Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 77

I am soooooooo sorry for the lateness, guys! Lots of things got in the way so please understand. And if you didn’t read my blog status update, just wanted you to know that I probably won’t have any time to respond to replies. I’ll try, though, but if I can’t, please don’t think I’m ignoring them or anything. I’m truly sorry! *bows* >.<


Y’know, I never considered 7 a lucky number or anything but I didn’t think it was a bad number either. I’m just not fond of it. But wow, circumstances like to prove my whacked up theories right sometimes. Two 7s in this episode number. Hmm, ok, if that’s how life wants to play with me, fine. 7 just ain’t my lucky number.

(7-san, if you happen to read this, I honestly mean no offense. >.<)

WARNING: Mature/PG-13 talk ahead! o.O; …And of course, that includes some cuss words as well.

OP: Omakase Guardians!

Ack, I missed a screencap but whatever.

Anyways…I’m sooo relieved to be rid of that horrible, horrible OP we just had last episode. Yes, it’s so horrible that I can’t even bring myself to type out its full name but who cares?! It’s no longer the OP and now we can really pretend it never happened so that’s all that matters! Let’s give some love to the new one just for replacing it, shall we? 8D

Ah, but it really is a cute OP. New group (actually, they just chose some other Hello!Project singers and grouped them up to make Guardian 4 from what I heard) is fine. Buono! still beats out everyone, though, but we’ll get to that later.
The song and the animation is still undeniably Doki!, with its kiddy and cutesy tones along with…Doki!-styled art but I find the lyrics okay and more appropiate this around. I also think the art is pretty so I’ll refrain from complaining too much…ok, I lied (damn, I’ve been doing that too much). Again, Satelight tried to play a fair triangle game but wtf, Ikuto did not get enough screentime! At least not enough to match everyone else’s! And the end where he’s leaning against the tree doesn’t count! I couldn’t even see him in the mass group shot unless I pause cuz it goes by way too fast for me to anyways! D8<

*mad*…Xiao’s going to take out her discipline whip, oh yes she is.

*cough* Ugh, and seeing Lulu…annoys me. She’s still the fail villain but making her fade into all that ?-egg background with that grin on her face makes me want to rip it apart. I swear, I don’t know what I’ll do the next time she comes back but I’ll fling something alright. And I was trying so hard to like her and defend her, too. Now all my effort seems to have gone to waste. I hate you, Satelight! You’re an effin’ cunt! D<

And eww. Creepy. Even if the two boys are reaching out for Amu, they’re too close to each other for comfort (ha, the yaoi fangirls must be fapping their guts out right now). Satelight, what the hell are you smoking these days? Dx
ARGH! Now I have to address shippings now. How wonderful. *sarcasm* There was practically none until the end of Amu’s dream but it doesn’t really add anything for either one anyway. Still unfair, though. Ikuto in reality was 10 feet away from her instead of up close like all the previous ones and that makes me ANGRY because there’s suppose to be consistency! I understand if they’ll have to put some Tadamu there, too, but Ikuto should’ve stood close to Amu at least once. RAWR! *grumble*

*sigh* As I thought, they didn’t include Death Rebel in it either (more major detractions) but I’ve gotten over it. Come to think, Dark Jewel and Amulet Angel never got fully transformed in Minna Daisuki either but it was still a transformation at least. I would’ve liked to see Death Rebel’s dark silhouette against the moonlight but if it’s with this song, of course not possible. :P

Hmm, but other than that, the highlights of the OP has got to go to Kukai and Nikaidou Bala-Balancing on TV (lol, whut? Talk about random), Amu chasing the Embryo around, and of course, UTAUUUUU~!!!! <33333
She totally stole the whole thing, don’t deny it! Kyaaa~! Spiral twin-tails FTW, YO! xDDDD Hey hey! So since she has such a lovely new outfit and hairdo, that means a new song soon, right?! New getup always means new songs, right?! 8DDDD

Hmm…I want one so I hope we get one and she should sing it for Kukai~. <3

Mmkay, end of my thoughts for now.


Will be up later when I go back and watch the raws (do I really have to? This ep made me T___T so much. T____T)


Mergh…we start off with a replay of Tadase being stupid and calling Ikuto a black cat who brings misfortune. Way to make me despise you more, Satelight.

But I guess the following saved it for me:


Really, what part of him spells out what Tadase describes him to be? I agree with Amu so much that the intensity of my agreement can pierce through the core of the earth.

He’s just an adorable kitty who just loves lounging around on Amu’s bed and snuggling her against her will (but she likes it so she lets him~). x333

Pfft. Amu asks if that’s the way you greet people so casually when you’re secretly freeloading in their room.

Well, Amu, you must be grumpy only because he didn’t get up and started snuggling you as a greeting. Yea, that must be the only reason because you want snuggles from Ikuto when you come home, don’t you, Amu-chan~? 8D
Aww, you’ll get that later, hun. Just be patient and grow up a little more like Ikuto told you to do (but what does that have to do with snuggling?). lol xDD;;

And Ikkun pretends not to know the reason why she’s so grumpy so he can annoy her and quietly laugh to himself “Haha, I know she wants to snuggle with me but I’ll just tease her a bit until she tells me she wants it since she’s too stubborn to be honest” and more little clever Ikuto schemes on how to huggle Amu. x333

Haa~, I’m so happy that she doesn’t easily forget about the thought of him being a “unlucky black cat” just because she’s frustrated with him. She’s so bothered by it so it only shows just how much she cares for him (and how wrongly accused he is, too). Aww, Amu~ Just admit it already that he’s important to you. <3

Ehehehe. Kitty Ikuto is irresistibly adorable.

And Amu wants to pet and play with his ears cuz he’s so cute! x3

WAH! I’m not surprised or anything but Amu really does have a good memory (ok, anyone would if you’re concerned about their injuries but still~, she’s concerned about Ikuto and that’s what matters). She asks him about the cut (“Omg, you silly kitty! Did you go and get into a fight with another alley cat or something again?”)…

He shrugs it off and gives a deadpan remark like it’s nothing (“Eh, maybe, I dunno.”)…

She’s like “Oh, don’t know huh?”

“My ass! Let me see that cut so I can clean it, bandage it, make it all better (lawl~, did you just think what I just thought? ;D) and so you won’t get infected, dummy!”

Ah, Amu, this is why Ikuto needs you. If he just ignores it likes it’s nothing, then he’s just being a typical guy who will get sick due to carelessness. Amu~, Ikuto was/is already sick enough, right~? We don’t want him to get any more icky germs, right? :'(

…Mahahar. The way she’s inspecting him like this makes me think she looks like some sort of veterinarian examining a huge dog…er, cat, I mean. And he’s being so good obediently sitting there. Gotta be on best behavior when you’re told to be. Otherwise, no hugs, ne? xD

Aha, but Amu’s slow and taking too long as always. Ikkun’s getting impatient. He wants his hug now! XD

Plus, the chance to tease and irritate Amu is out in the open right in front of him. And he doesn’t want to see her getting so worried cuz no guy wants to see the girl they like worried…even though it must make him very happy to know that she’s worried over him…which just makes him more impatient cuz he wants to hug her even more for that! xDDDD

Ok, taking too long. Guess he’ll have to trick her.

Ikuto: “Hey, I got a cut here, too.”
Amu: “Eh? Where? Where?”

“Fooled ya.” (“YES! Finally a hug!”)


Pretty short-lived but he still got one. Happy now, Ikkun? x3

“You’re really gullible, aren’t you?”

But that’s why you love her. Cuz she’s so cute that way…and you can get hugs easier that way, too. x33

Dude, when Ikuto no longer has to keep his visits a secret to the rest of Amu’s family, I would totally pull the face Ami’s doing right now, slide-run into Amu’s room and say “Onee-chan! Are you guys playing the vet game again?! Let me watch! Let me watch!” cuz I want to use every possible opportunity to see Ikuto get his hugs from Amu. Ahahahaha~ xD;

Too bad the real Ami is just looking for Yoru, though. But still cute~
Ami~! x333

Haha, since Kiseki and Daichi did their part in the crossdressing fun, can’t let Yoru get away with his. xD

Aww, poor Yoru. You look so cute, though. haha

And Ami has MOAR dress up clothes! Woot! Yay Ami!

lol Suu is like *O* (cuz she’s the most girliest out of the three). xDD

Aww, Ikuto~

It’s okay. You won’t have to hide under the blankets and miss out on watching all the fun for long now. Just have to finish your arc nicely and do some proper reconciling (and confessing, duh) and it’s all good. hehe x3

lol Amu’s papa tries to sound all grave and serious because of Amu’s boy companion and tells her to sit down.

“Eh? But I am sitting down.”


Oh, why can’t I have a bumbling papa like Amu’s instead of a jerkface who orders me around non-stop. *sigh* -_-;

Oh god, Amu papa. Your tears will be the second Niagara Falls when Amu brings Ikuto over to dinner (and he will be over a lot, of course ;D).

*sigh* … ;_____________;

It’s one thing to have him listen to all the family liveliness but to listen to them talk about Amu and another boy. Omg, Ikuto, you’re getting abused by Easter and Satelight, those horrible, horrible bastards! D8<

I really don’t know what I’d do if I were in his situation. Probably just keep quiet and try not to mind…but how can I not mind?! It’s painful to watch! It’s even painful just listening to them talk so happily about something that’s clearly depressing you.

IKUTOOOO~~~ I want you to have a happy ending NAO! ;_______________;

Aruto~! <3

Hmm, I’m just as fond of him as I am fond of Souko. I don’t blame him even in the least for leaving because (I’m saying this is unbiased) I believe that his reasons are understandable. I’m not saying it’s right or anything but I’m pretty dead sure it wasn’t on his own personal whims either. I’d still be mad, spank him on the arm and say “That was not a good thing to do, you silly Papa!” but I’d forgive him instantly.

Think about it. If he and Souko struggled so hard for their marriage and to have a happy family together, why would he suddenly leave everything that’s so important to him just because he couldn’t take the pressure? No, that can’t possibly be it. Even if he did want to get away from Easter’s control, he must have thought about his family (first) over and over about a million times before he made his final decision to go. He didn’t want to leave them and I’m sure he wouldn’t have in the first place. But there are certain things that a person can’t take no matter how hard they try. That’s how people are. When they absolutely can’t stand something, don’t expect them to just sit around and continue doing it. You force them, they will rebel. For Aruto, he left. For Ikuto, he ignores orders as much as he can and tried to escape Easter.

There is also so much more information about Aruto that hasn’t been revealed yet. There must have been other reasons that played a part in his sudden departure. He might have even left for the sake of his family (I don’t know, just a theory of mine). Of course, his children couldn’t understand when they were still so young and probably didn’t have any clue about it anyway because the adult world is so complex and often try to keep such things from kids just because they think we can’t comprehend it. Which is very true. Sometimes if we’re told things too early on and when we don’t have a mature enough mind to absorb those reasons, it might even make matters worse (god, that would mean you’d be a naive brat all your life, wouldn’t it? o.O; ). It’s because we don’t have enough experience or knowledge that adults want us to grow up a little first so it won’t be as frustrating to explain. Children need to take in some negatives and accept the fact that not all of them are entirely bad. That simply because this person did something mean or wrong to another does not automatically make him the bad guy. Because this is how life is. It’s unfair, it throws crap at you and sometimes you have no choice but to take that shit.

So all you little fanbrats out there, regardless of how old you are, who can only see in black and white need to shut up, go out there, and have that bitter taste of reality shoved down your throats. Those who say “This is wrong!” without trying to relate or at least understand the situation…I hope you get stepped on hard. I really do. -_-#

Distraction for a moment:


*GLOMPSGLOMPSGLOMPS!* I want to take you home~♪ x33333333

Ah, seeing them so happy and innocent like this…I really wonder how they would’ve turned out now if the strains placed on them by Easter never existed. Yea, I know we wouldn’t have SC! then but it’s still something to think about. Would Ikuto be as teasing and perverted (of course~, there’s no doubt about that! lol)? Would Utau’s bro-con be as intense as it was (maybe not, but she’d still have one at least, haha) and would she be as competitive and stubborn (YES! DEFINITELY A YES!)?

…Yea…hey, thinking about alternate universes never hurt, does it? Most of them are annoying, though (if they’re made up by crappy fanfic writers).

Ok, back to bittersweet nostalgicness now. ;___;

I really, really hope that the Tsukiyomi family can come back together again and put all their grudges aside. I’ll be honest with you now. I really, really am not sure if Aruto will even come back. There’s a good chance he might in the anime (we still have like 25-something episodes so there’s plenty room there to fill in there) but the manga seems to be coming to an end soon. At least, if we’re only going to reach 10 volumes, then 5 or more chapters would suffice. But then again, I can totally see P-Pit pulling off one hell of a twist with Gozen, the guy we still have little to no clue about. So it really depends on what’s going to happen in the next chapter.

But I still want to see the family back together (see Aruto and Souko adore spoil Amu, get Ikuto all worked up, and Utau furious! haha xDDD). Hmm…yep. I really want it. ;3;

Hanayome no Papa


KusuKusu, I love you for your imagination. *giggles*

Meh, ok, let’s face the truth.

Doki! infected Rima, making her act in non-Rima-ish ways. Check.

None of the Guardians are aware of the relationship that Amu has with Ikuto. They only see what’s going on between her and Tadase so it’s understandable that they’re…”supporting” these two. It’ll most likely change though when Ikuto is officially back on the good side. You can’t expect them to side with either boy since they don’t know how much Amu and Ikuto went through together and only recently found out how Ikuto is so important to Amu. Maybe they’d lean more towards Tadase since they’re closer friends but I’m sure their ultimate support will go to Amu on who she’ll choose in the end. They want Amu to be happiest with the person that is best for her, after all, right? So it’s pretty much a no-preference thing. When Amu makes her choice, her friends will be happy and supportive. Simple as that.

And…Rima is still infected by Doki! Dx

Nagi, I love you!

You musn’t let girls wander off to have their non-informed fun like that! Use school-related matters if you must!

lol xD;

Took this shot because Nagi can make sweat sparkle (ooo~)…but whut? I want a different sport! Soccer goes to Kukai! Grr!

Kid: “When’s Nadeshiko-senpai coming back?”
Nagi: ! “EH!?”

“Ahaha…about that.”

*and Nagi carelessly floods the whole garden*


Oh, Nagi…Nagi~~~!!! <333

lol Yaya~ She’s so cute even though she’s older than them. xD;

I can’t wait to see her chapter get animated. People are going to complain because they don’t see the importance of Yaya but let them complain. Those losers. :P

Rima! You’re still fighting the Doki!-ness! <333

…And ha, this is another Doki! trait. Big fat ellipses running across the screen during an awkward moment. Oi.

Y’know, it’s one thing to tease others about their relationships but when people nag you about it so they can publish it in a paper…now that just make me want to punch something. This has absolutely nothing to do with my shipping preference but just because I hate behavior like this.

Seriously, little girls, f*ck off! None of this is your business, you’re invading privacy and doing illegal publication of it, just leave her the f*ck alone! I don’t care if it’s just a elementary school newspaper and not meant to be taken seriously! You don’t mess around with other people’s affairs like that even if they are celebrities or what not. Unless they give you permission (which obviously wasn’t given here but like they care xP), you have no right to go ahead and make articles on other people’s lives to your heart’s content. Stupid girls. Their occupation will be paparazzi later on, I’m sure of it. -_-;

Miki: “Everyone likes a good love story, don’t they?”

Let me just say that romance is seriously overrated no matter where you go. *rolls eyes* Yes, we all like a good love story every once in a while but if you want good, you’ll need drama and a lot more than just “how you met, when you realized you like each other”, all those common, never-delves-into-it-much interview questions. And Amu’s crush has way too much of the latter. Maybe elementary crush stories and innocent firsts but not really a love story.

The new eyecatches are cute~ x3

Still so Doki!, though. All those shiny colors and everything. *sigh*

Well, finally we have a sincere Tadamu moment that is not covered from head to toe in annoying sparkle bubbles and glossy backgrounds.

Saying this now, I really like Tadase again. It’s mostly due to the latest chapter that came out but I hold no anger towards him anymore. I said what I had to say about his stupid childishness and seeing Tadase get over that really lets go of all that stress I’ve been holding against him. So yay! Back to liking Tadase! ^^ Too bad it gets uberly sad for everyone after this but it has to happen so there’s nothing we can do about that. T_T

Anyways…aww, Tadase was cute. My opinion that Tadamu will always be nothing more than a crush still stands (firm and strong, I must add) but seeing Tadase taking the initiative to get to know Amu better is worth everyone’s attention. I can’t really say for the other side, though. *rolls eyes*

See what I mean? -_-;


Well, I’d like to quote what Fuyu-san said in her post first to get started on my Tadamu rant so here goes:


Okay…one more…

As a girl I have to say, this much fangirling excitement at the beginning of a relationship even though you’ve known each other for a while is bad. I remember being in junior high school and when my friend got together with her guy friend and was acting all disgustingly excited whenever he was mentioned.

But then that fades. Quick. Basically you get too excited early on and then you go from, “ZOMG~ This is so fun~” to boredom. After you do everything and have nothing to get excited about, then you two have to sit down and talk and you suddenly realize that you’ve never even really done that with just the two of you. -_-;

It’s kind of like being in love with love and being happy that your crush finally returned your feelings. But once that fades, what are you going to have left?

Well…I give Shugo Chara props right now for making it pretty realistic though. This is something I really saw back in Junior High and in 6th grade, back with kids the same age as Amu and Tadase. The age where you think, “Well, I like this person” and that’s enough.

However, I would say that the realistic rules totally apply here because this is fiction and more importantly, shoujo. Because of that Tadase still has his chance.

*points at this*


See, while Tadase has expressed interest in wanting to get to know Amu more, can we really say the same about Amu? Not really. Even up to this point where they’ve known each for quite a while, Amu is always only saying “I like Tadase” and that’s it. There has never been a long-enough moment (that can be considered as one) where she said “I want to get to know Tadase more”. Even in episode 3 (or whatever) when she went to his house and he was explaining the existence of the Charas to her, all she told herself was “As I thought, I really do like Tadase”. She affirmed that to herself too fast without really saying “I really want to know him more and get closer to him through that way”.

I’m not sure if you can count her anxiety over Ikuto and Tadase’s dispute as part of it but when it’s specifically just Tadase, Amu can only go fangirly gaga because she’s so in awe of everything that only looks good about him. This includes on how nice he is to others, his cute features, etc. They are all superficial attractions and she lets them run amuk too much to really consider getting to know the other sides of Tadase more.

Which kinda leads me back to several things I addressed in my past episode posts. In order for a couple to really work, it can’t just be all happy dappy lovey dovey just because of all the excitement of being in relationship with the boy/girl you like. That’s what Tadamu has always been shown to be. It’s so overly…”positive” (for lack of better wording) and does not have enough “negative” to balance it out. Meaning, Amu has only been a giggly fangirl in front of him but has never shown her negative sides as openly. The same can be said about Tadase. He’s always smiling and blushing at Amu and being nice to her…and that’s all he does. Granted, yea, it’s his personality that requires him to be nice to everyone but Tadase can be realistic when it calls for it. He has gotten angry before, he has gotten sad before…but hardly of that was shown while he was in front of Amu unless he Chara-changed or when Ikuto showed up.

So I guess the only dark side of Tadamu we’ve ever gotten was how Tadase was so hurt that Amu kept Ikuto a secret from him. And when Ikuto is involved, can we really count it as a pure Tadamu factor? No, right? If a couple could work, they don’t need anything more than just the two people in that pair to support it. So again, there are Tadamu gains no points toward becoming a couple by just Amu and Tadase.

Moreover, like Fuyu-san said, these two are just happy because they happen to like each other at the same time. It’s nothing more than just “Ooo~, I got a boyfriend/girlfriend now! Wai~! I’m so thrilled!”. Really, if you jump too fast into a relationship like that, then it’s going to be pretty short-lived.

See, Amu has crushed on Tadase the moment she laid eyes on him, I guess? More or less like that. And Tadase fell for Amulet Heart like a ton of bricks when Amu was able to Chara-nari for the first time. Only a while after when he realized it was Amu who saved him and not Amulet Heart, did he notice and finally fall for the real her.
Too fast. Tadase switched minds too quickly just because he suddenly saw Amu in a brand new light he’s never seen in her before.

I’ve always believed that for taking an interest in someone to go to liking someone and then to be able to turn that into loving someone, you need a decent amount of time stretched out in between those points. That is what makes it realistic. The time you spend between those (rather vague) mark-ups is what will help give the shipping some depth and make it workable. So you can probably say I don’t believe in love at first sight but even if I did, the couples I like who fall under that category always, always, always spend a good amount of time getting to know each other before confirming and confessing their love outright first (example: Giniro and Kisaki from Mistress Fortune). Tadamu doesn’t have that. And just as how both fell so quickly for each other, they are going to fall out of “liking” each other just as fast when they realize that it was only attraction at first glance.

Not saying that Tadamu (or rather, Tadase) doesn’t have a chance at happening but…Amuto is going the be a hard obstacle to beat. Amuto has met all the criteria that I’ve just pointed out in the previous paragraph. In a comparison between the shippings, it has always been clear that Amuto has more going for it than Tadamu will ever have. This is the truth. It has nothing to do with preference. This is just how relationships work.

“Amu-chan snapped.” D8

She does that quite often, doesn’t she? ^^;

I’ll take the time to say that Amu is cute, too, when she’s happy like this. Because she’s not fangirling in this shot, I find it cute. ^^

Aha, date completely forgotten when she comes home and sees Ikuto. YES! xD;

lol And the goldfish in the sweatdrop. WIN. Utter WIN. xDDD;;;

Ikuto immediately notices her genki behavior and he gets all super suspicious in his cool, reserved way (aha, but everyone can tell you’re so bothered by it, Ikuto, even though you’re so good at acting xD; ).

Amu pulls the Cool&Spicy act but phah, if it didn’t work on him 70-something episodes back, you expect it to work on him now?


Just done for the sake of doing it, I guess. haha

Huh, how casually teasing can you get especially when it’s concerning the girl you like going on a date with another guy, Ikuto? -.-;

Well, because everyone likes to tease Amu (Ikuto especially), use whatever chance that’s laid out in front of you, I suppose.

That and he’s really good at holding things his true feelings in. Not only at Amu going on a date with Tadase but the fact that Amu doesn’t even take his own confession seriously as well as…it’s like she completely forgot about it! Damn, Ikuto, I would’ve gotten mad and tried to shake some sense into Amu already! Dx

But he knows that Amu can’t take him seriously due to his constant teasing, that she doesn’t truly understand what it means to really love someone because she’s still young and inexperienced, that he can’t get her anymore involved with him if he did prove his feelings to her and probably also because given the situation he’s in right now, he sees no chance of them happening. And maybe a little because of Tadase, too. Just a little since they were childhood friends.


Anyways…yea, he mentions out loud that she must be having a date just so he could say “Go take a bath cuz you stink” and get her all riled up. xDDD

And she drags him by the shirt and scream at him “YOU should be the one taking a bath! I can’t believe I let a smelly kitty like you sleep next to me for the past few nights!”

Ohhh~, so you did allow him to sleep next to you then, did you, Amu-chan~? 8DDD

…and btw, cats are really clean animals. |3

El. Oh. El. xDDD

Again with the casual perverted remarks. Ikuto, never change that. It’s part of your charm that we love so much (especially Amu~, kehehehe). xD;


I don’t remember what I had to say for this screencap but I thought of something new.

I can imagine them arguing about who will take a shower first when they live in the same house All you perverts who are thinking what I think you’re thinking right here need to zip it. We are not going that far! This is a children’s show, mind you! xD; and then they’ll somehow settle on who goes first. If it was Ikuto, he’d tell Amu to get his clothes for him cuz he purposefully forgot so she can get all embarrassed and blushyblushy at the thought of…well, yea, y’know…and then he can tease her about being a pervert and…y’know…LOL xDDD;;;

“No peeking, alright?”

Yea, Amu. No peeking. We all know how much of a pervert you are. xD

“Sh-Shut up! I am so NOT a pervert!”

Yes you are. Yes you are. Yes you are. *pokepokepoke* x333

…Awwrgh, I remember this part in the manga so well. Except that Amu was more scrunched up and smaller and…well, it was cuter in the manga but this is still cute~! xDDDD

And the fangirls go wild. |D; I seriously want to know if anybody had fainted during this scene…or the part where he was taking his shirt off. >.>;;

“I won’t do anything that you really hate.”

Ah, I always loved this part and always will. <3

Ikuto really wouldn’t want to do anything that Amu doesn’t like. He loves her after all and this obviously shows how much he respects her as a person. As his most important person. The person he regards as the most special to him. That she’s not just some loli you’d just set your eyes on while taking a stroll in the park. That she’s not just anyone’s plaything to push and tease around for guilty, sick pleasure.

Respect, something that is direly needed and so rarely seen in relationships. And Ikuto has that.

So people who make up stuff about how Ikuto is only getting close to Amu to use her or to get the Lock or whatever ridiculous bullshit needs a hard four or twelve slaps in the face and a kick in their groins. People who accuse Ikuto of being a pedo and/or a “hormone-driven” teenager also needs to shut their traps. By far, Ikuto has never EVER did something so sexually offending and degarding towards Amu. The most he did was get really close to her face and hug her. That’s all. He is attracted to Amu as Amu is to him but what the hell is wrong with that? So is Tadase to Amu and vice versa. You can’t accuse people of being drawn to each other by physical infatuation as if it’s some sort of crime.
And Ikuto is not a person who has zero morals. He doesn’t treat Amu like she’s some wench to screw and then toss away the morning after. If that’s what you believe, then you honestly suck at being a human being.

He may have been a jerk in the first few episodes when he tried to steal her eggs but he quickly apologized for it after making her cry. He may tease her a lot but it never gets to the point where he’s belittling her as if she’s something below him. He cherishes her a lot for everything she’s given him and done for him, even though he doesn’t openly show it, and it’s so blatantly apparent that even a blind man could tell. A guy who respects the girl he loves would never treat her as something less than she is. If he loves her that much, then it would also kill him if she tells him that she hates him. All this matters a lot to him. If it didn’t, then SC! would have been an ultimate fail and I wouldn’t be writing this post. If this doesn’t show that his feelings for Amu are purely that of love and deep affection (and NOT of what you feel in your privates), then we all mind as well be living in one giant brothel of a world, wouldn’t we?

(Alright, I’ll end my crazy ranting here. Don’t know why I got so worked up but that’s my love. |P)

Hmm, yes, Amu. Ikuto really does save you a lot and understands you, huh?

Another reason why Amuto runs so much deeper than Tadamu can. Because Amu and Ikuto actually take the time to understand each other, to share their thoughts and feelings with each other, and to be themselves around each other when they can’t in front of anyone else.

Amu confirms it to herself that Ikuto can understand how she feels. But the first time she told Tadase that she doesn’t think Ikuto is a bad guy, he only made a face and countered what she thought. How is that understanding someone? It is because of this particular barrier (the issue about Ikuto) between her and Tadase is so big and thick that even if they can be friends around each other, they can’t find a way to connect properly. Tadase is too biased because of his own hate and Amu is too worried about hurting Tadase and letting his opinion sink of her just because she thinks otherwise. Which is not true. Tadase is not the type of person to do that. It’s just that he’s holding onto his grudge a little too hard.

But I’m so glad that Amu finally has a firm resolve to make Tadase listen to what she has to say and to sort it out. Really, Amu, if he really likes you, he wouldn’t push your opinion aside like that. He should be accepting and realize that he can’t just point fingers just because he’s angry. There’s no respect in that. Even if it’s forgivable, even if it’s Tadase, if you let it carry on like it’s something “we will discuss this later so in the meantime, let’s just be happy”, then you are with the wrong, wrong guy. Drop him, dump him, just don’t stay with him if he’s going to continue to be a sore ass about it.

Thank god, Tadase’s not anything like that but no person should have to put up with anyone who fits that description. -_-#


Amu’s so cute crouching by the door like that and Ikuto’s like “…Uh, what the hell are you doing?” (but doesn’t say anything he thinks it’s so cute, too! xD).

Aww, but this sucks. Satelight, you suck! Amu was supposed to lead Ikuto out of the bathroom by the hand! What’s up with you changing all these details!? D8<
I know that the Japanese (at least the older generation) don’t really approve of public displays of affection but for Christ’s sake, it was only holding hands! And they weren’t even out in public! Dx
God, I really hate it when they water things down when they don’t even need to be. I can understand the talk about their ages being cut out (which I still think didn’t need a censor at all) and all that but holding hands?! WTF?! *more raging*

*sigh* Anyways…


…Ok, I only wanted to try saying that once. ^^;

You can call me weird all you want I’m a weirdo anyway but if I were there, I wouldn’t want to be in Midori’s seat facing these two.

…I actually want to be where the Charas are and just floating there, waiting to see what will happen. xD;

*cough* Um, yea…I know I’m totally ruining the mood but hey! It’s going to get depressing later anyway! *not helping* o.o;

Ah, this is why Ikuto is such a great guy better than a lot of guys out there, taking responsibility for what he did wrong (though he technically didn’t do anything wrong…but keeping a secret that big as hiding out in Amu’s room was pretty bad).

Well, I really don’t know what a normal guy in real life would do in this situation. If he’s anything decent like our Ikuto here, I’m sure he’d do the same but then again, stuff like this doesn’t happen a lot so I don’t really know. Dude, I hope stuff like this doesn’t happen unless it’s for a good reason and even so, the parents would be informed, wouldn’t they? o.O;

Ack, going off topic.

Ah, and Amu shows us just how awesome she is again. She can’t let Ikuto take the blame for more than he has already, especially when she is equally as guilty. And almost all of it isn’t his fault in the first place! Neither were at fault! They just made a bad choice in not telling the truth. But they’re just kids and you can’t blame them too much for keeping it a secret. Who really does know how their parents will act towards this anyway?

I guess most would assume that their parents wouldn’t understand and therefore, wouldn’t be able to help so I can relate a little to how anxious Amu was. Children would often look to their parents for help because they’re the only ones they can trust the most. But sometimes those who think their parents are always so great might not get such a supportive response from them and on the reverse side, those who believe that their parents will never understand can be just as wrong as those who do.

Amu would fall into latter category. Which goes to show that as much as she loves her family, the way she keeps a little distance away from them caused her to miss out on a lot of important things. Like how understanding her mom could be and so on.

But it’s okay, cuz being such a great adult as well as such an awesome, understanding, godly wonderful mother, Midori doesn’t get mad but just says she was a little sad that Amu didn’t confide in them first. Because just as much on how she’s upset that Amu kept Ikuto a secret from them, she’s also a little hurt that Amu thought she wouldn’t be able to rely on her parents. And a parent would always want to help their children in the best way they can, right? So she’s also sad because she couldn’t do anything for her daughter when she needed help the most. It’s that gap between Amu and her family that caused it but it still makes her sad that she couldn’t tell Amu was in trouble. Aww~! Amu-mama~! <333

Oh god, Kazusa Murai, Midori’s VA, was so great in how she conveyed so much emotion in Midori’s lines. This is where my heart really cracked a little and it rivals the EXTREME TT__________________TT moment that comes later on.
I do feel sorry for those three but the person I feel sorry for the most in this episode was for Midori. Because Ikuto, Amu and and Tadase all did wrong things and karma will smack them hard for it but Midori was the innocent one! She did no wrong and she had no clue! I know she was hurt the least in comparison to those three but she still gets my sympathy the most because she’s the most innocent!

So Amu gets the first sting at realizing how painful it is to hurt someone. And the first person being her own mother, no less.

But now she knows and understands and that’s a good thing. The key point is not to reprimand children for what they did wrong but to make sure they understand what they did wrong so they don’t do it again. Which is why Midori is again, so godly awesome in that she doesn’t scold Amu too severely but tells her to put more trust in her parents and helps them with this dilemma instead.

God, I want to grow up to be just as awesome as Midori! This is how mothers should act! *nodnod*

Btw (I know this is ruining the mood again but), compared to the manga, they really toned it down on how…stern Midori was with the both of them. I can remember when I read the chapter, that Midori’s expression really scared me a lot. o.O; But I’m surprised that in the anime, Midori looks so much more…I dunno, I guess “gentle” instead of scary? Something along those lines. I don’t mind in the least, though. It was very well done so just leave it as it is. ^^

Hehe, both of them look so surprised. What? Midori just let you off the hook. Did you think she was just going to stop being an awesome mom there? Noooo. xD

An awesome mom would not just kick somebody out and just leave it like that, especially if you’re in trouble.

Btw…I’m really mad that Satelight cut out that comment Midori made about Ikuto when he thanked her for taking care of him. WTF?! THAT WAS JUST ONE LITTLE LINE (that meant so much because it already showed that Midori already approved of Ikuto becoming her future “cool” son-in-law xDDD)! I DEMAND that it be done in later episodes! You’re Satelight so you can do this kind of stuff! DO IT! D8<

Awww. And Amu looks so happy that her mama is giving them so much help. Amu! Be wonderful like your mom in the future, okay? I have no doubt that you will but saying it just because. ^^

I think after the Ikuto arc is over, Amu would definitely start getting closer with her mom as well. Because after Ikuto points out at how she has such a wonderful family and what Midori told her over the phone later on, she gained a lot of respect for her. And let’s face it, all girls should be close to their moms because their moms know how to treat their daughters in the best and most supportive way. *sigh* Sad that I can’t say the same on my end. But I hope we get to see Amu hanging around her mom a lot more afterwards instead of always shutting herself up in her room unless Ikuto’s there. I also hope that she can help mend the relationship between Souko and the siblings. Maybe it’s still a little too early to ask but Amu’s helped a lot of people already. And like how she wants Ikuto and Tadase to resolve their disputes, she’d like to see Ikuto and Utau be on good terms with their own mother, too. ^^

Huu huu~ Ikuto’s leaving. ;________;

And it’s sad but I’m happy that Amu expressed she would be lonely now that he has to go. XDDD
And I’m even more happy because that really, really means a part of her wants to stay with him! She’s never expressed about being lonely when she’s away from Tadase but she did now for Ikuto and Ikuto alone! And that just adds more support for Amuto.

Because when you like or love someone a lot, you would always want to be with them, no matter what the time or place. You wouldn’t want them to leave you alone and would want them to stay by your side just because having them be there next to you is enough to make you feel completely filled with happiness and reassurance. And when you’re apart, the distance just makes you yearn for them even more (oh god, look at the shoujo-fanatic talk her cheesy shoujo talk, har har! lol xDDD;;; ).

Of course, it hasn’t gotten to the point where Amu is always constantly thinking about Ikuto like that but it’s moving along pretty well in that direction so I’m happy~. hehe ^^

Waaah, another great (bunch of) line delivery by Ikuto (voice courtesy of You-kyan~). ^^ And unlike other shoujo manga that would make this sound utterly sappy, Ikuto’s lines never fall into that trap. They really are believable and true. Probably due to the fact of his depressing childhood so it only serves to reinforce them even more.

This really proves that those who know they are lacking something (whether it be a family, a trait, or whatever) really do know what they’re talking about when they point out to another on how lucky he/she is. People like Amu often take for granted that they have such a great amount of support from their family and friends as well as the good qualities they have within themselves because she always had them so she doesn’t notices. And so there has to be people like Ikuto, who know better, to tell them that. It’s because Ikuto couldn’t have what a child should have gotten when he was younger that he can see these things more clearly and therefore, try even harder to hold onto. He lost his father, his mother fell to sickness, he could only watch as Utau nearly lost herself under the orders of Easter, his friendship with Tadase had been ruined, he almost let go of the belief that there was someone out there who could understand him for who he was. He practically had nothing and even worse, whatever little he did have, someone was always trying to take away from him. If anyone were in his shoes, they’d do the same. Hold on to whatever you have left as much as you can. They may seem trivial to you at first but they really aren’t.

This is why I really hate when people yell out “Oh my god, I want to die!” cuz that’s just the most stupidest thing you can ever say. That’s probably the most precious thing you’ll ever had and you want to throw it away so easily? You have no right to live if you say that. There are a lot of unfortunate others out there who aren’t even given a chance at living. If you hate how things are treating you, then work at it to make it better. Don’t just complain, throw a fit and expect someone to do it for you. It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. Do what you have to do by yourself.

*breathe…* Wow, that really went off topic. -.-;

Haha, Amu is so in awe of Ikuto and his awesome speech.

I really think that if Ikuto didn’t point this one thing out to her, she would have remained oblivious for a long time. And Ikuto is practically the only person who can point that out to her (ok, maybe Rima and Utau are allowed to, too, but Ikuto has the stronger affect, hehe). You can’t expect someone like Tadase to tell Amu this because he’s always been “living in the light”. Maybe not so much as Amu’s family, but Tadase had it pretty easy growing up compared to the Tsukiyomi siblings and Rima. The same can be said about the rest of the cast. Very few had to go through such tough ordeals so when things like these occur, they’ll be soft-padding it instead of giving true advice.

Argh! My train of brief happiness derails (not pointing this at Tadase but…damn bad timing and plot!). T___T

Whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy do we have that dramatic “bangs covering the eyes” effect thing? ;AAAAA;

But oh noes, here is where everything starts to get roughly pushed off the sharp, rocky mountain of angst. In the manga, it was Tadase who walked in on them coming out of Amu’s room but here, Amu told him to stay put so Tadase wouldn’t see him.

Now all of Ikuto’s jealousy and bad feelings start to come into play. Everything he’s bottled up until this point…it just blows (in a subdued way, kinda). Here he is, listening to Amu talk so cheerfully with Tadase about their little date where Tadase has no barriers that can keep him from approaching Amu. And Amu is just about to walk away and pretend he’s not there. She has to in order to keep him hidden but it’s still hurting him all the same. Even more so because he thinks she doesn’t regard his confession as anything more than a tease while she treats Tadase so politely. Even more so because for these past few nights, it was the only time he could ever get this close to Amu and now she’s being taken away his ex-best friend, who hates him so much.

Add the fact that he doesn’t want to get Amu, her family or Tadase involved in the danger with Easter, he goes through one hell of a big turmoil debate on what he should do…

And barges out, spills the truth…

And damn it to hell, taunts Tadase to make things even worse just to keep these two away from getting into his own trouble.

Too well done. Ikuto’s acting, his lines, his facial expression, everything is too well done. TT____TT

More heart-breaking faces.



*temporarily lost the ability to speak…too busy crying*


Ikuto, you’re an idiot. You know people too well on how to hurt them exactly where it will hurt like hell just so you can protect them.
And he knows that the most effective way to hurt Amu was not to aim at Amu herself (I don’t even think he could bring himself to do that) but to aim at another really important to her. Because Amu regards everyone as equally important. But Tadase is her crush and Tadase placed of a lot of his trust in Amu. Ironic perfect setting to put his plan into action.

*sigh*…Ikuto, you idiot. TT__________________TT

“No one should get involve with the black cat who only brings misfortune.”

One-up to noble idiot…but you are still an idiot.

*cries for Ikuto* TTAAAAAAAAAAAATT




Sure, make this whole situation even more bitter and depressing, why don’tcha?

This is the perfect time to want to skip school. And I literally mean it.

*sigh* How many things must be going through his head right now, I wonder. TT______TT

…Well, you were warned. Lying, keeping secrets…they come with a heavy burden. Once you’re found out, you’ll have to face the consequences and…well, these are the consequences.

…Ok, to tell you the real honest truth, I did not feel sorry for these three at all. Maybe a little bit while I was watching the episode but all that has vanished. This is karma. What goes around comes around.

Tadase has wrongly accused Ikuto and because he chose to remain angry, he chose to remain ignorant. Those who choose to be like this don’t expect to be hurt, which makes it even harder on them when the ugly truth is slapped in their face. But that’s the thing. If they realize they shouldn’t have stayed naive, that they should’ve been more open-minded, then the could’ve prepared themselves and maybe it wouldn’t have turn out this bad. Maybe things could have been sorted out. But that didn’t happen and this did.

Ikuto already knew what would result from hurting Tadase and Amu but he did it any way. He knew what he was doing. It wasn’t the best choice (hell, it was one of his worst) but he knew it was going to turn out like this and he went ahead and took it like it is for their sakes.

Amu was also aware of everything that could happen. But that doesn’t change the fact that she still kept the secret from Tadase (as much as she tried not to) and that she screamed things towards Ikuto in anger when she didn’t mean them. That she would hurt them both deeply and later come to regret it. She wasn’t prepared for the consequences and ended up getting deeply hurt herself because of it.

Basically, if you throw shit, you will get shit thrown back at you, whether you see it coming or not.

Call me cruel. Call me cold. I’m done.

ED: My Boy

All I can say is that I. F*CKIN’. LOVE. THIS. NEW. ENDING!!!

Now give meh the song! D8<

… xD

So I got my wish for something a little more darker in tune from Buono! I am also so very, very happy that “My Boy” has absolutely no triangle in it but that it solely revolves around the Ikuto arc, and therefore, revolves solely around Ikuto. <– very, very, VERY happy 8DDD

You can’t say that the lyrics are meant for anyone else besides him. Because they really only fit for his story (oh~, even so, I love the lyrics cuz they are just awesome! <333). And it’s obviously sung in an Amu POV-ish way and no other. Plus the fact that only Amu and Ikuto’s Charas are shown in the ED…do I really need to say more?

Heh, this is probably the closest we will ever come to an Amuto theme. I mean, yea, the Amuto is off-screen and the Charas are used in their place but the representation, people! The symbolism! The SIGNS!!!

…Will it be too much to ask if the next ED can be like this? I have lost most hope for any proper appropriate OP now so my faith completely lies with Buono! I promise I’ll be patient~ 83?


*relief* Ok, these two are fine. They didn’t die. Just be happy about that (SERIOUSLY! Be happy that one of them didn’t get run over by a truck or mobbed while they were in such a depressed state! Dx).

But Ikuto is in trouble. Not good. No time to dawdle. You two! Get over your moping and start doing what you’re supposed to be doing! Amu, you’re the heroine, go and save people! You have an hour to bitch, cry and sulk in your room but no more! Utau, send that text message from Hawaii now! D8<
Kukai, go to the playground and take Tadase home to meet your awesome brothers and set Tadase’s mind straight! (omg, so many mixed up, unintentional yaoi meanings XDDD;;;; )

And damn you, Satelight, wtfh are doing giving us:


Oh, I am so going to take out my rage next week on Lulu because she’s being a bitch up to no good again (all development still gone as if it never happened at all) and what the hell, why are we getting twins? Didn’t we already have twins? Oh, who cares?! It’s a friggin’ filler and I’m pissed because I don’t want to see ?-eggs when I just got X-eggs back! I don’t care about tennis when Ikuto is being further brainwashed by those Easter bastards! *punches a hole in the wall*


…so apologies for this post being so late. If I find the time, I’ll try to respond back to your comments but there’s no guarantees. Thank you for reading though and let’s just look forward to next next week’s episode (if we’re not too depressed to). ^^


4 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 77

  1. TTT__TTT This episode was so sad. It was hard to watch, particularly towards the end (the beginning, especially the Amuto parts, were far too easy to watch!). I LOVED the new ending (I definitely consider it Amuto, and I take it as a sign that the Ikuto arc isn’t TOO far away). The new OP was pretty good, too. I can’t wait until the full length versions of both are released. I wish Buono would go back to doing the openings, but this new group doesn’t seem to be too bad. *knock on wood*

    Midori is a really awesome mother, and I wish mine were more like her. I can’t even imagine how my mother would react if I were Amu. -.- Her voice actor did an amazing job, I agree. She put a lot of emotion into Midori’s voice, and it was really easy to understand how upset she was that Amu couldn’t trust him. Granted, there are things that Amu would have had a hard time explaining, but from Midori’s point of view… She was so hurt.

    I agree with you for saying what goes around comes around, but I still felt bad for all three of them. Maybe that’s just the sort of person I am, though. ^^”‘ On some level, all three of them sort of deserve it, but I’m sure that doesn’t make it any less upsetting. I’m curious to know what kind of angst Amu will be going through in the next episode – if she’ll be angry at Ikuto, or if she’ll feel even a little guilty for what she said.

    I really hope the fillers don’t last for too long. I’m not quite sure why they’ve suddenly shown up again – the manga is still a fair amount ahead, and it’s not like the anime was going to catch up on it anytime soon (particularly if the anime lengthens the race up the tower, which I think is a spot where they might). Maybe the fillers reappearence means that they’ll be getting rid of Lulu soon?

    Anyway, good post. ^^

  2. yay first comment! yay they didn’t get run over when they were all depressed!XDDDDDD this episode was sad…….
    grrrr i don’t want another filler!!! *throws tantrum*

  3. …….and i’ll have to agree that tadamu is more in the infatuation mode. and i do like tadase much better in the manga. (amulet fortune is awesome!) this still doesn’t mean im an amuto fan though. but i’ll say this: ikuto is a really good person – it takes a lot to hurt urself to help another person – and i really feel bad about his past. i like him as a character but not together with amu.

  4. Ehh…I never liked this part of the manga either. No idea why, but I guess it’s because it is the end of Ikuto’s stay and his beginning of being captured. Nuuuu…..Poor Ikuto.

    I like the opening and ending songs enough, not so much as Minna Daisuki or others, but it’s cutesy. Lurve lurve lurve the ending though. More Buono! Yes!!

    But still, the songs are all Dokified, as are the characters….Nuuu…only a select few still act like themselves. Like Ikuto!! But I feel sorry for the Dokified ones, cause it’s sad AND they’re some of my feavorite characters, obviously Amu and Rima (but only at times), and Nagihiko, cause he’d never be that careless about his identity without Doki. Grrr…..Not cool, Satelight.

    Ikuto….He wasn’t this mean in the manga, Ikuto usually wouldn’t walk out and say something mean to Tadase like that. He (mostly) provokes Tadase if Tadase provokes him first. It must be Death Rebel getting to his head.

    Shower scene kyaa!!!

    *Expert Randomness*

    Ooh, and I can guess the whole episode for next week–Amu and Tadase are giving each other the cold shoulder, cuts to Ikuto, probably sitting in Death Rebel form somewhere with Easter, being brainwashed, Amu + Guardians meet filler girls who like to play tennis/badminton/something like that and wish to be at the top of the game, later in private they discuss it and Lulu overhears and turns them into Nazoe’d Characters, WHOA!! RANDOM PLOT TWIST!!! Amu now has to battle TWO nazoes instead of one? Oh, the tension!! So Amu battles, gives a Don’t Give Up On Your Heart speech, girls return to normal, cuts to the credits and the awesome My Boy song, we get to see the next episode preview which goes back to the plot and Ikuto, Fangirling happens, The End.

    And, yeah, you DO reap what you sow. I learned that the hard way. Poor anime characters have to, also. Too bad.

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