Accepted Nominations (so far) & Promo Badges!

Woot! I’m happy to say that Project Moe-Shoujo is going well! Thank you to everyone who has participated so far! Namely my main board of helpers for promoting the event. Really, thank you so much! Haha, I’m like the exact opposite of Ritsu Sohma from Fruits Basket (minus the trap part). I can’t stop saying “Thank you~!”. xD;

Ah, so I’ve compiled a better list of the accepted nominations and of course, it is mandatory that I show off kanzie’s undeniably fa-bu-lous! badges she has made for SoMT. They’re gorgeous. I wish I could use them all on my sidebar and stare at them for the entire day. xDD;;

Ugh, I don’t really like the promo pic I used at the top of this post. Mainly because of the background. I wanted sparklies against a smoky screen but it came out so ugly I seriously need to cut back on the purple and pink. I’ll redo it later but for now it’s gonna stay. *sigh*

So, if I’m correct in keeping up with the latest comments on the nominations post, we have about 31 contestants so far. That’s very good. I’m hoping for at least ten more, though, because only the top thirty of the prelims will be able to proceed to the main tournament so if the number of the current competitors remain around the same, it’d look pathetic to have just one left behind. But I’m sure I’ll get more. If not, I can always nominate some myself. Hmm. :/

UPDATE!: The list has been updated as of 2/24. Please check the SoMT page.

lol There are still three shows that don’t have any representatives at all. C’mon, you Precure fans, I know you’re out there. This is probably the closest chance to getting your magical girl favorites into the big stages later on. In real SaiMoe, they can’t even end up in the top 30 of the prelims (well, I dunno cuz I don’t really pay much attention to them but yea). So drop a comment for them already! =P

I’ll be continuing to update the list as usual so I’ll stick this post to the top of my blog for everyone to keep checking. The nominations one, I’m think I’m going to un-stick after a few more days. Or should I let it stay there? Hmm. :/ *will think about it*

Finally, behold!


*slaps self* >.<

Did I mention that kanzie was the best? :D No? Well, she totally is one of the most greatest graphics-maker I’ve ever known in my life and I command you all to make real buttons (or whatever accessories you prefer) out of these awesome FIERCE! badges and wear them wherever you go for the duration of this contest. DO IT! DO IT LIKE WHAT YOU’D DO TO SUPPORT A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE! DO IT NAO!!! >8D

…Or you can just add this onto your own site or wherever to help promote the tournament. That’s fine, too. lol xD

Ah, she made this lovely Amu banner for me, too, and I adore it to bits. x3333
Thank you so much again, kanz! I will definitely use it after the last week of this month is over. *huggles banner to herself for now*

Heh, yep. That’s all. And yay, only 4 more minutes till the torrent is done. I’ll catch up on commenting until then.
Keep those nominations coming! Still got three more weeks to go! ^^

4 thoughts on “Accepted Nominations (so far) & Promo Badges!

  1. Hmm…well then it’s time to get more of my nominations in there I suppose. I still have a few that I think belong in there that haven’t been chosen yet.

    I think we need to find someone that likes PreCure to nominate girls though. As much as I may not like the series, it’s the longest running shoujo anime franchise right now with a movie coming out this year (btw, that would make all the PreCure girls eligible for next year, won’t it?). It’s kind of messed up if none of the girls make it in.

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