Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 80

F*ck this, I am not going to put up with any more of that shit Satelight keeps throwing at me.

In the most blunt, one-liner to describe this plot-related episode, it sucked so bad that even the good parts went down with it.

But in slightly better news, my screencaps will no longer look as crappy now that I figured out how to save them as .png files! :D

Ah, before I get started on that, I would like to thank everyone who commented for my last week’s post. Really, thank you so much cuz it made my horrible weekend a whole lot better.
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As much as I am pissed off as hell over Satelight and their unrivaled stupidity, I do give credit to them for following the dialogue faithfully. But at the same time, it’s utter crapdom. The fight itself was good, Tadase’s line delivery was good. But this…

Wtf are you screwing around with me for?! Dx

Amu has been standing looking like a bimbo ever since Tadase showed up to save the day. Yes, I do understand that she can’t do much as the boys duke it out. I do get that. I do.

But at least give her a different expression instead of one that makes her look as if she isn’t conflicting with herself over their fighting. All I got here was “Tadase-kun and Ikuto are fighting… *shocked sadness*” What the hell happened to her trying to stop them at the beginning of Doki? Compare that to this, what the hell happened to that Amu?

And don’t give me the excuse that she does the same helpless standing-on-the-sidelines shindig later at the tower either. In that situation, it was appropriate because there was the whole issue of “Why must boys fight each other? Why can’t a girl fight?” that was occupying her mind. Of course, she was too confused to do anything then. She also had to figure out how to save Ikuto at the same time.

This, however…has nothing, absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G substantial to explain for it. It’s just dumb, it looks stupid and what’s worst is that at this screencap, I realized we got pretty bad animation, as well. Everybody gained a few pounds again and the fat is evident in their cheeks (minus Ikuto but damn, he’s sick).

You suck, Satelight. You royally suck. Dx

Alright, Ikuto trying to fight the brainwash was pretty okay but you can tell that they got so lazy with it. Screw it, they didn’t even try to make it look good. They just suddenly showed him struggling. That’s all.

Hell, my screencaps tell the story better than the goddamn episode does. XP

Somebody get me my paper shredder. But before that, my sledgehammer. I need to slam his head hard and deep into the concrete. I NEED to see this bastard beaten up before the end of the series. Don’t care if this is shoujo and/or he later gets his redemption or not, this asshole NEEDS to get thrashed. (Xiao in an angry mood = Xiao in a very violent mood)

What’s even more depressing is that my hate for Satelight has escalated to almost the same level as my hate for bastard director. Satelight, don’t make me swing my hammer your way! D8<

“I believe in Ikuto!”

Y’know, I’m so pissed off at how Satelight screwed up Amu’s character throughout Doki! (especially in the most recent episodes) that all I can say here is “You should have done that two episodes ago, bitch!”

Anime-Amu is very annoying right now. -_-#

Ok, so the “Believing in somebody is blahblahblah” tagging here was just meant to fill up episode minutes like the fight and flashback scenes did.

But this was lame. Completely lame. Screw the fact that this is aimed at the little kiddie audience, it was fuckin’ pointless to see these two lecture the even stupider adults with mahou shoujo peptalks. It doesn’t even have anything to make it believable cuz while in the manga, we had taiyaki kid give Amu some vague advice which she later expands on pretty well by herself, here they are just shouting out pretty words. Shallow, unsupported, generic shoujo crud. What’s worst is that Satelight has even upped Tadase to some sort of unknown magical male heroine status when it’s not even his job to yell out speeches.

Though I guess while watching him say “Believing in others is what makes us stronger” or whatever, it gives the sense that he has matured quite a bit between the time he spent at Kukai’s and now. It shows that he’s taking a step away from his immaturity and trying to do the right thing. The downside is, it makes him seem a bit hypocritical as well. Because he was always saying he wanted to be strong but he couldn’t believe in Ikuto. Yes, it’s not all his fault that he stopped believing (blame falls to Ikuto for not saying anything either, bad Ikuto!) but still…sometimes, Tadase doesn’t have the right to say a lot of things until he can prove he’s earned those rights back.

And hey, just to make it clear (like I always say), this is not Tadase bashing. But you can’t make up excuses for characters even if you love them to bits. If you don’t believe me, then I don’t really need to prove it to you but I’ll just say that Ikuto and Utau were almost just as dumb as Tadase was. Ikuto always keeps to himself and takes full burden for everything when he shouldn’t. Utau’s too goddamn stubborn and overly confident to want to confide in anyone, which didn’t give her the right to scream around “How can you possibly understand me?!” when how can people do that if she doesn’t even tell them about herself?

Ah, yea…kids are dumb. Just remember that SC! is a series that focuses on children maturing so you can’t be too critical of them. They don’t know any better so that’s why they have to get hurt and experience some harsh reality slapping them in the face before they can understand and become smart.

*breathe* Ok, rambling aside for a moment…

Platinum Heart. Shiny. Bright. And it’s pink and yellow. The attack kinda reminds me of a water fountain. *shrug*

Meh, it’s okay. I don’t have much of an opinion on joint-attacks as Amu did these many times before. With several others besides Tadase, too. Though I guess you can say they were more tag-team than joint-attacks but whatever. They’re practically the same thing. I go “Oh! Joint-attack!” for a second and then my excitement leaves me just as quickly. :P

This is stupid. She’s reaching for it at one point and then stops to watch it glow right in front of her. It’s just floating there right in front of her, perfect opportunity for to grab it, and she doesn’t do it. What. the. fuck.

Yes, at this point, my hope of seeing the taiyaki kid has dwindled to almost nothing. I’m not optimistic about any possible chances he will appear in the anime because we already delved too deep into the plot, gone pass the point in the manga where he was the most significant so far. Unless Satelight plans to have him show up later (which I doubt because this is an anime adaptation, not an animated copy of the manga), taiyaki kid is probably going to be manga exclusive.

Don’t like it?
Well, suck it up and deal. I’d rather have a good ending without him then a bad ending with him. (I’m sorry, please excuse my crankiness)

Now let’s bring in manga comparison time:

See here vs. Amu de-Charanari-ing while still in mid-air? Which one is obviously the better one? And if you get the wrong answer, I’ll smite you down (ok, no I won’t, but I’m just mad so let me be mad).

I hate this. The way she looks like she can’t do anything here…well, I guess it’s reasonable since the Embryo undid her Charanari but this is stupid as hell. I would have preferred Tadase catching her after she’s been thrown back by the Embryo instead of her acting so Mary-Sueish and calling out for Tadase like she couldn’t do anything else (y’know, she could’ve tried to Chara-nari with Ran again). No, this has nothing to do with my shipping bias. But the way Satelight has gone from portraying her as kick-ass, “don’t need no boys to protect me” Cool & Spicy Amu to damsel-in-distress Amu infuriates every fiber of my being. It doesn’t matter if she’s falling from 50-whatever feet from the sky. It pisses me off! D8<

This has happened many times before in a lot of magical girl anime I’ve watched but never, I hoped, I prayed and I begged to whoever would listen to my inner desperations, that I would never have to see Amu fall into the same trap that so many heroines before her had done. Because Amu is extremely different from all those preppy annoying little good-for-nothings so she shouldn’t receive the same shit-tastic “the boys will always save the girls” treatment.

Perhaps I’m blowing this too much out of proportion (due to my rage, I remind you) but I don’t care. I am seriously offended by how much Satelight has made a character I love and respect so much turn into a person that has qualities I utterly loathe seeing in a girl. Helplessness, taking on all the blame for herself, etc. It disgusts me.

That is not to say I’ve abandoned any hope for getting my real Amu back (hell no, I love Amu too much to just give up on her because of Satelight xP) but anime-Amu is an Amu I just can’t accept right now. It’s not Amu. Even though Amu in the manga has had her moments of loss and confusion, they were something I can relate to, understand, and defend about. Manga-Amu is realistic while anime-Amu is a poor rendition of the original gone wrong twice and is currently hanging by a very thin thread which is threatening to snap and let her fall into the pile of generic shoujo fail.

I hope they turn this around very soon. I’m not going to stop watching SC! or anything but I just can’t stand seeing her like this.

Another fail that made me go apeshit. Right, Amu didn’t die from the fall but because Satelight chose to prioritize holy jello crown, it cost us seeing Ikuto dragged away in a truck AND Amu crying out for him. Oh, don’t forget that Amu in the manga was also worrying and panicking like she never seriously done so before in her life. And I am a hardcore Amuto fan but that is not the issue here. When you animate crucial scenes like this from the manga, then you better make damn sure on your life that you do the details from the manga close to near perfection. This goes for every character, every shipping (YES DAMMIT I NEED TO SEE TADAMU DONE AS IT IS DONE IN THE MANGA, TOO! Dx), everything here counts.

Manga-Amu was distressed, in turmoil, and lost over what she should do.
Anime-Amu is catching her breath and just so glad that she got saved.




IKUTOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ;______________________________________;

*will cry for him since anime-Amu won’t*

Damn, my VAIO desktop’s HQ screen makes the video look too good it makes me want to cry again. Ikuto’s sweating like he has some fatal fever. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! DON’T DIE, IKUTO! DDDDDDDDDDDx

…I give up. From this part of the episode on, everything besides Amu apologizing and explaining things to Tadase is shit.

Y’know, if 78 didn’t happen (which it didn’t, but I need to blame something), then the effect of Amu’s apology wouldn’t be so half-assed.

I’m sorry but try as she might, Amu’s “regretting” expression during this scene did not come close to even close of how hurt and sad she looked when she apologized to Tadase in the manga. And here, Tadase is looking at her with such a sad, almost clueless face. Then again, it might just be me being angry…but this just proves that when it comes to mahou shoujo, an anime will always fall short of the original (especially if it’s adapted from a manga).

And Satelight being so retarded had to prove that point, too. Oh, joy! You guys are such wonderful bastards like the studios before you!

This is better.

Yea, the whole second half is filled with flashbacks of Ikuto staying in Amu’s room but I didn’t mind that. Not because I’m an Amuto fan but I thought it gave a good boost to support Amu’s explanation of all that happened. This was pretty much skipped over in the manga so it would give Satelight an excuse to use it to take up screen time, even if it meant doing a half recap episode.

Honestly, if they weren’t going to show a recap, then we would have 10 whole minutes of Amu and Tadase just sitting on a bench, looking sad, and Amu talking. That’s it. That would have been boring. It’s not like either one is suddenly going to smile and be happy again or anything during the whole time. So the recap was necessary (because there was nothing else they can really put in there).

Oh, and Amu does it again. “I hurt you both. I’m the worst.”

*flings stuff at the wall*

I, of course, still think that Tadase’s friendship handshake was done better in the manga (ha, you must be so annoyed with hearing me say “manga” all the time). Because at that time, he wanted to make up with Amu really quickly and I gained a lot of respect for Tadase after that. It’s not that Tadase wanted to just forget that incident, no. It’s just that he already understood that Amu never meant to hurt or lie to him and that she took Ikuto in because she wanted to help him. That’s the kind of person that Amu is. She can’t leave others who are in trouble alone.

And normally, knowing guys, they’d hold grudges for a very long time over stuff like that. Because guys are so moody when it comes to girls they like. Thank god, Tadase is so understanding. That’s what I really like about him. Now if only he could get over his own moody grudge against Ikuto. *sigh*

Anyways…not saying that the anime did it bad or anything. Tadase did thank Amu for telling him the whole truth (and woot! She even finally said that she disagreed with him over Ikuto! YES!) and forgive her and all. It just wasn’t as good as the manga, imo.

Ugh, and I’m sorry but I kinda want to bring this up because I’m finally letting a little of my shipping bias take over for the sake of it: Am I being a little too paranoid when I see Amu blushing while taking Tadase’s hand?
I know Amu blushes more than the average girl does (heh) but when I watched her smile like that, I couldn’t help but wonder if Satelight suddenly turned their favor over to Tadamu for a moment there. To me, the atmosphere didn’t seem like anything romantic or anything but Amu does still have feelings for Tadase, y’know. I felt it more from Amu’s side than Tadase’s. She was so afraid that he’d hate her over keeping the secret and when it turned out for the better, she looked so happy. Not saying that’s wrong (god, just put yourself in her shoes and wouldn’t you feel the same way?) and it’s probably just a huge rush of relief over anything else but still seemed like a genuine Tadamu moment.

It’s rather unconnected, though. They’re still not mutual…ah, and again, I had to remind myself that they’re both still little kids. Hmm.

& don’t give me such a weird look (whatever shipping fan you may be). It’s natural to worry about your own shipping. I’m not looking to compete on that with anyone or give them reasons to shoot me down. I just like pointing out details.

Well, moving along, Tadase wants to save Ikuto from Easter now. Yay! ^^

I’m pretty sure this was done purely for the fangirls to go “KYAAA!!!” at his unbuttoned shirt. *rolls eyes*

*sigh* Ikuto looks so drained. Ikutooooo!!!! ;_________________;

Ok, back to raging…


This is NOT the time to be relaxed and cheery when someone’s in danger!

F*CK YOU, SATELIGHT! I was so prepared to be emo and angsty and you ruined it and made me angry instead! I don’t mind a filler follow-up if you make them somehow relevant to what’s happening now but to show Amu and Tadase walking to school as if “Oh yea, Ikuto got kidnapped by Easter and is suffering under their control right now but let’s just casually walk to school and plan things there”. You’re just asking to get skinned alive and so is Amu if Utau suddenly came back and saw her like this. How will that transition well into what Tadase has to say about his past with the Tsukiyomi family, which is supposed to be tragic and sad? HUH?!

Oh, now I’m even more mad because we still didn’t get to the chapter about the two families yet and already everything is starting to fall of the tracks.

I had to listen to about a dozen depressing love songs after watching this on live stream to get me back into the right mood. That’s how angry and upset I was over this stupid change.

And screw that last freeze frame at the end. *tears it up*


Shut up, pedobear. Be useful and actually be a pedo for once and go fetch the taiyaki kid with the stones you grow in your own office.

Yoruuuuu~~~…. TT_____________________TT

I sympathize with you, hun. The rest of the world is being an idiot and only Yoru is acting the proper way. Stupid rest of the SC! universe.

I’m done! I don’t care from at this point! *heavy sigh*


Ah, I almost forgot to mention so I better do it here: We’re getting another character song album and a new Utau song has already been confirmed! WWWAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! xDDDDDDD (lol, the only thing I’m happy about in this post and it isn’t episode-related)
I’ve read on YesAsia’s description that You-kyan (Yuichi Nakamura aka Ikuto’s seiyuu) is also going to be on the CD though if he’s singing I’m not really sure but it will be interesting if he does. haha
Ahhh, I can’t wait. I especially want to hear a Amu and Rima duet. Kanae-san and Sayuri-san~! KYAAA!! XDDD

Yep, it’s coming out on August 5th. I’m can’t wait to get it! x3

Ok, back to business…

One word: Nikaidou.

Nikaidou can drive. Nikaidou has a car. Nikaidou will be chaperon for the Guardians in their Easter infiltration field trip.

I love Nikaidou. 8DDDD

But it’s mostly a Chara filler, I’m guessing. Whatever. Anything would be better than this episode (and Yoru and Kiseki teaming up is awesome! Yoru even gave up the stupid tuning fork to save Kiseki and the yaoi fangirls will go wild). I guess I’ll keep my expectations for any Tsukiyomi-Hotori past revelations low since it wasn’t shown in the preview but yea…

I’m tired. Will have a CD review up soon.


7 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 80

  1. Ooh, anime-Amu IS getting annoying if you compare her to manga-Amu. M-Amu seems alternately younger and older than A-Amu, who seems a little airheaded sometimes. At least when M-Amu hesitates, it’s because she has a good reason to. It’s not because she’s just standing there watching them fight, doing nothing. I guess you could use the excuse that she didn’t know what to do and things were happening too fast for her to respond, but meh. This episode didn’t want to make me cut A-Amu ANY slack at all, so I’m not.

    This is stupid. She’s reaching for it at one point and then stops to watch it glow right in front of her. It’s just floating there right in front of her, perfect opportunity for to grab it, and she doesn’t do it. What. the. fuck.

    I cracked up when I saw this. It’s so completely true! Someone mentioned that this part of the anime looked extremely similar to episode 51, and it’s true – they’re nearly identical. I think Satelight is trying to show how Amu is so “dazzled” by the embryo she becomes an idiot while anywhere near it. I don’t know – I don’t get it, because she had about ten seconds to go for it and she didn’t.

    I actually like the Platinum Heart. It was quite pretty, and reminded me a little of Amulet Diamond’s “Starlight Navigation” attack. It seemed pretty well done, too.

    RAWG! I was furious when the part about Ikuto being taken away and Amu crying and screaming his name was chopped out, partly because I think it helped Tadase fully understand just how Amu felt about Ikuto, and partly because it made me concerned that Satelight is going towards Tadamu. -.- I have a slim hope that there will be another fight between the three of them after this next filler, and that scene will be there. But it’s a very, very tiny hope.

    I also thought that Amu and Tadase’s make up was better done in the manga. In the manga, Tadase says something about how they’re going to be friends. It was a key thing for me, because I felt like it was his way of saying “we’re going to put this behind us for now and concentrate on saving Ikuto”. In the anime, it seemed more like it was a purely a mending of their relationship… which is also good, but again, I agree it’s a little concerning Satelight might be heading in the Tadamu direction.

    I don’t think the taiyaki kid will be showing up. For whatever reason, Satelight has decided to cut him out. Unless, as I mentioned, more anime-original episodes begin showing things cropped out of the manga. But I’ve given up hope on seeing him. Even if he did show up, A-Amu has mostly said everything he would have made her understand (granted, in a shitty, stupid, “I’m a typical mahou shoujo girl spouting off random speeches for no reason” way).

    The next episode will be a filler, but I’d MUCH rather have an anime original filler as opposed to Satelight screwing around with the manga scenes again. I know it’s an anime adaption, but still. I guess we all got spoiled during the first season. Hopefully after this next ep, whomever is screwing up so badly at Satelight will have a meeting with your hammer to get some sense knocked into them!

  2. am i the only one who noticed how bad the animation was ? this whole episode sucked in everything even when amu was talking about ikuto , WTF freeloader , gosh i hate Tadamu episodes like this and its not that but also Satelight ruined everything , like amu staring at the embryo , ikuto’s struggle , why didn’t they show when Easter guys took ikuto away and the look on amu’s eyes ? i was like -___- the whole episode , i agree on EVERY DAMN THING u said , your so right , i hate anime amu ! Manga amu ftw <3

    sorry for all that hate XD also the next episode in a chara filler ,,, ugh can’t wait for chapter 40 so i can regain my love for SC , i am just watching to see the animated hug or should i say ,,, kiss ? maybe X3

  3. This was one of the first episodes in a while I’ve actually watched and it was horrible >_< Honestly, I have to agree with mo0on, the animation was lazy, the writing sucked, I just sat there, and thought “What was the point of that?” And it ticked me off when she was giving her speech to Easter’s director, and when they were all happy “Everything is fine now yay!!” at the end ;_; rawr!! D:

  4. I have only one thing to say: Shugo Chara! Doki! is getting worse….

    I’m getting tired…. *sigh* -_-

  5. I can’t take it anymore!!! Where the hell have you locked the real Amu??? These last episode with that horrible anime-Amu totally ruined my fangirl mode gauge! C’mon, show a little mercy, you Satelight assholes!!! If things continue like this I’m gonna throw up sometime soon…

    I only enjoyed the Amuto scenes-flashbacks a little, but my mood was already down, so it couldn’t make up at all!… Really, even I MYSELF could have done things better (seriously I would have done it better, unless you put me in the drawing section!!!)…

    I’m too mad to think clearly now… Jeez, if they can’t pull it throught, they should just leave it alone! Isn’t that common sense?!!!

    Thank God, there are some things that can distract me for a couple of minutes, like the op and ed songs, and lots of new manga of course!

    Now that I said that, I’ll take a look right away, and leave Satelight assholes’ muttering for later! See ya soon!

  6. LGB, those are cool very cool initials, aren’t they? Thank you for the shout out by the way (and I really look forward to your spammage, though I totally understand the concept of being busy…>.>;;;) Even though Finals are starting this week (Friday) my friends and I are still going to Sakura Matsuri, because we need a break! @.@ Anyway, onto the actual episode…

    Well, you’ve basically said it all. I mean, really, this weeks episode was…yeah. The fighting scenes were quite lovely and really well done, but the drawing was lacking entirely in this episode (thankfully not with Ikuto!) Amu looked like she gained 10 pounds (like you said) and asshole director just looked odd (though, I’m not really complaining about that one…)

    Animation aside, this episode was awkward for me. I think that’s the best word I can use to describe it. Amu became annoying Mary-Sue shoujo with the whole staring-stupidly-as-two-people-she-cares-about-fight and staring-stupidly-as-the-embryo-just-sits-there-ready-to-be-snatched-up. -.-;; I mean, really!? It was quite pathetic. And, while I did like the idea of Ikuto snapping out of his hypnotic trance, it could have been done much better (and I totally agree with you on the whole Tadase-is-lead-hero thing, with his and Amu’s combined speech. =.=)

    Though, I can’t complain too much, I’ve learned this the hard way. Anime and manga are two different mediums and sometimes it’s better to forget that one medium exists when you are watching/reading the other. I wish they would have brought in the Taiyaki kid, but I know now that they won’t. It’s far too late. Thinking about this reminds me of the Harry Potter francise. Those movies have veered so far from the books the last two films (Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2) will have to be amazing and fit everything in, in order to salvage the series in any way, shape, or form. They left out so much that they’ve basically screwed themselves over, at least the SC anime haven’t messed up THAT bad yet. Well, I don’t think so anyway. :/

    They did mess up with this episode though and that whole bit about a promotional day at the amusement park. Really!? I mean, I think they just pulled that out of their ass, I have no words for it. It wasn’t even day, it was in the middle of the night, and all the little kids that just had their heart’s eggs removed just believe it all right off the bat. It’s so stupid. U.U

    At least the flashbacks/explanation was done somewhat decently. Amu explained herself quite well and, even though she should have realized this sooner, I was still proud of the realizations that she came to while she spoke. She told her honest and truthful opinion about Ikuto to Tadase, and I think, that Tadase realized something as well. You took the scene, the fact that Amu blushed, as a kinda bad sign for Amuto (I understand completely where that is coming from), but my mind was in a completely different place when I watched that scene.

    As Amu spoke about Ikuto, their was a look on Tadase’s face that said that he understood something. I think he knows that Amu has feelings for Ikuto now. He had that look, it was brief, of something akeen to “Oh no, when did this happen!?” He knows that she likes him, but I don’t think that Tadase comprehends the extent of Amu’s feelings, just like she doesn’t. So, basically, don’t fret! ^-^

    Let’s see, last minute thoughts (although, let’s be real here, it won’t be short! XD) that ending was pure crap. >.3<) And, finally, poor Yoru! T^T My friends and I really sympathize with him. Not only is he the only one that is actually in character at the moment, he has to deal with Ikuto on a daily basis (that would drive me crazy! x.X)

    Next week:

    I’m looking forward to Nikaidou (I love whenever Nikaidou appears, which is most definitely NOT enough!) and to the interaction and workmanship between Kiseki and Yoru. Though, usually, any interaction between the Charas is looked forward to and is usually extremely cute! ^ω^

  7. I just totally gave up on the anime for a while. I’m just sitting around waiting for chapter 40 to come out.

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