SoMT Updates!

*sigh* …I’m in trouble. x(

Ah, but first, I’d like to thank everyone who gave me their support again in my drama episode almost a week back. Don’t worry, I’m no longer depressed…just a slightly overwhelmed by some other stuff and a bit preoccupied but I’ll get to that later.
Really, thank you so much, you guys! It helped a lot and I’m really grateful! ^^

The next thing I want to say is that I have extended the deadline for nominations for another week until Friday, March 27th (it will close at 10:00 PM cuz I need to get to sleep early for my class the next morning). So if there are any other girls you’d like to nominate until then, this week is your last chance! Get them in to me as soon as possible!

Hmmhmm, so…as of where SoMT is now…oh my god, I think this was part of the many reasons why I became so depressed in the first place. I was hoping that I would get at least the procedures and rules finally, finally done by this week since I have a break right now but the most I did was add some edits. Nothing major has been done. I didn’t even get to put them all in one document to make it look more organized cuz I carry it around with me on scrap paper just in case I have nothing to do while I’m away from the computer. URGH! *mad* Dx
So I’m starting to type it up as I’m typing this post. Everything’s pretty easy to understand. Just have to make it look good. And I’ll have to consult with my co-hosts to see what they think about this…”system” I came up with. The bad part is that the official tournament will also be the first guinea pig for this voting process so I’m kind of worried how it turn out…if it will work or not. :/ We’ll see.

I’m also looking for a good poll generator but my requirements might be a little hard to follow. I’ve glanced at polldaddy and a couple of others but haven’t really decided on anything yet. Can anyone give me suggestions? I’d use the wordpress poll but I’m not sure how trustworthy that is either. *sigh* -_-;
I’ll be sure to send the rules and stuff to all my judges by tomorrow. *has been working on it all day so that’s why this post is delayed*

Hmm, ok, I think I covered most of it. Now I just need a general picture chart grouping all girls under their own respective series. Screencaps are preferable since the focus is on the anime, after all. (Fuyu-san, would you like to do that? I’ll email you about it later)

Besides that, the calendar of events is already set. It’s not written in stone but it’s workable (hopefully I can manage that with my finals but I’ll get to that later). My hard drive is being a pain in the ass so pray that I can get a new one this weekend to put all my stuff back where it belongs and that it won’t delay the grand opening. And…I need to think up prompts. o.O;

Mmkay…the rest is just on the new banner (and I am currently in mourning cuz I will miss seeing kanz’s fabulous Amu banner so, so very very much TT____________TT *hugs the banner to herself*). I already uploaded it to the banner archive post as well so tell me what you think. ^^
Thanks again to everyone for cooperating and all your support! *feels almost back in shape already* xD


I…really like this one, actually. Cuz it didn’t take me that long like Utau’s banner did of course, Utau’s would always require more work cuz my twin-tail idol queen DEMANDS! it so I must oblige to her wishes |DD;; and for once, I didn’t have to shrink the images that much! Yay! xDD

Ah, I wanted to have this up on St. Patrick’s day since I finished just finished it Monday night but…for some reason, I didn’t. Shame. The clovers would have went so well. But! It’s still green! Green for spring so it works! 8DDD
Hmm, I guess the the part I’m most satisfied and annoyed with was the background. I downloaded a brush set for Photoshop and when I realized that it was for…Photoshop and not Paint Shop Pro, I finally used Photoshop for the first time (ARGH! I HATE REDUNDANCY!). Anyways…I probably spent an hour or two positioning the different clovers everywhere so this spot wouldn’t have too much white and another wouldn’t have too much green. Then I realized I was going to put text and pics in front of it anyway so I fretted over pretty much nothing. |D;

On the title, it was hard to find a matching color that would actually stand out against all that green. And yellow certainly wasn’t it but I wanted it to match Suu’s hair so I chose it. And then it hit me! If I want people to notice the blog name, I’ll just have mini little Suu-s march all over it! xDDDD *feels so clever*
lol It looks like she’s treating it as some sort of playground and all I can say to that is “KYAAAA~~~!!! SUUUU~~~!!!! You’re so cute~~!!!” xDDDDDD Agh…Suu is love. SAY IT WITH ME! SUU. IS. LLLLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE!!!!! |333

The tagline is obvious, even if you don’t watch SC!…well, ok, maybe not but Suu just looks like the polite type so you can surmise as much. She’s also, imo, the most moe of all of Amu’s Charas and I would be thrilled if she can make it to the second stage of the main tournament. x333

On the biggest image of her, I took it from a screencap (ep. 61). I remember that best cuz that’s the main icon I’m using for LJ right now and the way she’s holding up her finger like that makes her look like a cute lil’ mom telling all the little kiddies to play nice (hence, the “vote fairly” bubble). Btw, that’s also the first fair and only nicest warning to all those voters out there. When the competition starts, I’m not holding back for anyone. Not even my favorites. So let’s just do this tournament in an honest, good, supportive manner, ok? It is a competition but the basic point is just to have fun and enjoy it. If you can’t handle it, then don’t ruin it for others.

Back to Suu…hmm, I’m still pretty happy with how nice I vectored her out. All of them actually. I just had to make some adjustments to that…I have no idea what it’s called but head accessory because the screen cut it off so I painted it in. The minis I got from magazines, CDs, etc. Nothing too hard.

Now the only thing that bugs me is the speech bubble (it looks so weird against everything else, ugh) but w/e. I hope it’s legible, at least.

Hmm, yea..SUU~! I love you~! <333

K, laterz! :D


8 thoughts on “SoMT Updates!

  1. AHHHHH. I like the green so much! Wow, I’m so happy you used green. Mwhahahahahaha. I love it! I actually made a similar banner not that long ago. Remember the Twitter statement, “I have finally found you, Amulet Clover”? I was referring to that.

    That aside, I want to see the system already. >.< I don’t think there are any alternatives to Poll Daddy when it comes to, unless of course, you’re planning to have this poll somewhere else other than in this blog of yours.

    Let me know if you want to have a test-drive of voting with the other co-hosts (wait, who are the other co-hosts again? -_-).

  2. The banner is adorable! : D

    And I’m sure the rules/polls will turn out fine! If something happens, we can just try again next year with a new set of shojo!

  3. >_< AH! The Su banner~ Su~ Oh god I literally had a squee attack when I saw that banner. So cute…and so very Su-like. I could actually hear her cute little voice saying something like that.

    Oh Su~ *steals her for cuddles times~*

    Um…but yeah. That brief moment of insanity passing by is about to be replaced: ZOMG Yes I want to do the chart! And about using screencaps, ahahaha~ *has already been secretly collecting screencaps* Oh, but can non-screencap, still anime pictures be used? Like from poster scans and stuff~

    But for polls, I’m trying to remember what other poll things there are. The only thing I can thinks of is polldaddy which uses anyway. So I am absolutely no help there.

    And once again…Su~!!!!

  4. OMG Suu~~~

    There should be a secret button in this banner that when pressed, Suu would talk.. Hmm come on, where is it? XDD~ Gosh it’s too adorable!!! I should make a matching badge for that soon ^^.

    And about the planning… Hmm… *lightbulb flashes* I got an idea hun! You should get into the irc channel ^^. You’ll always find me there, and 7 too, and also Fuyu!!! :DDD. So it would be so much fun when we do the planning and discussing there ^_____^.

    And about the poll thing… Hmm sorry I can’t also think of anything beyond WP and polldaddy T_T… maybe GFX but meh… Hmm that’s gonna be a tough one.

    So yeah, more power to you and SoMT!!! Since Anime-NTM 2’s gonna be finished anyway, I’ll lean my fierce powers on this one :D.

  5. I’m glad your depression is over now! ^_^ Just make sure not to overwork yourself.

    As for poll generators, I do know of a site called, but I’m not sure if it can live up to your expectations. And a lot of widget sites contain polls as well. Hm….like WidgetBox or something.

    Suu!!~ Gosh, Suu is just so adorable in this picture. The banner compliments her so well. I love this banner, spring ftw!!

  6. 7-san: Hehe, you like green, ne? It matches with my theme’s font color, too. Finally. xD;
    And lemme see~! I wanna see it! X3

    I’m working on it.
    *sigh* Guess polldaddy it is. I’ll have to try it out on my testblog first. I’ll let you know (and the other co-hosts are kanz and Fuyu-san…I might have some guest hosts, too, maybe).


    kelakagandy: Thank you~! <3

    I hope so but yea, if this year goes awry somehow I have plenty of time to fix it by next year. ^^;


    Fuyu-san: Ahaha~ My banner is a success! *strikes a proud pose* x3

    Yes, you can use those, too. ^^

    Polldaddy, then.

    Suuuu~! <33333


    kanz: 8D Omg, yea! ARGH! I wish I were able to do that but I don’t know how and wordpress doesn’t give me options to do it anyway. *sigh* -_-;
    Ooo~, I wanna see when you’re done! 8DDD

    I will! Thanks! I’ve been planning to do it for some time, actually. ^^;

    We still have at least a week until then. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a good one.

    Awesome! Thank you so much! ^^


    blossomgirl101: Hehe, oh god, I’ll try not to but I don’t know if it’ll work. ^^;

    Ooo, thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely look into them. ^^

    Thank you! I owe it all to Suu~! Haha xDD

  7. Teehee, Suu~ I love Suu so much. The banner is really awesome, I can totally see Suu saying that. :D

    I’m really looking forward to SoMT, so good luck with that! ^_^ But don’t overwork yourself! x_X

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