Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 69

My god, it’s almost 4 AM and I’m not even halfway done with this. o.O;

You know this tops the Kiran filler, right? It’s settled nicely in between Kiran and ep 62 (Rimahiko~!). x3


Rima is heading up the hill towards school but stops when she notices a boy looking at her at the crossroad. She looks away with a mildly uneasy expression on her face and runs to Yaya and Amu across the street when they call her (the boy looks after her with a troubled face). Amu asks if he was someone Rima knew and Rima says no. She asks why they were staring and the two girls just brush it off as nothing.

When school ends, Amu and Tadase asked if Rima can do some papers for them while they go and do some other work (Guardian-related, I suppose). Amu seems kind of fretty when they left and even KusuKusu floated off somewhere, leaving Rima alone in the classroom. Rima just sighs and said they could try a little better if they were lying.

At the Royal Garden, the Guardians are getting ready for Rima’s surprise party and Yaya compliments Amu on the cake she made. Seems that she tried doing it on her own instead of relying on Suu through Chara-change. Amu hopes that Rima will be happy about the party.

Pepe asks KusuKusu if Rima noticed anything about what they were doing and KusuKusu reassures them that Rima doesn’t seem to suspect a thing. Amu tells them that until the time for the party to start that they have to do their best to make it special for Rima which the Charas happily agree.

Back in the classroom, Rima stops sorting papers for a moment to take out the letter that was given to her by that boy who she saw that morning. Seems he gave it to her the day before (or at least, recently he did). KusuKusu comes back and gets shocked when Rima calls her but only to help her get more supplies.
KusuKusu starts asking Rima if she liked cake, flowers, etc, and Rima responds yes to all of them and asks why. KusuKusu says “Oh, no reason!” and that she didn’t know anything before flying away.

The boy from before comes to the Royal Garden and Nagi introduces him as Kirishima Fuyuki, whose in the same class as him. Amu asks if he’s here to see Rima and he blushes. The girls are surprised that he gave Rima a love letter and Amu asks what happen afterwards. Kirishima says it’s been a while since the day he gave it to her (I think he says it’s been a week?) and he still hasn’t gotten a reply yet. He’s too nervous to ask her again and Nagi wonders if Kirishima wants him to ask Rima about it. Kirishima says no and says he wants to tell Rima his feelings properly and that’s why he wants to confess after giving her a birthday present but he still’s nervous. He asks Nagi for some advice since he’s a Guardian just like Rima but Nagi can’t really give an answer to that.

Yaya asks Kirishima if he really likes Rima and Tadase brings up that Rima was admired by a lot of boys after she transferred in though it seemed to have cooled down after she did “Bala-Balance!” in front of the whole class. Kirishima says that he didn’t like Rima at the time because she seemed sort of cold but over time, he noticed that she changed and started smiling a lot more. That’s when he began to start liking her and Yaya confirms that he really does have feelings for Rima. Amu smiles determinedly and agrees to help Kirishima with his confession but Yaya says just confessing wouldn’t be enough and has all of them sitting outside to listen to her lecture (lol, I can’t really understand much after this so I’ll try my best to summarize).

Kirishima says he wrote down things in a notebook to help him organize and clear his mind but his notes are full of incoherent “patterns” of how to confess and as Yaya continues to babble all of them out, he gets super blushy. Eru arrives and says that it’s unforgivable that they go on this love mission without her present (or something like that, I don’t know, I just know Eru is cyute~! xDD). Amu asks why is she here and Eru points to her halo aka “Renai Radar” and tells them to get started.

Meanwhile, it’s almost four and Nikaidou comes back to the classroom. Seeing Rima there alone, he asks what was she doing and she replies Guardian work. He tells her that she should go home after she finishes but KusuKusu says that he should be the one to go home first and ushers him out the room. Nikaidou laughs it off a little at the Chara’s behavior and tells Rima that she’s changed a little before leaving. Rima is a little surprised but smiles to herself at the comment.

Outside, Amu and Yaya are sitting with Kirishima on the grass and discussing what could be the best circumstances for a proper confession as Tadase and Nagi watch a few feet away. Nagi remarks that girls just love to talk about these sort of things.

Yaya asks Kirishima what he plans to give Rima as a present and he says a doll. Eru says it should be something a little more special than a doll and Ran suggests something like an autograph from a famous comedian which Pepe agrees. Kirishima knows Rima’s current most favorite comedian and Amu calls Utau for help to get the autograph but Utau is outraged to be asked to do such a task and tells Amu to tell Eru that she’s mad at her for not coming home before hanging up (Eru cries along with Amu afterward at how angry Utau is).

As Yaya continues to talk with Kirishima, Nagi observes that she seems to be enjoying herself. Amu says it’s because she really likes Rima, too, so of course she’d be happy since someone wants to confess to her friend. Tadase wonders why Rima doesn’t give him a response to the letter and Amu thinks that it’s because Rima’s a little afraid of how she should respond. She says that other than the Guardians, Rima is not so close with anyone else so it’s kind of awkward for her when she interacts with others. Amu says it was kind of like how she was before – unable to connect with anyone. But that all changed after she met the Guardians and she’s glad she did. So that’s why Amu wants to help Rima this time and Nagi confirms that’s probably why she suggested the surprise party. Tadase tells Amu that her feelings will surely get through to Rima.

Kirishima finally decides that he will just confess to Rima in person and says he’s gained courage after talking with everyone. Yaya is glad and tells him to make Rima happy if she does accept. But if she doesn’t, she also asks him not to hate Rima and Kirishima nods with a smile. Amu tells him to wait there so they could get Rima.

Meanwhile, Nana senses the presence of a lost child and Lulu seems a little displeased that they were at Amu’s school but hypnotizes Kirishima (who was still wondering how he should confess) anyway. The Charas sense something is wrong discover the whole courtyard draped in ribbons and hearts. Kirishima is standing in the middle of it all and muttering to himself about how his confession before turning into “Hatsukoi Dream”. He tries to tell Rima his feelings but can’t seem to get it out and instead, his emotions explode and a huge storm of hearts starts hitting everyone within close range. Anyone who gets hit by one starts yelling out things they can’t confess.

Nagi gets hit by one in the back while trying to protect Rima and almost lets out the secret that he is Nadeshiko but Tadase covers his mouth in time. Tadase also gets by a heart and starts yelling loudly that he also had someone he liked. Just as he was about to mention her name, Kiseki slaps some sense into him and he goes back to normal.

Amu then performs Remake Honey and cleans everything up. She tells Kirishima to get it together and says she understands that confessing may be a scary thing but that they should face it instead of running away or their feelings will never get across. Open Heart, wham. Done.

Kirishima wakes up to see Rima over him and he immediately backs away in embarrassment. He takes a moment to compose himself before taking out a present from his pocket and wishing Rima a happy birthday as well as telling her that he liked her, even though he couldn’t say it very well. He offers her the gift and asked if she’d go out with him. Rima says something about how she probably wouldn’t be able to respond if she was still the same person as when she first came into Seiyo Academy (I don’t really know here but it has something to do with Rima not wanting to lie and how she’s very grateful that she has friends who were there for her). Rima thanks Kirishima for telling her but says since she hasn’t thought about being with anyone yet so therefore, she can’t return his feelings. Kirishima thanks in her return for her answer and Rima invites him to her party.

They all wish her a happy birthday and Iru arrives with a package from Utau (she also joke with Eru that Utau said she doesn’t have to come back which causes Eru to cry, lol). The package turns out to be an autograph from Rima’s favorite comedian. Yaya wants to know what Kirishima’s present is and it turns out to be a Bala-Balance figure. Rima is overjoyed and thanks him. They enjoy the rest of the party and it ends with Rima smiling.


Alright, I can understand why many people are disappointed with the new ED but I’m not. I love it to bits. Buono! AMI~! <333 And it’s so friggin’ colorful! xDDD

I know a lot of people were looking forward to something plot-related but if you think about it, none of the endings really had anything plot-related in the first place. They were always just character-centric. If you’re going to look for any plot-related animation, then the OP is the best way to go. And Satelight screwed that up big time so we’ll just have to wait until they give us a new OP. I’m pretty sure Shugo! Shugo! won’t stay for more than 13 episodes and we’ll get a more appropriate OP when they finally return to the original plotline. So just hold your horses and be patient.

In the meantime, Ami is so cyuuuuttttteee~~~!!! <3333

I absolutely love how they used the colors here. Few shoujo anime can pull it off and I’m so glad Shugo Chara! happens to fall in one of those few. Yep, I know a good shoujo when I see one! ;D

Gah, and I want that family picture, too! I want it! I want it! I want it! XDDD

It would’ve been even better if Ami woke up with Amu watching over her. That would’ve been so sweet! <3

Haha, the butterfly. Is that another reference to CCS? Anyone remember the dream card? xDDD


Whoo…that was one hell of a summary. o.O; And this is going to get even longer cuz I have like…over 70 screencaps. And no! I refuse to not use any of them! This episode was too awesome! xDDD;;

I’ll be so dead after I finish this but at least I’ll die happy. |D;;;

Oh my god~! <D Why can’t we have innocent young love like this anymore, huh? Where has it all gone?! *flails on the ground in despair*

Ehehe~ I wish girls in real life would act this way instead of smirking like a know-it-all and assuming things. That’s not a bad thing or anything. It’s just that compared to how Rima reacts to Amu and Yaya, we seem a lot worst (the nosy kind, anyways). Hmm, yea…maybe that’s just me. *shrug*

“Ok, I’m not dumb. And even if I were, both of you look way off in the second screencap. And how dare you leave me to do this all by my lonesome self, Amu?”

Rimaaaa~~~!!! *huggles her* <3333

The screencap doesn’t really tell anything but first time hearing Kanae Ito singing “Kimi no Birthday” on the screen~! xDDDDD It’s going to be on the character CD and I can’t wait to get it!

Ah, and Amu singing this song means she’s also singing for Rima. WAAAHHHH!!! Amu~! You’re such a wonderful friend! <333

Yay! Amu tried baking a cake herself without Chara-changing. At least that’s the impression I’m getting from it (didn’t watch the subs yet so correct me if I’m wrong). And even if she did do a Chara-change with Suu in the end, it’s alright because she tried by herself first.

Yep, I’m very pleased to see Amu finally putting an effort in doing what she wants to do. Even if she’s not quite there yet, she finally realizes that she can’t always rely on her Charas all the time and has to learn things on her own in order to improve. And we definitely saw that during last week’s episode when she didn’t need to Chara-change at all during all the events Saaya made her go through. She only had to when that little kid was in danger and the rest of time she was just…awesome. x3

Ah, this just speaks for itself. I really can’t add anymore to it but I do have some personal experience I’ll get into later about boys approaching the girls they like.

But this is so sweet! Young love~! *sings* <D

Hehe, KusuKusu is so adorable. Rima obviously sees through everyone’s poor attempt to keep a secret from her but being such the awesome girl she is, she pretends not to notice and act as she always does.

Oho~, I don’t miss ANY detail and this just proves it! >:D

He glanced at Amu when she mentioned Rima. I mean, yea, sure, it’s just purely out of curiosity but hey, this adds to the development! Even if it’s just a tiny bit, it still contributes! xD

Ok, when was the last time we had ever received such a cute filler boy? If ever.

Kirishima-kun is cute. And I don’t care if he has Sasuke’s hair. I don’t give a shit about Naruto. He has got to be my third favorite filler (human) character of all time (with Eriko in the lead and Shion in second place). He may be a bit bumbling and stutters a lot but the way he tries so hard to be honest with his feelings just moves my heart. Oh~, I want to hug him, too! *hugs* x3


Expected reaction. And I never get tired of it. hehe :D

Of course, the best friend must find out anything she can when it concerns a boy! lol

I doubt Amu was mad at Rima for not telling her about the love letter. A similar thing happened between me and my best friend over AIM when she finally chose to tell me her secret crush after we’ve known each other for practically four years. And I was little irked (I exaggerated and called her to mock-yell at her at 11 PM, lol) but I forgave her like…in 3 seconds. xD;

Still, when they’re older, I think Amu would really be angry if Rima kept something from her like that and vice-versa. It won’t last long and I’m sure they would forgive each other quite quickly but…that would be so much fun to watch. Satelight, add this to your To Do List NAO! xDDDD

Kirishima-kun is brave. Even though he can’t seem to stop being so nervous all the time, going to see the girl you like at a place where all her friends are. Wow. I wouldn’t even be able to go within ten feet of doing that without having a million second thoughts first. Bravo, Kirishima-kun. That is just very brave.

And you totally get the award for best boy of the week! xD
Why? Cuz he’s so not a wuss. So far, Kairi is still in the lead with having enough courage to confess his love. That is not to say that the rest of the guys are losers for not conveying their own feelings. It’s just that they haven’t yet. And filler boy here has surpassed them (that is SAD, recurring characters, lol). Any boy who’s that brave automatically goes onto my like list. ;D

Boys, you do know that you will be rivals one day, right? xDDD

The fact that they’re both in the same class also makes me wonder if that’s a coincidence or not. lol

Haha, and Nagi can’t really help Kirishima-kun because he’s only barely begun to break through Rima’s barrier himself. Eh, I think the both of them are on the same level now (even though Nagi hasn’t developed romantic feelings for Rima yet). They both got her to smile so that’s a good thing.

And this is kind of the love triangle that I wouldn’t mind at all. Because it doesn’t have so much drama mixed in it like Tadamuto. It’s basically just two guys liking the same girl and not having some past conflict to make them even more bitter enemies about who’s going to win her over. Yes, these triangles are better. More affection, less hate and less fighting, please?

Back in the day…lol

This is another reason why I love Kirishima-kun (omg, I love a filler character *gaspeth!*). It’s because he’s not like all the other idiots who instantly fell for Rima at first glance for her looks or anything. He fell in love with the true her – the Rima who wanted to laugh and smile.

OMG, Satelight, you actually did something right for once! 8D

Basketball…another coincidence? Oiya, oiya… XD

At least this is Satelight’s way of reassuring me “I haven’t forgotten what you really want yet so just wait a little longer!” Hmm, yea, ok, I’ll be a good girl and be patient. *sits here patiently* :3

If I wasn’t convinced before, I certainly am now. I believe anyone can fall in love with Rima for her smile. Cuz Rima is so beautiful when she smiles and she only smiles when it’s truly worth smiling about. Now this is something you look for in a girl. Not her looks, not how much money she has, not how talented or smart she is, but how she will make your heart beat like wild when you see her happy.

…aish, I sound like some cheesy fanfiction but it’s true. This probably makes me sound like a fanboy (or maybe even a lesbian, oh no) but I’m definitely neither, I assure you that. I just know very well what’s it like to see people when they’re happy and when they’re only pretending to be happy (and/or whatnot). There is a great difference and I just admire people who can smile because they want to smile. ^^

lol Yaya lecturing. You can’t really say that she’s useless or annoying (if you do, I’ll hit you…no, j/k, but I won’t like you anyways =P) because when she puts her mind to something, especially when it concerns people she cares about, she really tries her best until she gets it done. It’s not so noticeable since she’s just a supporting character but Yaya has matured quite a lot over the course of the series. ^^

That is cute as hell. Preparation in a notebook. xDDD

I want a kid like Kirishima-kun! lol

And here it comes…


Haha, she gets so fired up about love. As expected of the angel of love and justice. She doesn’t miss a thing (like me~, lol).

Renai Radar.


Eru is also awesome because she is eco-friendly and her halo only needs to rely on RABU POWAH!
Kids, learn from Eru’s example. Be good to the environment. xD

How many times did I say “cute” so far? A lot, huh? Fine, I’ll start using “adorable” then…oh wait, I already used it for KusuKusu but whatever. This is adorable. Period. x333

Aww, Rima’s usually aware of a lot of things but it’s natural to be surprised when someone points out changes in you that you sometimes miss to notice. It’s nice that way, though. When you focus less on yourself (to a healthy degree) and more on others, it helps improve yourself as a person. :3
And when you realize that, it makes you feel great about the new leaf you turned…or something like that. Ack, there I go again with the cliches. ^^;

I would expect you to know that, Nagi. “Girls really like to talk about these things, don’t they?” Weren’t you the one who was egging Kukai on about Shion? xD

That’s our Eru! The expert on love! x3

Heh, though I still see Nagi as the Dr. Phil of this series. lol

Oh, Nagi, Kirishima-kun has just moved on step ahead of you in knowing Rima’s favorite comedian. |D

This made my weekend…even better. I can go to sleep now, can’t I? |DD;;;

hehe Doing something for a friend by asking for help from another friend. Though Utau is too stubborn to admit to being friends with Amu but she helps her out anyway. Aww, Utako~. hehe

Utau is so ruthless when she’s blunt. Poor Amu and Eru. ^^;

Look how happy Yaya is. And the fact that Amu can tell that it’s because of Rima makes me so happy, too. When their friendship is so deep and so close, all the reasons just seem so simple and obvious to you but the huge effect of that bond never ceases. In fact, if anything, it’s continuing to increase by the day. So wonderful. :D

Ah, and this part really got me. Amu can relate to Rima’s situation (of being a little scared to show her honest self) the most. They both started out as people putting up a front because they were afraid to be thought of as foolish if they acted in way that wasn’t their “character.” But after meeting the Guardians and making new friends, all that didn’t matter anymore and what was really important was just to be themselves. And they wouldn’t have realized that if they didn’t have anyone to reassure them that it was okay to do that. That it’s perfectly alright because no one would abandon them or look down on them if they acted drastically different. Amu knows that very well and because she’s grateful that she was able to meet and become friends with the Guardians that she wants to do her best to return the favor.

Which is why I really don’t understand it when I hear someone say they hate Amu. Not like her, ok, I can understand that. Not all people can like the main heroines. It’s just a matter of preference. But hate her? I don’t think so. I think those people are just letting their anger get ahead of them and blowing their shallow reasons out of proportion for everyone to see.
Amu, even now, still loves other people more than she loves herself. Her ability to care for others, to believe in them, to save them from themselves. This is what draws so many people to her in the first place. Because people need other people to tell them that things will be alright in the end. They can’t possibly do things alone or at least hold out for so long without support. And Amu, through her own experience, knows what it’s like to be alone. She knows she can become strong because she has people to support her when she needs them. So when she sees someone in turmoil, she would want to help them in whatever way she can. This is something she learned and something she comprehends. This is why she can give peptalks and the other characters (with the exception of Rima, and probably Utau) can’t. They haven’t gone through the same pain as her so whatever they say won’t have as much substance as what Amu says. And after Amu saves people who are lost, they’d come back to her because she is one of the only few who can understand them. Maybe not exactly the same hardships but the fact that they needed someone to believe in them and Amu was the one to do it. Amu was the one who cared. Amu was the one who chose to be there for them.

If you can’t see that about Amu’s character at the very least then there is something very seriously wrong with you.

…Yea. I ran out of rant energy. I’ll just let this stick here and laugh a little about Na-chi. xD;

“Your feelings will definitely get through to Mashiro-san.”

I wonder if he was also thinking about his own feelings at the same time when he said that. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I do like one-sided Tadamu now (coming from Tadase’s side, that is). They have a close friendship as well, just not as deep as the ones Amu has with her other friends. I can see their genuine feelings for each other more clearly, too, but when it comes down to the very bottom, it’s just basically admiration of each other. Amu likes Tadase because he’s kind and gentle, and those are qualities she wished she had. Tadase likes Amu because she was strong enough to admit her own weaknesses and be able to move forward (which is how she was able to save him during the Black Diamond arc when he was having doubts about himself). But they are very far away from being able to relax in each other’s presence. At least, Amu is still the one who hasn’t made any progress in moving away from that. There have been slight improvements but she’s acts pretty much the same way since ep 01. There’s a part of her that just prevents herself from showing Tadase her full true self. That part is not for him to see.

Bravo again. Best way is to just tell her face-to-face!

Gah, I remember in my freshman year of high school that some girls in my homeroom told me one of their friends was interested in me. Apparently, he came to our field day and took a picture with us…which is weird because he’s not a student at our school so I don’t know how he could’ve gotten there without being caught. But I don’t remember him at all. I’m still thinking that it’s just some mean prank they tried to pull on me (I don’t know why cuz I didn’t really have any enemies or anything) but even if it wasn’t, why won’t he just come to the lobby and tell me himself if he can get onto school grounds that easily? Of course, I wouldn’t really go to meet him or anything (so suspicious and all) but really. I don’t know you or remember what you look like and you expect me to give you a ready response?

That sucks. Coward. Never take a man who worries more about being hurt than actually telling you he likes you. *rolls eyes* =P

“If it goes well, please make Rima happy. But if Rima doesn’t accept your feelings, please don’t hate her, ok?”

Yayaaaaaaa~~~~!!! <333

I can’t really be annoyed with Lulu this episode. I know it’s not a good thing to say but if she didn’t hypnotize Kirishima-kun, I wouldn’t have gotten my Rimahiko moment! ^^;

Lol The hearts and ribbons remind me of what I went through making the Valentines Day banner.

Best filler Chara-nari yet. The costume reeks of fail but Kirishima-kun makes up for everything. xDD;;


… ^///^;;

Oh yea! Nagi took the hit for Rima! That’s two points! We are on equal score again! xDD

I wish they could’ve shown Rima thanking Nagi, too. Come to think of it, she never really thanked him when he protected her in ep 62 either, didn’t she? Oh, Rima…

Haha! Almost! Almost let it slipped! xD;

Wow…he had yell it out and strike a dramatic pose. My god, Tadase, are you really holding that much back? ^^;

Kiseki was great here. Just great.

Amu, what you say really does make sense and does get through to me…but when are you going to sit down and reflect upon it for yourself one of these days, hmm? I’m still waiting to hear from your mouth on what Ikuto really means to you. *is very patient…but for only so long*

Why good morning…er, evening to you, too. hehe

Best confession of this series EVAR. Why? Because it came with a present. Pwns Kairi’s. Sorry, but it does. =P

Hwoo, their eyes were really shiny during this part. Is it just the sunset, though? Hmm..

Well, I’m glad that Rima was finally able to give him a proper answer. Straightforward and clean. That’s how it should be when you can’t return someone’s feelings for you (“rejection” is a harsh term so I won’t use it). Just be outright honest with the minimal hurt. The other person will understand.

Eh, I hope Amu would come to a conclusion about her own self, too. And if she’s taking too long, I can always count on Rima to tell her to hurry her ass up. Hahaha! xD

Ok, so from this point on, it’s just image spam (but such a lovely image spam it is!):


xD Iru teasing Eru as always. Poor Eru. ^^;

Hmm, but I guess Utau was feeling a little bad at yelling at Amu over the phone so she went ahead and got the autograph. Aww, Utau is such a guud fwiend. hehehe <D

Look! Rima looks so happy! Look! Kyaaa~!

And I see you trying to get close to her, Nagi! You sly boy! xDDD

Y’know…I’m just going to stop tallying from here and write a fic about this cute love triangle. So far, Kirishima-kun is in the lead but we still have a good four/five something years ahead so no worries. Besides, Nagi catches on quick anyways. ;D

Happy Birthday, Rima! May you always be brilliant and wonderful like your smile! ^^


…This was a long post…broke my record again…I spent all night doing it…it’s now 8 AM…I have class in an hour…and I’m not dead…yea…

So someone hates chocolate next episode…mmkay. I’ve only known one person who really, seriously hated chocolate (fudge, and everything) and he was the valedictorian for my grade. *shrug*

Hmm, seems like the filler characters are from the middle school judging by their uniform. Is Kukai coming back?! Is he? Huh?! Huh?! 8DD

…Better not get too excited. But I already am cuz of this:

YORUUUUUU~~~~!!!! Where have you been? Are you okay? Is Ikuto still in pain? Argh! Amu, go out, find Ikuto and bring him back home RIGHT NOW! And while you’re at it, make some heart-healing chocolate, too! T_________________T

K, I’ll be napping for the rest of the day. Thanks for reading (lol). I will respond to comments after I finish my hwk. *cries into pillow and lays there for the next 20 minutes*


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  1. Good lord that was a long post! But in a good way~ yay I was so happy when Yoru showed up again…. and is that a box of chocolates dropping on his head? o-O

    Utau<3 Only like, a minute of screentime and completely owns, and then gets the picture anyway? :D
    I think tadase will confess next episode, i feel they tried to get the feb. 14th thing going, but I don’t know yet.

  2. LOL, I think you broke your record for longest post! xD This was such a pleasure to read, like always! Kirishima is too freaking cute! If we were a main character, I’d probably have major shipping points for him with Rima. D: Yes, Amu is coming along a lot easier than she did in the beginning. She’s starting to realize her true self, and the emotions that come with changing and developing as she grows up. Future love triangle FTW! xD I seriously thought the exact same thing when I was first watching. I was like “Ha ha, love triangle.” Exactly right! A girl’s looks, income, etc. shouldn’t mean anything. It should be her personality and how happy she makes you, in seeing her happy. Same with guys. Yaya is definitely getting better. She’s maturing and especially after chapter 35, I can’t call her useless. I used to think she was just there, but since she’s a Guardian I thought there would be something more for her besides her baby character. Which is somewhat happening. ERU!! <333! And Utau too! It totally made my weekend as well! Just seeing Utau is awesome, since the other half of the Tsukiyomi siblings is apparently still missing. =__=;; (Seriously, where the hell is Ikuto?) Finally!! A picture of all the Guardians exists! Thank you, Satelight! Aww, Yaya was so sweet! I can’t be annoyed with Lulu, either. xD I’ve been unable to get properly annoyed at her since episode 63 for some reason. RIMAHIKO! Best moment in the entire episode! Again, he protected her. Like Ikuto in the beginning, I bet he’s doing it without knowing why. Or, that’s just how I see it. Ahh, the early stages of love! <333. HA HA HA, Nagi, you almost revealed your dirty little secret. Thanks, Tadase, for covering that up before you had a… moment yourself. XD!! KISEKI PWNED! xD Aww the confession was so cute and Rima rejected him nicely and truly apologetic, like a good girl’s supposed to say at a time like this (RIMA WAS SO RIGHT when she said this to Amu back in episode 44). And theeen, happy b-day Rima-tan! Next week is gonna be impossible for me to miss! It looks like Amu gives chocolate to Tadase, but from seeing Yoru in the preview getting a box dumped on him, I can only assume there will be Amuto. (PLEASE, PLEASE SATELIGHT! It would make up for him leaving so early!) But yesh, this episode was friggin’ cute.

    Ohh, about the ending. You made me see it in a completely new light. It really is completely adorable, I guess I was just too excited and wanted to see some plot related goodness, but like you said, they really don’t show that in the ED’S. So we’ll have to wait for them to do a new opening. *Waits patiently*

  3. Eru~ Utau~ I swear mad Uta on the phone being mad at BOTH Amu AND Er is HIlarious~ XDDDDDDD. Iru teasing poor Eru was priceless, I’m glad their friends. And apparently, Next week will restart us off with the Ikuto Arc~ Yay~!

    And wait you like Kirishima-kun’s hair? I hate it. It’s just annoying. Plain annoying. Reminds me of Sasuke too much.

    This episod was good. That’s all I will say.

  4. Karen: I’m guessing it is. Hopefully, it’s from Amu. Hehe

    Utau is even more awesome because of that. :D

    I don’t think so. Because right after next week, it’s an episode that will be centered around Lulu. So the confession probably won’t come until maybe March? April at the latest? Hmm, dunno, we’ll just have to wait and see. :/


    myvampireeyes: Haha, somebody should keep track of it. Help me get ready for some even fiercer blogging! xDDD

    And yay! I’m glad you liked reading it. I always think the length of my posts would scare others away from reading it. ^^;

    Yes, Kirishima would make a very nice main character and then Rima can have her own harem like Amu! LOL xD; but since we already have a nice awesome guy like Nagi, he’d be outshined. But this is why there’s fanfiction. Hohoho~ xD

    I knew P-Pit was going to make use of her character some time later because they wouldn’t just make supporting characters just to fill the seats up. I mean, Kukai certainly helped so Yaya should get that chance, too. It’s only right. :)

    Ikkun is on some roof somewhere and won’t come down…so we should bring Amu with us and hold her hostage until he decides to do so. xDD;;

    Haha, I don’t know what the deal is with Lulu anymore. One moment I’m taking her bad side all seriously and the next I’m going “Jeez, stop moseying around and just join the good side already”. I want to say “Lulu~!” again like I did in ep 63. I miss that. Hope we get to do that in next next week’s episode. :(

    Oh, that’s totally true! You know what this means, right? It means destiny~! lol You don’t question the actions you were meant to do! *laughs in glorious triumph* xDDD;;;

    OMG, YEA! Rima is not only the proper Oujo-sama but she also knows how to act right as a girl! Amu, learn from Rima! >:/

    I really hope there’s a little bit of Amuto. Even if it’s just Amu thinking about him and regretting, it still counts. Though it would be great if he came back but I doubt they will do it so soon. ;___;

    It’s alright. I was expecting something different, too. I mean, yea, this ED is totally cute because of Ami but it’s also the randomest ED they’ve ever come up with. I love Ami and all but…why? What does she have to do with the plot? What happened to all the other main characters? ^^;
    Yep, I guess we’ll just have to wait. But hey, if they keep giving us something decent to watch even if just a little I can live with it. :)


    Cure Peach: I never said I liked Kirishima-kun’s hair. I said I liked Kirishima-kun and couldn’t care less if he had the same hairstyle as Sasuke. *not a Naruto fan so don’t care about him either*

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  6. I didn’t look forward to anything too plot related for the ending, but I was hoping for focus on Amu and her love interests (or a starry sky~) because the opening finally put emphasis on that. But the Ami ending is so cute that I don’t care about what I was hoping for. Ami is moe~

    I don’t really have a lot to say as a comment today though. I’m a busy little cookie (um…don’t ask) so I don’t have a lot to say. Just know that I agree with and love every part of the post…as always! Now then just a few things.

    *gasp* I missed that little part where Nagihiko glanced at Amu when she said Rima. Bad me!

    As far as any secrets go that Amu might be keeping (well, that we know she’s keeping somewhat in respects to love and crushes), I doubt Rima would have much of a reaction, because she’d already have an idea about it (lol, because she’s Rima and sees through everything).

    Ahahaha. I thought the same thing about the basketball. XD Basketball means Nagihiko now.
    Kirishima’s actually a pretty good rival for Nagihiko if he likes basketball too. A basketball game for two boys to work out their feelings for the same girl and get along once again!

    Aww…good thoughts on Tadamu. Shh, this is a secret, but I like one-sided Tadamu too. For some reason I like one-sided love in friendships, even with boys I guess. Hey, now Tadase can compete with Nagihiko (lol and Rima) for the Tomoyo spot in Shugo Chara. XD

    It really is weird that I keep feeling bad for Tadase now when I was so used to feeling bad for Amu before though.

    AGREED 100% on guys confessing themselves in person! Tch…the only times I’ve ever been asked out was when a guy’s friends told me. No thank you. Especially when you barely know the guy. If he doesn’t know you well enough to talk to you in person, then he obviously doesn’t know you well enough to date. And if he doesn’t say it in person, he doesn’t care enough. And yeah…it definitely feels like it can just be a prank.
    Oh god this is brining back bad memories. One time when it seems that a boy accidentally implied that he liked me to people who weren’t his friends and then they shouted that to me from across the classroom. I think that’s the worst experience I ever went through in high school. I liked that boy as a friend, so I just ignored it completely. I felt so bad though, whether it was true or not. (I think boys like that deserve to end up alone becuase no girl deserves someone that insensitive.)

    But on a happier note…Rima~! <3

    And that’s it. lol

  7. First I must commend you on the length of this post. It is incredible!!!

    And I agree, this was one of the best fillers I’ve seen! Kirishima-kun is just plain adorable, I loved the Birthday song, Nagi still sits like a girl, and it was completely interesting. I sat through the whole thing without realizing time was going by; sometimes when the filler is crappy I look at the clock like every 2 minutes, but I don’t think I looked once! : D

    And the new ending is great! I loved all of Ami-chan’s adventures!

  8. Note to self: bookmark this blog… But wow, that was a REALLY long post, but I liked it ^_^ All the screencaps you got were good too! LOL, Nagi protected Rima, it looked gay, but yet it was adorable in a way. Aww, the filler boy, I didn’t like him at first (My Rimahiko;_;!) but once I looked at him twice (and read this post, and the one from Fuyumaiden’s blog) I’ve started to like him. Yaya’s become a lot more likeable now. She really has grown up <3 Eru was hilarious xDD and Utau, even though she like appeared, for like 3 seconds, she was still awesome <3 SATELITE, SHOW MORE OF HER! But the filler boy was really cute this week (better than the other filler characters in doki, I mean that one guy that liked cute stuff was just ghei). But really good job this week, and get some more sleep! rawr.

  9. This episode was really fantastic, one of my faves now too. I just can’t help but smile when I see Rima smile because you can really see her true self in it; honest and happy. It’d be really better if Rima smiles in all episodes BUT still keep one of her cute gestures – a smug look.

    The idea of Nagi and Kirishima-kun being rivals is such a funny thing to imagine. I mean, look at all those coincidences! I just hope that when Rima and Nagi’s chapter become an episode; Satelight will do something unexpected or so…

    And, your caps of Eru are hilarious! This just makes me like Eru more and more~ KusuKusu is my no. 1 though. XD

  10. I liked this episode. Sure it was full of filler but the filler guy was okay. Rima was definitely cute in this. I liked how Eru the lovable angel and Iru the cheeky devil were both in it – as well as Utau. And Utau was kind to Amu awww :P
    I thought Nagi was sweet to save Rima from that confession heart thing but to be honest he was also pretty stupid – he has the biggest secret of them all.
    I almost fell off my chair watching the preview though (another love episode) because Yoru was on it. Ikuto might also appear. I was thinking of ways Yoru would have a box of chocolates fall on his head:
    1. Amu for some reason chucks them away. (Unlikely)
    2. Filler girl chucks it away (likely)
    3. It is Ikuto’s present for Amu and he drops it from where he is sleeping in a tree. lol! (unlikely but my favorite choice)

  11. naloli: MIA. ;_;


    Fuyu-san: Ami ish moe~ <3
    Better yet, let’s hope for a multiple pairing ED the next time (and you know which ones I mean ;D).

    Hehe, no worries, I can tell you’re busy. Hope you’re not overstressed at least. ^^ And yay! That makes me happy to hear. :)

    Tsk, tsk.

    Haha, that’s true. I think she’ll just be a little mad at Amu, though. Kinda like how Amu’s Mama was disappointed in her for keeping Ikuto a secret from her, Rima would be a little pouty because it’d be a little unfair since they are BFFs after all. But since they both love Amu so much, they’d instantly forgive her (I mean, who wouldn’t when Amu so clearly shows she’s sorry by making such an apologetic face? Amu~). Heh, yea. I like that expression on Amu. Not all the time, but occasionally it’s cute. Makes me want to hug her! x3

    Yea! That’s how boys are suppose to work their little contest out. Not trying to beat each other up over it…though that is entirely the stupid asshole director’s fault so let’s kill him instead! >:/

    xD; You love keeping secrets, don’t you? Lol I kid, I kid. & I agree with you. I like those relationships, too. As long as the people who still love that certain person and want them to be happy to the fullest without wishing bad things on that person he/she chose (wow, that was confusing), it’s okay. They shouldn’t let any jealousy rule over their love. ^^
    And YEA~! :D He should…because then they can scheme together to get back at Ikuto for all his teasing and fail miserably but so cute at the same time, lol. xD;

    How do you think I feel? T__T I was the worst fanbrat of them all. But I’m glad I got out of my immaturity stage and can control my raging more because of that lesson learned.
    On those two in general, as of now, I’m not feeling bad for either one. This is a natural thing that happens in a love triangle. It happened with Haine, Shizun, and Taka-kun, too. And Haine made her choice so as long as Amu can make her own choice without drawing it out too long, I will be satisfied. *sigh* I at least hope that if she really, really still can’t choose, then to just tell them straight out instead of leaving them hanging by a thread so they could all go their separate ways. If anyone of them realizes they still have feelings for each other a couple of years down the road, then they would definitely get back together. At least Amu will give them a fair answer so they don’t have to wait for her if there’s no need to. Oh, and just wanted to keep it clear, I’m still and always will be up for the Amuto ending. This is just a more realistic thinking.

    I know, right? They are men. So they should act like one instead of hiding behind their friends. *rolls eyes*
    Ah, that kinda happened with me, too. It wasn’t the same guy and I didn’t think of this guy as a friend or anything (we were just classmates) but I felt really shallow and mean for ignoring it. Then again, it’s not like he ever said to my face that he liked me. All these people kept on telling it to me about it so I don’t really care. =P

    And who really does? When you can <3 over Rima? Rima~ <3333

    Haha, yea. xD


    kelakagandy: Thank you! I am quite infamous for my lengthy rants. *so proud* lol xD;

    lol Hey, Tadase and Ikuto sat with their legs crossed, too, y’know. Nagi just looks more prettier doing it. xDD;;;

    And instead of looking at the clock, I stare down the screen like mad as if that would make the episode go faster. Haha

    Ami’s adventures are the best! x3


    Mimi: Haha, thanks! :D

    What matter was that he protected her~! <3

    I’m not so worried if filler characters have crushes on the main ones because their impact lasts only for one episode. If they can cause some jealousy, then that’s pretty good for me, too. Hehe
    And I liked the guy who liked cute stuff (even if was a little gay, lol). I can’t help but like those types of boys.

    Thank you and I’ll try but I don’t think it will work. ^^;


    kirapika: Rima’s smile is especially special because of how rarely she shows it. But yes, her smug look is full of win, too. Ah, Rima. x3

    It will. It seems a quite a way from now but their chapter will definiltey get animated. Hopefully, because this is anime, Satelight will add in some extra to fill up the time gaps. They did it before so they will do it again.

    KusuKusu is cute~! <333 I actually have no favorite Chara…cuz I love them all. I just shower my affection for Eru more openly because she just screams AWESOME! xD


    kaedemirumo: KAEDE-SAN~! *glomps you* x3
    B-but how was I not fair? :’(

    Hehe, agrees~ xD


    Miriam: Hmm, yes, there were a lot of good things about this filler. And you pretty much covered all of them in one shot. Awesome. :D

    He was just too worried about Rima to think straight so he risked letting out the secret for her! Yay! This is love! You always act like a fool if it’s love, right? Lol

    I’m leaning more towards # 2 happening. #1 does seem unlikely but you never know. And as much as I like the idea of Ikuto getting something for Amu and carelessly (*gasp* so OOC of Ikuto! lol) dropping it, he’s too busy on the run from Easter bastards to go buy her chocolate. ;___; Which is why Amu should go buy/make some chocolate for him and then go out and find him! It’s so lonely and cold out there for our favorite kitty. ;____;

  12. “And instead of looking at the clock, I stare down the screen like mad as if that would make the episode go faster. Haha”

    When I do that, I end up not blinking for long periods of time so that when I finally look away, I have funny spots in my eyes from the computer screen. xD

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