Preliminaries Results & Tournament Status

Woot! The prelims were a success! 97 responses with a few minor glitches here and there but everything’s looking good so far.

Click for full size.

I feel like I butchered Fuyu-san’s beautiful chart. Gomen nasai~, Fuyu-san! T_T

Votes & Points

The top 18 in red are the ELIMINATED contestants if you can’t figure it out.

And here are two more visuals that might be easier on the eyes:

Again, click to get full resolution.

Btw, the red and blue font in the chart is not relevant to the color of the bar graphs. Not at all. That was just a slight mistake I overlooked and didn’t feel like changing. :/


Ok, to be honest, the results may be slightly off because I had to manually review through every survey to make sure there were no double votes and/or cheating while relying on my incredibly unreliable eyesight. Plus, seeing so much text is bound to make me dizzy so I had to take a few breaks in between checking (god, every name was starting to look alike by survey #10 @.@; ).

But! I’m glad to say that most voters followed my instructions well. Thank you for that. :) I only had about…hmm, 16 something people who broke a few rules. And I don’t blame (a handful of) you cuz the lists I made for the questions were looonnnngg as hell. Apologies for that. I’ll definitely try to improve this voting system by next year. Again, sorry for troubling anyone if I did. *bows* >.<

Anyways…congratulations to our top 30! Yay!
And goodbye to the 18 eliminated. Guess some just aren’t made to take on the harsh battles of moe. :(

As for the results, I don’t have much to say as I’m not surprised at all on how things turned out. In fact, I’m rather happy. Oh so happy. Hahaha~ Btw, Amu is MINE!, I tell you! MINE!MINE!MINE! None of you can have her! xP *steals Amu away* Haha…
Hmm, nobody made the 800 cut after all and I knew they wouldn’t. So then why did I raise the cut in the first place?

…Because I thought it’d be fun~
Plus I like the number 8. :P *such a capricious person* xD;
If someone actually managed to get 800 points, I would’ve named her the winner right there (and then get a lot of bricks thrown at me) but it didn’t so it’s all good. hehe x3

Let me just remind you that I do NOT want to see anyone already making complaints on how many votes and/or points the girls have gotten or where their standings are on the charts because this is still the beginning where I allowed MULTIPLE votes. This also does not mean a contestant with 100-something votes is going to have a great lead over someone with 50. No, that’s not how my contest works. So don’t test my patience, you haters (ugh, haters). I’m already stressed out with my outside life as it is.

Which leads me to what’s going to happen with SoMT now.

Well…I’m going to have take a break from it for the next week cuz I have a lot of exams and presentations to do. Yea, it’s that time of the year for me already and I am completely drained of energy. I even had to drop what little I had planned for a spring first impressions post cuz I was too exhausted from school, work and practice. *sigh*
But! To still keep you all updated, I have put up a status check on the side bar under my SoMT badges. Since Twitter isn’t always that reliable and how many of you check my twitter anyway?, I figured I might just do small updates from my own site. I don’t want to make an entire post on it either cuz that also takes a considerable amount of time (haaa~)…which I don’t have. TT___TT

So keep checking that status bar for updates! I have a good general idea of how I want Stage 1 of the Main Tournament to proceed. I just have to write down the rules and…make the charts (btw, Fuyu-san, can you send me those individual images you used for the prelims chart?), think up some prompts for my judges to spiel about (argh, need to write those down, too), hot dogs and everything. D/ It’s going to take a while but I should be done with school mostly by May 8th. Then I can give this, blogging and other stuff I want to do my full attention until my summer classes start but they shouldn’t be too bad.

Right, um…yea, I have lots to do so pray for me that I won’t faint and end up at the hospital or something…though that doesn’t sound like a bad idea minus the hospital part. Heh.

Yep, that should be all. I also have to finish 3 more posts by the end of this week while doing hwk so it should be swell. *delightful sarcasm*

Oh! And since Suu has been up there for too long and the prelims have just finished, it’s time for…


I love Megumi. She’s such a darling. I would’ve volted if she didn’t make it pass the prelims. Aha~ :D

Crazy judge biases aside… Hmm, this one was fairly easy to make. Since I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time on it (which I kinda cuz I’m crazy :P) but still wanted to make it look at least nice, I just went with a pink-to-white gradient as a background and decorated it with a brush in lilac-color (or something like a cross between pink and purple). The hardest part was actually finding a decent screencap of Megumi doing a charming pose (it took me hours~ T_T) and finally extracting her in Photoshop. It was a pain and it looks awful but I got it done. *sigh* Need more practice. Need more practice.

The tagline, if you can’t read it since it’s so awfully bunched up (my bad, was short on time so I just plastered it there), is “A lil’ bit of charm and a classic shoujo smile goes such a long way.”
Ehe~…it does. Wins me over every time. <D
Too bad we can’t apply this in real life. Then we wouldn’t have to waste so much money on all that good-for-nothing make up. :P

Well then, my final thoughts for this banner is…

I don’t like it. :(

Megumi was cropped so badly (I’m sorry, Megumi-chan~ ;A;), it’s utterly plain, the brush I used looks so odd and makes it seem like some plant is growing out of Megumi’s backside (ugh), tagline is cramped and my blog’s name where it is…it looks ugly. Nononononono! *throws a fit*

*sigh* I need a yellow or blue banner next. Hmm, who should be my next showcase then? Gotta do better on that one. Back to the drawing board!

Yep, so until then. Look forward to the next post! ^^


14 thoughts on “Preliminaries Results & Tournament Status

  1. Nuuuu~ Tsubomi~ The cute little loli from the OAV just wasn’t popular enough huh? Even though she was so moe that she had a permanent blush on her cheeks. Awww…so sad. Otherwise all of my votes made it in. And oh gosh I’m so glad to see that Eru made it in so safely. I was traumatized when I forgot her (nuu~ My rabu angeru~).

    I won’t lie, some things gave me the suspicious, “hmm~” reaction. Thinking about how some voters obviously went for what character they liked over what character was moe. I won’t name any characters specifically, but yeah. It’s the preliminaries. This is natural. I’m waiting for the real competition to start. Ohoho~ My moe competitive side is coming out early this year. (I mean, I’ve been voting in ISML, but I generally have a feeling of “I don’t care” when doing it.)

    As for the banner, I love it. The fact that you don’t just means that you’re…learning. Watch, the more creative or unique you have to get with your banner (ex: creating backgrounds) the more you’ll hate it because it never turns out the way you imagine. But everyone else who doesn’t know what it’s supposed to look like will go, “oh! So pretty!” anyway.

    Now I’m going to change my SoMT promo to Megumi because this banner has me in full-blown Megumi love mode~ It’s been too long. (Ah, this is why I still want to finish SA. I want to see all of Megumi’s cuteness until the end)

    Anyway, I’ll be sending a .zip file with all of the images soon. I just need to recheck it to make sure I didn’t forget to put any girls in when I did my last minute image changes.

  2. It looks like Shugo Chara took the cake! Yay to Utau for doing so well! This will be quite an interesting competition….

    As for your banner, no matter what you say. I really like it! It’s so cute and I find the writing very easy to read (if you wanted to know)

  3. Fuyu-san: Due more to the fact that the OAV is not as well known…and the fact that it’s an OAV, too. Aww. :(
    But yes! Eru-run has safely made it! As the mascot who got the points and votes. :D

    *nodnod* Same feelings here. But it will get better. Promise. hehe ^^
    (Aha, I stopped voting in that recently. They should just make that a KyoAni Moe tournament. *rolls eyes*)

    I’m glad you love it. ^^ And I guess you’re right…but I’ll still never like my banners. AH, MOU! Dx

    Hehe, yesh. Megumi needs moar love! x3

    Ok, thanks! ^^


    lostty: Haha, now SC! is moe shoujo all the way. xD
    I can only imagine all the support our Utako will get. Oh boy…lol

    Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re able to read it. I thought it would look to bright. o.O;

  4. Lol, everyone I voted for GOT. THROUGH.
    Thank you god.
    Lawlz, Amu and Utau — and Shugo Chara in general — dominated. Especially Amu. Amazing o.O
    I see that Amu is more popular overall, but each person that likes Utau loves her MORE. Strange…
    Thank you for doing this, ish so funnnnn~

  5. Good to see my picks made it at least into Top 15! ^_^

    And even better to see your banner is from features one of those pics! Wooohooo!

  6. Lol at how all the PreCure girls got “GoGo”-ed away XD

    Anyways, congratulations to the top 30. Glad to see girls with so much potential still on the running ^^. And I love how the two girls that I felt like they have the most “shoujo moe” is on the top 5 ^^.

    And yes, the Megumi banner.. I love the colors you chose. I feel for you because extracting a picture is really hard (I really hate that part when I make banners DX) but I still think it’s a simple, cute banner and the text is readable. Btw, there’s a matching Megumi promo badge waiting to match this number ^__^.

  7. Megumi banner=love. So pretty (loves the pink and purple). The picture was also extremely cute~

    Chris-chan. -___- the most moe girl in InK. Oh well.

    Kyoko-chan made it into the tope ten! Yay!

    The three expected people are in the top three. I would’ve guessed that Rima or Utau would’ve won first place though….

  8. Yes!! Eveeryone I voted for got through!! But, that proves they are worthy enough. Hehe…But I should’ve guessed that they’d get through, considering on how many people watch the anime…But still. YAY!!

  9. *offtopic*
    The banner itself is very nice but I just don’t like Megumi at all.
    [rant]She shows how unrealistic manga is. It’s incredibly unjust that a girl that don’t talk at all is one of the best students in her elite school. That won’t never happen in real life (since oral work in school is important) and it makes me feel miserable when I do my best in the lessond itself to get good marks…[/rant]

    I didn’t vote vote for Shugo Charas since a) they’re much limited to only one character trait so they don’t have much character at all and b) the’re too..unhuman-like and too chibi to be moe in my opinion. But yay for the other girls^^

    Looking forward to the next round^^

    Greets, Mina

  10. Horay for the girls of Vampire Knight! All of them in! execpt for Ruka but who cares, I’m just happy to see Yuki and Rima qualified. Nice banner by the way. I know how you feel when I used the photoshop, until now I still have trouble using it XD

  11. About VK…I definitely forgot to nominate Juri Kuran, shame on me. I’ve just re-read my volume 8 of the manga and I realized that she’s the cutest, most beautiful and wittiest lady in VK to me -> moe



    Oh well…Uta-chan got in x3

  13. “Um, no offense to a recent commenter (really) but since when has moe (or anime/manga in general ideas of fiction) ever been realistic? D/”

    Nothing here is supposed to be realistic but she has crossed my “like I care”-line. It’s too odd to me to simply accept it.

    But sorry, I hadn’t found a place for that anger until now while it definitely doesn’t belong in your blog.

    Respect for your work with the tournament.

    Greets, Mina

  14. It’s alright since you back up your opinion. I don’t mean to shut you out or anything and my apologies if I came off as rude cuz it wasn’t my intention. I’m just merely disagreeing, which should be fine between us, hopefully.

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