Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 76



So I had this post prepared since I think Wednesday? …And now I’m so sad and angsty about everything that’s going on that it pains a lot me to go through it again.

…But I will…cuz I love this show. My pain will be compensated, right? RIGHT?! Dx

*sigh* Sorry for the lateness. I would’ve posted this sooner but my internet literally got ripped away from me this time. Cuz my father is one son of a bitch. But anyways…

Finally! we will be getting a new OP in April and title of the song (according to Nakayoshi, credit for translating to Hana-san from GW) is going to be “Shugo Shugo Omakase♪Guardian” (my rough tranlation is “Guardian Guardian Leave it to us♪Guardian”) by a new unit called Guardian 4 “Guardian” overkill

*shrug* I don’t really follow Hello!Project’s groups or whatever (the new group looks meh). I’m just glad I won’t have to put up with Shugo! Shugo! anymore. Just…NO MORE silly kindergarten tunes and freaky marching/hopping/dancing/hand throwing/hip thrusting although it was slightly funny/sky pointing, PLEASE!

…*cough* Yep, so cross your fingers and hope for some kickass animation!

We’ll also be getting a new ED from Buono! (yay~!) and it’s going to be titled “My Boy”… o.O
Mmkay, I think it’s a really cute title but I’m scared to see if there will be too much triangle with it. I’ve had enough with triangles and would like them all to break, thank you very much.

In more exciting news, chapter 39 is coming out in less than a week and hell yea, I am going to haul myself up on a Friday morning after late night endurance practice, drag myself out to New York, spend four dollars on subway transit all to get the May issue and do another long-rant post on it. The preview is already out on Nakayoshi’s site and all I have to say is that I absolutely adore P-Pit for just giving me such a beautiful cover page (I KNEW IT!) and just as well another great chapter. So BE PREPARED! MWUAHAHA! >8D


Will be up when I have time to go and rewatch the raws again.


WARNING: Language, LOTS of psychological ranting, a very pissed off Xiao and rather harsh Tadase critique. Not bashing, critique. If you are an avid Tadase/Tadamu fan and don’t think you can handle it, then I suggest you leave now. I have nothing against the character or the shipping but these are my thoughts and if you’re going to be bratty about it, then expect me to bitch and bite back.

*sigh*…I’m not lying when I say I feel really depressed and angsty about this episode, y’know. Even though the fight was EPICALLY AWESOME AND CANNOT BE DESCRIBED BY WORDS! as everyone says it was…not enough to ease my pain for Ikuto. *wants to break down crying again* TT______TT

My god, for once I’m glad we have some conflict coming up cuz I can only stand hearing “I like you” so many times from Tadase. -_-; And shit, this even extends to Amu’s dream but I get that and all but…Satelight, what the heck are you doing now? Trying to play fair with the triangle again and failing again?

It does fail, y’know. Because of the all the excess of drugs sparklies. The relationship itself is fine if it’s just friendship but these…these sparkles are just torture. I find nothing innocent about them and just think it’s plain annoying though it still makes me feel kinda relieved inside. And I’ve decided I’m not going to be sorry for any of my bluntness towards Tadamu this episode just because I’ve pretty much had it with these glowy-background scenes. I mean no offense to the Tadamu fans but really…even if this is shoujo, taking the fangirlness to that level makes it feel a little sickening.

“Oh, it was just a dream.”

And it better stay as one, dear. *sigh* -_-;

I won’t say it’s wrong for Amu to act like this. She’s happy because Tadase likes her. Anybody would be if the boy/girl they liked said that to them right?

Still…she’s such a fangirl…too early in the morning to be a fangirl, hun.

Hehe Yay~, Ikuto! You saved the beginning of this episode from crashing into fangirl blobness! <333

“I told you I’m not your hot water-bottle, darn it!”

Shut up, Amu. You are. >:(

(Oh noes~, now I’m being mean to Amu, too… TT____TT)

Aww, Yoruuu~! He needs a pat on the head! <333

I absolutely love how snug the violin looks sitting their in her closet. <3 Now if only we can get this dark atmosphere done and over with, it will be even better. D/

Let him stay forever~, Ran!

No, Suu, he’s not going to get better until probably a month from now. TT____TT

& YES, he’s got no place to go, Miki.

So keep him in that room even after he’s better. You can never be feel too better (aha~, my logic has gone insane again but it’s still true!). |D;

Group shot.

And nuu! Rima’s suppose to be is the one standing closer Amu cuz as Amu’s overly protective BFFL, she’d hover over Amu like worried hen and immediately get an ice pack to cool off that burn andand…see, all this depression has even made me warp Rima’s personality out of proportion…though not by that much cuz her worrying like that would be reasonable. She is the best friend after all. Rima-tan~! <3

…Ah, now I know what this reminds me of. When Haine in SDC broke the teapot handle cuz of Komaki. Hmm, yes. Good, humorous Shinkuro memories. I think I’ll go reread that chapter right now since it’s so much better than this. |3

Rima. Ish. Not. Happy.


That “Yeah” was obviously all a lie (and Yaya is just saying stuff to act funny for the sake of being funny and suspicious like all girls are, hehe). I won’t even accept it as a proper translation because just “Yeah” is not how Rima responded. It was more like “Hmm, it seems that way” just because Rima, being so awesome, does not take anything as official until it is confirmed to her LIKE ME! HAHA! and will therefore, only say that she thinks so. Doesn’t mean she approves of it or anything so sorry. If Rima does not approve, then nothing can be official! …Then again, that would mean she’ll never approve of Ikuto either but since Amu will be happier with Ikuto anyway, she has no choice but to step aside for Amu’s happiness. Ahaha~ |D;

Anyways, let’s go to the other side of Rima’s mind where she’s obviously thinking “What? The idea of Amu being with a boy is preposterous! I will not stand for this! But I will not blow my top over it either. I am the composed Ice Queen, after all…who shall punish her victims with unexpected, slow, excruciating pain for even standing five feet away from Amu!”

Oh my, where has my insanity taken me? Deeper and more lost into the dimension of cruel fan-editing?

Hmm…yea, I think so. *has no qualms about it* |3;

*slickly slides over to Amu*

“How dare you not tell me about this, Amu?

Not even about Ikuto in your room!

And yes, I know. Do not ask me how I know. I am RIMA! I know everything!”

Oh, Rima~…Rima~…RIMAAAA~~~~!!!!! x333333

Amu: “Rima, help me~!” ^^;

Rima: “Spill it! I’m not letting you off the hook for keeping secrets from me! And I’m not happy about you and Tadase either! What the hell, Amu? Who needs boys? All you need is me!” >x(

Aha~, my throw of some Ushio possessiveness in there…I’ll confess now that I always kinda liked it. That best-friend girl obsession. It’s very sweet and oh so funny. haha xD

And I loved how Amu turned to Rima for help. To Rima. I mean, I know Na-chi isn’t “there” but still…Rimaaaa~! <333

Nagi, what the heck are you smiling about? …Oh, I get it! You’re in on conspiracy with Rima, too! Cuz he’s her slave. xDD;;; You have to be, right?! You’re Amu’s boy BFFL, right?! RIGHT?! D8<

…Psh. But even he would be slightly hovering over Amu if he knew about Ikuto…ok, maybe not. I don’t know. But I can’t resist the image of a smirking Nagi teasing Amu. Cuz it’s cute cuz then everyone would be on her case and she’d technically have no support. Rima and Yaya would be their suspicious selves and Nagi would be “Aww, don’t be shy, Amu-chan”, trying to make her feel better but not intentionally making it work just because it’s cute and fun to see Amu all flustered. Kyahaha~! xDDD

Hmm, so my guess was right. Nagi didn’t witness the fight but he just saw a lot of people walking around like zombies cuz their heart’s eggs got sucked out of them.

Um, ok, I understand that what’s happening with the X-eggs are mostly related to Easter but still…to label people who they assume to be associated with Easter under the same blame without really questioning why first. They’re such kids. *rolls eyes*

I mean, even if I were their age, I would want to know why so and so are doing this and that. If they’re just…evil, yea, that’s the general theory but still, why before jumping to any final conclusions.

The Guardians need to read CLAMP. Especially Magic Knight Rayearth, which, btw, is awesome. |D

Y’know, I’m going to have to keep saying this so no one jumps down my throat but…it’s really nice that Tadase is continually showing his sincere feelings to Amu. But just saying that “I want to become stronger” and “I like you” all the time doesn’t really get you anywhere. You’re just saying those words. And the more you keep at it, the more you’re going to fool yourself into thinking “Oh yea, cuz I’m always saying this, I must be improving, right?” WRONG. He’s having the same problem like what Utau had at the beginning of her arc (and way before that, too).

Utau always kept thinking to herself “I’m strong! And therefore, I always win and am never wrong!” Well, she wasn’t. She was strong, but not in the right way. In fact, it had the opposite effect. Not only was this determination of “being strong” hurt her own self (tiring her out after every Chara-nari with X-Dia), she was also pushing her values aside (even if it was for Ikuto) and degrading her own person as she kept on doing bad things just because she wanted to win over Amu. You have to understand that to literally be strong cannot always be filled with malice and anger. You have to experience a lot of other things. Compassion, sadness, and happiness, especially. Utau was too preoccupied with her own hate and pain and thus, she let that weak part of herself consume her. She might have also subconsciously realized that she was weak in the sense that she thinks nobody can understand her so she tried to cover it up by always fighting and “winning”. Hence, she was deceiving herself and didn’t really know it.

For Tadase, he’s always wanted to be strong to protect others. Admirable quality of his. But simply just voicing out what you want to be isn’t enough. You have to actually do something instead of fighting to protect others. You have to mature on the inside as well.
And I’m sure you all agree that maturing means that you also must have an open mind. Look at him now. Is he anywhere close to that in regards to his hate, that he is purposefully holding onto, towards Ikuto despite the fact that they had been good friends in the past? He’s always acting like a mad, spoiled little brat whenever he says “The Dumpty Key is mine!” even though nobody has ever told him if it really did belong to him or not. He just thinks it does because of the circumstances that he received it in (which I will get into later when that episode comes out…or if it’s addressed in the next chapter). That doesn’t mean it’s his and he should have known that. He should’ve asked more about the Key instead of jumping too quickly to conclusions. Mind you, Tadase is still a kid who has been horribly influenced by his own mother under bad-timing predicaments but his grudge against Ikuto is like an annoying thorn in the side that shouldn’t even be there. I do believe that he has some (a little teeny tiny) right to be angry since he thought it was a precious possession of his father’s but not to the level he is at now. At the moment, he’s just acting like some righteous jackass (I told you I was going to be blunt) who thinks he’s…well, all right and Ikuto is all wrong.

See, if you can’t let go of your anger for a moment and try to understand the other side’s situation (to think outside your own), then you’re never going to “become stronger.” You’re never going to become better because you’re not willing to hear their side of the story. It’s always about you, you, you. It’s the wrong kind of selfishness.
Just like how Utau kept clinging on to the shallow notion of “winning”, Tadase is clinging on to what he think is justified loathing against Ikuto. Utau thought she was right, but she later came to realize she was wrong. And that’s how she was able to become stronger for real. We have yet to see that happen with Tadase in the anime. Of course, it will happen. It has to happen. But right now, he is a pain who can only speak big words. Until I actually get to see him improve in the anime like he did in the manga, anime-Tadase will be a pain until then. >:/

Ah, now I can get to the “I like you” part. Joy.

Heh, the translation is using “I love you” for “suki” but “suki” is a rather vague term if you think about it. The most basic ground it can cover is “liking”, not “loving”. What I consider as an “I love you” would have to be “Aishiteru” and no way in hell is Tadamu anywhere close to that. Hell, even Amuto is not that far in though it is really close going into the early stages of it (more for Ikuto than Amu but still, it’s getting there).

Tadase may think he loves Amu but in reality, he doesn’t. He only likes her, not loves her. And the same can be said for the other way around. It’s a crush kind of “like”. It’s not “love”.

Yes, I am very, very, very critical on things like these. There is a fine line between everything and I always look for it. You cannot say “I HATE!” without really thinking “Do I really? Or am I just annoyed by this ____ I dislike?” The same applies to liking and loving someone. “Hate”, “love”, all those terms are very strong words and shouldn’t be thrown around carelessly even (ESPECIALLY) when you’re having a huge emotional swing. If you say those kind of things too early, you’ll most likely regret it…unless you have a lesser conscience than normal people do, then you’re a fanbrat who needs to go find a boyfriend and be dumped by him. -_-;

Which kinda leads me to my next point. Relationships are not all about how “happy” you both are with each other. Eww, no. If that’s the case, drop it immediately.
This is why I can’t see Tadamu as something that can work. Amu is always daydreaming about what a wonderful scenario it is to be with her “Prince” (*gags*) and Tadase is always “Haha, I like you, Amu-chan. I like you.” My god, I want to hit something when I see couples like that. Dx

I can understand that’s it’s more reasonable on Tadase’s part. He wants Amu to know that he likes her and that’s very good and all but…is that it? Don’t you have something else you want to share? Not just your interests but your worries, any troubles you might be facing, etc? I mean, they are moving slightly in that direction but it’s still very little. Moreover, their major conflicting issue is Ikuto, who is an obstacle in Tadamu just as Tadase is an obstacle in Amuto. So that doesn’t even count as something they can “share thoughts on” because Amu is defending Ikuto and Tadase downright hates him at the same moment.
What I’m trying to say is…other than the fact that Tadase is being bratty over the Key, he’s done nothing to further develop his relationship with Amu. All he’s doing is saying “I like you” and he and Amu are thinking it’s ohhh~, so great that they like each other and all that. But no, that’s just “my first boyfriend/girlfriend” euphoria. You think you’re happy with each other at first but after a while, you’ll realize “Oh, there really isn’t anything going for us here”. Yea-huh, that’s how it is with these two. Innocent crushes don’t last forever, y’know.

On the other hand, Amuto has made a lot of progress and you can’t deny that. Whereas Tadase can only make Amu feel fangirly giddy and back then, hurt because he confessed he liked Amulet Heart, Ikuto has given Amu so much more. He made her feel happy whenever he’s done something nice (e.g. playing his violin or going to see Utau’s first live by herself). He made her feel angry at his constant teasing and refusal to admit he didn’t do anything wrong (e.g. when she wrongfully thought it was him who caused the X-eggs to appear way back at the beginning of the first season). He made her feel frustrated, sad, and confused because they’re “enemies” and he can’t get close to her or allow her to understand him for her own safety. He made her laugh freely when nobody else could. He’s made her heart race in a way that she has never experienced when she’s with Tadase.
Towards Ikuto, Amu has given so much more to as well. More than she ever could give to Tadase, even though she doesn’t realize it. He was able to laugh and smile genuinely around her for what has got to the first in a long time. He also received the bitter sting of her bluntness which has affected him more deeply than anybody else could ever do. And every time she comes around to save someone, he’s always conflicting with himself on whether he should protect her just in case she gets careless or to disregard her completely because he’s on the opposite side. But his concern for her is too great to just ignore and he goes and saves her anyway. Hell, he’s probably never shown this much concern towards anyone in his life. At least, not as openly. I can go on (Ikuto’s list is more endless than Amu’s, lol) but just wanted to point out that Amu was able to make all this happen for him while being herself.

All that…ALL that happened in only the very few interactions they have with each other. And Amu is around Tadase more of the time because they are both Guardians but they hardly did more than blush and stutter at each other.

Basically, you’d have to feel much more than “Aha~, I’m happy~” or *dokidoki!* to really qualify as a couple. You have to experience the negative sides of your love interest as well. You have to be hurt, you have to be sad, you have to be angry along with being happy. Amuto has that. Tadamu, not so much.

…woot, done! Now just 80 something more screencaps to go. *sigh*


*sigh* I miss our Cool&Spicy Amu-chan. The way she’s twirling side to side like that really creeps me out.

If this is the outcome of Tadamu, meaning the lost of her Cool&Spicyness, then I, along with all those other people who love Amu for who she is, will fall into despair. Sure, most of you Tadamu fans might be rejoicing if such a thing happened (I don’t know if it will so don’t accuse me cuz I’m not bashing) but I don’t want Amu the character compromised for romance. I’d rather see her alone and still be herself than to see her as an Amu I don’t know with Tadase.

*sigh* Again, so quick to point the blame but never having enough brain to think beyond that. I like the Tadase in the manga quite a good deal right now but can’t say the same for Tadase in the anime. Most likely because I know what’s going to happen anyway but still…PMS Tadase pisses me off. Then again, the way he’s acting towards Ikuto now kinda resembles my own shallow hate for him back when I started following Shugo Chara! So I do have and do not have the right to be mean when he does/says something stupid. Don’t, because I know better. Do, because…well, he’s acting stupid and I hate it when I see someone else showing the same stupidity that I once showed so I’d have to say something about it. And the only best way I know at fixing that problem is to yell my fangirl rage out like no tomorrow.

Well, I’m glad it’ll probably on take 2 or 3 episodes to resolve, though. I don’t like being mad at him when I’m no longer angry at his manga version self. :(

<3 Hmm…I didn’t take a screencap of it but haha, Amu turned off the lights while she was gone. I don’t know why but I find it incredibly cute and funny. hehehehe

And aww~ Ikkun looks so tired. Geh, Satelight was stupid again. They didn’t show him holding his head like he has a headache like the manga did (oi, that was confusing, sorry @.@; ). Made me sad to see him like that but damn, did he look smexy while doing it! xD;

Ikkun yawning again~! <333

…as for the animation this episode, eh, it looks different but I don’t mind. Probably because I’ve seen a lot, lot worst. *coughAkikan!cough* SC! has one of the most consistent animation quality compared to a lot of other anime I watched. And those were like…only 13 episodes while this one is more than 70. o.O;

Dude, they have been faithful to the manga but in the manga, she already bought the onigiri home with her. She didn’t have to ask if he wanted any. *detail freak*

But Ikuto is still cute! x333 “Don’t want any.” lol XDD

“What’s with this attitude?”

Aww, they cut out the small little part where she said “You were being so sweet last night, too!” or something like that (referencing to the *HUG!* confession, ahahah~ *giggly*). Though I guess it wouldn’t work since the anime stretches the manga chapters out so she’d have to say “You were being so sweet two nights ago!” instead. Meh, w/e. I got to see Ikuto lounging around and napping like a cat so I’m content. :)


I swear, I really want to hurt the person who did that and strangle this asshole till his lungs pop out of his mouth. Gruesome image, I know, but he must be tied to a stake and burned! BURN, I SAY! BBBBUUURRRRRNNNN!!! D8<

…also, Gozen has a habit of saying “I have high expectations of you”. I really want to hear something different. Like “I hate useless people”. How hard is it to have him say that? -_-;


And dropped a very, very bad egg. O.O;;

Crap, now I got that PoTC pirate song stuck in my head now. *loves that song* I want to sing it when I’m drunk. |D;


*FRETSFRETSFRETS* ヽ(;´Д`ヽ)(ノ;´Д`)ノ

Ikuto, don’t leave the bed! >A<

She must be having a really good sleep and deep dream to not notice purple light shining like that. -_-;

I couldn’t even sleep with the computer screen covered. *had it on to finish downloading torrent last night*

Oh god, they even made his violin sound so painful that to be fitting. Satelight, the things you do…you’re a bunch of sadistic bastards is all I have to say. D|

ARGH! The violin AND the stance?! Why must you always make Ikuto look like he’s in pain even when he’s brainwashed, Satelight?! I hate you! I hate you! >A<

I finally approve of you doing things remotely right but I hate you! You jerks!

IKUTOOOO~!!! ;_______________;

Oh my god…I knew Death Rebel’s expression was going to be entirely devoid of emotion and well done but I wasn’t expecting this good! O.O;; It’s too good, in fact! ARGH! ASDLFJASLFJASLDFKJSAF

…I hate you, Satelight. I hate you. T_T



…Pfft, as if we all didn’t see that coming. It wasn’t as apparent in the respective manga chapter but yea…I’ll be honest, I didn’t have half a thought that the violin was the scythe until I saw it happen in chapter 36. *shrug*

Btw, scythes are awesome. Just wanted to say that. Yes, they are. Hmmhmm. |3 *totally ruining the mood but failing*

OMG! YORU~! *runs over and glomps him*


Ikuto~… ;________; (the crying emoticons are mandatory, so do not say anything against it! Dx)

Really, they did Death Rebel’s expression too good. They made his moves look too appropriately zombie-like. Hell, everything about Death Rebel is too good! And he’s brainwashed! You have to be brainwashed to look this good?! D8

As for the fight…eh, the first part of it was good (because Death Rebel and his pwnsome scythe). Nothing else really happened but we’ll get to that later on.

Ok, excuse me, but I’ll have to be angry here. Tadase, you’re a fuckin’ idiot. Any pinhead would notice that Ikuto is not acting like his usual self even though he’s calling X-eggs to appear.

And what makes Tadase even more of an idiot is “I knew it was you all along! (more accusatory cat bitching) I won’t let you do as you please!” What the fuck. Has your little rage gone too much to your head that you can’t even see properly anymore? (I’m overreacting a little here so bear with me) And he told Ikuto to say something but Ikuto obviously couldn’t hear because he’s BRAINWASHED and Tadase thinks he’s doing it on purpose. I swear I wanted to slap him right then and there. But since I couldn’t, I found myself cheering Ikuto on instead…a little. I wasn’t happy about it but I did. I needed to see some physical pounding to relieve my rage. -_-;

*breathe~* Sorry about that. Stepped out of line.

Oh, would you quit complaining already and just let him sleep there? It’s not like you can’t sleep anymore since you got that part of the bed. *rolls eyes*

Hehe Yay~! Face poking! Ah, how long I’ve waited to see this animated. hehe ^^

But wait…I wanted to see her yawning and stretching instead~! And then she’d say “Good morning…”, Ikuto would still be (sparkling) asleep, and she’d sweatdrop and say “Saying something like that…scary” (Yep, my detail analness has gone out of control, aha ha ha)

See, you silly girl. You wouldn’t be able to giggle and smile like that if you kicked him out of your bed. So let him stay there! xD

*GASP!* OMG! Where the hell did that cut come from?! D8

(Allow me to fake for a while, would ya?)

OMG! Tadase has injuries on his legs, too?!

(Really, if I were Amu, I would’ve put two and two together already faster than she did. -_-; )

Yoruuuu~!!! You poor kitty! It’s not fair! They’re always picking on Ikuto (which makes us love him more) and now they’re picking on poor Yoru (which makes us love him more, too, lol).

“Do I really have no choice but to speak to them~nya?”


I predict another nuke-battle like episode 42 later on. Will need another awesome pair of sunglasses to prevent HOMG!FRIGGIN’LIGHTS! from blinding myself, too.


I never would have guessed! D8

(Ok, this time, I’ll really shut up. xD; )


I’m really sad and depressed now. Ikuto’s not himself. He’s sick. He’s brainwashed. He doesn’t remember anything. And above all, he’s hurt. And he’s about to get more hurt! NOOOO!!! I want happy end of the Ikuto arc already! Where’s the next chapter?! Is it out yet?! *desperate cries* Dx

FINALLY! It’s about goddamn time someone asked why Tadase has always been so pissy when it comes to Ikuto. I mean, he’s the only one among the Guardians who acts that way and the others don’t say anything because they don’t personally know Ikuto so they assume him to just be the enemy cuz he’s “working” for Easter. Still, for someone to be that constantly angry every time a certain other person is mentioned…wouldn’t you be curious to know why after a while? It’s already been a little over a year now, too. -_-;

But yes! Amu is so slow in bringing up the topic but better late then never.

Ok, I’m not sure if this is just me or not but seeing everyone like this (except for Amu, who was just surprised…and Yaya, too, I guess) makes it look like they know what the whole deal is behind Tadase’s angry behavior…which they don’t. They only know Ikuto’s name and what he looks like. They don’t really know anything else about him. So I don’t understand why they look so depressed instead of glancing at Tadase for an answer.

I dunno. I’m going to shoot in the dark and just say that they’re a little worried about Tadase as well as weary of him always placing the blame on Ikuto. Even they are friends, hearing them say the same thing without any explanation why can get tiring. I dunno, that’s my guess on it.

…oh, btw, Rima said Ikuto’s full name for the first time. I’m kinda happy about that for some reason. 8D;

Ah, Yaya is great. The tension was getting too much to handle.

I don’t mind them planting seeds. xD;

…Actually, the reason why I took this shot was because Rima and Nagi stood close to each other the most. They were even the only ones who reacted to Yaya. WAAAHHH! I got something good that didn’t make me bawl in this eppie after all! RIMAHIKO~! <333

Now how many more episodes until we get to that chapter, eh? 8D;

…Kiseki got very annoying here, too.

But I don’t care about him! Cuz Pepe and KusuKusu was so cute! x3333

lol Chara-buddy massage. WIN. Utter WIN. xDDD

KAAHHHH! Too cute! Omg, too cute! They really act just like how normal girls would act. Kyaa! I want to snuggle these two! <3333

… D| Whut?

*makes gagging noise that can’t be described*

Well, I don’t know if he’d hate her right after finding out. Be extremely hurt, yes, but hate her? You don’t really switch from liking someone a lot to suddenly hating them so fast. So don’t freak out, Amu. -.-;

Hmm…but it really is a tough decision to make. To tell everyone she’s been giving Ikuto shelter for the past few nights or not. Even I’d be stumped…but then again, I would have given him the guest room instead. And I wouldn’t need to tell my stinkin’ parents just because I’m awesomely hospitable. xP

But anyways…*gasp!* This part I’ve been waiting for, too~ 8D

Ready? SPAM!:

“Can I ask you one tiny favor?”


“NADESHIKOOOOO~!!!” *kirakira~!*


Oh lord, if Rima saw this…if Rima saw this… ^^;

lol, if his hair was thinner, he’d look like a samurai. xD;

Omgawd~…I miss Nadeshiko! Now I really want to see that chapter animated! Like…NAO! RAWR! I WANT IT NAO! Dx

As does Amu. haha xD

Aww, Yoru came looking for them all by himself! How rude of you girls! You should have prepared him snacks and tea and whatever food you can find! >:/

lawl~ xD;

Now everyone can see why Amu’s Charas are Amu’s Charas, right? They’re just like her in the “must keep this a secret!” sense. Abuse the subject they are hiding and then stuff him or throw him somewhere.

Oh~, poor Yoru. ^^;



They’re so mean to him…though I did find Suu’s “Alright~, alright~…” (Yoru smashes head first into the wall) “…Ara?” friggin’ hilarious. That was the humourous highlight of my day. xD;

Ugh, but my happy moment is ruined when I’m reminded about how similar these three are to their owner. Sure, they want to keep Amu’s worries and troubles down to a minimum because they are her guardians and all but to brush off someone else’s problems like that even when they really need help…so Amu-like. *sighsigh*

Aww, Yoru! ;_;

I’m mad at them now! Yoru rarely asks for help and here they are, telling him to go away. *mad* >:(

Hmm, so Amu asks what should she do because she doesn’t want to keep a secret from someone but she’s afraid that if she tells him, he will get hurt.

Wow, way to lay everything on our resident Dr. Phil here (I don’t watch him, btw, I’m using his famous name =P). Too bad Nagi is also facing the same problem so he can’t really give her a direct answer.

But he gives her one, nonetheless. And I liked his answer, as well. I find it different from the ones I think people would normally get (I think). That some things are best kept secret than telling the truth.

Let me just say that I am never one for lying but keeping secrets is a bit of a different story. Amu isn’t technically “lying” to Tadase. She’s just keeping Ikuto a secret from him. And it’s a pretty big secret. Just like Nagi’s secret. o.O;

Amu already has a huge responsibility of keeping it to herself. For both her and Ikuto, though they’ll be found out soon anyway, but still, it’s a pretty big thing to bear.

And whether she decides to tell or not, she’ll have to face the consequences either way. No doubt that this will be one of the biggest emotional mess she’ll ever have to face in her life but hey, everyone has to experience that sometime or later. She’ll hurt Tadase…and she’ll hurt Ikuto as well as herself. But as long as she knows that she must take responsibility for it, she’ll be fine. She’s Amu, after all. She may be slow but she’s not as dense as those other bimbo heroines out there. She knows what she’s done wrong and will apologize for it when the time comes. She just needs to be as prepared as a 12-year old girl can get, that’s all.

Oi…I just confused myself. @.@; But I have faith in Amu (pfft, I always did so P-Pit, don’t fail me now).

Now I’m just wondering how Nagi’s big secret will get resolved. If we’re going for ten volumes, we don’t really have that many chapters left to cover a lot of stuff. And we have a lot of stuff that still needs to be covered. o.O;

Hmm, so finally, Tadase’s grandmother is mentioned again. I like her. She’s strict but a practical, reasonable lady unlike her bitchy daughter-in-law. I hope she gets cured of whatever illness she has soon. Though if it’s something that old people get, then it can’t be helped. Even though she was healthy before she took that fall but y’know…that’s how aging treats you. *sigh*

I like this nice, kind Tadase. Yea, I’ve said it before but I need to step out of being angry at him for a while to commend him for being…good.

Which, I guess, makes his grudge a little more understandable (I still think it’s mostly stupid, though). You think people who are super nice and always good would just be like that towards everyone else. Heh, right. I say it’s the nice ones that will hold an even bigger grudge if you’ve done something pretty bad to them. Tadase is like Yuki from Furuba but the opposite. Yuki was traumatized by his childhood and Tadase felt betrayed by his. So Tadase isn’t just your typical shouta prince type character cuz of this very distinct flaw. It’s annoying sometimes, yea, but at least he’s not so perfect. Then I would really not like him. Ugh.

Ah, but here’s another problem I remember about shouta prince archetypes. They’re very naive. At least, my fair share of them were. That’s the issue with Tadase. Not only is he really ignorant over his conflict with Ikuto but he’s going to be hurt even more because he doesn’t think beyond his own bias. He doesn’t realize that not everyone thinks like he does. That not everyone sees Ikuto as the bad guy like he does. Yea, to anyone it might have been unexpected that Ikuto is hiding in Amu’s room but this goes to show how much Tadase doesn’t really know anything about Amu. He doesn’t understand that Amu’s kindness has nothing to do with being a Guardian and that she can help whomever she feels she needs to help. He’s too blinded by his own anger to see that. And when he’s hurt, he’s going to run away because he can’t handle it. He’s not prepared.

Moreover, even after this dilemma is all over, not everything is going to go back to happy dappy little shallow love life between him and her. Let’s face it (again). Amu is “in love” with two guys. Her feelings have changed between the time she got publicly rejected by Tadase to the current situation now. If he thinks they are both in mutual love, then he’s got another thing coming. People change and Amu is no exception. She’s beginning to realize this, too, because she’s already said to herself “something feels different” even though they “like each other now”. When she can finally come to terms with her own feelings for Ikuto, Tadase should at the very least know that he cannot throw a hissy fit over her having feelings for Ikuto (note: I did not say she confessed to either one, I’m just saying when she can finally acknowledge her own love for Ikuto). Because he doesn’t know what they’ve been through together so he has no right to accuse either of them of anything. I’m sure he wouldn’t but just wanted to say that he should play fair. If he can say he wants to compete on fair ground with Kairi for Amu’s heart, then he should damn well say that for Ikuto, too.

Amu’s such a good girl. This has nothing to do with romance at all but just the fact that she doesn’t want to hurt Tadase by keeping secrets from him nor does she want to just leave Ikuto out there to be captured by Easter. They are both very important to her and it’s only right that she wants them to settle whatever the dispute they’re having.

There’s nothing more to it than that.

Hmm…why are you so hesitant in saying your thoughts, Amu? If you know Ikuto isn’t bad (which you do, you know that as much as Utau does), then why not just say it outright?

…Probably cuz she’s afraid Tadase might not like her if she says she thinks otherwise. But Amu, if that really was the case, which it isn’t, then Tadase would really be a little bastard. He cannot say that you must think what he thinks or whatever like that. He has to learn that he can’t have everybody follow his little hate lead and get some slaps in the face to make him see how much of an sour idiot he’s being. He needs to grow up. So don’t hold back if you want to defend what you think. If he doesn’t agree, then he should suck it up and deal.

“He’s a black cat who brings misfortune.”

My ass, blondie. xP

Ok, I’m done being mean to him for now. I believe that my rage is a bit justified because Tadase is just being an extreme brat and Ikuto really doesn’t have anyone’s support right now. And despite knowing that Ikuto had absolutely nothing while he was growing up (no stable family, no good home, always being wrongly blamed by others and pushed around by Easter), Tadase has the nerve to throw a temper and say that Ikuto deserves nothing just because he’s still bitter about the Key being taken away when he’s not even sure if it was meant to be his in the first place. That and among other things that he should’ve understood. (SPOILER!) Betty already an old dog when she died, and his grandmother falling ill just because she’s elderly and more prone to sickness.

A final add to that…he stopped believing in Ikuto over an object. What the hell? I know it may have had some significance to Tadase since it was given to him by his dad but dropping your friendship over a thing? Stupid boys.

*breathe* …Just wanted to make clear that I really, really don’t hate Tadase. I’m just super annoyed with him right now. When he finally turns for the better, I’ll forgive him and all will be well again. :3

So we end the episode with a slight dramatic wind blowing and melancholic music playing in the background. Oh god, I don’t know if I can take the drama next episode. I am going to cry my heart out for Ikuto and Ikuto alone. TT________________TT

Other random notes:
1) No Chara-nari this episode! OMG! 8D
2) No Lulu this episode! DOUBLE OMG! 8DDDD
3) WHERE THE HELL IS THE TAIYAKI/NAMELESS BOY WHO SHOULD HAVE SHOWN UP ALREADY?! Dx Seriously, it’s like they’ve forgotten about him completely. I hope not. He’s very essential to the plot right now. Manga-wise anyway.

Woot, done! lol xD;


*GASP!* More Tsukiyomi-family flashbacks?! DO WANT! 8DD Kyaa~! Chibi Ikuto and Utau~! And Souko! And Aruto~! <333

*facepalm* Not looking forward to this. Little student fans of the Guardians. Actually, this really makes me want to go back and read SDC again. Since it was done way better, duh. :P

Oh dear…I really don’t know if I’m going to be prepared enough for this. I’m prepared for the shower scene but the mother lecture…I mean, it will be awesome afterwards since Amu’s Mama is such a very, very awesome mom but…yea…*starts preparing* haha xD;

…I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for this either. Ikutooo~!
I know a lot of people are going to feel bad for Tadase but the majority of us will sympathize with Ikuto more. Cuz he’s sacrificing himself for both Amu and Tadase. That noble idiot! *CRIES* ;A;

*sigh* Yea…preparation, preparation…can we skip to the happy end already? xD;

K, thanks for reading as always! ^^


10 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 76

  1. i am a tadamu fan and i will not be happy if amu is fan girly all of the time. ur posts are great though and really fun to read =)

  2. OMG! Thank you so much! I’m really sorry if I offended you in any way but I had to be critical of Tadase just because of my reasons stated above.
    Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it! ^^

  3. Wow! This was quite a long post. Hi, I’ve been lurking for a while, and I just now decided to try out an account on here. ^_^

    I sooo agree on the Death Rebel thing. They did it too well. When I watched the ep, I thought, “It’s too obvious that something’s wrong; he’s all zombie-ish…” It’s too good. And the eyes and the nothingness is too much to handle. > 3XD…
    And ganging up on Yoru was wrong, but it was funny how they did it. Poor kitty. :P
    I’m kind of a detail nazi sometimes, too. I kept thinking, “She didn’t say this” and “Ikuto didn’t do this”. I agree on the detail things, too. ^_^;

    So yeah. Keep up the good work! And excuse my rambling…

  4. I sooo agree with everything you said about Tadase. It’s really frustrating how he’s being such a brat right now. -.- I wish he’d open his eyes and realize that maybe Ikuto has reasons for acting that way. I know he’s just a kid, but it does make me question what he’ll do when he realizes Amu has feelings for Ikuto. Obviously he won’t hate her, but something tells me he’s going to have a major bit of OMGing to do. Honestly, I think that Tadase nurses this grudge against Ikuto because it’s just easier. It’s easier to think this way instead of trying to look deeper, because then he would have to question a grudge he grew up with (and question what a bitch his mother was b.b).

    I hate how fangirly Amu acts around him… I think I could even bring myself to be at least okay with Tadamu if the relationship didn’t seem so shallow. I know that it’s a dokidoki first love thing, but it’s frustrating. I’ll be interested in seeing in the next two episodes, if they insert the part where Tadase and Amu agree to be friends.

    Death Rebel was SO well done. His expression and movements were so blank, and yet I felt you could see the slightest hint of pain and sadness anyway. The next few episodes are going to break my heart, honestly (although I can’t wait for when Amu runs after the kidnappers yelling for Ikuto, then breaks down crying). Eee, episode 77 is THAT one… argh, so hard to watch!

  5. You must be fairly intelligent (or have a lot of spare time on your hands) to constantly write so much for each post! I totally enjoy them of course! ;) Anyway I’m not gonna be able to handle the next episode bcuz I’ll feel extremely bad for Ikuto, who has to push away the people he cares about again, and Tadase, who finally finds out what has been going on for the past few days. *hyperventilating* Gosh my brain cannot take so much drama/stress/love triangles. So best of luck on the next SC! Post!

  6. Im neither an Ikuto fan nor a Tadase fan but ur post make me think haha I agree completely with you about Tadase but I sympathise with Tadase a little more than I do with Ikuto on the Amu issue. It’s just because I’m the type of person that finds it hard to simpathize with people who bring their mesery upon themselves. I yell at Ikuto all the time but I still love him. I love ur blogs :D and I love the way you defend the way you view things. Yeye more fans should be like you, most I encounter are effin fan brats. =)

  7. i have to agree with you on many points. The constant i love yous are getting kinda annoying. The sparkles do make to moment shallow and amu fangirling really ruins to moment too. Rima and Yaya were great in this episode, they were hilarious. ^.^ Suu’s “alright, alright” *Yoru crashes headfirst into wall* was really funny too. (Looks like something I would do. I stink at catch. lol) As for the nice people holding bigger grudges….I have to agree with you on that too. Nice people expect others to be nice too and seem to think the world is all good and hurting their feelings will take a lot but once you do it you can not take it back. COOOOOOKIES! ^.^

  8. Knowing Satelight though….

    Especially since it’s techinquely real life fangirlism.

    Kids have more energy then us. They can fangirl at any time.

    I know. Throughout the entire episode.

    It’s true. ^___^

    Rima’s expressions throughout the scene were awesome. Showing her disapprove
    through -o- faces. I love her even more. She’s totally the over protective best
    friend. (she does know all).

    I definatly want a scene like that. Nagi does have a tencity to tease people.

    A lot of kids are judgemental. They can only see the world in black and white.
    Shakes head. I love MKR.

    Actions speak louder then words. That’s all I have to say about what Tadase is

    I feel like there is more in Amuto. That’s why I ship them, and probably always will.

    PMS Tadase. lol so true.

    It is consistant most of the time.

    You’re right. I guess they don’t want to paint Gozen as totally evil.

    I know. Anime logic.

    Satelight is satastic. Why do I feel like you’re going to be saying you hate them until
    chapter 38 is animated?

    Of course. That’s why grim reapers are cooler then vampires.

    My thoughts exactly. His own rage is literaly making him blind.

    Face poking=love.

    Anime logic again.

    It’s almost at happy ending part now. Just be patient.

    Amu knows Ikuto the best besides Tadase, so she’d feeling the most strongly about. The
    others don’t really know Ikuto, and don’t want to make Tadase upset by asking. Also the
    same thing about kids seeing in black and white.

    Rimahiko: quick relieve for the blues.

    He totally does!

    They didn’t really have food on them (sweatdrop)

    Sigh…So true. They are like her, for better or for worse.

    I was mad too.

    Yes. Amu will be able to face the conesquences, come out stronger for it.

    I’m hoping the trap sitution will come out like in Shinkuro. Mild freak out on Amu’s part,
    but then apoglizing right afterwards.

    I hope they show her in the manga finale. She’s cool.

    I feel more pity for Yuki-kun though. EVen Tadase still had it pretty bad. nods. The only non-naive
    one I can think of is Yuki since he’s fairly snarky too.

    “Amu’s such a good girl. This has nothing to do with romance at all but just the fact that she doesn’t
    want to hurt Tadase by keeping secrets from him nor does she want to just leave Ikuto out there to be
    captured by Easter. They are both very important to her and it’s only right that she wants them to settle
    whatever the dispute they’re having.”

    So true. Ikuto and Tadase, are both important friends to her at the very least. Poor conflicted girl.

    The Key is more of a symdrome for something else though. It’s just an excuse to continue hating him. Sigh.

    I want the little boy in the snow. It would be werid if he popped out of nowhere and helped Amu. Maybe she
    sees him on her date with Tadase.

    Noble idiot indeed.

    Thanks for the review. ^__^

  9. Nadeshiko~!
    I miss Nadeshiko. Why can’t she just be Nagi’s twin? :V
    But Nagihiko has really changed a lot since he left for Europe. I’m not sure if that’s due to the stress of his scret being found out or whatever, but even when he met Amu as Nagihiko in the Omake he was much more similar to Nadeshiko. Maybe that’s why the girls belive Nagihiko (excluding Rima’s adorable suspicious moments). He’s so different. He seems much more flawed than Nadeshiko, and I love that.
    Oh, Tadase. Tadase, tadase, tadase. :’|
    Why am I always annoyed at you in the anime? I freaking LOVE you in the manga! D:
    I’m not looking forward to next episode. Well, I’m looking forward to the shower scene, but I’m not looking forward to Tadase walking into Amu’s home. I’m one of the few fans that really sympathizes with Tadase instead of Ikuto for some reason.
    OH SHI-

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