Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 71

Fure! Fure! Iinchou came back! \(^^\)(/^^)/\(^^\)(/^^)/

Ah, this was a good episode. Very good filler. We’ve got good character development for our dearly missed Kairi, no annoying filler-nari or irrelevant poppycock, and awesome GAR animation. 8D Yep, it’s all good good guuuud~.


Nikaidou gives Tadase and Amu a bunch of papers regarding a student summit they’ve been invited to and Amu’s wondering if she should go or not since she’s not really good at that kind of stuff. Tadase reads that the meeting will take place somewhere near a lake (closer to the wilderness, I guess) and she goes into a fantasy about him and her spending some quality time together (…).

Nikaidou snaps her out of her reverie and she agrees to go. At the place where the summit will be taking place, it also happens to be Kairi’s school, and he freezes in shock when he sees Tadase and Amu’s name while working on the computer.

The day of the summit arrives and Amu is a bit nervous but Tadase reassures her that they’ll all get along just fine. She hears someone say “Class Rep!” and thinks it’s Kairi but it turns out to be one of the other students. Miki says it’s not weird at all since they’re so use to addressing him as “Iinchou”. Flashback of Kairi as the J chair ensues.

Amu gets extremely red in the face remembering his confession and her Charas tease her as Tadase watches on a bit sadly. Kiseki notices Miki frowning and asks what’s wrong. She replies that she feels some kind of familiar presence nearby.
Kairi is hiding behind a corner as he watches them and Musashi asks him if he’s taking his job seriously but Kairi retorts that he’s already done this and that. He notices a little boy walking around with a paper, recognizes him as Saito-kun and helps direct him to the room he’s staying. Musashi commends him for showing the boy the right way and Kairi smirks a little to himself before rushing his attention back to Amu (xD).

Mushashi sighs and says if he just wants to see her then he should just go. Kairi is reluctant because he hasn’t accomplished his goal of becoming a better man before he gets to meet her again. Miki finds them, however, and goes off to tell Amu but Kairi seizes her in his grip and pleads with her not to tell them but too late, cuz Kiseki already announced they found him. xD;

They go off to have tea together but the atmosphere is so awkward that nobody has the guts to say anything. Kiseki comes up with a plan and tells the rest of the Charas to follow him. Kairi says this is the worst situation for him in his own head and Amu’s can’t face him because she’s remembering about his confession. Tadase tries to break the mood by commenting on the drink but to no avail.

Then the Charas loudly bursts in with this chase game they’re playing. Kiseki is dead last and when Suu makes around Amu’s head, he bumps into her and gets so pissed that she bangs her hands on the table and nearly spills her cup but Kairi catches it in time. The three all sigh in relief, look at each other and laugh.

They get into conversation and it seems that Kairi has been elected as student council president. Amu commends him and he gets all happy but says “That’s not true cuz it’s not my best” but smirks pretty smugly about it anyway…and he shined, too (Kairi, you are cute~! xD). A kid spills his tray of food nearby and Kairi goes to help him out. Seeing this, Amu and Tadase smile rather proudly of former J chair to each other.

Kairi later takes the center stage and welcomes everyone to the summit. He tells them they were going to start off with a game to get to know each other better but everyone’s not really paying attention so they can’t start. Amu and Tadase try to think of something to help and Tadase notices Nikaidou making a paper airplane. They catch the attention of the other students but it’s really the Charas that are piloting the airplanes throughout the room. Kairi catches one and everyone applauds him, calling him cool but he makes a down face when Musashi mentions it to him.

Later, Amu says it was great that the meeting started off well and Kairi thanks the two for their help but they said it’s not just their work but also Kairi’s contribution as well. Kairi’s still depressed and Amu tries to cheer him up by suggesting that all three of them go the lake the next day and Kairi agrees but is still rather gloomy. He excuses himself to buy a drink. Musashi asks him what was wrong and Kairi feels like he doesn’t deserve any praise since he hasn’t done anything to deserve it (I think).

Amu and Tadase are worrying about him and when he sees them discussing about some boat ride they should go on, he turns and walks in the other direction. Tadase notices and tells Amu to wait there for a moment so that he can secretly follow Kairi. He calls for Kairi when he catches up with him but Kairi continues walking. Kiseki finds this extremely rude and forces a Chara-change on Tadase, causing Tadase to go into king mode and order Kairi to give him something to drink. Kairi freezes immediately, gets on one knee and obeys. They both snap out of it right after, though. Lol

Amu goes to look for them and overhears Kairi saying that he doesn’t want to see Amu because he still can’t accept himself until he becomes a better man so he doesn’t have the right to stay by her. Tadase tries to tell him otherwise but he’s still not convinced. Amu marches up the steps with a hard look on her face (Kiseki and Musashi have their little mini-humorous moment here). She asks why Kairi is acting this way and he says he’s still trying to find the right path but she tells him to explain exactly what he means by that and what is wrong with how he was now. He’s surprised at her words but gets even more upset and asks that they leave him alone before running off.

Next day, everyone prepares to go out to have some fun and Kairi is helping that little boy from before. The boy asks if he’s not going anywhere and Kairi can’t respond. Amu and Tadase are waiting by the lake but Kairi still didn’t come. It looked like a storm was coming, as well, and a group of students nearby said something went wrong.

Meanwhile, Kairi is practicing with his wooden sword, determined to get rid of his wavering while thinking back to what Amu said to him. He says he can’t appear in front of them as he is now because he still sees himself as unworthy (or something) and that he wanted to find the right path because he wanted to be a better man for Amu. Amu’s face flashes in his mind and “What’s wrong with the person you are now?” shakes him back to his senses. Musashi says some things (I can’t understand, sorry) and Kairi comes to terms that a warrior shouldn’t be ashamed of his weaknesses. He decides to go back to the lake but one of the students finds him and informs him that the little boy, Saito-kun, has gotten lost in the forest. Kairi rushes to look for him.

Seems that Saito-kun went chasing after a bunny and is now lost. =P

Suu asks a deer if it saw a boy run pass her (lol, Suu~) and goes back to tell Tadase that Amu has gone ahead to find the boy. When she sees him a way down from where she’s standing, she slowly descends the mountain but slips. Tadase manages to catch her by the arm in time.

The storm finally arrives and lightning hits a tree. It falls down and topples some bunch of logs over. One of them falls over the cliff and heads straight for them but Kairi comes just in time and knocks it off course with his sword. Kairi tells Tadase that they should Chara-nari and Amu says she should, too, but Kairi asks her to leave it to them. Then they do all the heroic good stuff and OMG! No OPEN HEART this week. 8D

The kid is in awe and screams at how cool they were. Nikaidou later walks him back to the hotel, telling him not to go alone into the woods again. Kairi turns to apologize to Amu. Amu frantically asks why since he was the one who saved her and he says he’s been too preoccupied that he lost his way again but realizes that if he wants to see her, then he will do so (in an honest way, sorry for the bad wording). Amu gets all embarrassed and says “Of course! We’re friends, aren’t we?” but goes a distance away to hide her blush and her Charas tease her about it.

Kairi tells Tadase that just because he’s not by their side right now doesn’t mean he should let his guard down (on Amu). Amu asks what were they talking about and Kairi says it’s a man-to-man talk. Amu continues to pester them but Kairi still won’t say. Hehe


Ah~, again, this ep was so good. |3

I apologize for the rudeness in my last week’s post about Tadamu (in the preview, anyways). I went overboard again when I didn’t have any idea what was going to happen. For me, and I’m sure quite a few other people, I was quite relieved that I was right in guessing about that for once. I realized that the preview scenes were/had to be probably just Amu’s crazy fangirl imagination going through sparkly land again only a short while after re-watching ep 70. Then I felt bad for letting the bug of a fanbrat in me run loose cuz even if there was some Tadamu focus, it would’ve only been fair for all the guys who liked Amu to have their moments with her. Ikuto has no competition in that, I’m sure we can all agree, but Tadase won’t get a meaningful moment with Amu until (what I’m assuming) much later and Kairi doesn’t even go to the same school with her anymore. And since I like all the guys, the realistic me wants them all to have a fair chance of trying to win her over. Sadly (just a little), that won’t happen and I’m slightly happy about it, hohoho~ so that part of me will just have to deal with it. :/

Again, sorry for my previous rudeness. I’ll try to control my temper better.

So, onto the screencaps (I did the usual 50 cuz Kairi was so friggin’ cool! 8D)…

Nikaidou! ^^

I’m guessin his frequent appearances is one of Satelight’s constant hints that he’ll be playing an important part later on, eh? Alright, I can live with their kill-the-effect clues cuz I love Nikaidou. He’s such a funny sensei. x3

So when Amu goes into fantasy, she loses her nose in the process. >.>;

lol warriorhope compared her to Kanako from Maria+Holic in this sense and I have to agree with her then again, the people in Maria+Holic don’t really have any noses, lol xD;. At least blood’s not exploding out of her nose. That would be nasty. D:

I won’t facepalm at Amu’s little lala land but I will at the dialogue that went through her head as she giggled to herself about it. If I hear her saying “Iiya~ da” for real, I will retreat into my closet and stay there until I’m ready to come out again. This just really scarred me. Wth, Amu? Is your fangirlism getting so much to your head that you don’t realize how…how silly you sound? How out of character you are? -_-;

So I’ll raise my point on Tadamu here. If it were (somehow) to happen, then I believe that one of them has to go through some drastic change for them to work as a couple. Think about it. Amu and Tadase don’t actually click into being comfortable when it’s a love-love mood. They always get shot down because either one or both are too embarrassed to further anything. It’s the big, fat, wide hitch in the road if you want a physical description of it (I’ve got many and I’m not being mean, either).
Point is, if they are going to get anywhere, then someone has got to take the first step. I’m pretty much not caring about spoilers from this point on so I’ll go ahead and say it or it won’t have any effect. Tadase is going to take that step in confessing to her.

Ok, now picture this, just imagine it for a moment. Amu and Tadase in relationship (think people, don’t immediately rage-fap off because it might repel you). Tadase, though he’s a little shy and occasionally self-doubting, seems pretty comfortable about being himself. And that’s good because that is the Tadase that Amu has crushed on for quite a while. He doesn’t have to change himself by that much because Amu likes him as he is. And I think it’s safe to say that he’s aware of it.

But Amu is different. She’s always worrying about looking like a fool in front of Tadase. Her constant stuttering, her stubborn attitude getting in the way. If they were in a serious relationship, she’d think of that as a nuisance to Tadase. “Oh, I shouldn’t be acting this way cuz it’ll make Tadase-kun worry”, “I’m with the guy I like so I should be happy!” and stuff like that. I can see her doing it. She’s a worrywart when it comes to her own self, after all. She’s going to force some change herself to “solve” that problem but it actually worsens it. Not only does she not get anywhere in showing Tadase her true side but she’s changing herself into a person she’s not. Tadase likes Amu for herself, not how she should act in front of him. If Amu turns into the giddy Amulet Heart that he previously crushed on, then it’s not Amu anymore. It’s not the Amu he likes anymore and the relationship will crumble from there.

I would like to make it clear that this is just purely analysis and guesswork. It has absolutely nothing with my preference in shippings but just a deeper look into what can be possible future flaws of one. You ship what you want and I ship want and that should be all that matters. This ramble is purely for discussion.

*sigh* Woo…that was quite long. I’ll be just doing short comments on the rest here until we get to Kairi’s angst parts. Oh, Kairi… 3

She giggles in the same way Kanako does, too. But at least it’s not in a perverted way. Even so, her perverty-ness is only reserved for Ikuto~ haha xD

Kairi is so shocked that Amu is coming to his school. *shockshockshock* /

…Kairi is so cute! x3

Aha~, if I ever have the chance to hear someone say “Iinchou!” when I go back to Japan one day, I’m going to do the same as Amu and expect a Kairi to pop up nearby. Then I’ll kidnap him and bring him home xD;

Has Ran been taking art lessons from Miki? That’s a fairly nice sketch there. 8D

Kyaa~! Super, blood-rush-to-the-face blushy Amu~! x333

Though this reminds me of the kiss way back in ep 29 (I think?) and how disappointed I was that she didn’t blush as hard when she was thinking back on it (hell, she wasn’t even thinking about the kiss, just about Utau and Dia). Yea, it’s to spare the lil’ kiddies from any further vulgar thoughts (especially since it’s incestuous) but still~…I wanted to see Amu blush while thinking about some other girl kissing Ikuto. *slaps pillow around and fusses* =3=

I want to find Tadase a nice girl. A girl that would be better for him. Lulu. I mean, Amu is a good girl. She’s just not right for him. I want Tadase to have someone in the end! He’s such a sweet kid. He deserves one. :(

Ninja Kairi! Dun! Dun dun dun dun! Dun dun-*shot* |D;

Man, the only thing missing in this almost-ep 33 parallel is Ikuto. But that would be weird if he was there. He doesn’t have an interest in school anyways. lol

And oh god, the following is just too cute…

Good, responsible Iinchou.

A little smug, smirky Iinchou.

Adorkable Iinchou. xDDD

Ah, Iinchou, why don’t you come back already? I miss you in the manga. ;___;

Dude, I loved Kiseki in this episode.

In this scene, I get the funny impression of him shouting about something he doesn’t understand. Like…should I say it? I don’t have a dirty mind, I swear! It’s just funny to think about cuz Charas are like little kids who don’t know much about the human world themselves unless it’s explained to them.

…yea, I think I’ll just keep quiet about that. hehe ^^;

Ah! Iinchou, you’re choking Miki! Let her go! Let her go! >.<



Oh, it’s those two (Kairi and Amu) who are at innocent fault here for not being able to say anything though I know it’s pretty hard to look at each other in face if they left it off like how Kairi and Amu did.
Well, at least Tadase tried to break the ice. Not a very good try but he tried. ^^;

Ah, I missed Musashi, too. He’s not a favorite of mine but I missed the samurai level-headedness a bit.

Huh, this is also making me wonder why the hell I’m still sticking with Asu no Yoichi! (Musashi’s VA voices for the main samurai dude, go figure) even though I already heard Sayuri Yahagi voice already. I kinda want to drop it but I can’t for some unknown reason. :/

lol Kairi. He’s like “This just got worst.” xD;

Oiya? Haha I guess Tadase’s reaction to Amu’s temper isn’t so surprising if you think about it. She did blow up and chased her Charas around at the end of last week’s episode when they interrupted her. Oh, Tadase. Every guy needs to learn how to cool their girl down when they get mad. And I don’t think it’s easy to cool Amu down considering your current situation with her. Both of them don’t really know each other well enough to do that. So it’s better he go find another girl that would open up to him more. Lulu. *slapped* |D;

Yay! Back to normal. ^^ Sometimes ya just gotta have something silly happen to be able to actually talk again. Strange but true. :D

lol He’s so happy because Amu praised him. And he tries to be modest but can’t help but be smug about it. Aww, Kairi, you’re so cute~ xDDD

Wow, he shines, too. o.O

Haha, was anyone reminded of Kitamura from ToraDora? …oh, they’re both Iinchous and Kaichous, too! 8DD
Wow, this just puts me one small step closer into proving that every studio is secretly plotting something like a big huge, collaborative scheme unaware to the public’s eyes. World domination by anime? Oh yes…haha

Responsible Kairi again. So cool. Adults should learn to be more like Kairi. And he’s a 4th-grader! We, adults, suck. xP

“Sit your ass down! I can’t see with your poofy bloomers in the way!”

Kaaahhh, I love Suu so much! xDDDD I’m totally going to make an SoMT banner just for her. x333

Ok, I don’t know who’s angsty face gets me down the most but Kairi’s gets me sad almost immediately. I can understand him a little, though. He doesn’t like taking credit for things he didn’t do and tries his best to make himself a better man so he’ll be able to accept that praise with pride. Kairi’s such a good person but he’s really too hard on himself sometimes. But it’s okay cuz I like guys who are like that as long as they learn later on that this issue really isn’t the case. Constant moping will just make me want to slap them and tell them to get a move on with their life already. >:/

Amu looks so pretty when she smiles. :)

Ah, yea. This episode had some nice animation in it as well (and Amu’s outfit was lovely as always, hehe). They did have some off parts but w/e. As long as they got the good moments down, it’s fine.

Kairi doesn’t want to be with Amu now, much less show himself in front of her, because he still doesn’t believe he’s done enough to be worthy of her yet.

Um, that is really, really…well, chivalrous of him but Kairi, Amu isn’t a princess back in the old days. Amu is a normal girl who just wants to be with her friends. You’d make her feel bad if you put her on a pedestal because we all know (especially Amu) that she’s not that type of person. …Rima totally deserves her pedestal, though. Or more like Nagi’s backside as a chair. xD;

Aha~, I love Kiseki again! He’s been quite awesome lately. ^^

xD And this just proves that the J-chair, whether you’re active or not, always, always does the dirty work for the K-chair. God, I wonder if Tsukasa did anything like this to his own J chair. *doesn’t really want to think about it* o.O;

Thank you, Amu. Thank you for facing Kairi head-on about his problem. Friends need friends to tell them how much of a dummy they’re being when it’s concerning themselves sometimes.

I wonder if some people out there thought “Amu, you’re so dumb! He doesn’t want to see you because he wants to become better for you first!” If so, you’re not thinking hard enough. Amu confronted Kairi not only because she wanted to help him but it was because of herself that was the source of his dilemma. Amu isn’t the type of person who idly sit back if she knows that. It’s not that she thinks she’s unworthy of anybody (to an extreme extent)…but I think we can all relate on the matter when someone wants to do something for our sake, that we don’t feel like we deserve such special attention from them. It’s because we care that we don’t want to see them go through the trouble for us. We’re just happy to know that they care. It’s as simple as that.

Y’know, getting hit with that would be just awfully brutal. Kids, make sure to swing only when nobody’s in the way. T_T

Alright, another rant time.

“What’s wrong with the person you are now?”

I hear people say they hate Amu because she “has a harem”. I hear people say they don’t like Shugo Chara! because “all the guys like the main girl”. Well, if you are one to seriously consider looking into a series and do some critical, civilized thinking without letting your rage rule over you, then you shouldn’t be saying this.

At most, harems are not meant to be taken seriously. At least if the character has genuine feelings for only two people, then the rest are home free. What Amu feels towards Kairi is not love (I’m speaking according to the plot so don’t shove your bias on me either) or lust but pure friendship. It’s the same with Nagi and Kukai (though in the case of the latter, there’s more of an older brother feeling to it but that still constitutes as friendship). And she may have thought of them all at one time before but that was Satelight’s fault for doing so. Also, every single recurring guy in SC! is attractive in their own right. As a normal girl, who wouldn’t get blushy and dokidoki over an attractive guy? That’s all there is to it. Admiration of physical qualities and those fade just as quickly.

Next, if it’s Amu they like, it. Is. Reasonable. Ikuto is drawn to her because when he’s with her, he is able to laugh and forget about Easter tying him down. He feels free, something he constantly yearns for, when he’s with her. And many more reasons I won’t get into for now.

Tadase likes her because she saved him and taught him that it’s okay to feel lost and doubt yourself because of your own weaknesses. She has gone through the same thing so since she was reassured that it was okay to be depressed and to later get back on her feet with the help of her friends, she passes on this knowledge to Tadase, which finally gave him the ability to Chara-nari with Kiseki.

Kairi admires her because no matter what, Amu never strayed from being her true self, even when she was down in the dumps. She did not resort to underhand tricks to make herself feel better but gradually worked her way up with her own honest effort from the bottom of the pit again. Moreover, Amu never gave up on believing in Kairi. He never felt good about being an Easter spy but she knew before he did that he never wanted to be one of the bad guys in the first place.

I can definitely see Ikuto’s feelings towards Amu as love but on the last two, I’m sure they mostly consist of admiration more than actual love.Again, speaking in accordance with the story. No preference or bias.
And what the hell is wrong with admiring somebody? Please explain that to me because I’m sure there isn’t one single logical reason out there that can support you.

Nagihiko may have had some interest in Amu in the past but since he is also Nadeshiko, Amu’s first best friend, he also knew of her crush on Tadase. Given his circumstances back then, there weren’t any possible openings for him in the first place so all he could do was quietly pull back and remain as Amu’s BFF. And I think that’s a good thing. If you don’t see a good chance of you and him/her happening, then just retreat and find someone more available. Besides, sometimes your friendships can be more meaningful than if you get into romantic relationship with them.

And Kukai? Kukai has yet to show any serious interest in a girl (except for Shion but that was like a 5-minute crush at most =P). So I don’t see how this can be more than a fan shipping. *shrug*

Finally, what is the most critical characteristic of Amu’s personality is her ability to accept everyone for who they are. You might say that this is something that all shoujo heroines have in themselves. Well, as far as I know, only a small handful of them have been able to make it look right and not something the author has placed on them to appeal to their readers. Amu’s character is flawed but it is realistically flawed as a fictional heroine can get, IMO. She is able to see other people’s good side more clearly because she is so critical of herself. And once she sees that, she sticks to believing in them and wanting them to bring that part of them out instead of hiding it away. And she does this with every single person who came across her way. She did it with the fillers, she initiated her friendship with Rima through the same method, she convinced Kairi to come back to the good side by doing that, and she made Utau, who has got to have been the biggest bitch against Amu out of everyone (even now), realize that someone, who despite not understanding anything about her, still liked her regardless of who she was or what she’s done.

The most reluctant she’s been towards anyone is Ikuto but even so, she has opened up to him slowly and gradually after witnessing him play his violin and wanted to get to know him more. It’s just that Ikuto doesn’t want her to know anything about him because if she starts getting close to him, she’ll end up getting in danger with Easter and that, I think, scares him more than anything. So that can be one reason why he teases her, gets her so angry that she forgot her original intent to help him, and gently pushes her away by not answering her questions. It’s not that Amu won’t accept Ikuto. It’s just that Ikuto won’t let her because the less involved she is with him, the better. (But you’re failing at that Ikkun b/c you are so madly in love with her =P)

And that is why everyone likes her. They have enough reason to because if you can’t accept yourself, you’ll start casting your good qualities aside without thought and do things that goes against you. And that’s not healthy. But not everyone can realize that on their own so they need an outside party to tell them. Once somebody says they like you, you start to feel better and thus, learn to care more for yourself in the process.

Why the hell am I saying all this? To prove a point that when it comes down to the very basic of it, you simply cannot hate a person who is able to do all that. Especially if it’s a fictional one. Hate is a very strong word. The only kind of people you should hate are those who have real intent to abuse others. It’s not a term that should be used for something that is not real. You may severely dislike something but never truly hate it. And it’s not worth chasing after your hate and spreading it like the plague to all the other fans. If you don’t like something, just say so and leave it be. Don’t encourage your own hate. Ignore the person/thing you don’t like. It’s so much easier to deal with than wasting all your energy bashing them.

Yes, this was a very long rant but I have to say it. I’m seeing so many negative comments lately on SC! as a whole and it upsets me to no end. It shouldn’t but it does. Believe it or not, this is more than just an anime or a manga to me. And don’t laugh because if people can find solace on some book with a weird chicken soup title, then I can definitely find mine in a children’s manga. So to hear someone call Amu a “harlot” or say that they want Tadase dead can drive me to the point of becoming insanely furious. I don’t understand why people are turning for the worst and must take their anger out on something that other people love. That’s just not right.

Alright, moving on (yes, thank you *sigh*)…

Kairi is shocked that I can type so much. Yes, I am the queen of rants. Bow before me, you imbeciles. *sleepy* D|

Yay~ I’m glad you came to an acceptance of yourself. Your weaknesses aren’t anything to be ashamed of as long as you know what they are and try your best to not let them overtake you in what you do.

Hehe, when I saw the part in the preview where he just Chara-changed, I said to myself I had to get a face shot because I knew Kairi would look cool and I was right~ x3

Ok, I’m sorry, but this kid is stupid. Going into the woods to chase a rabbit for that long. Wth? Another dumb one-dimensional filler.

Suu is so awesome. Nuff said. |D

I don’t mind that this was a Tadamu moment because Tadase looks so cool when he’s heroic. x3

Uh, no relevancy here but I liked the fire sparks. That was surprisingly very nicely done on the animation for inanimate objects. Though they had to make it dramatic with the lightning and everything. =P

You can’t see him really well but ZOMG, KAIRI IS SO COOL!!! 8DDDD


I love his new Chara-nari sequence. It blows bamboo leaves everywhere. Hehe

Aha~ No Amulet _____ needed in this ep and it’s kind of refreshing. It’s nice to let the boys take the spotlight for once. And even if this is not the case, I find guys trying to prove their best to the girls they like is such a cute thing to do. Heh, yea, awesome. |3

Dude, they did this “Kakkoii~!” with Ami and she did it so much better. Go away, little kid. Stop trying to take Ami’s place as adorable, moe younger sibling. You’re annoying. D|

I said “cool” too many times in this post but I don’t care. They look coooool~ *not sleeping for a whole night really makes me weird, oi*

I love honest characters. <3 I’m really glad they did a this Kairi-centered filler and let him say “If I want to see you, then I’ll surely come and see you.” Because being away for so long and not allowing yourself to see your friends and all really sucks. Besides, they should be updated on your progress anyway. What are friends for? :3

Aww, Amu is so shy. xDDD *glomps her*

“Just because I can’t be by all of you at the moment doesn’t mean you should relax and let your guard down.”

YEA! You tell ‘im, Kairi! Now tell that to Ikuto, too. Again, he takes the lead as best male. Everyone else is so wishy-washy. -3-

Amu: “Eh?! What’d you say?”
Kairi: “Oh, just man-to-man talk. Nothing special.” (LOL)
Amu: “Not fair! Tell me!”
Kairi: “No, I don’t think I will.” *laugh*
Amu: “Kairiiiiii~!”


Woot, long post. I’ll have to take a nap later. Right now. Get ready for class. @.@;


Aww, Luluuuu~! <333 She looks so cute as a kid!

I wonder if her Grandmother coming means she might go back to France. I highly doubt it, though, and I seriously want Lulu to stay and see her become friends with the other Guardians (and get into wars with Rima, hahaha!). Yea, I’m hoping she stays and I think she will. :)

Well, Obaa-sama certainly looks interesting. Same octopus curly hair. She seems like the strict but very loving type. I hope she can knock some sense into Lulu about her parents, as well. If her mom and dad can’t convince her, then surely her grandma with “noble French blood” should be able to.

Yea, I’m done. I’ll come back to do a everything else later. And then take a nice nap. Thanks for reading. Hope I didn’t make your eyes bleed. ^^;


9 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 71

  1. I agree. :]
    This was a great epsiode because of Kairi’s comeback because SC wouldn’t be complete without him. Oh how I missed his coolness even though he’s just a 4th grader. Are 4th graders really like that these days? I think not.

    Hmmm.. though it bothers me at times because it gets away with my shippings in SC, Amu’s harem ain’t that bad at all. Everyone has a reason to like Amu and no one can disagree with that, right? I mean, isn’t it just obvious that Amu just think of those guys(besides Ikuto and Tadase) as friends.

    I really liked this episode. Adding the chara cuteness in here. *laughs*

  2. “So when Amu goes into fantasy, she loses her nose in the process. >.>;”
    lol of course.

    Yeah, Amu does try to change herself, or worries how she acts in front of Tadase. That’s why I can’t really support Tadamu as a pairing because I don’t think anyone should change who they are completely for another person. Especially if that other person doesn’t want you to change.

    Kairi is adorable.

    I’d probably expect him to show up too. Le gasp! You can’t kidnap Kairi. unless you share him with the rest of us.

    Me too. I want an ending where everyone has someone.

    Ninja Kairi is win.

    Shy stubborness on Amu and Kairi’s part. Tadase ice breaking techiniques are lol.

    It’s true. Tadase can’t handle Amu’s anger, because he’s only really been around her at school.

    That theory is probably correct. They’re still probably fighting over which studio gets to be supreme leader though. (I’m betting on Kyoani).

    Yes. Suu-chan is awesome in this episode. And a Suu banner sounds awesome.

    Poor Kairi-kun. He wants to do a good job on his own and not have to take credit from Amu and the others. He learns from his mistakes so it’s all good.

    Yes, knowing Tsukasa we don’t want to know what he did to his J-chair.

    Nod nod. Amu doesn’t want to inconvience others for her sake.

    Fangirls should really know better when it comes to blushing over cute guys. And yes all the boys have reasonable reasons for liking Amu. I also think that Ikuto’s feelings are closer to actual love, well the other two boys have more of a crush on her. I never really thought that Kuukai liked her, and I think Nagihiko values her as his best friend more then anythingelse.

    Amu always does accept people for who they are. It’s probably because she also had people always judging her for her outside personality so she tried to dig a little deeper to find out what people are really like. And yes Ikuto is consentingly trying to push Amu away.

    “You may severely dislike something but never truly hate it. And it’s not worth chasing after your hate and spreading it like the plague to all the other fans. If you don’t like something, just say so and leave it be. Don’t encourage your own hate. Ignore the person/thing you don’t like. It’s so much easier to deal with than wasting all your energy bashing them”

    This should be put across CR’s forum page in bold letters. Total agreement.

    Kairi is a good boy so he’s able to understand the truth quickly.


    He does look cool.

    I’m glad for no Amulet for once too. Kairi and Tadase being awesome together was cool.

    I love honest characters too.

    He really is the best male. but I love Ikkun too

  3. Ah! All these reviews make me want to watch this episode NAO!!! But I don’t have it loaded yet, and I need to install updates on my computer, so I don’t want to load it in a browser window that I’d lose. :[

    But it looks fantastic, and I personally love that you rant about everything!!! It shakes things up. : D

  4. Don’t apologize for your inner-fanbrat coming out! I didn’t, I just ignored it because I was grumpy anyway. I still am.

    No controlling your temper or any other emotions any better than you already do. There’s a fine line between a normally controlled fangirl and then a girl who has outgrown. fangirling. Don’t outgrow fangirling!!!

    Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one scarred by Amu’s incredible fangirl fantasies from this episode. It was funny, but then I started thinking about it and I just collapsed into a little fangirl mess. Where is my Cool & Spicy girl that breaks the shoujo mold?

    Hahah, I intended to bring up Tadamu this week, but I decided to let it go again since they weren’t the focus. Better to avoid the crazy Tadamu fans that may still lurk on my blog. Hopefully most of them got lost when I switched to Kokidokom.
    But you~! You said everything that needed to be said anyway. I’ll give you a 100% AWESOME star sticker.

    Though you didn’t add on something else because you’re being wonderfully un-biased in your analysis, so I’ll say it instead. Amu feels free to be her true, tsuntsun and embarrassed self around Ikuto. She even talks about herself in front of Ikuto. Something she hasn’t really done with Tadase. At least not just Tadase and not really at all in the manga.
    We’ve been too good about talking just about why Tadamu isn’t workable, that I decided to add in the Ikuto comparison again. (I MISS HIM!!!)

    Whoa kidnapping. Someone else is letting their almost-shotacon comments slip out.

    Aww…you reminded me about Amu not blushing remembering the kiss too. I’m still holding a grudge about that. In the manga it was the second big sign that Amu already liked Ikuto and was getting embarrassed and a little jealous. Not fair!
    I want another jealous moment. But since the next time Amu will see Ikuto will be when he’s either in her room or going to come back to her room soon, we won’t get it. Not fair!

    Yes…a girl that’s better for Tadase, like Lulu. I really am starting to jump on that ship. After all, since Peach-Pit created Lulu, she can appear in their epilogue or something.

    …I’ve seen a picture of Nagihiko being used a chair for Rima actually. I want to find it now…

    Yay! Clearing up of Amu’s harem! It’s like you do all of the things I intended to do posts on when I first started my blog, but got…well side-tracked. So my advice is: Say everything you want to say ASAP because eventually you’ll lose the motivation for the “old stuff” and want to share your shiny new ideas.
    Girls who don’t like Amu because of her harem either want to sound smart and mature without actually analyzing something (“Oh. A harem is so unrealistic.”) or they’re just jealous. Or both, they want to make their jealousy reasonable by saying Amu’s harem is unrealistic.

    Kairi should challenge Ikuto too, since he’s such a stubborn catboy trying to protect Amu and only makes a move when he gets jealous (because he realizes if he doesn’t do something he could lose her awwwww~)

    Hey, you didn’t mention Lulu x Tadase in your preview talking about Lulu becoming friends with the other guardians. I am shocked. You’re the blogger I expect to be pushing Lulu x Tadase these days so do your job! *more fake angry ranting*

  5. I also really liked this episode. ^^ Of course, who doesn’t like Kairi? And I actually read your long comment on why people like Amu. It’s interesting because you explained things that I hadn’t even thought of before, so thank you for bringing that to light. :D

    You know, I really liked your review. It’s refreshing to see someone be able to review things from a completely unbiased point of view. You didn’t focus on the negatives too much, and that made it, to me, more enjoyable.

  6. kirapika: I totally agree on that last statement. It’s such a shame (and it makes Kairi even cooler~, lol).

    Right. I mean, everybody should like a good person at the very least. You can’t really hate a person who’s good. :/
    And it’s pretty obvious but knowing the crazy fangirls, they’ll do anything to go crazy. *sigh*


    warrior: Exactly. Thank you. The thing I look for in couples the most is for both partners to be able to relax in and enjoy each other’s presence without having to think about being themselves and just…being themselves, y’know?

    B-b-but it’s only for a week~! X( And I will share him with you on Wednesday, lol xD;

    KyoAni is a big fat cheater. It bribed the other studios into siding with it. Such a bully.
    …lol Now I’m really thinking about watching Hetalia now. Darn you and kanz for sticking it in my brain! *pokes you*

    I wanna make it now but I have test to study for~ Nuuu~ T__T

    Kairi is just so awesome that way, isn’t he? <3

    And yep, yep. That’s pretty much what I think, too. I mean, as long as fans realize that the couples they want to ship are just because of their preference, then they shouldn’t push it onto others. If it becomes too much for them to handle while watching the show or reading the manga, then just drop it. Sheesh.

    Oh! I like that! See! Amu’s character has so much depth so how can people accuse her of being “just another shoujo heroine”, huh?
    And I don’t want him to push her away. T____T And I know he doesn’t want to either. Ikkun, that big dummy.

    The people on those CR forums probably can’t read it, though, so it really doesn’t amount to anything if they’re that stupid. *sigh*

    And yesh~, everyone is cool in this show (‘cept for the hateful characters) so that’s why we love them. Hey, unstrike that. And I love Ikkun, too, so let me share. *loves Ikkun* x3 lol XD


    kelakagandy: Since it’s been almost a day, I hope you were able to watch it! It seriously was a good episode cuz of Kairi and Kairi alone~! <3

    I’m glad you like my ranting! Lol Though that probably scared a lot of other people away. Crazy mad woman who won’t shut up (not like I will or anything). Haha xD;


    Fuyu-san: *gasp!* NEVAR! I shall never outgrow my fangirling! *tears of struggle* haha xD;

    I’m just worried about getting too angry and regretting it later on, that’s all. I love this show a lot so I can learn to forgive the flaws Satelight makes (in the long run, but definitely not now) but when my rage takes over, I’m afraid I can’t stop it. It’s one my negative DNA-inherited traits (*sigh*) that goes against the actual me who considers all sides (even the ones with no proof yet) before making a judgment. I feel bad if I do or say things prematurely so yea. :/

    Satelight locked her up in their dungeons to try and tame her because she’s too awesome for them. We must save her! *storms the studios* (Yes, I seriously believe they’re full of old men who don’t know what they’re doing so all the more reason to)

    *shakes head* I don’t understand those fans. If they don’t like what other people are saying, then either just leave and keep away from said site or politely defend their opinion on it and just leave it be after that. There’s no need to get all nasty about it. It’s anime for crying out loud. Just enjoy it because you love watching it for whatever reasons you have and ignore the rest who can’t seem to deal. *sigh*
    But yay~! Sticker! X33 lol xDD

    Aww, you broke my nice streak. *slaps you lightly* =3= And I was starting to like being unbiased, too. Heh.
    But yep. *nodnod* If she really thought of Tadase as a person who she could confide in as opposed to a cute boy she just has an attraction to, then she would show him all the sides of her without having to be scared of what he might think. Isn’t that the whole reason why you would confide in someone in the first place? Because you trust that they won’t look down on your feelings? But she doesn’t do that when she’s with him alone. Not to say she doesn’t trust Tadase but it’s just that some part of her won’t allow herself to show that side to him, that’s all. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
    She definitely does with Ikuto, though, and that is something she really needs. She’s always putting on a front to the rest of the world and doing so exhausts her. So if she has someone to listen to all the complaints and see that frustrated side of her, then it’s a good thing. You can’t bottle up all your emotions and pretend to be okay with it. The fact that she feels so naturally relaxed when she talks to him about herself is a plus, too. I mean, yea, you can say she’s more embarrassed and flustered than relaxed for most of the time but still. She is already unconsciously aware that Ikuto would seriously mean no harm. He teases but they never go beyond into being mean. Even if you’re being serious and it doesn’t seem to concern him, he won’t say anything bad about it (why should he? It doesn’t concern him). Um…yea…I just confused myself. Lol But the important thing is that she’s putting her emotions out before someone and that means she trusts them.
    *sigh* I MISS HIM, TOO! This spiel just made me miss him more. Ikuto, come back already! Satelight is turning Amu into something she’s not! You must save her~! *cries* Dx

    Hey, I’ll only keep him for a week and no more. Besides…Tsukasa is much more dangerous than I am. o.O; I only huggle the shotas, nothing more. Lol

    Yes, it’s totally not fair! I want to see Amu get jealous over Ikuto~! *fussfussfussy* >3<
    Ugh, he should totally take her out on a date again. But this time during the day so all the girls on street will turn and look at him and then she’ll notice just how smexy and cool he is and get a little possessive because he’s her date/catboy so don’t touch him, all you random girls on the sidewalk that we don’t know! …lol yea. xD;

    I’m hoping for some small tiny interaction in the next episode for them. If there’s none, I won’t mind cuz we still have to get the confession scene done first but after that, I want moar Ludase interaction. Rawr, yes.

    I’ve seen it all over. Lol She looks so light and he looks like he’s holding up some elephant. Haha xD;

    Which was why I stayed up all night for it. |D;
    And girls like that should never have boyfriends. They forget that in order for this kind of harem to work, the girl herself must be someone who is worth liking. Someone who is open to helping others and caring for them before herself. Why can’t they see that I have no idea. I mean, Miaka from FY is by far the most unworthy shoujo heroine to receive a harem but she’s definitely not a whore who’s playing around with the guys. Sheesh.

    Yes, if he doesn’t do anything to prevent that, then I’m going to steal Amu away from him! >:/ …And I’ll make her my little sis and spoil her rotten, haha xD

    Aha~, I actually did that on purpose despite my sleep-deprived state to see who would get it. I had a feeling that you were going to be the only one so here’s an Eru plushie for you for being so perceptive. *gives you plushie* >xD


    Effyness: You’re welcome. I’m glad you read through my ridiculously long rant. Haha ^^; It’s just that it gets me really angry when people wrongfully accuse characters without looking deeper into it or letting their bias rule over them. That’s not fair to the characters. Even if you don’t like this guy or that girl, you should still consider all his/her good points and bad points, y’know?

    And thank you! Wow, I’m really glad you found it enjoyable. I definitely try my best to be carefully neutral when discussing things like this because if I let my own bias take over, no one would listen. And if no one listens, no one can understand the depth of what I’m trying to say. I at least want other fans to start thinking more critically and therefore, act more maturely, when it comes to things like this. There’s no harm in looking at it from all sides, right?


    Cure Peach: Yea…ok. I don’t really rank anyone but I agree Kairi is cute.

  7. If it’s only for a week, then fine. Wednesday is good for me

    Of course. KyoAni is evil, even if their anime is pretty.

    Sorry. ^__^ It happened to me too, since I kept reading about on people’s blogs. I’d read the scanlations on live journel first before watching the anime though.

    Yep. It’s like how you don’t push religous or poltical beliefs on other, so you shouldn’t push shipping beliefs on other people.

    She does have a lot of depth. Ikkun is being a noble idiot. sigh. I hope he gets over it at the end of the manga.

    lol. That should also be post there. (would probably be taken down by idiots though). Maybe at GW instead?

    Everyone really is super cool. I honestly only dislike Evil Stepdad and Tadase’s bitch mom.

    I do love Ikkun. He’s still be favorite, by a slight, slight edge.

  8. Yeah, what you’re saying makes complete sense, and that’s why I really liked the review. I mean, your rant/explanation thing was so unbiased and made so much sense, I don’t see how anyone could argue with it. I mean, hating a character seems unreasonable to me; all characters have their good and bad points. Plus, I don’t like to use the word hate…it’s such a strong word… ^^;

    So yeah, looking forward to next weeks review! ^^

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