Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 72

Ugh, late torrent = me not happy. But I’ll let it go this once because of obvious reasons. hehe

& oh noes, two SC! episode posts adjacent to each other. Not very good. I’ll try to post my Munto catch-up post later tonight if I can. That and some other stuff. Need to change the banner, too.

Mmkay, anyways, going to skip doing the summary for now and go straight to the commenting. Overall, this was a very good episode for all the development Lulu has gained (even if it does seem minimal but every little one counts!) and this weekend was just the weekend of all weekends, especially for us Amuto fans. ;D

Hmm, yep, so…


… Will be up later … Ok, I don’t have time to do the summary and my interest in going back to watch the episode and doing a thorough, detailed one has waned to nothing so in a nutshell:

Lulu’s strict grandma arrives in Japan from France to see how Lulu’s doing in her new home. Lulu’s super happy to see her and all (she looks up to her grandmother as her role model) and starts acting all pompous because she wants to be just like her Baa-sama, blah blah blah.

Baa-sama is not pleased and goes to see Amu (at her school, oi) and they discuss Lulu. Baa-sama thinks that if Lulu and Amu can become friends then it would be great for Lulu to be herself more. Something something.

Meanwhile, Easter’s injecting negative energy into a tuning fork, which somehow syncs with Ikuto’s violin and causes Ikuto pain because of that but the experiment has failed halfway through so Ikuto’s fine for a short while (no he’s not!).

Back to Lulu and her family. Turns out the real reason why they came to Japan was for Lulu (they just didn’t tell her) but Lulu is elsewhere trying to find somebody to pull an ?-egg on and does so on this little kid who can’t decide between takoyaki and yakisoba. Amu arrives, saves her, her peptalk causes Lulu to go into uncertainty about her own dreams.

When grandma is getting ready to leave at the airport, she tells Lulu that she will surely find her dreams while she’s in Japan and smiles at Amu (who is also there to see her off) after she says that.

Yea, just watch the sub. *don’t really care much at this point*


I’ll save my excited fangirl rantings for after the screencaps (I actually got less than 50 this time around, omg! o.O; ).

FYI, diets are never good. Diets are bad. They don’t work. So because diets don’t work, then it also means Amu lying to herself about not worrying about Ikuto will also not work. warrior, you’re starting a trend. Take responsibility for it. lol xDD;; I kid.

lol I really liked Lulu’s Baa-sama. She’s a strict old anal lady but that’s what makes her so funny. Besides, she was raised as a noble so it’s reasonable she’d act the way she does. Everything that you learned while you were a child, made to learn while you were a child, will definitely affect how you will act later on in your future life. As long as you don’t get out of hand with it (like start dressing up every man on the street in a tux), then it’s alright.

I was kinda peeved that she made Amu get rid of that awesome belt, though. -_-;
Btw, Amu’s outfit is as awesome as usual~! <333

It’s a scam. All exercise machines except for the tread mill are a scam, I tell you! (Don’t mind Xiao. She doesn’t know what the hell she’s saying)

Lulu kirakira.

Can’t beat our main cast, though. *smirk*

And I like grandma here even more because she is strict about manners and due thanks as well.
Poor Amu. She feels so out of place, nonetheless. ^^;

Haha, and Lulu is not happy that not only a person who wasn’t family, but an “enemy” is sitting at the same table with her and her grandma. Oiya…

Mama’s boy~ … only not really. xD;

Wow, lots of sparkly abuse this episode. o.O;

Still can’t beat out our main cast. xP

Alright, cutting the short commentary aside for a while. It’s obvious that Baa-sama is Lulu’s role model. To be the perfect noble lady in every way. And Lulu thinks this should extend to her own mother as well so that’s why she can’t accept seeing her mother on Japanese variety shows when she’s such a talented actress.

That’s all very well and all but…Lulu, you’re wrong. Or rather…nobody’s told you the real reason why they took you to Japan in the first place so you’re really missing the whole point.

But we’ll get to that later.
Lulu wants herself and everything around her to appear perfect in every way. That’s her goal. Not her dream. And her mislead goal has led her off the right path. She’s so obsessed with it that she doesn’t realize she’s already a lost kid herself. Kinda similar to how Utau was so obsessed with winning that she doesn’t realize what she was looking for would have also been just a small, empty “victory” that didn’t help her make her situation any better.

Will get back to this later. Need to save rant energy.

Ami~! <333

Hah, even Baa-sama is not very pleased with how her granddaughter is acting. To be admired and looked up to is a wonderful thing. To watch them try to imitate you in every single way possible is just a big NO. -_-;

I mean, everyone is given their own chance shine with their own strengths (I don’t care if it sounds corny cuz it’s true). And Lulu is suppressing her true self to impress someone using a fake face with an air of pride. Um, ok, Lulu is indeed very snobbish but this is much different than how we saw her before. Meh, silly girl.

You see that text at the top? Yea, that at the top right there. It says “All Easter employees, namely the asshole director, are asked to drop whatever they’re doing and to exit the building immediately with their hands behind their heads and their feet shoved into their mouths.”


For once, I’m glad that the announcement text showed up. It kept on going for like another 5 minutes but if there’s any reason to show it on screen to block my view of those asshole laboratory losers, then I’m all for it. xP

EXCEPT! when Ikkun comes on screen! Go away, you annoying text! Get off! Ikkun should get the whole screen! Go away! You’ve been so annoying back in ep 38 and now you’re ruining my enjoyment again! Damn announcements! D:<

Anyways…Ikuto~… ;___________________;
You’re not alright, what the hell are you talking about, you big dummy?! Dx Go back to Amu’s room NAO and get some proper rest there!

Satelight loves throwing this at us, huh?

…*sad, exasperated laugh* Satelight, all I want for you to do is bring Ikuto back. I don’t need this to remind me (though I like being reminded of ep 4 so I’ll forgive you on that part, hehe).

Btw…isn’t it still too cold for Amu to be walking around in just that? Winter’s not over yet, y’know. And Japan is way more north than New York if I’m correct in my memory. o.O;

LOL So whenever you feel the need to bitch away, just tap on Amu’s balcony door and she’ll invite you in. If you’re lucky enough (which you won’t be unless you’re her sick, hawt, cute neko-mimi future boyfriend), she might even offer you food. :D

Haha, but now that a lot of people realize that Amu won’t turn them away if they really needed help, they take full advantage of using her as some sort of shrink. xDDD;;;

I would, too. >.>;; But only because I love Amu~ <3

I found Nana and Ran’s little “NYAA!” war really amusing. Charas are so cute. They’re what kids are suppose to be these days. ^^;

Aha~, more love to Grandma. I knew she was going to mention something to shake Lulu’s thoughts up and what could be more perfect than it relating to her own dreams?

Moreover, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Baa-sama has come to Japan not just to visit her family but to see how well Lulu is adapting to the new environment. Aww, what a wonderful grandma. :3

Poor Yoru. ^^;
He needs some nice grub, too.

We shouldn’t starve kitties, Satelight! That’s animal abuse! D:<

IKUTOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ ウワァァン!!

AND VIOLIN!!!!!!!!!!! 。・゚゚・o(iДi)o・゚゚・。うぇぇん

*cries&cries&cries* TT_________________________TT


The reason why it didn’t work was probably because Ikuto has managed to fight it off. Yea, don’t give up, Ikuto! Hold them off till the very end!

Ohhh, but doing so really exhausts him. Ok, change of plans. Amu, get your effin’ little ass to the amusement park and bring him home now! D8<

…Sorry for my screaming, crazy behavior but I’m sure we all hate seeing Ikuto suffering so much that we can’t help but be angry. Stupid Satelight. =_=#

Aww, not even our wonderful, extraordinary trap can please this old lady. It’s okay, Nagi! Ganbatte!

Yaya, that was just dumb. Setting off King!Chara-change like (though it was amusing). I thought it was Kiseki at first but when I saw him taking notes instead, I loled my face into my pillow. xD

Oh, and Rima’s -_____- face is full of win…AGAIN! xDD

Ooo~, Tadase is going to have a really tough time trying to win over her again once he and Lulu are an item~ kahaha! xDD.

Psh, what helpful friends you all are.

Though this was funny as well. lol Poor Amu. She gets dragged away a lot, doesn’t she? xDD;;;

…And Rima’s face was win…AGAIN! I’m going crazy, I know

Aww, Lulu as a kid. So cute!

And she did have dreams! Plenty of them, in fact. She wanted to be an artist, an author, etc, etc.
What happened to that Lulu? Oh wait, yea, she got lost on the quest of Embryo-hunting. *rolls eyes*

But going back to seriousness, this was why Baa-sama was worried in the first place. She knows she’s very strict to the point of it being unreasonable at times but at least she acknowledges that as a flaw on her part and doesn’t enforce the same attitude onto the children unlike other people I know. She just wants to see etiquette, not for them to actually follow by that all the time. And like I said before, she’s been raised like this since she was a child. Right into adulthood with it. So it’s really hard to change someone’s behavior if that’s the case, especially if they’re that old already.

Also, since she was raised as a noble (an French one at that), they have very limited amount of freedom for themselves. How they should act, how they should look, how they should think. They are all strictly trained to live up to their status. Hell, this poor woman probably didn’t even have the chance to dream outside her little estate, wherever that is. And she doesn’t want the same to happen for Lulu. Lulu has shown so much interest in various things when she was little and now she’s tossed it aside, all those chances her grandmother did not have, to act like a stiff? C’mon, Lulu…

But luckily, Amu has already seen pass all her stubbornness and say that Lulu was pretty amazing herself (aww, you’re the one who’s amazing, Amu-chan~ <3). Again, Amu’s quick to notice the good qualities of others and not let their bad qualities overtake that. Which is why grandma looked so surprised and even happy that this girl who only met Lulu a few times could see her granddaughter for who she really is.

That’s why she went to find Amu. “To see if you’re worthy enough to be Lulu’s friend” (or something like that) might sound very arrogant and all but Baa-sama just wants to know if Lulu will be in the right hands. Lulu is always surrounded by adults. Hence, she tends to want to act like them around other people. But if she hung around with kids her age, she can let her true personality out better. Look at Kairi. Didn’t we go through the same thing with him?
…wow, now they’re drawing her character from Kairi’s aspects as well? o.O Dude, Satelight, it’s alright with me and all but try not to make this so apparent. You’ll get some people mad at being unable to be original at this point. ^^;

ROFL I love these three. I really, really do. x333
And Dia would probably be the one trying to save Suu if she were there. Oh~, now I can’t wait for Dia to join her fellow Charas as well! And be there to STAY! 8DDD

“Because we’re friends.”

That’s right, Amu! Tell stubborn octopus-head that! Silly girl doesn’t know what she’s missing. >:/

Aha~, I can finally say I love Baa-sama now. xD
She’s placing her trust in Amu (just like how everyone else places a lot of trust in her) to be able to change Lulu for the better. And knowing Amu, she’ll definitely be able to do it. Amu, though hesitant with showing the other sides of herself sometimes, always stay true to the person she really is. And if she can change so many people by just doing that, then Lulu should be a breeze. Especially if compared to our other two favorite resident tsunderekkos. Kehehee~ x3

Tsundere tsundere. ^^;

I can finally say I love Nana, too (I’m not close to saying I love Lulu, though, which is kinda strange, heh). Not a lot, though. Just mild love.

Even though I still have to watch the sub to actually see what she said about the whole mahou-jewelry schnazz (and I know it wasn’t good, I can tell), I think the more Lulu keeps on targeting lost children with her bad magic, the further away she’s moving from her dreams, and therefore, Nana. Nana will realize this soon enough and not wanting Lulu to lose sight of what she truly wants (even if she doesn’t know what it is yet) as well as not wanting to disappear, Nana will try to convince her to stop.

Ah, Charas are just wonderful that way. :3

…Oh, but wait, I just had a very bad thought. What if Lulu doesn’t listen to Nana? Then is Nana going to leave her to go to Amu’s side and omgplzno! Chara-nari with her?! O.O
…Nah. Not likely. If they do, I’ll get mad and storm the studio with my chinchilla minions (hahaha!). I’m alright with Nana switching sides just for a short while just to make Lulu lose her ground, fall and realize what she’s done wrong but plz, NO MORE CHARA-NARIs BETWEEN AMU AND CHARAs THAT DON’T BELONG TO HER! -_-;

…I’m freaking out b/c I know Satelight can do anything stupid. With Utau’s, it was canon and it made sense. But if they do it with Nana, that would be just NO!. Amu has enough Chara-naris already. Both official and unoffical (going by manga images). She doesn’t need a filler one, too. Don’t make people dislike Amu for that as much as some do now (even if they are making a big deal over something so trivial).

So the whole reason why they moved to Japan in the first place was for Lulu. Get her away from all the noble class so she can be an ordinary girl. I wish they would actually tell her that so we don’t have to deal with so much mess.

I wish Lulu was at home to see this. Her mother hasn’t lost her radiance at all. In fact, I think she’s even brighter than what we saw in that award-receiving flashback. Lulu, you silly girl. You love and respect your mom so much but you have no clue how she truly feels. *sigh*

lol Poor random filler kid. Got ?-egg raped to be filler-nari of the week just because she couldn’t decide which food she should order. ^^;

Lulu, you’re losing your touch as a “villain”. -_-;

Didn’t catch the name of this one but it doesn’t look half bad. :/


Now, now, Amu. That’s not what the heroine should say…

…stupid Satelight. You’re screwin’ up her character again! >:(

Edit: …haha I don’t know why I made such a big deal out of this now that I think about it (and thanks to effyness in her comment for making me think straight). Oi, I must have been really out of it while I was typing this up. *sigh*

Oh, Suu~…Suu~! <333
I really have to start making a SoMT banner for her already. That will be my last SC! banner for a while cuz I don’t want them to always host the spotlight. That would be unfair to the other contestants. But I’ll only make banners for the series I did follow, though. So no Kirarin from me, sorry.

I’m glad to see Amulet Heart again. She hasn’t appeared for a while which was a nice break but yea. Amulet Heart~ <3

And Amu is back on track for being great mahou shoujo heroine again. Even though it seemed a bit cliche to me but whatever. I’ll forgive her for that and give her credit for realizing what she said was wrong. Not Satelight, though. I refuse to let go of my grudge until I see Ikkun back in that room! *tsuntsun* /:<

Mmkay, I wasn’t really paying attention at this point cuz I was in a rush to go to practice so I’ll have to go back and listen carefully for the summary but hell yes, Lulu angst conflicted! Awesome! About time you did this right, Satelight! And no, just because I typed your name out so many times in the this post does not mean you’re being praised! If you don’t do the Ikuto arc properly and portray Lulu’s character right, then I’ll continue to spam your mailbox with whatever junk I can find!

(I don’t know why I’m this crazy…I must be tired)

So, Lulu isn’t going back to France after all (HA! Take that, all you suckers who wanted her out of the way! xP) but she’ll surely find her own dreams while she’s in Japan just like her Baa-sama said. I hope that’s soon, though, Baa-sama. I hope that’s soon. But not too soon. We don’t want it to get in the way of our Ikuto arc too much, y’know.

Yessss~ Bring on the uncertainty! Bring it, I say! BRING IT! >83

lol Amu, you look so weird (but cute). x3;

Yep, just leave it to Amu, Baa-sama. You’re actually putting more tasks on her plate than what she already has to handle but she’s Amu so she can do anything. Ha. xD;

So, now that that’s over with…kyaaAAAaaaa~! We’re finally going to get back to the Ikuto arc after next week! *so excited!!!* xDDDD I don’t care how they’re going to bring him back cuz he’s coming BACK, peoplez! BACK in Amu’s room, yes! And she’s bring him back HERSELF!!! *does a celebration dance* xDDDDDD

And if you haven’t heard, then keep checking wiki. The new episode titles are not up yet but they’ll be there soon. & It’s all full of that long-awaited goodness and of course, Amuto~! <333
But that also means more EXTREME ;___________________; because of stupid asshole Easter making Ikuto suffer but all will be fine. The latest chapter reassures us that, which, btw, I will be making a long, nice post about. All of the bloggers who follow SC! have to! This chapter was of EPIC AWESOMENESS!!! *0*

I’ll be buying my own issue and using my own scans since the pictures of the chapter aren’t that great (but thanks to whoever took them anyway!). If anyone else would like to use them, then feel free to ask me. I’ll probably only give it out to the bloggers I know, though. :/

Well, anyways, yea, look forward to that. I’ll only post after the translations come out but even without them, there’s more than enough to discuss so “be prepared” is all I have left to say. haha xD


Next week…fight among the three main Charas. Aww, they’re so cute when they’re angry! x3 I’ll be looking forward to it and to see them adorably reconcile with each other…which will hopefully lead Amu to reconcile with Ikkun~! Some way or another. Yea.

Ha, and I figured out another reason why I love shoujo so much. Cuz I love sweets and shoujo is full of sweets and strawberries and all those cavity-inducing consumptions. Oi, not good for my health, y’know. Good for my fangirl spirit but the sweets…not good for my health. xD;

Mmkay, laterz! :D


5 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 72

  1. Heh. I started a trend. I regret nothing.

    Hm-hm. As long as you’re not doing anything to hurt others, or don’t get too crazy, it’s perfectly alright to act like how you were raised.

    Of Amu’s always styling.

    Yep. They get you in with the promise of buffer abs and the next thing you know you a dust covered machine taking up space in your room.

    Lol. Her spakles are prettiful though.

    Heh. Lulu’s dad still gets scolded so easily. (I think most people get railroaded by their parents or in-laws though).

    She is similar to Utau that way I guess. (damn Satelight cutting corners). Yeah. Lulu is going to be any closer to her own dreams, even if she makes her mother go back to serious acting.

    Of course. No one wants to be copy. Especially when they think the other person is putting their dreams on hold to act like you.

    Agree. Easter sucks. Expect for Ikuto. And Utau, Kair, Nikadou and Yukari when they were involved in it.

    He’s still being a stubborn noble idiot. Sigh. Stupid Tsukiyomi tsundere genes. but makes them so cute too.

    Satelight loves reusing stuff.

    Lol She would really consider being a theorpist in the future.

    They are. (Would love it if kids were more like Suu, Eru and co.)

    Of course she wants to check up on her favorite grandkid. So cute~! (loves happy family relationships in anime.

    Report them to PETA now!

    Maybe that’s what they’ll end up doing on the 14th. Having Amu go to the amusement park and find him there.

    That’s right. Fight on Nagihiko, fight on.

    Lol I want to write a fanfic with Tadase re-meeting Baa-Sama and Lulu finding out what he said to her beloved grandmother.

    Because she’s too polite to say no. Except to Ikuto. which is another reason why they’re great together.

    Yes. She does respect the fact that children don’t have to be like her, and that they should find their own way.

    do the French even have nobles anymore?

    She is the one who’s amazing. Yesh. The only people she’s stubborn about noticing good points in is herself. She even admit to see good things in Ikuto, though she kept them to herself.

    Amu is probably the best person to trust Lulu with. She is the heroine after all.

    She needs to stay. So we can see her paling around with the other three, in the finale of the series. (Or in a cute extra ova or something).

    Yeah, considering Utau and Rima handling Lulu would be a snap.

    Nana is like the other charas. She might support her owner’s actions like Iru, but she wants her owner to find her own would be self without hurting others.

    Total agreement with that statement. except Amulet Neko
    Amu doesn’t need more lame people calling her a Mary Sue.

    Adults don’t like telling kids things, “for their own good”. Sigh.

    Lulu can’t understand that her mother is happy persuing her own career/life goals. She can only see her mother the way she wants to see her.

    It’s another “_____dream” one. Satelight get better filler-nari names.

    Yep. Amu is a good maho shojo girl. Able to admit she was wrong.

    Lol. Just two more weeks. Be patient.

    Angst conflicted is good. In SC anyways since it usually means character development.

    fears the rant that will cometh with the chapter 38 post *

    Just kidding. ^__^ I look forward to your thoughts.

    Of course Amu can do anything. She’s the most pwnsome Maho Shojo heroine since Sakura.

    Shojo always does have sugar in it doesn’t it? I hardly ever see sweet things in other types of manga or anime.

  2. I actually liked this ep. I know a lot of people are getting super frustrated with Satelight, and while they are making stupid fillers (sometimes), they really don’t have much choice.

    I thought this was a pretty decent ep – if they’re going to have Lulu around, it’s nice to get some more development on her. She’s a decent way to let the manga get ahead again, but I hope that her arc is finished up relatively quickly. I want Ikuto back in Amu’s bedroom already!!! We’re dying here. DD:

  3. This episode wasn’t as bad as I expected. And that’s always a good sign. :D

    I actually liked the fact that she did that when the filler girl chara-nari’d because really, it’s what any normal person would do. I mean, come on, having your dream be to eat takoyaki and yakisoba? Really. But oh well, she goes on to her little speech later, so it’s all good.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next episode, because when you think about it, Amu’s charas never fought before. But I’m looking forward even more to Ikuto’s arc, of course. >w<

  4. Cure Peach: It’s hard watching the fillers, I know, but I think everyone should at least try to watch them one time through. Compared to a lot of other magical girl series, Shugo Chara!’s fillers are so much more interesting.


    warrior: You shouldn’t. xD;

    I have two of those huge pieces of junk just taking up space in my basement. I want to throw them out.

    Sparkles are always prettyful~ (even if it’s used on Saaya…sparkles only, though, lol).

    In funny scenarios like this one, it’s not so bad. Haha xD;

    Aww! <3 And we will hopefully see a mix of those adorably stubborn Tsukiyomi traits along with some Cool&Spicy in their children in the future? Yesh, yesh. That sounds wonderful. X3

    Wah, I wonder if that will stress her out. She has to be a model, an awesome mom, a fashion designer, and now a therapist. Oh, Amu~ …it’s a good thing she will eventually grow out of being a magical girl heroine. Haha

    If there were kids like Eru and co. out there, then I will cry tears of happiness. I seriously would. o.O;

    Happy anime family relationships FTW! X3

    I SHALL! RAWR! D8<

    I’ll break my face smiling when that happens. xD;

    Ooo! Can I read it when you’re done?! 8D

    Which is why I love Amu. She’s so cute that way. X3 lol, I know, right? xD

    And I think the French have people who are descended from noble families (hence, they inherited a vast amount of fortune just because of their surname) but not technically back-in-1800s-something nobles. I’m not sure but I don’t think they’d be call nobles nowadays anyway. :/

    Amu needs someone to praise her for her awesome cute traits…and a bear hug, too. *hugs Amu*
    And yea, she’s practically the only one who’s right for the job. Lulu doesn’t really have any other friends since she’s so stuck up.

    Which is why the Charas are so great~ :D

    People who immediately use the term “Sue” don’t know what it means. -_-;

    Adults are senile idiots and kids are immature fools. =P

    Yea, that is the biggest serious problem with Lulu. She needs some sense slapped in to her. Like soon.

    & my post is up now. & it’s a long rant, alright. xD;

    I hope I won’t get hit if I say Amu has already far exceeded the Sakura standard of a mahou shoujo heroine. Not that I’m comparing them or anything (they’re too different to compare and how can bring myself to do such a thing?!) but Amu’s character really has gone the extra ten miles from the point where Sakura stopped hers.

    I rarely see them, too…but then again, I haven’t been paying that much attention to anything outside shoujo lately.

    Wow, this has got to be the longest comment I got from you yet! I commend and applaud you! *does so and gives you a cookie* Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! <3


    chibidoucet: Yes, thank you for saying that. I’m glad someone understands that there is some necessity to Lulu’s involvement in order for the anime to really proceed any further with the manga plot. Thank you for that.

    I’m also hoping that Lulu’s arc can be finished pretty soon, too, but now I’m having second thoughts on exactly what Satelight plans to do with her (I’ll mention it another time).

    But yes, I can’t wait for the Ikuto arc to come! It’s going to be so exciting (sad, but still exciting)! X3


    effyness: The fillers are okay. At least they’re not horrible like the fillers we use to get in Sailor Moon. Now that would be something I can’t even bother to try and watch.

    Haha, after I read your comment, I went back and made an edit. Yea, it would be the common way to respond to something like that. Which shows us that Amu is not a perfect, all-sugary-nice character at all but a flawed one who can make up for her mistakes. ^^

    And yay! I’m glad someone’s looking forward to the next episode. I don’t mind that it’s filler because I love the Charas so much and their interactions with each other are just plain hilarious and too cute to ignore. xD
    And it can be a nice transition from bright magical girl show into the darker Ikuto arc, too, don’t you think? At least I think so. ^^

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