Valentines Banner and Theme Change!


…Yea, I finally got this up. So it’s going to be up for a week and then I’ll have to change it to a new banner again (which I’m already planning for and it’s a special surprise~ ;D) the day right after. *sigh* Such hard work. But since I’m in such a good mood after today’s SC! episode, it doesn’t matter. Cuz I love my animanga girls and would do anything for them. <3

…even gouge myself on ten pounds of chocolate. Ohhh~, that’s kinda nasty just thinking about it. *makes a sick face on the side*

But anyways…

Yep, I’ve changed my theme to “MistyLook” as well. I was getting so sick of looking at all that blue and how horribly it clashed against my Chinese New Years banner that I was ready to fling something at wordpress for their extremely bland, boring taste at themes (to those who don’t have their own server anyways). Grr.
But since I didn’t have time to make any substitute banner, I just left it as it is until I finished this one.
And I think I’m going to stay with “MistyLook” for a long time. White is refreshing color and can go with anything. I also like how the images are kinda nicely framed in the posts. The green text…eh, I can live with. I wish there was some way I can change it, though. :/

On the banner…it really didn’t come out the way I planned it to come out as but I like it, nonetheless. It could be better and I can be less suckier at graphics but at least it’s much better than my last two. Ewgh…*shudder* >.<

And so the three angeru~s are Kisaki from Mistress Fortune, Amu from Shugo Chara!, and Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth. Kyaa! I love them all! Awesome shoujo heroines FTW! x333
I originally wanted five girls on there but due to procrastination, ended up with only these three. But it’s still ok! Cuz I was dead-set on using only manga images anyway and there weren’t a whole lot of manga that I’ve been full-heartedly devoted to. And I would only use images from series I really, really love. Which includes Arina Tanemura, CLAMP, and more recently, Peach-Pit’s works.

Plus, I had to find images where the girls had wings…hearts included were preferable, too. You’d be surprise at how hard it is to find pictures that have both of these features. Not so much when it comes to Arinacchi and CLAMP but then again, I only wanted one girl from each author(s)…and me being so detail-oriented decided that the girls must have pink hair as well. And Hikaru’s hair is not red. It’s on the borderline between pink and red! …And pink and red are related anyways. =P
But it all worked out so I’m happy. ^^

Cleaning up the images were all equally annoying. Especially Kisa-chan’s since hers was from a magazine scan with Gin-kun’s enlarged face right behind her. I had to erase all the text and Gin-kun’s silver hair kept getting in the way while I was trying to pinpoint the outline of Kisa-chan’s wings…which there wasn’t any. The pixels were so close in color that it practically made the outline non-existent. *sigh* But I managed to do it. Even though taking Gin-kun’s face off made me sad, I did it.
On Amu’s, I had to make last minute adjustments to her wings cuz the edges of it were cut off due to the image border. So I drew them in. I hope they look ok. *unsure*
Hikaru’s was the easiest. It’s just that it’s pretty old so I can’t zap away the unwanted leftover stuff with the Magic Wand option and had to do it all manually. I also had to paint in the cut off portion of her gown because a border line was there but since it’s resized, you can’t really notice it so that’s a relief. Really, my painting skills would make you want to cry for your mother. *crying* T_T

The background is so pink. God, so pink. I was going to shoot for a fuchsia color but then I realized that Amu would look bald if that happened and I didn’t want unintentional camouflaging again. Sakura looked bad enough against the red in the Chinese New Years banner. D|
So I went searching for a texture that would make the pink look nicer and found one though you can’t really see it (damn) but if you squint, you might see some lacy patterns. It’s a Baroque design…yea.
After I finished that, I just littered red hearts everywhere. Looks more like some desperate chick lip-smacked it like crazy, actually. xD; So elementary but whatever. Time constraint here.

And finally, the tagline…

Had a little trouble with coming to a settled decision for it actually. The latter part I knew I wanted to stay so I left that unchanged (“fall in love with an angel”, hehe~). Then I figured an idea to back it up and here’s how lame it is: Valentines is just one day. If you’re alone and have no one and boohoohoo about it, then Cupid’s going to take pity on you and send one of his inconceivably kawaii~! apprentices (sorry, the male department is still under construction XDD;;;) to keep you company for that day! Whoo hoo! Happy, happy! *confetti and balloons and cake*

And don’t be so down that love spell can only last for 24 hours (hey, Cinderella didn’t even have a whole evening and she went home happy, lol). Cuz angels work in wonderful, mysterious ways and you’ll be content for the rest of your life after spending just a day with one of these girls. Heck, I know I would. :3

And all paranoid people who are freaking out at that right now, I frown upon you. I love my adorable/charming, awesome girls as much as I love my cute/hot/sexy, awesome guys. It has nothing to do with attraction or preference of gender. Awesome people are just meant to be loved unconditionally and to the fullest at that! *dramatically sticks tongue out* Beehhhh! xP

lol What am I doing? xD;

Well…if it’s about Valentines Day itself, I don’t really care enough to celebrate it (except to call my aunt and wish her a happy birthday. Hmm, for some reason, a couple of people in my family are born on holidays…like me. But I’m the most special so yea, lol Strange…). I hear my gal pals always joking about how depressing it is if you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend to spend time with on the 14th but I just roll my eyes and ask for the candy. It’s a silly thing to be sad over. Then again, I’m a weird girl who won’t ever get married so just ignore me. xDD;;

Ah~, I’ve spent too much time on the comp today. Agh, and the torrent isn’t out yet. I’ll have to wake up at 5 AM to check for it. *sigh*

Well, yep. That’s all. Look forward to the surprise next week (hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it by then, ha!).


9 thoughts on “Valentines Banner and Theme Change!

  1. I thought about using this theme before, but the green text pissed me off. Once something bothers me, it will bother me forever. (No image I ever make matches with green) Oh but to clarify, I’m fine with it on other blogs. I don’t want you to think your blog is pissing me off (the way I said it could make it seem that way).

    But oh~! I love the new banner. I was wondering what it would look like after you said you were using an image of Kisaki. Kyaa~ It’s just too perfect.

    You have a Peach-Pit, an Arina Tanemura girl, and a CLAMP girl. That automatically makes it an awesome banner. They’re probably my three favorite manga-ka right now (though hey! CLAMP and Peach-Pit are cheaters since they have more than one person! lol)

    It all came out really well though. Hurray for your details. I was wondering why they all seemed to match so well (outside of the obvious wings and angel stuff~) but they all have pink hair as well! You’re so clever. I want to color-coordinate my girls next time too~

    And I love the tagline. Can I have an angel too? I want all three of them! But if I have to really, really choose, I want Amu (because it’s Amulet Angel, that’s Amu and Eru! Two for the price of one!).

    Anyway, I think any effort you put into it was well worth it. It came out great. You’re catching onto banner design really quickly. If something looks boring, just add stuff to it until it looks good!

  2. Very nice theme and banner!! <333! :D I’m probably gonna change mine to this at the beginning of March since it’s the still somewhat winter here. =_=. Ack. I really love the coloring/scheme of your banner it’s really well made! :D Ha ha, I’m happy after the new ep too (though the ED wasn’t as good as I hoped. D:; Still incredibly cute, but just hoped for more really) LOL, you’re like me (I feel I’ll never get married either); who cares if you have no one on Valentines Day? Us girls won’t DIE if we don’t have a man beside us. Sure it’s nice to have a guy who can love you, but at the same time, it’s nice not having to worry about that kind of thing. I just plan on eating chocolate and having a marathon of my favorite, most romantic Amuto episodes, no need to get sad over something as trivial as a boyfriend, LOL. xD

    Can’t wait to see your banner next week, hun! :D

  3. I love it! : D

    I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this theme before. Hmm, I like green so it may be something for me to look into, though really not too many images are green…

  4. Yay!!! Three cupid angels for Valentines!!! And it’s so hot pink!!! Love it! Plus the extraction was clean too. I think Amu’s the most cutest! The wink is just so fierce! Haha… lol. Aww I miss Mistress Fortune. Maybe I’ll re-read it when I have free time.

    The Misty Look theme is quite alright though, I just didn’t used it when I’m using because I want plain white XD lol. But if you’ll get into real, there are lots of themes to choose from! So join Kokidokom!!! ^_^… lol I’m shamelessly promoting… Gomen T_T

    And I believe that single peoplez have MORE fun on Valentines! Who cares if guys can give you free food/cakes/flowers/jewelry/cars (well, disregard the last one XD)… I think it’s much fun partying out with friends and saying cheers for being single while being insanely drunk. I enjoy them more than dating guys, lol (that’s just me though… hell XD)…

    So yeah XD. Can’t wait for the next one and enjoy this holiday<333

  5. Awesome banner :P happy valentines day :D i hope u get a lots of candy because there is no need for boys lol XD

  6. Fuyu-san: Haha, it’s fine. I get what you mean. It’s kind of like how it is with me and Aoba (and yes, I will never ever like him. EVER!). ^^;

    And thank you~! I’m glad you like it. It took me forever to position Kisa-chan in the right spot and resize her, too. @.@;

    Yep! That’s pretty much how it is with me, too (haha, yea. That, too, but they all have different specialties in managing their manga so I guesss it’s not so…cheating? ^^; ).

    Aww man, I color-coordinate everything like crazy. I just have to mix and match no matter. It’d bug me like hell if there’s even the slightest thing off. ^^;
    Of course you may~! I, Cupid (lol), bestow my favor upon you! xDDD (Ah, you found out the special extra when you choose Amu. Good one, good one, hehe)

    Yep, I hope that means my next one will be much better because I want it to really capture the…um, yea, you’ll see. xD; Thanks again!


    mvampireeyes: Thanks! ^^

    Lol I’m actually determined not to get married but you are so right! Having a boyfriend can be a drag. But not Amuto~! It’s pure, unadulterated love and just that alone is enough to lift me into lala land! X333

    Thanks again! I will try my best on the next one. :D

    kelakagandy: Thank you! ^^

    Green is nice but it really depends on the image you use. :/


    kanzeon: Yep! Amu’s wink FIERCE!-ly cute and that equals win right thar. xDDD
    Aww, now I want to read Mistress Fortune again, too. Lol

    I was actually looking for just a plain white one but I couldn’t find it (must have skipped it somehow) so this was the next best one. Everything else looked weird.
    And no need to apologize! I’m actually in the early stage of planning to join a server later on and I might join yours. But I’ll stick to wordpress a little longer since I’ve only started this like…2 months ago. Hehe

    Exactly! That’s how I feel as well! I don’t have to be tied down and can do whatever the hell I want (though I don’t really party or do drinking like my friends do but that’s fine with me! Lol) and freedom is guud like that. :D
    Thank you for the comment! Glad you liked the banner.

    And enjoy your holiday, too! :)


    mo0on12: Thank you! You, too. And that’s right. Who needs boys when you can have candy?
    Haha, I bet all the guys will stay away from this blog now because of what I keep saying though I don’t really mean it. I just like being single, that’s all. Heh. ^^;

  7. Very lovely banner! Jeezuz…you along with the other people I know in the blogosphere make it seem so easy (despite your rants about the difficulties in the process). I’m jealous…lol.

    Back in, Mistylook was one of my theme choices. The only thing I really didn’t like was the header dimension. I thought it was too small..then I realized that I made everything look small in my resolution -_-. Aside from that, I purchased the CSS editor add ons. So I ended up sticking with BlueMist since its codes are so much simpler than this one.

    What’s this? You were contemplating to join us?
    *Giggles*….errr I mean.. BWAHARHARHARHAR..GAR…-_-

  8. Thanks a lot! ^^ And it’s only hard on the first few hundred attempts trying to make it look right. After that, everything can be easy-breezy from there. My skills are just very bad so that’s why it takes me longer. xD;

    Ah, yea, I don’t like how the header is so small either but I’ll have to live with it for now.
    My god, I cried when I looked up the definition and codes for CSS! I was like “WTFH is this?!?!?!” @.@;;; …Yea, this is why it’s going to take me a while to move. |D;

    haha, I’ll be sure to contact you if/when I decide I want to change servers. Thanks in advance! ^^

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