Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 79

I’ll say that this episode was 83% good for plot relevancy, 10% great for Kuukai’s brothers and the epicness of Death Rebel, and 7% of asswipe for trashing Amu’s character.


Dropping the summaries. Since the subs are everywhere anyway so there’s no point in me going back and spending another hour or so on typing it all up. Yep, just doing thoughts for the rest of the things now.


Who the fuckin’ hell cares about the legal system anyway (fictionally speaking, only…perhaps)? If he doesn’t go by your last name (which he will never ever do, you ugly son of a bitch that needs to go die in a fucking pit of acid), then what way in hell will he ever even acknowledge that you are even “related” in documents.

Besides, legal shit is only papers. And papers are destroyable…Did I mention I had a really fun time playing with my new paper shredder this week? :D Wish I could shove this asshole in there. That would’ve been so much fun.

*facedesk* I know this isn’t the right time to say this but…what the hell. Glowing violin as a lightbulb. WTF. -_-;

Ikuto…we really need to get your arc finished nicely before my whole head is rendered unrepairable due to the many facepalms and headdesks Doki! has made me do.

Oh yes, I’m so suing Satelight if I have to get surgery for those injuries. You can count on it.



Shit, Satelight, if you didn’t make that episode in the first place, all this crap messing up the Amu we were suppose to get (the manga Amu) would not have happened. Her anger is still there just like it was for the relevant chapter but in the manga, she was still in a flurry of mixed emotions when Yoru got back to her (only shortly after she yelled at Ikuto and ran off to go find Tadase which makes it reasonable) while in the anime, she had a whole FRIGGIN’ day to think things over…which didn’t happen. Everything went all wrong wrong wrong. And now everything is happening all wrong wrong wrong. Amu became stubborn the wrong way because she was too preoccupied with being hurt to want to find out the real reasons for Ikuto’s behavior.

Not to the point where we all die from “GASP!THIS ISN’T PLOT RELEVANT!” but when you f*ck up a character like that to “stretch” things out, you f*ck with a diehard fan like me and…

Y’know, why am I even getting mad? I’m suppose to ignore all this and everything that happened in so-called episode 78. *ignore* Ah, that’s better. Let’s just skip this part like it never existed and move on. Move on, move on~

warrior made a good point in her post on Amu’s line here.

What Amu said in the manga: “Why must I be the one to save everyone all the time?!”

What Amu said here: “I’m always hurting those around me.”

ECK! X-nay on that last one! NO NO! Sound the sirens and someone fix this emo kid immediately! Dx

Going by the original Amu, her frustration at having to look after and help everyone is what makes her realistic and stand out from all the generic magical girl heroines. It’s what makes her not a freakin’ Mary-Sue. It showed that she is, above all, still just an ordinary girl who is prone to ordinary emotional issues like these. That she is not perfect in every way people expect a heroine to be but stands up and does her best when she realizes she has to (I’m sorry, warrior, I feel like I’m plagiarizing your lines, please forgive me T_T).

But “I’m always hurting those around me”? What the hell is this? Do I need to slap someone?! (Someone calm me down before I do, god…)

…Or I can just ignore this kind of Amu that I don’t know. Yes, I won’t acknowledge this as my Amu. Nope. NEXT! D:<

Yooooouuuuuuuu. Omg, yoooooouuuuuu.


You saved me from another headdesk. Thank you, Kuukai! Thank you for just running back home with a bag of groceries! *relieved now*


Ok, Kuukai gets my eternal love for the week (lol, whut? How does that make sense?). I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for him to sit on that swing next to Tadase’s but I’ve been waiting for it alright. @.@;;

Pfft. Ok, someone slap me cuz I swear I’m going insane.

I love Kuukai’s brothers to bits and all but…well, warrior called the Souma household a reverse harem (which is so true, haha). I thought more of otome game rejects (which is almost the same thing).


…Well, whatever. I wouldn’t reject them cuz they’re awesome. :P

Anyways…ha, looking at their character designs made me realize a lot of things on how a manga-ka can view their own characters (I’m just assuming, though, so please don’t be offended). Example: Take Rima’s parents and compare them with Rima herself. Obviously, the more detailed a character is, the more effort a manga-ka has put into his/her design. Not counting the fact that their stupidity is what added to their less than desirable image, Rima’s parents are very mediocre-looking (I don’t know how else to word it) while Rima…isn’t. Because their only purpose was to provide some drama and then leave after issue is more or less solved. They aren’t so important. So it wasn’t necessary to make them astoundingly attractive or anything. Saved P-Pit a lot time, that’s for sure.

The same can be said about Kuukai’s brothers, I guess, only they look better because they’re a better family (better people always look better, anyways :D). When I first saw them, I thought they were pretty cool but they didn’t wow me since I already saw Kuukai. Still, you can tell when comparing them to other…um, “not-so-important-to-the-plot” (is there a better word for this?) characters, P-Pit went a few more steps in making them look above average (and average is like your typical filler kid).

Or it could just be because Kuukai’s brothers are younger than those awful adults (minus the good parents). I dunno. I just thought it was an interesting topic to think about.

Always picking on the youngest. Tsk, tsk.

Ack, now I miss Kairi! KAIRI~!!! TTATT

lol If I had mad Photoshop skills, I would replace Kuukai with Utau. XDDD

And no doubt the three on the bottom (plus Kuukai) would be cheering our Utako on. RIGHT?! 8D

Kiseki says here: “H-hey, shouldn’t we stop them from fighting?”

Kiseki, as much as I like you and Tadase and all…you have no right to say that since you two can’t even stop yourselves from getting into stupid macho head brawls with Ikuto and Yoru. -.-;

Aha~ I can imagine it now. Utako would love her brother-in-laws (though she will never, ever admit it, lol) because they’ll never bore her! She loves competition, Kuukai loves competition, his family loves competition.

…Kuukai, it’s time for you to get together with your idol girlfriend. Go, shoo shoo! DEW IT~! 8DDD

lol And I love how Satelight included the part where Daichi said that Kuukai also got his weird soccer naming habits from Kaido. So Satelight has redeemed themselves in my eyes. Slightly.

I sit on youzz.


Ok, seriously now, the part where Kuukai’s other brothers (lol, I’m still trying to remember their names) were telling Tadase that Kaido’s teasing was his way of telling Kuukai he cared for his lil’ bro really got to me. And it certainly got to Tadase, too. Because since Tadase is only child, he can’t really tell the difference when someone is teasing out of affection apart from when someone is picking on others to make them feel bad. Yea, I guess you can say he and Ikuto were close “brothers” when they were little but keep in mind that the siblings only temporarily stayed at the Hotoris’ place for a short while. And all that misunderstanding with the key happened afterward so Tadase got angry before he could actually really understand that brotherly feeling.

I hope I make sense.

Either way, Tadase’s anger is starting to clear up from interacting with Kuukai’s family and that’s good. :)

YES! THIS IS MY REAL AMU! C’MERE, YOU! *HUGGLES~* x33333 (lol, wrong reaction but I don’t care, I finally got MY Amu back)

So everything (or mostly everything, can’t leave out Kuukai and his brothers) that happened between the end of ep 77 and this point did not happen at all, okay? For the sake of keeping true to the original material, this is where we really left off. ^^

Oh, and as for the taiyaki kid…alright, I’m still upset that he hasn’t shown up but thinking rationally, the anime is not required to follow completely follow the manga all the time, y’know. That’s why it’s an anime adaptation. There are no rules that state it absolutely must follow the manga. If you read and/or watched Cardcaptor Sakura, there are very distinct differences in the endings but they were both still good on their own.

Not that I’m saying sloppy filler Lulu crap should replace the taiyaki kid or that OOC-emo Amu is alright, hell no. But just remember that anime is its own different version and manga is its own separate piece of work. They can have similar materials but that doesn’t mean they will perfectly parallel each other with every corresponding step. This is how the anime industry works. They can’t go for word by word. They have to be different in some ways or another (more than enough in SC!’s case).

Hey, if they were exactly the same, it wouldn’t be fun, y’know? Though Doki! practically trolled itself with horrible fillers but it still is Shugo Chara! Just slightly alternated to be distinct from the manga.

I’m still holding out for the taiyaki kid, though. If he doesn’t show up, it won’t be the end of my world (he’ll just be a manga-only character and those happen all the time) but I’ll still be a little disappointed that we never got to see him animated. :(

Um, ok, so again, I’m being an out-of-context weirdo but has the swing set become the official place to go to when you need to be emo? What’s going on? *thinking too much, that’s what* -.-;

Ah, when Kuukai brought up Ikuto, I really wonder how long he and Tadase knew each other. Probably for quite a while since Tadase knew Kuukai had older brothers (just not how many) and Kuukai even knew that Ikuto and Tadase were close once.

Hmm…interesting. :/

“Ikuto betrayed Tadase.”

Haa…kids are stupid and that’s the truth.
Or rather, they’re innocently dumb but still…kids are stupid. Not to say adults or older people aren’t (because they so are) but…kids are stupid.

Using words like “betrayal” and “enemies” when they don’t even know how to properly use them or if it’s even right to use them when they have no clue what on what really happened. People, don’t be stupid. At least try not to be. Don’t just settle for being angry. Find out the reason before you use big words or you’ll end up looking like a self-righteous idiot. And that’s the harsh truth.

Hmm, so Kuukai felt kinda the same way that Tadase’s feeling now. Ikuto had “taken” the Key away while Kaido lost Kuukai’s soccer ball and showed no remorse for what he did. Hence, more ill “I will never speak to you again!” feelings between them. *sigh*

But Kuukai realizes that his Nii-chan really was sorry for losing his soccer ball. He just wasn’t a person who could express himself very well. Ikuto’s kinda falls into the same category. Stubborn Nii-chans. ^^

Oh, and Kaido is undeniably tsundere. Yes, he is. 8D

TSUNDERE FAMILY FTW! (Oi, isn’t that still a little too early? |D; )

Chibi Kuukai is adorable and a little moe, lol xD;. Kyaa~! I want to pinch his cheeks! x3333

Well, I’m still pissed off that Tadase is still hung up on thinking that he hasn’t misunderstood Ikuto (yes, you did, Tadase. So stop being stubborn and ask for the truth from Ikuto already cuz god knows he’s just as stubborn as you are so that’s why he doesn’t tell you anything. Urgh, stupid boys. -__-; ) but I’m glad to finally hear him say that he notices that Ikuto wasn’t himself when they fought (wow, he just notices now but better late than never…still, so slow) and that he’s not out to make Ikuto miserable or unhappy because he felt “betrayed”. Just like how Ikuto isn’t teasing Tadase because he looks down on him or anything (oh hell no). He just wants to keep Tadase a safe distance from danger.

So at this point, anyone who still thinks that either Ikuto or Tadase are at each other’s throats because “they can’t stand each other and wants to see the other pummeled into the concrete for self-satisfaction” is a one hell of a douchebag that needs a serious beating from me. For not the last time but the xxx-th time, Ikuto and Tadase are FRIENDS no matter how much they fight. And the reason why they fight is because of Tadase’s misunderstanding and Ikuto’s inability to just tell Tadase the truth. Not over Amu (hopefully not as much when they resolve their issues either), not even over the key. Just because they can’t communicate well.

Again, stupid boys. xP

Noooo. What’s with all this “It’s all my fault” stuff? T_T

I mean, yea, Amu realizes how bad it was that she hurt both Ikuto and Tadase but that doesn’t mean she has to take all the blame on herself. Ikuto was being an idiot and Tadase was being an idiot as well. So no, Amu shouldn’t bring everything down on herself. As long as she realizes that she was wrong, mopes for a short while about and is able to stand up again, then all is well.

*sigh* At least this wasn’t as bad as the Amu at the beginning of this episode.

Oh wait, why am I thinking about something that doesn’t exist? Silly me. Oh ho ho~

Yes! That’s more like it! Amu’s Charas and friends love her regardless of the mistakes she made because she’s their Amu. That’s the Amu with all her good qualities and flaws. That’s the Amu who can only be the one and only Amu that no one else can be.

And let me just say this now. Anybody who hates Amu is bitter loser. Don’t like her, I can understand. But hate her? Loser. Whether it be jealousy over the fact that guys admire her with actual good reasons (really, these people are fiction so get your head out of the clouds and grow up) or whatever, there really is no reason for you to truly hate her. Amu is so clearly flawed so she is not a Mary-Sue. Amu is a good person with a heart of gold so if you despise people like that, then there’s something wrong with you. Seriously.


Quick, Amu! Forward it to me! Forward it to me! I want to put that as my wallpaper!
lol Eru looks so friggin’ adorable making a pucker >3< face like that! xDDDD

Utau looks so lovely~ <3

But what the hell? How did “Hawaii” become “Okinawa”? I mean, Okinawa is very nice and all for its beaches but why the change? It’s just only one word. o.O;

…hmm, I guess because in realistic thinking, Utau’s budget probably wouldn’t cover a trip and video shooting all the way in Hawaii so they settled for somewhere in the homeland instead. And this is probably how she was able to get back so fast to help the Guardians on their way up the tower (I don’t care about spoilers, it will be your fault for not keeping up with the manga :P). Aha~, it makes sense.

But back to the text message. “Look after Ikuto for me while I’m away, ok?” UTAU~! x3333

ARGH! I guess I was expecting too much but it would’ve been perfect if she didn’t add on “As my friend” at the end. Don’t get me wrong because for Utau to finally be able to say (via txt message) that Amu is her friend makes me so happy that I can just burst into a million stars. But it just shows that Utau, as much as she’s already letting go of her overly obsessive bro-con, is still not ready to accept that Amu is the right girl for Ikuto. Hmm, yea, I really did think too far ahead but hey~ We’re slowly getting to that point! ^^

KUUKAI! Make Utau fall in love with you already and stuff so we can have the biggest, awesomest tsundere family EVAR~ (lol, again with the rushing. xD; )




If Yoru didn’t love Amu before, he sure does now. *so happy* <3

Oiya, it’s not as noticeable in this screencap (cuz I wanted to take one where Ikuto did a pizzicato) but what a perfect setting it is. Full moon and all.

Doesn’t make me less sad for him, though. Ikutoooo…!!! ;________;

His expression looks so dead. T_T

…I think they overdid it…or they could’ve made it look better…or something. I dunno. I don’t remember black feathers ever being used for Death Rebel in the manga but they did here. Weird.

And they even used flame-like…flame things. o.O;

I like the ending pose, though. Lots of purple for Death Rebel, ha~ And the way You-kyan said “Death Rebel” made me shiver. Oooo~ *chill* x3

Ah, again with the fluid zombie-like movements. They really, really do know how to make things look too good when it calls them them to do it. They even did it in slow motion here and made it look so epically awesome and…waahhh. Too good. Way too good.


But YES! Amu can’t let the place where they shared such a special moment together to be smashed to pieces!

I really hate to go into shipping talk right now but again, Amuto has more than what Tadamu never did. Sure, you can say that Amu and Tadase’s first unofficial “date” to the aquarium might have been something special but not really because…it got interrupted by that brat (I’m actually kind of thankful for that even though I hated that little girl). Their only heart-to-heart moment was Tadase’s confession but can we even count that? Ok, they both were really dokidoki and blushy and all but they haven’t really connected like how Amu did with Ikuto. Amu talked with him about herself and likewise with him. Whether either of them realizes it or not, they have made a lot of memories together already. And they already have two places (that held such a deep, significant meaning to them both) where they can trace back their steps to those memories. Does Tadamu have that? No.

Ah, good. Tadase leaps out and does “Holy Crown” right one cue.

But I don’t get what the hell is with his weird “I’m the king of my own world and I will protect it!” speech at the end. That’s nice and all but it’s so out of place that even I didn’t know where we were anymore. This definitely did not happen in the manga and probably done to fill up the last few minutes of the episodes.

But what the hell, Satelight? Have you forgotten who the heroine is? Tadase is not suppose to be making pep talks. Hell, his pep talk was way out there and had nothing to do with what was going on.

If Ikuto weren’t brainwashed, he and Amu would go “Uh, Tadase, what the hell are you rambling about?”

Ugh, add this to the asswipe crap of this episode. I have no problem with Tadase making a speech but when it is utterly makes no sense in these circumstances, don’t expect me to just sit around and say “Oh ok” with it. Stupid Satelight. Stop messing up with Tadase’s character, too. -_-;

Great, I end this with such a bad note. Stupid Satelight again.


Ok, thing’s I’m looking forward to in the next episode:
1) Ikuto trying to fight the tuning fork brainwash.
2) Amu crying out for Ikuto when those Easter fags take him away.
3) Tadase telling Amu about the Tsukiyomi and Hotori families’ past. I guess that’s why it wasn’t shown in the preview…or something, I don’t know. The next episode after that is “Easter Infiltration” or something like that and then it’s Yaya’s turn for the spotlight (which I am looking forward to and not just for Utau cuz I love Yaya, too ;D). But anyways, yes! Some family background clear up would be nice, thank you very much!

I’m still keeping my expectations low of the taiyaki kid showing up, though (reasons stated above in thoughts somewhere). I just hope to god that Lulu doesn’t randomly interfere. Please, Lulu, don’t jump in until this arc is over. We would really appreciate that. >.<

Uh, yea, I guess that’s it. I have 4 more hours to take a quick nap and then class. Mmkay, laterz.


9 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 79

  1. Ho-Ho. People have gone from wanting to push him off a buliding to wanting to put him through a shreader.

    “Going by the original Amu, her frustration at having to look after and help everyone is what makes her realistic and stand out from all the generic magical girl heroines. It’s what makes her not a freakin’ Mary-Sue. It showed that she is, above all, still just an ordinary girl who is prone to ordinary emotional issues like these. That she is not perfect in every way people expect a heroine to be but stands up and does her best when she realizes she has to (I’m sorry, warrior, I feel like I’m plagiarizing your lines, please forgive me T_T).”
    Lol it’s okay. It’s true though. That’s why I loved Amu immediality as a heroine. Because she acts like a real person in the manga and in the anime when Satelight doesn’t mess with her.

    Of course! Everyone cheers on Utauko.

    Satelight is good at random scenes like with Kuukai’s family and most scenes with the charas. I wish they’d only change things like that instead of adding in random filler.

    I agree exact sameness would suck, for Maho Shojo. I do miss the little kid though. I wanted to see him in colour.

    Yes. Kyoani demands sad emo swing set scenes from all her slave companies like satelight.

    Tsundere ftw indeed. ^___^ (Also Kuukai and Utauko will have adorable children, just like Amu and Ikuto).

    Nod nod. Sigh boys can’t just say what’s begging them. It’s frustrating.


    *agrees with everything else *

    Actually the Ace episode is about some random filler baseball kid. -___-

  2. “What Amu said in the manga: “Why must I be the one to save everyone all the time?!”

    What Amu said here: “I’m always hurting those around me.”

    u know , this thing bothered me a lot for some reason as u and warrior said , why not show how mature amu became ??!!

    can u say :

    i L O V E him~~!! he is awesome ! cause he is never emo, he was so adorable and cute when he was little , he is PERFECT !! good job utau ! :3

    this episode wasn’t as good as expected actually , it has a lot of “Eh” Kind of feeling , and btw i don’t like how they animated death rebel , sorry but he looks terrible ! i mean his pose in the manga is way better , for some reason, he looks taller and hotter *_* Satelight just destroyed one of my fav anime shows :@ oh well i hope next episode will be better , although i think plantium heart or whatever is stupid -___- but that’s just my opinion …

  3. I totally loved this episode. This should have been number 78. But I think, if we ignore actual episode 78, Amu did the right amount of sulking/blaming herself. Even heroines need to mope.
    But KUKAI!!! I love him so much XD his brothers were all awesome. It got me thinking how long he has known Tadase also, hmmm…
    However, I have no real problem with Tadase and I was happy when he decided to help Ikuto – I actually clapped :D
    I’m still slightly against Kukai x Utau for my own original character reasons, but they would I admit, make a cool competitive couple.
    When Yoru hugged Amu I was so happy because, if I get my Amuto, they will all get on great, and hopefully have lots of pet cats :P.
    I actually thought the fight scene was brilliant, lol XD. It had the fluid zombie movements, and Ikuto’s weapon (god I can never spell it) was flipping cool :P Amu moved really quick too, he almost slashed her. And really happy when she stopped him from ‘hurting’ the teacups. Not the teacups :'( Also glad when Tadase zoomed in to save her, but still too much of a flashy entrance. I kinda got his speech, because he is always wanting to rule his own world metaphorically, and that starts with helping others be happy – aka Ikuto, but still, kinda out of place. Lol, I mean who’s the heroine? huh huh :P

    I seriously can’t want for all the things you mentioned, and apart from the fact I kinda like Tadase, I agree with what you have said. Great blog xxx

  4. Hmmmm….I liked nearly everything about this episode except the Tadase and his Saviour Of His World parts. Most of it was just arrogant talk to me. Boringness.

    But besides that…

    I did notice Amu’s change in words when speaking to Yoru, and it felt like more selfishness and feeling too sorry for herself to me.

    Ahh, Kukai was always my feavorite Guardian of all when it was just the original four (And our trap boy was Queen!!). I miss seeing him in nearly every episode now. So whenever he does pop up, invited or not, I love it. So, automatic WIN for this episode, even if I knew it was coming or just for the manga. xD

    And Kukai’s brothers!! Win Win!! Now I only want Utau…The text wasn’t enough, even with the very cute Iru and Eru. But I will give them credit for cheering Amu up.

    And Utau looked so pretty…<3

    Aw, though, I loved how Amu’s charas cheered her up, especially Su who said “We love you, Amu!! (desu!)” This is why I love Su. She sums everything up with three words and a desu, and she is absofrigginley adorable!! <3

    Ah….Death Rebel. Amu finally meets you. I wish I could put everyone in Easter through a paper shredder, just for what they did to Ikuto. And Utau. That would teach them not to cross the fabulously tsunawesome Tsukiyomi family.

    Poor tea cups. Poor Ikuto. T__T And, I agree that Amu and Tadase have no special places or memories, and you can’t count the aquarium because Ikuto was there as well, so it’s more of an Amuto spot, too, with a guest star of Hotori Tadase.

    I didn’t exactly get what the next episode was supposed to be about….but I’ll figure it out when it airs. I hope it stays on track with what happened in the manga right about now, cause if it does, it’ll be a pretty good episode.

  5. I’d have to say, the best parts of this episode were the Amu-Yoru hug, the scene where Utau was shown (with the ocean and it showing her feet first~~ GAH! 3> ). But the episode was okay!

    I think they’re going to be putting off Chapter 32 until way later. (Lulu needs to go first. DX)
    I read the summaries for episode 81 & 82… they’re fillers. Not plot related at all. 81 is about Yoru worrying and trying to take things into his own hands, and 82 introduces a girl who wants to play basketball (Rimahiko chapter X-egg girl, I think?).

    But yeah~ Wish I had time today to do my post on this episode. But I agree with mostly everything you said~ ^_^

  6. ::Is bursting to talk about this episode and has so much stuff running through her head she is bound to forget to write something! XD::

    Okay, let’s start from the beginning…

    Lol at the violin being used as a nightlight/lamp thing, totally didn’t even think of that. I just assumed that the violin was in there to make it so Ikuto was too weak to leave/try and escape. But, apparently I was wrong…it was just a nightlight! XDD

    Next, ah episode 78…I, who can find something redeeming in nearly every episode…cannot do it for this one! D: I just tell my mind it never existed and then everything is back to being right in the world. Oh! And I also ignore the moments in the anime when Amu seems kinda Mary Sue-ish, ’cause then I just remember Manga!Amu and everything is right in the world…again! =P

    Moving onto a different topic, the Taiyaki kid, hmm, the only thing that worries me about him not appearing in the anime is the fact that we still don’t really know what part he plays in the manga. He could be a very vital character in the end, hell he could even be Gozen or something! O.O; I hope that they do include him, so they don’t end up making a HUGE mistake that absolutely positively CANNOT be fixed or made right, ya know?

    And…Kyaa! “o(>v.>;) and he asked Kuukai if he could keep it so he could tell it his worries and such. That, in my mind, means that these probably have a really deep relationship. Also, I’m now really interested in knowing just how long these two have been friends (because of your comment) and there will be a one-shot of Unexpected for this! ^-^

    Speaking of fanfic one-shots for Unexpected…totally did one for these four and Kuukai! XD Ah, I like the personalities I gave them. ^^ Kaido, well, we know his personality the best, since his and Kuukai’s relationship is supposed be a parallel to Tadase’s and Ikuto’s, but Shuusui (the one with the glasses) is the academic one, Unkai (the blonde) is the older brother that teases the living daylights out of their younger siblings and is also the one that taught Kuukai how to go on long ramen bings, and Sento is the brother that totally knows fashion and helps Kuukai get Utau (the gay one!? What, I want at least ONE gay guy in this series! >3:D

    Oh, and Tadase, never get in between siblings when they are fighting/play fighting…just, don’t. Siblings learn how to handle each other eventually, and usually end up becoming rather close…though, not always, sadly. But, moving on…

    Didn’t you know!? Benches are totally in style for the emo-tastic moments, I mean, just think about. First Harry Potter with CAPS LOCK!Harry and now Shugo Chara with both emo Tadase and emo Amu. It makes perfect sense to me! =P ::Angst, Angst, starts banging head against wall::<-Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t make HP jokes while I’m commenting on a Shugo Chara blog, but…I’m a HP nerd and love it! <3

    Ah, and going out of order, ’cause I forgot to mention this before, “stupid boys,” too true, that statement. I mean, really!? Did it really take Tadase *that* long to figure out that Ikuto wasn’t right…wasn’t *himself* when they were fighting…Oh, and I swear, sometimes boys can be moodier than girls, if my dad and older brother are any indication, which I think they are. ¬¬ (Of course, then you get guys like my eldest brother who is really laid-back and Kuukai-ish…but those guys are rare!) That’s all I really wanted to say on that bit.

    Now, back to going in order. Utau’s text was adorable and I actually find it to be highly positive, even with the “as a friend” bit at the end. The way I take that comment is almost like her just being an annoying younger sister, thus it is her job to make sure she reminds Amu not to be more to Ikuto, even though she knows that he warning really means nothing. It’s like her being protective of Ikuto, but by saying “as a friend” she is implying that Amu could be more. Reverse psychology, unintentional reverse psychology. Really, if you think about it, Ikuto and Utau are not only siblings, but they are each other parents in a way. So, just as I think Ikuto will be slightly protective of Utau when she dates Kuukai, Utau will be slightly protective of Ikuto when he and Amu start dating. The protectiveness will be different then Utau wanting to keep Ikuto because she has a bro con. It will more be out of, “No one is good enough for my brother,” rather than, “I love my brother and you can’t have him!” That’s how I see her message anyway, so I think her bro con is basically gone. Though, it won’t be able to leave completely, it never will be, since Ikuto and Utau were all that each other had for such a long time. But, I know you already know this, so I won’t get too much into it.

    D’AAAWWW!! X3 Amu and Yoru! Gosh, the fact that Yoru is so fond of Amu shows just how fond Ikuto really is of her, inside, tucked away behind all those walls surrounding his heart. So, that makes this scene uber cute! ^ω^

    And Death Rebel, and the whole transformation sequence, was just amazingly awesome to me! I loved it! *0* They did a wonderful job on making Ikuto look so lifeless, I found it to be just so cool. Then again, I’m just a sadistic fangirl and I don’t mind seeing Ikuto suffer like this, if it means that I get such a stunning scene (even though it does make me horribly sad at the same time.) It’s just…I don’t know, they do this whole scene perfectly!

    Shipping moment time! My roommate and I were discussing Tadamu moments vs. Amuto moments and we both agree that Amuto moments are just way more *intimate*. I mean, with each moment, Ikuto and Amu let the other inside. They shed their outer characters and lay themselves bare, for the other to truly see and tear apart. At the amusement park, when they first arrive, Amu makes a comment on how they are for little, little kids and how she hasn’t really enjoyed herself at an amusement park since she was three. Then Ikuto says something like, “But there’s no one here to see.” And then Amu goes and behaves like a kid, because her true self, even though there IS someone there, watching it all, Ikuto. He’s there and she doesn’t mind. Meanwhile, Ikuto, though he still keeps his true thoughts bottled up nice and tight, Amu can tell when he is lying or isn’t telling the whole truth. She can pick up on when his “saying one thing, but meaning another” when it comes to things like Easter, his father’s violin, and the lock and key. She can’t distinguish his lies and masks when it comes to his actions and words towards her (aka, him saying he loves her), but that’s only because that adds in the more complicated emotions of love and her own thoughts and feelings. So, that’s a little different. Nevertheless, the moments between Ikuto and Amu seem almost voyeristic to me. While I’m watching them, I almost feel as if I’m invading and seeing something that I really shouldn’t be seeing. I’ve never gotten that sense with Tadamu moments before.

    Finally, that Tadase speech was weird and kinda came out of nowhere. I was all like: o.O when he started to go on his little spiel, but then I just shrugged it off. I do that with Mahou Shoujo series sometimes, when I remember what age group these series are usually aimed at…=.=

    So, that’s it! I’m looking forward to all of the same things as you for next episode, and you take care! (^^)o I adore reading your posts on the episodes (and I hope to see you on FF.Net again one day, ne! ^.~)


  7. Mwahaha~ Just made a blog, and finally decided to comment after always lurking everywhere.
    Just have to say, I love reading your posts. I even read through your loooooong rants, which, I want you to know, are quite fun to read ^^
    I agree with everything you said. They trashed Amu T.T Totally trashed her, at least at the beginning. YOU B*TCHES SATELITE ARGHHH
    But Kukai and Utako were awesome ^^

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