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You guys…I’m feeling very overwhelmed with happiness, insanity and exhaustion (hence, I used Suu to show it).

Ah, sorry to say but everything’s going to be a little delayed today. I figured I’d squeeze in this notice with the overall blog post since my twitter on the sidebar isn’t working (again) and it fits with everything else anyway.

For SoMT, all I can say is…wow, I’m getting really good responses so far (over 30!). Aaahh! That made me want to scream! Thank you to all of you who voted and especially to my fellow bloggers who did a promo post for this event! I…I’m so happy I can just break down crying right here…but I won’t. I’ll do that after I see this through. *sniff*

Agh, anyways…if you’ve been following me on twitter or been in contact with me lately, you probably know that I’m thoroughly fatigued by everything that happened this past week. Exams, school, spring season, practice, SoMT, etc. I have like 5 drafts lined up to post along with several other stuff I have to do and my schedule has been moved around today so things are even more messed up. Gah, gotta work on my time management.

Basically, I’ve had no decent amount of sleep at all until last night (and I slept at like 2 AM and woke up at 8 AM, *heavy sigh*). I had to wake up early yesterday morning to go out to NY just to buy something and work on the tournament (cuz I can’t concentrate at home). Oi…

So here’s the deal on how blogging’s going to happen from now until after my finals are over in mid-May:

1) I’ll still be doing my regular SC! episode posts. It’s just going to come out later today cuz of my adjusted schedule.
2) I’m sorry but I’ll have to put responding back to comments on hold for now. I simply don’t have the time to get back to all of you and I’m truly sorry! Agh, why?! I’ve never missed replying back until now! URGH! Dx
3) As far as spring season anime go, I’ll probably be blogging Pandora Hearts…cuz in my humble mostly agreed by everyone else opinion, the first episode was really, really bad…and I can’t just let that slide pass me when I just fell in love with the manga last week. Review will probably be up by Sunday (along with stats for SoMT, if I can manage to find time to do it).
I’ll have a first impression for another four shows or so after next week is over (when I have Easter break, yay~).
4) I was planning to do some kind of winter conclusion but since I dropped everything except for Munto, there’s no point in making a separate post about that (I can’t remember what I wanted to rant about anyway since the subs took so long to come out). So I’ll wait for the movie finale to come out first before giving a conclusion and giggle over how Munto so deliberately went MIA at the end because he plans to ord-I mean, ask Yumemi to “BE MY QUEEEEEEEN!!!!!” *cough*. Yea.

Yea, that’s the general idea. Urgh, leaving for piano lesson in an hour and right after I come back, hard swimming endurance practice. I want to faint. ;A;

I know most of you will probably tell me to take it easy but…I can’t! This is how I am! I lay off stuff and then crash and burn right after finishing them! @.@;;
Thanks in advance for your concern, though. I’ll try to follow all advice given to me but at this rate, you’d literally have to come over here, tie me to a chair and drug me to get me to calm down. ^^;

That should be all for now. Argh, sorry for the sloppiness of this post.


4 thoughts on “Blog Status

  1. Finding out that you have to miss out on replying to comments when you get busy sucks so much, doesn’t it? Sometimes I even go so far as to wish my blog wasn’t popular at all (agh! I can’t keep up!).

    This means that I will have to hurry up and watch the first episode of Pandora Hearts then. The fact that everyone was saying it was bad was deterring me. I was so disappointed since I wanted to make a nice banner for Alice and only the anime I choose to follow are going to get one.

    This: “and giggle over how Munto so deliberately went MIA at the end because he plans to ord-I mean, ask Yumemi to “BE MY QUEEEEEEEN!!!!!” ”
    It has to stay unstriked because YEAH! This is what happens. It has to!!!

    Ah it sounds like you have it tough. Well since I can’t tell you to take it easy…do your best! Think of moe or fangirl things to get your excitement up to keep you going (just, then you have to be careful not to get distracted).

  2. Glad SoMT is going so well. ^___^

    Good luck on your finales. (sigh I hate April-May-June)

    I want to read the Pandora Hearts manga since everyone says its good. Not going to bother with the anime.

    Need to marthon Munto over Easter break.

    Good luck with everything. Don’t stress so much.

  3. OMG don’t stress so much! Uh.. yeah take it easy uh, you don’t wanna hear that so I’ll change it to: “keep it fierce!”! Snap out those fingers (ok, I should stop the ghetto-ness -_-) and just think that everything will be finished and will w.o.r.k. according to you! So good luck ^^. Sometimes (ok, ALL the time), school and ARGH schedule comes in the way of blogging so I feel for you too.

    I haven’t watched Pandora Hearts yet but as I read on Tsui’s post, it really does look horrible XD. But I like how the characters look though, especially on what I saw on the promo art.

    And SoMT!!! I’ll really give my full support to it ^^

    And I saw your tweet regarding September T__T. That’s so tragic. But if you really feel like you can’t handle blogging that much and it kinda adds more pressure and consumes time, I guess it’s your decision then. But please, just don’t.. go T_T.

    Nah, I know you won’t XDD~ So stay strong there and best of luck, hun~!

  4. Welcome to my world where time management is as (or much more) essential to anything else you can imagine!

    I guess telling you to take it easy will do no good XD; so I’ll just tell you this instead: KEEP IT UP! I think you’re doing a good job at time management. Just watch yourself though, if your body can’t handle it anymore, then give whatever a rest.

    Hold your ground!

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