Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 75


8DDDDD *overflowing with Utau love*



Gomen, everyone. But since it takes me quite a while to do a summary and with the limited amount of free time I have on a Saturday, I’d rather use that to give my thoughts on the episode instead. I’ll probably (most likely) come back and do all of the ones I skipped later, though. Cuz I only need to watch the subs once to understand everything and when I watch the raws again, I can memorize the Japanese better. So sorry! No summaries until maybe…summer? After my finals and SoMT are done, at least. I hope you all can still enjoy my rantings, though. ^^;


Ugh, I woke up at 4 AM to find noooo torrent but my stomach cramped up due to being unable to sleep. God, I’ve been fangirling and giggling all over even when I was so dead tired. Silly fangirl in me wouldn’t let me have a good night’s rest. *grumpy*


I watched the subs already. hehe…hehehe…ok, I’ll stop before I can’t type properly. xD;

Around 79 screencaps this time…I would’ve done more but nah… ^^;

WARNING: Vile language ahead.

Self-explanatory, isn’t it? I’m happy. Ahaha~ xDDD

Duuuuudddeeee~… 8DDDD

Ok, to be honest, I’m kind of a little peeved. So what happened the previous night (or early morning whatever) didn’t affect either of them? Well, I can understand Ikuto being his usual self but I think Amu would be a little more…y’know…”shifty” after that. Urgh, Satelight you suck again. xP

Hehe But I can see this happening again in quite the near future. Only they would be an official couple andand…kyaaa~! xDDDD
Assuming Ikuto’s a genius and excels in academics (hahaha, he so is, xDD), he should help Amu with her math homework since she’s not as good. haha xDD

AND WTH?! Ikuto, why are you eating junk food again?! Amu, why are you letting him?! *Xiao’s maternal instincts kicks in* NO MORE JUNKFOOD, DAMMIT!!! Dx<


Well, at least Yoru is not abused this time. Nice way to shut him up. Shove food in his mouth.

“At least she’s not prone to act violently like you are.”

Ikkun is good at hitting all of Amu’s bad parts (but they’re not necessarily bad, hehehe). xDD

But I dunno, Ikuto. I seem to recall that she tackled you to the ground once and kissed you twice right afterwards. -.-;
Not to mention, her glompage attacks look like they can leave lasting bruises. o.O;
LOL But then again, violent love is still love…so Amu loves Ikuto a lot because she abuses him quite often! xDDD;;; (My crazy, eccentric logic is wonderfully true, DO NOT DENY IT! >8D)

Anyways, back to…

Ah~, I never tire of this reaction. Nope. Never. x333

Hehe, but Amu ain’t a dumb girl just slow. Instead of hitting him, she takes his chips away (and oh so cutely, too, kaahhhh xDD). Good girl, Amu! Show Ikuto you don’t always have to be violent…and for taking those horrible acne-inducing pieces of fat out of his hands. Ugh, just looking at them makes me look sick. Blergh… xP

Eheh~…I didn’t take a screencap of Miki saying “If Utau knew about this, she’d freak” or something but what does it matter cuz…

Utau came right on cue anyway cuz her Ikuto senses were tingling cuz Ikuto wasn’t eating healthy again. xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Ohhhh~! I LOVE THAT OUTFIT OF HERS~! x3333333
Except why did Satelight cut out her adorable kitty ear muffs?!?!?!?! DDDDD8 OMG, you effin’ bastards! Those ear muffs were the awesomest! WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY?! *explodes into a frenzy of mad insanity all over the floor* DDDDDx

…You suck, Satelight.
But…I guess I can forgive you cuz…

Ohohohohoho~ 8DDD

Utau’s demonic magenta (shut up, pretend it’s magenta, dammit!) aura is back! xDDDD

I swear, she has the best evil aura out of everyone in the main cast (actually, the only people who have angry auras are our three favorite tsunderekkos anyway). Utau is demon queen of hell, Amu is fiery doom, and Rima is simply Medusa.

How I love my SC! girls and what lovely little wifeys they will make one day. <333 lol xD;

“No, of course that’s not possible. I’m just paranoid as I always am with him.”

Good, hun. Let’s just keep it that way for poor Amu’s sake. ^^;

And I think any girl would be paranoid with Ikuto. He’s such a guy and doesn’t know how to take care of himself well. -_-;

Also…what happened to Amu’s mama and Ami answering the door first?! Satelight, what the f***in’ hell are you doing cutting everything out?! You could have spared me so much filler crap by putting them in! Idiots! D8<

*sigh* Moving on…

Lawl “Stubborn ramen” xDDD

Perfect lunch spot for our two lovely SoMT contestants. Go get yer ramen from the shop that sponsors our girls, people! ;D

BITCH! *SLAP* I will not tolerate you today! D8<

“Make inu”? Fuck off! *SLAP!* The only loser here is a stupid little girl with an octopus haircut and enormous hips that aren’t even big enough to fit her enormous circus tent of a skirt. Ha! And as if you’re “using” Easter, you half-ass little pedophile chit who rapes attacks little kids. Dx<

Utau is so much more fuckin’ awesome than you can ever dream to be. Now go back and learn how to be a real fuckin’ tsunderekko, bitch.


…Btw, how did they know that Utau is Ikuto’s sister? o.O; Stupid Satelight and their plotholes. -_-;

Oh gawd. xDD

Ok, I declare it now. Utau is the most GAR character in SC!. That’s right! You didn’t hear me wrong and you wouldn’t disagree with me either. She is simply the most GAR of them all. No boy in the cast (not even her own Nii-san) can top her in that.
I mean, she always talks and acts tough. Not exactly like how a man would but still… she’s a tough and FIERCE! chica, aha~ xD
And she eats at a place where mostly men would go to eat (who cares, just eat wherever the food is good) and she eats a manly bowl of ramen (her order of tonkatsu ramen (pork cutlet noodles) according to FWPA’s translation is considered a “manly” meal in Japan, apparently, =P can’t believe our food has genders and I blame this all on Pepsi).

Also, on Nakayoshi’s website, her profile says that that her favorite hobby is watching pro-wrestling and her favorite word is “sleep choker”, which is the name of a wrestling move. o.O;

Wow…so manly. Kahahahaha! xDDD;;

This is why I love Utako~! This is why she should win SoMT~! <333 AND SAIMOE, TOO! D8<

“Why do I have to walk around in disguise when I haven’t done anything wrong?”


Seriously. I mean, I understand that real life celebrities have to don on an extra pair of shades to avoid the crazy fan crowds but don’t hide your face from the world just because you’re famous. :/ You should walk with pride and your head held up high…but then that would make you look more arrogant instead, so nevermind. Only Utau can pull it off anyways. lol xD;

haha But knowing Utau, she’d keep everyone at a distance because she’s way too cool for their unworthy selves to approach her and soil the sacred ground she walks on. *hails the twin-tail idol goddess* m(_ _)m m(_ _)m m(_ _)m

“I eat as much as I want.”

OMFG, did I say I love Utau? Like UBER LOTS? 8D

That’s right, Utau! Send the message to all those girls on their failing diets out there that those things don’t work! Just eat the regular three meals a day, avoid all the junk food, exercise, and go to sleep on time. You might even come a little half as close to gorgeousness as our fabulous Utau is.

Haha, and as I’m typing this, I’m downing three bottles of water that my dad has ordered me to finish by the end of the day. xD;

“Beriー beriー isogashiin desu!”

“Very, very busy desu!”


“It doesn’t matter to me. Wherever I sing, I’ll make that place my stage.”



xDDD Of course one of our number one Utau fans are so deeply impressed as well! Oh Amu~! x333

“Na-nani yo?! Kimochi warui…”

Demo ureshin deshou? Deshoudeshou? 8DDD

<333 Utau is so cute! xDDD

Haha, be jealous, bitch! You’ll never get a chance to eat out with Amu cuz that spot is only reserved for Utau now! Yes, only Utau (and/or Ikuto, Rima…and a few other people) can take Amu out to lunch. :P

Pfft. Wonderful. Satelight made Lulu look like a complete idiot in public. Satelight, I half-forgive you. :3

Ugh. Nerd at 12:00. A ramen nerd, too.

I have to give credit to his VA for making him sound incredibly, painfully annoying, though.

Ha, and blogs are the new trends aren’t they? Not even fashion can keep up with blogs. =P

Well, this filler was just pointless and annoying as hell. And wtf? Don’t disturb other people while they’re eating with your own anal methods of eating and make it sound as if you’re better than them just because you think you know how to eat in the “proper” way. Ugh, I hate people like that. I mean, I don’t mind if this is what they do and enjoy. I’d say “Wow, that’s cool” and be impressed but when you look down upon someone just because they don’t “live up to your own standards”, then that just pisses me off and makes me want to throw a dish of soy sauce in their face. Let people eat how they want to eat, bastard. -_-;

Of course, Utau is so above throwing dishes of soy sauce and just says “Whatever.” xDDD

Really, you enjoy food by eating at your own pace. And Utau so totally pwned everyone just by eating rice. 8D

So anyways, back to the important stuff…

Haha, I’m so happy and giggly over the fact that Amu was the one to bring Ikuto back to their topic of discussion. Oh, Amu~! And you say you don’t care about him at all and all that stuff that’s not true, you horrible little liar! *huggles Amu* x3

Ah, so Utau goes into explaining their family history and how they’re related to Easter. The masterful revelations begins to unfold. *dramatic music*

Tsukiyomi Aruto. Utau and Ikuto’s real father…man, he and Ikuto look very like, huh? Their hairstyles are different but they pretty much have a similar skinny build and when we get to see it later on, their faces come close to making them doppelgangers of each other (meaning Aruto and the current Ikuto).

Well, anyway, Aruto was the preeminent violinist who “caused an uproar” in Japan way back in the day and he just looks so…cool. 8DDD And Ikuto takes after his daddy! Aww! Lucky kid! He gets such awesome genes! xDDD;;;

I’ll confess now that ever since I first heard of Aruto and Souko, I have been an extremely, dedicated loyal fan to both. I love the Tsukiyomi siblings so of course, my love would extend to their parents as well. Ah, but more on that later. Let’s keep moving.

Dude, if you put this in such a bittersweet old photo color, it makes me want to cry! ;_________________;

OMG, that’s it! I am now the biggest Tsukiyomi-parents fan of them all! Along with being being a top Aruto fan and a top Souko fan respectively. I just…love these two a lot, even though we still have a rather limited amount of information on them. But I don’t care! I love them both so much and sympathize with them so much as well! Souko’s family was a bunch of assholes with poops in their brains and too much ambitions in their hearts. Opposing their marriage because of Aruto’s lack of status, forcing him to give up his music for Easter. I…loathe the Hoshina family.

…My hate for these kind of despicable human beings aside…though Aruto’s face isn’t visible, I can definitely see Souko’s if I lean a little up while looking down at the screen. And Souko is just as I imagined her to be. A beautiful lady. Obvious where her daughter gets those lovely traits from. ;)
And Souko is even lovelier because I can see her smile. Oh~, Souko~ My heart bleeds and cries for you. ;________;


…Stupid Hoshina family. Asshole Easter. Dx<

Ok, I know some people may think of Aruto’s sudden decision to leave his family after Ikuto and Utau’s grandfather (aka former CEO of Easter) died as a horrible responsibility of a parent and a husband and I do agree with them to a certain extent…but I already forgave Aruto shortly after I found out. Because there are certain things in life that a person cannot live without. For Aruto, his passion was his music. To be forced to give up on his music and to probably undergo harsh training must have been very hard on him. And I mean very. It’s like you’re depriving a starving man of his last drop of water in the middle of a vast desert (or something like that).

Aruto may not have been a good husband to his wife and father to his children for…leaving them (I refuse to use the term “abandon” cuz that only applies when a person has absolutely no care or love for the people he/she is leaving and for Aruto, this is certainly not the case) but you have to put yourself in his shoes. He really did care and love his family a lot. Probably even surpassing his love for his music. But without his music, what he truly needed, it must have driven him to bouts of grief and despair. How can you expect a man whose inner turmoil is so great to be able to lead a company, let alone the one that forced him to be their leader?
Again, once you’ve had it, you’ve had it. It’s either to give up completely and withdraw yourself or to leave everything altogether. Under these kinds of circumstances, there’s really no more options than these two.

I know my defense for Aruto is rather sloppy and still lacking in solid reason and I apologize but his own reason for leaving hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. We’re not even sure if he’s still alive out there. But once P-Pit gives us more information, I’ll do a better analysis of it. I’m pretty sure (at least I want to believe it’s true) that there is more to Aruto than how he is currently described to be. So until then, I’ll stop here for now.

Chibi Ikuto~! <333

*cries* He had to grow up too quickly. To protect his mother and sister in his father’s place. TT__________TT

*sigh* Again with the horrible relatives. I hate how they treat their own family like they’re trash. It’s probably due to a lot of the old custom and strict culture that they were raised with but still…these people are your own flesh and blood. How can you treat them like they’re a burden?

Souko~ Ikuto~ Utau~ ;_______________; *breaks down crying* TTATT

Agh…maybe this will help. It’s off topic but…little kids in anime always start out with big eyes, right? I mean, bigger to emphasize the innocence and all that.
Well, it struck me as…a little surprising at how Ikuto’s picture here looks so similar to Amu in this ep 13 screencap. I’m not saying or implying in any way that they look related or anything because if you take away the different hair styles and eye color and put them right next each other, you can’t really tell the difference between children. They all look pretty similar. Just wanted to make that clear so nobody would take it the wrong way.
Ah, but that’s not my point. I can just imagine an Amuto child looking just like a defiant chibi Ikuto…only he’d have Amu’s golden brown eyes instead…kyaaa~! Why must chibis make future children more irresistible and so cuuuttee?! x33


If anybody dares badmouths Souko in anyway, I don’t care if it’s opinion on their part or bashing on mine. I will go into all out rage for her. *crazy look*

So Utau and Ikuto think that their mother “betrayed” them to Easter because she was weak-willed.

I’m sorry, Utau, but I disagree. Souko might not be the strongest person you’ll ever know but she still never gave up on Aruto until his violin was found. And Aruto must have loved that violin a lot so he’d never part without it unless something happened to him. When she got it back, the first thought that must have hit her was “Aruto’s no longer here” and that must have crushed all her hopes of ever seeing him again. Souko loved Aruto very deeply so the thought of him possibly dead has hurt her very deeply as well. Enough to break her heart and cause her to fall ill. But what mattered was that she tried. She tried till she broke. Like I said in my chapter 38 post, not everyone can be strong. Everyone has their limits and not everyone can stand up so easily again.

There’s also many things that must have happened that the siblings couldn’t understand at that time Souko had to remarry that bastard director. For one thing, they sure as hell did not know just how much pain their mother must have gone through concerning Aruto. They’re children. How can you expect them to understand love as adults do? All they knew was that she remarried and held a grudge against her for most of their life. Which is one of their biggest problems. They hold onto their bitter feelings too long to try and understand it from a different angle. They’re too goddamn stubborn!

*sigh* Well, again, I can only go on so much. But I don’t believe that Souko “betrayed” her children. That’s just their perspective on it. I know Souko must have her reasons as well (I can only guess so I won’t include them here) and that she really regrets for everything Easter has put them through because she couldn’t be strong. She still loves and cares for them obviously (as shown in how she always looks for Ikuto when she goes to his room, assuming that person is her) so there must be more to it than that.

“But that’s not right! It has nothing to do with you guys!”

Heh, of course, Amu is naive as the main heroine almost always is but we love her just because of that. <3

Utau is right, though. Amu really has the righteous mind of a kid. In the real world, when people have power, they abuse it. When they see people weaker than them but also have some value, they’ll take advantage of them. It sucks but that’s just how the real world is. I work so I’ve had a little bitter taste of it as well. *sigh*

Satelight is a sadistic bastard.

Stupid Satelight and their chains.

Ikutooooo~~~…. ;______________________;

“That’s why I wanted the Embryo…to save Ikuto from this fate.”

But Utau realized she couldn’t save anybody since she couldn’t even save herself.

It must be frustrating, yes, but this is good. Utau’s cleared her head and is back on the right track. Hmm, I really can’t say more than this because I don’t want to ruin the effect with my dingy ramblings. Just re-read the chapter or better yet, re-watch this part because all of Utau’s emotions are conveyed so beautifully by my goddess, Nana-sama. <333

And aww! Utau admits it’s all because Amu that she was saved! So she admits that Amu saved her! xD

But, but she doesn’t say “Thank you” outright or anything but gets all adorably blushy, embarassed and…

“URUSAI!” at her. xDD;;;

Oh, Utau…how have I lived all these years without you? xD;

Lawl~ And Kukai, too. Poor dude. He’s going to be the “…and (person)” guy for quite a while, I think. ^^;


The moment I’ve been waiting for since chapter 29! 8DDDD




Ahh~, I would get into Kutau here but I want to get something out of the way first (you know what it is) so…

“They left.”


Ok, ok. Need to make an animated gif for this. It was just too great. In the manga, it looked more like a dash but this…this. OMG, I can’t even explain it without breaking out into fangirl-gasm. You know when you see those heat waves during the summer or when you’re looking at something that’s emitting some really hot air. You know how everything looks so distorted? Yea…pay close attention to their legs. The animation was just…wow. 8DDD

“We like each other…but something seems different from before.”


…*cough* Hmm, I like it when a character confirms something to themselves. It reassures me at least. :3
Now just hurry up and sort out your feelings, Amu. *impatient* >:/

Well…I find this extremely goofy, silly and rather disturbing but I would be happy, too, if a guy I liked called me by name fondly like that. ^^;

I wouldn’t wiggle like Amu, though. o.O;;;

Ugh, again with the sparklies. Ok, just two things on the Tadamu this time.

One: I’m glad that Tadase is very sincere about wanting to make everything up to Amu. I really am. Even though what he said to her was so…too sugary coated and extremely corny, I can nod my head and smile a bit but…Tadase, just repeating “I love you” to her everyday is not enough to make it up to her, y’know. -.-;
Then again, he’s only a boy with a crush so I shouldn’t be too hard on him. I like this nice, kind Tadase, too. :)
And I should just be grateful that he’s not all in her face like he was in the manga. Now that was aggressive. o.O;

Two: I have no idea what to make of the sparklies. I guess I’m happy and…not at the same time? Well, I’m happy because the sparklies and glossy backgrounds just tell me “This is only a shallow phase that won’t see much progress” so that eases up my worries. I’m not happy because…I feel bad that it’s portrayed just as that. I’m don’t feel anything for the fans who either like or dislike this (I’ve learned not to dwell on the negatives of the fandom anymore) but I was just thinking if Amu and/or Tadase ever got to see how they are shown (in a shallow “love”), I wonder if they would be offended. :/ …ha, I must be going crazy. But I love my fictional characters so I guess it’s alright? I dunno. *shuts up now* ^^;

Ah, wait, not! I was so happy when they cut to back to Utau and Kukai (I have to start learning how to type his name properly). That just tells me again that there’s nothing that would be considered really “serious” about Tadamu. No offense to the Tadamu fans or anything but personal opinion is personal opinion (not that there would be Tadamu fans reading this anyway, hmm).



Anime…how I love you so much. Yes I do. x3333!!!

So shall I go off into the reasons why I love this couple oh so much? Yea, I think that would be a nice way to start. :D

For one thing…they’re highly compatible with each other. I don’t think there is any guy out there besides Kuukai (Ikuto doesn’t count) who can really stand his ground with Utau (she’s manlier than all the boys on the cast after all, lol xD; ). To say the least, whoever can will definitely intrigue Utau. She likes “strong” after all. I think Kuukai can fit that description, haha. And Kuukai would never get bored with being with Utau either cuz he can find anything interesting but I’m sure he’ll find her the most interesting since she’s not your typical idol after all (that’s right!). And they share the same competitiveness…as well as love for ramen~! xD
Plus his happy-go-lucky personality and enthusiasm goes so very (oddly) well with her hilarious bluntness. So there are some good mix and match in there. If they were too alike, it’d be boring. But Kuutau isn’t! I can watch them all day long without getting bored! xDDD

Hmm, this would also be one of the first few times Utau has interacted with any boys who had nothing to do with her own personal life, huh? More points. Utau only has a few close friends around her age (like…three) and she needs to socialize with more people anyways! Besides~ Now that Utau isn’t as all uptight about her past as she was before (thanks to Amu), she can be more of her true self around others. The key is to who would accept her true self. Well, obviously Amu but Amu’s a girl. =P Tadase’s a childhood friend. Best choice would have to be Kuukai since he can accept pretty much everything (this awesome kid). haha

And…the fact that I would like to see more relationships were the girl is only slightly older than the guy. I’ve always been the type that liked to see a relationship where the guy is older than the girl but this is a nice change. hehe So there should be more! :D

Ah, and look how well they get along with each other! Utau would never smile like that for a lot of people and she hardly knows Kuukai!
I like where this is going. Haha Yes~ x333
Satelight, I completely forgive you for everything you’ve done wrong in this episode. xD

So I want moar Kutau in the fillers up ahead, alright?! A whole filler episode (and more) dedicated just to them! I know Satelight loves those pairings so give it to me so I have more to rant about! RAWR!!!

Pfft. Is that your Zagat Survey? I, as a born New Yorker, sneer upon you. *sneeeerrrr*

Running into an alleyway = high likelihood of being soul-mauled by Lulu’s jewelry. -_-;

…This was boring. So boring that I don’t even care about the name. It doesn’t even look lame at all. Just dry and boring. xP

“Contest on hold.”

Did I mention I adore Eru? Did I? *ADORES ERU~!* <3333

lol I don’t know why but instead of this part making me think “Oh, this is what a mahou shoujo is suppose to show”, I kept on thinking back to Power Rangers or something like that. xD; Senses evil danger nearby, drop everything you’re doing, run to place where bad guy is, do a lame transformation, kick some ass, and then go back and say “Um…what were we doing?”

I have no life. *facedesk*

Kuukai~! You were suppose to do a joint attack with Utau! Or compete with her on who can get rid of the flying noodles of doom the fastest! Not get sick! *throws a little fit* >_<


Heh, but this just proves that Utau can do anything cuz she has such a high metabolism. xDD;;

Dude, just because they had Amu and Tadase transform together does not mean it will equal evenly out with what will happen later. <– So right. Who agrees with me that this is just another one of Satelight’s lame attempts to play fair on the triangle?


…I miss my bubbles. What happened to those?! T_T


I missed her! It’s so great to see her again. And following is just more awesome Utau-awesomness image spammage:


Utau is so cool. Utau is so cool. Utau is so cool. OMG, UTAU IS SO COOL! xDDDDDD

Hehe, she’s even so cool when she steps aside to let Amu do her job as a mahou shoujo heroine. She’s so pretty! x3

Yea, Utau does have the power to purify eggs as well but to actually talk someone back to their senses is not really her thing. She can do it, yea, but it’s just not Utau’s thing. Which is fine~ We love Utau just because she’s so awesome at being Utau. x333

Yes, bitch! Get mad! Get mad, go eat your noodles, and get fat! Makes you even less than farther away from being as awesome as Utau, who has the ultimate ability to be able to keep herself in such good shape. OH HO HO HO~!

(I’m so mean to Lulu this week…but she deserves to be made fun for being a bitch of so nyaah~ :P)

What was the point of him again? -_-;

…BWUAHAHA! So in the end, Utau was the one to walk Amu home?! Another point added to her GAR stats! xDDD;;;

Ah, joking aside, Utau admits it’s thanks to Amu that filler kid and a whole lot of other people were saved.

“You annoy me but…you have some weird power. Like you have some kind of duty to want to help others.”

Haha, yea, that’s the point I was trying to make before. Utau has her own stuff to worry about. Amu worries about everyone too much to worry about herself. xD;

But that’s what Utau likes about Amu (though she won’t admit, haha). And that’s why she’s putting her trust in Amu to help Ikuto. lol “Allow you the right to protect Ikuto.” Oh god, it’s like Utau suddenly became Ikuto’s overprotective father or something and is handing him over to Amu in marriage. Yay for playing around with gender roles! xDDDD;;;

And blushing Utau is cute! So cute! Kyaaaaa~~~!!!! xDDDDDD

“Be grateful, won’t you? Otherwise, I’ll have to protect Ikuto all by myself!”

KYAAHAHAHA! Utau, you’re so awesome! You’re so tsuntsun! I hope you win SoMT! <333

Ah, I think I caught on that she said to Amu “You should be more honest!” or something like that before going into a spiel of “Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!” xD;
Utau’s attempt at being honest was just…too cute. And then her telling Amu to be honest! Oh god, I’m going back to watch this now and fangirl my face into my pillow as I do.

OH. EM. GEE. We’ve finally reached this point. Hear that plucking of the strings? Yea, that. Pizzicato. WhOOOoooAAAHHOHO! *too excited to speak* 8DDD


Goddamn, that was long. :P

And full of incoherent fangirling but I dun care. |3

&&& next week is…next week is! 8D

…Oops, no. But Nagi will be in it! Yay! 8D

Ok, the real stuff now:


…It’s gonna be EPIC!, I tell you. EPIC! 8DDD

So where the fuck is my EPIC! new and more approrpiate OP, HUH?! D8<

Well, I’m not happy that I have to see the boys fight (or the fact that we still have no new opening, ugh) but the apperance of Death Rebel and the hopefully nicely animated fight will be a good watch. Hmm, yea. Can’t wait. :D


7 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 75

  1. LOL, fangirling FTW. ^_^

    Yeah, Lulu calling Utau a loser really pissed me off. >:I But I couldn’t quite express my rage as well as you can. :3 I’m probably just not trying enough. XDDD

    Yes! Real idols eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and they don’t worry about getting fat! That’s an amazing thing about Utau, always so confident.

    Yes Lulu! Be jealous! You’ll never get to be as close to Amu as Utau is! >8D ENVY HER!

    Oh, and I just wanna say: Thank you SOOOO much for defending Aruto and Souko. A lot of people like to blame them for the things they’ve done, but I really sympathize with them. If I were Aruto, I probably would’ve done the same thing. And if I were Souko, gosh darn it, a person can only be so strong. And even though Ikuto and Utau do hold a bitterness in their hearts against their parents, I have a feeling that someday, they’ll learn to forgive their parents, and they’ll understand why they did what they did. Of course they can’t understand it now. They may be mature for their age, but they’re still young.

    You basically summarized why I love Kutau. XD And to be honest, I hadn’t really realized how well they fit together until I went back and watched some previous episodes. It’s like…their personalities just click, y’know?

    Lunatic Charm! Yes! That’s one advantage of filler ramen-kid. We get to see Utau save the day with her…awesomeness (there just isn’t a word for it).

    D’awwww, Utau gives Amu her blessing! So I’m not the only one who saw it that way. XD

    Great post! Looking forward to next week’s!

  2. “This is why I love Utako~! This is why she should win SoMT~! <333 AND SAIMOE, TOO! D8<”

    Are my bias senses tingling? :3

    I read this fanfic a while back, and since you seem so gung-ho on Souko and Aruto, I think you’d absolutely love it. :] Well crap, I can’t find it…I know I saw it on the SC lj before, but I can’t find it… if I do I’ll post a link for you…

    I…am going to get shot for saying this…but I prefer Kuukai/Yaya. xD I could live with a Kutau, but…

    “Pfft. Is that your Zagat Survey? I, as a born New Yorker, sneer upon you. *sneeeerrrr*”

    xD That made my day!

    “Running into an alleyway = high likelihood of being soul-mauled by Lulu’s jewelry. -_-;”

    Yes indeed, exactly what I thought while watching.

    The only thing I disliked about the very end with Ikuto/Death Rebel and his pizzicato is that they show him using his bow, but the pizzicato sound is made made by plucking the strings with your fingers and not a bow… :/ They got the sound right, but not the animation.

  3. Hey im a tadamu fan! but i have a lot of fun reading ur posts. you seem much more reasonable than most amuto fans (no offense) and u seem to really understand the characters. what i dont like about the fans of this show is that they only like it for the whole tadamu vs amuto thing. i like the show because u really learn alot about life in this show and the plot is interesting. i like tadamu because i prefer a cute innocent kind of love. amuto is too physical. i have nothing against amuto and i respect their fans but i wish people would respect tadamu a bit more like u.

  4. Well, we all know Satelight sucks, dear. They aren’t good with emotional scenes out of context.

    Heh. Of course, his best subject is Physics so he should be decent at math.

    It’s isn’t werid. Everyone knows Amu is a type B tsundere. (I.e. she only hits the one she loves).

    It was the best solution given what he said.

    I knew I wasn’t the only one who missed the kitty earmuffs! Want to storm Satelight together?

    If they don’t kill their husbands. * shot * And yes it is maganta.

    Very true.

    They did cut out a lot of little cute parts. (Probably to make way for filler boy).

    Yes Stubborn Ramen! They just need Rima to join them and it would be complete.

    Lulu needs to be slapped for that comment. Repeatedly.

    Utako is GAR. Shojo needs more tough girls. I think she’s a fan favorite for both. (Too bad they didn’t let her in International Saimoe).

    That’s right, Utau! Send the message to all those girls on their failing diets out there that those things don’t work! Just eat the regular three meals a day, avoid all the junk food, exercise, and go to sleep on time. You might even come a little half as close to gorgeousness as our fabulous Utau is.”

    ^This. I wish real pop idols were like her. At least American ones.

    Utau is a goddess. Any one who is still so immature to insult her needs too..Well you know.

    A lot of people like buying Amu food it seems.

    He is super annoying. Why tell others how to eat any how?

    You really are their biggest fans. ^___^ I agree with most of what you said.

    Utau is the tsundere queen of SC.

    Heh. I love Kutau even more now that it’s animated.

    She’s just being stubborn. Give her some time.

    I think I would too sadly. Sigh oh well. (I don’t think anyone can wiggle like anime characters).

    Agreed. Actions speak louder then words. But he is only a kid.

    I agree with compablility. And yes Utau needs to expand her world beyond Amu, Tadase and Ikuto. I want her to make lots of friends both male and female. (Though I suspect she’s a girl who gets along with boys better then girls).

    We need Kutau fillers. Pretty please Satelight?

    Eru is adorable.

    It is very power rangery

    I wanted a joint attack too. (That’s what happens when you’re a comic realif character).

    Utau rules. And yes Lunatic charm was nice to see again.

    Utau is too cool to be the magical girl pep talk type. She knows it’s not really her strength. She’s too blunt. Her smile is also very pretty.

    Well, Amu is the maho shojo heroine..

    Yes, she’s exactly like that. (Though mothers are just as over protective over boys).

    They both need to be more honest. I’m glad Utau scolded her though. She needed it.

    Epicness is automatic next week.

  5. I have more Utau love than you do!!!111 (Okay, now I’m just doing it on purpose.)

    Psh. The fact that Amu and Ikuto didn’t have any weirdness after the previous night just goes to show how comfortable they are together…oh wait. No it doesn’t. It’s still a plothole. Though in the anime’s defense, it’s something that the manga just glossed over too.

    …You know, now that you said that about Ikuto helping out Amu with her math homework, I’m suddenly realizing that he should be really good at math. He was playing a violin like a pro when he was just a child. That’s like genius-level stuff.
    …Our kitty boy is a genius. I think it’s something that you always kind of figure in the back of your head, but then having it at the front of my mind…
    *shifty eyes* Okay, randomly Ikuto = genius, reawakens my desire for someone to temporarily force a pair of glasses on him. Ahahaha~

    Ikuto’s good at being mean to Amu. Calling her fat (oh god, when I remember that I can’t believe he’s still alive) when she just happened to be thinking about it not that long ago, and now picking on her violent outbursts. He’s not just good at getting her flustered, he’s good at getting any reaction he wants out of her.
    And yeah…good point. Utau shoved him onto the ground before…though I suppose Amu dropped his head on concrete. So they’re about even there. Utau’s just higher in sexual harassment lulz~

    AND OMG THAT’S RIGHT THE KITTY EARMUFFS! I was in a complete rage when I first watched the episode, but then I forgot when I wrote the post. But agh! The kitty earmuffs! (Which, btw, I want a pair of)

    lol…Pointing out Firey Amu, Demonic Utau, and Rimadusa~ made me want to make a header for the three of them (when I totally make my Shugo Chara set when the series ends).

    Yeah! Lulu rage! As far as her knowing about Utau being Ikuto’s sister though, meh. I figure it’s just one of those things she’s hear because she works at Easter. She’d hear about past projects and Utau would be explained to her as “Ikuto’s little sister” since she wouldn’t know her otherwise (she’s not from this country to recognize her as an idol, right?).

    ZOMG! Utau is the most moe and GAR at the same time!? Though I have to say Kukai is a little bit of competition in gar…except the fact that they’re both on the same level. So being on the same level is an automatic win for Utau since she’s a girl and that must make her more GAR!!!

    *obvious Utau worship is necessary* *bows down a hundred times*

    Suoko ;_; Let’s create a Suoko defense team. We can all wear glorious sunhats (lol, it’s our uniform~) and tell everyone who dares to insult her to go join the Easter assholes in HELL! Muahahaha~

    As for the rest of the Suoko, Aruto, Tsukiyomi, Hoshina mess I pretty much agree with you on all fronts and don’t have much to add.

    And now…KYAAA~ Kutau leaves me speechless with not much to add. Just…I don’t know every time I see them together I just go, “Damn they look good.”

    Yeah, Tadamu sparkles leave me with the same complex feelings. The Amuto fan (and crazy competitive shipper fangirl in me) likes that it seems shallow and that I don’t have to worry. The other part of me just…feels bad. For various reasons (some of them for being secretly happy~ Ahaha~)

    AND YES!!!! *agrees on all Kutau points* And because I have nothing else to say (still speechless for Kutau~ lol) I’ll just say…Kutau ftw!

    And uh…I can’t say anything else because I’m running out of time. Just…yeah I read the rest of the post too and loved everything because you’re such an awesome blogger and so on~ I’ll keep saying this in my comments in case you ever forget!

  6. tramilisha: Hehe ^^


    effyness: Oh, don’t try too hard. Raging gets rid of a lot of righteous stress and all but it’s scary as hell. ^^;

    I really think so, too (on Ikuto and Utau forgiving their parents). I mean, being a parent is hard, y’know? Even just feeling that you have the responsibility of being one is extremely scary…and the fact that a lot of pressure has been put on them by Easter must have made Aruto and Souko ever the wearier. Of course, they never took out any of their grief on their children, thank god, but people have to understand that Aruto and Souko are only human as well. They can’t just do everything that’s right. People make unintended bad choices because it happens and you can’t stop that. It’s just how things are. And in their case, it wasn’t easy to make those choices either. So it gets me really pissed off whenever people just spiel off about expectations. Wtf, nobody’s perfect and fiction just proves how flawed reality is. Stupid little kids who don’t know any better.

    Well, anyways…

    Hmm, I don’t think they have so much “clicked” yet but they certainly did “spark” if ya get what I mean. ;D

    Haha, agreed. That was his only purpose of existence. To show how godly awesome Utau is. Hahaha XDDD

    May not be an official blessing yet but hey, it’s a start! Lol

    Thank you for the comment! Looking forward to yours, too! ^^


    kelakagandy: Nuu~! Don’t accuse me of bias~! Lol xD I’m still in the fan promoting stage! I’m not a judge until a week from now! Lol

    Ah, thank you! I was actually planning to write a fic for them both soon. I hope I can, even with all this work piled on me. *sigh*

    No one’s gonna shoot you, silly. ^^; I actually would’ve shipped Kukai/Yaya early on but then Kutau came and just swept me away with it. And Kukai and Yaya’s relationship seems more closer to a sibling one than an actual romantic one to me. Plus, I’m starting to support KairixYaya, too, but I’ll get to that another time. I don’t mind a triangle among them, though, cuz it would be cute and funny and not so filled with drama like Tadamuto is.

    YES! I still have it in me! LOL xDD;;;

    I don’t think he was using his bow. He was only holding it above the violin but it wasn’t moving, y’know? And you can still pluck the strings while holding it, can’t you? Hmm, yea. :/


    cookiegirl: Oh my god. A sane Tadamu fan. *grabs your hands and shakes them* Thank you! It makes me really happy to hear that you like my posts! Thank you! xDD

    I really, really do try to be as reasonable as I can with everyone in the series and that is why it pisses me off when people keep on arguing over just Amuto or Tadamu. I mean no offense here either but both sides have their fair share of incredibly stupid bratty fans.
    But it’s true. Shugo Chara! isn’t just about the romance, y’know. It covers a lot of other things as well and I’m glad to hear someone say that. Thank you! ^^

    As for your preference, I can understand and have no problem with it. I just prefer Amuto for my own reasons as well. See, why can’t fans act more civilly like us?
    Hmm, but as a hardcore Amuto fan, I’m sorry but I can’t let that “too physical” comment of it slide pass me just like that! ^^; I can understand that Amuto can give off the wrong vibe in that sense to certain people but you have to remember that there is nothing really offending about Amuto when it comes to their close-proximity interactions. That will just bar you from seeing how much depth is in their relationship…just like how Tadamu’s excessive sparklies use to bar me from seeing any depth in Tadase’s and Amu’s relationship. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to force you into liking Amuto or anything but I just want you to know that you shouldn’t just settle for your own shipping and take the time to look into the other one as well. I just think Amuto has more going for it than Tadamu does. &…well, to be prepared for another rant like this if you ever cross another crazy fan like me. xD; Hopefully, they won’t be super bias, though, but those are rather hard to find. -_-;


    warrior: *nodnod*

    Yes~! <3

    YES~! X33

    Omg, let’s! *gives you a pitchfork*

    Naw, they won’t…maybe to the brink of it but their love for their hubbies will stop them. xDDD;;;

    Filler boy will pay for all those cut out scenes! D8<

    *nodnod* …I bet it’ll be really funny to see Rima trying to finish such a big bowl of ramen (and it is pretty big). Utau would probably be on her third bowl. xD;

    Heh, I think she’s already been slapped enough. Just one more for Utau! *slaps Lulu*

    Haha! Yes! I’m so glad you agree with me! (Psh, International SaiMoe ain’t any SaiMoe if Utau isn’t in there. =P)

    …Eww, American “idols”. Blergh. xP

    Anybody who doesn’t see Utau as a goddess needs to be ordered to build pyramids for her!

    Haha, oh yea~ Amu is such a lucky girl! *would totally buy food for Amu, as well* x3

    Hehehe And as one of their biggest fans, I’ll continue to defend them! *strikes a righteous pose* xD;

    Me, too~ I hope we get to see more of Kutau so we can love them even more! X3

    Then while I’m giving her some time, I’ll be stubborn, too! It’s only fair!

    Maybe not “wiggle” but you can roll around on the floor like that…scary. o.O;

    Since action speaks louder than words, than Amuto has always had that full advantage to support it. ^^;

    Because Utau is GAR, right? *shot* |D; Yea, she’s kind of like a tomboy, despite the way she looks. Another similarity between her and Amu. Hehe But I think she would like Yaya a lot. Cuz they both have the “little sister” thing going on so Utau can definitely relate and might even spoil Yaya a bit. Aww, that’d be cute~! X3

    No joint attack makes me sad. :(

    Haha, yes. If Utau did a peptalk, she’d scared the filler into getting him to revert back to the good side instead of encouraging him. xD;

    So she’s both! The mother and the father…and the sister with a bro-con! Omg, Utau = even more awesome~! xDDD

    We need Utau around much more. Cuz nobody can bring themselves to scold Amu (they love her too much)…but Utau scolds Amu because she likes Amu. AWWW. XDDD



    Fuyu-san: B-but love is not suppose to be measured if it’s love for Utau! D: (lol, I know, xD; )

    But in the manga, he was still sleeping. ^^; Oh, well. More power to our Amuto at least! Hahaha!

    He is…his favorite subject is Physics (I’m not surprised since he’s always jumping rooftops with ease, lol) and that has loads of math in it.
    Our kitty boy was and is always a genius! He inherited those genius genes (lol) from his genius papa after all!
    Oh, and now that you mention that, it got me into thinking it, too (I’ve thought about it a couple of times, as well) and now I want it~! Megane Ikkun~! xDDD

    And those different reactions are needed. Because it’s cute to see Amu’s many faces and it’s even cuter that she only lets one person see them so he is obviously the most special person to her andand…gah, need officialness already. D|

    …oh god, now you gave me another similar trait to add to their Tsukiyomi characteristics lists. Sexual harassment. Though I think this will only apply to the siblings. I can’t imagine if their parents were like that. xDDD;;;

    Let’s call Satelight up and tell them that we won’t sue them for cutting the earmuffs out if we get earmuffs just like that (signed by Nana-sama~!).

    Oh, you and me both, hun. ;D

    Psh. Lulu isn’t even worthy of knowing about the Tsukiyomi family. But then she’d be just dumb…but then again, she’s always been dumb…but still…she’s not worthy! (& that’s not an excuse! Even if you’re an alien from a galaxy ten million light years away, you still need to know that Utau is an absolute idol goddess! (lawl~ Where has all my support for Lulu gone? |D; ) Besides, her mother is a famous actor but she doesn’t know the awesomeness of our twin-tail queen?! BLASPHEMY! Dx)

    Haha, Utau has always been the most GAR to me just because of that. xD;;

    *does the same* m(_ _)m

    Lol, when you say that, it makes me think back to the history books and seeing all those women marching in the streets for women rights or something. xDD;; But yes! Souko support alliance! Psst, it’s “Souko”, not “Suoko”. Sorry, just had to point it out. ^^;

    I think we generally all have the same opinion for the Tsukiyomi family…so that’s why we ended up saying similar things (cuz we’re awesome like that). Lol

    Damn straight, they look “HELL GOOD!”, hun! 8D

    Hehehe Good thing we can get over it pretty briefly cuz of that. xD

    Somebody should make a Kutau AMV again, too. |3

    Oh no no. You are. You’re the awesome one who got me into this in the first place so you are the one who is the most awesome (lol, I’m laying it thick again but it’s true~).
    And I will still beat you in commenting who is the more awesome blogger just to make sure you don’t forget! (lol, look what you done…you made me competitive, too…only reverse, xD; )

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