Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 78


Even Lulu is not pleased with Satelight and like everyone else, must bitch to Amu about it. Dx

Cuz I didn’t watch it! La la la la la la laaa! xP

So why am I even making a post?

I have no damn clue. I just happen to be feeling slightly bitchy at the moment so let me take a moment to say…


…Ah, that felt better. ^^

Anyways, there’s no point in me ranting over pointless shit smacked soooo inappropriately right in the critical middle of an arc. “Well, Amu needs time to think and stuff.” Not for one whole f***in’ episode she doesn’t! Dx

I do understand that she needs to emo over how much she hurt Tadase but we could’ve done that without the filler, the Guardians cheering her up, all that crap. All we needed was a txt message from Utau and Ran’s whistle to smack her back to reality like how it happened in the manga. And I better get that txt message next episode or I will hurt someone. I seriously…won’t but I’ll throw stuff alright! D8<

Well, I bet the fandom is just about going crazy right now. I don’t know. I haven’t checked back in what feels like almost a week (*gasp!* :P) but I bet the Amuto and Tadamu fans are still ripping each other’s throats out more than ever. The rabid Tadamu fans are rejoicing because of Satelight’s stupidity over how they can’t seem to balance Amu’s regret for hurting both boys while Amuto fans are raging for the very same reason. I don’t care anymore (and after I post this up, this episode isn’t even going to exist because it’s too stupid to exist). I’m not against Amu feeling bad for Tadase most of this episode (because Tadase does deserve some sympathy, poor kid. :( *hugs the shouta for ten seconds* Ok, now get over to Kuukai’s house and have a turn-around talk already. \P) but I really wished Satelight had done the right f***in’ job in showing that she also regretted about getting angry at Ikuto before thinking first. Like the f***in’ manga, you brainless idiots. Do the plot according to the f***in’ manga! D8<

In other random notes, Lulu earns 1/3 of a point of respect back from me for “cheering” Amu up but it’s still not good enough to get back in my good graces. xP (Yes, I was fastforwarding while watching it on mute so I can tell)

Also, what’s with all this “believing in each other” stuff? That’s not suppose to happen until 5-something more episodes or so down the road, dammit! Stupid, Satelight. You killed another great effect the manga gave us with more pointless, unrelated crap.

Well, other than that, there’s really no more else to say except…

IKUTOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flails in despair all over the place and bawls like a banshee* DDDDDDDx

But at least now we know how he changed back to his uniform where in the manga it was unexplained. :P


Especially that asshole bastard director! Someone give me a cement truck! I’m going to maul him over with it and then bury him deep with that unhardened asphalt so that I will never have to see his ugly face while I continue to live!

God, the next episode is just going to be extremely TT________________________TT…but at least it’s not a filler. Thank god it’s not a filler. *sigh*


KUUKAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII!!!!! *GLOMP!* I don’t care if it was only 3 or something so episodes ago! I miss you, dammit! Dx

I can’t say how happy I am to see him (and his brothers, lolol) because he’s going to help Tadase get the right sense back and…GAH! Kuukai~! Why don’t you appear in the manga again already! Not that you can do much right now but…you can keep Utau distracted while they’re waiting!

And again, if I don’t get that txt message, there will be hell to pay! D8<


Well, assuming that Amu got over her moping in this episode, I hope we don’t get to see her throw a bitch fit when Yoru asks her to go and save him like how it happened in the manga. Because if she had one whole episode to get her act together, then it just won’t make sense if she’s still angry at him in the next one. I have no idea. I didn’t watch it. Did she even mention anything about Ikuto during this episode or say anything about how bad it was of her that she didn’t put more trust in him? You tell me.

And so we’re back on track, thank god. It’s going to be one epically sad fight between these two (NOT THE TEACUPS!!! TT________TT) but this is actual plot we’re getting. Plot, plot, plot. PLOT!

…Yes, I want to see Amu’s helpless expression when they take him away in the car later on.
Oops, was that a spoiler?
Who cares.

Next week then.

Time to finish up my other posts and stuff now. *sigh*


9 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 78

  1. It’s very disappointing to see Satelight take manga scenes, forget about them, and change them around. Only Utau and Ran are allowed to cheer up Amu. Not the Guardians, and definitely not Lulu.
    And I’m still trying to figure out why they aren’t including taiyaki-kid. o.o;;

    Um, if you didn’t watch it, then you didn’t miss much. I actually kind of forgot the whole episode before I wrote my post. I had to re-watch it.

    Lulu’s real chara-change was the only good part. But other than that… meh~~ =/

  2. I just watched the stream in fear if i re-watch it i will go beserk over crazy fillers. TTOTT nope amu didn’t mention ikuto AT ALL. lol i love that idea of his death. but it’s better if you drag hin and the cemet into a volcano…or will the cemet melt? either way he still dies. if there is no txt message from THE awesome utau-sama, some very angry fans will be heading to satelight. =3=

  3. My feelings exactly. -___-

    Will write a bitch post tomorrow. May skip entire episode, even though I don’t want to. I rather watch Clannad with my mother.

  4. Okay. Actually I’ve decided not to watch at all. No point in making myself pissed off for no reason.

  5. Lea: That’s right! >:(
    Yes, where is the taiyaki kid?! I WANNA SEE HIM! *tantrum* Dx

    I thought so. Ohh~, poor you. Don’t rewatch it. It’s not worth the replay. -_-;

    Y’know if they did that earlier on, I wouldn’t dislike her as much as I do now. *still mad about her calling my precious Utako a loser* This loser. Grr.


    tramalisha: I didn’t even watch the stream cuz I knew it was going to be crap.
    Ah, and you confirmed my fears. So I guess she is going to throw that bitch fit, huh? TT____TT I really want that text message now.

    I would be happy with anything as long as he’s gone off of the face of my planet! Dx

    Indeed. And we angry fans know how to get angry alright. -_-#


    warriorhope: That’s the right mind, hun! xDDDD

  6. @ Xiao Jie:
    Hehe… I blew up at Lulu when she called Utau a loser who was kicked out of Easter. I pitied Lulu before that, but that comment of hers was the final straw for me. I’ve been holding a grudge. DX
    Utau has always been my number one favorite and I am very protective. XD
    I understand that though; if Lulu wasn’t so fail and useless earlier on, I’m pretty sure she would be liked a lot more.

  7. I feel the same, where the hell is my kukai at this point? I can’t wait another week to see him, honestly he is my 2nd or 3rd favourite character so I squeal at sight XD
    Lulu got into my good books slightly, but if she dares set foot on the TV studeo place I will scream – she isn’t even in the manga they better not put her in the epic battle we just had in the manga.
    Text message? I don’t remember a text, I’ll have to go back and check. What chapter?

    You forgot to mention, I think, that we haven’t seen the taiyaka(sp) little boy yet! Where is he??? :( I wanna trade lulu for him :'(

  8. For me this episode was totally dedicated to fans of TADAMU….
    Probably wanting to minimize how much AMUTO progress…
    Tadase-kun…Tadase-kun….in all this SHIT…
    I was sick of seeing so much crap…. D:
    Ikuto simply not there in this episode…
    And that guilt that Amu has felt hurt the two boys (as in the manga) Gone…GONE….
    Only Tadase….Tadase….Tadase….
    I hated what they did with Amu … and the favoritism for TADAMU made me nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I accept the version AMU EMO …. but forget about Ikuto …. I do not forgive… Amu (Satelight)… I am angry at you….

    ….totally shit….

    (sorry for the bad english =x~~)

  9. I hated this episode with a force strong enough to push everyone associating with this pointless, selfish filler off the face of the earth.

    That is all I have to say.

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