SoMT Banner Change!


UPDATE! (3/20) Suu banner is up! <333
UPDATE! (4/17) Megumi banner is up!
UPDATE! (7/18) Rima (VK) banner up!
UPDATE! Rima (SC!) banner added!

I’m still a little “huu huu huuuu~ T__T” for the Utau banner going bye bye so to console myself, I’m using her for the main promo image instead. Why yes, it is very lame and crappy looking especially now that you can notice my edits so much more clearly. I’m also going to use her in every icon and signature I’ll be using in whatever forum I’m in. Yep, Utau for the crown ALL the way. xDDD

& I don’t care if I’m supposed to be an impartial judge. I’ll do that a month from now. xP lol

Well, anyways…

I’ll be updating the banners every two weeks. The next one will be Suu and that will be the last SC! one I use for a while. I don’t want them hogging all the spotlight cuz my bias is bad enough as it is and the fact that I will make one huge crazy effin’ out-of-your-mind batch of SC! banners once the manga comes to an end and another for when the anime ends. o.O;. Heh.

And~…that’s it, I guess? ^^;
For the rest of this post I’m going to archive the banners I used so far for SoMT 08 with my thoughts for each one. I don’t really like any of my banners to want to put them under a separate tab but it would be a shame to not showcase them for the rest of the contest period since they’re only up there for such a short time. So yea, they’ll all be here. And this will be continually updated so yea.

Latest update as of March…whatever the day it is is at the end of this post so you can skip ahead to see what the heck I’m exactly doing with this project now (haah~).


From nominations post:

New banner! Made just for SoMT! And of course, nobody would be more appropriate to head it off than the tsundere twin-tail idol queen herself! Hahaha! xDDD And yes, I shamelessly admit that I’m going to use the best of my ability to crown Utau as the first shoujo-only tournament queen if it’s the last goddamn thing I do! *determined, scary face* >8D


The background was easy and simple to make. I just created two different layers, used one texture as the background fill and applied two different colors (pink and purple, Eru and Iru~! <3) to each respective layer to have the criss-crossing effect. Oh, and I put purple above the pink so you can’t really notice anything but the purple but it did give me the shade I wanted (I toned down the opacity) so everything’s just fine.

And yay~! Now I get to see Utau against all the beautiful violet glory everyday I come check my site! x333 And purple is totally Utau’s color. She has the most gorgeous eyes out of all the characters…second to her brother, lol. xD;

Ah, for her image, I just used the one in 2009 manga calendar. Problem was the dates blocked out her hair (and Eru, OMG!) and part of her skirt so I had to reconstruct them and it took me all day to make it look right. I couldn’t fit the cut off from the color page of manga ch. 29 right on the original image so I had to take it apart piece by piece and readjust everything. Then Utau’s right twintail came off too long and I had to do it again and ugh…it was exhausting. My eyes are so tired now from staring at the screen all day. =_=

But I got it done…and it looks decent (because it’s been resized). I had to use another image of Eru but that was pretty easy to do, too. I just had to tilt her a little to the side so it would look more nice. Heh.
Argh, but this would look so much better if my banner wasn’t so small. T___T Makes me want to move to another server right now but I’m not ready yet. *sigh*

Finally, the tagline. Hell yea, Utau is not only a tsundere goddess, she transcends the term and f*ckin’ beautifies it with that awesome “I pwn all you losers” glare and idol style. She’s FIERCE! Right, kanz? xDDD

Utau rawks. Nuff said.



…kanzie, did I mention that I love you to bits? x33333

Aww man, I nearly had a fap attack when I got her email at school.
All can say is that…everything about it is gorgeous. I love that shade of pink, the nice faint brush marks in the background (yes, I did an every-detail search! Mwauhaha! *crazy*), that big gear-like-looking thing and the dotted rectangle…dotted…line (I suck at describing art, I know) going straight through the middle and OH. EM. EFF. GEE. You can actually read my effin’ blog’s name on it! O.O

This is why I suck.

And of course, Amuuuu~~~~!!!!! <333333333333

lol I have been falling deeper and deeper in love with Amu over the past few months (oh shut up, it’s definitely not in the like that at all and love for Amu transcends gender anyway =P) and after the latest chapter, I love her even more! *happy sigh* Yea…I want to give her a big, bone-crushing hug and spoil her rotten! She’s so cute and…Cool & Spicy…and, and that cute wink she always does and, and… just x333!

But my Amu obsession aside for now (aww), I’m actually not expecting her to even be in the top final 4 or maybe even 8…at least, hoping that this won’t turn out to be more of popularity contest than an actual moe one. :/
I mean, yea, Amu has her adorable moe traits but she’s not the girl I want to see actually winning this kind of tournament. I’m happy with her just being Amu with no big queen title. Yea, just Amu is enough to make me go floaty for the rest of the week. Hehe x3

Besides, most of her moe moments are reserved for Ikuto only (YEA!). xDD;;;

*sigh* …Can I just leave kanz’s banner up there for the rest of the year? Can I? Please? No? Aww… :'(

…Ah, well. More Amu hogging for me. *hugs banner* x3
Yes, there’s been something wrong with Xiao and her writing lately and she’s working on that so just leave her alone until she can be half-mentally sane again. *Madhatter grin* 8D

Thanks so much again, kanz! xD
Btw, everyone go to Kokidokom Forums and check out the latest badges she made (there’s even an Eru one!). Requests are open for any of the approved contestants. Go! Go now and join! hehehe x3 (Yes, 7-san, I will promote the forums even more throughout the tournament, haha).


I…really like this one, actually. Cuz it didn’t take me that long like Utau’s banner did of course, Utau’s would always require more work cuz my twin-tail idol queen DEMANDS! it so I must oblige to her wishes |DD;; and for once, I didn’t have to shrink the images that much! Yay! xDD

Ah, I wanted to have this up on St. Patrick’s day since I finished just finished it Monday night but…for some reason, I didn’t. Shame. The clovers would have went so well. But! It’s still green! Green for spring so it works! 8DDD
Hmm, I guess the the part I’m most satisfied and annoyed with was the background. I downloaded a brush set for Photoshop and when I realized that it was for…Photoshop and not Paint Shop Pro, I finally used Photoshop for the first time (ARGH! I HATE REDUNDANCY!). Anyways…I probably spent an hour or two positioning the different clovers everywhere so this spot wouldn’t have too much white and another wouldn’t have too much green. Then I realized I was going to put text and pics in front of it anyway so I fretted over pretty much nothing. |D;

On the title, it was hard to find a matching color that would actually stand out against all that green. And yellow certainly wasn’t it but I wanted it to match Suu’s hair so I chose it. And then it hit me! If I want people to notice the blog name, I’ll just have mini little Suu-s march all over it! xDDDD *feels so clever*
lol It looks like she’s treating it as some sort of playground and all I can say to that is “KYAAAA~~~!!! SUUUU~~~!!!! You’re so cute~~!!!” xDDDDDD Agh…Suu is love. SAY IT WITH ME! SUU. IS. LLLLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE!!!!! |333

The tagline is obvious, even if you don’t watch SC!…well, ok, maybe not but Suu just looks like the polite type so you can surmise as much. She’s also, imo, the most moe of all of Amu’s Charas and I would be thrilled if she can make it to the second stage of the main tournament. x333

On the biggest image of her, I took it from a screencap (ep. 61). I remember that best cuz that’s the main icon I’m using for LJ right now and the way she’s holding up her finger like that makes her look like a cute lil’ mom telling all the little kiddies to play nice (hence, the “vote fairly” bubble). Btw, that’s also the first fair and only nicest warning to all those voters out there. When the competition starts, I’m not holding back for anyone. Not even my favorites. So let’s just do this tournament in an honest, good, supportive manner, ok? It is a competition but the basic point is just to have fun and enjoy it. If you can’t handle it, then don’t ruin it for others.

Back to Suu…hmm, I’m still pretty happy with how nice I vectored her out. All of them actually. I just had to make some adjustments to that…I have no idea what it’s called but head accessory because the screen cut it off so I painted it in. The minis I got from magazines, CDs, etc. Nothing too hard.

Now the only thing that bugs me is the speech bubble (it looks so weird against everything else, ugh) but w/e. I hope it’s legible, at least.

Hmm, yea..SUU~! I love you~! <333



I love Megumi. She’s such a darling. I would’ve volted if she didn’t make it pass the prelims. Aha~ :D

Crazy judge biases aside… Hmm, this one was fairly easy to make. Since I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time on it (which I kinda cuz I’m crazy :P) but still wanted to make it look at least nice, I just went with a pink-to-white gradient as a background and decorated it with a brush in lilac-color (or something like a cross between pink and purple). The hardest part was actually finding a decent screencap of Megumi doing a charming pose (it took me hours~ T_T) and finally extracting her in Photoshop. It was a pain and it looks awful but I got it done. *sigh* Need more practice. Need more practice.

The tagline, if you can’t read it since it’s so awfully bunched up (my bad, was short on time so I just plastered it there), is “A lil’ bit of charm and a classic shoujo smile goes such a long way.”
Ehe~…it does. Wins me over every time. <D
Too bad we can’t apply this in real life. Then we wouldn’t have to waste so much money on all that good-for-nothing make up. :P

Well then, my final thoughts for this banner is…

I don’t like it. :(

Megumi was cropped so badly (I’m sorry, Megumi-chan~ ;A;), it’s utterly plain, the brush I used looks so odd and makes it seem like some plant is growing out of Megumi’s backside (ugh), tagline is cramped and my blog’s name where it is…it looks ugly. Nononononono! *throws a fit*

*sigh* I need a yellow or blue banner next. Hmm, who should be my next showcase then? Gotta do better on that one. Back to the drawing board!





(Now you can skip this part if you want)

… T____________________________T

ACK! Just shoot me now for that lame tagline! I thought I had something so much greater to go with this. I’m sure I did and I think that goddamn invisible gnome residing in my house stole it while I was sleeping! I just know it! *doesn’t care that she’s blaming it on some nonexistent garden dwarf*

Iiyadayadaydada! *flails all over the floor* Dx Just when I got such a lovely vector from kanzie, I wanted to make it look really good but I failed! I’m sorry, kanz! I couldn’t make it live up to Rima’s awesomeness I felt like I butchered her instead. ;___________________;

*sigh* Well, this was my first time using Photoshop only so I was switching back between three tutorials all at once to try and get the effects right. Yea, I know, I should just stick to one so I don’t screw up but doing that doesn’t really tend to work for me either. -.-;
I usually use Paint Shop Pro because I’m more familiar with it but I do admit Photoshop has its own advantages (like the motion blur filter and the glow effects I can’t get on PSP cuz I’m too lazy to go find out if there are any :P). If they didn’t have all these confusing whatsitfor buttons everywhere, I would be so much happier.

So my negative thoughts aside, I wanted it to be red. Yes, I know fire isn’t Rima’s element (that’s Akatsuki’s) but I still wanted it to be red and glowy flame-like. I had no intention of actually making fire, though. And to tell you the truth, it’s really not. It’s just more glossy cuz of the chrome and cloud filter mixed in together. Then I wanted some ring of lightning/electricity to swerve around Rima (since that actually is her special technique) and it would’ve have worked if only it looked like electricity. I had no idea how to do that. Went online, looked at the tutorials, this was the best I could come up with. It looks more smokey than static but I kinda like the glow I applied to it (yes, I’m all about glow on this one). The white sparks were supposed to go with the curve line but it ended up looking like hail instead. *totally noobish*

At least I can amuse myself with the thought Rima, in all her awesomeness, can pwn every other vampire in VK with this image. Or just smack them hard with that badass heart wand of hers. That can definitely work, too (I want that wand~ *A*).

Last and certainly most in blehness, I hate that tagline. My basic idea was to include the term “magical girl” in it (cuz I’m a dork and believe that every girl has a mahou shoujo in her…which is true, do not deny it *brandishes her Sakura replica wand at anyone who does*) but the line is LAMO. I did, however, have a lot of fun crossing “vampire” out, though. I’m so sick of vampires, it’s not even funny. But strikeouts were. :D

Eh, yea. I guess you can look at the flames as some sort of visual representation of getting “fired up” for the tournament now. Since it’s getting more intense and moe also technically means “to get fired up”. Take it however you will. I’ll just admire how FIERCE! and COOL~ Rima still is with all that cruddy smudge surrounding her (I expected no less of this of this high fashion model empress who can make anything look good ;D).

And now I wish I included Pocky in there. T_T



K, this will be the final SoMT banner. Sorry that it came out so crappy cuz I did it in the rush this morning (finished it at like 2 AM xD; ) and I wanted a banner of Rima-tan with a summer theme since I didn’t have any summer banners this year. Ack, it’s so sucky. Forgive me, Rima. ;_____;

If you can’t read the text (ack, sorry for that, too; been experimenting to see what looked ok but I grew too impatient in the end), it says “Carrying your smiles…over to the next summer”. Clear indication that Rima will again be participating in next year’s SoMT lol, she looks like she’s jogging up there xD;. And of course, who doesn’t love Rima’s smile~? <333

Hehe, yea, so Rima's smile was a major focus for this one. I used screencaps and official anime pics with her in summer clothes and framed them with photo borders. Haha, I think I like the upper right photo the best. Rima's at her greatest in her comedy (well, duh, she’s been proclaimed a GOD after all, hahahaha). And whadda ya know, “Take it Easy” had its good use after all. =P xD

Don’t know if you all can notice it or not but I used the cloning brush to get rid of the lyrics text around Rima’s arm. It looks extremely ugly up close and I messed up big time on her beautiful hair (*SHAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEEE*) but since it’s been resized, it looks only slightly weird…I dunno, you tell me.

Anyways, this banner won’t be up for too long. I’m planning another banner and I want to have it up by the end of the month. Hopefully, that will come out better than all my past ones put together. But until then, pretend Xiao’s fail doesn’t exist and enjoy Rima’s smile~ <333


…Well, that was crazy.

So! I, uh, have most of the rules and stuff written down. I must have said that about a million times over twitter or something and it’s getting annoying but I’ll keep saying it until I actually finalize everything. I think there are 47 competitors as of now? *counts* Yea, somewhere around there. Good, this won’t look pathetic after all. I’m still waiting for more Pretty Cure nominations, though. But if not, I have enough to satisfy me.

Ah~, yep. Hopefully, if school doesn’t kill me before my break, I’ll be able to make another post up by then (whatever it’ll be). Still two more weeks before the first deadline so keep those nominations coming!

And as usual, muchos gracias to all the people who have helped me so far. I’d say “Je vous aime beaucoup!” but I’m not in a French-talking mood so just accept my weird never really learned anything about it Español for now. ^^;

Ok, that’s all. Laterz. :D


5 thoughts on “SoMT Banner Change!

  1. Oooo…Amu banner made by Kanzeon. So amazingly awesome. I think this will get to be the best banner I ever see featuring Amu. Well, except maybe if Kanzeon decides to make a banner featuring the winner of NTM again (and if Amu wins too obviously).

    It’s okay if any small problems in editing Utau are more noticable now that she’s bigger. Because her fierce idol look is also incredibly noticeable. Oh Utau~ (I have been in such an Utau love mode lately)

    The fact that Amu’s moe is reserved for Ikuto makes her five times more moe to me~ lol

    Despite me agreeing with you about not wanting Amu to win the crown here, I’ll be a little heart-broken when she gets knocked out. Because she’s Amu and she should never lose to anyone. T_T (My grudge is still strong against Kagami for beating both my beloved Amu-chan and Nagisa-chan. THIS YEAR SHE’S GOING DOWN!)

    Hahaha. With promotion for the Forums on an SoMT post, how long before we get shoujo fans (and especially fangirls) to take over entirely? Muahahaha~

    I wish I could nominate more girls, but I can’t think of any from 2008. So I’m already looking at possible nominations from 2009 for when you decide to do it next year too (which you totally will, right? Right?). It’s too bad that I don’t think Kobato is shoujo. Though I’ve totally already decided that I’m going to campaign like mad for Kobato to win SaiMoe. She’s a worthy successor to Sakura’s Classic CLAMP moe~

    But…erm…back on topic…I can’t wait for the tournament to start. 2 weeks until the deadline and then you said it would start on April 1st, right? Looking forward to it~ And like I’ve said before, feel free to ask me to do anything. *wants to do a chart for some unknown reason*

  2. Aha! So this is what you were so busy scanning! I have to say, purple color preference is rather eye-catching. I like it! It kills two birds with one stone: a) very stylish and very appropriate towards Utau’s character and b) very eye-catching…good for seeking lots of people to participate in the SOMT.

    Speaking of which, how’s that roster wheel, cog, gear, whatchamacallit going? :) I’m still looking forward to being a host. ^_^

    That reminds me, I’ll be a putting up a promotion badge in our newly-designed forums, complete with a sidebar made especially for promotion! LOL.

  3. It’s really adorable. Pink~

    Yeah. Amu is too awesome to be considered pure moe. I hope she doesn’t get knocked out too soon though >_<

    April 1st. Cool.

    I don’t think you’ll get any more precure names since all the main girls have been nominated.

  4. Aah you used it now ^^. I just noticed that it went off perfectly well with the Anime-NTM badge XD lol.. Nah, no problem and you’re always welcome ^^

    Well, it would be quite sad if Amu may not make it into the final 4 but at least, she’s a part of the FINAL 3 in Anime-NTM :DD …and staying as fierce as ever *sizzles finger*. Though I think this is just me but I feel that Amu would go far in here because there are like, only 50 below contestants and almost more than half of them are quite mehh… So chances of her going far is getting high! Cheer up to you and Fuyu!

    I would really like to make more banners with the contestants, if you would want to… and I might as well put up a banner for mine to show support on my bets coughsUTAUcoughs coughsRIMA(of both SC and VK ^^)coughs.

    And HELL YEA our girl Utau is effin’ fierce!!!!!!!!111 OMG I could stare at that “I’m the queen!” pose of hers all day long with my finger pointing saying “fierce!” (unless my finger would talk… and that would be scary XDD)

    And hell yea for Koki-kom forums promotions!!! Woot!!! So yea, I would really appreciate if everyone would put up badges on their sidebars and let the revolution begin!!! Lolz I can’t really wait for the competition to start XD. So good luckies!!!

  5. Fuyu-san: I hope she does win so kanz can make another banner for her! xDDD

    It’s because we miss her…and we haven’t seen her in so long, isn’t it? :’( But no worries! Just three more weeks to go and it’s ramen time~! Lol xDDDD

    I know, right? xD; Ikuto is such a lucky boy.

    I know…I’m happy if Amu can make it through as far as she can (which I think will be very far, even into the semi-finals) but she’s Amu and she will never lose to anyone! Ever! *righteous stance* T_T *Amu will always be Xiao’s favorite no matter what*
    lol And still haven’t gotten over that, I see. xD; I think you would’ve been even more furious if she went up against Utau and won. Oh dear…
    But she’s definitely going down this year. We don’t even really need to try much…unless KyoAni shoots another random Lucky Star OVA at us. REALLY no thanks. -_-;

    …If so, it’s your fault. *dashes in the opposite direction as fast as she can* Don’t kill me! xDD;;;

    Yes, yes, of course I will. Hehe ^^ And since I’m starting to pay attention to the season line-ups more, it will definitely be easier to organize for next year (and thanks in advance (again, lol) for looking! Really, it helps me a lot! ^^).
    And you totally shocked me when you said Kobato wasn’t shoujo. I immediately went to wiki to check and after seeing it, had an utter moment of despair! She was going to be my next favorite! ;A; I really thought Kobato leaned more towards a shoujo audience, though, but now that I think about it, it’s pretty much a manga that can be aimed at pretty much everyone. But hey, don’t lose hope yet! Maybe they’ll change the demographic for the anime! Or maybe I’ll change/bend the rules for next year. Lol *so desperate* xDDD
    But definitely. Kobato as next year’s SaiMoe champ FTW. *thumbs up*

    Yes~ I can’t wait either. I’m having exams next week so I think I’ll have to put most of it on hold for a while but it’s only a week and I’ll definitely email you as soon as I can cuz I want your opinion on the organizing the rosters and elimination rules (and yes, I give you permission to do those charts since you’re so intent on doing them, haha). K? ^^


    7-san: Ah, that was actually something else (^^; ) but I’m very glad you like the purple! I agree that it’s very striking to the eyes and even more so with Utau as the president-biased promo girl for this year. Hmm, yes, purple is great. X3
    The only slight problem I have is what main color theme to decide for next year but I’ll worry about that much later. Lol

    Yay! Good, I’m glad you’re not bored yet. ^^; The wheel thing is pretty much done…I just have to find some more stuff to make everything else work and then I’ll email you after my exams are over (ugh). So look forward to it. :D

    Haha, and I already noticed with kanz’s ANTM. It looks great! ^^


    warrior: She won’t be! She’s pretty popular so she definitely won’t. Don’t worry. I’m not going to leave my Amu-chan out of the top 8 (yes, I changed my mind, lol).

    I’ll still be waiting but I have enough so I’m not worried. :)


    kanz: Yea~, sorry it took so long. Life got in the way and I wanted to do a post for to go with the change, too. ^^;
    And yes, it looks wonderful with the ANTM badge. Haha! xD

    I hope she makes it to the top in your contest! I really, really do! My fierce! cute Amu-chan! X3
    Yea, that’s what I’ve been thinking, too. She’s very popular so I don’t doubt she’ll make it into the top 8 (haha, yes, I changed my mind again xD; ) but I just don’t want people possibly complaining “Oh, Amu’s going to win so this is just another popularity contest” and the other people who don’t have any idea of moe vote for her just because…it can turn out as a popularity contest. (Ugh, that was so confusing, I’m sorry) -_-;
    But I’m giving her my full love and support…just not as much as Utau. xD;

    Ah, thank you very much and please don’t take this in the wrong way or anything (I apologize if offend you cuz I would never do such a thing to you! T_T) but I’d like to try making more banners on my own to practice more. But I’ll gladly take anything else you make (I love those new badges! RIMA AND ERU! X3) and if you do make your own promo banners later on, I can’t wait to see them! lol, are judges allowed bets? xDD

    Dude, your finger should totally learn how to yell out “FIERCE!” just for Utau! 8DDD *Xiao is being weird as usual*

    YES! Revolution~! *strikes a pose* haha xD
    And it’s only a month away. I’m very excited, too. Just have to get exams out of the way first and after that, I’ll email you as well. *uses permanent marker to write it on my hand* There. Hehe
    Yep, look forward to it, fellow fiercess! ~.^

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