Munto ~ Ep. 2


Something other than Shugo Chara! *gaspeth*

Whooooaaaa~ 8D

Kidding. =P

Anyways, I’ve decided to blog this since I had a surprisingly good amount of blahblahblah to ramble about episode 1. That, and a certain other person was so persistent on me blogging it so I just said ok (I’m ready for your spam attacks now, HaHaHaa!). xD;

Huh, I was going to do this earlier since the sub was taking so long to come out but homework got in the way and when I finally finished that, the sub was finally uploaded. Oi. *shrug* :/ So I really don’t know what’s my schedule plan for Munto but I guess it all depends on how much work I have to do. If I have free time, I’ll just take the screencaps first and if the sub is still not out, I’ll just go ahead and wing it. But for now, it looks like either a Friday or Sunday (maybe Saturday’s a possibility, too).

Alright, enough about that. Onto the episode!

(Note: I won’t be doing summaries but I guess that was obvious already. Urk.)


Ewgh! It’s so creepy. Looks like some kind of skeleton in standing orz position. D:

But apparently, besides the United Army (controlled by the Elders or am I wrong?) and the people of the Magic Kingdom (and whatever other races not mentioned yet), there was another race that existed before the ancient battle between the Lower World and…well, “Heaven”. And they were called “Heavenly beings”. Weird, I thought everybody in that world was called a “Heavenly being”. Agh, I’m still so confused over that. I don’t know who’s suppose to be who or what an “Outsider” is and I hope they’ll give us more of an explanation of that soon. I can’t stay this confused for so long. @.@;

Hmm, but Gntarl said they had “sealed off their space-time door” and that their power to create was “suspended and revoked”. I wonder how that happened and why since I thought their main opponent for Akuto were the people from Earth and not each other at the time…or maybe it happened after the connection between both worlds were broken off? Hmm…yea, I need more info on that before going into it any further. Muh…

Well, I’m over fapping for this guy (wow, that was quick, lol) so now he’s just what he should be. A side character. *shrug*
As I said in my impressions post pt. 2, his story is one that really doesn’t impress me because I’ve already seen it done so many times and so much better. But it is, nonetheless, still deep and worth thinking about.

Oh, but before I go into further detail on that, I have to say his face looks best from the side. It has that “cool~” effect. *dork* xD

So…what Kazuya said was true. People are weak if they’re alone. It’s not that they can’t do anything by themselves but it’s more about who or what they’re doing those certain things for (have meaning to do things for) at first that can make them stronger.
And Kazuya had no one. Not even his lousy parents…which both really and not so surprised me when he said he held no resentment towards them for not being there. As his parents, they suck. But as individual persons, there is no law that says they can’t pursue what they want to pursue.

Still, whether it be a career or something else that’s keeping you busy, that should not matter as much as your own child. From the very start, a child needs someone to be there for him/her. If you can’t do that at the very least, then why would you have a child? Isn’t that the whole point wanting a child in the first place? To raise and nurture them with love and care?

Oi, over thinking and going off-topic again, but the point is, failing to do that can result in things like this…

Btw, can someone be nice enough to teach me how to do full image screenshots?

Ah, another nice side-shot. Kahaha! xD;

Delinquency. Kids need to let out some of those negative emotions and sadly, it more or less takes the form of violence…in boy cases anyway. Still, that doesn’t solve anything and is only temporary distraction. And it certainly isn’t “life” either. It’s more like running away from your problems then confronting it.

I sound like some psychological text book. =P

Hey, thar. Whatcha’ doin’?

Kazuya’s stupid. I can understand how depressed he was (to the point of wanting to kill himself) cuz I kind of went through a similar phase when I was younger but he’s still stupid. So yes, I was stupid, too. xP

It’s reasonable stupidity, though (lol, what?). A lot of people who contemplate suicide because they feel they’re not needed just don’t realize that they’re wrong. You don’t live for anyone but you. Yes, I did agree that people can’t live alone but that only applies to the emotional part of yourself. Your life, however, belongs to and can only be determined by you, not the rest of society. And once you throw it away, you can’t get it back.

Of course, since we’re so caught up in being uberly sadsad”Oh just kill me now!”sad and stupid, we overlook the fact that our life is precious and this is where the “savior” drops in to stop us and make us see it. As stated before, people can’t accomplish much by themselves. But if someone’s with them by their side, then they begin to really learn and appreciate what they had all along.

…Ok, I’m done with the sentimental stuff. And no, I did not read shoujo today so it’s not that! xD;

Now bear with me as I make fun of this odd couple to get the corny-ness out of me head. Bleeehhh~…

Everyone: Ooooo~…*0*

Don’t worry. You can come back here after you go on a date with me!

Ok, as touching as it is that Suzume and Kazuya have a very close bond, this doesn’t move me even the slightest inch. Why? Because Suzume is always so happy-faced all the time. It’s not cute. It’s screams unrealistic. It’s just annoying and reminds me that “Oh, this only happens in anime” which I already know, KyoAni. You don’t need to point it out to me. I’m not that stupid. -_-;

*sigh* Please don’t misunderstand this as bashing or maybe even my usual rages or anything. I couldn’t care less about this couple and when I don’t, I won’t waste my time on it (except when I just want to humor myself, then I make fun of them. Not so much bash, but just throw a laugh here or there). It’s just that I’m very critical about details. And when I’m not pleased with them, I rant. Simple.

Ah, since CLANNAD is still airing, I found myself comparing Kazuya to Tomoya a few times. ‘Cept I see Tomoya as the fail delinquent with an awesome, cute girlfriend and Kazuya as the proper delinquent who kidnapped a little kid to be his bride. =P

“Our hearts were connected”

Slap me if you want, but I laughed a little at that. It was so cliche. “Suzume was there for me” would’ve sufficed.

The melancholic guitar was very nice, though. Hmm, guitar~. |3

…Suzume impostor. *slapped* xD;

What? You pulled him out and now you’re pulling him back in again? What’s wrong witchu?

Um, yea, he loves her. That’s nice to know. Otherwise, he’d just be a lolicon. Meh.

I still think they’re both dumb, though. For Suzume, it’s obvious because of her childish personality. Even though she can say some wise things (that I have yet to hear her say but w/e), she’s just slow. Not her fault she’s like that but it’s too apparent for me to make up any excuses or defense for her…not that I’d bother trying.
And the whole marriage thing I think is just a spur of teenage impulse in Kazuya’s head mixed with the inspirational words that Suzume gave him. It doesn’t necessarily have to be marriage, you know. There’s many other ways they can overcome obstacles together. And why the hell are you in such a hurry? -_-; But since marriage is such a big word, it draws more attention so maybe that can be a reason why. Eh, I don’t care from this point.

YAY! Back to the plot!

I like how the floor reflects the same but separate dimensions they’re in. Yumemi can still stand in her own world while being in the plain that the Heavenly folk described as nothing more that a desert wasteland because of her special power (Akuto). Munto, however, can only exist in the desert plain because he is not a being of Earth and has to struggle to get pass the “time-continuum” whatever gap to get there. And he can only do so for a short period of time.

Waahh, this just adds to the suspense! x3

Ah, the child-to-parent talk. If I was Yumemi’s age, I probably would’ve acted a little like she did, too. Be defiant and think I’m capable when I really not. But now that I’m older, I understood and agreed with almost everything her mom said…because even though I’m technically an adult by age standard, I realize I’m still not able to live on my own. And you begin to understand a lot of other things your parents sternly told you not to do when you were a kid as you continue to mature. It’s…a fascinating process.

That’s not to say that parents are completely right though (ha! As if!). They can be so annoying when they think they know everything and whatever they say is right. They forget that we’re not not replicas of themselves that they try to mold into perfection because they’re so jaded to make up for their own shortcomings when they were children. Ugh, so annoying.
That, and I believe a lot of them don’t put enough trust in their kids. I’m not saying that they should cheerfully give an “Ok” if a 12-year old asks if he can stay out late with friends pass his curfew or allow beer for his birthday party, no. But on certain things like declaring what you want to be when you grow up or something like that…or is that just me? Great, now I’m one of those jaded adults as well. =P

Well, anyways…huh, what an idealistic way of thinking. “Study hard and become a useful person to society.” I have a feeling that the general Japanese community would agree. Nothing wrong with it. In fact, it’s something that all people should aim for…but it isn’t. And I’m glad it isn’t. I would’ve said “To hell with society! I study hard for myself. Society, you say…” Of course, don’t neglect society or at least, don’t do any harm to it. Yourself just come first, that’s all. Yourself always comes first. Otherwise, how can you help society if you can’t manage to get out of school?

Agh, going off on a tangent again. I don’t know why I’m relating so much of my life to this series. It’s crazy. I need to shut up.

…I want one. xD
I think it’s Doraemon meshed with this really old Japanese character who wore some kind of Power Ranger-like outfit with a peculiar space helmet to match. But if isn’t, I got the Doraemon part right. Ah, Doraemon…that anime is so old (and long) but still so lovable. x3

Haha, I like Yumemi’s dismal sense of humor. “Who are you? A stalking ghost?” and “If you’re talking about my homework, I already finished it” (in regards to what her mom said about her duty towards the future as opposed to Munto’s “saving the world or your future is destroyed” duty). Ah, KyoAni always make me laugh at the wrong times.

That aside, I’m not taking either side of this tug-and-resist war that’s going on between them. I feel a little more sympathetic towards Yumemi because hell, she already thinks that there’s something wrong with her and Munto so abruptly crashes into her life, commands her to help him save the world and expects her to readily believe him and quietly obey? Jeez, give the poor child some room to breathe, would ya?
Then again, he doesn’t really have time for that and the situation is desperate so it’s understandable why he’d get so frustrated and would want to rush things along. Still, Yumemi’s just an ordinary girl. She can only take so much. Give her some space, y’know. :/

Aha~, and I like how he’s not so much offended at being called a stalker (term probably just doesn’t exist in his own world’s dictionary) but gets so pissed off at being constantly addressed as “Anta!” instead of “Munto-sama”. Royal stubbornness dies hard, I guess. ^^;

lol This was cute. Wish I had a little brother who would randomly sit up in the middle of the night and sleep talk about eating cartoons. But nooo~, I have a brat with ADD instead. *becomes more jaded*

So the first few episodes are just replaying the OVAs, huh? I dunno. Even if they are doing that, I noticed there were some significant changes in the art so it’s not technically replaying the OVAs. Or maybe I’m just wrong again. Hmm. :/

And judging from the OP and ED, the series is undoubtedly going to cover a lot of strong friendships aspects through Yumemi, Ichiko, and Suzume’s relationship. Which is good. I like it when strong friendships are shown as one of the main spotlights as much I love watching good romance done the right way. So even if there’s little to no romance, this series is as good as gold for the threesome and fantasy. ^^

Btw, in the second OVA, Ichiko looks so much like a boy. o.O;

Oh, look, the side of his face looks great viewing it from a higher level, too. xD;

Hmm, but his hair changed color (or changed back to its natural color according to what he looked like in the OP). :| Why? Does his hair turn brown from 4-6 PM and stay green for the rest of the time? So weird and inconsistent.

Munto’s cape looks so cool~! <3

Erhem…but I’m glad he was a little less hostile on this encounter with Yumemi. It’s probably due to exhaustion from trying to get in contact with her so often but he nonetheless swallowed a little bit of his hot-tempered pride and pleaded her to help him.

That doesn’t mean Yumemi will immediately understand, though, but she’s trying to now by asking questions and wanting answers for them instead of shutting him out and in truth, really running away from accepting her power (Akuto) like he said. Good. We have progress. Even if it’s minimal, we have progress.

“Believe in your own power.”

See? It’s not so hard to try and understand each other…even if you are two different species from two different worlds. =P

Munto already knew that Yumemi possessed the ability to save them. He just didn’t approach her the right way. But now he knows that he has to convince Yumemi to trust and accept her power (her own self) rather than making her feel worst about it. And he believes in her, so she’ll eventually believe in herself, too. Which brings us back full circle on how people can accomplish a lot of things if they have someone to support them.

…Did I mention how much I love seeing progress? x3

HOMG! Munto’s cape is so cool~! Part 2!


Poor Yumemi. Wonder if she’ll ever get use to the sudden alternate space-“switching” that keeps happening. She keeps falling down a lot. Ouchies.

But rest assured, since she’s a fictional character, even the greatest and purplish of bruises will never appear on an anime girl’s flawless complexion. Gah~, reality is so unfair! Stupid permanent scars, acne and whatnot! Dx

lol /D

Not cool. The cape is steaming. It’s not on fire, it’s friggin’ steaming! o.O;;

Pffthaha! Halo. Oh god, it’s a halo. What’s this suppose to imply? Huh? That angels played Halo? What? xD;

(Yes, Xiao has lost her mind~)

Munto is not pleased. This cape is f*ckin’ dry clean only, you ugly yellow alien-reject son of a bitch!

Woot! We finally get some faito akushon~! *excited* ^^

Suzume: So…we’re getting married now.
Kazuya: …Yep.

Kazuya: Only one problem…I forgot the boat.

Kazuya: Oh well. Let’s just walk through it.

Suzume: Hehehe, the insides of my shoes are all wet!

You know I had to. xD;

Ugh, what a horrible post. I hate how I threw so much ego in there. And it’s very contradictory. I’m against ego but I’m also for ego. -_-;
And so much KazuyaxSuzume. Thank god we get more magic next episode. At least, I’m hoping we do.



Um, ok, I don’t get it. If he was going to drown himself than why can he still stand in the middle of a river? What was he going to do? Sit in fetal position for a couple of minutes at the bottom and die that way? *is thinking too much into it*


Oh yea, Yumemi. An island that big is very heavy so try not to stay under it if for some reason it decides to drop out of the sky one day. Btw, tomorrow’s forecast might just be raining huge masses of floating land! Get your umbrellas out! You’ll need it.

Munto…this is not the time to lay back and take a sun bath.


Well, that’s it for today. I’ll watch episode 3 tomorrow if I have time. Gotta do hwk now.
Will do better on the next post. Sorry again for the lameness. ^^;


4 thoughts on “Munto ~ Ep. 2

  1. I’m loving that they’re adding some ‘deleted scenes’ here from the OVA. I can’t wait for the episode, and I’m totally expecting improvement in animation, since the real thing starts next episode right?

  2. It’s good that you only got this up today! I didn’t watch it until today (been too busy with starting school) so I couldn’t have replied!

    And without me there’s no point! (Wow, I certainly am full of myself today) I am the designated spammer for Munto!

    Haha, skeleton in standing orz position made me laugh. Because it’s true. XD

    Wait, so everyone’s not called Heavenly Beings? Why would they make it more confusing for us!? Someone better understand and properly update the wikipedia page for us if it isn’t explained soon.
    I’m suddenly remembering the downside to awesome fantasy…the made-up terms and such that go along with it.

    I am so not over talking about and giggling for Kazuya yet. I’ve only had one guy with dark hair and blue eyes in recent memory that so fit my incredibly strict criteria (you aren’t even allowed guesses on who that character is, you just have to get it right).
    Though my one complaint is that he needs to sulk in an incredibly hawt way over his terrible circumstance more! MOAR SULKING! Hate yourself until you want to die (oh wait never mind). But it would be better if his sulking wasn’t already in the past. *sigh* They’re just not as good-looking if they smile too early. (And yes, I realize all of the things that would be wrong with me if I transferred this idea into real life)

    But yes~ His face does look best from the side (with his hair and stuff and…ahaha, I’ll leave it alone before I get too worked up again).

    I agree on his parents (or rather parents in general). Sure, as people they can pursue what they want, but once you have a child they should be whats most important to you. At the very least they need to be most important in their thoughts. Some parents have to be busy (like the president…), but as long as they still do their best I think that’s fine.

    I can teach you how to do full image screenshots if you can use photoshop…otherwise I am clueless.

    Delinquent boys are hot though (hahaha, more strange things being said). At least if they’re good looking (stupid ugly delinquents need to go away!).

    I say you sound less like a psychological textbook and more like a therapist…text book (yes! There’s a difference! I think…).

    Haha, I actually ended up liking Suzuma a little more because I am so weak for the “saving someone and giving them a reason to live” kind of thing. Though the fact that she’s so smiley all the time bothers me.
    You know that I think age differences in romance are fine. But that’s when the gap in maturity isn’t as big as the gap in age. In this case it’s bigger. Suzume doesn’t act like she’s 13 at all (stupid girl! Just act your age!!!).

    Kazuya is like the pre-Tomoya Tomoya though since the OVA is like…from 2002 or something (I wonder when Clannad’s VN came out).

    I liked Suzume a little more when we saw her not smile, but I’d like to hear her talk while not smiling too. That would be nice.

    As for the marriage thing…hrm…I think in this case you can kind of think of it as Suzume and Kazuya purposely creating a tangible bond so that Kazuya won’t feel alone anymore. That’s how I saw it anyway.

    The floor/sky stuff they do is always great. Who knew KyoAni peoples could be this smart outside of adaptations!

    I kind of thought the same thing as Yumemi at that age too I think. When I was 13 and talking about high school, I remember thinking, “I can’t wait until i get to just live with my friends” and I used to actually think of being capable of doing it at the time.
    We’re so dumb as children. I think we all think we’re so much smarter than our parents.

    Don’t shut up! Then you’re not doing your job as a blogger! Finding things that connect to real life in a series is good too (because then you have lots to say). I love reading your posts and then finding out that I’m nodding and stuff (I’m a dork who nods when I agree with something I read like the person will see me or something).

    I’ve never seen Doraemon. I feel like someone is going to smack me someday for admitting that, but it’s true.

    Munto gives no one time to breathe! Since he even worries about things like, “Call me Munto-sama!” and stuff (oh I laughed so much every time I heard that). Munto is awesome, but he needs just a small little lesson in modesty I think.

    Yeah, but if there’s too much of Yumemi’s friends, how are we ever going to get her into the other world? I will be most displeased if that only happens in the last four episodes or something. All the most interesting stuff is happening in the other world. Since I don’t find myself caring about Yumemi’s friends (we have super smiley loli and “boohoo, no guy will ever like me” tomboy, neither interest me much).

    Kazuya’s hair is brown then there’s a sun setting behind him. Then he gets to look all cool because then you get to make the connection that he’s as beautiful as a sunset (lol, or something like that~).

    It is hard for two people from different worlds to understand each other under such crazy circumstance though (like, 4 or so meetings that have lasted a few minutes or less). If Yumemi does accept her powers and such with those sorts of circumstances I will automatically admire her.

    (Also, I am agreed on “Munto’s cape is co cool!”)

    XD I loved your little dialogue for Kazuya and Suzume at the end.

    Um…on Kazuya trying to kill himself when they can walk across, I think the water was higher back then. Because in an earlier scene it was up to his knees where it’s up to their ankles now.

    Hahaha! My biggest comment on your blog (actually ever I think). Did I do good for spamming?

  3. kanzeon: I actually never watched the OVA yet (couldn’t find it) so I wouldn’t know. ^^; But I’m watching the ep. 3 now and the animation hasn’t changed much. Not that I mind the current one. I like its simple design.


    Karen: hehe Thanks. ^^


    Fuyu-san: xD; Yes, you are! Lol

    I have no idea who’s called what in that world. o.O; My guess is that there might have been some hierarchy among them in the past but since there’s not that much info on Heaven’s background, my guesses are just random shots in the dark.
    Ah, yea, the terms…tsk tsk.

    (I guess I don’t have to ask what are the consequences for not knowing either, huh? Lol xD)
    Nuu~, you mean has to EMO in an incredibly SMEXY way more! And then he can sulk afterwards…and only cute stubborn sulking is acceptable! …Also, it has to be over a cute girl <– These are my standards, lol. xD;
    But the good thing is that you know you won’t ever transfer this idea into your real life so it’s perfectly okay to say them here~! |3

    Agrees. Mucho credit goes to the style of his bangs. Haha, I love his bangs and eyes more than I like him.

    Yea, I mean, kids will come to understand that their parents are out working a lot to support them one day but when they’re never there at all, that’s just wrong. -_-;

    Oh ok, thanks! I have photoshop. I just don’t use it much. ^^; But I guess I will soon. I wonder if it’s easier than PSP.

    *sigh* It’s sad that the only good-looking delinquent boys are not real.

    Therapist, psychiatrist…text book…they’re all the same to me. |D;

    I actually love that type of girls, too, but only if they’re not annoying as Suzume’s constant smiling. Then I just think there’s something wrong with them and that everything they say is big fancy words that they just pull out of their pockets like lollipops or something. *rolls eyes* And I have yet to hear those words she gave to Kazuya, which is a big factor on how a judge those kinds of girls. If it’s effective or not. In her case, it seems to be. I just need to hear it and maybe I’ll change my mind a little (just a tiny bit).
    As for the age difference, that has never been a problem for me at all (which I will get into further later) but I fully agree on the maturity gap. And she can’t act her age. She’s mentally slow. -_-

    Lol Then what went wrong with Tomoya? Now I’m thinking he was this rejected Kazuya prototype and Key felt so bad that they decided to pick him up. I know that sounds mean but I’m just joking around. xD;


    Ugh, forgive me for sounding harsh again, but that would just make Kazuya more stupid. He’s already realized that Suzume would always be there for him when he needs her. And wouldn’t that be enough? Just knowing that you both mutually care for and love each other a lot? As long as the both of them know that, then who cares about what the rest of the world thinks? There’s no need to do something drastic like “marrying”. And if they wanted to prove to the world that their love is true and can overcome anything, then there’s a better way to show it: time and patience. I think that’s more effective than just using a term like a physical contract. Marriage is just a word just like how age is just a number. It can’t describe or explain love. It only gives and adds its definitions to the concept. The most important thing shouldn’t be that but their commitment to each other.
    *sigh* I’m sorry, I guess I’m reeling a lot about this because of all the issues I keep hearing about the age gap in Amuto. Like I said before, the age difference was never a problem for me as long as there was true love evident in the relationship. And that is apparent in Amuto. People accuse Ikuto of being a pedophile but the only girl he’s ever been so attracted to is and only Amu, not the rest of the underaged female population. *rolls eyes* So I don’t understand how their thinking works. Ikuto is not a pedophile.
    Furthermore, he indirectly but practically told her that he would wait for her to grow up before getting into a serious relationship with her. This. This is what I’m so critical about then again, no guy can ever beat Ikuto at being such an awesome guy x3. This shows that he knows what responsibility is and that he respects and cares for his girl a great deal. And that is enough to contribute to the proof, which will greatly support them in the future when they finally announce themselves as a couple.

    Aish, I can go on and on but I’ll save that for another day. Sorry about that. Just thought it was the perfect comparison example (and oh yea, Amuto so pwns all because of its awesomeness! ;D).

    KyoAni fails at creating their own romance, though, but they still have lots of chances to redeem themselves. -3-

    Sometimes we are, y’know. In our own generation, we are a lot smarter than them at certain things because we’re more able to readily adjust to the changing world. Parents aren’t so much.

    O.O …y-yes, M-Ma’am! *cowers* lol ^^;
    But I’m very ego-paranoid so if I don’t stop at some point, I end up disliking myself very severely. I guess my problem is the length of my spiels. Still gotta work on that.
    Aww, thanks. I’m glad you like my posts as bad as they are and nuu, you can’t change my mind on that! *stubborn* and aww! You’re like Kagamin on the phone! That’s cute~! lol xD

    Haha, it’s okay. No one will smack you. Doraemon is like…prehistoric anime so I wouldn’t be surprised if I bump into someone who knows a fair deal about anime and not recognize Doraemon. But his image is hard to miss. This big roundish walking blue thing with a collar. I’m sure that at least looks familiar.

    Haha, Munto obviously never hung around with girls much as he was growing up so no one really taught him how to be a gentleman. Always “Must save the world!” this or “Need more Akuto!” that. xD;

    Ah, I suppose that’s true. Hmm, I think I meant to say I wanted to see their friendship at the most critical moments. Like before Yumemi is about to take off into the other realm and they say their temporary goodbyes to each other. Yea, that’s pretty much what I want to see. All the other normal business of being friends don’t need that much emphasis. That can all be explained in short flashbacks of their childhood together…or something.
    I was actually wondering if we will get to see Yumemi going into the other world with Munto anytime soon as well. Hopefully, it won’t take that long to happen. And for some strange reason it does, then hopefully “Munto” will be successful enough to have a second season. Yes, it would feel really weird as a sequel but I’m getting other-worldly action one way or the other and I, too, won’t settle for less! >3<

    I find Munto’s cape so much more beautiful and fascinating that Kazuya’s hair. xD;

    Yea, but at least they’re trying to. An A for effort. :3
    And I think I’ve already started admiring Yumemi for a while but that’s because I went ahead and watch clips of the second OVA so yea…I cheated. xD; Still, she’s the type to fall into that category. Starting out weak but slowly getting stronger. That’s a favorite type of heroine, too, ain’t it? :D

    My dialogues seem too simple to me for some reason. I should be able to come up with better ones. Just you wait and see. Hehe

    Oh yea, the tide. *bonks self on head* Silly me. Totally forgot about that.
    Ah, but I’m watching the third ep now and it seems like the river was actually wider than I thought. o.O; Go figure.

    Yes, you did a very fine job, young grasshopper. *Confucius face* =ω= I now award you with your first…plushie of your choice to commend you for well done spammage.
    lol xD

    Yep Thanks for the awesome commenting! ^^

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