Shugo Chara! ~ Ch. 38

Don’t be misled by the cover. This chapter was of pure, pure, pure AMUTO LOVE!!!


*too filled with intense, burning, warm love for Amuto to say much right now so just click the cut already*

Note: Massive spoilers for those of you who didn’t catch up with the manga yet.

Alright, first thing’s first. I’ll be using my own scans for my review and yes, I have watermarked every single one of them. Not that many of you would really care since Futari wa Pretty Anon’s scanlations are already out but I watermarked them all up anyway. And it kills me that I have to mark any of these beautiful pages with three big lines of copyright and ownership I hope I don’t get sued by Nakayoshi or P-Pit for this but it took me a long time to get everything looking nice and I don’t want them being freely distributed all over CR or wherever without due credit to me, got it?

Second, I know I’ve already said this in a comment on FWPA’s post but I’ll say it again. All those nagging comments about “HEY! When are you going to get the chapter out?! It’s ____ already! ” All of you need to shut the fuck up.

FWAP tries its best to get the scanlations out as soon as they can. It takes time to do them properly and moreover, they are being done for all you fans on their precious time. They have lives they have to tend to as well. So the least you can do is not spam FWPA’s comments with constant demands for the chapter. Not to mention, stop it with the “I WANT MORE AMUTO!” and “CAN WE HAVE A TADAMU MOMENT ALREADY?!”. FWPA is not the one doing the story. It’s Peach Pit and the authors can do whatever the hell they want because the material is theirs, not the scanlators. So don’t hound them and don’t be a fuckin’ fanbrat if you don’t get what you want. Shugo Chara! is at the total disposal of P-Pit and you WILL deal with whatever they choose to give you if you really loved this series for everything it’s worth. Not just for the Amuto or Tadamu or whatever shipping you want to see. -_-;

Third, I’m going to be a total big fat sentimental sap as I go through this chapter. Yes, there will be a lot of loooooong rants but that’s what I do so deal with it.

So, without further ado, let’s get this chapter started.

So the primary reason why Tsukasa has taken Ikuto away in the first place was so that Easter could not get to him (I think we already had that impression back in Ch. 33 when he told the Guardians about his “kidnapping”, that stupid silly pedobear).

As most of us are already aware, the ones who founded Easter was the Hoshina family and their only child/daughter (aka only heiress) would be Hoshina Souko, Ikuto and Utau’s mother. Despite the opposition from her own family, she and Tsukiyomi Aruto married and Aruto was made to promise to give up music to become the next leader of the company. But Aruto mysteriously left after Souko’s father, the former president at the time, died and whether whatever sides liked it or not, Ikuto, the oldest child of Aruto and Souko’s marriage, will be the one to inherit that position since Aruto is now assumed to be gone.

But Ikuto was still just only a child. Of course, Easter doesn’t give a damn. Add the fact that everyone in Easter practically despises anyone under the Tsukiyomi name (because of Aruto), they’re going to make even Aruto’s children pay for what their father’s desertment. Fucking shitty assholes. Using children as pawns to further your own ambitions. Making their father give up his love for music for your own goals. Treating your one and only daughter in such a disgusting manner, as if she was of no more worth because she married the man she so whole-heartedly loved and waited till the very end for. Was so severely heartbroken for him to the point where her exhaustion became too much that she even had to be hospitalized because you assholes caused this entire mess in the first place. All you fuckin’ bastards who are like that should get a thousand times the suffering they had to endure and then burn and rot in hell! YOU FUCKING REVOLTING EXCUSES OF HUMAN SHIT! D:<

*breathe* …

Rage aside for a bit, they managed to avoid them as long as they could but Easter eventually found them anyway. It sucks when the bad guys have more power. It really really sucks.
It’s even worst because this kind of thing can certainly happen in real life, too. *sigh* Big name, lots of money and power…don’t aim for that kind of stuff. At least, I suggest people don’t. Ambition can get too dangerous, y’know.

“Your music is not needed.”

Go to hell, you fucking bastard.

I seriously, completely hate what Easter has done to their family. Not only are they all treated like shit but they manipulated Souko, when she was still so mentally and physically weak, to going along with their plans, and thus, made her own children turn their minds against her. I do not blame Ikuto and Utau for being upset and angry with their mother but I do not blame Souko in the least either. She has held on for as long as she could. And despite being “weak-hearted” as Utau had described her, she still never gave up on Aruto until the very end and fell apart when she felt something “die within her” when she found his violin. In my opinion, she is already a pretty strong character and I will definitely add more in her defense if/when she is later mentioned. You have to keep in mind that not everyone can continue to be strong. Souko loved Aruto so much that it broke her heart. And for Easter to take the opportunity to use her (I’m very sure of this) to install a new director to the company under the family name when she is the most vulnerable without much protection…that is just the most despicable thing.

On another note, we finally get some clear up on where Utau actually lived all this time and it certainly wasn’t in her own home but that company mansion she was talking about. Man, Utau, I can relate to your feelings and all but you seriously need to learn how to let go when the time comes (and not just for this, if you get what I mean, heh). That’s kind of the (rather cute sometimes) problem with the siblings. They’re both too stubborn, they initially don’t believe that anyone can help them but themselves, and they drag out their bitter feelings for so long. I mean, it’s understandable given their circumstances (which is why we have Amu to knock some sense into them, haha) but I really hope this family makes up after Easter’s face is smushed into the dirt. Xiao would be so happy if/when that happens maybe Amu would be a third-party helper, too, haha.

Ikuto: “Oyasumi.”

Betty…Ikuto…Tadase… ;_______;

Ikuto would never even lay a hand on or do any harm to beloved Betty! D:<
As for as I know, Betty was already a full grown dog when Tadase wast still a toddler. And a dog’s life span isn’t that long. So when she died, it’s been quite a few years already (look at how much the two boys have grown since Ikuto went away). And Betty looked peaceful when she passed away. Even Tadase notices and he was the one closest to her! This just proves that Ikuto’s (and his father’s) violin playing really does make everyone happy and what Ikuto did for Betty (not to her) was a proper send off for her death.

As for Tadase’s grandma and why she collapsed despite the fact that she was usually healthy…well, this happens to old people. Their bodies get weaker, even if they are healthy, by the day. It’s sad but it’s the truth. The cause of her illness is still unknown but I am sure Ikuto would never hurt her in anyway either. Even, god forbid, if Easter ordered him to (which they have no reason to and if they did, I would seriously rip them to shreds), he wouldn’t do it. She gave him and Utau shelter when their mother was ill. Why would he ever harm someone who did that for them?

So all that ridiculous bullshit that bitch mom has been spouting is just utter nonsense. I wouldn’t even be surprised (in fact, I actually do believe) if she started the rumor herself to feel superior and better than Shouko. Ugly, jealous bitch.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if she was the one who killed Betty, pushed grandma down, and had this all as a set up so that she could turn her own son against his friend. I am aware that does seem a bit to the extreme but it’s not implausible. Mizue, Tadase’s mom, is very unstable when she lets her jealousy take over. She doesn’t look like the type who’d get sad if the family dog died and it’s possible she might even hate her own mother-in-law for always siding with the Tsukiyomis like her husband does. She can be just that much of a horrible person as she is as horrible “parent.”

I already hate Mizue more than I hate the director. Because the director is (I’m assuming) at most a shallow character who just wants to please his Boss and have no interest for anything else except Easter. Mizue, however, is a mother. And as a mother, as an adult, to verbally abuse innocent children like that when the right thing a mother should do is to show compassion for them, even if they are not her own. To take out her anger on them just because she’s jealous and too cowardly to speak to her own husband about it. To even get jealous over something she shouldn’t even be jealous about because Ikuto and Utau are her husband’s best friends’ children whom he would obviously be concerned for. Now that is a failure of a parent. An adult.
And I take this very personally because I know others who have been abused wrongly by these so-called “parents” as well as have been brought down by my own when I was still a kid. So to see her type of character, even if she is fictional, makes me want to beat the living daylights out this bitch. I hate her and I’ll never forgive her, even if Ikuto does.

*breathe again*…

But it’s a good thing Tadase’s realizing that Ikuto is the one who’s at fault. Tadase is still a kid so it’s understandable to a point that his emotions would get the better of him (kids his age don’t have much of a good control over their own). Moreover, he was influenced by his mom. Arriving at the wrong time didn’t help much either. But I’m positive that a small part of him still believed in Ikuto even when he “gave up” on doing so. He already confirmed it to Kukai that he still cared for Ikuto and went to help save him. See, Tadase’s maturing. And that means that even if it might take a while for them both to be on good terms again, Tadase can definitely put the past behind him, forgive Ikuto and apologize for treating him that way all this time. I’d like to see that happen. It will make me happy. :)

Yes. This has been the moment I’ve been waiting for. Amu comes to an understanding (I don’t know how much but at least it is one) of Ikuto’s pain through seeing his memories. He obeyed Easter’s orders to protect his mother and his sister. He didn’t like it but in a way, it was also part of his struggle against the world that seemed to be against him. And that was probably what contributed to his own would-be self. The self he could not become because of the restraints placed upon him.

Knowing this…

Amu (EPICALLY!) unlocks her heart, wanting to do anything to help him. Free him.

(Poor Tadase has been thrown back by that powerful blast, oh~)

And in huge massive BIG BANG! of light (oh ho ho~, I can’t wait to see this animated, it will be so wonderful!)…

Dia returns and Amulet Diamond is back! xDDDDDD

(lol, poor Ran, too. ^^; )

So Dia tells Amu was close to finding her answer after continuously searching for it so long and lends Amu her power.

Hmm, I was a bit excitedly perplexed for a moment when Amu mentioned “I thought calling myself the hero was little off…” because her Charas are always calling her the “heroine” and when I saw the connection, I went “Aha!”
I think this is also the part where her slight tomboyishness comes into play. Boys tend to be the more noticeable heroes (in most cases) cuz they can, well, fight. Girls don’t have the same strengths as boys do but Amu wanted that strength, nonetheless, no matter what it was. And that, imo, was the strength to shine. And right now, she wanted to use that same strength to help Ikuto. To shine for Ikuto (and bring him out of the darkness, corny yada yada =P).


I demand high quality blow-you-out-of-your-mind animation for this ENTIRE chapter! I will not settle for even a little less, I tell you! Amulet Diamond’s TWINKLE SHIELD and SHOOTHING SHOWER STAR freakin’ PWN!!!! xDDDD
Of course, everyone’s own respective attacks are just as awesome but I want to be blinded by SHINY LIGHTS STARS AND SPARKLES~!!! *will have special sunglasses ready cuz I’m a dork*

So boys fight for their pride. Even if they’re dead tired, they still fight for that reason. I think we all know that now, if we haven’t already.

And I’ll get to what I think is Amu’s reason for fighting is in a bit but in the meantime, anybody get the shooting star reference? 8D

“Entrust your wish to a shooting star…” pretty much can mean “I want to grant your wish” from Amu to Ikuto, can’t it? That she is his shooting star as he is hers.
I’m just theorizing here but also want to know what you guys interpret from this line.

And I love it how the entire time, Amu has her arms outstretched wide and open to Ikuto even though he’s trying to push her off. There’s a lot of symbolism in it. Her unyielding determination to help him, accept him, protect him, everything…*very happy sigh* <3

No commentary is needed. Just be silent and appreciate the image for the next few minutes.

*happy, thrilled silence*

“I want to hold you.”

…Aww man…my heart was just got warmed by several million degrees.

Add the fact that I pretty much had the same prediction that Amu was going to initiate a hug to save Ikuto quite a while back so I’m feeling a little smug about that, too. lol xDDD

Ah, yea…I…have so much to say…and I don’t know where to start. Omg, me, the ranter of ranters, is struck speechless by Amuto and Amuto alone.


Ok, so let’s try this (lol).

As I said before, now that Amu has finally come to an understanding to what Ikuto had to go through, she wanted to let him know that she was there for him. But she is so overcome with all these emotions she has that it was difficult to truly express what and ALL she wanted to say (quote: warriorhope). So she hugs him instead. The first time we ever got to see her show a physical form of compassion to someone else. And I believe Ikuto is among the first few to ever receive that from Amu. Even Tadase and Rima never got that from her. It’s usually always someone else who is giving Amu a hug but rarely the other way around. Again, probably restating what many people have said already but this just shows how important Ikuto is to her and just how deep their relationship is.

Now I’ve heard a lot of people say that they think a hug to save a person is very cliche but I honestly don’t think it could’ve been done in any other way (or any better way for that matter). And to support that, I’m going to quote a post I made on GW:

He did need that hug the most…especially from the girl he cares about the most, which was what brought him out of the trance in the first place. When she was upset at him back in chapter 30 (?), he probably lost a little of his will to fight probably because he was so depressed about hurting her, even if it was for her own good. But when Amu embraced him, something clicked between them again. Something like a two-way channel of emotions. Amu started to understand Ikuto’s pain and wanted to be there for him and Ikuto felt all those feelings that Amu had for him, including her forgiveness, her apologies, etc.

So embracing someone can definitely go a long way. This is cliche done right, people.

In addition, I’m going to take the time now to address both Amuto and Tadamu. Don’t worry, I’m going to try to be as unbiased as I always am with my analysis but I definitely DO NOT want to see any form of bashing in my comments. I don’t even want to see “Oh, I think this is better than that because blahblahblah happened!” Any of that will be automatically deleted. It’s just going to tell me you haven’t read or taken seriously any of this post at all and I won’t deal with that kind of crap, alright?


When Amu saved Tadase from succumbing to the Black Diamonds song, she told him about her own self-doubts (Dia becoming an X-egg and everything) and reassured him that it was alright to be weak as long as he didn’t give up. That gave Tadase encouragement and what caused him to finally look at Amu for herself instead of just Amulet Heart. But the thing is, that brand new light he saw her in and later claim to like seems more like admiration of her (a crush) rather than actual love. I’m not saying that there isn’t any love, far from it. Did you see how far he went to protect her two chapters back? There are definitely some genuine feelings there.

But still, there is not enough mutuality of the affections between them. In order for them to have a moment that can truly be considered development, both sides have to have the same amount of, if not similar, impact on each other at the same time. Tadase’s feelings I can see switch back and forth from admiration to “love” a lot which is probably what hinders him from actually syncing with Amu’s feelings. When he told her “I’m going to tell you “I love you” every day”, did Amu gracefully respond? No. She was spazzing and getting all embarrassed. She even asked Tadase to stop but he just kept telling her the same thing. Of course, she was happy but she was pretty much more unsetttled than that. This is the problem. When you like someone, you should know when to stop if you’re making them uncomfortable. And Tadase didn’t understand and Amu could not answer in the same way. They are still greatly mismatched.

But in this particular moment Amu has with Ikuto, both of them can feel what the other person was feeling. Even though Ikuto didn’t move, his expression showed it all. He was shocked that Amu was hugging him but what’s important was that her feelings (her tears) for him was getting through to him through that contact. And Amu, after unlocking the Lock and witnessing his memories, synced with his own sadness and all the weight he had to carry on his shoulders. She was sympathizing with him.

And let’s make this clear right now: Amu is not doing it out of pity. There’s a fine line between that and sympathy. Pity means to feel sorry for someone and has a more negative connotation to it. It’s like you’re looking down on a person just because he/she is lacking something. Sympathy means to be able to relate to someone and share what they’re feeling. That’s understanding.

And Amu knows very well that Ikuto doesn’t want to be pitied. She has witnessed him struggle so hard, fight so hard, throughout his life in his memories. She’s not thinking that he’s some poor boy on the street who needs that gracious dime or nickel you so happen to have in your pocket at the moment but that he should have relief from all the suffering he has endured. She wants to be his support. She wants him to be happy because she knows he deserves to be happy.

*big breath*

Finally, the Amuto fans must be rejoicing that this probably means Amuto is now “officially canon” or something. I hate to be the one to burst the celebration bubble but it’s not. Fans still have to be cautious with what they consider “victory” (ugh, don’t use this term with me if it’s based on shipping) because nothing is set in stone yet. Amu has already realized that Ikuto is important to her but that does not mean “OMG, I love you, Ikuto!”…no. Hell, these things take time or otherwise, if you rush them, then there’s no longer any meaning to them. Amu still has to sort out her own feelings first and Ikuto needs to properly confess before we finally get any canon pairing here.

As I said in the beginning of this post, the plot, story, and ending are all going to be decided by Peach Pit and only Peach Pit because it belongs to them so they can do whatever they like if they wanted to.

Speaking only in relation to the the story (I will say it again, this is unbiased), an ending where Amu chooses Ikuto would make the most sense given how much development they have. But Peach-Pit can be unpredictable like they were with the first Rozen Maiden series and turn a 180 degree angle to give us Tadamu instead. Or they can leave it open-ended where Amu gets with no one, or have all three of them go their separate ways, or do something that we totally did not expect. We. Don’t. Know. And we have no way of knowing so don’t get too confident just yet is all I’m saying.

And honestly, all you Amuto or Tadamu fans out there. Stop it with these “Better than you!” wars already. “Mature” and “immature” have become way too overused for the fandom that it pretty much doesn’t have an effective meaning anymore.

First of all, Shugo Chara! is not centered on this triangle. It is focused on Amu’s story and how the Charas play a role in her life. Everybody else is just a contribution to that and romance is only a fraction of the plot. If you don’t understand this, then I’m sorry but you have no right to call yourself a Shugo Chara! fan. This manga has so much to give and to argue among yourselves over which guy should win the girl is fucking pathetic.

Second, why can’t some of you just settle for what you like instead of bashing someone else about what they like, huh? People are bound to have different preferences. Why can’t some of you respect that and not be rude about it? This is a fiction story, kids. Quit screaming your heads off at each other as if it’s your life on the line or something. You’re not helping your part of the fandom look any better by doing so (and this goes to the bigger number of you (Amuto) fans, especially).

Ok, moving on (god that was long)…

Back to Amu’s reason for fighting…I’m sure she does it to support others, especially those who believe in her and especially especially those who really need her. In a way, that can also relate to why she has so many Charas. Because she wants to be able to do anything for anyone she cares about, she has to actually know how to do it first. And you can’t just help people in just one way. You have to know several ways in order to help them the best you can.

This are just my thoughts on it, though. It’s nothing too serious so don’t think too much into it. I just wanted to see how well it related.
And even if it’s rather vague, I also think it can support the reason on why she has more Charas than the average person much better than “She’s the heroine…so she gets more.” =P

Seven Seas Treasure & Amulet Fortune!

So, I’m still pondering on what Amu’s answer exactly is (it can be many things so I want to wait again before making any statements) but whatever it is, Ikuto finally broke free of that brainwashing spell placed on him and we get new Chara-naris. Hurrah! (Ah, I’m very tired now but I’m going to finish this if it’s the last thing I do)

Haha, I had a double first reaction to both of them actually. For Amu, I was like “She’s so beautiful~! *0*” and “Urm, what is she actually suppose to be? xD;”. And as for Ikuto, “Kyaa! PIRATE! xDDDD” and “lol…WHUT?” xDDD

But it all makes sense. I found them both quirky looking at first but once I got the idea down, I really really love the new Chara-naris (even if they still do seem a bit…like cosplay, lol xD;).

A pirate is a person who is not bound to the law and can go wherever he freely chooses to go but at the same time, follows by his own code of conduct. It’s the general idea of freedom, the thing that Ikuto always yearned for the most, that fits with his character. That, and the fact that he is not a goody goody two-shoes but not necessarily an evil bad guy either. He’s in the gray area and just does whatever he pleases.
Also what pirates are always in search of is treasure. Ikuto was always searching for happiness. He wanted his mother and sister to be happy. He went off looking for his father. (quote: ShiningNinja from GW) He was always searching for that kind of treasure. And the greatest fortune he found was Amu, who saved both him and Utau.

Which is why the name “Fortune” is also appropriate for her Chara-nari. Amu is a really rare find among all the many people out there. Why? Simply because she cares a lot for the people around her and does a lot for them. More than the average person would usually bother to care. She is everyone’s good fortune actually but to Ikuto, she is his greatest fortune.
And yea, the whole deal with the full card suit, too. *doesn’t really know much about that*

See, they fit together~ <3

But I can’t get off the hook with just that so a closer look into Amulet Fortune: Majority of us agree that she’s suppose to be a bride.
Mmkay, it might be an overused idea in shoujo but it’s not anything outrageous. Don’t all girls want to be the perfect bride one day? That does not mean they want to be a Sue. NO. If you are a girl, you should understand. Girls always dream about endless possibilities for themselves but when it comes down to marriage, to love, they want to be a good woman (a good fortune, if you will) to the man they want to be with. Now how is that a Sue? How can that even be called a Sue is what I should be asking.

Also…keep in mind that a Chara-nari does not equal the person who is currently in that Chara-nari. Chara-nari is a concept, a visual image of the person you want to be. Not the person him/herself as of the moment. So to call Amu a Sue would be false again. These are her dreams and anyone can have a limitless amount of dreams. She has yet to accomplish those dreams but she’s getting there. She just hasn’t got to that point yet. Just wanted to clear that out of the way.

…Wow…that was long.
Ah…I’m sorry for the repetitiveness. I know there are a lot but I don’t think I’m going to come back and edit so I’ll just leave it as it is.

Yea, I’m going to bed now (3-hour nap, w/e) before I have to wake up for class later (ugh, didn’t finish those questions, I’m screwed). I’ll give a cookie to anyone who has read through this entire post. You’re amazing if you did, lol. xD;

K, bai. *falls dead* Zzzz…


8 thoughts on “Shugo Chara! ~ Ch. 38

  1. “So, I’m still pondering on what Amu’s answer exactly is”

    I’m still really curious about that too!!!! She obviously had somewhat of the right idea, since she saved Ikuto, but I’m not sure what exactly it was she figured out.

    I am in complete and utter awe at your ability to think and write comprehensibly after this chapter!! I just started spazzing and didn’t get much more than a couple, “adorable!!!”s into my post. xD

  2. Nice post :) I did a double take too, I want to see Amu’s outfit fully, the sparkles confuse my brain *_*

  3. Ooh, excellent post! I very much agree about Mizue. She’s an incredibly selfish person, and I think she contributed a lot to the way that both Utau and Ikuto can be so mistrusting and think that people can be two-faced. She really does need a few slaps upside the head. I can’t believe that anyone could be so shallow and petty.

    I’m so happy Amulet Diamond is back, but I, too, am curious as to what Amu’s answer is. But to know that, I guess we have to know what her original question was, and Amu’s been dealing with a LOT of those during the whole story. I would think that the most reasonable one would be, “why does Ikuto act the way he does?” but Amu already knew that before Dia appeared. So, I’m hoping that her answer lies in Amu knowing who she really loves now. Hoping, but not expecting, because that’s probably too easy.

    I very much agree with your analysis of Amuto and Tadamu. That’s basically the number one problem I find with Tadamu, that and the fact that Amu and Tadase are just so awkward around each other. She’s liked him for over a year now, but she still doesn’t seem any more comfortable around him than in the beginning. I think you hit it bang-on, what the problem with Tadamu is (and why Amuto seems to work better). I also second your “Amuto is not canon yet”. I’ve been seeing that in the Crunchyroll forums and it just makes me roll my eyes.

    In reference to Amulet Fortune, I keep remembering back to the very beginning, when Amu said something like, “Sometimes I want to be able to wear something girly and lacey, too.” You mentioned that Amu can be a little tomboyish sometimes, and she also just saved Ikuto with her shine as a girl… so maybe all of those things (plus more) just added up. Whatever the reason, both Amulet Fortune and Seven Seas Treasure look awesome. I can’t wait to see how they pwn Easter next time!

    Good post, especially when you were half asleep. Looking forward to the next one! (And that’s right, you tell all those people bitching at Futari wa Pretty Anon where to stick it. D: They were driving me crazy yesterday, too.)

  4. …wow.

    That’s my initial reaction. I mean, I had to catch up on like, 20 chapters, but it was well worth it. It’s just, after reading so many chapters and ending my marathon at this chapter…I think my brain is fried. x_X But your post really helped.

    Honestly, what I love about your posts is that you analyze things so well in a way I wouldn’t have expected. It’s like, “Huh, that’s something to think about”, y’know? And those moments of pondering are what make a show or series like Shugo Chara! even better, so thank you.

    Again, wow. I mean, I always knew that Ikuto went through a lot, but really…wow. Whoever complains about the hug and says its cliche can go stick it because in Amu’s situation, I would do the exact same thing. Anyone would! If you knew someone who felt that kind of pain, who carried that heavy a burden, wouldn’t the only thing you’d want to do be to share some of it?

    That’s really the amazing thing about Amu. Certain people (people like me) would be overwhelmed, knowing someone that the world seems to be going against, and they’d think that it was too much for them to handle, so they’d feel depressed because they weren’t able to help that person. Amu was depressed for a while (a few chapters back when Yoru asks her to save Ikuto, I think), but she got over it and decided to save him instead of sulking. That’s a kind of drive that few people have these days.

    So yeah, this was an amazing chapter (MAN am I glad I went back to reading the manga) and I simply cannot waaaait until the anime catches up. I’ll have my sunglasses ready for the sparkly attacks, and get ready to fangirl all over again. So again, thank you for this great post!

  5. I agree with everything you said.

    Tadase’s bitch mom is a bitch. And you’re right. As a parent she should have realized how ahorrible she was acting toward Utau and Ikuto. In anime and manga adults suck a lot.

    And heh, good for you telling off the pairing war people. (Even though I also said Amuto was canon). Before all else SC is about finding and loving yourself for who you are and working towards a dream. Love is a secondary goal (and by love I also mean friendship and family love, as well as romantic love).

  6. Hahaha. Awesome rage at the beginning. Oh how I love rants~ Especially when it’s over something that makes me go. “YEAH! Fanbrats need to STFU already and get educated!” These past few days are some of the ones that really make me wish for that button on my keyboard that smacks people.

    I mean on a different set of stupidity, I saw “just because Amu hugged Ikuto doesn’t mean anything. Friends hug each other all the time.” It’s understandable if you like Tadamu and don’t like this, but denial is taking it a bit too far. I think female friends hug each other often enough, but come on. I can’t think of a single time where hugging hasn’t lead to OTP-ness, at least in shoujo. I mean, even a kiss is more likely to not mean OTP than a hug like that. Freakin’ fangirls need to educate themselves. I’ve seen Tadamu fans going into a little denial rage recently on places like YouTube and I can’t help but think someone should smack some sense into them. Ugh.

    So yeah, I’ve decided not to even do my promised post because I got enough stupid comments on my unrelated episode post anyway (so much that I don’t even want to reply). So instead you get my fangirl dump! Hurray~!

    Let’s throw everyone from Easter off of the roof! I’ll start on the catapult! People who manipulate children need some good coma-time to think over their actions.

    I really want to see Suoko already too. I’m also on the side that she’s not bad and is just kind of…broken I suppose. I want her to get a happy ending too. (But her current husband needs to get thrown off a roof. This has already been established, but it still needs to be said).

    Yeah…just one last mini-rant on Tadase. I know he was poisoned by his mom and all that, but really sometimes he needs to have some common sense. His dog was old, his grandma was old, Tadase’s dad got the key right after Aruto went missing (if I’m remembering right), and Ikuto…well, I mean even if you believe Ikuto has bad luck, wouldn’t bad timing be part of that bad luck? Ah…stupid Tadase. He’s a kid though, so you have to forgive him.

    Don’t hate Mizue more than the director! She’s a bitch, but she’s just crazy. Asshole director on the other hand is always thinking calmly and specifically. Carrying out plans he comes up with ahead of time and such. Freakin’ asshole. Though if it’s because she’s a mother I suppose that’s understandable. She should be held to a higher standard. I still hate that fucking asshole more though. (He needs to suffer forever!!!!!)

    You know…reading this chapter for the…fifth time maybe? I really, really though, “OH! I can’t wait until Kanae-san says that “atashi no kokoro UNLOCK!” because it’s going to be epic.

    Ah~ Shining to help Ikuto out of the darkness! Oh I love that. We get so many incredible “aww” moments in this chapter, don’t we?

    Entrust your wish to a shooting star actually didn’t make me think much except, “Ahaha~ More shooting star references.” With all of the talk of stars and shining that have been involved in Amuto, I think it’s really clear that Amu was always going to “shine” for Ikuto. Ahahahaha~

    “I want to hold you.” Kyaaaawww (holy shit it’s a combo-fangirling word!) That is another line I can’t wait to hear. It really is my favorite line in all of shoujo manga right now.

    People need to stfu about hugs being cliche. Even if something is done a lot, you still have to do it if it’s necessary. I mean, I can’t think of anything that’s more comforting than a hug. But if we listen to “critics” I suppose Amu should have done something illogical instead to make it unique. Bah. No one is ever pleased.

    Oh my crazy competitive shipping came back after reading your comparisons. Amu only encouraged Tadase, but she specifically hugged and comforted Ikuto. There’s a difference. It really feels like Tadase just got Amu’s usual speech, but Ikuto got Amu crying and all of that. Because when Ikuto was hurt, Amu was hurt too and…oh! *fangirl overload* I can’t take it anymore…this chapter~

    Like the line says, Amu wanted to hold Ikuto. She wanted to comfort him and make him feel better. She wanted to. So much that she was crying and in pain and just…well that’s love to me~ That’s the simplest way to put it.

    However, I honestly don’t think Amu will be able to confess that she likes Ikuto like that until she’s like 16 or something in an epilogue. If we ever get Amu deciding her number one at all. My doubts on that have been made clear, but I think now we may get an open end that really strongly hints at Amuto in the future (that we don’t get to see…).

    Amu’s a bride. She’s a bride created through raburabu amuto together chara-nari! Don’t argue with that! Though I think people are kind of over-thinking the Fortune bit of it. I think it’s just Fortune to go along with the cards thing. Like how you can tell a fortune with cards. I mean all of the Amulet names have just been straight-forward. Chara-Nari with her heart chara = Amulet Heart (and so on). Then with other charas, it’s just whatever that chara is (Angel, Devil, Cat, etc~)

    Actually the bride thing and people complaining about it has finally gotten me in the mood to do this nice (mildly well-thought out) rant on something that’s been bothering me since ShinKuro’s end. I will forever fight the injustice of idiots calling my girls cliche, sue-ish, or weak! RAWR!

    But um…thank you for writing such intelligent things as always. You can always manage to say things I just can’t quite put into words.

  7. Okay so that was an amazing chapter. I liked that there is hope for Tadase and Ikuto’s friendship because they used to be so close. Also having Dia back was good, and the way she transformed was a very dramatic pose. I liked that a girl could fight too because Amu is definatley a fighter.
    And that hug… my my my…I have been eagerly waiting for that Amu initiated hug and what a hug it was. Your definitely right about how something between them clicked and their relationship is so deep. The ‘I want to hold you’ line made me go all gooey inside and feel really warm. Lol just what you described :P Tadamu is really nice too but their relationship will never be the same.

    And then we had her finding her answer. I didn’t know what the question was to be honest, but I am hoping it was to do with Ikuto. God I have a one track mind.

    Then there was the four way character transform. Now can i say, I actually saw this coming – not in a ‘so predictable’ way but I just thought that would be an amazing way for the charas the be one and it was what I expected the key and lock to do in the first place – it just totally fits.
    So to be honest I swelled with pride for knowing that was coming :D

    Now I’m so glad that you gave the whole section on what the pirate transformation meant because I was thinking ‘Very nice looking’ and ‘lol why pirate’ – but you really said it, pirates are free to roam but have their own code just like Ikuto wants to be like.
    And when amulet fortune appeared I was so happy – she looks extremely pretty and it does look slightly like a wedding dress but I actually didn’t notice.

    So now we have to wait for next month. Now I have caught up with the latest chapter I have to wait, which is always bad because I’m an impatient brat who can read a chapter in 2 minutes. I’m so eager that I can’t think about anything else :D I need a life but I don’t care he he.
    Fantastic blog entry – I was also thinking of blogging this but now I’m not so sure. Yours is like the holy grail – I’ll definitely refer people to this entry.


  8. kelakagandy: Haha, a lot of people are questioning what question she had in the first place but I think it’s safe to say that it can be “What is your purpose for wanting to shine?” or something like that. I think we’ll get a more clear explanation in the next chapter or so.

    Lol I think my fangirl spazz moments simmered down between the time pics of the scans came out and when the actual scanlations came out so maybe that’s why. Haha & you know me and my ranting and analyzing. I never leave any thought out (at least I try not to). Hehe :)


    Karen: Thank you. :) & yea, the sparkles…but they’re soooo pretty which makes me love Amulet Fortune even more! x3


    chibidoucet: I think so, too. She’s practically the first person they know to show them the ugliness of the real world so it makes them want to defend themselves even more because of that. Her character is…seems so shallow and bitter that it even surprises me, even though this is mostly fiction, but still…I don’t believe there can be such a person like her out there. Going by only the sane and good people, I mean.

    That’s true. They’re still keeping her original question pretty vague. But I think I have a good idea what it can be (from my guessing, anyway). Like what I said to kelakagandy at the top (and probably what I will be saying for the rest of the replies, lol), I think her question is “What is her purpose for wanting to shine?” And I think that can extend to your question of exactly who she wants to shine for as well. Who she wants to shine for can also be who she loves the most and wants to try her best for. I hope I make sense?
    Yea, it probably isn’t as easy to guess as we want it to be but sometimes it really does turn out that way and that’s what makes it fun (I sound like a dork, I’m sorry, lol ^^; ).

    Exactly. See if there actually was any development between them, I would notice and I definitely wouldn’t fail to point them out. I always want to compare a rivalry shipping on equal, fair ground as best as I can. But Tadamu does not have enough depth or even progressed as much as Amuto. So I can’t really say more than that. If they did have some progress, I’d say “Ok, this might be able to work”…but they don’t have enough development that I can allow myself to say that, y’know?
    Oh, I avoid CR entirely. Those forums make me feel so disgusted. But, yea, people need to put their fangirling aside for a moment and think with a level-headed mind unless they want a very bad crash if we’re not getting the ending we expect to happen. Oh god, that will be one scary fandom… -_-;

    Ooo, yea, I like how you added her desire to be more girly in there as well (darn, I should’ve mentioned something about that in there as well *bad ranter* lol). But when you gather up everything together, I think the ultimate answer on why she wanted to shine is not just because she wanted to have the strength to fight like how a boy would fight or be more like a girl but just because she wanted to be herself. That she was just Amu trying her best for someone she really cared about. *happy sigh*
    Yea…I can’t wait for the next chapter to have a better look at the Chara-naris and to see that asshole director have his ass handed to him.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I’m sorry for replying so late (had school work and stuff, ugh) but I’m really glad you enjoyed reading it! (And yes, those fans need a good spanking but unfortunately that isn’t possible over the internet so we have to bitch-yell at them instead* -_-; ).


    effyness: I’m glad my post helped! Hehe ^^

    Ah, thank you so much! The one I should really be thanking is you and all the readers who take my posts seriously. I know a lot of the Shugo Chara! “fans” out there don’t really see what this series is worth as much as I do (they’re all to obsessed with the shippings to really care) and it makes me really happy to know that I know some who can think beyond that. So really, thank you for reading my posts through (along with giving me a little more hope for the human race, lol).

    I know, right?! To me, nothing can be more comforting and reassuring than a hug. Words can definitely help but a hug gives you so much more and tells you so much more than words can’t possibly get across at times. It’s the right thing to do. It’s not cliché. And anybody who thinks that doesn’t deserve anyone to give them comfort at all! >:(

    Yes, that’s definitely what I love about Amu, too. Of course, you have to give her some time to feel troubled and lost because she’s only human. And she’s still such a young girl so all these problems she’s facing must be tough on her! People who complain that “Oh, she should’ve done something here!” or “Omg, she’s always saving everyone!” I’m sorry? Those who say that needs to be slapped. You think it’s easy being a heroine? Hell no. Amu, by far, shows us how a real girl would act in situations like that and she’s even better than a real girl because she knows not to sit and dawdle on it too long instead of doing what a heroine should do.


    Yep! Thank you for your comment! I can’t wait till the next chapter comes out as well and I’ll definitely make a post on that, too, so look out for it! ;D


    warrior: xD

    She’s a crazy bitch so she probably couldn’t anyway. -_-;
    Really, I’m sure this makes for good story-telling but sometimes the authors can go overboard with the parental abuse towards children. I’m glad we have some good parents in there as well to reassure us not everyone is as unlucky (Midori and Tsumugu are awesome!)

    It’s okay if you say “This will most likely be canon” cuz common sense just says it should turn out that way. But those who can’t think out of their bias needs to have some sense slapped into them. The hard way.
    And exactly. If you don’t learn to accept yourself, and therefore love yourself, how can you give love to others? Right?


    Fuyu-san: You and me both, hun.

    That…is really stupid. Nobody’s going to (at least, should not) bash/flame you if you support what you like but to say something that eye-rolling-worthy really pisses me off. Which is why I no longer care much about the fandom anymore. It’s been fun talking with the sensible fans but there are too many brats that need to be lectured and I’m just sick of having to deal with them. I’ll be posting something relating to that sometime soon.

    Joy~ for me~! Heh. This makes me kinda glad on my “keep-to-myself” kind of blogger status. For those who are interested in looking deeper into this series, they’re the smart ones who can leave good, decent comments and I’m more than happy with receiving them. But if I get a “OMG!NO! I want Kamuri/Rimau/random shit to happen!” then I’ll just delete them. I don’t want that crap to encourage other people to do the same when they see it. Not that they’ll come here often. It is exactly those stupid fans who leave stupid comments that will not bother to read a post this long so double yay for me not having to deal with them! hahaha

    Anyone involved with the stupid asshole director should be thrown off the roof. Maybe not Easter as a whole (all those poor underpaid innocent employees) but definitely those in top management.

    Souko really is broken and I want to hug her. :’( (& Keep on saying that as much as you like. No one’s gonna stop ya~)

    Ah, I actually think I have a reason why Tadase would act so angry (ouch, your comment kinda stung me a little T_T) but I’m not sure if I should put it here since it’s rather long…I think I’ll save my reasoning for one of the episode posts. Good chance it will probably go into the one tonight. Hehe

    I will hate anyone I want to hate! And as much as I want, too! >8( Even if she is crazy, she was sane before she was crazy. She should have gone to counseling or at least talked with her husband about it. But no, she didn’t. She’s just as bad as the director! Anyone who treats children as trash I automatically despise with the greatest passion! It doesn’t matter who I hate more! I will not stand for it! I hate people like that! I do! *MOAR ANGER!*

    …*cough* yea. Sorry about that. ^^;

    WaaAAaaHAHAHA~…I hope I don’t faint in the middle of it. Omg, that will be just too awesome. KANAE-SAN~! xDDDDDD

    I keep re-reading this chapter just because I want to go “Aww” a million more times! Lol xD

    Exactly. People who say that need to get their life f*cked up a little (ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh so I take it back but they at least don’t deserve to be comforted if they say that). Someone embracing you because they care for you is a wonderful thing. How dare people call that cliché? >:(

    Yep, that’s the point I was trying to make! And that only reinforces Amuto even more. *only cares about how Amuto is so great* x3

    Ah, you never know. I mean, Sakura was able to confess to Syaoran when she was around (I think) Amu’s age. But then again, CCS is less realistic than SC! is (at least, I think so) so yea, it’ll probably take Amu a little longer, which I don’t mind at all cuz then her feelings for him will grow even more and more into love. Kyaa~! <3 I’m really hoping that the ending won’t be open-ended though even if it does heavily hint at Amuto. I would like some official, voiced-out closure because if we don’t get that, it would seem unfair to the boys, the fans, and maybe I’m going a little too into it, but Amu as well. She’s not real, yea, I know, but I doubt any character in a story would want to be stuck over two choices forever. We need someone (Midori) to tell Amu she has to make a choice or everything will just end up going worst. P-Pit is not Arina-sensei and I doubt they can pull of what she can.

    But no one was arguing with anything about that~ ^^;
    And eh, I just thought that explanation up cuz I’m a romantic~ hehe

    Me, too! RAWWWRRRRR!!!!

    Thanks for giving me a great comment. Haha, I sounded like such a sap in my reply but oh well. I’m in love with Amuto. I’m allowed to say sappy things. Hehehe xD


    Miriam: *nodnod at all of what you said* lol Sorry, all I can just say is that I agree. I don’t know how else I can add to it without repeating myself. xD;

    Naw, I also think Ikuto is part of her answer as he is part of her original question. Maybe not the entire thing but he plays an important role in making her realize what exactly it is.

    Be proud then! :D hehe I think a few other people saw that coming, too, Some even compared it to DBZ fusion, LMAO but whether if it was actually going to happen or not, not many were that sure.

    *nodnodnod* 8D

    lol Don’t we all want the next chapter right now? xD; But it’s only three more weeks. More time for P-Pit to make it extra good! X3

    Wow, “holy grail”? o.O Omg, that’s the highest praise I ever had for a post. *is really humbled and honored* Thank you! I’m really glad you liked it and that you’ll refer it to other readers! Thanks for commenting! :D

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