Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 70

Ack, sooo late~ D|

I’m very sorry about that everyone. Life got in the way again.

First of all, hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day. I did…until my dad dragged me to Benihana’s and I nearly had a seizure from OMGI’MCLAUSTROPHOBICGETAWAYYOUPEOPLZ!!! and impatience. But I’m home now…and we’re making dumplings. I like dumplings. Hmm…

Ah~, but this was ep was fun to write about even if it got a little boring. Plus, Ikuto and Utau~! <333

Haha, yea, I’m probably the only one in the world who enjoys being single so much. Not to mention among the very few who doesn’t mind writing summaries when subs are already out. W/e. It’s fun for me so that’s all that really matters. :D


It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and everyone at Seiyo Academy is getting excited over it. Suu asks Amu if she was going to give Tadase any chocolate and Amu replies in her Cool&Spicy poser way that Valentines doesn’t interest her. A girl runs pass her and asks this other student, Yukina, how to do this certain step in a recipe for making chocolate. Two boys walk pass them and one of them, named Daisuke, happened to meet Yukina’s glance at the same time before saying that he hated chocolate, which makes Yukina depressed. Amu watches, intrigued, as Yukina tells her friend that she wasn’t planning to give anyone any chocolate.

At the Guardians’ meeting, they discuss the events that are planned for Valentines day including a public confession thing and a best sweet contest as the main event. Rima sighs and says they’re making such a big deal over a holiday. Yaya complains a little about how much work it is (I think) and Nagi says he can understand how hard girls try to make chocolate around this time of year…and mentions something else about him considering making chocolate (I think), which surprises all the girls but Tadase quickly helps him cover up any hints of his trap life.

Later as Amu is walking home, Ran suggests that if she’s embarrassed about giving honmei choco, then she should just make giri chocolates for everyone instead. When she gets home, her Mama asks if her if she’d like to join her and Ami. Amu asks to where and Midori shows her a flier to a cooking lesson that is going to be taught by Lulu’s father, the French chef. Amu’s Charas help raise her hand without her consent and she ends up going.

Amu daydreams and fangirls about Tadase being happy about receiving a massive amount of chocolates from her but snaps out of it when she recognizes that Yukina also came to the special class to learn/perfect her chocolate-making skills, I’m guessing. Yukina asks Amu if she was going to enter the sweets contest tomorrow but Amu says no. Yukina confirms she was and that’s why she came to this class to prepare herself. She says her dream is to be a patisserie.

Lulu’s dad comes in and announces that he will teach them how to make chocolate truffles. Then Suu goes into her house-wife teacher mode and walks us through all the steps of making the chocolate (look to the subs for the instructions, I have no idea, lol). When Amu is having trouble with hers, Ran suggests Chara-nari-ing with Suu but seeing Yukina work so hard, Amu decides that it would be better if she tried it on her own instead. Midori asks if she’s making chocolates for anyboy in particular and Amu says it’s just giri chocolates to which Midori only gives a fond, knowing smile. :D

Lulu and Nana pass by and spy on the class when they find out her dad’s there. Amu manages to do a very nice job on her own chocolates and her mom commends her for it. Yukina’s also came out splendidly decorated and Lulu’s dad asked if he could try one. Yukina nods and he eats it, compliments her but also gives her a meaningful tip that an important ingredient she can’t miss is to put love into her cooking. Hearing this and remembering Daisuke saying he hated chocolate, Yukina’s face drops a little and Lulu and Nana gets excited that they found their target.

Walking home, Amu says she plans to give her chocolate to friends and asks who Yukina will give hers to. Yukina responds that if she wins tomorrow’s competition that she wants to give chocolates to somebody. Amu asks if it’s to a boy she likes and Yukina denies it, saying it’s only to a classmate she’s been in the same class with for a while. She says she just wants to know what he thinks about her chocolates when he eats them but in a flashback, when she tried to give him some (because he didn’t receive any so she “felt bad”) he turned them down and said he hated chocolate. After that, Yukina resolved to make the very best sweets so she can bring a smile onto everyone’s face (or something corny like that) and gets all fired up about it. Ran giggles and remarks that Yukina must really like that boy then. ^^

That night, Midori and Ami gave their chocolates to Tsumugu and Amu even offered him some. He cries happily (though Miki says something about it being ok if it ended up as a fail). Tsumugu says they taste delicious and Amu is thrilled but it all gets shot down when he starts eating the rest of her truffles, leaving only three K ones for her to bring to school.

When Amu comes in the next day, she finds a line of girls waiting to give their chocolates to Tadase and Amu decides to give hers later. Elsewhere, Yukari is handing out chocolates as thank yous to everyone helping out for Utau’s concert. Utau says it must be tough for her but Yukari says this was just a small thing compared to their goal and they should show their appreciation to everyone for assisting them. Utau smiles and agrees. Eru says it’s kind of disappointing that she has to work on such a special day but Utau says it can’t be helped. Iru flies over and hushes Eru up because she doesn’t want Utau getting upset that she couldn’t give her own chocolates to Ikuto, much less get into contact with him. Utau wonders where he is. The scene changes to the amusement park and Ikuto is residing in the greenhouse, seeming to be in pain. Yoru’s cat gang brings over Ikuto’s jacket and Yoru uses it to cover the sick, shivering Ikuto.

Back at school, setting up the stage for the contest in the gym/auditorium/whatever that place is finally finished. Yukina’s friends give her their support and Daisuke’s friend ask if she could share the chocolate with them if she wins, making her a bit reluctant. He looks to Daisuke for help in convincing her but Daisuke remains tsuntsun and says he hates chocolate (again). Yukina stands up suddenly and leaves the room to get ready.

Yukina walks to the gym rather depressed and encounters Lulu who’s been waiting for her. Lulu does her mahou jewelry thing. Meanwhile, Yaya is hosting the public confession event as the rest of the Guardians get the best-sweets contest contestants ready. Amu notices that Yukina is not among them and her Charas immediately sense the presence of a ?-egg. Since the Guardians can’t leave, Amu volunteers to go instead. She finds Yukina, who Chara-nari’s into Chocolate Dream. Yukina flies off and uses her magic to force everyone to eat chocolate. She even goes to the extreme to turn everything in sight to chocolate. Amu catches up with her and tells her to come back to school but Yukina says she doesn’t care about that anymore and attacks Amu. The wave of negative energy blow Ran and Miki away as causes Amu’s chocolates to fly out of her pocket into a nearby tree. Amu Chara-naris with Suu and catches Yukina’s chocolate attack into their own mixing bowl. Amulet Clover does her own special cooking technique to “purify” the chocolates, thus, purifying everyone who has been put into a trance to it. Amu gives her peptalk, OPEN HEART!, another filler done.

When Yukina wakes up, Amu tells her that the contest has already started and Yukina hurries back. As she making her chocolates on stage, Daisuke watches from the crowd, with his tsuntsun face still on. After the judgings, Tadase announces Yukina the winner and everyone cheers (Daisuke even smiles at her victory). Later, when she’s sitting outside thinking of what to do next, Daisuke comes and congratulates her. She asks why he was there and sticks her nose up confidently in the air saying that this probably means he wanted chocolate after all (and instantly regrets being so snobbish about it). Daisuke said he lied about not liking chocolates because at the time, he was just embarrassed. She laughs at him and gives him the chocolate and he says they’re delicious.

Amu is watching all this a few feet away and Tadase finds her. She reaches into her pocket to give him her own chocolate but discovers it’s not there and apologizes. Tadase says it was alright and that he would like to try her chocolate the next time she makes some. And they have a sparkly moment which was shortly interrupted by Amu’s Charas. She angrily chases them around.

Later, Yoru is floating around looking for some food and Amu’s chocolates falls from the branch of tree, landing square on his head. He brings it back to Ikuto and Ikuto asks where he found it. Yoru says it might just be a gift from god that he found it. Ikuto takes a bite and says it tasted pretty good. Yoru asks for some but the box was already empty. The end. XD


Ack, again, sorry about the post being later than usual. If the torrent came out earlier, I would’ve had this up by noon but it didn’t so I’m very sorry! Gomen! >.<

I didn’t go overboard with the images or anything but there’s still a lot cuz I have a couple of things to say. Um, yea…so let’s get started.

Yukina is a cute, megane side ponytail filler girl. ^^ As well as stubborn but not as cool stubborn as our favorite tsundere girl trio. Yea, nothing more to add about her that hasn’t already been said.

“Hmph, all this hubbub over Valentine’s day.”

I agree, Rima-tan~ <3

Though I’m still curious if she received any chocolates from Kirishima-kun or any of her other fanboys. Which she totally does deserve! Heck, she deserves a line of boys waiting to give her their chocolate and a golden pedestal because she’s a friggin’ queen, dammit! Bow before your queen! RAWR! >8D

I agree with both sides regarding Nagi’s slip-ups of being trap to the other Guardians to a certain extent. Yea, Satelight was being dumb again on how they handle our characters and I’m not happy about it. But Nagi also feels the most at ease around his friends, who I doubt would care much if he was a crossdresser or not, so for him to be a little careless in showing them his secret is not so outrageous. I just wish Satelight could’ve made it more subtle so that only Rima would have noticed (cuz Rima is super supsicious and that’s what makes her so awesome! x3).

Hehe, see, see? Rima knows. She knows. >:D

Haha, oh, Amu-chan. Your Charas have been with you for more than a year now. Don’t you know all their tricky little ways and how to counter them yet?

Hmm, guess not…let’s keep it that way. It’s cute~ |3

Kyaa~! Amu looks so cute in an apron! 8D

I don’t know what is up with me and my sudden fascination in aprons. I don’t like wearing them anyway but they’re nice to look at. Heh.

Um, yes, I understand your good intentions but that’s not healthy at all. Think about those calories! There’s dangerous possibilities of heart attacks, too! Don’t eat so much junk food! WAGH! Dx *exaggerates too much*

Hehe, Suu is so cute. Even when she has that dangerous house-wife look in her eyes. xD

Ah, and the way she walks us through making chocolate looks so easy~ I wish I had time to learn how. =3=

Ii ko, ne~? Amu-chan~!


This makes me so proud and happy like nothing else. I really do regard Amu kind of like how a mother would regard her own daughter (or at least like an older sister to her much younger sister). Yea, it might seem strange since I’m only nineteen and don’t know really have any experience in being parent but I’m learning more and more about it each day as this growing up process of mine continues. Why am I taking notice of these small little things so much? Well, truth is, my biggest dream is to have children and to be a good mother to them. I especially want at least one daughter and there are many reasons why so I won’t go into explaining them.

Ah, but here’s just one I’ll say something about. It’s because since I was a little kid, I grew up with a lot of rowdy boys. My only sibling is my good-for-nothing younger brother and he never really looked to me for help or anything (hell, he abused me a lot and I was the one who got scolded for hitting him back because I should know better even though he was ripping out all my hair, that little bastard). So you can guess how happy I was when I found out that my aunt has given birth to a little girl when I was 11. And I adored her. Still do, but she’s eight now so all the cooing and baby-love waned. But I seriously doted upon her as if she was my own little sister. And I feel kind of lonely now that she has her own little twin sisters to look after, and therefore, be responsible and all. So I hope one day I’ll be able to have a little girl of my own. To really raise as my own child into a Cool&Spicy girl just like Amu! lol xD;. I’m not sure if it will ever happen but I want to try my best. *corny* ^^;

Gah, this had nothing to do with Amu so I’ll have to make it relevant. Amu doing her best with her own ability FTW! Ra ra! xD;

“Hmmm~…alright, Amu-chan. Mama will just pretend along and keep it a secret from Papa. But promise me you’ll introduce me to this nice boy you like when the time comes, ok?


Ami looks so adorable! x333

Aha~, and I want to be an awesome mom like Midori is, too! There aren’t a lot of mothers who would put so much trust into their children and that’s a shame. I know that many of them are just trying to be careful because they really do love their children and don’t want to lose them (their daughters, especially) but sometimes they are too overly cautious and that just suffocates us girls a lot.

*sigh* All this talk about parents is making feel a little sad about my own unresolved issue with my own mother. But I’m still going to stick to the fact on being right for the most of it. I’m just frustrated that nobody seems to want to understand my side of the story (well, not true because I know two of my friends do) and they’re all just telling me to hurry up and make up with her. Ha, easier said then done. Maybe if I was still a kid, yea, but I know better now.

Ugh, this is so depressing. Let’s move on…

Hmm, I know this is always mentioned to the point of being overused but it’s really true. Just cooking something and making it look all nice and pretty isn’t enough. You have to put your own heart into as well. And a person who tastes your cooking can tell, regardless of whether your food is high-class stuff or just a simple course.

Personally, I love cooking very much even though I’m still learning and not very good at it. And I learn from my dad, who cooks dinner for the entire family almost every night despite such a busy schedule. But he never complains how tired he is or how much of a pain it is that he has to clean the vegetables or cook the rice or anything. He really does love cooking and when I eat the food he makes, it tastes very good.

On the other hand (and please please please don’t think of this as severe bias because it truly isn’t. I try very hard to not let bias overtake reasonable things I want to say), my mother’s food is not as great. She once told me that she couldn’t understand why I would want to go through the trouble of doing extra work for someone and that just offended me. After that, I noticed for the first time how bland the flavor of her food tastes. It is far from bad because my parents had to learn how to cook when they were still children but…she doesn’t like to cook because she’s too tired to. And the results are just not the same as my dad’s, that’s all.

Point is, the difference is wanting to do a task against seeing a task as some kind of chore. Then there’s the second level of liking what you’re doing as opposed to feeling obligated to what you’re doing. I hope I make sense?

Man, Lulu stalks her dad, too. =_=;

Heh. Tsuntsun filler boy. I did feel kind of bad for him when Yukina said “Oh, these are just giri chocolates so don’t think of it anymore than that!” Silly girl shot down his hopes so it’s reasonable on why he’d get mad and say such a thing as “I hate chocolate!”


Ah, and I think a few of you understand what giri and honmei mean, right? If not, giri chocolate are meant to be given to friends while honmei chocolate are meant to be given to a guy or girl you really, really liked (have a crush on, etc.). Heh, the Japanese have turned a Western holiday into something so extravagant as this. Or maybe it’s just the candy companies and their big collaborative scam. lol W/e. What matters is that the girls spent their time and effort on “re-making” the chocolates to present it to the people they like. Buying it is good, too, but when you make it yourself…it’s just aww~ x3

So people are self-flammable now? We’ve been seeing that a lot lately, haven’t we?

“OMG! My Cool&Spicy daughter is giving chocolates to ME! ME! Papa’s getting a chocolate from his little sparrow and it’s all for ME!” *flowers~*

Oh, Amu Papa, why are you so cool as a dorky dad? |D

Hehe, I loved Miki’s line. So mean. Using your dad as guinea pig. xD

Ah, but that chocolates were a success! Yokatta ne, Amu?^^

And I’m so glad they didn’t make her stay as a constant fail like other shoujo heroines are. If you do that too many times, the cuteness is gone and everything just gets really, really annoying.

Haha, they were SO good that Amu Papa had to eat ALL of them so that NO boys will get his lil’ sparrow’s chocolates! And yes, I do believe that he did this on purpose while putting on an “innocent” face. Now we all know where Ami’s scheme-y-ness comes from. Hohoho~ xD

*sighs and shakes head* Well, yea, the Guardians are technically the celebrities of their school but this is truly ridiculous. At least, these girls are. Tadase is being very courteous. That doesn’t mean his acceptance of your chocolate will automatically equal he likes you in that way. If they really, really liked him, they would consider his feelings as more important than waiting in line for him to take their chocolate to place them in a huge box next to him. Don’t trouble Tadase like that! He’s a good kid who will give you the right response if you confess to him properly (well, now he is, anyways)! >:/

Haha, is it so hard to believe that only 30 episodes ago, this woman was just another ambitious bitch? xD;

Back then, she wouldn’t even think of thanking other people. She’d just order them around as her subordinates and be cranky if nothing went her way.

Yep, I’m glad to see Yukari as she is now. This new ambition is much better than her previous one. ^^


Utau, Iru and Eru in a bus!


Omg, they’re so cute when they’re worried about Utau! <333 They aren’t called “Guardian Characters” just because it sounds cute, duh.

Poor Utau. She has no idea where Ikuto is or what kind of a dilemma he’s in right now. Well, maybe she does (of course she does!) but there’s not much they can both do. Ikuto has to hide from Easter and can’t be seen at any costs and I bet that stupid asshole director even spent spies out to watch Utau as well. So even if she could help Ikuto, she can’t because Easter has too much power. That bastard and all his bastard underlings! I hate them! Dx<

Them aside *kicks them into a trashcan*…seeing her look so sadly down at her chocolates like that. Oh~, makes me sad, too. I’m pretty sure that it will take her quite a while to get over her bro-con (yes, yes, Kukai will speed it up but these things take time, y’know) but I wish there was some way he could’ve received them from her. These siblings truly care for each other a lot because all they really had since they were little kids were each other. I doubt Ikuto would’ve been able to hold himself up and endure all the crap Easter throws at him if Utau wasn’t there for him. Even if she does/did have romantic feelings for her brother, simply saying that “I want to help him because I really care” makes the biggest difference. And I believe Ikuto was always saved a lot of times by those words. Everyone saw him as the bad guy but Utau didn’t and she knew he wasn’t. That was enough for him to keep going on. Also, Utau wouldn’t be the strong character she is now without Ikuto’s support in the first place. And chapter 37 clearly shows us how much she looks up to her brother.

Ack, Ikuto, you are a bad boy. Making all the important women in your life worry about you…though I don’t blame you because you’re a noble dummy but I will still scold you if you don’t go back to Amu’s room anytime soon! >:/
Oh, and there are 4 important women in his life. Two are pretty clear. Utau and Amu, even though the latter is incredibly dense because of Satelight’s stupidity at the moment (grr!). And another would obviously be his mother. I will not mention any spoilers (who cares? The chapters are all up to date anyways) but I do believe that even though Ikuto feels betrayed by his mother’s “decision” (quotations, it’s quoted because everyone’s innocent until prove guilty! *makes no sense*) to marry Kazuomi and very angry at her, he still cares for her deep down. He’s just not ready to forgive her yet. Kind of like how Tomoya from CLANNAD couldn’t bring himself to forgive his own father. But that’s because he didn’t understand what his father had went through and I think Ikuto and Souko’s situation is very similar to that.
Oh, and if anyone ever so mentions one bad word against Souko, I will not hesitate to RIP YOU TO PIECES! take you down because I am a die-hard Souko fan even though I know little to nothing about her. Heck, I typed a 3-page rant in her defense on GW. But I will save that for another day when we do get more background on her.
And the last woman is obviously his own daughter. Yes! I would like Ikuto and Amu to have at least 2 (3 would be great) children with at least one boy and one girl. He’d spoil her rotten! Haha! xD

K, let’s move on…


Ikuto~…he’s in so much pain! I hate you, Satelight! It’s bad enough that he’s sick but to make him look like he’s in so much pain just breaks my heart!

And I do think Ikuto can look good in almost anything, including emotions, but he’s so…here he’s…yes, I will say it. Uke. ARGH! *wrings head* Dx
This just makes me want to hug him more. Cuz it’s not even funny uke…it’s sad uke. TT____TT

Oh~, you wonderful kitties! I’ll adopt you all! Since Ikuto is Amu’s kitty anyway. =P

Again, the Charas know how to take care of their owners best even though they can only do so much due to their small size.

And woot! It’s his jacket! Hope that will bring him some comfort at least. *worried face*

Hare Hare Yukai, anyone? xD That’s what this reminded me of. I can actually picture them doing it…and it’s all Shugo! Shugo!’s fault for allowing me to do so. Meh.
It’d be hilarious, though. The sane people will be standing on the side and wondering “WTFH are you all doing?!” xDD;;

Oh, and though this looks dorky, Rima’s  ̄___ ̄ face makes it win. She’s like “Damn straight, I can make anything look good.” That’s my girl! XDDD

I am this close to punching Satelight in the face. They expect us to not care about Lulu because they gave us some development in her character and then switched back to her shallow, selfish bitch self thinking that would satisfy us for now. Idiots. Do you fucking job right and make it look consistent! Make Lulu conflicted! What she’s doing now is not the Lulu everyone should be seeing because we already saw this side of her already.

And what’s worse is that she targets Yukina after her dad gives the megane girl some advice on how to better up her cooking. This is not right. Lulu would not manipulate anyone if she had witnessed them interacting so well with her parents whom she thinks very highly of. At least, I don’t think she would. I have faith in Lulu and Satelight is being a prick by screwing her up. Ugh.

This reminds me of Shinkuro…and how badly I want an anime adaptation of it. *heavy sigh* T_T


Rima: “Amu…I hope she’ll be alright.”
Nagi: “Me, too.”
Rima: Geh! *glares at him*
Nagi: “E-eh? What is it?”
Rima: “…If Amu has any chocolate, then you are so not definitely get any before me!
Nagi: ^^;


Now I kinda wish her Papa didn’t eat all the chocolates. I would’ve like to see Rima get very happy over Amu giving her giri chocolates and jealous over Nagi receiving some, too. Ooo! I can’t have everything, huh? >.<

Not a bad design at all. And am I the only person who doesn’t mind the chocolate hearts? |D;

OH…YAYZ! GO! Fly out of her pocket and into a tree somewhere!

Nice~ landing. |D Now just hang there for a while until a little floating kitty comes around lookin’ for some food.

Amulet Clover~! <333

Mmm, I’m hungry for some chocolate truffles now. =3=

Um, yea, I ran out of steam to say anything special about the peptalk this time around but I will say this.


…Yea. Better to fit here than at the end. *shrug*

Junior IRON CHEF: JAPAN! xDDD;;; *am a big fan of the Food Network*

But this is totally so much better…cuz of Saikyou Love Power! x333

I’m amused that Tsukasa, the superintendent, is younger than the other teachers. Tsukasa has to be around his mid-30s by now. He just looks very young.
And he’s such a (lovable) weirdo loser. He’s probably going to be SC!’s 40-year old virgin. Great, another occupation title to put on his resume. Right after King Pedobear. =P

Aww, so he was just embarrassed. I liked how he was brave enough to admit it. And he’s so tsuntsun, too! Not as tsuntsun as our awesome main cast but still. Wow, that was fast.

Yea, all’s well that ends well for the fillers. :/

*opens mouth…and says nothing* …*sighs* Ok, surprisngly (yes, very), this no longer repels me as much as it did before. It’s just that it’s very frustrating to see this occurring over and over again. I am in no way a Tadamu supporter but I respect Tadamu as a shipping. Just wanted to clarify that first because I know somebody is going to jump on me if I don’t state everything clearly.
What is very annoying is that we expect this to happen every time and every single friggin’ time it does happen – the only thing that Satelight doesn’t fail at doing. The sparkles and the hearts in the background. To be honest, if P-Pit really wanted us to think there was something “deep” about their romantic relationship then all those special effects are not necessary. And that’s just it. It’s because Amu is portrayed as mostly just a fangirl in front of Tadase as well as having all these sparkles blow out of nowhere that keeps on detracting from the Tadamu. How can you expect me to take it seriously if it’s always like this, especially when this is just plain superfluous? Look at Kirishima-kun from last episode. His heartfelt confession for Rima didn’t require any of that. All we got was a nice sunset. Simple and clean I friggin’ love that song to bits, yo. That is why I liked Kirishima-kun so much. Because even though he wasn’t so familiar with Rima, his feelings had a lot of depth and was able to move even the core of Rima’s heart because of that. That is really all that needs to be shown.

And if you’re going to argue that Amuto had its own fair share of sparkly moments then I want to state again that I will not let my bias rule over but try to back up my reasons with the most agreeable facts.
Yes, Amuto has had quite a lot of sparkly moments, too. But I find the way they use those moments are appropriate. Like the amusement park ep. It was night time and there were lights all around. Reasonable, right? And more recently, ep. 65 when Amu hid herself with Ikuto under her blankets. It was dark in her room. You have to make these things look good because it just requires you to do it. But there are also a number times when the sparkles weren’t even touched upon at all. Like ep. 12/13-ish. When Ikuto got close to Amu to tell her to keep his violin-playing a secret and a silent staring contest following right after. Those few seconds, without any special alterations (except the moonlight), told me so many things. And it was kept simple.

And the reason why a Tadamu moment cannot be kept simple and must have random sparkles popping up is because Satelight is trying to tell us “Oh yea, don’t take this too seriously at all. We just want you to think this or that way and be bothered by it so we know we’re doing our triangle job right.” Yea, you’re just making the “love” more apparent in its shallowness. I really don’t need that anymore. I know already. This is just painful to watch. For both of them. It’s like you’re shoving in everyone’s faces that “See this? Yea, this isn’t really progress at all. It’s all makeup and decoration like the movies! Made to look pretty! Not to further anything.” Give it a rest, jeez.

Gah, now I just confused myself even more. @.@;;; Sorry about that. I hope I at least made some sense.

My three saviors! *hugs them*

God is a box of chocolate truffles. *shot* |D;

Angels high above sing: “MANGA CLOTHES~!!!! ヘ(^^ヘ)(ノ^^)ノへ(^^ヘ)(ノ^^)ノ ちゃんかちゃんか♪

Wonderful. We’re all set. I can’t see Ikuto’s awesome boots really well but we’re all set. Just a few more fillers out of the way first.

Ok, last ramble for the day, I promise.

First of all, HELLYES! He’s eating again! At least he’s eating. I’m so relieved to see him eating. TAT

Second, I think he knows who those chocolates were meant for. He’s looking at it from all angles before taking a bite. He knows. Oh yes, he knows alright.

Third, like I said way way way close to the beginning of my thoughts, people can tell how much effort you put into the food you make and that will help decide if the food is good or not. Even though he probably knows they’re Amu’s chocolates and that it wasn’t meant for him, he says they’re good anyways. Subtle signs on just how much Amu really affects him. He’s sick and cold but when he ate something made by Amu’s hands, it became like temporary comforting medicine for him. Yea, I think I’ve been reading too much fanfics again but this is pretty common. Guys do feel better when they eat something made by the girls they like. Look at Kei from S.A. He managed to survive Hikari’s rice bowling balls and he was so genki about it. *shudder*

Finally (OMFG,THANKYOU!), I have a solution to getting Ikuto back to Amu’s room since we’re all prepared now. March 14th. White Day. Falls on a Saturday. So far, no title has been released for that date yet. This is the perfect return present and he doesn’t even need to be wrapped. He just needs to be delivered there. I’ve said enough. Do you agree with me? Yes? Good. No? Too bad. *hops onto a plane and flys to Satelight’s studios in Tokyo*


Iiiiiiinnnnccccchhhoooouuuuuu~~~~!!!! <3333

…God, I miss Kairi so much. I am willing to stomach the Tadamu and, if any, development that Satelight might give them (ha, I really want to see something like that happen so I can relieve some of my sympathetic feelings for those two but I seriously doubt it) for the awesome class rep. It’s been too long. Come back already! In the anime and the manga! We’ll create another J chair seat for you! We miss you! ;A;

Ah, yea, I think I’ll go off again on Amu’s relationships in the next episode. It’s unavoidable. I won’t enjoy it but I’ll do it. Takes some stress of my back at least. *sigh*

And/or I can just simply admire how nicely the boys are maturing as well. Tadase and Kairi get more handsome every time I see them. And that makes me happy~! ^^

Yes, I’m finally done. I think I said “I believe” a lot of times in this post. o.O;

Man, now I want to watch Shrek again. IbelieveIbelieveIbelieveIBELIIIIEEVVVEEE~!!!

…That I need sleep. G’nite. *falls dead*


8 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 70

  1. Heey hun! :D

    Yep, I did a bit! xD Had an Amuto and Rimahiko episode marathon, lol. XD Aww. D: I’m claustrophobic, too, so don’t feel bad. It’s good you have fun doing this. ^^ I do too, when it’s a good episode, hehe. :)

    Yukina was a good filler girl, I liked her. She was somewhat tsunder (not as bad as the boy, though. XDDD), but of course isn’t anywhere near Amu, Rima, or Utau-chan’s awesomness. I agree about Rima! That girl is win, give her chocolates damn it! XD Nagi and his slip-ups. LOl. I’m somewhat amused, and yet am going “WTF Satelight?!” because they’re making Nagihiko look too relaxed with his status. I mean, just because Kukai and Tadase (and the first king) know that he’s really a male, he shouldn’t get so relaxed just yet.. especially not when there’s a perceptive suspicious girl like Rima there. :P

    Ha ha, she sooo knows. xD

    Amu’s kawaii in that apron. I like looking at them too, just not wearing them, either. XD Totally! O.o Too much candy is bad. D: *Hugs you* I’m sorry about your brother doing that to you… seriously. D: I luckily have a good younger brother, but that it just so mean that you got the blame for it. ;.; I’m totally with you on having kids, especially a girl, and raise them to be like Amu, ha ha ha. XD Though with my kidney problems, it seems I won’t be able to ever have kids…

    ;__: I am SOOO sorry! *Hugs again* I know how that feels. I have unresolved issues with my father because he abused my mother in front of me, and years later abused me. He keeps trying to get me to forgive him, but… I just… it’s hard. I forgave him when I was a kid, but in two months I’ll be 18, grown, and it’s just harder now with all the times he went and did it again.

    My dad actually cooked good when he lived here, but he’s been gone for years, but my mom’s stuff is good. ^^ I don’t need him, lol. LOL Lulu’s a stalker. Ha ha ha, agreed. Amu’s dad is win. XD He’s a dork, but he’s funny and awesome too. Oh hell yeah. That was definitely his reason for doing that. XDDD

    Omg, I know. D: And it brings up his popularity.. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather like a guy who isn’t as so well-known. D: Being so popular isn’t always a good thing, that’s part of the reason I’m for Amuto. Too much popularity can wreck a relationship. Agreed. I used to hate Yukari until these last twenty or so eps. She’s really become likeable. ^^

    100% agreed on the Utau, Ikuto, and Souko issue. I actually love Souko too and feel so bad for her, though it is understandable why Ikuto and Utau blame her slightly and are angry. But I’m sure they could make up with easiness once Ikuto’s free from Easter.

    ;___; Ikuuutooo! *Hugs him* Poor boy. It was smart of him to go the Amusement park, though. His special place… I WANNA ADOPT THEM TOO! XD


    I won’t even touch on Lulu. Satelight’s getting stupider by the week, doing this… making her look so shallow when we already saw the good, hesitant side of her. Dumb Satelight.

    LOL @ the Rimahiko caption. I wish we could’ve had that. I don’t mind the hearts either, actually. XD

    OMG totally agreed! Amu-chan, think of your future hubby! Especially since he loves chocolate! >: O

    Ha ha ha. King Pedobear is definitely the youngest there, or at least the youngest in appearance. xDDD

    Simple and Clean is fucking win. I never go a day without listening to it! <33 Exactly. It’s like they’re trying to make us find it cute… which they’re failing at.

    LMAO. I don’t know why, but I frickin died laughing during the whole “God sent them” and “they fell from Heaven” lines. I seriously nearly bust a rib laughing. Yeah. God hands out boxes of chocolates everyday. XDD It was so cute, but hilarious. God ships Amuto. ROFL. Oh yes, and he sent his angels to get the kitties to get Ikuto his manga clothes. 8D

    HEHE, I bet he knew too. XD Though I find it incredibly hilarious that there was an Amuto moment and neither of the two knew it was going on, lool. XD

    OMFG WHITE DAY!! It was exactly what I was thinking! He doesn’t even need to be gift-wrapped for sure! Just having him there would be a present in itself.

    KAIIIRI! :D:D:D Though Tadamu doesn’t bother me much anymore, I still will be happy if Kairi interrupts (which it looks like he will), though yep he and Tada-kun are getting cuter all the time. ^^


    Kk, need to do my post in a bit.. XD

  2. Aww, lucky face! You had it better than me! I didn’t get to marathon anything at all. *sad*
    haha I’m only slightly claustrophobic. I don’t think I’m even claustrophobic at all. I just like saying it…and that crowds of people in small areas really bugs me. Ewgh. =w=

    Hehe, of course~ Nobody can ever top our girls! X3
    Yea, Nagi should be more cautious…unless he wants Rima to kno-ack, no, that would just ruin the plot. Nevermind~ Let’s proceed with the original plan. Lol xD;

    Aww, thank you so much for the virtual hug! It really helps. I had no one to hug me back then so really thank you. :) My brother is spoiled a lot because y’know, Asian families tend to favor the boys. And I’m the oldest girl in my immediate family so I got it a little tough.
    I wish I had a good little brother like you did.
    And now it’s time for me to give you hugs! *hughughug* OH~, don’t give up hope! I’ll surely pray for you! *prays very hard!* >.<

    And don’t be sorry! None of it’s your fault! o.O Aww, we’re both unfortunate in this kind of case, aren’t we? *HUG!* I agree. When you’re older, you understand more and therefore, would want to protect yourself because it’s a natural instinct to do. So it’s very hard to forgive and forget. I think we’ll eventually let go of our past grudges but for now, it’s just not as possible. But that’s okay. We just need time and space to reflect and recover. If all goes well that way, then it’ll be easier to forgive. :)

    Hehe, yep. That’s the beauty of gaining your independence! ^^
    Me, too. I don’t have to share him with anyone, lol Ah, I agree about the popularity ruining a really great relationship (look at all the celebrities! They can never stick to a happy marriage!) but I think Amuto’s popularity had ruined its own relationship with a couple of fans. Eh, but w/e. What matters is that you know you what you like and are willing to support it through thick and thin. Hehe :D
    Though I’m kind of debating now whether I want Ikuto and Amu to become famous or not because that would mean a harder life on them. Ikuto would have his crazy fangirls and Amu her crazy fanboys and oiya, let’s not go there and just settle down peacefully in a small town somewhere. |D

    Dude, that reminds me, we should totally revive my Tsukiyomi/Hoshina/Easter thread from the grave to discuss this further. We had so much fun! xD


    This Lulu is a fake bitch poser…OMG, IT’S SAAYA! Handcuffs, plz.

    That song is the best~! X3
    They’ve always failed at that. I’d rather they not do it all now. They’ve done it enough already.

    “God ships Amuto.”

    And kitties are his angels~! <3

    That would’ve been awesome win…but we can save that for another day, hmm? ;D

    Right?! Isn’t it just the best way to go?! XDD
    Same. Kairi is so cool~ x33

    I will review your post as soon as I get the chance tomorrow. Take care and thanks for the lovely comment as always! ^^

  3. Aww. :( I’ll marathon again, for both of us, mkay? 8D xD

    Really? Wow. D: I know I’m claustrophobic for sure. I get closed in a small room or anything like it and I freak out. Same with crowds.

    LOL! Though at this rate, Rima will know before chapter 34’s even animated! O__O

    You’re welcome. If I knew you in real life, I’d hug you too. People need good hugs now and then. :( Yeah.. D: That’s really unfair, though. Children should be treated equal, no matter what. We’re all human, after all. Yeah. My brother’s handicapped (Autistic), but I love him to death. xD.

    lol, thanks! ^^ I’ll pray for you too hun. :)

    I just hate seeing other people in bad situations and suffering. It just makes me pissed at the world because I really don’t understand how people can be so cruel and hurt each other. The world’s such a beautiful place and so many people take life, and love and happiness for granted, when others just enjoy every second they live.

    Yeah. When you get older and your eyes open to the way the world works, you understand more. I think that’s part of the reason I understand/love Utau and Ikuto. My family situation is somewhat similar, with my father leaving and coming back only to abuse me and my mom. Damn bastard. He reminds me of Ikuto’s evil step dad. XD Though evil step dad’s worse. Yeah. If I ever get into a fight with my mom, by a reflex reaction, I raise my arms to shield myself, especially if I think she’ll hit me, and if she does, I hit back. I don’t take that anymore, when I used to be terrified of getting hit. Yeah. Maybe one day. *Hug* We need time to heal.

    Exactly! Who cares if Amuto is popular amongst the fans? We ship what we ship and that’s all that matters. I would like to see Ikuto a famous violinist, but then again, he’d be away from Amu all the time.. I think small gigs he could do, so he’d be able to spend more time with Amu-chan, especially if she becomes a singer or something.

    OMG yes, we should! *Loves discussing in that one*

    Totally. I just want to slap her when she’s like this. XD LOL *Hands you handcuffs* PWNED.

    Agreed! <33

    Lol, yes. XD Kairi is awesome. Ohh okay no prob! ^^ You too hun, and you’re welcome!

    Oh, hey, if it’s okay, do you have an MSN? D: I’d love to add you. ^^

  4. Hellyes, Rima-chan deserves a line with boys handing out chocolates. She’d probably be bothered by it. Also Rima being suspicous=awesome.

    lol I wonder why Tadase, Amu and co. aren’t fat given all they eat. Same with Yaya.

    I think most of her girl fans would like a little sister like and Amu. Especially sisterless girls.

    Midori is a good mama. She believes in her daughter. (BTW I’m sorry about your mother issues. I feel the same way about my oldest brother).

    I agree. Cooking with heartfelt feelings in it is the best.

    Filler boy and filler girl are stubbornly stupid.

    Yeah, it’s nice that Amu gets it right sometimes. She is the balance between the “miss . perfect” and “stupid” female characters often protrayed in anime. She’s normal.

    line ups. -___-

    I love ambitionous Yukari for the right reasons. ^___^

    Poor Utau indeed. I think her words did save Ikuto a lot. I hope he tells her that some day. It will take her a long to get over her brocon, which I can respect. I think she starts to understand, that both her and Ikuto need other people in there life though. Iagree with you about Souko. She was protecting her children the best way she could. She isn’t as strong as her stubborn children so the only way she could stop them from get hurt anymore with to merry that guy. OMGYES. Ikuto will spoil his daugther like crazy. Amu will probably be just as bad since she has a hard time saying no to anyone. (except Ikuto).

    Charas know best. ^___^

    Satelight should get their Lulu proitries striaght. Sigh.

    OMG Shinkuro needs to be animated.

    I know! Think about your chocolate loving catboy Amu.

    Tsukasa is dorky cool. It’s too bad he’s not as popular as he should be.

    Filler couple were cute in “we’ll never see them again” kind of way.

    I agree. Tadamu overuses the sparkle button. And the hearts button. Amuto has spakles, but it usually is only for a few seconds and they don’t over kill it. Sigh. I wish Satelight would at least take all it’s pairing seriously.

    Oh you’re right. He probably does know. (because Ikuto is smart like that). Also, it is nice to think that he got comfort from eating Amu’s cooking. Boys usually do. (In manga anyways. Not sure about real life).

    Great review as always. ^__^

  5. “Not a bad design at all. And am I the only person who doesn’t mind the chocolate hearts?”

    I thought it was a perfect chara-nari! chocolate hearts and all! : D

    I ate waaaay too many m&ms while watching this episode. xD

  6. myvampireyes: Lol Oh, alright…you cheater. *mock glares at you* xDD

    Haha, that’d be funny actually. xD;

    Aww, you’re such a good sister. :D

    ^^Everyone should pray for each other…cuz the people who are real losers really need it. D:

    Yes, me, too. I completely agree with everything you said. I use to think that everything had no meaning because I was so tormented by my own world but once I met other people who cared for me, I really started to appreciate everything for what it’s worth. Sure, we get mad about things sometimes but we should never really, seriously intend harm on others. I mean, even evil fictional characters can have their redemption. We don’t have to like them but we should never have the intent to want to kill them (and even if we say such things, it’s just to relieve ourselves so we don’t really mean that either).

    Same here. I understand how hard it is to be an abused child as well as someone who is misunderstood (like Souko) so it just makes me want to protect people who are going through similar things even more fiercely because they don’t deserve that kind of treatment! >:(
    And what a horrible father! If he’s anything like bastard stepdad then he doesn’t have the right to be called your dad! >:( & there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you wanting to defend yourself! Your parents should not hit you in the first place so do what you must to show them that. That’s just wrong. *sigh* Yea…we need a very long time to heal, alright. T_T

    Yeayeayea! Me, too! And I think Amu would be a model since she has such an awesome taste in fashion. xD But I don’t want her to promote herself to the world or anything (not like Tyra Banks or those big famous models). I’d rather see her as an editorial model. Y’know, small magazines and such. Hehe ^^

    Haha, I see somebody has already revived it for us. I’ll have to post something there tonight.

    Ah, I do but I have to install messenger onto this laptop first. I can email you it later, how ‘bout that? ^^


    warrior: Aha~, but if Amu was there and said something about how nice it was to receive chocolates from someone (kinda OOC but she’s matured a lot so not so hard to imagine), Rima would blush a little and accept them without a fuss. Oh~, Rima-tan~! <33

    Cuz it’s anime. People never get fat in anime. :D

    Uh-huh, you know it. *nodnod*

    Oh no no! Don’t apologize! But thank you for your concern. And aww, I’m sorry about your issues with your brother. I hope everything can work out. :(

    Amu is the closest thing to real mahou shoujo heroine we’re going to get. 8D And that’s why I love her so much. X3

    Lol I think he should only tell her that after she gets nicely settled down with Kukai. If he tells her that only after she’s gotten over him, then oh god, start of brocon all over again. Lol xD;
    I find Souko a very strong character, actually. Because she never gave up on searching for Aruto until his violin was found. And according to Utau, Souko seemed to be weak from the start but what really mattered was that she tried her very best. I just hope her children can realize that soon and forgive her. :(

    Haha, Amu only keeps saying “no” to him cuz of that “we’re supposed to be enemies” obstacle but I think as she gets to know him more, she’ll be less cautious around him. And she knows Ikuto doesn’t mean any harm so it won’t be long till they can be comfortable in each other’s presence. :)

    Lol Yea. “Never see them again” You word everything so good in one sentence (and yes, I will keep on saying that for the rest of my life, lol xD)

    I think it’s a good thing they don’t take Tadamu seriously but…the sparkles are just overkill. They don’t need to do that anymore. If they wanted to give us hints that Tadamu won’t happen, then would it be just better to not give them any development? I think that’s better than giving everyone false hope and/or sick faces at it. They’re encouraging bad feelings. Tadamu is not bad. It’s just that the rabid fans think it is and that just adds to the flame wars. -_-;

    Ha, I have yet to see a decent guy like that. But then again, normal girls in real life probably wouldn’t fail as much as girls in fiction, where everything is overly exaggerated.

    Thank you for your comment as always! ^^


    kelakagandy: Yay! I’m glad you thought so, too! ^^

    Lol Remember to brush your teeth thoroughly. xD


    Cure Peach: Yea-huh. *nod*

  7. Hehe, aww, arigatou! ^^

    Exactly. Even in the anime world, we’re all just joking about it. I really wouldn’t want for someone to get hurt and/or die the very torturous ways I plan for evil step dad (and I almost feel sorry for him, lool) though he’s one of the only fake people I can withstand seeing something bad happen to with how much he’s hurt Ikkun. Though in real life, if he were real, I really wouldn’t wish that kind of thing on him.

    *Nod, nod* Same! Thank you! Yeah, he’s pretty bad, though I think evil step dad’s worse, lool. Agreed! I’m like.. completely against a parent hitting a kid now, even if it’s just the regular spanking.. you never know if a parent can go too far… I think grounding is good, it’s a way to shown the lesson without resorting to hitting someone. It’s not like adults get hit when they’re doing something wrong.

    Oh, that would be an awesome profession for our kawaii Amu-chan! <33. Ikuto’d be drooling at the magazines, ha ha ha. xDDD But yes, I agree. xD

    ^^ Hehe. That thread’s fun, I never get tired of wanting to post in it.

    Ha ha, that’s fine! ^^

    Take care, hun! <33

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