Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 68

…A really eye-rolling episode. I kinda half-assed the summary not even halfway through writing it. *sigh* Tired. Need sleep. =A=


Amu and Rima come to school to find a bunch of boys hustling before some poster that showed the rankings (top 20) of most popular female students in the school (I think? It looks like all of them are girl names). Amu ranks at the top, Rima second, and Yaya third. The girls make a face and Amu calls it stupid that they’re still doing these kinds of things before they both walk away. And the boys go gaga at how cool~ they are.

Saaya is hiding behind the staircase, fuming mad at how Amu is so popular. She intercepts Amu and Rima as they are walking to class and commends her for being ranked #1, declaring Amu her rival to which Amu is “eh?” about. Saaya obnoxiously asks if Amu thinks she can win just because of that though Amu had never really intended to take part in it at all. Rima tells them that should get going to Guardian’s meeting so Amu tells Saaya that they’ll see her later but Saaya says there won’t be a “next time” since she’s transferring out soon, surprising Amu and her Charas.

*insert not-so-hilarious-save-for-Rima ep title here*

Rima asks if Amu was really going and Amu says yea, since they’ve been classmates so it would be the proper thing to see Saaya off well. Amu says it was quite out of the blue that Saaya had to leave due to her father’s work (or something) and that she was going to Los Angeles or whatever. Saaya also announced that she’ll be holding a goodbye party (in all extravagancy) and invites everyone to come.

In the gym/auditorium, food stands and several activities are going on, all provided by Saaya. Her possy then announces that she’ll perform for them on stage including some very horrible piano playing and singing, “flaminco” dancing (I have no idea), and poetry reading (hah?). The students are displeased at Saaya hogging all the spotlight and Amu’s two other classmates ask her to do something but Saaya sticks her nose up in the air and believes that because of how much money she spent for this party, her popularity status has surpassed Amu’s (generalizing). Rima says this whole thing was pointless and drags Amu away but Saaya stops them and challenges Amu to a 3-event tournament to see who was the best celeb. This gets the rest of the crowd excited and Amu is forced to compete.

First event is “Beautiful~ Walking” something where they have to cross a balance beam without dropping the books they’re balancing on their head. Amu nearly loses her balance (Miki comments “It’s not pretty at all”) but manages to stay upright. Yaya shouts from below the stage and said they came to support her. At seeing Tadase, Saaya gets super excited and jumps off the beam to ask if he came to support her but Amu has already finished walking the beam, thus proclaiming her as the winner of the first round.

Next event is flower arrangement and Amu isn’t sure what to do but Miki just tells her to relax and let it come to her mind (or something). Saaya did quite nicely with hers while Amu ended up doing something that looked like a mini-Christmas trees (the flowers were ornaments) and thought she lost but Saaya says she’s been beaten by Amu’s originality and admits defeat.

The gang thinks that since Amu has won two events already that it was time to call it quits for today but Saaya says it isn’t over until she won all of them and declares the next challenge to be a dodgeball game. Amu’s teammates consist of Rima, Yaya and her other two classmate friends while Saaya is with her usual possy.

It also happens that dodgeball so happens to be one of the sports Amu’s good at.
At the near end of the game, only Amu and Saaya are left standing (Rima sat out because she was tired). Saaya aimed and fired but Amu manages to dodge. The ball, however, was heading straight for a little girl standing just outside the court line and Amu Chara-changes with Ran to save her before she got hit. Saaya relishes in her “victory” since Amu, too, would be stepping out of line and she would win by default but got hit in the face when the ball rebounded off the wall before it happened. Amu is announced the winner while Saaya is left lying on the ground, still thinking about her “victory.”

Back at Saaya’s room, she tries to console herself by “beating” a cardboard cutout of Amu on some small game platform and declares that this wasn’t the end between their contest.
The next day, Amu says something Rima about Saaya causing Rima to smile (I didn’t get this part but I’m pretty sure Rima was smiling because of Amu). Saaya appears and declares another contest because yesterday’s didn’t count. =P
Amu, however, asks if she’d like to come to the Royal Garden with them later since she thinks that Saaya would like that. Saaya at first refuses because she thinks that would be an intrusion on the “true celebs” but since Amu “so insists”, she says it can’t be helped. xP

Later, while the Guardians were preparing for their tea-time, Saaya arrives and says since “Tadase invited her” that she couldn’t possibly turn the invitation down. She sits all close to him and goes completely fangirl when he says “I like energetic girls.” Yaya says that Amu has become a lot “genki”-er, too, and Tadase says that’s not the only good point about her. The mood changes and is ruined by everyone else there. Saaya gets pissed and leaves and everyone wonders why.

Elsewhere, Lulu is having a snack and Nana senses a person who was lost nearby. Saaya is wondering why she couldn’t beat Amu even though she was able to do so many other things better than her and if she were more like Amu, would she be liked. Lulu comes and was about to ask her if she was lost but Saaya snobbily brushes off that it doesn’t concern someone like her, pissing Lulu off. Lulu does her mahou jewelry thing without the speech anyway and yada yada. Amu finds Saaya, tells her that even winning by just using Amu’s abilities means nothing, convinces her that she has her good points as well (what good points? At being an idiot?) and does Open Heart.

Lulu leaves since the Embryo didn’t show up again.

When Saaya wakes up and sees Amu, she was about to declare another competition but wonders why she suddenly felt lighter all of sudden. Amu just smiles and wishes her luck on wherever she’s going, surprising Saaya.
The next day, Saaya comes back to school, surprising everyone, and she explained that she requested to stay for Amu’s sake because they were “eternal rivals” after all. Rima flatly tells Amu to hang in there and Amu just sighs.


Ugh, sucky summary. Sorry about that. No enthusiasm at all so yea.

And I’m not the only one who is both not surprised and disappointed about Saaya staying, right? -_-;

Well, I really overdid the screencaps for a filler this time but most of them consist of Amu or Rima or both. Saaya was unavoidable (damn) but at least this means she won’t be making any more annoying appearances any time soon since she had so much screentime for this ep.

Yep, top three are mah girls, alright! x3

But I really do wonder if boys over there do these kinds of things. It’s really silly. Popularity contest in your own school. Then again, they do occur over here, too. But everyone’s in cliques so it doesn’t really matter. *is so glad to be in college cuz no one really cares who you are*

Of course they are not pleased with this. It brings back bad memories though that only boosts their friendship more…which is why I took this screencap. I did say I wouldn’t miss a chance of taking a shot of them together after all. ;D

That’s right, you dorks! Be amazed by the two awesome goddesses turning their backs on you. It is an honor to be frowned upon by them.

I’m glad that’s not a chalkboard. But the poor wall. What did it do wrong?

Saaya’s an even bigger road block than a flipped over cargo truck. Amu is just relieved that no one seems to be hurt and Rima has her awesome “do not care” face. xD;

OMG, NO! The detour lane has been blocked by her annoying lackeys! Quick! HopStepJump! out the window!

Nani kore?

Rima = love. x333

Ah~, I wonder how much it cost them to animate that part. :/
I miss my pink plaid background with the cute border and three eggs. :(

Yay! Another twosome shot of them. I can’t help it. Their friendship is one of my top favorite friendships. I can see them exactly like this a few years from now out shopping for wedding dresses or just enjoying a girl’s day out together…or both. Either way, I will certainly screencap that, too! xDDD

Ah, but future thoughts aside, it’s really great how Rima worries about Amu, even if it’s over something small and insignificant such as Saaya’s flamboyant peacocking. And Amu, being the nice girl she is, can make Rima see that there’s always a good side to everything and get her to smile (though she only smiles because Amu is such an awesome person). ^^

Saaya definitely has more money than my middle school ever did. =P

How dare she fark up the beauty that is piano music?! *fumes* D8<

I’m going to check the sub tomorrow but did Rima say “That was a nice punch line”? xDD

Poor kids. Already half-traumatized before they even reached middle school. Sad, sad, sad. *shakes head*

That nose looks dangerous. o.O;; Pinocchio! You should sue for improper use of appendages for the public’s sake! >A<

“This is a waste of time. Come on, Amu. We still have to look for wedding dresses.”

Yes, I agree~. x3

Huh, how much did the flower border cost her? And she totally stole the sparkles from the bishie room. Bitch.

Poor Amu. But it’s kind of a little of her own fault. She can’t say no. ^^;

Hey there! Haven’t seen you in a while! How’ve ya been? ^^

No, really, I seriously am glad to see our fanboy again. I’ve learned to appreciate him a lot more because we didn’t see him much. At least he’s canon filler and not the annoying ones Satelight keeps throwing at us.

Hmm, yep. So how goes hooking up with the Marino girl? xD;

…It’s hard. Unless you have a flat head, it’s hard.

=P Fail.

Thank you, fanboy. He’d make a great TV host, don’t you think? Though the chances of Amu going into show biz are pretty slim so it probably won’t ever happen.

Ehe~, I like the tree…and want it. xD;

Yea, what does dodgeball have anything to do with being a celeb anyways? Unless you’re part of an Olympic team or something. -_-;

I landed on this one while on pause so I had to take it. xD;
Plus, I like how they occasionally show that Yaya is capable. Because she’s not worthless. She may not be the best but when she tries hard, it helps.

Too bad she’s pretty much still a baby, though. ^^;

…No comment.

^^; Nikaidou…

You have no life, Saaya.

I don’t know which is worst. Spending all your time planning to defeat your “rival” in a popularity contest or constantly and blatantly bashing someone when all you need to do is say “I hate him/her” and just leave it. In all seriousness, what’s so great about wanting to look superior? It’s pretty stupid.

Double the love for Rima. She won’t do pointless labor. That’s right, girl! Do what you want! xD

Amu, kakkoii~! <333

Ok, so I’m going to assume that the poor little kindergartner (or 1st/2nd grader, w/e) got lost or something. Because her being there was the most randomest thing in this episode.

But I did like it when she went all sparkly-eyed after Amu saved her. lol Amu looked kinda reliably boyish there. haha xDD

My god, Saaya’s shriek is the worst. I commend her VA on making it superbly unbearable to listen to. You have to be really good to try and make someone sound so friggin’ annoying.

Bravo. That’s the best thing that you’ve done all episode.

I’m so reminded of Courtney Gripling from that Nickelodeon show because of her room. I don’t remember the name of the show but I remember Courtney. *so weird* xD;

YEA! Rima doesn’t blow her top off when she gets mad. That’s how the real Oujo-sama is supposed to act, Saaya.

*spreads more Rima love*

*sigh* Amu, sometimes you’re too nice.

Ah, another mood ruined.
But even when one of them does confess to the other one later (to hell with the spoiler), the awkwardness is still going to be there. And that awkwardness is another hinge in them moving forward in a relationship. It’s kind of a like a ball rolling up a hill, losing momentum and then rolling back down to it’s original starting position. That’s how Tadamu is. All fan bias aside, think realistically for a moment. If there’s no progress after two people have been together for a while, then it’s more likely that they won’t work out in the future. I’m not saying Tadamu can’t happen or have no chances of happening (believe me, I’m preparing a safety cushion just in case). It’s just that this invisible wall that keeps separating them is a pretty thick one in regards to how they view each other romantically. So it’s better if they could just remain friends after the drama is all over. There’s not much of a barrier there.

And ah, look at the faces Rima and Nagi are making while Amu looks so constipated, lol. They know this, too, and are getting rather tired of seeing zero progress. I can understand the slight frustration. I have friends who constantly babble about potential love interests but never do more than subtle actions to show it because they’re so shy. Yea, well…if you’re not going to be aggressive, then you’ll never get an answer.You should at least get a proper answer. Sheesh.

Aww, that’s cute. ^^ I like Amu and Yaya’s friendship, too. It’s not as close or deep as the ones she have with Rima and Nagi (and Utau) but this is just nice to see. A light teasing manner. Heh, I guess some credit should go to Yaya in improving Amu’s character as well. Her eccentric-ness made Amu lose some of the stiffness she had early on in the series.

Ah~, Rima and Nagi’s expressions are awesome.

Rima: “…They act like such children.” Or more preferably: *thinking to herself* “I’m going to stare at Amu and Yaya because it’s not like sitting this close to Nagihiko is interesting or anything…no, in fact, it’s annoying. Annoying, I tell you. Annoying!”

Nagi: *nervous laugh* “I guess so.” Or more preferably: “Eh? Rima-chan, what’s wrong?”

Gah, but Satelight had to ruin that, too, when they did a full table shot and Nagi ended up sitting closer to Tadase (and Saaya’s chair) than to Rima. Che…

I am severely disappointed with how Lulu was handled this week. She’s back to being shallow no-conscience bitch again and what’s even worse is that she, the one who was practically giving bragging rights to abuse, can’t outbeat Saaya’s own arrogance and got angry instead. WTF? If there’s anyone whom Lulu should be angry with, it’s Amu and ONLY Amu. Not make-up cake face with the daily 10 manicures.

Hinamori dream. -_-;

Not to say be like Amu is lame or anything (oh, far from it) but Saaya just wants to be liked for all the wrong reasons. Not wanting to be liked. Just how she wants to be liked. Looked up to, admired, etc.

And she’s so stupid. Being better than Amu at her own game. What the hell? There are certain things that only Amu can do right and that’s what makes Amu so different from the rest. Because those are her strengths and qualities. For anyone else, it’d just look strange. Because they’re just not Amu.

Um, Nayuta, I think we found a UFO. Though it’s one of the bad ones.

…WTF DID THE TREES DO WRONG?! Someone put this crazy bitch in jail already! As if the environment isn’t bad enough as it is. =_=;

I would praise you if just fell off the end of the world and never came back.

Ah, Amu can see the good in everyone, regardless of how awful they are. And what’s great is that she’s believable! Her words are true and not just something to be impressed about.

Um, yea, I know I say this every time Amu has a peptalk but I have more to add to it this time.
I think the good qualities in other people are more apparent to those who don’t have as much talent as they do (and I know because I fall into the latter category). And Amu does have talent. She just hasn’t gotten far enough with it yet. Still, it’s because she’s rather modest and pessimistic about herself that she can admire others when they do something great or just act the way they are. She can see pass the faults and accept everyone’s true self because she’s been through the same thing as well. That’s why unlike other magical girls, her character is one of the most down-to-earth ones we’ll ever get. She’s not going by the genre but rather by the real individual experience. And that’s one of the many reasons why I love her so much. True, her ability to not-help-but-like-everyone is beyond anyone’s comprehension but other than that, she’s a normal girl who is extraordinary in her own right. :)

And this just fucking punches down the false accusations that Amu is a fucking Sue. Anyone who thinks so needs to have a dictionary slammed in their face and be forced to read horrible fanfiction. D:<

“I came back for your sake since you couldn’t possibly live without an eternal rival, of course?”

Trust me, Amu has had her share of rivals to last for more than a lifetime. You don’t need to do that much for her. -_-;

Well, do your best as you always do, Amu. *shrug & sigh*

So no Ikuto this week. *sad, worried sigh* I hope he’s ok somehow. Man, after next week’s filler, I won’t take it anymore. Satelight has to either bring Ikuto back or hurry up and finish Lulu’s arc. I’m leaning more towards the latter a bit but it’s fine because when that happens, Ikuto will surely come back. Just do it quick, Satelight. We have 32 more episodes if your goal is 100. Spend 5-8 for Lulu and the rest on getting back to the plot.


HELLYEA! I’m so not going to miss this next week! Cuz it’s…

Rima’s birthday~! YAY! xDDD

Ah, and she’s getting a certain confession, too. Though it’s not from Nagi but filler boy looks really decent and I’m pretty sure he will be.

Aww, he looks so cute! The shy-type. <3 Ok, nobody is allowed to pick on him or I will spank your hand if you do, alright? Although you can say he looks a little feminine. At least his face does. But it’s okay! I like pretty boys! xDD;;

Oh, and another reason why this episode is going to be undoubtedly good…


asdfjkghasdjfklghasjdkflghasjdfklgh *SCREAMS/FAPS LIKE CRAZY*


It’s only natural for the “Ai no Tenshi” to appear at times like this! So since I’m getting Eru, I’ll refrain from being greedy for Utau. *content* x3

Oiya, what’s going to happen to Tadase that already happened to poor Nagi? D8 Getting struck by hearts is dangerous…oh crap, is this what’s going to be a Valentine episode?! Is that it?! O.O;;

…Win. Even if there isn’t Amuto, win. We save Amuto for the last and best. xD

I guess everyone already knows/can assume that she’ll reject him. But it’s okay because Rima will do it the right way so it won’t be as hurtful as much. *has faith in Rima*

Yep, definitely looking forward to it. Hopefully, they’ll throw in a few Rimahiko moments in there as well. Then that will be the perfect weekend for me. <3

K, thanx for reading! ^^


9 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 68

  1. Amu and Rima made the episode worth watching. Sometimes I almost even forgot about Saaya (at least I did for writing my post since she’s barely even in there lol).

    Boys only do that at Seiyo Gakuen because they actually have girls to fixate on (with the Guardians). But I am so glad Amu and Rima completely ignored them Like, “wtf. You guys need to learn your lesson.” After the last time when they were pwned by Amu’s Cool & Spicy smirk you think they would have learned their lesson.
    Oh but maybe that’s what the boys secretly wanted.

    *squee* Agreed on all Rima and Amu friendship points. The two of them are just a wonderful set of friends. Ah~

    Rima did say something along the lines of “That was a nice punch line” lol.

    Amu looked reliably boyish…zomg! Amu’s going to get a real harem full of girls now too! (Oh wait, she already had worshipers back when Rima first arrived)

    Hahaha! Yes. Rima is a real ojou-sama *agrees 100% once again on Rima love*

    Bravo on the Tadamu analyzing. That’s exactly it. An invisible wall. Though I like to keep things simple and keep it at my Celebrity Infatuation combined with Puppy Love explanation. Both basically mean the same thing though, it’s not going to work out.

    Also RimaxNagihiko’s similar reactions to everything…I knew you’d notice them too. (Isn’t it great~? But I’d like to be greedy and ask for Rimahiko in more than just small spots too…)

    Lulu should have outdone Saaya in the ojou-sama department. She needs to go take her lessons from Rima now.

    AWESOME! When people call Amu a Mary-Sue from now on, can I send them to this post? Because Amu is definitely not a Sue and I think you explained that perfectly!

    NO! Why did you remind me about Ikuto. I was in a firm sense of denial and pretending like nothing was wrong. T_T

    Oh well…at least with the next episode being all about love, I can hope that Amu gets all tsundere thinking about Ikuto.

    …More reasons to look forward to the next Nakayoshi I suppose. So we can find out if Ikuto’s going to come home in the next few episodes (and yes, I realize I’ve been saying this for a while, but Amu’s house is definitely Ikuto’s home!).

  2. Ah! I just realized that the next episode will be out on Rima’s actual birthday, so it makes sense that it’s about her birthday! : D

    And I think filler-boy is really cute. xD

  3. Fuyu-san: I envy you there. I didn’t want to remember Saaya at all and just focus on my favorite girls. Darnit. =3=

    I thought it happened in ToraDora, too. At least Ami and Taiga get a lot of attention.
    Haha, yes, I think that’s what they wanted, too masochists, lol. As I said, who wouldn’t want to be brushed off by these girls who are so out of their league? xDD;;

    Lol Yea, Amu has a harem on both sides. What a troublesome girl. Tsk, tsk. Bad Amu! Very bad! *loves her anyway* <333

    I like your explanation because it really is just mostly that (especially since they’re still only 12-year olds so it’s even more fitting). There’s not a good chance of them working out. And even if they somehow do work out in that small percentage of a chance, then you know some drastic change must have happened on either one of their sides. Like what we discussed quite a while back, Amu is always uptight about trying not to look like a dork in front of Tadase and that just blocks them off. But say that they somehow (one of them) manages to break through said thick invisible wall. They would need one hell of a mallet to knock a hole through it, y’know? And I see that “mallet” as someone being required to fully change themselves for the other. Tadase, I don’t really think he will. He’s fine as he is and can certainly become a stronger leader without having to change his personality so much. But Amu…is paranoid. She’d want to do this or that for him and I can somewhat see her as type of person to carry that out. There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to be your best for the person you love but the problem is she’s forcing herself to change when no one’s asked her to. Even though Tadase has confessed that he likes her for her now, she always freezes up and stutters like crazy when he keeps telling her he loves her. And she’s going to see that as a problem so she’ll probably say to herself in her mind “Oh, I can’t act like this!” and start putting on fake smiles, telling herself “Yea, everything’s fine. I will get use to this because I’ll be happy, right?” Wrong. If Amu changes her entire personality over because she thinks her nervousness will be a nuisance to Tadase, then it’s going to head for disaster anyway. Tadase already made it clear that he liked her for her. Tadase would hate it (and himself) if she forced herself to change for him because that’s not what he wants. That’s not what I want. And that’s not what you want either. Basically, if she did that, she wouldn’t be Amu anymore and if she isn’t, Tadase will let her go. So this is why Tadamu is most likely not going to work according to story.

    (YES! Another reasonable Tadamu discussion without having to throw Ikuto in there! I’m on a roll! XD)

    Of course, anything Rimahiko is great~! <3 And be greedy! Satelight needs to make up for all its past mistakes anyway! So it isn’t greed, it’s rightful compensation! *strikes a justified pose* lol

    Lulu needs to fork out her wallet from her rich grandmother and have another party with all the Guardians there (and cause a big commotion about it, too). That will definitely pwn Saaya.

    Ah, I thought my explanation was kinda sloppy but I’m definitely going to do an even bigger and better write-up/post about the whole series in general and Amu will definitely have a very long page under Character Analysis. So can I request that you not direct anyone to this post until I’m finished with that? Of course, you can always quote me if you want to even though I’m not very good at saying stuff, lol. ^^

    NO! You will not remain in such a state with me around! I will not allow my fellow Ikuto fangirl to choose a withdrawn sense of mind! We are all sad for Ikuto now so we must all share the pain! Do you understand?! *crazily shakes you*

    …*cough* Sorry about that. hehe ^^;

    Hmm, me, too. If it’s anything involving love or crushes, Ikuto has to show up in her head. Before or right after Tadase doesn’t matter as long as she worries about him since she knows he’s not feeling well at the moment and that it’s partially her fault for kicking him out.

    Lol More like Amu’s room is his home. xDD I already read the summary of the chapter but I can at least say it doesn’t disappoint me in the least. Yep, I’ll just leave it at that until I get the scanlations. Hmm, should I buy this month’s Nakayoshi or no? *ponders*


    kelakagandy: Yay! We should totally throw a party for her! XD

    Yes! Somebody agrees with me on the filler boy! X3

  4. “Huh, how much did the flower border cost her? And she totally stole the sparkles from the bishie room. Bitch.”

    lol. so true.

    Thank you for saying that about Amu. Someone with talent is more likely to see good qualties in others. Anyone who calls her a sue needs they’re head examined.

    The wall theory for Tadamu works out. They are better as friends. (I actually really love the Tadase and Amu friendship).

    Rima’s birthday! Next week will be totally adorable. Also possibly Nagihiko. Filler boy also doesn’t look too bad.

    Amu and Rima’s friendship is super cute. They support each other when they need it, in large ways or small ways.

  5. this episode sucked because of no ikuto and saaya but hey Rima and Amu made the episode worth watching !! next week : Happy b-day Rima i swear i am going to make a Rimahiko amv because i LOVE THEM !! i wonder why Tadase is covering Nagi’s Mouth ? 0__0 filler boy is UBER cute !! its a chibi brown haired sasuke lol XD but cuter and better than sasuke !! Thanks for blogging this sucky episode !! XD

    • kelakagandy: ^^


      warrior: Actually, I meant it the other way around. Amu certainly has talent but she hasn’t put her potential to use on her own yet. It’s shown more through her Chara-changes and Chara-naris more than when she’s just herself. That’s not to say there weren’t any moments where she didn’t try her best on her own, though, because there definitely is (like how she didn’t need to Chara-change with Ran in this episode while playing dodgeball) and there will definitely be more chances for her to do that which will be great. But ah, I’m going off-topic, sorry about that. I meant it’s because she kind of looks at herself slightly negative a lot of the time that she can see the good in others more clearly than a normal person would. Get what I mean?

      Of course, what you said is very true, too. People with great talent can certainly tell others they have potential as well. It’s the experience that really allows them to say so. ^^

      Me, too~! I mean, when they are discussing other random stuff (like Tadase liking aliens and UFOs last ep), it’s just nice to see. They’re not getting all anxious around each other when that happens and that’s a good thing. But when it’s something about crushes, they immediately back out and you feel that it’s just an utter letdown instead of any progress (I say this word too much, don’t I?).

      *nods to the last two sentences* ^^


      Mo0on12: Normally, I wouldn’t approve a comment that starts with “this sucks because…” but since I do agree that this episode was very below average and this is your first comment on my blog, I’ll let it go. I’m really not trying to sound mean here but I just want to give you fair warning that I will not accept comments that are mostly fan-bias without good back up. I hope I don’t offend you and I’m sorry if I did. I’m just very strict about that.

      As for the rest…yea, I wonder why, too. Can’t wait find out. xD

      And yay~! Another person who agrees with me that filler boy is cute! X3

      Thanks for commenting! ^^

  6. Sorry :) i am not offended i will not start my comments like that anymore even if the episodes were bad my fault sorry and i am glad u agreed :P

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