the other side this time. This is the last one, right? So, I’ll be greedy again and say I want another Amuto image for the back. If it’s a lame Tadamu one, I’ll want to throw something. (Tadase didn’t even do anything in the last episodes!)

    I don’t have a lot to say on Ribon that I haven’t already said somewhere. Sakura looks more like a loli every time I see her. Except transformed here she looks so beautiful and mature~ (Calling her transformation Sakura-neechan from now on btw)

    I know what you mean about not supporting Sakura x Aoba and stuff. I think they’re both decent characters and every so often they’re bickering made me laugh a little, but I don’t really get any special feeling from them. I’d hate to say it, but I think Arina-sensei is having a rare miss in the relationship department. She’s making their feelings and stuff move along too fast. I almost killed myself when I thought, “It’s reminding me of Fushigi Yuugi” But it really is. DX

    And ah! The Asagiri special. I want it~

  9. I might be a little too late to comment, but that heart sign Amu-chan is doing on volume 16 is not ‘Open Heart’ but ‘Moe Moe Kyuuun’. IT HAS TO BE MOE MOE KYUN…-stares at K-on-

    I saw the previews on WnXXXS! on nakayoshi’s website, It looked like a good start. Reading the chapter feels more like a otaku-targeted aniime then a shoujo manga. But then half the reason is because the mangaka’s artwork look more ‘moe’ then shoujo. Ema Toyama’s cg colour artwork is probally the best shoujo cg-ist I seen, she’s comparable to those ero-ge artists in terms of cging. 50% of shoujo mangaka who does cg colour are down right awful. I really like her artwork here. Mama Colle and Koko iru yo was quite mediocore, they’re not bad, just…not exciting. I liked her Gokun Pucho, but that’s also typical. I’m hoping her new manga would bring some new light.

    Arina Tanemura coloured artwork never ever ever gets old. I’ll cry my eyes our if she ever gives up traditional colouring…and does cg.

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