Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 74

Hrm…hmm…yea…I know this is late but it took me a while to think of what to write. Gah, I’m behind in commenting for other posts so I’ll do that when I wake up later.


To come later. I know I’ve been neglecting the summaries but I do plan to have them up some time. I just want to get my thoughts out of the way first.


I seriously, really overdid it with the screencaps this time. o.O; 91, and yes, NINE ONE of them. Another record-breaking post? Hmm, pretty much. xD;

First! An image spam!


I have the serious urge to add in “anata” after that even though it would seem extremely, totally OOC of Amu. xDDDD;;;

Aww, and you looked some comfortable~ Why’d you have to ruin your own mood, Amu? Kehehehe xD
Ah, so this leads me to believe that (in the anime), Amu can get a good night’s rest if Ikuto is laying on her right instead of on her left. She’s too afraid he might push her off the edge if she gave him her side and of course, she wants to be sandwiched in between him in the wall so there can be more snuggling. *gigglegigglegiggle*

“Quit hoggin’ the blanket!”

“Well, it’s not like you wanted to keep me warm or anything so what else can I do? Also, have you been gaining weight? No wonder why it was so cold. You hog up the blanket and the bed.”

Amu: *can’t really tell him the reason why she gained weight in the first place* (;D) ‘I’m going to ignore it all and be a good host…I’m going to ignore it all and be a good host…’
Ikuto: “Whatever. I’m hungry. Make me breakfast.”
Amu: DX

Nyahaha~, I’m having so much fun. xD;

Correct me if I’m wrong but did he say something along the lines of “Just kill me now” or something like that? I think I heard “korosu” in there or something I was like “*GASP!*NUUU!! Are you crazy, you silly kitty?! Dx<”

…Mwuaha, but he probably didn’t want anyone, especially Amu, to see him in such a state. Big man pride and all. =P
Aww, Ikkun is just embarrassed but it’s okay to show your vulnerable side only to the girl you like. They’ll want to spoil you…except Amu is rather tsuntsun about a lot of things but that just makes it all the more fun! Nyahaha~ xDDD

…Well, he practically starved for like the past what? …8 episodes? O.O
So he’s not as heavy as when he fell out of the closet. xD;

Ikuto, you silly undernourished boy! Get some healthy food in your system! You’re so friggin’ skinny it makes all of us girls look bad! >:(

Amu is also Ms. Samaritan. =P

Erm, ok, Satelight, you piss me off again. You’re making Amu smile as if her little tantrum back in ep 66 never happened or something. What the hell? Though I forgive you cuz they had her bring Ikuto home herself…and she was in a good mood after that whole fight Ran and the others had…I still would’ve liked to see her apologize to him but guess there wasn’t much of an appropriate moment for that so…I want to see that later! Yesyesyes?! >:D

Pfft. Omg, this is too cute. Stretching like a cat. So cute! xD

And Amu’s like “I can’t believe I brought this massive black…humanoid panther back home with me.” Kahahaha~

I’m totally behind your back, Ami! *doesn’t really like peppers either* I grew up pretty well without them. =P

Ehehehe~ Now we all know where Amu gets her bad temper (particularly directed at her man) from.

Y’know, I went back to watch ep 17 one day (yes, I actually went back and watched that whole entire episode centering around Amu’s parents and how the met and blahblahblah) and it really wasn’t that bad. So the fillers are rewatchable as long as you’re in the bored mood to want to watch one. And it has to be the right, funny ones, too. Not like the one concerning that magician kid (which really served no point).

Ah, but that’s not the point. I went back and watched it and Amu’s mama can get pret-ty angry when Amu’s papa says or does the wrong thing. Haha, so I’ve found a nice inherent trait in a filler and was happy. Amu takes after her mom (which means Amu will be a good mom in the future, aww~ YES! xDD) and Ami kinda takes after her daddy (the occasional whining and adorable sulkiness, hehe).

I wish I knew how to do an animated screenshot but even so, that would take too long cuz of Midori so I’ll just have to settle for this.

And bananas are good. *always thought so*
But the weird thing is…I thought they were good because they had potassium. My high school swim coach suggested that to me during practices. Eat bananas for the potassium. But calcium? Hmm, guess I need to refresh my knowledge on the food I eat. -3-

Haha, and did I mention how much I love the way the Japanese pronounce English words? It’s not even English anymore. They practically created their on kind of “Engrish”. And I mean no offense here. None at all. You should see how much I pick on Chingrish. ^^;


This is just me but it looks like she’s offering it to a lazy monkey when he’s just one big tired kitty.

Amu, you should’ve poked him with it or something. Kyahahaha~

And this whole entire time I was watching him eat, I had to try very hard not to break down laughing all over the floor. Why? Cuz he always look so cool but he didn’t wipe his mouth. xDDDDD;;;;;

Damn you, my wonderful new VAOI desktop and your awesome, high quality screen that makes the high resolution vid even more…awesome! Now I’m going to have to smuggle myself with a pillow from laughing at 4 AM in the morning as I watch the raw. And I don’t miss a detail. Everyone knows that. I don’t…and that makes it so difficult.

Gah, Ikkun! This is all your fault to begin with!

*gringringringringrin* 8DDDDDDD

I should’ve put this as my front image…but I wanted to comment on it.
GAH! Need to have an epilogue with him back in her room like this! Only he’d pretend to be sick instead of being actually sick and get her worried and he’d tease her, get her mad, more teasing, andand *breaks down into fangirl giggles* Hahahaha~ xDDDDD

Mmkay, I saw this coming. Didn’t quite catch what he said but I saw it coming. And I loved it. Hahahaha xD


Tadase is a very, very nice boy (and Kiseki is just ROFL XD;).
And I feel sorry for him that he has to go through all that trouble to return the favors to the girls he doesn’t like just because he’s too polite to refuse their (shallow fangirling) gifts. *sigh*

I need to get him a better girl. LULU! Where the hell are you when I need you to interfere the most?! >:/

Ok, this wasn’t suppose to come until like…2 episodes later going by the manga but you know what? I don’t care! Ikuto reading Nakayoshi. They can do this as many times as they want and I’ll love them for it! 8D

Yes, Satelight, do this again sometime soon! hehehehe

LAWL~ Amu-chan gets so angry when it comes to Ikuto. Amu-chan gets so angry over nothing when it comes to Ikuto. Amu-chan gets so angry over just Ikuto. And this is why they’re meant to be~ xDDDD

“Amu-chan can’t study because Ikuto is here.”

Say that again. Please? 8DDD

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. xD

Gomen, Yaya, but Amu’s busy studying the whole day so no bargain sale today.

That and…

She has to take care of her sick hentai neko-mimi “jerk” of a boyfriend. xDDD

Keehhh, I always liked how Satelight uses conversations to butt into people’s faces…particularly Amu’s. I don’t think I’ve seen this done in any other anime or manga before. xD

And Amu’s head is bigger than one of those parade balloons you’d see at the New York Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade when she gets mad.
She’d scare all the little kiddies. ^^;
Plus her pigtails are very intimidating when she gets angry, too. |D;

Ok, that was just the most random, scare the crap out of me (ok, not really) thing that EVER happened in Doki so far.

I swear, Tadase’s just walking along and Nagi pops out of the ground like some gopher or something and it doesn’t freak Tadase out? o.O; I mean, wouldn’t you have noticed a long-haired…trap lying on the hill side when you just looked at the river right next to it? -_-;
Then again, Tadase was kinda on cloud nine (or whatever) so probably not. Gosh, he’s so uke and I can’t help but think it’s cute. ^^; He should kinda grow out of his “skipping” though. I mean, as he is right now, maybe those girly features seem adorable but can you imagine if he still does that when he’s in high school? No no no. Keep the bishounen prettiness, okay. Cut the skipping, please.

Anyways…wtf, Nagi?! I know popping out of nowhere is one of your many secret specialties but you have your own special trap door, too?! *gets shot for unintentional pun* |D;

And admiring the flowers again. Haha~ I love you, Nagi, you trappy lil’ know-it-all. |D

Amu, you’re probably one of the only few people I know who can get so aggravated by someone just stretching.

Smooth. |D

But you can’t fool the eyes of a scheme-y Ami. >83

Ok, nvm, Ami got to snuggle Yoru so she’ll pretend she didn’t see anything for now, mwuahahaha!.

I’m pretty sure she’ll use this against her Onee-chan one day if she does so happen to remember. That’s funny to imagine. hehe I did a fic centering on just the two of them and the conversation they had over the phone just got me thinking that way. xDD;;;

EH?! Found out already?!

Nope, just another boy.

…I was going to add something to that but use your head to figure it out (and I’m not being mean but that’s just how the way I see it).

Dude~, Amu’s parents are the best parents in this whole entire series…in fact, they’re the only ones, I think.
…Yep, the only ones. As of now, anyways.

Haha, I can see myself acting like both if my own daughter brought home a boy or a boy came to visit her one day. I’d be like “Kyaa~! My baby’s all grown up and catching boys now! xDDD” or something and at the same time, screaming to myself “NOOO!!! You can’t have her! She’s mine, I tell you! Don’t leave me~! T_T”

…Actually, I think that’s kind of the way I’m acting now with Amu. I would love to see her happy in a relationship with the right guy/sensible choice for her (Ikuto) but I also don’t want her to jump in too fast into romance. Cuz she’s still just 12~! She’s allowed to have crushes and maybe “like someone” to a slightly further extent as long as it’s a boy she really, deeply cares about (Ikuto) but, but she only has a few more years till she becomes a teenager! Not long enough to stay as a cute and cool, awkward girl! I sound like a fanboy. xP; So she should stay a kid for as long as she’s allowed, too. Then I can spoil and huggle her all I want…but I’d do that when she’s older anyway so it’s not much of a difference. lol xD;
Ah, my Amu obsession…always gets out of hand so I’ll leave it alone for now.

Lawl~ Amu is creeped out by my rant above. ^^;

Ah, but that was the same line from the manga, right? Something like “Papa, if this were about Ikuto, I would die.” Oh my, Amu-chan, you make it sound like as if you two were already an item~ Hehehehe~ x3

Ok, I admit this is cute. But it is probably one of the only very, very few Tadamu moments I would consider cute. Why? Cuz it’s not drowned in excessive sparkles and Amu’s fangirl droolfest. If the series started out with these kind of interactions, I would have nodded my head and said “Ok, maybe this can work if they can have more of this.” But it never did. It was always, always either Amu being a fangirl blob (nothing wrong with that but it’s just not something I can take seriously) or Tadase always missing/misunderstanding the point. Little to no development. If there was some kind of development or progress between them, I would acknowledge it. And I have, but there are only so few I can actually name as such and they were pretty short-lived.

I just wanted to point that out. My inability to look at Tadamu and say “aww” at the same time is not because of my heavy preference to Amuto or anything like that. But just because it’s not a shipping where I can delve my mind into analyzing much…looking to see if there is any real, true love. I always hit the floor pretty early, no matter which direction I turn, and there aren’t enough good, legitimate reasons I can grab to at least say it has potential to become a pairing.

I’ll be doing a post on something concerning this issue later. I’m going to try to avoid involving the plot and go on about perspectives about pairings in general. It’ll probably be my first and last rant address to the fandom, cuz frankly, I’m tired of them. I like the fans who can discuss sensibly about these things and still share the same appreciation for the animanga as much as I do but as for those who can’t act like a good fan…why the hell should I give a damn about them?

That aside for now…

I kinda wish I could’ve done multiple shots but Amu moves too fast!

You didn’t have to shove him in there that harshly, Amu, you big meanie. =P

*sigh* Ok, I’m going to quote myself in a bit but Amu is just…being ridiculous here. I don’t mind that she’s all *dokidoki* that her crush is here to visit her cuz anyone can relate to that but to gawk at him as if he’s some kind of fancy statue on display and to have her own dramatic screenshot at “OMG! This ain’t the perfect setting!” cuz of so-and-so makes me feel…I dunno, ashamed?
Then again, Amu is still only an elementary/soon-to-be middle school girl…and I’m an older girl who knows better. So I can’t be too critical with her (it’s still silly, though). Everybody when they were still her age had acted foolish one time or another (hell, I know I did). It’s not wrong. You just have to eventually grow out of them (or you’ll be stuck forever in a shallow gaga land).

OMG, what an awesome, humorous Papa! He didn’t hide in the bathroom this time! xDDD

Y’know, I wouldn’t mind watching this for five minutes. Bet you that he’ll cover 50+ rounds around the block if it were Ikuto. Hahahaha!


Eww. No. Amu, don’t you EVER say that again (and wipe that drool off your mouth!). As much as I love you deep down from the bottomless pit of my bloody, battered heart, I will not stand to hear that from you. The only person who I will ever, ever be okay with hearing that from is the girl who said it first. Sakura. Only Sakura is allowed to “Hanyaa~!” and be cute and be loved for it. You, no. NO! >:(

Now, about the excessive sparkles, I’ve already mentioned it in my ep. 70 post so I’ll just quote from there:

…To be honest, if P-Pit really wanted us to think there was something “deep” about their romantic relationship then all those special effects are not necessary. And that’s just it. It’s because Amu is portrayed as mostly just a fangirl in front of Tadase as well as having all these sparkles blow out of nowhere that keeps on detracting from the Tadamu. How can you expect me to take it seriously if it’s always like this, especially when this is just plain superfluous? Look at Kirishima-kun from last episode. His heartfelt confession for Rima didn’t require any of that…

And if you’re going to argue that Amuto had its own fair share of sparkly moments then I want to state again that I will not let my bias rule over but try to back up my reasons with the most agreeable facts.
Yes, Amuto has had quite a lot of sparkly moments, too. But I find the way they use those moments are appropriate…. [At least, they were not as randomly blown out there like many of the Tadamu moments are.] … But there are also a number times when the sparkles weren’t even touched upon at all. Like ep. 12/13-ish. When Ikuto got close to Amu to tell her to keep his violin-playing a secret and a silent staring contest following right after. Those few seconds, without any special alterations (except the moonlight), told me so many things. And it was kept simple.

Up to this point, when has there been a Tadamu moment where the sparkles were not such an injection kill? Not a lot of them I can remember (and I’m looking through the episode list trying to refresh my memory right now). Even when the sparkles were rather okay, it’s just to make it look all “sweet and nice”. Well, crushes are sweet and nice. Doesn’t mean they’re lasting. And Amu and Tadase have yet to prove that they can make their little blush wars are anything that can be deemed “lasting.” If the authors wanted to prove there was something possible, then they wouldn’t need to abuse the glitter like drugs. I think my point is more or less clear. Don’t want to dwell on it too long.

Thank you, Yoru! I don’t think even Tadase could stand to see Amu like that for another ten minutes or so. It’s just that he’s too nice to everyone to see anything bad about them (except when it comes to his own grudge against Ikuto but we’ll get into that another time).

Have to say these three were really cute this episode. Hiding under the bed and behind a tea cup like that. They’re like cute nosy girls. Aww~ x333

Hmm, so Ikuto finally finds out who those chocolates were for. Ouch, double the sting. Satelight, you’re a bastard. xP

But now it’s apparent and clear to him if it hasn’t been before. Amu likes Tadase and Ikuto ate that hard effort she spent for someone else. Too bad nobody can jump in there and tell him that she made the same kinds for all her other friends, too…that, and I always, always will believe that it was Amu’s chocolates that wanted to be eaten by Ikuto. I don’t care if it sounds ridiculous or if it’s just another way to numb that stab in my chest. They did because I say so! Leave me alone! *empty raging* xP

Probably the only serious Tadamu (in the romantic sense) moment we’ll ever see. Or at least I’ll ever accept as one. Every other one they had was always shot down and…well, I don’t have to restate what I said two times in this post already, do I?

Other than that, I thought his confession was very, very nicely done and lots of credit go to Reiko Takagi’s superb voice-acting as well as the animation team for making it look sincere just as how it was suppose to be done according to the manga. I can tolerate the flower patterns and sparklies if it’s like that and surprisingly, those were kept down to a decent level, too.

Also, this doesn’t mean I’m turning over to the Tadamu side or anything, but I finally learn to appreciate the part of Tadamu that has at least some depth and that is just Tadase being able to like Amu for who she is – as a boy would like a girl – and for Amu liking Tadase as a girl would like a boy (not “love”, “like”). And liking someone is a wonderful thing. It’s a shame not a lot of people realize that.

There was a mutual exchange of feelings here (to a considerable amount of extent), you can’t deny that. I have to applaud Tadase. Really do. Not only did he gather up the courage to finally confess to Amu, but he really, really sincerely apologized to her first for hurting her twice (the public rejection and the confession for Amulet Heart). It’s a little bit late but he still did it and that gains a lot of respect. And he didn’t just say “I like you!” but he asked “Can I like you as I am now?” Because he knows what he did wrong to her. Even though Amu already forgave him, that’s not enough to a boy…a man. You can’t just want to be with the girl you like, you have to prove that you can be worthy of being with her as well. Tadase knows he has to do a lot to make it up to Amu but he would still like her to accept his feelings as he does that. And that, to me, is so sweet. He might overdo it a little later with the constant “I like you”s as probably a way of “making it up” to her but he’s trying his best. Which is why he transcends his own stereotype and becomes a great distinct character himself. That’s all I have to say.

On Amu, she’s happy to know that her crush likes her and was so concerned about hurting her. For once, her fangirl side didn’t break through and all she did was just sit there, being struck speechless. I mean…wouldn’t you if the guy or girl you liked just confessed to you like that? And it’s about time she finally got a proper answer from Tadase anyway.

The only major problem is that while we can all agree that Tadase can commit (it’s not fully and too early to be called love yet, so that’s why I’m saying “can” first) all his affections to Amu, the same cannot be said about her. Not only because she is still more of a Tadase fangirl than she is a…girl who genuinely likes him back (I refuse to use “girlfriend” or “koibito”) but because she’s pretty much unsure of where her own feelings are right now. And she can’t give Tadase a ready answer if she’s still wishy-washy about them. She still hasn’t given him her own proper answer (the first one was all done by Ran). She thinks she “loves” Tadase but that may be just her own stubbornness and giddyness over being confessed to clouding up her mind. She still hasn’t realized just how much she changed, and therefore, how much her own feelings could’ve changed as well. So it would be unfair to everyone if she just jumps into it with only half her heart. I hope what I said made sense.

Oh god, that was long (why is this taking longer than it should be? ^^; )


Gawd, I hope you won’t look this depressed from now on after the next chapter.

Well, he’s pretty much conflicting with himself. He likes Amu and thinks she likes just Tadase (while Amu thinks the same but also secretly, unknowingly likes Ikuto I MUST BALANCE THIS OUT!) but he doesn’t want to get her or Tadase involved with Easter but still wants to stay close to Amu anyway…agh, all this is making me hungry! I need food to help stomach my depression! *goes off to go tell her brother to order Dominos*

Um, ok, another major detraction, imo, is that when two people confess to each other, it’s better if it’s just them alone and nobody else. Even the Charas shouldn’t be there (or at least be aware that it’s happening). I dunno, this is just what I think. At least, they should have some privacy and it was clearly not given with the Charas always floating around and giggling everywhere. -_-;

Yoru…you egg stud.


Oh~, Ikkun is jealous~ hahahaha!
Why else would he make such a nasty-sounding imitation? x33333

Sou yo! Samui yo, Amu-chan! xP

Don’t be mean! Ikuto’s sick. Let him sleep next to you.

…At least she offered him some pillows to lay on. In the manga, it was just the hard floor. |D;

“Warm…like a human water bottle.”

And he needs to warm up, Amu~! He’s so cold~!

*gringringringringringringringrin* xDDDDDDDD

Eh? Eh? EEEEHHH?! 8DDDD Amu, are you clutching onto Ikuto?

*extremely happy fangirl* KYAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDD

But what happened to “Don’t get too attached to me?” How come instead of that, I got…

This? Not that it wasn’t cute or amusing cuz it was…heh, seeing Ikuto thrown into a couple of somersaults in the air before landing flat on his back. Must have hurt but yea, it was funny. xD
Do the Tsukiyomi siblings have some kind of special gene that just, I dunno, just self-activates into them doing gymnastics just because? I mean, Utau did tumble all over that couch. xDDD;;; Ah~, wish I could’ve captured several shots of that.

But AWGH! Why must you be so tsuntsun, Amu?! >8(

*cackles to self in delightful insanity* 8DDDDD

Hey, a guy’s gotta do what he has to stay warm, right~?

“I’m sick.”

“Like I care! Stay on the floor!” xP

Amu, you are so mean~! ;_______________________;

Geh, I’m surprised they did the cold feet panel but didn’t let him stay in her bed and have him hug her (not that I’m complaining even if your perverted mind said it looked rather suggestive, lololol xD;). But knowing Satelight, it’ll probably happen later on. It better. I want MOAR SNUGGLING! Dx

Hmm, I’ll have to go back and see if Amu really asked him about his violin first or if he just started talking about himself but this is the first time (or…maybe not, I dunno) that Ikuto has actually told her anything about just him, huh? I mean, yea, she’s seen him play his violin and they had their amusement park date but he’s never opened up to her like this before. Aww~…it’s about time, dammit! >:(

Because Ikuto is always pushing Amu away, even when she wants to help him. It’s for her own safety, yea, so she doesn’t get hurt by Easter but she’s always going to end up facing them anyway (and thus, he’s always going to be the one who has to save her).
Well, I’m pretty sure he wants nothing more than to get know Amu as much as Amu wants to know more about him. Nobody else besides Utau can really, truly accept him for who he is. Until Amu came along and changed all that, even though she didn’t realize it, ha.

Still, it’s a big step for Ikuto. He won’t even go explain that whole misunderstanding to Tadase but he’s telling Amu about his real father and his bastard stepdad and how he’s always worked for Easter, etc. It also kinda goes hand in hand with how Amu just talked about her own family back in ep 25. So for him to tell her all that in an almost similar manner must mean she’s really special to him. No, it’s not even a “must”, it’s an “is”. Because a person like Ikuto wouldn’t just spill even an ounce of his background to just anyone. & look at how much Amu’s getting from him.

‘Course, when Amu sees the opportunity to poke fun/make low drop comments about Ikuto, she’d take it first.
Haha, and it earned her a “OMGNOWAIISHEGOINGTODOIT?!”-almost kiss. Aww, who got disappointed? *wasn’t* haha xD;

Damn, that definitely went by too quick for me to get a screencap…but it was awkward enough as it is just watching! So I couldn’t do it! I need to see it in motion! Bahahaha…ha…yea…

Anyways…aww~! No Ikuto glomp and “Cuz I’m a kid. Spoil me.” either? Che, Satelight, you suck. I want to see this later on. If I don’t, I’m gonna come hit you with my gigantic sledgehammer. D|

“Ikuto, don’t you have a girl you like?”

Perhaps I missed it, but did they totally cut the part where Amu says she was going to middle school soon and Ikuto replying that he was 17 and a senior in high school out?
Satelight, you effin’ cunt. You can give us good Amuto but you’re cutting out all the Amuto lines! What’s wrong with you?! *RAGE!* D8<

I know this is a show for kiddies and this is just going on my own personal opinion, but a 5-year age difference is not something that has to be omitted. You suck, Satelight. I can like you for this episode but you still suck. xP

“I do…you.”




*bonk!* “Usotsuki kirai.”

Uso ja nai yo, Amu~! D|

Nobody can really blame her for not believing him, though. Cuz he’s always teasing and joking around with her so it’s partially his own fault that she can’t take him seriously anyway (aww, Ikkun~ *still loves him anyway*).

But hey! Amu’s reaction to his “confession” just showed us how much she’s affected by him as well. Um, yea, she kinda got a little mad at it but that supports the fact that she likes him, too! If she didn’t…react, then she could’ve just said “I don’t believe you” and turned the other way instead, right? But she didn’t!
She got all “Eh?” and a bit excited inside and then suddenly remembering what a teasing guy Ikuto is, hit him on the head cuz you just don’t joke with sensitive topics like that (but he wasn’t lying~! T_T). And Amu, knowing all that, might have been hurt a little at how easily he said it. She’s afraid he’s probably toying around with her feelings…which means she does have feelings for him~! She doesn’t want to be hurt by him so she does care (even if it’s not as noticeable to her now).

*mumblejumble* Ah, my mind has finally gone all into a mush but I hope you get what I mean.

Does that look like a lying face to you? TAT

*cries* I don’t want to cry anymore! I want to see Ikuto laughing at Amu again! When am I going to get that? When?! WHEN?!

That being said, if you thought it would be all easy for Ikuto to be able sweep Amu off her feet, then think again. He’s going to have a much harder time convincing her than what Tadase just did. But I think that will make Amuto all the more a great shipping, and therefore, an even greater pairing. I always think that the person who tries harder for a person they like/love should definitely get thier feelings returned (in most cases). Because unlike how Tadase just simply likes Amu, Ikuto needs her, even though he probably will never admit it out loud, and would do anything to keep her safe. It’s not in the clingy-sense of need but just that he needs her for her. Somehow, along the way (from what I think), she’s given him more reason to struggle against Easter for his freedom. That he could “start a new beginning” if he really wanted to and she was the only one to ever say that to him. He’s always being told “You have to get the Embryo for Easter and that is your fate” when he doesn’t want to. But Amu told him otherwise, even knowing that they were “enemies”. She was able to make him laugh, make him smile, make him feel free and all she did was just be herself in front of him. She didn’t need special powers to do all that. She didn’t have to prove anything to him. And he likes her all the same for it. She became part of his reason for wanting to “live.”

And if he loses her, the girl who has been able to give him all that – the only girl (besides) his sister who can accept him for who he really is – then he’ll be utterly devastated. Which is why he goes the extra mile to always keep her out of harm’s way, even it that danger is himself. He pushes her away, even though it hurts him. He teases her, makes her angry, hurts her so that she wouldn’t want to be near him, even though it hurts him even more. He’s done more to protect her than anyone in the series has and at his own expense. Sure, Tadase has protected her to but did he ever have to betray himself to do so? No. Ikuto always did. Ikuto always pushes happiness away because if Easter was still overruling him, he doesn’t see the chance of it being able to prosper without it getting crushed first. So he tries even harder for Amu because she means the most to him. She’s the first person he can’t bring himself to let go of and even if he tried, she’ll always be back.

That and compared with how much of an impact she made with Tadase’s life, she’s made a lot more impacts on Ikuto’s. Amu has saved Tadase only once while she has helped Ikuto:
1) In believing in him and trying to prove he wasn’t the bad guy.
2) In giving more of a reason to fight and to start over.
3) In saving Utau from herself.
4) In giving him a place to stay when he had nowhere else to go and no one else to rely on.
5) And eventually saving him from Easter.

This is why I can only see Tadase as “liking” Amu and not really “loving” her. I repeat this many times but what he got from her was just an encouraging speech. He liked her after she saved him (as her own self, not Amulet Heart). Which is reasonable. Definitely reasonable.

But Amu’s been growing on Ikuto even before she saved him. He’s always been in some way or another intrigued and drawn to her, when she was either down in the dumps and when she found her strength to shine on her own, she’s always been on his mind more than he thought she would be. Add the fact on how many times their interactions with each other has affected him, how much she did for him despite not realizing it, and all the rest of the reasons stated above…you’d be wondering why Amu doesn’t drive Ikuto crazy yet. @.@;;;
But all that proof…all those reasons are more than enough to foster into love, aren’t they? At least much, much more than simply just liking someone.

Finally (this will be the last last last point of the day, I promise), the way Tadase looks at Amu and the way Ikuto looks at Amu have their differences. Tadase sees Amu as a girl, likes her as a girl…but they’re still too young and it’s still premature to say if they can love each other as a man loves a woman and as a woman loves a man. Still too early to determine that. For all we know, they might like each other now, but when the realize that they don’t need each other to be happy later on, they might break up. And imo, Tadase doesn’t need Amu. He can accomplish so much on his own without her. All he needed was just that speech she gave him to get started. And Amu doesn’t need Tadase to be happy either. She can move on and still be content with her life like he can be with his.

Ikuto, on the other hand, has gone/is going through both stages. He’s almost (or probably has already) passed his crush stage and his feelings for Amu are starting to develop into something more. But he knows she’s still just a child, that she’s not ready to go into that kind of a relationship yet and he won’t force anything on her because he respects her for everything she is. Hell, I bet even he’s not even sure if he’s ready to make a commitment himself. But he has in a few of their moments moments, regarded her as more than just a girl and the reverse same can be said for Amu as well. How their relationship will go on from the point when they can officially be on the same side we can only guess as much but it’s pretty clear that Ikuto won’t ever stop loving her or forget any of his feelings for her even if they so happen to go separate ways. I’m pretty sure Amu won’t be able to forget him either. He’s very important to her after all.
…And if they have some awkward reunion after they split, then they might as well just get back together. Otherwise, it’d be just stupid to keep them apart. “Oh, yea, we love each other and all but for some reason we’ll just remain friends.” Whut? D|

Ok, I’m done. No more. I can’t even comprehend what I wrote. @.@;;;

“Grow up faster.”

Nuu. Let Amu grow at her own pace, Ikkun. You’re good for willing to wait for her and that’s enough. Don’t rush Amu. :(

Triangles…ugh, triangles…I don’t want drama triangles. I like humor triangles. No drama, no drama. ;A;

& cookies are not suppose to sparkle like that. -.-;;;


Hehehe…more excessively long rants from me next week? You bet. I get to go into two of my most favorite, but still-not-enough-information-about side characters (I’m such a die-hard fan of them, I really really am! x333) and this:





My first Kutau rant EVAR! And it’s going to be…a few standard paragraphs long WHAT?! YOU HAVE STANDARDS?! |D; but YES! Finally! Finally my Kutau icon folder will no longer be the only folder empty on my hard drive! Finally! Can you believe that I had icons in my Amu&Lulu folder before Kutau?! O.O;;;

Lulu’s still here but it’s okay because…we might get a Kutau joint attack! 8DDDD
I honestly don’t think she’s going to affect how the Ikuto arc is going to go. She might just be a tack stuck in your heel for a while and can be as quickly converted back to the good side. Just another obstacle. GIVE. ME. LUDASE! RAWR!

UTAKOOOOOO~!!!!! <333333

*sigh* I can’t wait. I’ll be dead tired and sad that my vacation will be over after I finish next week’s review but…KYAAA!!! xDDDDDD

K, thanx for reading. Peace, bai.

9 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 74

  1. Hmm, I’ll have to respond while reading what you said. Too many comments to make!

    When Amu came to find Ikuto, according to crunchyroll’s subs, Yoru was freaking out and said, “Look, he’s not breathing!” Then Ikuto said, “Hey, don’t kill me off yet”, which is probably where the ‘korosu’ that you heard came from.

    Hehe, Amu was so completely un-subtle about the food. No wonder her mother catches on! I tend to think that you’re right, Mama is actually a lot like Amu, and we’ll see that even more when she finds out about Ikuto.

    And, when Amu was hovering over Ikuto after he ate the banana, he called her fat. xDD She said something like “aren’t you going to eat and more?” and he responded with “I might become all wiggly [or something] like you”. Which had the excellent effect of making Amu freak out and stop her hovering. Ikuto knows her so well.

    Hee, Nagi scared me, too, but I was happy that he popped up. He really does know [almost] everything that goes on with the guardians! Since he’s the new Jack, I guess that’s why they had him show up so suddenly to speak to Tadase. I wish we could’ve seen just who Nagi visited for White Day [Riiiiimaaa].

    There were so many Tadamu sparklies in this episode. I was very freaked out when Amu did her “hanyaa~”. I just can’t take Tadamu seriously when she acts like such a fangirl! It kind of makes what might otherwise be a serious doki moment into a really silly one. During the confession, a lot of lines from the manga were done epically well. At one point, Amu said, “I’ve admired you a lot during the past year…” which made me go yes!!! After the confession, I like/can respect Tadase a little more as a character, but I’ll never be too keen on Tadamu.

    I double-checked back with the manga too. I didn’t remember it, but Amu did ask about Ikuto about his violin first. This led to their discussion about their age and then into the cuddling. I think that part might come back later on. Judging from the preview, Ikuto won’t be getting kicked out next episode [unless it happens at the very end] so maybe that one or the one after? I do hope we get it, though. I still thought the Ikuto-confession was done well (particularly when Amu thought he was going to kiss her, and her reaction).

    And yaaaaaaay, Kutau scene! I’m really glad that Satelight is choosing to animate the actual scene, because in the manga, we didn’t get to see it. There was only the mention of it followed by the two of them scurrying off. And, I think you’re right, I doubt Lulu will mess up Ikuto’s arc too much. Seems to me her presence is just a way for Satelight to stretch the episodes out more (and if that gets us more of Ikuto sneaking into Amu’s bed at night, I am totally for this)!

  2. Okay, I won’t say much but I did love it. I agree with all you have said.
    I can’t wait for next week because I like Kutau. Kukai is my second favourite anime guy because he develops in the story as well as being super cool XD But the only thing I dislike about Kukai and Utau is that my OC for Shugo Chara likes him. Lol, I am one of those fans that hate that because then I feel like I need to change my character’s plot, blah blah blah…

    Amazing post as always, and super cool screencaps – 91! My top is 32 :)
    It must take you so long to write this.

  3. Ah, you said so much that I could agree with in this post.~ And you said everything I wanted to say, but couldn’t put into words, so perfectly! Lol, I never heard of green peppers being a necessity to grow strong and healthy. I don’t like them either, so I’m with both of you! :D At least we found one trait that Amu inherits from her parents, because I honestly was kind of getting a vibe in the early part of the series that Amu wasn’t too much like her parents. Like how in the first episode her parents were going, “Cool & Spicy~” all of the time. (Did that make sense? Hopefully what I meant to say comes out)

    Haha, Nagi did scare me too. He just popped up out of nowhere! I thought it seemed like a gopher as well. ^_^ Tadase was skipping? I thought he was running. >.>;; Amu’s parents are pretty awesome in this episode though. Her dad is hilarious, continuously running back and forth. They are much better than Rima’s parents, that’s for sure. Haha, Amu did move really fast. I had to replay that scene 5+ times…-_-;; And yes, she was extremely ridiculous, microphone and all. And I didn’t notice the drool until you mentioned it. xD

    I agree with what you said about the Tadamu and Amuto moments. Took the words right out of my mouth. Well said too. That’s all I can say, haha.

    And…Kutau! Oh how I love Kutau, it’s just a cute couple! Kukai and Utau are also one of my favorite supporting characters. If only they could have more episodes dedicated to them! Dx Lulu’s just going to be there when we all proceed into the Ikuto arc, lol. Utako?

  4. OMGyes to the sleeping on the right vs sleeping on the left.

    He said “Don’t go killing me off.” or something like that, because Yoru said he was dying.

    Yes, Amu does take after her mom. It makes you wonder if Amu’s mom was also “cool and spicy” when she was a kid. (Now I want to see Ikukun’s parents even more.

    Heh. Ikuto being Ikuto and teasing Amu to get her to stop worrying.

    “LAWL~ Amu-chan gets so angry when it comes to Ikuto. Amu-chan gets so angry over nothing when it comes to Ikuto. Amu-chan gets so angry over just Ikuto. And this is why they’re meant to be~ xDDDD”
    Indeed. ^___^

    Yes. Nagi knows everything. He’s probably the most observant person on the show.

    I like how Amu’s parents have both views. That’s why there so good. Like real parents and other fictional should be.

    I think Amu should also be allowed to be a kid for a few years. That’s why I hope Peach Pit doesn’t get Amu-chan and Ikukun together until after she’s in high school at least.

    Yeah. I think every girl goes through a stage where she fangirls over boys like Amu does, before growing out of it and going “this is stupid”.

    They’re like little sisters spying. (cuteness~!)

    “It would be unfair to everyone if she just jumped in”

    So true. Tadase would end up hurt as well as Ikkun and Amu-chan herself.

    It is the first time he’s personally talked about his hertiage in front of Amu. It shows how comfortable he is that he can speak about things in front of her that he can’t in front of anyone else.

    Oh that makes sense too. She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings by “leading him on”

    “But I think that will make Amuto all the more a great shipping, and therefore, an even greater pairing. I always think that the person who tries harder for a person they like/love should definitely get thier feelings returned (in most cases). Because unlike how Tadase just simply likes Amu, Ikuto needs her, even though he probably will never admit it out loud, and would do anything to keep her safe. It’s not in the clingy-sense of need but just that he needs her for her. Somehow, along the way (from what I think), she’s given him more reason to struggle against Easter for his freedom.”

    Amu is the girl who saved him so many times, just by being herself. I think Ikuto started to develop a crush on her at around episode 3 or so, becoming more serious at around episode 26. I think it has moved away gradually from a crush to love.

    Drama triangles. -______- Sigh.

    Kutau rant. ^___^ Yes!

    Thanks for the review.

  5. KUTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAU !! i loved this episode and can’t wait for the next one ! <3

  6. chibidoucet: lol Sorry about that. ^^;

    Yea, I got that cleared up now. I’m so relieved. Ikuto would not and shouldn’t say that. ^^;

    Hehe, because Amu’s a lot like her mom, she can be very accepting and forgiving, too. Which is why she will make such a wonderful mom (and waifu~) one day. x3

    Lol Agrees. Ah, the best couples must be amusing and teasing as well. *loves Amuto as her OTP* hehe

    I don’t think he visited anyone but it would’ve been nice if he did (Rimaaa~!). After all, Tadase’s not the only boy who received chocolates on Valentine’s, right? Nagi has his legion of fangirls as well…but he only has his heart reserved for Rima…and a doting behavior for Amu, awwz~!

    Same here. I can respect Tadamu as a kinda first for the both of them but it’s not going to evolve into anything more than admiration for each other. That’s how I’ll always see it. :/

    I hope so. Satelight loves doing the manga parts at whenever they want so I hope we get to see that later on (moar cuddling!).
    I know Ikuto won’t be kicked on in the next one but I’m rather iffy on the next, next episode cuz after that one…ah, crud, I must use numbers for this now. Ok, so next episode is 75, right? I doubt he’ll get kicked out in 76 but that depends on what exactly we’re going to get. 77 sounds so much like a half-plot half filler episode so we’ll just have to wait and see. :/

    Me, too! I can’t wait! X3
    And yea, hun! I’m totally for more in-bed cuddling as well! >8D


    Miriam: Wow…I still can’t believe it when people say that to me. I feel it’s too good to be true (cuz I’m always afraid I’m so biased). ^^; But thank you. I’m so happy! :D

    I know! Kukai receive so much love from me for being able to do that. Especially in the episode when he helped encourage Amu. I was like “Aww, Kukai is such a good Nii-chan~!” <3

    And aww…yea, that sucks. Which is kinda why I gave up on OCs especially if there’s such a great cast. Then I don’t need to create any (I’m not good at doing it, anyway). I wait to see if there is any potential sparks which there almost always is in shoujo. Hehe

    Thank you so much! And yes, it took me very long but it was worth it. x3


    blossomgirl101: xD; My ranting is like…unrivaled. Lol I hope I wasn’t too biased cuz I always try not to be but I try. Hmm. ^^

    Yea, that’s what I’ve been feeling, too. I get what you’re saying. Ever since the beginning it almost seemed like she was just shut in her own independent circle but I knew there has to be some similarities. They are family, after all. Amu is and acts just way cooler. Haha xD

    I got the impression of a skip-run kind of thing. He looked like he was bouncing with each step. ^^;

    Agreed, Amu’s parents are better than all the other adults in this series…I mean, I love Ikuto and Utau’s parents, too, but when we’re talking about parenting, Amu’s parents are the best. :3

    The drool was the second thing I noticed and I went Dx “Amu…why~?” It hurt me a little. TAT

    They are such a cute couple, aren’t they?! <333 And totally compatible with each other! Haha xDD They totally should have more episodes dedicated to them! Especially Kukai since he’s not much of plot-twister but he totally deserves a lot more screentime just because he’s awesome (and Utau should be with him, too~). Hehe ^^

    Lulu is a hitchhiker. Lol

    & Utako is my nickname for Utau. :3


    warrior: Lawl~ More little bed wars like that from now on? Oh yes. ;D

    I don’t think Amu’s mom was “Cool&Spicy” like Amu is when she was her age. She seems to be the happy type (like Ami) and Amu got her Cool&Spicy attitude cuz she had to be a responsible Onee-chan. But it’s fine cuz Amu’s mom is just as awesome as her own daughter for being so accepting and understanding. Amu is just cooler. Hehe x3
    (And we’ll get to see them soon. Yay! Even though it’ll be tragic…*sniff*)

    Teasing and worrying work so well hand in hand (ever since Amuto came, lol).

    Nagi is like the non-sinister version of Gozen as well as everyone’s Dr. Phil. xDDD;;;

    I know~ I hate it when one parent always sides with the other. When it’s over important things, I can understand that but at least one of them should be more open sometimes. *doesn’t have parents like that so is rather envious of Amu*

    They don’t have to necessarily “get together” or be publicly official or anything. But they can still be together. Then again, knowing Ikkun, he’d have to go college and all that but I don’t mind as long as he doesn’t make her wait too long. :3

    It’s sad how us older girls can only watch the majority of the fans (who are all around Amu’s age) as they fangirl haphazardly into critical condition. -_-; *sigh* This is why I partially left the fandom.

    Cuteness indeed! <3

    I don’t want anyone to be hurt more than they already were. ;____;

    Yes~! Which is why…they’re meant to be! xDDD

    Heh. I don’t think Amu’s ready to lead anyone on just yet. Of course, when she is old enough to do that, it’s going to be only for Ikkun~ x33

    That. 8D

    My thoughts are similar. Maybe he hasn’t really developed a crush so early on as of episode 3 but you can tell he was very interested to her (haha, she’s like some intriguing specimen with abnormal pink hair) and it grew everytime they interacted…then in ep 26, it became a little more than a crush. Hehe Talking about all these cute moments makes me giggle! *gigglegigglegiggle* ^^

    *sigh~* :(


    Thanks for the comment! ^^


    Cure Peach: Amu’s papa is awesome. x3


    Mo0on12: Me, either! xDDDD They have got to be my second favorite shipping for SC! hehe ^^

  7. :DD~ LINGGGGGG <3

    Michi loves your rant o3o. *stalks you* Must learn to talk as clearly as you do. XD.

  8. MICHI-SAAANNNN~!!!! <3333

    And Ling loves you for reading it. 8D *hug* x3
    lol Really?! I always thought I talk in such confusing circles. *gets so confused herself* @.@;;

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