ěk-sěn’trĭk’s Unofficial Shoujo-Only Moe Tournament


Yep, I think the awesome (for Utau, Iru, and Eru only) new banner and this lovely image of my two other favorite SC! tsunderekkos dolling themselves up in their moe finest for ěk-sěn’trĭk‘s BIGGEST feature spells out exactly how BIG! this is for me. x3

And you read it right. A moe contest featuring all your favorite shoujo girls! The first only-shoujo moe contest (to my knowledge, anyways).

UPDATE! (2/26) : This post will soon be unstickied but nominations are going to continue until March 15th. Keep checking for future updates.

Yea? ReallyreallyREALLY?

Good, cuz I have some work for all of you to do. Thought I was just gonna handle this all by myself? Heck no.

But before I get into the contest details…

Why only shoujo?

That’s easy. In SaiMoe tournaments, shoujo girls will never win. At least not anymore after Rosemary Applefield’s (who the hell is this again?) victory in the 2004 competition. Because the shounen and/or seinen anime have warped and expanded the definition of moe to what it is now. *sigh~* Will I ever get to see a shoujo girl take the 2ch crown again for the rest of my lifetime? Heh, yea right. =P

But anyways, the pre-idea sparked up when I found out that Utau lost to some Minami-ke girl in the first round of the main tournament last year. I was “NUUUU~~~~!!!! UTAUUUU~~~!!!! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ ウワァァン!!” and so pissed because Utau is the TWIN TAIL TSUNDERE IDOL QUEEN, ya bunch of pruneheads! Where is your taste in moe? *slapslapslap* >:/


So I felt bad and wanted to do something about it though I was initially sure that such a thing wouldn’t happen. I only passively mused on the thought. Then I happened to crash into kanzeon’s ANTM at the same time and I was like “Wow…! Such creativeness! Such originality! She’s such a genius! 8DDD” *wheels start turning in my head* Someone should do something similar for the shoujo girls since we have an international moe tournament anyways (I find that one so confusing so I just dropped out).
Then I got a blog and well…I don’t post much about other stuff anyways I fail~ so I said “Why not? I’ll do it. *smug look*”

Aha~, I don’t feel so smug now. Organizing a tournament by yourself is hard as hell, yo. More than half of this thing is still under the works and I have no idea how the perlims are going to be like so it’s really going to depend on how much participation I get through anyone who’s interested. And that’s going to start with the nominations (haha, I feel like we’re going to the Oscars |D;).

I’m basically using the Saimoe rules and elimination procedures as my source of reference so for those who voted in Saimoe, this should be fairly simple. There’s a good chance I might change things around to make it easier for all of us but as of now, I’m still working on it.

But I’ll get to that when the time comes. Right now, nominations. And that’s where you all come in to help me. I’d like you all to leave a list of the characters you want to nominate in your comments in this particular format:

Name of character (Series they’re from) [Name of creator of the series is optional]

The planned date for the real start of the tournament is April 1, 2009.

Nominations will run from now until mid-March (specifically March 15th). Around that time, I’ll have my week of spring break vacation so I can spend the rest of March organizing the prelims then. Note: There is a good chance I will extend the deadline but try to have all the characters you want to nominate in by at least the original deadline.


Nomination Rules

    I will be checking each and every title that is submitted to me. It’s fine if the show falls under a couple of other different genres as long as the demographic is shoujo, josei, and/or the main audience target is girls and/or ladies. Therefore, something like CLANNAD will not qualify. It’s a series that is particularly aimed at a shounen/seinen audience. If you want to prove otherwise, then leave a good reason in a comment or email me and I’ll try to work something out.

  • Manga characters are excluded because Xiao is a lazy pig there are too many series that are still being serialized and are therefore, hard to keep track of. So any series that has been animated (including OVAs, movies, etc.) will be accepted. Anime adapted from games are ok as well. If it is just manga, no.

    Special exception: If I end up having less competitors (I at least expect 21) than I originally thought I would have, I’ll allow for manga nominees and extend the nominations deadline. Sounds fair?

  • Mascots are allowed. They just have to be female.

  • The anime that your nominee is in has to be an anime that broadcasted during 2008. Meaning the character candidate has to have appeared in one episode or more of ( insert shoujo title ) between exactly Jan. 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008.

  • There is no limit on how many recurring characters of a series you can nominate so send in as many as you deem fit.

    Note: Be sure to check list of nominees who have already been approved so you don’t repeat them in your lists.

  • If you want to nominate a filler character, each series is limited up to 10 fillers. Also, it’s first come, first served so after those 10 spaces are filled, that’s it. Choose your fillers wisely.
    And please indicate that they are filler and what episode did they appear in. Otherwise, it will be hard for me to find images of them.

Yep, simple to follow, right? I still feel like there’s something missing but I’ll come back to update this as much as I can so keep on checking back, k? That or I’ll try to make another post on it as I organize my lists.

Now remember. This part is only the nominations. I would appreciate it if I didn’t receive any “VOTE FOR XXX!” comments when I don’t even have a list of contestants yet. I just want the character’s names and the anime they are in, formatted, again, as this:

Name of character (Series they’re from) [Name of creator of the series is optional]

I’d be really grateful for everyone’s cooperation because like most people my age, I have school and school = work my ass off till I’m dead. So regretfully, I can only give this project of mine so much attention on the limited amount of amount of free time I have. So please read the rules carefully.

Other than that, I think a few of my regular readers already know who my own favorite picks are but even so, I want you to list them anyway (just in case I forgot to add someone). But only if nobody else has listed them yet (e.g. like if someone has Lydia from Hakushaku to Yousei in their comment already, don’t repeat it).

Yep, I think that’s all I have to say about the contest for now.
The rest is just stuff on the banner. Really brief. Read it if you care to.


Aww, I’m gonna miss my Valentine angeru~ one. The week went by so fast. Hmm.

But yay! New banner! Made just for SoMT! And of course, nobody would be more appropriate to head it off than the tsundere twin-tail idol queen herself! Hahaha! xDDD And yes, I shamelessly admit that I’m going to use the best of my ability to crown Utau as the first shoujo-only tournament queen if it’s the last goddamn thing I do! *determined, scary face* >8D


The background was easy and simple to make. I just created two different layers, used one texture as the background fill and applied two different colors (pink and purple, Eru and Iru~! <3) to each respective layer to have the criss-crossing effect. Oh, and I put purple above the pink so you can’t really notice anything but the purple but it did give me the shade I wanted (I toned down the opacity) so everything’s just fine.

And yay~! Now I get to see Utau against all the beautiful violet glory everyday I come check my site! x333 And purple is totally Utau’s color. She has the most gorgeous eyes out of all the characters…second to her brother, lol. xD;

Ah, for her image, I just used the one in 2009 manga calendar. Problem was the dates blocked out her hair (and Eru, OMG!) and part of her skirt so I had to reconstruct them and it took me all day to make it look right. I couldn’t fit the cut off from the color page of manga ch. 29 right on the original image so I had to take it apart piece by piece and readjust everything. Then Utau’s right twintail came off too long and I had to do it again and ugh…it was exhausting. My eyes are so tired now from staring at the screen all day. =_=

But I got it done…and it looks decent (because it’s been resized). I had to use another image of Eru but that was pretty easy to do, too. I just had to tilt her a little to the side so it would look more nice. Heh.
Argh, but this would look so much better if my banner wasn’t so small. T___T Makes me want to move to another server right now but I’m not ready yet. *sigh*

Finally, the tagline. Hell yea, Utau is not only a tsundere goddess, she transcends the term and f*ckin’ beautifies it with that awesome “I pwn all you losers” glare and idol style. She’s FIERCE! Right, kanz? xDDD

Utau rawks. Nuff said.

Now get to work, all of you! Our moe queens wait for no one!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment and/or email me at eksentrick.xiaojie@gmail.com. I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as I can.

xD K, have fun!


36 thoughts on “ěk-sěn’trĭk’s Unofficial Shoujo-Only Moe Tournament

  1. Woot! I love the new banner as well! Great idea for the tournament! Shoujo only tournament eh? I can already imagine how fun this will be. ^^

  2. I have two questions! One may have been answered in the post and I just missed it. That one is: Is there a limit on the number of characters we can nominate? Because if so I need more time to think~

    The other one: Are mascot characters allowed in? This mainly comes up with Shugo Chara. Because apparently they were allowed into SaiMoe. Ran got into the first round and I remember voting for Eru in the preliminaries (Eru~).

    I also came up with a list of Shoujo anime that aired in 2008 while I was trying to think of characters (outside of Shugo Chara) to nominate. There’s a couple of anime on there that are unclear for Shoujo standing. One is technically Josei and the other is…based off of a game. But both would be considered “shoujo” my American companies (I am 90% sure). I wanted to post it in my promo post, so should I send it to you first so I can get the clarification on the series I’m wondering about? Because I don’t want to post a wrong series and have people get excited to nominate someone only to have them turned down. Then you and I will become bad guys! Oh noes~

    Oh! Oh! And I’d be happy to help with anything btw! Like I can make one of the charts or match-up pictures or something~ I am always ready to volunteer my free time and my photoshop.

    Oh and the banner~! Utau + Purple = …awesome, elegant, tsundere beauty. Reconstructing stuff is such hard work, but I think you did a great job.

  3. Awesomeness! ^___^ Gah it’s going to be hard to think of someone.

    Oh! Oh! can we nominate manga girls too? Since there’s more shojo manga then anime out.

  4. ZOMG this is it! This is really it!!!
    The heavens have opened above!!! I’m so excited for this one! OMG UTAU!!! Will she be the host/main judge?

    Thanks also for making Anime-NTM your inspiration for this one ^^. Aww, thank you so much =) It also pop out from my imagination too because of boredom so I might say that boredom can really make us do a lot of fun things ^^.

    OMG so this is following the procedures of Saimoe… OMG triple the suspense baby!!! This will really get so much exciting!

    ZOMG I definitely need to list up who would I nominate!!! I’ll come back as soon as I’ve wisely decided ^^.

    I should totally do something to help you too. Just ask me if you have any requests (like promotional banners/etc.) and I’ll do my best with that =)

    And Purple Utau banner! I love purple (lol purple is the color of the gown I wore last prom ^^). Definitely agree! Utau is FEROCIOUS fierce XD!!! That pose just says “BAM! I’m the queen, move along b*tches!” XD~

    So good luck with this project of yours, you go co-fiercess!!! (lol invented a word: fierce+princess XDD)

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  6. 7: Thanks! :D
    And it’s fun so far. Hope you’ll participate. ^^


    Fuyu-san: Oh, I’m really glad you asked that question, actually, because I totally forgot to mention about that. Argh, stupid me! I can’t believe I missed that even though I was reading the rules over so many times. I’ll go and edit that now.
    But nope, you can nominate as many recurring characters as you want. ^^

    And ah, need to edit about mascots, too. Thanks for telling me. Yes, mascot characters are allowed as long as it’s confirmed that they’re girls (and Eru is so a girl, lol).

    Ah, yes, yes. Thank you for pointing that out. Since josei is technically a branch of shoujo anyways (at least, I think it is), it qualifies. Any series whose main audience is young girls would pass.
    As for the game adaptation, you can send it to me so I can check. I’m pretty sure I’ll give the A-ok since it’s coming from you but I’m curious to see anyway. ^^
    And oh no~, we definitely don’t want that happening. o.O;

    Thank you so so much! You’ve been a lot of help to me already! And I will definitely contact you if I need help with any charts and other stuff (I did say you’re invited to be co-host, didn’t I? ;D) if you really don’t mind doing it (I get the feeling you’ll enjoy it a lot, actually, haha <D). Thank you thank you thank you again! ^^

    And thanks~ I’m glad everyone’s liking the banner. I’ll be sad when I have to change it. ^^;


    warrior: You can nominate as many characters as you want. *just edited the rules* ^^

    I’ll let you know if I’ll allow for manga characters depending on how many anime girls I get first. But since there aren’t a lot of shoujo anime out, I think there’s a good chance I’ll let manga girls in. ;)


    kanz: xD I’m glad you’re so excited!
    Utau will not be a judge since she’s also competing but I will and maybe a few other bloggers I know. Would you like to be a co-host/judge? I was actually planning to drag you in this as well. *completely guilty* lol xD;

    I think your ANTM is so much more fun, though. But since I’m not such a creative person, I just stuck with just moe. Hehe ^^ & Yep, boredom is the mother of all great ideas. Lol

    And take your time. You have more than a month. Nominate as many characters as you would like. ^^

    *gasp* Promo banners from the fabulous artistic kanzeon? 8D I can just die happy now…but I won’t cuz then your awesome banners will go to waste. Thank you! If you want to, I’ll accept anything. Thank you so much! X3

    HAHA! Yes! Utau and purple FTW! Which is why she should win. xD
    And ooo~, I want to see your prom gown now! I bet you looked so pretty! :D

    Lol Love your vocabulary. This is why you’re so awesome. xD Thanks for your support! Can’t wait to see who you’ll nominate!

  7. Okay. ^__^

    Are we allowed to nomimate here yet?

    Rima Mashiro (Shugo Chara) [Peach-Pit]: I don’t really have to explain this one do I?

    Kyoko Mogami (Skip Beat) [Yoshhiki Nakamura]:because she’s half-crazy, half-sweet, and half-awesome.

    Kusu-Kusu (Shugo Chara) [Peach-Pit]: Because she always looks out for Rima and is super cute.

    Suu (Shugo Chara) [Peach-Pit]: Polite to everyone even enemies (like Lulu), also her little cooking lessons are awesome.

    Yaya Yuki (Shugo Chara) [Peach Pit]: Because she’s the only SC girl that I don’t think will be nominate.

    God that was SC heavy (as I suspect a lot of the entries will be)

  8. OMG! Did I close the window without submitting my comment? I think I did. If not, I apologize for the double comment. But wow…stupid of me.

    I don’t have any characters I want to nominate ASAP that are on my list of characters to wonder about, so I can successfully make my first few nominations.

    Hoshina Utau (Shugo Chara!) [Peach-Pit] – Because even if you’ve already technically nominated her yourself with all of your obvious bias (lol), I want to put her downtoo. No hogging the twintail tsundere.

    Hinamori Amu (Shugo Chara!) [Peach-Pit] – Because Amu needs to be nominated ASAP as well!

    Eru (Shugo Chara!) [Peach-Pit] – The only mascot character I will ever find moe. (Rabu angeru~)

    Yamamoto Megumi (Special A) Maki Minami – I feel like I may have gotten her family name wrong, but you know who I’m talking about I’m sure.

    Kotonami Kanae (Skip Beat!) – Girls that are tsundere for their friends are…just so awesome.

    And that’s it right now. I have more nominations of girls I absolutely deserve to be in this competition, but I want to let others get the chance to have fun nominating.

    Oh! You should make a page for the Tournament so you can list the current nominees so people don’t have to go through the comments. I mean, you’re bound to get some people that are just too lazy.

  9. Yosh! I can vote. Now… Hmm… Oh yeah!

    Hanazono Hikari (Special A) [Minami Maki].:I love how thickheaded and dense she is. That makes her super cute!

    Miki (Shugo Chara!) [Peach-Pit].:My favourite chara of them all. >//////< She’s just too… cool!

    Eru (Shugo Chara!) [Peach-Pit].:Nothing to say about this one, she’s just so cute.

  10. Ok, I came up all day thinking about the shoujo girls of 2008 and here would be my nominations ^^:

    – Kinomoto Sakura/Sakura-hime [Tsubasa TR]
    – Rima Touya [Vampire Knight]
    – Maria Kurenai [Vampire Knight]
    – Ran [Shugo Chara]
    – Hikari Hanazono [Special A]
    – Rahzel Anadis [Hatenkou Yugi]
    – Kotoko Aihara [Itazura na Kiss]
    – Iku Kasahara [Library Wars]

    …And the School Rumble girls too, since they had an OVA last year (and the more the merrier ^_^)

    – Tenma Tsukamoto
    – Eri Sawachika
    – Mikoto Suo
    – Akira Takano
    – Yakumo Tsukamoto

    I don’t know if Kimikiss ~pure rouge~ is counted as shoujo but the anime seems to lean in on shoujo preferences so it could be… And I’ll nominate:

    – Mao Mizusawa
    – Yuumi Hoshino
    – Asuka Sakino


    And thanks for inviting! I would also love to be a co-host and I’ll do my best ^^!!! I thought that in this way I could return your help and support you gave on ANTM too :D

    I’m also planning to post updates too on my blog for the competition if you would like to (like a side-interviewer or something)

    Ooh~ I’m getting more and more excited!!!

  11. Oh my god I did a research on School Rumble and it wasn’t shoujo… it’s shounen >.<… Please cancel out the girls I’ve nominated there ^_^ Gomen gomen gomen!!!

  12. Gah! If I could vote for Ranka from Macross F, I would. But it’s not a shoujo series, so yeah… XD;;

    Anyway, here’s my list:
    -Lettuce Midorikawa (Tokyo Mew Mew)
    -Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)
    -Tsubasa Shibahime (Kare Kano)

    And I’m having some trouble thinking of others ’cause defining what’s shoujo and what isn’t is hard. @_@ But yeah, great idea! Good luck making a reality! :D

  13. Thank you to everyone who sent their nominations in! I’m afraid I’ll have to refrain from responding to most of your comments (after this one) because…well, other than answering questions you might have and other things like the approval of submissions, I really can’t say anything else until the actual start of the tournament. ^^; So until then!

    Fuyu-san: Nope, your comment seemed to have gone through just fine. :)

    And working on it right now. ^^


    kanz: Thanks so much for all your help! Really. I am truly grateful. I will make some honorary award for your contribution at the end because I just have to. lol x3

    And ooo~, that would be nice. Haha, kinda similar to something I’m planning for you hosts to do when the tournament starts but it has its own respective sector. Look forward to it. ;D

    Ah, and I’m sad and sorry to say that Sakura [TR] and your nominations for Kimikiss ~ pure rouge ~ can’t partake in the contest because both series are directed at shounen. I’m sorry, kanz. I would definitely approve of Sakura but rules and all, yea… T___T Gomen ne.

    But feel free to keep on submitting whoever you like if they’re not submitted already. ^^


    Effyness: I’m sorry but I can’t accept your nominations. The series you listed did not broadcast in 2008. But please feel free to nominate any other characters you know that appeared in the approved 2008 shoujo shows (look to the SoMT page at the top of the site).

  14. Lydia Carlton (Hakushaku To Yosei) [Mizue Tani]

    Megumi Noda (Nodame Cantabile: Paris-Hen) [Tomoko Ninomiya]

    Sakura Ushikubo (Special A) [Maki Minami]

    Chris Robbins (Itazura na Kiss) [Kaoru Tada]

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  16. Dunno if this one’s approved, but (although she’s not my favorite girl, she’s actually my least favorite Shoujo heroine. -__-) just wanted to submit someone since all the good ones are taken. xDD…

    – Yuuki Cross [Vampire Knight]

  17. Oh, awesome idea! I’ll totally be looking forward to this when the actual competition starts.

    A shoujo series that’s not on the list yet: Natsume Yuujinchou.
    Would characters from the second season count? I’m guessing not, since the broadcast started in 2009… ^^;

    Jun Sasada (Natsume Yuujinchou) [Yuki Midorikawa]
    Reiko Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou) [Yuki Midorikawa]
    Tooru Taki (Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou) [Yuki Midorikawa] – if season 2 can be included
    Kirari Tsukishima (Kirarin Revolution) – I don’t watch this show at all, but the fact that Kirari somehow gets into the main Saimoe Tournament every year only to be fake voted into oblivion amuses me.

  18. I appreciate your idea and your work – I always thought the “shounen” “josei” “shoujo” categories are a bit unfair at some points…Since, for example, some use the trem “shoujo” as a bad name. And the tournament thing, it’s even more useless to make strong borders. Respect to your work!
    Well, my nominée would be:
    Ruka/Luca Souen [Vampire Knight] (Matsuri Hino)
    I read VK for the story and I don’t have a real favourite characters, but Ruka is moe since she is like everyone of us – a fangirl^^. And later on, she develops on the real side as well, I really like her.

    Greets, Mina

  19. Okay, so I forgot this one at first. Then I waited so someone else would get the opportunity, but no one did it. I still expect it would occur to someone eventually, but I can’t wait anymore while an adorable girl remains in moe-limbo. T_T

    Hinamori Ami (Shugo Chara! [Peach-Pit]

    Because how many times is Ami and moe used in the same sentence? I feel ashamed. I checked so many times to make sure I didn’t miss her, but…oh. We forgot adorable, moe Ami-chan. T_T (Well, now she’s nominated. So problem solved and the moe crisis is now averted.)

  20. Just thought of another one! You said filler characters are allowed but limited, so… xD:

    – Lulu De Morcerf [Shugo Chara] [Broadcast from episode 52-onwards]

  21. I can’t believe that Dia got left out! I’m so nominating her right now. If Amu’s other three charas are there, Dia’s got to be there, too!

    Dia (Shugo Chara) [Peach-Pit]

  22. These should be the last of my nominations. Because after this I haven’t seen any more of the anime.

    Toudou Akira (Special A) [Maki Minami]
    Tachibana Tsubomi (Naisho no Tsubomi) [Yuu Yabuuchi]
    Endo Saya (Naisho no Tsubomi) [Yuu Yabuuchi]
    Iru (Shugo Chara!) [Peach-Pit]

    …And I think this officially means I’ve run out of nominees. Oh noes~

  23. I believe Ouran is shoujo so uhm… Haruhi?
    uhm, Miyuki from Full moon wo sagashite?
    oy maybe even Hotaru/Mikan from Gakuen Alice — Not sure if this is shoujo.

  24. It’s embarrassing to see three series yet with no characters nominated, so I guess fix that; I’ll leave the character/series names in English for readability.

    Angelique (Neo Angelique Abyss) [かたがいしん]

    Tsubomi Tachibana (Naisho no Tsubomi) [やぶうち優]
    Saya Endo (Same as above) [Same as above]
    Yae Yamabuki (Same as above) [Same as above]

    Nozomi Yumehara (Yes! Precure 5/Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!) [としあかこむら]
    Natsuki Rin (Same as above) [Same as above]
    Komachi Akimoto (Same as above) [Same as above]
    Karen Minazuki (Same as above) [Same as above]

    I might add more if I happen to be incredibly lazy.

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