Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 67

Ah~, I’m going to be so tired later but yay, earlier post than usual. Have to do some reading afterward so hopefully after I’m done with that (and take a nap), I can work on the Munto review.


Amu wakes up (in her dream) to find Ikuto staring at her with a smile on his face. He tells her she looks very cute when she was sleeping and that causes her to snap awake for real. Her Charas ask her what was wrong and she mumbles that it was just a dream. Ran flies over to cheer her up but Amu reassures them that she’s fine and leaves to get ready for the day but ends up tripping and falling instead. Miki wonders aloud if it was probably because Ikuto left so suddenly.

At the Guardian’s meeting, Amu is spacing out again and they ask her what was wrong. Amu can’t tell them about Ikuto but instead, changes the situation a little and says that she was worried about some stray cat and is wondering if it’s okay now (or something like that, loosely interpreting again). She manages to avoid explaining the real story.

Elsewhere, Yoru sneezes because someone’s been talking about them somewhere and immediately hides when he spots Easter agents searching for them. He tells Ikuto that they had to leave or they’ll be discovered.

Later that night, Amu is watching a TV program that was discussing the topics of UFOs (and Lulu’s mother is a guest on the show). Suu asks if she thought that UFOs were interesting but Amu replies distractedly “yea, sure…”
Meanwhile, Lulu goes out and asks Nana if she senses anyone who seemed lost but Nana, who was watching the same UFO show early on, asks if she thought believed if UFOs existed. Lulu says “Of course not” and Nana retorts she has no dreams. Lulu says it’s only UFOs she doesn’t believe in, but dreams she can. Nana wonders about that since Lulu doesn’t have any specific dreams of her own and goes off mock-singing about it, to which Lulu has to pinch her to shut up her up. Nana then says she has an idea (I think) and to leave it to her.

Walking to school, the Guardians wonder why everyone seems so excited and Yaya catches up to them, telling them that “mystery circles” appeared and that they should go see it after school ends. The so-called “mystery circles” are smaller than expected and just confirms it was probably just a prank. Tadase explains in more details about aliens and admits that he’s liked the idea of it ever since he was little.

Lulu and Nana, whose been spying from a distance, decide to leave after Nana’s plan didn’t work out after all. Tadase and Nagi then discuss something more about UFO and I can’t understand that part but something about causes Amu to look up to the sky (anything to do with Ikuto?).

Lulu is disappointed that she can’t find a lost kid to use as her target and says she has to find the Embryo as soon as she can or Easter will catch up if they find Ikuto and his violin. Nana changes the subject and asks her if she managed to get the Embryo, what would she wish for, besides the one for her mama to return to real acting. Lulu can’t quite give an answer and Nana tells her to have a more firm grip on what she wants. Lulu stubbornly retorts she has a lot of dreams but Nana, as usual, doesn’t believe her. They hear some girl chanting some sort of calling to the aliens and Lulu blames Nana for starting the whole mystery circle mess and gets found by the girl anyway.

The girl is called Nayuta Kusanagi and she’s an ecstatic UFO fan. Lulu smiles to see her get so excited as she continues to talk more about UFOs to her.
While walking home, Nana suggests that Nayuta could be the next target but Lulu says it doesn’t seem as if she’s lost or anything so there was no need to use her. Nana teases that Lulu just wasn’t being honest about wanting to be friends with Nayuta and Lulu denies it.

Meanwhile, Ikuto, though still sick, manages to find a place to stay temporarily (on a rooftop of some building). Yoru suggests that they go back to Amu’s house but he says he’s fine as it is and tells Yoru to just let him rest there for a little while, to which Yoru reluctantly agrees. At the same time, Amu lies awake and worries.

The next morning, Ran receives a rude awakening from Amu, who says she’s over worrying about Ikuto, and yells at Amu for scaring the daylights out of her. At school, the Guardians discuss that yesterday’s mystery circle was probably just a prank and Amu tells them to cheer up and that UFOs and aliens can exist since they’re like dreams. Everyone’s glad to see her back to her old self again and they laugh humorously at comparing the Charas to aliens, which the Charas take offense to.

Later that day, Nayuta is sitting by the mystery circle and gets depressed when she overhears a couple of girls saying it was only a prank. She, however, really believes that UFOs do exist.

When Lulu’s mother returns home, Lulu gives her a shoulder massage and her mama compares entertaining on TV to something like festival. It’s work, work, work and then after broadcasting, job’s over for the day. While taking a walk out, Lulu isn’t happy that her mother was so tired after doing that kind of work and says it would be better if her mother could get back to her real profession as soon as possible. Nana senses a person that seems to be wavering and Lulu bumps into Nayuta outside a bookstore.

Nayuta shows her the book she bought and gets ecstatic again over how awesome UFOs were but her attitude to changes when she mentions about the mystery circles being a prank. Lulu is unsure of what to do, not wanting to take advantage of Nayuta’s current doubts, but Nana reminds her that it’s for her mother’s sake so she hesitantly does her mahou jewelry and corrupts Nayuta’s heart.
Amu’s Charas senses this and they run to the scene to discover that Nayuta has gathered some track runners into a circle and begun chanting to the sky for aliens to come down. Amu tells her to snap out of it, which causes Nayuta to get angry and Nazo-Chara-changes into UFO dream (Lulu, who’s hiding behind a tree waiting for the Embryo to appear, looks away in shame). Nayuta shoots of somewhere else and Amu remarks that what Easter is doing to kid’s dreams are unforgivable, surprising Lulu, before she transforms and chases after Nayuta.

Nayuta uses her powers to make mystery circles appear everywhere and hypnotizes everyone into chanting for the aliens to come. She knocks Amu back with her negative energy and Miki tells Ran to change Chara-nari with her. Amulet Spade uses Prism Magic to put everyone to sleep and tells Nayuta that it was wrong to force everyone to believe her own dream and that her own belief is enough (Lulu manages to catch up to them and hides in the bushes). Nayuta yells at Amu if she thought her dream was useless but Amu says it’s not up to anyone to decide what’s useless or not and as long as she doesn’t give up on her dream, then that’s all that really matters. She performs Open Heart and Nayuta later wakes up on a park bench, wondering if it had anything to do with aliens kidnapping her and gets excited. She said it would be great if she could see one someday.

Elsewhere, Nana repeats what Amu said about not giving up on your dream, no matter what is may be, and seems impressed. Lulu just sighs and lightly laments that the Embryo didn’t appear after all, to which Nana calls her dishonest again. In the sky, the Embryo flies by and disappears in a flash among the stars as quickly as it came.


Ah~, that was fun summary to write, even though it was a filler. But it was a better filler than usual so I have to give credit to that as well. Heh. ^^

Hmm, I also took more screencaps than I normally should but since I don’t post as often, it should be fine. Since I’m a grade-A ranter after all~ xD;

So, we all agree that this was the best dream opening to an episode that was ever made, right? Hmm, yep, I took every single shot of it (since it was so short).

Kyyyyaaaahhhhhh~~!!!!! Don’t worry! Dreams are premonitions of what will happen in the future, yes? xDDD

Aww, gawd, I’ve never seen Ikuto looked more fine and handsome (surrounded by bishie sparklies~) as he’s smiling like that at Amu. Hehe, already the perfect husband in waking up first and just staring at his cute lil’ wifey until she wakes up to call her sleeping face cute. x33333

Ah, and his shirt is different. Everyone noticed, right? Same shirt as he had on in the manga. At least Satelight is reassuring us that he’ll come back later on so I’ll refrain from yelling at them for now. Kaah, and the way he’s hold himself up by his arm is the same as…well, y’know, the manga. And he’s also on that side of the bed like he should be…in the manga. This means we’ll get him back in Amu’s room soon, right? Right? ;_____;

If you wake up sighing heavily like that, of course no one’s going to believe you’re not depressed. Especially since you’re still regretting about being mean to Ikuto. *sigh*

*sigh again* Of course you’re not “just fine”, Amu, you horrible liar. It’s so easy to see that. Though hearing her trip and fall was quite cute and amusing. hehe Because she’s such a dojikko when it comes to Ikuto and only Ikuto (hahaha! Another plus!). xD

See~! You miss him, don’t you? *poke* You want to apologize to him, don’t you? *poke poke poke* You want him back because you’re lonely without him, don’t you? *poke poke poke*

Taken because suspicious girls are the cutest. x3 Suspicious, not nosy.

Well, at least she’s not trying to lie to them. Most of what she said was true. ‘Cept she left out the “boy” in “catboy”. And she had to, y’know, y’know.

Yes, Nagi, you can understand anything and everything. haha xD

I’m actually pleased that I was able to include Yoru’s snot in this screencap. I was just randomly pressing around with the pause button still on and just landed on this one as it is. Heh.

Now I’m wondering if this really does happen. Sneezing when someone’s talking about you somewhere. I’ll probably never know, though. :/

Ikuto~! ;____________;
His condition is getting worst. I can’t stand seeing him like this! He’s so sick and still has to constantly hide himself from Easter. I hate them! Someone give me a massive boulder or something! I need to knock that entire building down! Dx<

No particular reason for this. It’s just that it reminded me about the Chinese politics discussion shows my parents always watch late into the night. And they enjoy discussing politics a lot. It’s like how fans would talk amongst their own selves. o.O; Weird.

C’mon, if you keep eating junk food, you’ll get fat. *takes it away* Now go and find your poor boyfriend already. Burn off those calories, girl! GO!

Aha, so we finally get back to the issue of Lulu’s own dreams. Thank you, Nana. It had to be mentioned some time again. I really can’t guess what Nana’s suppose to be (as Lulu’s dream) but I have vague theories about it. I think Lulu wants to be composed and lady-like like her mother is but the Nagoya-ben just signifies that she also secretly likes and wants to keep the Japanese part of herself, though she tries to deny it so often.

Still, that’s not enough to make a solid hypothesis yet. And after watching this ep, I only got more theories on Nana’s behavior in relation to Lulu’s hesitance at corrupting Nayuta’s dreams but I’ll get to that later (I took a lot of Lulu shots because animation was very good this week).

Heh, Nana’s voice can be really annoying at times but I liked her little opera here. Made me laugh. lol

Heh. Chara abuse again. Though it’s reasonable this time. Nana’s singing can’t last too long. =P

Ok~, someone’s missing. And no, you will pretend that you’re not thinking what I was thinking when I saw this. You’re just wondering where the hell Yaya is.

I love these speed-ups. x3 And “Zzz…” KusuKusu is so cute! x333

Aww, you have to admit, that when Tadase’s by himself like this, it’s cute. He’s a little shy but he doesn’t deny he has a long-time fascination with UFOs and aliens. I like seeing honesty like that in a guy (as a friend).
Hmm, I guess you can call this something like otoko no romance or something like that (I dunno, but I remember it from watching Sailor Moon and thought it fit). As cheesy as it sounds, I think all boys do have their own little “romance” that they wouldn’t admit unless it’s brought up. And it doesn’t have to do anything with love, just more like an interest in something particular. Ikuto’s violin playing can also be categorized as such, right? Hmm, yea…

Taken because Rima is so cute kneeling down like that! x3

So, back to Lulu again, she obviously can’t Chara-nari if she doesn’t know what she wants to be. That’s probably why Nana’s always egging her on to grab hold of one already. All Charas want to Chara-nari with their owners after all.

I take back what I said last week about filler girl (because I only said she was boring to take out some anger on Choco-tan, egh). She’s decent. Several past filler characters have been annoying but Nayuta isn’t so much. Hmm, not sure why. Probably because of her voice? Hmm, no, not really (though whoever’s her VA did a very nice job)…I dunno. I guess it’s because her feelings for her own dreams seem more genuine to me? You can tell that she really loves UFOs and seeing her get so happy just thinking about it makes me smile so I can see why Lulu was also won over by her cheerful personality. Her dream is not so much on what she wants to be but more learning and expanding her own interests. It’s kind of like when a college student suddenly realizes that he/she doesn’t want to be a lawyer and wants to pursue the things he/she does have a liking for instead…like inventing new ice cream flavors. Um, yea. ^^; That was a mouthful and off-topic. Sorry. Speaking from experience. lol

Ne~, Lulu. Why don’t you come over to the good side already? Unlike Easter, who treats everyone like crap, the good people throw parties every once in a while and you GET TO HAVE FUN…so whaddya say? Hmm?

But Lulu thinks she’s too cool for friends. Gah, her stubbornness is not cute if you overdo it in one episode, Satelight. 3 times at the most is enough. Too many for this one. Only Utau can get away with being so uber tsundere…cuz she’s Utau, the twintail queen. :3

No! *gets semi-mad* You are not going to “be just fine” like that for the night. Go back to Amu’s house like a good boy and fall asleep in a nearby tree or something, have her notice you, call you over, tease her for a bit and then make up. Jeez, you really need to learn to take care of yourself better and not take the brunt for everything (even though I love you that way). >:/

At times like this, I’m glad that Charas stick so close to their owners. If they didn’t have anyone else, that would be too sad. Especially in Ikuto’s case. He’s always so alone and no one really understands him. But having Yoru by his side, even if Yoru may be just a manifestation of his own heart and wishes that will disappear one day, really helps him through…which is why I’ll be so sad when Yoru leaves. I’ll accept it because Ikuto will finally be saved and freed but I’ll still be sad. T__T

Ack! Still too early for that! Moving on…

Amu can’t get much sleep when he’s there. But she can’t even sleep when he’s not there. Argh! Baka baka baka! Just admit you’re worried sick about him and secretly try to find him after school! D:

Y’know, haven’t we done faking a happy face before? And looked how much that didn’t work. But this is different. Last time it was because you were trying your best. This time is just plain lying to yourself that you’re not going to worry about him anymore. Highly disapproved. You know he’s sick and that Easter is after him. Sure, it might a little of his own fault for walking out but who’s the one who got angry in the first place? *sigh*

I hope this mask is just for use against the rest of the Guardians and she’ll continue to worry (even if just a little) every episode until he finally comes back again. I don’t like seeing Amu like this, even though I do understand that she can’t stay so depressed for so long.

And Ran totally agrees with me. Yea, Ran! Get mad at Amu for being dishonest, too! And sudden wake-up calls are just rude! >:/

Rimahiko~! <3
Hehe, Rima is always acting as the practical one.
But sit a little closer to Nagi, would you? Scoot scoot scoot.

Hmm, well, even if I disapprove of Amu brushing her worries off, I do like how she’s come a long way from struggling to put on a nonchalant facade to one that’s more supportive of others. At least Satelight got that down right.

Amu: Oh! I get it! So Shugo Charas are really aliens!
Charas: Nooo~! We’re not aliens! >3<

lol So mean, teasing their Charas. But it’s fine since it’s only joking around. ^^

Yay! They’re laughing together! <3

Hmm, I’m envious of Lulu and how close she is to her mom. I remember when I was like that and how I always acted so proud whenever I said that my mom was my best friend. Then stuff happened and we just fell apart. *sigh*

Huh, but SC! puts a great emphasis on parentage, huh? Makes sense. Children look to their parents a lot very early on in their life and what they see their parents do will affect their outlook as they grow up. Even though they should know that no one’s perfect but…we’ll save that for another day.

Huagh. Lulu conflicted. It’s about time. Her first appearance just showed that she was some confident bitch with no shame for what she was doing. But that’s because she was too self-absorbed. So I’m glad Nayuta showed up and exposed her to both the positive and negatives of real friendship (even if theirs didn’t last long enough to be called one). It does Lulu’s character some good to see the wrong of her actions and selfishness even if she’s intent on playing the villain’s role to get what she wants.

Which brings me to Nana again. Nana’s constantly yapping away about how Lulu should be friends with Nayuta and then quickly changes her mind and tells Lulu to use her when she senses Nayuta having doubts. The point is Nana is voicing out the troubles in Lulu’s heart when she can’t herself and I think that can support this theory I have for Shugo Charas in general. Shugo Charas are born from people’s hearts. Mostly from their wishes to improve or to become someone different than their current selves but nonetheless, from the heart. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that the Charas are more aware of their owner’s own feelings than the owners themselves. There is a vague but definitely existing connection between the Charas and emotions because of how they are born. Like how Nana can so bluntly point out Lulu’s dishonesty and how Amu’s Charas can tell that something wasn’t quite right when she woke up. They know because their owner’s emotions affect them, too.

But how does this tie in with anything?
Well, it’s stated already, isn’t it? Shugo Charas voice out their owners’ emotions. In Lulu’s case, it’s her ambiguity that causes Nana to jump back and forth. Lulu, up the point when she’s met Nayuta, fits the description of “competitiveness” (it’s quoted because I don’t know how else to word it) that Utau gave Amu in her taunting peptalk back in episode 29. She’s the type that won’t hesitate to step on others to get to her goal and certainly not the kind of girl to play nice and get shoved back. But that’s where the similarities (namely the determination) between her and Utau end (very abruptly, I might add).
In ep 64, I really thought that Lulu was going to pull an Utau when she said “I’ll definitely get the Embryo!” with such a brooding look. I’m kind of relieved that it didn’t happen because one, Utau did it better. So why do we have to make Lulu do the same thing? It’s pointless and redundant. Second, though it isn’t original, Lulu’s well on her way to surpassing Amu in being the current most ambiguous character for the series (if she hasn’t already). I have mixed feelings about this but they’re mostly good. For one thing, it shows more of Lulu’s good side and/or growing conscious. For another, it shows that Lulu just can’t live up to the role as a good “villain” character because unlike Utau, whose resolve was like diamond steel, Lulu doesn’t give in her all as much. She’s more like thin material flimsily taped or loosely tied to a pole, ready to be almost blown away if there’s enough of a strong wind. It just didn’t happen yet. Someone’s always tying her down just a little more securely with every episode she appears. But it’s going to happen and I think I can confidently say soon, too, since she is so flimsy so it would be quick and easy to bring her to the good side. And then, yay! No more people complaining about Lulu going away!

…Argh, I’m so confused now. @.@; Sorry if I made anyone else’s head spin on my rant here. If you actually understood any of it and have more to add or discuss, please do so. I’m always looking for more expansion and deeper analysis on Lulu’s character.

Chibi Amu w/mini UFO in the back! xDDD

Huh, is it just me or are the weird Chara-naris getting better even though the anime is flop right now?

Heh heh, and just as a I thought. The more pure or timid a filler character is, the more evil he/she becomes. I don’t think we’ve seen a full-throttle attack against Amu (that managed to hit her) for a while. It’s kinda…nice to see some real one-on-one combat again.

Ok, this was just awkward. Amu’s randomly talked to herself about how unforgivable Easter is before but I get the feeling that this was more or less shoved in because Lulu was hiding somewhere near by and needed to hear it to get the point of her beginning to hesitate across (whoa, run-on…). It’s…not good. It’s so sloppy. Couldn’t you have done this better, Satelight? You’re capable of doing so. Why’d you have to dumb it down? For the little kiddies to understand? Pish. :/

Ok, no complaints here. Heart Speeder was necessary. It would’ve been better if they didn’t use Amulet Heart so many times in the previous episodes, though. It just took more of my appreciation for her away every time they do that (but I still love her~ :3).

Holy shit! Amulet Spade! *runs and glomps her* xDDDDD
I missed her. And seeing Prism Music again was very nice. Now if only they could do the same for Amulet Clover soon as well. =3=

Ah, this speech is more like it. The one before was just unnecessary and could’ve been saved for another time.

Anyways, I’m glad to see that not only has Amu improved as a character but her awesome mahou shoujo heroine pep talks have as well. hehe xD

Aww, she looks cute. Glad she got back to her normal self just fine. The good fillers deserve the good endings. ^^

You know, Lulu, if you would just sit down and talk with your mom over tea and cookies, I’m sure she’ll understand your feelings and that you’ll come to understand her own. It’s more meaningful and there would be no need to tiredly search for the Embryo every single day. *sigh* Doesn’t this kid know how to take the right short cuts when it’s right under her nose? -_-;

So…whoa, long review there. For a filler, too. Did I break my current record? lol xD;


I don’t want to post it…I really don’t…but here:

Amu’s Chara-naris on Saaya look absolutely horrendous and I’m going to try my best to avoid screencapping her in them next week as much as I can (yay, less stress for me).
Ugh, seeing that also threw any sympathy I had for her out the window. She doesn’t even seem sad at the thought of leaving (as if she’s going away to get married to some foreign, rich prince, feh…I hope it’s an old, perverted man instead =P). So yep, I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Her comic relief role is flat-out over and she needs to take a hike. Lulu is the new and better Oujo-sama so just go, Saaya. NOW.

Other than that, thanks for reading and…hopefully, next week might not be so bad. ^^;


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  1. Kyaaaa~ We should ALL know where Ikuto’s een, DEATH REBEL~. Ahhh…I don’t know though I hate and like Tadase. So what’s Saaya gonna do next week~? ((hopefully leave))

  2. I could not stop smiling at the beginning of this episode!!!! : D That dream sequence was fan-tabulous!!!

    And I agree, the filler characters have been getting better! I actually really, really liked this transformation; it fit perfectly with Nayuta’s dream.

  3. thanks for the summary! even though the preview doesn’t show any Ikuto in the next ep, i certainly hope he’ll be in the next ep! maybe after the next ep, Ikuto will come back to Amu’s room. tehee:)

  4. Best random fantasy ever at the start.

    Lulu is getting development i.e. being conflicted which is good. I like her a lot more now because of this episode.

    Amu being worried is cute, but Amu lying to herself is not cute.

    Ikuto. ;_; It’s good that he has Yoru or else it would just be too sad.

  5. OMG! You actually did as many screencaps of the dream as I did! I totally expected even one less…

    Oh wait. You didn’t cap the curtains. Muahaha. I win. (No, it’s still not a competition, but still…if it was I’d win.)

    And omg he is wearing the same shirt as in the manga! I didn’t notice at all because it just felt so right.

    You actually shocked me with all of the random screencaps you took that I thought were random when I took them. Or things I contemplated about grabbing, but didn’t (like the speed up with the charas). This of course means that you are one of the smartest people in the world! Like me. Ahahahaha~

    Really good Lulu analyzing there by the way. They certainly gave us a lot to think about in regards to Lulu this week (finally).

    And I do think that your broke your current record with that little rant on Lulu. I was so surprised when I opened up the page and saw so much text.

    And you didn’t think you’d enjoy being a blogger and stuff~ So silly.

  6. Christine Daae: Still too early for Death Rebel to appear.
    And you hate and like Tadase…so how does that work?
    But same here on Saaya leaving.


    kelakagandy: I know, right~?! <333

    Yes, I’m so glad that they’re finally getting better at the filler stuff. A lot of it’s still annoying but they should at least make it less annoying, y’know? Ugh, but it seems we’ve fallen down hill back to square one again with Saaya’s episode next week. She doesn’t even deserve one. -_-;


    xoxShugoCharaLuvrxox: You’re welcome! ^^
    I hope he’ll come back soon, too. I don’t know if it will be next episode or not but just soon.


    warrior: *nodnodnod*


    Fuyu-san: xD You’re such an Utau at blogging. Lol

    Argh! We need the dream to happen for real now! It would feel more right if he was actually there instead of being sick outside. *sniff* :’(

    Yep, I leave no detail unturned! *joins you in your laughing* xD;

    Heh, I don’t even think the producers intended for her character to have this much depth I uncovered (which just means I’m more awesome than they are, YEA *says it so manly* lol)

    I think the page would be shorter if the column was wider. o.O

    Hey! It’s hard work! …But I do enjoy being a blogger. And being silly. Hehe ^^

  7. Gah, I’m sooo sorry this is late! xD Not feeling well, so haven’t done much besides play that SC DS game all week. Thanks so much for that, btw! ;P

    Wow! Your analysis on Lulu was great! I was thinking that too, with the charas knowing their owners feelings before they know it themselves, which shows that Amu’s charas know she likes Ikuto even before she realizes it.

    OMFG. The dream still managed to make me go into a near-Amuto-related fangirl-heart attack. It’s just so epic. And he’s wearing his manga clothes… *__*

    Ikuuto. ;.; I hate seeing him out there sick, too. He needs to go back to Amu’s room NAO. And Amu needs to stop pretending to be so cheerful and get out and LOOK for him already.

    OH GOD SAAYA.. I can’t even look at her anymore. Those chara-nari’s are so horrific and I’m going to try and avoid blogging them next week, too. Though I probably will… just to rant about it. XD

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