I got stuffs~! xD

Silly me forgot to take off the bubble wrap before taking a picture but oh well. :P

*sigh* Yes~! Xiao is so happy! x3

I actually got this whole package on Saturday so the post is rather late but whatever. Was dead tired when I finally got home from dinner but still stayed up till 2 AM listening to the CDs. Ahaha~

So here’s a quick run-down of what I got:

Shugo Chara! Illustrations artbook
Full regular sets of FLOW cards w/2 special cards included.
Limited edition Meikyuu Butterfly CD
Mouryou Kiden Drama CD

Yesh, lots of SC! goodies! x3

And I owe a HUMONGOUS thanks to stormfaerie-san for helping me with the ENTIRE order. She is awesome. So awesome. I really wish I can show her my gratitude but I’m a talentless busybody so I can’t do more then thank her a gazillion times. ^^;
So another big THANK YOU~! to her again. x3

Alrighty, so let’s start backwards on the list then. Mouryou Kiden first:

The drama is adapted from Tamayo Akiyama’s original work, Mouryou Kiden: Legend of the Nymph, but the plot is an entirely different one from the manga. Tamayo Akiyama is also a former member of CLAMP and you can probably tell just by looking at her artwork on how similar it is to CLAMP’s earlier published manga (namely 20 Mensou ni Onegai! and RG Veda). Which was what drew my attention to Mouryou Kiden in the first place. I was in Barnes & Nobles just wandering around the manga section and I see Vol. 2 somewhere near the New Releases shelf, got so excited because I thought it was CLAMP’s new series or something, picked it up and was wondering where the hell their group name was only to discover that it wasn’t theirs. But I was still curious as to why the artwork resembled CLAMP’s so much so I went back home, googled it, and that’s how I found out about how CLAMP use to have more members before they became just the current four. Hmm.

I still got all three volumes of this manga…along with all her other manga that are published in English already. To be honest, her story-telling can get very, very confusing. I had to reread Mouryou Kiden about like 10 times to actually go “Oh! I understand it now…” though not really. Her characters are not so original…and her heroines tend to be crybabies. But I like her art. Even though there are some parts where I can tell she got lazy and it just looks like outstretched blobs, but I like it. It’s pretty. So I bought it for that reason. Ha.

But back to Mouryou Kiden!

I’ve heard quite a while ago that a drama has been made for the manga but never really had hopes of finding it since it wasn’t so popular…and pretty old (I got into it around 2002 or something). Still, just for the heck of it, I copied and pasted its Japanese title into the search engine and voila~, found that some people were selling brand new CDs of it somewhere. So I jumped at the chance. Even if the CD wasn’t as good as I thought it was, I just want to ogle at the art. *ogles* 8D;

& Eh, like I said before, they’ve made some major changes to the overall story for the drama. Mouryou princess, Ayaka (the girl with the dark hair and orange highlights), and Chief of the Shiki, Kai (blue dude), are still the forbidden star-crossed lovers but the past they had in the manga has been totally scratched. So they practically just met and fell in love somehow. Meh.

Kurama and Mikage (the two other people in the pic), however…whoa~. I mean, Kurama’s character was pretty much intact but now he’s suddenly on the side that opposes Kai’s race and apparently, also Ayaka’s guardian or something. @.@; Which is very weird but I’m not surprised they did that. They just made the situation more cliche and the love triangle more “triangly”, that’s all. =P

But Mikage, omg, Mikage…I had to bonk myself on the forehead a couple of times to actually believe this and that were happening. I don’t mind the changes they made but Mikage was something to laugh at. I do like her character design much better than her original ones, though (whichever Mikage you prefer, anyway). Aha, I’m confusing so many people who haven’t even heard of this title so I guess I’ll just stop with the story and move onto the CD.

…It had 4 songs (sung by the seiyuus whom I don’t know the names of since I can’t find the official listing) and 3 story scenes. And I’ll be blunt. The voice-acting sucked compared to the voice-acting we have today. But this was made in what? 1996? There’s been much improvement since then so I’ll have to take back the “it sucked” part. Ayaka’s seiyuu, though, was not good at all. There were parts where her voice fitted pretty well with the situation but the rest of the time, it sounded like she was just reading from script instead of really acting. And don’t even get me started on her singing. Ohhh~ >.<

I’m being more critical about this than I really am but the CD was just over-dramatically tragic. And I just roll my eyes at that kind of stuff. Whatever. I have something to listen to as I wash floors now (yes, I listen to drama cds as I clean my house, moo~).

Moving on…

Stupid light glare. You’re messin’ up my Utako’s beautiful profile! RAWR! D:<

But yay~! I found a LE edition! xDDD After I got my LE Black Diamond CD, I made up my mind that I absolutely had to have the LE Meikyuu Butterfly as well. Crazy OCD “MUST HAVE IT!” fangirl in me screamed at me to do it. So I searched high and low for it everywhere and happened to stumble upon a site where they seemed to still have a copy. That was a lie but they said they would search for it for me anyways only to send me an email a couple of months after I made the order to tell me they couldn’t find it. I understand, though. The CD was already sold out by then and a brand new unopened copy was pretty hard to find. And it wasn’t like they only sent me one email about their search. They did contact me about their progress so at least they were considerate of the customer. At least they tried so no grudges here (their prices are a bit much, though, so I won’t be going back there anytime soon ^^;).

But anyways, at the same time, I again found people who were finally selling it on Amazon.jp. I think I had to pay around $15-$17 more than the original price of the CD when it came out but it was worth it. It’s LE after all.
And the CD, along with its cover, is even more gorgeous up close and in my hands. 8DDD But me being so paranoid, only took it out once to listen to it on my laptop before putting it back in the plastic case it came with and locking it away in my CD collection box. |D;

I really don’t have much to add about the songs since everyone’s listened to them already. Unless you’d count my increasing interest in listening to the instrumental-only tracks. I use to ignore those because when I tried to sit through it, I got so bored (no lyrics!). Now I find myself putting it on repeat a couple of times. Strange. xD;

Oh, and that Nana-sama is F*CKIN’ AWESOME! as always. How can I miss that? <3

Haha, hell yea! I got almost all the FLOW cards now! I’m just missing one regular (lol, guess which one), and most of the rare, special hologram ones. That’s about…15 I still have to get (according to the first three volumes that are already out, anyway). I have an Amulet Clover on the way, though, and I can’t wait to see it. x3

That aside, the quality of the cards is just…wow. I was so confident that I would never purchase trading cards again after the Pokemon and Yugioh disaster but I found myself doing it anyway. Guess that makes me a card collector fanatic. ^^; Still, the cards are beautiful. The paper material that it’s made with is not flimsy like normal trading cards and they friggin’ glow a bit when I turn it at different angles under the light.

Now if only I can learn exactly how to play this fortune telling game they’re suppose to be used for and it will be perfect. :/

But oh~, here are my most recent specials (the others I got from the DX sets so I won’t include those):

The Nakayoshi card came with a one of the Nakayoshi issues, I believe. So you probably can’t find it in any booster packs. And I got one. Lalalalala~ hehe xD

And isn’t Amulet Heart so lovely? <3 I love her and adore her even more with every complaint made about her (yes, that includes my own, =P). Even though she’s made more appearances to the highest peak of annoyance, that is purely and only P-Pit and Satelight’s fault. Don’t hate the character. If you must, hate the people monitoring them…eh, but don’t hate. And don’t spread hate unless someone really deserves it.

Ok, what the hell am I going off about? Let’s continue with the grandest masterpiece of them all…

WoooOOOOooooOOO~ *makes flashy hand movements to emphasize the awesomeness*

…Ah, you really have to get it and look at it for yourself to see how truly beautiful the artwork is. It’s breathtaking. Scans you get online can’t compare. And yea, images mostly consist of Amu but hey, this is how shoujo is. It revolves around the main heroine so of course, she’s going to get more of the spotlight.

Besides, it’s P-Pit’s first shoujo work. Not to mention, Amu probably became the easiest (and most adaptable in the fashion sense) to draw out of all of them since she’s the most consistent. That’s what I think, anyways. And Utau is a bitch to draw so perfectly so she’s only reserved to 3 pages. xP I dunno. I’m not an artist (yet) so it really depends on the creator on how they want showcase their manga.

Well, here’s few more pics I took. They’re only the ones I rarely saw while image-searching so it’s not much:

Haha, I find it funny only Kukai, Yaya, and Rima have a page to themselves when it’s going by individual profile. Everyone else always has some other person intruding in an opposite corner (like Nagi and Kairi). Poor Utau didn’t even get one of these to herself (but she had the full shot as Lunatic Charm so yea). Weird. ^^;

See what I mean by most adaptable? :D

Please don’t make porn comments. It’s bad enough with fanarts. =_=;

I swear I’ve never seen this image of Amulet Heart before but it might’ve been used for one of the past Nakayoshi issues. Eh, cant tell anyway. All the other shoujo heroines are blocking the rest of the details out. But she looks so dazzling~! *0*

Aha~, my most favorite Amuto picture of them all. I think I almost drooled as I was flipping through the pages but then again, I had like a cracker in my mouth while doing so…but it’s not weird to drool over such hawt art so don’t give me that weird look! I’m not like most of you perverts who would look only at Ikuto for his smexiness (not that I blame you, lol) or examine Amu to see if she has had any chest growth. *rolls eyes*

*cough* Erhem, uh…yea.

Hmm, but I did look into the details a lot more closely than I would with the pics I saved onto my hard drive. Especially the eyes. It’s widely and majorly correct that Amu’s eyes are gold but the shade of it is also mixed with some brown (the same goes for Rima). So I guess Amu’s real eye color can be termed “gold” but it’s more closer to topaz if you want to be specific. :/

And of course, I took a closer look at Ikuto’s eyes, as well. In this image, especially, it’s not the deep blue we commonly associate his eyes to be. It’s more like amethyst blue. Which is cool. Another physical similarity between him and Utau. Did anybody notice that Satelight seems to be gradually shifting to different shades for his eyes in the anime, as well? It’s more apparent in ep 67 when they did that hawt close-up of him in Amu’s dream but the difference is definitely there. And yes, I rawk so hard for being able to tell. *punches the air* >:D

Hmm, so lessee, besides the eyes, Ikuto and Utau also share the Tsukiyomi smirk, gloomy face, balcony jump, and finger flick going by physical attributes. Personality-wise, they’re both very strong kids, know how to keep their cool (to a certain point, haha), confident, rather proud and… incredibly stubborn as hell! lol xD Oh, and have phenomenal music talent as well. Can’t forget that. hehe :D
If that doesn’t spell that they’re siblings, then I don’t know what does.


O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪

Best feature for this book yet. Clever how they used it as an obi cover, too (that’s right, right?).

Gah, everyone looks so friggin’ pretty. <3333
I was freaking out while I was unfolding it because oh god, the world will end there is even the slightest wrinkle or rip on this fabulous poster…end of my world, anyways. xD;

Hmmhmm, yea, I get all grinny even looking at camera picture of it. Besides the obvious reasons why I love it so much, I like how they placed Kukai and Utau close together (OMG, YES P-PIT I FUCKIN’ LOVE YOU FOR THAT! xDDD) and how they nicely divided up the girls onto the left and the boys onto the right. It’s more like a slanted invisible line but it’s still there. Did anyone notice that, too? x3
& shaddup, Na-chi will always be a girl. xD;

Ah~, yea, that’s it. I’m pretty sure they’ll release a second artbook cuz the more recent chapter covers (namely from 30 up) are not included in this one. So they have to give us another one. Hopefully, more pages for the other characters? I’m all for more images of Amu but yea, more pages for the others would be nice. Hehe ^^

Yep, I’ll probably do another “STUFFS!” post again a little while later so look out for that. ;D

Now I guess I’ll try to get started on the big Munto post right now but I’m debating if I should finish my new banner first. Agh, I still have to practice and vacuum! *spinny* @.@;;

It doesn’t help that my brother is being anti-gay rights in front of the TV either. *sigh* -_-;

K, laterz.


17 thoughts on “I got stuffs~! xD

  1. Goddamn…you’ve got quite a collection there!

    I especially like the cards. Any card collection is ay-okay for me anytime!

    Looks like you have a good source for future banners now. ^_^

  2. Haha, yea. And I’m only starting, too. o.O; My collection isn’t so big compared to other otaku’s, though. Cuz I’m very picky on what I want to buy. lol xD;

    Kaahh, I love collecting cards for some reason. I don’t know why. Usually, I think a lot of people would prefer figures over cards but I’m the opposite. Heh.

    And yep! I just need to get better at it. ^^;

  3. I am soooooo incredibly jealous!!! I think if I decide to order the Japanese version of Sakura Hime Kaden volume 1, I’m definitely buying the artbook!!! It’s gorgeous and I’ve recently discovered I love artbooks!!!

  4. -tries best not to strangle- I…Hate…You! I’m too busy saving up for a Kyon Figma, Keychain and Charm bracelet!

    Ahhh…Well I could calm down and reread my millions of spam twits on Twitter (Nice episode, what can I say?)

  5. Ah!! So awesome! You’re so lucky to get all of these stuff, and I especially love the illustration book! Amuto~ And haha, I thought Kukai looked pretty awesome in that picture…>.< I also love that character collage, with both Nadeshiko and Nagihiko. Gah, then there’s Amu and Ikuto with the biggest pictures! xD *face palms at me pointing out little Amuto moments*

    Also, just adding this in, the Flow Cards sound so great in this post, and being a card collector (and former player xD) makes me want them so badly!! >:D

  6. Mouryou Kiden looks good. At least for the art. It’s really pretty.

    Heh. Good for you being stubborn. I just have the regular edtions of both. (It’s actually playing on my i pod as I write this. lol).

    Lucky girl. All those flow cards. *shakes head*

    OMG! The artbook is frigging stunning. So worth what I paid for it for the poster alone.

  7. Karen: I think the stuff is the only thing that makes the pictures look nice. Otherwise, my pictures are horrible. ^^;


    kelakagandy: You should! It’s totally worth it, I guarantee you. And artbooks are the most wonderful-est things in the world. Unlike figures or other merchandise, they’re easier to store and lasts longer. ^^


    Cure Peach: Hey, I saved up for these, too, y’know.

    And it was a nice episode…but a million twits? Jesus, girl, that’s a lot. o.O;


    blossomgirl101: Haha, I think it’s more of my blood of tears spent at work (lol, j/k) instead of luck but it all paid off so I’m happy! x3

    I thought so, too! I was like “Damn, Kukai, you’re so cool when you pose like that!” lol xD Ah, yea…Kukai needs more love. *loves Kukai* :3

    And yes. Nadeshiko and Nagihiko. They are the same person and all…but still distinct. So Na-chi can’t be omitted from the group shot! That’s just not right!

    Haha, no need to facepalm. I mean, everyone looks great. It’s just that Amu and Ikuto are the ones that stand out the most (and not because they’re the biggest either…yea, you get what I mean, haha).

    Yay! I’m glad someone agrees with me about the cards. I would’ve been sad if someone I knew told me “Oh, you’re still buying trading cards?” making it sound as if it’s some child’s hobby and I’ll be like “ *shrinks a little* B-but they’re fun to collect! Don’t pick on me!” ^^;


    warrior: *nodnod* I suggest you don’t buy it, though, unless you’re an art fanatic like me. It’s an okay read but not sure if it’s actually worth buying.

    I would’ve liked the regular editions, too, but since the songs are practically the same thing, eh, I’d rather save that $12 for something else (and I just put those songs back into my ipod just yesterday, lol).

    Isn’t it? X3

  8. And what wonderful stuffs it all is. Especially the artbook. *jealous* I’ll have to get that someday, but sadly that day is not today…or for a while. I have to save what little money I have for preorders that I know will go out of stock if I don’t pay attention.

    Reading all your thoughts on the artbook really has me wanting one of my own though. Not fair~ >_<

    Hahaha, Nadeshiko gets included with the girls just like Maora always was. I suppose it’s a rule of shoujo art…if they’re dressed like a girl put them with the girls. Makes sense.

    But oh my~ You have such an amazing Flow Card collection now. I’m able to keep myself from feeling jealous of that though because I just remind myself of my past trading card endeavors. It’s enough to keep me away even from Shugo Chara cards. (Though my inner-fangirl would still force me to jump at the ice cream and ear-biting cards if they were ever placed in front of me.) Heck if any of the cards were put right in front of me I’d have to buy them.

    Too bad the closest anime store still doesn’t sell Shugo Chara stuff though. The stuff in that store is generally outdated. Only their figures seem to be recent, but even those are just new figures from series that aren’t that new (Haruhi, Shana, etc.). Meh. I want to go to New York or California where I can get good stuff. Since I’m going to be missing the Anime Convention this year (no money for that either).

    Ah~! But what a great collection of stuff to add to your…collection of stuff. ^_^;

  9. Gaah…. I hate you.
    Lol, not really. But I’ve ALWAYS WANTED THAT STUFF. Where did you get, Ebay? Cause Ebay costs like.. a LOT of money just for the art book….

  10. I’m so jealous of you! >.< The artbook was really a must-have for me, so as the flow cards. About how much did you spend on them?

    And ooh~ Meikyu Butterfly!❤

  11. OMG you’re sooo lucky! xD What wonderful stuffs! xD I’m jealous, lool. xD The artbook is especially nice as well as the Meikyu Butterfly cover! <333

  12. Fuyu-san: You should get it~ :3

    And that’s why I love traps. They can go anywhere! *throws arms up in the air* \(^∇^)/

    Hehe, I know you’d go straight for the Amuto, Ikuto, and Utau ones. :D

    & hey, if you ever feel like coming down here (to NY) when you have the time, feel free to contact me. I practically work like a block from Kinokuniya and can show you around if you’d like. ^^

    It’s only going to get more bigger…and my poor wallet more emptier. *hates spending like hell* ^^;


    Karin55: No, I wouldn’t dare touch Ebay. o.O; I got them all with the help from stormfaerie who I left a link for at the top of the page. She charges everything at regular price with a small service fee. She’s great! ^^


    Cure Peach: You said a million in your first comment. But 20 is still a lot, y’know.


    mikane: Ah, I’d rather not say. Sorry. But yes, the artbook is definitely a must-have. ^^


    MyVampireEyes: Aww, I don’t mean for anyone to be jealous, really! That’s why I try my best to share my merchandise. ^^;
    Hmm, but yes, everything is so friggin’ pretty that I can just stare at them for hours. lol xD;

  13. Hi, um, I thought I’d just say , I linked your Ch. 2 recap on my own post of Ch. 2 of Sakura Hime Kaden. ^^;; Of course, if you rather I not link it, just say the word and I’ll take down the link as requested. =D

  14. Karin55: I’d recommend yesasia for the artbook.

    Yeah. I felt the same way about special editions. I might get the next single in special edition. Depends on the coverart.

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