Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 73

…Hmm~. I thought it was a cute episode (with an even better ending even though it made me go ;A; to see Ikkun like that but everything’s okay for now so it’s all guud). :)

Ugh, but I’ve ran into some issues with getting the torrent and posting starting from next Friday. No worries, though, cuz I’ll still post (otherwise, I’d never forgive myself). It’s just going to take a little longer to get them out. More details behind the cut.

Mmmkay, the problem is starting this weekend, DST is going to go into effect and we’ll be moving an hour forward (nuu~, I don’t want to lose an hour of sleep! *whiny & flails around* (ノ≧Д≦)ノ ) and so Shugo Chara! will no longer be airing over here (Eastern-Standard Time) at 7:30 PM anymore. What’s the problem? 8:30 PM. I usually go to swimming practice during that time. But I’ve managed to make an agreement with my dad to switch my practice off to Tuesday instead, even if it is on a school night but I don’t care about school. Yes, I am seriously going to go that far to make sure I don’t miss anything for the rest of this anime. I’m am that much of dedicated fan. @.@;

The other issue…my dad threatened to pull the internet cord out because me and brother stay up too late going on the internet. Now, I can see his reasoning (I really do stay up too late for comfort and that’s why I’m so dead tired every single day) but he doesn’t have to go that far. It got me pissed off as hell because our internet is as whacked as it is already and I am NOT going to call up Verizon to sit through another 6-hours listening to a representative on how to fix the damn modem. So I’m going to wake up like at 4/5 AM or something to get the torrent and do the post instead but I’ll have to move the modem somewhere other than my parents’ room cuz it sometimes shut down on me (ha, like this morning) and I don’t want to disturb anyone that early in the morning. Then I have class and yada yada. Ugh, so many things getting in the way but Saturday is officially SC! ep post day. I’m holding off everything else (even my hwk *badbadbad*) for it.

…Yea, that was probably a few minutes waste of your time if you read through it but I needed somewhere to rant so thank you for indulging me and sorry about any lateness in the posting from now on. -_-;

K, moving on!


… Will be up later (hopefully if I have time to write it) …


Nuu~! Rima~! As Amu’s overprotective bitchy Oujo-sama BFF, you’re not suppose to say “We’ll leave you two alone later” but say “We’re going to drag Amu away and have an all girls’ shopping spree so you boys buzz off unless you want to carry my bags”!!! *flails around like a bad-tempered kid*

…Granted, I haven’t watched the subs yet so I don’t know if I can really rely on my lack-of-experience-Japanese hearing but I’m sure that’s similar to what she said, isn’t it? I’ll confirm it later.

Hmm, but knowing Rima, I’m sure she wouldn’t let it off so easily like that. Probably just joking around (cuz it’s so easy to joke around with Amu and get her all cute and confused, hehe) plus I think like any other reasonable girl, she doesn’t take Amu’s crush on Tadase as anything serious. I mean, she gets front row seat on all that fangirling, right? If it were serious, she wouldn’t be -______- but would rather be D8< …only more adorably poutier. x3
She’s jealous of Nagi, yes, but I don’t think she sees Tadase as much of threat that can get in between them. Of course, friendship and crushes are two separate things but Tadase wouldn’t be the kind to intrude on their relationship anyway so he’s safe off her “Mukatsu ku…” list for the most of it, lol. xD; There’s been a couple of times she was never pleased with him but they are, at best described, mutual Guardian friends. The same can be said for Kairi. As long as you give half the week of Amu’s time to her, she’ll tolerate you.

Ikuto, on the other hand…ho ho ho~
We all know Ikuto can be selfish if and when he wants to be. He’d hog Amu’s attention as much as he wants and like hell he would care about anyone else if that’s the case. And then Rima will get pissed off at that (along with being so blatantly ignored) andandand…kaaahhh, I want to write a fanfiction on that right now. xDDDD *will do will do*

Ran, that was mean. *shakes head* Tsk, tsk.

I can see why they’d have a grudge over this, though, as silly as it is. If it were me, I’d slap the person who swallowed my cake whole and scream at them “Bitch/Asshole, get me another cake!” and then still be pissed at them (for another few hours) even after they get me another one…yea.
But anyways, the Charas are just like little kids who don’t know any better (well, Ran should’ve but I’ll forgive her since I love her so much, heh) so you’ll have to forgive them. ^^;

Honestly, though, did you have to drag poor, innocent Suu into this, you two? Ran, just get Miki another cake. -_-;

Poor Nagi. Even though they’re not on Guardian duty, he’s still left out of the Chara-circle for having two eggs still in hibernate mode. There, there, Nagi. *hug*

lol But Dia is so cute, peeking out like that while still in her egg. Dia sees and knows all! Which is why she’s so wonderful~ <3

lol Love this part. Especially on how Pepe always seem to be the one taking the head chair on their “Catch the Embryo!” plans instead of Kiseki…who just stands there all “Hmph” and posing like a king (haha, so cute). x3

I’m surprised Pepe isn’t nominated for SoMT yet. She’s not exactly the most moe of the moe but I see her as moe, nonetheless. I guess if nobody’s going to leave a comment for her, then I’ll do the nomination. That makes a total of…four I will be nominating? Yea.

“Now, now, you two. If you don’t settle down and discuss this like a civil Chara can…”

“I’ll shove a frying pan down both your throats, UNDERSTAND?!”

… o___O

Ok, I regret it. I regret doing it. I’m sorry, please forgive me! My Suu-chan would never say such a thing! I love you, Suuuuuuu~!!!!! Please forgive meeee~!!!


But we should’ve seen this one coming as well. The “Amu-chan needs me more than you!” fight was bound to happen. Question was just when it was going to occur and…well, it occurred alright. Finished and done in one episode. Huzzah. :P

I see their little fight as justifiable…even if it was just led out by Miki still being angry about the cake and all. Miki gets the least time in Chara-nari with Amu and Ran is rather spoiled by the authors/producers (as well as Amu in a way, I guess). So for Ran to say “All you do is just draw draw draw” was just wrong of her to say and then for them to drag Suu into it again (when she obviously already put the whole cake issue behind her), making it even a bigger mess, was just worst. -_-; But they’re like little kids so it’s forgivable. ^^;

Huh, I think this will also be a good opportunity to go into my little rant on the whole “Amu has too many Charas that she doesn’t really need” business but I’ll save that for a later, more appropriate part of the post.

Oh, Amu, you’ll be one cute, little angry mama one day. *giggle* x3 Just try not to say “Ok, then I won’t care about you if you don’t bother to listen to me!” Which I’m sure she won’t but our Amu-chan can have quite a temper, y’know. ^^;

Em…filler girl was okay. She’s pretty…and she wants to cook (we’ve been dealing a lot with food lately, huh?). I wasn’t paying so much attention to her problems as I was watching this or anything (I really feel bad about that and I’m serious) but the pressure of trying to be the best at what you’re good at (or something) I can relate a little to. Um…yea, nothing else much to say. Will go back to listen more closely when I decide to do the summary for it.

“Can it be…a cooking fairy?”

Yousei…hehe, fairies. I love fairies. x3
Charas are kinda like personal fairies, then?

Hmm…that’d make a nice alternate universe story, now that I think about it. *mad plot bunnies threatening to run rampant soon* lol xD;


How long is it before I can stop the TT_____________________TT and start with the ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ for the anime?

Ikkun, you need Tylenol relief in the form of A-M-U…like now.

Aww, Yoru is sad. Yoru is sad cuz Ikuto’s sick. Yoru is sad cuz Ikuto won’t listen to his advice and go back to Amu’s room. Yoru is sad cuz those Easter bastards are after them. Yoru is sad because they’re both hungry. Yoru is sad…

…AND HE’S SO FUCKIN’ ADORABLE AND CONTAGIOUS!!! *is sad with Yoru* (;´Д`) うぅっ。。


See! Yoru’s sadness is so great that it even broke a 2,000 mile-radius area of the greenhouse and infected Amu as well! (WHUT?) And now that you’re infected, go cure yourself by going there and bringing the kitties bach home, Amu! xDDDD

Ah…all joking aside, how typical of them to show us Amu blaming herself for the little fight her Charas were having. But for Amu, it’s reasonable, I guess. She’s very ambiguous and always arguing with her own self so it’d make sense if she think that’s the reason why Ran, Miki, and Suu are fighting. Just like how her depression brought about Dia’s change into an X-egg.

B-but Amu! If a person didn’t have any inner conflicts, then that’d be way worst! Don’t blame yourself too much. It’s a natural thing to happen. ^^;

Now go bring those kitties home. I can only stand seeing you depressed for so long and not depressed for someth-someone you should be worried about even longer. >:/

Nice reassuring speech, Tadase. :)

He’s right. Even though Dia went to the opposite side when Amu doubting herself, she never really turned against Amu at all. Just like how Eru (ohh~, Eru~ <3) and Iru never turned against Utau either. Your own Shugo Charas worry about you more than anyone. Cuz they’re born from your own heart so of course, they’d be worried about you. If you had no one else, you’d still have them as your allies.

Aww, that’s so sweet. I want a Chara now to worry and fret over me like that. lol x3

But can the rest of you Guardians watch what you say around Nagi? Especially you, Tadase. I thought you would know better than to do that since you’re the only one in the group who knows of Nagi’s secret. It’s a touchy subject for him. Temari going back to sleep and his other egg not hatched yet. Jeez, stop making our Trap-kun feel bad even if you didn’t mean to do so. It hurts me as well! ;___;

Alright, everybody, let’s throw more love to Yoru. *loveloveLOVES Yoru* Such an awesome kitty he is! x333

Crap. Shit. Damn! Now they’ve invaded the sacred amusement park! DON’T TOUCH THE FRIGGIN’ TEA CUPS, YOU F**S! D8< How dare they?! How DARE they?!

*runs them over with a bulldozer*

Yoru is so cute! x3 But hurry and escape with Ikuto! Go to Amu’s house! AMU’S HHHHOOOUUUUUSSSEEEE!!!! D8

Aww, so they all have their own little rooms after all. AWW! xDD

I DEMAND they make another BIGGER room for our awesome Yoru!

And a nice petite one for Eru. She’ll be too busy being Cupid to actually stay in her room but I want a nice petite room for Eru~! She deserves one! With an Utau poster on each wall! Hahaha! xD

…great, now this got me thinking about those little house merchandise they’re actually selling for the Charas. o.O;

Aww, Kiseki was so cute in this episode, too. Not as cute as Yoru but a flop tsukkomi by a clueless, embarrassed Kiseki is just too cute! x3

DIA~! <3333

She’s so wonderful. And she’s the youngest out of ALL the Charas. Lol, not to mention probably the most motherly, too (with Suu ruling in second).

Her line got me wondering, though. Did she say “We’re all one” or something? If she did, is that referencing to what will happen in the future (all you people who follow the manga know what I’m talking about). Ooo, Dia’s a psychic, too! She’s so awesome~! 8DDDD

lol So. CUTE! x3

Pepe and KusuKusu scheme-sparkling like…what girls would do and Kiseki being the only boy stuck in the middle as clueless as ever. Kaaahhh!!! xDDD

*sigh* Well, I didn’t say it before so I’ll guess I’ll say it now. Seems Dia can show anyone else that she’s “awake” besides Amu. I don’t really mind as much as I did before (and if it’s only Nagi she’s…”conversing” with, it’s okay) but it really does kill the big effect of her official return later on. I’ll still be “YAY! DIA!” when that happens but all that built up suspense I tried to save up is now useless…why, Satelight, why?! I hate you. T__T

More Nagi angst. Covers a part of that special chapter he has at least so we’re all good to go from here.

Man, now I can’t wait to see the part where…dare I spoil it?

…Oh sure, what the heck. Blue egg hatches and basketball and Nadeshiko “returns”! It will be awesome. BWUAHAHA! /D

…I forgot why I took this pic. I don’t have anything to say but it’d be a waste not to use it so let’s make something up:

Filler girl: “I’m useless.”
Suu: “No, you’re not, desu. Don’t say that, desu.”
Filler girl: “Really?”
Suu: “……Yes…desu?”
Filler girl: *glare* “What’s with the pause?”
Suu: “It isn’t Suu’s fault, desu! That’s what the script says, desu!” *runs away crying*

…I swear never to do this again. Suu, come back! xDDD;;

Ah, ok, since I don’t want Lulu intruding on the next few episodes, let me just get my full thoughts on her situation out of the way first.

Again with the switch-back-to-the-shallow-bitch as if nothing has happened problem. It really feels like Satelight is just throwing her around like some kind of toy to amuse them and kill time with. Her screentime is done so sloppily and she’s falling, if possible, even deeper into the generic hole of no return.

But for some reason, I’m starting to have doubts that she is just a only a temp. pawn for Easter. I believe wholeheartedly that she was necessary to buy some time for the Ikuto arc in the manga to come to a near closure so we can also cover that in the anime and also the fact that they could’ve made her character a lot better than what is now on top of that but that’s where my opinion of her involvement originally stopped. Now I’m getting crazy ideas that after Amu saves Ikuto, Lulu will be Easter’s final and last resort and hence, she becomes sub-BIG BOSS BATTLE to fill up the rest of the season before we finally get to the head honcho (Gozen) himself. I dunno but it’s possible, right?

Main crazy idea includes Lulu becoming so unsure of her dreams that Easter somehow uses her magical jewelry power against her (ha, self-brainwash), big evil maybe even ugly Chara-nari, OPEN HEART bambambam! and we’re done.

Point isn’t just that, though. If Satelight does have some sort of plan like that in mind, then they fail at their unoriginality AGAIN (not that anyone would care much about Lulu, though; they’ll all be screaming “DIE BITCH!!” and crap like that) and I will slap myself ten times if I’m right (and I am hardly ever right). -_-;

…Or another, more simple theory of mine is that she’ll be an obstacle for the Guardians on their way to the radio tower. Whether it’s to help Easter or to stop them from getting the Embryo just by herself (latter is highly unlikely since she can’t really do anything without the Guardians there), she’ll stand in the way…and do what? Negative-egg Chara-nari comes into mind again but that’s just thinking too far ahead so I’ll stop here for now. If Amu and co. manages to bring her back to the good side in this scenario, then another Chara-nari is expected because everyone else practically has theirs. That, and for some reason, during a big battle, there is always Chara-nari abuse so it fits. =P

Ack, sorry for the mumble jumble.

Anyways, let’s just see how this goes. Hopefully, she won’t interfere with the Ikuto arc that much. Go take a break, Lulu. Go to Okinawa or back to Nagoya with your family for the next month or something. We’ll call you when we need you back for Ludase.

Nana, you sneaky, conniving little faker bitch. Don’t take advantage of my Suu like that! )8<

…*still has mild love for Nana, though* xP

I am really, really bad. I can’t even remember the name of this one. What’s up with me lately? Even if it’s fillers, I always remember useless stuff. @.@;

Must be because I skipped the summary and went to the screencapping first. *sigh*

Mataku… *knows how Amu feels* -_-;

WAHAHAHA! So this is what an outsider would see during “ANROKKU!”. Nekkid glowiness & sparkly background. Pfft, that’s brilliant, Satelight. Really. xD;

Rima has the best freak-out ever. 8DDD

…cuz we rarely get to see her freak out (unlike Amu). Rimaaa~ x3333

Xiao is happy. Xiao is very happy. Xiao is very, very, very happy. *can just fall asleep happy now*

Love in a box~! …ok, not really but close enough! xDDDDDD;;;;

Bitch, I’ve been nice to you for most of this episode but git your dirty little hands OFF my Suu!
She is not a goddamn ingredient! D8<

Hmmhmm. Nobody should be surprised that Miki is the strategist of the bunch, right? Miki’s the brains, Ran is the stamina and energy just like her FLOW card, lol so…what does that make Suu? :/?

Ah, well, glad to see them cooperating again. It was cheesy but this is mahou shoujo. What’d you expect? /D;

Ok, I want that bowl. O.o;
I want a pink one that says “Neko =(oωo)= Chan” and a blue one that says “Neko =(-ω-)= Kun” cuz I am a complete and utter dork and I don’t care but I WANT IT! xDD;;;

Tickle attack. Heh.

Yay~, RAN! GO GO GO! *has Niji-iro Chara Change playing in my head* xDDDD

D’AWWWWW. It’s so nice when they make up. So incredibly cheesy and corny and just plain kiddy shoujo but so sweet. <3

Haha, I found Miki’s “Boku mou gomen! Ran! Suu!” so freakin’ hilarious. She had to shout it out like a boy. xDDD;;

Rottara Rottara! Rottara Rottara! (What’s up with me in a sing-song mood today? lol)

Hmm, so I guess this is a good time as any to go on another long spiel of mine. =P

When I read people’s comments on the Charas in general, not a lot of people see why Amu would really need two more than just one Chara to start with. Everyone can see why Ran was born…and then Dia. But it’s always “I don’t see why she would need Miki or Suu cuz Amu never expressed the interest in wanting to become an artist or a chef or anything.”

Not true.

Remember, a person’s egg hatches when a wish is ignited. For Ran, it was when Amu made a wish to have the courage to become a more energetic, outgoing girl. Ok, we all got that. Energetic and outgoing fits the description of an athletic person, and hence, Amulet Heart.

For Miki, she might have been created when/around the time Amu had to draw portraits in art class (ep 2). So she wished she was artistic and voila, Miki was created.

For Suu, it was when Amu decided to make that tart for Tadase’s birthday and she wished she was good in home economics. Thus, Suu was created.

Now, I know that’s not really enough cuz there’s always the question “Well, she has to at least occasionally express an interest in every other thing instead of just one time.” Yes, I understand that. But it’s not only what the Charas look like but what the Charas are you also have to observe. My point is that an athlete, an artist, a chef/maid, a performer, etc, are all just the outer layer (like the shell of an egg) of a person’s would-be self. It’s a more tangible image, is what I’m trying to say, and there’s more to it than just how they appear to us. The tangible image just serves as some kind of vessel for the actual would-be self (the characteristics that a person wants to have for themselves).

Again, it is obvious for Ran. Amu in the beginning was an introverted, unsociable girl with a punkish attitude. But what Amu really wanted was to be more energetic and outgoing. The opposite of her Cool&Spicy character. Those characteristics that she wanted to have are apparent in Ran.

In Miki, it is the ability to be composed and collected. The real Amu is actually a very spazzy person on the inside so Miki might be her desire to be more level-headed and cool. And the reason why we don’t see much of an extreme personality change when she Chara-changes or Chara-nari is probably because Miki seems to be the most similar to Amu so there’s no need. It’s comparable to how there isn’t much of a change in Kukai’s personality when he Chara-changes with Daichi. Kukai is already content with being himself but is also, at the same time, always seeking ways to improve his current self. The same can be applied for Amu only that she has a more long way to actually get to Kukai’s level of…self-contentment. But as long as Amu can still be a little spazzy in the future, I’m fine with it, hehe.

In Suu, it can be her desire to be more kind and polite to others while also trying to be more girly. If you can recall from episode one, not only was Amu very unapproachable but her outer character can sometimes come off as rude as well. The way she slapped away Tadase’s hand and gave him that annoyed glare when he grabbed her shoulder. Yea, everybody who was standing around them thought of it as incredibly rude (at least the girls did). And she always regrets acting like that way so she wants to change for the better.
That last point is arguable because Ran can be the “more girly” type, too. But there’s so many different ways you can describe as “girly.” Ran is the sporty, genki, always full of energy type. Suu is the more feminine, timid, good-at-what-girls-do type. That’s the difference. And part of Amu’s wish is to be more girly. But she has never specified as to what kind of “girly” she wanted to be so it’s all up in the air for grabs and sampling.

Finally, in Dia, Amu wanted the ability to shine. That can mean a lot of things but what I think comes closest to fitting her wish is being able to find strength in just being herself and to not be afraid to show it. Amu use to bring herself down so much, never really noticing the potential she had all along. But that had gradually changed as she interacted with the rest of the cast. Dia may have also been inspired by Utau (hence, the twin tails and the singer/performer-like outfit) because Amu admires Utau on how she can be so upfront and honest about herself. Not to mention, Utau had confidence and she wasn’t afraid to shine. Amu may have always wanted that strength but she had to realize the radiance in her own self before that can happen.

All those qualities are something you can only describe by words. But since Charas have to be something we can actually see, they have to take a much solid form when they hatch. Who says you must be an artist to be cool and collected? Who says you must wear an apron to want to be more gentle? Who says you must be a singer in order to shine? Of course not. But it’s the situation in what caused them to hatch that they appear like that in the first place. And just remember that Charas are still just images of what a person wants to be. It’s not exactly the person they will be in the future but just a less vague idea of it.

Therefore, and finally, it’s wrong to say “Amu does not need so many Charas.” That’s just like saying “Amu doesn’t need to be more sociable, more kind, less spazzy, more confident, etc.” That’s just like saying “Amu doesn’t need so many dreams.” She does need them. Dreams take many forms. Why can’t you have more than one? She may or may not end up as one or all of them in the future but they are, nonetheless, still her dreams/would-be selves.

Woot, that was long. Hope you can understand some of that.

Yay, equal screentime for all the Chara-naris. <3

The Open Heart and the peptalk this time around was corny but w/e. haha

Moving onto the better part…


It’s about goddamn time you came looking for Amu! But I forgive you since you were so cute this episode for taking care of Ikuto and all. <3


I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO ANYWHERE UNTIL SHE COMES TO GET YOU!!! Self: No you didn’t. Me: Shut up, self! *whacks self with a pillow* Self:…Ow.

WAHAHAHAHA! She’s bringing him home! Delivery to her balcony seems to have been canceled but it’s all fine as long as she can bring him home herself. WAHAHAHAHA!!!




*swelling with so much pride she’s about to burst*

Kaaah. xD;

…I’m very curious as to what how the above scene’s going to happen (I WANT MORE HUGGING!).

Of course, if we are going to have a certain confession to happen, another one has to, too. And since the SC! fandom has gone into even deeper chaos and disarray as of the latest chapter, we’re all bound to sink into deeper fandom shit because of it. -_-;

But I want to get a good chance to see how Tadase’s little sincere moment will go. I’m definitely not going to say anything bad cuz I can never do that to someone who’s being honest with his/her feelings. That’s just mean and Tadase deserves praise for being brave enough to do so.

Which sets off a whole chain of emotional events for our beloved Ikkun (stuck in a closet) here. Aww, he looks so cute when he’s sad like this. <3 I want to hug him but that’s Amu’s job. lololol Amu, hug him for me! And be both tsuntsun and not tsuntsun about it! xDDD;;;

KYAAAAAHHHH~!!!! xDDDDDD …my heart just stopped. I won’t be able to function for the next few hours after watching this…so I’ll go to sleep and wake up early to do a post. Now excuse me as I go float off into Amuto land. *floatfloat*


7 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 73

  1. Everytime you post, I find myself agreeing with everything you say! Hehe. My first thought in watching this episode is that it’s a prelude to what happens in chapter 38, most specifically in explaining that all of the charas (and Amu) have to have their hearts aligned in order to chara nari. You were correct, according to the subs, Dia did say “after all, we’re all one”. Maybe when chapter 38 is animated, this episode might even be referenced during that time?

    I very much second everything you said about the charas. I tend to think that Dia is Amu’s best chara, but all of her charas are equally important to Amu and I think you hit the nail on the head as to why. But, I also think that it’s because Amu is so conflicted and doesn’t really have one dream in particular. She has many dreams and couldn’t even answer Dia when Dia asked that time.

    Yay, the next episode will definitely be very exciting. I think it will be interesting to see how both confessions are handled. I’m not even that concerned over the Tadamu one, because even though Amu doesn’t take the Amuto confession seriously, she’s so spazzy over the Tadamu one that it just reinforces how much their relationship won’t work out.

    Plus, I’m glad people will just stop bitching about fillers. -.- Extra glad about that.

  2. Now I thought that chara fight was slightly stupid – I blame Ran for taking the cake in the first place, Su did nothing. But I’m glad they made up. And the catch the embryo chara thing was funny.
    My brain couldn’t function properly after the last scene and the preview. Its not like we don’t know what happens but its always fun to see it animated. Now Ikutos sad face kills me so much – why can’t easter let him be happy. And Amu being pulled down in the preview. I think that is Ikuto and I wanna know why he pulls her. May its when he cuddles her – o_o my my that would be AWESOME :O.
    But she looks like she is shooting a basketball. Tadase has the right to confess so Ikuto can confess, but Tadase’s scarf looks like the one I have :D hehe.

  3. Rima saying that she should take the hint and leave them alone actually kinda made me laugh. Just ’cause I know she’s teasing Amu and would NEVER leave her BFFL alone like that.

    Ugh, it really annoys me, what they’re doing to Lulu. To be honest, I’m starting to feel kinda sorry for her. She only gets development when there’s an entire episode focused on her, then she goes right back to being the villain as if nothing happened. I just HOPE she doesn’t interfere with Ikuto’s arc. >:U

    I think I love Nagi’s expression the most, when they’re all freaking out because Amu’s chara-nari didn’t work (which was hilarious). I dunno, it’s like, he’s trying to stay all cool and collected, but he’s failing…XD

    New and improved Rimahiko in a box! Yes, the dream of any fangirl can be yours for only 9.99! …okay I’m done. XD

    I really liked your explanation on why Amu has so many charas. I never really questioned why she has so many charas, I mean, they’re all necessary, y’know? Each of them has their own purpose (and nobody can say they aren’t necessary because if Peach-Pit thought it was necessary for Amu to have 4 charas, then gosh darn it, it’s necessary).

    Eeeep! “The look” that Ikuto gives her stops my heart, it does. I can’t wait till next weeeeek~! And considering the fact that I just recently caught up with the manga, this is all still fresh in my head, so I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s animated. Great review, can’t wait till next week’s! :D

  4. Gah. I actually read your post before this and had loads of things to say, but it was right before bed. Now I’ve lost most of them. That shows me for going to sleep! (It’s even later than before anyway -_-;;)

    RIGHT! Rima is Amu’s super-protective best friend and she shouldn’t even joke about things like leaving Amu alone with Tadase! Not with the sort of boy he’ll be turning into. You’re too young to say blush-inducing things to Amu Tadase! Leave it to the big boys…like Ikuto! (My bias is clear here)

    Of course maybe it’s because Rima sees Tadase as no threat and Amu’s BFF she should know best. Ohohoho~ Take that Tadase!
    But oh noes~ I’m taking my frustration with Tadamu fans out on the poor shouta prince. Take it as me drowning in bitchy frustration. Hahaha…one more comment and I will surpass Rima, Utau’s, and Lulu’s combined bitchiness and I’ll take it out on some poor 12-year-old brat who doesn’t know any better.

    You don’t effing mess with stealing cake. I always eat mine very slowly so Ran pissed me off a bit. Silly chara just ask for another piece. They’re bigger than you are so I’m sure someone could have spared something that would be equivalent to a bite.

    I didn’t nominate Pepe because I only find the tsundere and angeru charas moe. Because their Utau’s charas, even chibi characters like them have to inherit some moe-ness. (Though Su’s up there too)

    “Ikkun, you need Tylenol relief in the form of A-M-U…like now.”
    This. This made me smile so much that I had to cover my face. I would have giggled too, but I had to hold that in because I was in the living room.

    On Lulu, I really think she’s going to stick around now. Thinking about it logically, manga fans may not like her sticking around for fear of the story, but having her and the new enemies she brings would be weird for those who just watch the anime. I’m thinking now she’s kind of more like Meilin from CCS. Created by the manga-ka, filling a role for fillers, not really affecting the plot. Except…well Meilin left the second part, I guess whereas Lulu is just coming in.

    Eh. I think she’ll stick around to the end and Satelight will do with her what Peach-Pit did with all of their side characters. Finish her story on the climb up the tower.
    …Oh crap that means another stop before we rescue Ikuto. Oh joy.

    Your explanation spurned on by “I need all of you” is so right, but I still think that scene was…just so corny. Acceptably cute, but still corny as hell. I hope the younger fans got a kick out of it. Though at that age I would have resented the whole chara’s making up scene because I’d feel like they’re patronizing me “A fight about cake? That’s f—ing stupid!” (Yes I did swear as a child…in my head anyway. Because it was somehow fun at that age.)

    My “Yoru!” beat your Yoru…so…ha? *is now incredibly aware of competitive blogging habits*

    You called it! White Day delivery of Ikuto to Amu for White Day. Though in this case it’s like Yoru’s the registered letter and Amu has to pick up her gift herself. Hahaha~

    Meh. I’m not going to say anything about Tadase’s confession. I don’t want my intolerance for princely characters to ruin it for anyone. (I’m a nice fangirl unlike the ridiculous fanbrats who…argh!)

    As for everything else…well I can’t say anything. My heart stopped when I watched the preview on Friday. (That’s right I’m talking to you as a fangirl ghost…or maybe we have computers up in fangirl heaven. Whichever.)

    Ah. I ended up typing up quite a bit actually. I guess I remembered some of what I wanted to say. (Ack, but now I really have to get to bed. Bad me. I have school tomorrow.)

  5. Cure Peach: *shrug* I think they’re all equally important.


    chibidoucet: Wow, really? Half the time I think I’m just spouting incomprehensible rage or something. xD;

    Yea, I think it is foretelling (ch. 38) future events but I don’t think we’ll have a flashback of this filler episode or anything when it comes. So what Dia said was just foretelling.

    True, true. But think of it this way. It’s good that she has many dreams because if all her Charas were just one Chara in the first place, then she really would’ve been a Sue (in accordance with the fanfiction definition of it anyway). So it’s good to see her conflicted instead of just settling for one. I can relate and I’m like…7 years older than her. ^^;

    That’s pretty much what I think, too, but I want to comment on it anyway. Haha, another comparison coming up, oh boy…

    Yea, they were getting annoying. I mean, fillers are even more annoying but everyone should’ve expected this.

    *sigh* I don’t know if Satelight might kill this arc by interrupting it with fillers, though. They better not. They didn’t do it for Utau’s arc and they certainly shouldn’t do it now or I’ll get mad!


    Miriam: Ran was mostly to blame but I guess their fight brought the whole issue of Amu Chara-nari – ing too much with a certain Chara over the other so that was good for me. I think that issue needed to be addressed any way. :/

    Yea! Animated! Easter are a bunch of bastards, that’s why. >:/ & I’m pretty sure that was Ikuto who pulled her down (no one else would do something like that to her, lol). I hope there’s cuddling! Kyaa~! xD

    Lol Now that you mention it, she does. XD;
    & Tadase’s scarf…yea. xD;


    effyness: Yep. Our Rima is Rima after all. If she did that, I would be “NOOO! Satelight screwed up with Rima! $%#*$%^#@(#$@%!” xD;


    I loved Nagi’s expression, too, but Rima’s side-to-side “OMG!” just grabbed my entire attention. xD;

    I’LL BUY IT! O.O

    Damn straight, girl! Obviously, the authors know what they’re doing. It’s just the fans who don’t know how to think critically are stupid. >:/

    Haha, my reply is kinda late but yes, can’t wait for it either! Thanks for commenting! ^^
    Fuyu-san: (Hmm, I’m wondering if anyone will look at these now that the episode out. Agh, I’m so slow)

    xDDD My mind is still in mud but Tadase should only say those things to the girl he’s actually gonna love rather than just like. I don’t think he really loves Amu. Not to the extent of how a man would love a woman so it’s not serious. And Amu can blush over anything cuz she’s just like that (but she blushes most around Ikuto~ so yay~) nyahaha :3

    & do as you wish with the fans as long as Tadase doesn’t always get the brunt. Poor kid gets that from all those extreme stupid Tadase haters too much. *sigh*

    I find all chibis kinda moe and Pepe’s intelligence makes me squeal “Aww, so cute!” so I’ll have to. X3

    Aww, why’d you have to cover your face? I laugh loud and clear when I fangirl (and drive everyone in my neighborhood crazy, lol).

    Haha, Meilin (I love her~)…let’s just be grateful that Lulu isn’t an interference in the romance. Not that Meilin was much (it was just one-sided on her part) but yea…
    We’ll just have to take what we get. :/

    It was corny but I was thinking about other things in general. But yea, it was so corny. -.-;
    And it turned into more than just a fight over a cake, y’know.

    I wonder sometimes if I was part of the cause of all your blogging competitiveness. ^^;

    *still giggling about that* 8D

    That’s good, that’s good.

    Get back down here! You’re not allowed to die before me! >:/


    Karin55: I think that sometimes, too. haha

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