The Art of Full Moon


Got this like almost a month ago but didn’t get a good chance to look through it until a few weeks after. Agh,

To start it off, I don’t like ViZ. Then again, I never have a favorable opinion for any of the publishing companies that license my favorite manga but as long as they can do a decent, average job with the translations (and not making sfx look like font crap plastered over the page) I’m okay with it.

But an artbook is a different story (oh yea, very). I have no idea how the original FMwS artbook’s…er, layout, I guess you can say, really looked like or if it’s the exact same one as the English version but I am PISSED as hell over:


What the hell is the author’s note doing on the same page as the artwork? Correct me if I’m wrong but usually, all comments in Japanese artbooks are reserved for the end, aren’t they? At least that’s what my Shinkuro and Shugo Chara! artbooks are like.

You suck, ViZ. It doesn’t look so much like a problem with this picture but for several others, the text was very small and some had to be read sideways if the image took up one full page. It hurt my neck when I strained my head to read them and what’s worst is that I can’t appreciate the artwork if there are distractions like that on the same page. Moreover, for me, it detracts from the art as well. Pain in the ass. -_-;

I don’t know why they couldn’t follow the same thing that TokyoPop did for CLAMP’s Southside and Northside artbooks. They put all of the notes at the end. And it took only one or two pages at the most. Stupid cheap ViZ.

Other than that, I don’t have much to complain about the rest of the book…cuz it’s Arina-sensei’s gorgeous work. How can I complain? <3

(If I see the Japanese version in some bookstore somewhere, however, I’m willing to part with this one for that, lol)

So the actual cover (as in not the removable one) are sketches from that certain MitsukixTakuto image (I’m not so familiar with the pairing names so sorry about that T_T). Hmm, very interesting. I looked under the description of that piece but she doesn’t say how she put it together. So I’m wondering if she merged the two sketches by hand or by computer. :/

It’s still a lovely illustration, though. Music sheets~ <D

Hmm, yea, I just took pictures at random. I don’t really have a favorite FMwS illustration from Arina-sensei but I do like her chapter cover pages a lot. Especially the ones that are two-pagers. Like this one. Kyaa~ It’s such a pretty blue. And Takkun’s hair is down for once, haha. (Btw, the oranges were just convenient so I used them as paper weights. |D; )

Uh, lessee hear…hmm, says “It might have been better if I had used a slightly darker color for Mitsuki-chan’s hair”. I kinda agree. It looks like her hair is grayin’ a bit there. Still looks beautiful but yea…

Huh, it doesn’t say it here but another another image, she mentioned that she wasn’t “good at illustrations with lots of characters.” Liar~…or she’s just being so modest. She does group pictures a lot, after all, and they always look good. Ahaha~ |D

EiMi~ <333

That’s the pairing’s name, right? Or is it something else? Gah, I don’t know.

But anyways, I like both Mitsuki pairings just because they’re both wonderful guys (with their cute quirks and everything) and Mitsuki is such a lovely young lady who really does deserve their love and affection for everything she’s given and done for them. Though I often find myself leaning towards EiMi more because when I saw how deep and tragic their relationship was, I wanted to TAT and hug them both. Plus, I guess I’m the type that supports couples where if they found true love in their first love (it has to be actual true blue mutual love, though. Not crushes, not just simply liking the other person, has to be real love), then they should never let that go even if they find another person to love. I’m not saying that falling in love with another person is a bad thing but…y’know, a love like Eichi and Mitsuki’s is pretty hard to come across by.

Crap, that was confusing. @.@;

But I’m not rabid about either pairing since I read the whole series all at once and bought in a huge bulk so I didn’t really have time to get too attached to any characters. I guess that’s why. :/

Ack, what am I rambling on about? Back to the artwork (though I guess this is probably one of the only few chances I’ll ever get to rant about FMwS since it’s over and all so let me rant! lol xD)…

Ooo, I like Eichi’s expression here. Eichi is so cute when he smiles but he always look so sad. So that’s why I like it when he’s in a picture with Mitsuki cuz he shows many other expressions. Aha, and I like this one best cuz he looks so cool. ^^

Mitsuki looks so mature and pretty here, too (actually, I think she’s the prettiest out of all of Arinacchi’s heroines so far…if we’re not counting SHK yet, which my opinion is still pending, lol). I like it when her hair is down. Her pigtails are what defines her as a loli 12-year old but when she lets her hair down, I kind of debate with myself about that. Cuz Mitsuki acts so mature for her age and doesn’t really look like a 12-year old either but that’s how most manga characters are like, aren’t they? They never look their age (I’m so jealous, haha).

Argh, but one thing that really bugs me is how Arinacchi was always rotating eye colors for Mitsuki. I don’t think she’s done that with her other heroines (point that out to me if I’m wrong) but Mitsuki’s is always blue in one pic and then red in another and then gold and oi… @.@;
I mean, I like Mitsuki and all but…what makes her so special?! *is just jealous so ignore me* xD;;

Hmm, but they’ll never be green though. Cuz Arina-sensei rarely uses green because she’s not “good” with it (ooo, that’s an interesting new fact I probably won’t forget now *tends to remember odd things*). I disagree but if it’s an artist’s little quirks, then what can you really say?
Aha, the background for this illustration is dark green, too. haha

Ok, I lied a bit. I do have a complaint. I still want to see the original artbook and how the illustrations were laid out in that one cuz to squish that TakuMi all up at the top of the page instead of spreading it out over two pages seems wrong. I mean, it was a chapter cover page, right? And a very significant chapter as well. Plus, I think this TakuMi illustration is the best TakuMi out of all her other ones so it deserves more space to itself. *frown*

Ah…TakuMi…it always bugged yet delighted me on how he’s pulling her pendant like that. And their rather scandalous suggestive position makes me giggle (even though they’re just floating, not actually…yea).

Nothing much to say about the pic with Takkun and Eichi in it. It’s cute, especially Takkun’s signature :P face. lol

But ooo, Nachi and Madoka and Gu-chan! <333 I’m really fond of this couple not just because they’re secondary characters (who don’t get as much love as the main ones) but because compared to everyone else’s emo love life, their drama was…normal. Even though it required plastic surgery, it was the most normal and funniest and…kyaa! I love this couple! They should have had a full page to themselves, too! And Nachi doesn’t appear in any more color images than this! *pout* :(

Waaaiii! Ginyu Meika~! Kanon-chan~! <333

Haha, I always liking seeing Arina-sensei draw her characters lying comfortably sideways like this. And shut up! I’m not a pervert! I’m an aesthetic person, that’s all. =P

Hmm…the book has her name wrong, though. They spelled “Karin” instead of “Kanon”. D/ Whut? I’m dead sure it was Kanon the last time I checked. Again, stupid ViZ.

Oh god, DBZ. XDD

I saw this online a few years ago and it seemed so familiar to me that I was shocked to find out Arina actually drew it herself. Haha, if she drew the art for DBZ, I wouldn’t mind reading it (it’s so goddamn long~).
And hehe, how typical for her to put the girls at the front. She’s a shoujo manga-ka till the very end! x3

Fishies~! :D

“This Love is Non-Fiction” may be my most favorite one-shot…no wait, it’s my second most favorite after “Short-Tempered Melancholic” (cuz ninja couples are awesome, haha). It was very sweet and…well, cute love-at-first-sight story. That’s right, right? I don’t remember and I didn’t buy it yet. But hmm…hehe, another fact I’ll never forget from now on is that Arinacchi loves to draw fishies in her illustrations.

And it says here that the colors were “too dark” but it looks pretty bright to me. Must be just this book, though. :/

TSK! KYOKO-CHAN~! Sakataki! And more fishies! And clouds under water, oi. xD;

lol When I saw this picture for the first time, I thought “Ooo, Sakataki looks so cool” but he’s just like any other adorkable Arina male lead which made me love him more. <D

Ah, I love the shade of Kyoko-chan’s hair. I have a weakness for red-heads so that’s why I love Kyoko-chan so much (though it’s not the only reason, of course).

Hmm…she drew the entire black frame by hand. o.O; Jeezus, sensei, you’re brilliant but such a maso. xDDD;;;

Best group illustrations EVAR~. Haha, I just came up with this right now but the more people in a collage pic, the better the group image it is, right? Then again, a collage calls for a lot of people but here, no one is chibified so…more points for it! lol

Ah…and hmm, she’s fond of using ribbons in her illustrations, too. Not surprised. She’s loved Ribon all her life. Aww, I wish I could land my dream job just like she did. <D

Well, nothing more to add…’cept I agree that Sakataki’s hands are in very interesting places. Pfft.

The insert poster back to back.

Route L…aww, we should have more Route L stories. Or at least, more pictures of them. Aoi really didn’t get enough story…and neither did Mitsuki’s mom (we didn’t even get to see her face in the manga!). The anime doesn’t count. Aoi was just another cool musician back in his day and all that playful charm (including the Buddhist monk clothes!) has been scraped which I wasn’t happy about. Mitsuki’s mom was pretty and…well, eloped and got pregnant. That’s it. :P

Yea, I want more Route L stories~ And to see how Aoi constantly teased and pushed Takkun around (kinda something I want to see happen in a certain other manga, too, if he ever comes back. My readers should know what I’m talking about ;D)

And the other side is just the four main characters. Looks cool. lol I always find it so funny seeing Takkun grit his teeth with one eye closed. It’s like somebody’s pinching him off the image.

Takuto: “Ouch, Mitsuki, stop that!”
Mitsuki: “Wh-What? I didn’t even touch you!”
Takuto: “…JOHNATHAN!”
Johnathan: “Ufufu~”


Ooo, Mitsuki and Meroko (I love Meroko~). It has cake and lots of ribbons, and wings (woot!), and I like the overall creamy white of illustration. Haha, yea, I can see why it’s popular. Cuz it’s really girly.

So would a boy version consist of chains and a darker theme? Hmm? …Kahaha, now I want to see that.

AGH! I’ve been ranting this whole entire time about FMwS but not enough about Full Moon herself. Bad me! *smacks self on hand*

Well, not much I can say about her either. She’s technically the future image Mitsuki aspires to be and herself as well. I didn’t like her in the anime as much as I did in the manga. Dunno why since they’re it’s still Mitsuki but it’s probably just because the anime was crappy. Yea, that’s got to be it.

Anyways, I love the sunset overtones (and Takkun standing off a little away by himself is soooo…cool, haha). Oh, and gotta mention the flowers. Lots of daisies here. Arina-sensei mentioned she used stickers to help her draw her flowers? Hmm, that’s interesting. I like her drawing techniques. They sound so original. xD

Ooo, and love the way the ribbons are binding Full Moon’s hands together. lol Ribbons are like…shoujo bondage. xDD;;;

I want those playing cards. O.O

…I always like collecting cards. Especially shoujo-cards~ They’re so pretty. <3

Hmm, does Ribon even give out playing cards anymore? Yea, right?

And to finish it all off, one massive two-pager showing almost all the FMwS cast.
Oh wait, these are cards, too. xD;

Hmm, don’t really have a favorite but I really like the one where Mitsuki and Full Moon are posing together. That’s a rare card apparently. I want it~ x333

Agh, Arinacchi’s art is the best! <3
I was very surprised to read in the afterword that she “may not be that passionate about drawing” but apparently, she just draw what she wants to…which is even better. Though I still think she’s very passionate about it (I mean, look at her art and all the effort she put into the details!) but she’s pretty critical of herself like all artists are. Aww, I still think you’re a goddess, Arina-sensei. <3

Ah yea…I can’t believe it took me so long to get hooked on her manga because I always thought her art was beautiful and…hence, when I see some very good artwork, I go straight for it (and usually end up getting disappointed if the plot’s no good but that’s another story).

Hmm…then again, for some reason, I tend to unconsciously avoid the more popular works and FMwS was pretty popular when I started getting into the animanga community. Heh, this happens with me all the time…and I usually end up obsessing over manga that already have 33 chapters. It’s always 33 or around somewhere around that number and I don’t know why.

Ack, more rambling.

Anyways, if you’re a diehard Arina fan, then this artbook is a must-get. The paper quality is very nice and…dude, just get it because it’s Arina’s art. What more reason do you need? |D; But don’t get it for the list price, which is $20. I got it on discount for $15 and I still think it should cost only $11. Hell, even less with how they slapped the descriptions in places where they don’t belong but eh, what can you do?

So ends my sloppy review.

Now I can’t wait to get my hands on the SHK artbook (I don’t want the English version). I’m guessing the KKJ artbook should be licensed very soon but since SDC is the next one to be published, don’t have an idea when that will happen. *sigh* …Well, yea. That’s all. :)



5 thoughts on “The Art of Full Moon

  1. I’m not sure if the KKJ artbook will ever be licensed, since CMX has the rights to KKJ in English, but the likelyhood of them publishing an artbook is like next to none. And I’m not sure Viz would get the artbook for something they don’t have the license to…though I would be extremely pleased if I were wrong!!

  2. It’s really cute~ I want it for my birthday (as well as SHK artbook if I can actually get an order for it T_T)

    the EichixMitsukixTakuto love triangle is pretty good. Not so much from the drama appeal, but in so far as the fact that both couples are good. I lean more towards TakutoxMitsuki because I think she needs to be with someone whose alive as opposed to dead. But I think it’s perfectly alright for her to be in love with both of them, since they were both important to her at different points in her life. I think that was the whole point of the resolution at the end.

    The FM translation is more off then say the SDC series translation, from what I’ve heard. :\ It was probably a typo with Karin-chan though.

    I just realized that Fujimurasaki reminded me of Aoi a bit. The teasing adult thing. I like Aoi more though.

  3. Oooo~ I love this artbook. I think I got it back at Christmas…from my brother. So I think I love it even more because I just mentioned it once when we were doing Christmas shopping together. I have such a nice brother~

    But skipping past that now to the actual artbook and Full Moon.

    I didn’t really mind the comments being on the same page as the art. As long as it doesn’t actually interfere with the art it’s fine for me. Though I do admit that the little text is distracting if you just want to look at the images.

    I liked both of the Mistuki pairings too. They both were kind of different, but equal in sincerity and stuff. I always leaned more towards Takuto and Mitsuki partially because they were the only couple that had a future, but also partially because most of Mitsuki’s romantic relationship with Eichi was depicted by her thinking about him after he was already dead, because she was pretty young when she knew Eichi. Ten and under, right? Takuto got the benefit of spending time with Mitsuki in the main timeline of the manga when she’s 12. But they’re both such great couples.

    I think if we can still remember my post on Mitsuki from the early days of my blog, my love for Mitsuki is pretty clear (that poor girl T_T) and she was definitely the prettiest of all of Arina-sensei’s heroines. I think part of it is owed to the fact that I liked Arina-sensei’s art style the most back when she was drawing Full Moon. But Mitsuki also has black hair (and usually lol) blue eyes which is such a beautiful combination to me. Oh Mitsuki was just great. I still kind of wish every so often that Arina-sensei will draw a random one-shot for Full Moon that takes place after the epilogue. I want to see grown-up Mitsuki again.

    And…that’s all I have time to say right now because I suddenly realized I haven’t eaten today. Anyway, I read the whole post and as usual, I enjoyed it all. You made me laugh with the Takuto getting pinched bit. Classic. XD

  4. The comment are on the same pages as the artworks, you don’t have to blame VIZ. It’s the same with my German Edition and I don’t the places of the comments were changed in too different countries. Though, it would be very disturbing if the comments were placed on the images themselves.

    The same is with the Micky x Takkun picture, it is that small, don’t smell a conspiracy everywhere ;-) In the SDC artbook (have the Japanese version), many bigger images have only half a page as well, though they are double pages in the manga. To the picture, I don’t find it delicate at all. Takkun’s not even that close to her so he cannot lie on her and I could still imagine, they are standing in truth.

    Sorry, but I think it is miserly to say this artbook should cost only 11 dollars. IT’S AN FULL-COLOURED ARTBOOK, of course it has to cost more than an ordinary manga! I spent 22 € on my edition and that’s quite more than 20 dollars. And I don’t miss a single cent of that (I didn’t even know this artbook existed when I saw it at the bookstore, yet I had to buy it immediatly, but that’s another story).

    I think the Micky x Eichi-picture is my Fullmoon favourite as well. I can’t describe why, I simply love it. Maybe because the black background reminds me of the space and the impossibility of fulfilling their love, I dunno.

    Wah, my edition doesn’t have the sketch! Since it hasn’t a removable cover as well. I don’t think Arina used a computer since she doesn’t used one *LOL* I think she put both sketches under a light table while making the outlines for the coloured version.

    I don’t really like the third volume cover of TSK. Respect for the numbers of characters, but it’s too pale and the bedsheets are annoying in my opinion.

    The poster with the Shinigami side hangs my room, as well as the KKJ artbook pster with the Marron side *love*

    The chara card side is really really cute^^ We can all see that Me-chan’s hair is apricot, not that anime-pink^^

    The Dragonball pic soooooo funny^^ I thought the same about Arina putting the girls in front^^

    Greets, Mina

  5. Uwaaa… I want it too!!! T_______T

    I love Full Moon! But they say the manga is better than the anime (in term of clothes) but I haven’t got the time to read the manga yet.

    But ahhhh… I want the artbook too!!! *jealous jealous*

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