Spring 09 Watchlist

I cheated…again…twice. One, I’m using another Sakura picture. Two…

I butchered it:


Well, I’ve seen one blogger do it before. Don’t really remember which one but I remembered it, thought it would be easier to do since I don’t really have time to go into all the details, and…yea.


Red = Not watching.
Blue = Looks mildly interesting. Might watch. Not sure if I’ll follow it after the first episode, though. Impressions, not likely.
Green = Will definitely watch. Follow until it bores me. Impressions, more chance than the blue ones.
Yellow = L. O. L. What is this? *might watch first few episodes to amuse myself.

Mmkay, I’m not really planning to blog anything for Spring. Either cuz I don’t know about this or that certain show enough to want to make any comments on it and/or I’ll be busy (hah, yea). That, and I have SoMT to manage. So likely, no new blogging. Might throw in a random post here or there to “OMGWTF?!” about an episode or two but at this rate, I don’t know if I’ll even do any first impressions.

…*sigh* Truth is, I’m depressed. Practically everything on eksentrik is a Shugo Chara! post and that’s not what I wanted to happen. Even the ones that aren’t Shugo Chara! has some Shugo Chara! in it. @.@;
Then again, I like ranting and talking my heart out till I’m dead spent. And I can only do that with a manga or anime I can really relate to. Everything else I’m just reading or watching for fun so I can’t really say more than “This is awesome/sucks!” for those. Fuyu-san, don’t kill me about Munto. T_T

Not to mention…I’m starting to feel like I’m unconsciously detaching myself from my greatest passion. Which is not right. It’s NOT RIGHT! D8
*starts to freak out*
I don’t know what’s up with me! I usually have at least something to say but I’m “meh” to everything now. I couldn’t even get a review up for SHK Chapter 3 mainly because…I didn’t care anymore? No no no! This isn’t suppose to happen! ASJDFKLSAJFSAKLFJKLASDJFLS! Dx

*sigh*…So my worries about my inability to blog something new and different are coming back to me again. I kinda wish I can go back to my commenter status right now which I have been doing for the past few weeks and just mope there. GAH, I hate to say it but I miss just being a fan and not having to do with anything outside the enjoyment of just reading or watching something. *sighsighsigh*

K, I’ve been depressed enough. Going to work on that SC! post now and then do more planning later.
*still depressed* )x


7 thoughts on “Spring 09 Watchlist

  1. Just do blurb blogging if you have anything to say. Oh wait, I get the feeling if that’s impossible for me, it might be just as impossible for you. Heh. God knows how many drafts have died in my dashboard because I can’t just do blurbs.

    But you don’t need to do anything anyway since you do have SoMT. In my opinion, an original feature on your blog is better than episodic blogging anyway. Blogging comes in many different types after all. The blogs that only say something when they want to are usually the best in my opinion (and yet even though I say this I’m a hypocrite who keeps trying to force my schedules).

    Blogging can be stressful. I go through that a lot, but basically every so often you’ll get incredibly frustrated, then remind yourself that you’re just supposed to be doing it for fun. You’ll say that, everyone will be incredibly supportive and you’ll feel better. And I won’t kill you about Munto! I probably couldn’t think of anything to comment either~ The most important thing is to not force blogging because then that will lead to a burnout. I think I’ve gone through at least three mini-burnouts since I started blogging. It happens, but if you immediately pull the breaks you’ll be fine for the next new season.

    Unless the next season is this Spring which looks incredibly generic and boring.

    It also takes time to find the way you like blogging best (this is the most frustrating part, because I’m at about a year now and still keep getting lost).

    So! No more being depressed! Blog what you want to when it’s fun to do so! Silly~ Just do what you’re doing now basically minus being depressed and you’re all good.

  2. Oh cool, we’ll being watch some of the same shows. This is an interesting way to do a spring preview.

    Don’t worry about blogging shows too regularly. Whenever you blog anything it’s interesting.

  3. Awww. Dont ya worry XJ. Just as Fuyu implied, you should blog when it’s fun. Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose. Take it easy, if not slowly. As for the Spring season, if nothing tickles your interest, then you should do what I did last Winter. ^_^

    SOMT will be a big item…so yea, that’s going to require a lot of attention.

  4. I agree with what FuyuMaiden said, just do what you want to do. And believe me, I am wayyy worse than you when it comes to the Shugo Chara only stuff. And you can just take a break, write what you want to write, and then before you know it, you’ll be enjoying yourself again.

    Haha, clever way to tell which shows you’ll watch. But the image is sort of too small for me to read some of the little notes on the side and to know which shows are which (some). My vision’s failing me again. TT_TT Seems like we have a similar list. And I’m probably going to be doing almost the same as you for blogging. There is no certain show that must be blogged. -_-|!|

    So anywho, no getting depressed! >:D (And that’s it since I forgot the other thing I wanted to say…>.>) I hope everything works out as well~

  5. “My apologies to the one who made this wonderful chart… I butchered it”
    >> Lol I remember the time when I butchered a chart like that last Fall season XD. But it was worse, you made it look more organized while I… *facepalm* it. Lol.

    I adore Chi’s Sweet Home so much ^^. Well I personally don’t like cats (because of some traumatizing experiences before) but I don’t know why I love the show XD. It’s just so adorable~ But on the other shows, I feel like this season could have been better just like Spring of 2006 (brings back good anime memories~)

    And yeah! I agree with Fuyu and everyone above ^^, you should not stress yourself on blogging, it’s supposed to make you have fun and if you only feel forced to blog something, it’s uncool. (I like, dropped everything because of sudden schedule -_-;; shame T_T). That’s why I learned so much this new season that I’ll “pick and pledge” carefully before everything goes wrong again and I’ll drop them like dead flies ^_^.

    So yea, plus you also have SoMT! *calls my assistant: “Are the promo digital billboards ready? Are the flyers fierce now? I’m paying you so work!”* Uhm so I guess all of us are ready to help and spread the revolution!!! err I mean word. ^^

    So cheer up, fellow fiercess!

  6. Thanks a lot, everyone! ^^

    Fuyu-san: I’m kinda scared to do blurbs, actually. xD; They’re just not what I do. But I so want to. It’s less stress on me. *sigh*

    Haha, alright, I’ll do as you say and try to be less depressed. I agree with you. Blogging is for fun, not some kind of chore (lol, eating my own medicine now). I was just down cuz I wanted to write something new but nothing really catches my interest and…well, that along with several other issues I’m having (like my detachment freak-out) made me panic in desperation. At this rate, I might not even be able to blog Kobato in the fall! *GASP!* D8 …NOOOOOOOoooooOOOO…!!!!!

    *sigh* But I’m gonna try to get back on track before then. Heh, I really should just dedicate a whole day to SoMT cuz I’ve been cutting back too much. Will probably do so later…no, in a few hours. No more procrastinating! No more! GRGH!

    Lol Anyways, thanks for the advice! It really made me feel better! ^^


    warrior: It’s the lazy~ way to do a preview. Lol |D;

    Aww, thank you. :) Haha, whenever I blog something, it’s mad friggin’ long. xD;


    7-san: Hehe, thanks! ^^ I’ll try to take it easy…even with SoMT (a bit) which I’m behind on but will try to make the best of it.


    blossomgirl101: *nodnod* I think my problem is that…I want to write some stuff but I don’t know how to get started. |D; I guess I’ll have to find a way to fix that somehow.

    More like the extremely lazy way. Lol
    Ack! I’m sorry! It’s not your vision! I had to shrink it so it didn’t go off the page or anything and ugh, it does look awful. So I provided an image link but it doesn’t help much either. Gah, sorry. TT_TT
    But yea, nothing is blog-worthy. How sad. *sigh* Well, maybe summer will be better, hopefully.

    Haha, ok, ok. I’ll try. Thanks! ^^


    kanz: OH YEA~! It was you. 8D;
    But yours looked so much better (you had the stars and everything, lol). Mines is all shrunken and unreadable. xD;
    Well, w/e. I’m lazy. Let me do it the easy way. Haha

    I love cats, actually. xD Even though I don’t have much fond memories of interacting with many either, but I still love them. Probably why I want to watch Chii’s Sweet Home. Heh.
    Eh, the other shows is just to make us less bored until Kobato.
    Argh, I wish I had the spring 2006 anime list with me cuz I didn’t get into season-watching until recently and I want to watch some good anime! *frustrated*

    Thank you, hun. I’ll try not to. ^^ Heh, I dropped most of the winter season cuz I got bored. I think almost did your method with the winter season but after White Album, I’m like “Nooo.” o.O;
    I don’t know how my blogging is going to go now (since I have school and SoMT and all) but I’ll try to make up a better way to do it for the summer. Hopefully, summer will have something good to say about it.

    Haha, you are really into this, aren’tcha? xDD That’s awesome! I’m so moved, I’m gonna do it right now. lol REVOLUTION!!! Yea. ^^;

    Thanks so much! ^^

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