(not so) MASSIVE! First Impressions Pt. 2

Yes, this is finally up. Sorry for the delay. Been occupied with some stuff and I start school again tomorrow so I really don’t know how much more busy things can get. @.@; Ack, and I lost internet connection halfway through writing this but thank god I copied and saved before I lost everything.

Like I said in Pt. 1, I’ll just give a brief paragraph of my thoughts (or something like it, my long rants and all) for each series I’ve decided to try and a conclusion to what I will/might be blogging after rambling about them. Pretend I sound extremely ecstatic. xP

Hmm, still going to do it in the order of which ones I watched first so here goes:

Asu no Yoichi!

Not so bad, as opposed to the first fail of the year. Feh.
It’s pretty typical stuff for a harem anime. ‘Cept Yoichi is a much better male lead. An amateur pervert slash total metropolitan noob who can unfail himself from time to time. Ok, decent. xD

I was very surprised when I found out who his voice actor was and just loled shortly after. Nobuhiko Okamoto. For those who follow my posts regularly, you’ll get what I mean when you scroll down the list. If not…


…keep looking. :)

As for the sisters, I like Ibuki the most but am not expecting to have any favorites in particular. Watching this just for laughs and the seiyuus after all. Don’t care enough for anything else to really get attached to this show. Maybe if there were less boobage and panty flashing. And stripping in the OP was totally NOT necessary…but they did it anyway. *sigh* Whatever.

Though I have to admit, something that completely annoyed half the hell out of me when it shouldn’t (since I don’t care) was Chihaya’s character design. I know that these details shouldn’t really matter much because this is…well, anime. But she’s just plain weird compared to all her other sisters and I put full blame on the color and style of her hair. The first time I saw her, I thought she looked like a bug. After finally watching it, I still think so…only she’s been updated to ahoge otaku (I’m assuming) mantis. I’m not so bothered by the way she talks or her other qualities. But the hair…the hair…just say they’re all adopted and I’ll let it go. -_-;

*sigh* Well, I watched ep. 2 already and yay! Yui Makino’s character appeared. Pink-haired loli Tsubasa. Huh, her apperance in the OP reminded me a lot of Chobits when her eyes went blank. o.O
Oh, and meg rock is a good singer but the song’s still growing on me. I think I like the ED better than the OP but I’m still pretty much meh to everything as of now.

…Yea, that’s all I really have to say. Watching, but not blogging.
I’m looking forward hearing Sayuri Yahagi’s character, though. Kaaah, I love seiyuus. They make fail shows worth watching at least once. x3

Genji Monogatari Sennenki

…*shudder* Ohhh~, yes, I’m very well aware that the art just makes you want to shut your comp down and stay away from it for a few hours. But all in all, it’s really not that bad. The story, at least.

I’ve never read the actual translation of “The Tale of Genji” yet but I plan to after I finish watching this. And it’s pretty safe to say that the plot won’t stray much from the original. There’s no reason to.

Well, anyways, the narrating is done by one (but most notable) of Genji’s many women, Murasaki no Ue, who is voiced by Aya Endo. Murasaki is also the name of the (still debated) author of “The Tale of Genji”. Hmm, I’m wondering if they’ll put that part in about her “writing the tale” but since she’s already narrating the story, there doesn’t seem to be a need to. It’d be interesting if it did happen though. :/

…oh right, here’s a screencap of when he was just 9 years old.

…I think I was fooled twice. Thought he was a girl because of the hair (I didn’t notice the clothes he was wearing were for boys) and then vaguely thought he was a trap. o.O;

But what does it really matter? He goes and does a frenchy with his 5-years-his-senior stepmother…

…to come back and secretly sleep with her twenty something years down the road and just smirk at it as if it was the most natural thing to do. Oh yeah, bravo, Prince Pedo. Women meant to be your mother are no obstacle. Incest, blood-related or not, is a breeze. The Casanova award of your era clearly belongs to you. =P

Yea…I won’t rage about him like I thought I would but just keep giving sarcastic comments to show my disapproval at his behavior, that’s all. *shrug*

Him aside, there’s a very “poetic” feel about the whole setting itself. Well, most of the stuff in the first episode took place in the Imperial Palace so you’d expect some poetry in there but the seasons play an important part as well. That, and nature as a whole (the falling cherry blossoms, the snow, etc.) is addressed both orally and visually (more so) quite a bit. And then there’s the nice, fleeting image of a noble lady’s kimono swishing from here to there every once in a while. Hngh, talk about foreshadowing clandestine events. It’s always the clothes that give it away. =P

The music is also quite lovely even though I can’t remember it well enough yet. I heard some piano in there and just fell in love with it. *can fall in love with any piano piece* <3

Hmm, yep, so I’ll keep watching this solely for the story. Haha, and to hear Takahiro Sakurai voicing in a playboy role is amusing. xD;



I don’t care about it’s actual title. Even using just its initials takes too long to remember and spell out. -_-; Stupid KyoAni. They just love to mess with every little thing.

But I forgive them. Cuz this is an awesome piece of work so far. x3

Ah, there’s really not much I have to say. Even all the small thoughts that escaped me seemed to have been brought out so clearly by Fuyu-san’s own impressions post so go read it to get my point on why Munto is so awesome so far. ^^

Hmm, what else?
…ack, I can’t organize my thoughts so I guess I’ll rewatch ep 1 as I continue.
The beginning was just…cool (oh shut up, this will sound less lame as it goes on xD;). It grabbed my attention faster than any advertisement for something I anticipated did. I think. But the point is, it was just BAM! like something out of a movie. And something that catches my interests like that can guarantee I will watch it. At least a good few starting minutes of it, I would.

And ah, the opening. Eufonius. Simply love it. The song, the animation sequence, everything. ^^

Then there’s Yumemi…I like her. I have yet to love her as a heroine but I like her so far. She looks pretty innocentbut she isn’t due to her insecurities of being able to see islands in the sky when no one else can. And I guess this affected her a lot as she was growing up, looking at her rather…not troubled, but always seemingly preoccupied behavior.
But it’s not like she’s over ashamed of this “sight” she has as she does share it with her friends and they don’t shun her away when she mentions it but say it’s okay and give her their support. So yay. No wrist-slicing, at least, for thinking there might be something wrong with you (my god, you don’t know how much that relieves me o.O;).
Hmm, that’s a nice start for a normal girl about to be thrown into a whirlwind of an other-dimension war. Poor kid. It’s going to be tough for her. T___T

Hmmhmm, and I knew instantly off the bat that I heard her voice somewhere not too long ago. Mai Aizawa. She voiced for Rie Nishina in CLANNAD. Such a sweet, timid voice she has. <3

And this guy…

YUGIOH! *shot* xDDD;;;

I did say red was was one of my most favorite colors, right? I think that’s partially the reason why I love red-haired characters so much. It’s weird but I just do. I can never hate or dislike them…cuz I love redheads (pinkettes included, if they’re not bratty)…oh, and his hair is spiky, too. YEA! Defy gravity! xD;

Erhem, anyway. Munto is awesome. He’s a proud king who takes his responsibility as one very seriously. But then he also seems to have a pretty hot temper (of course, he’s a redhead~, lol) and the way he addresses himself as “Ore-sama” just makes me laugh. xD Ah, yea, I’m going to have a fun time poking fun at him. It’s just calling for me to do it.

Heh~, and I find it a little ironic that Daisuke Ono is voicing him. Absolutely nothing wrong with that (in fact, it couldn’t be more fitting) but it’s just because the blue guy in the OP looked so much like Itsuki and…yea, I’m a dork. I have no life but to find and compare this and that together. Oi. xD;

I’m liking most of the important Heavenly folk so far as well. Gass is just whoa (Kuro-sama voice! xDD) and looks so djinn with his fine muscles and kickass throw-of-the-arm bomb power. Leica is goat-girl Cornelia. Ryuely reminds me of RG Veda and Toche is just cute.

Enough about the ones I like, though! Time to talk about the bad guys. A bunch of wrinkly old jijis sitting around a table, acting like big-shots with ALL this authority they have over their fearsome army. WoooOOoooo~ xP
Heh, I find this funny actually so I don’t really hate them. Only dislike. Why do so many people like making the bad guys old, wrinkly, label them the “Elders” and always have them sitting a few thousand miles away from the battleground in some high-ass ceiling room, watching their pawns get killed for their own benefit? |D It’s so cliché I can’t even bring myself to volt against it. Just laugh. Hahahaha! Ok, done.

And Admiral Gntarl…I can’t bring myself to hate him either. Why? Norio Wakamoto. That’s why. Man, I love his sinister villain voice. It sounds like the original pure cynical evil in my childhood good vs. bad movies but just so much better even if his character might not be that case. Hmm, yea.
And Gntarl himself keeps the story interesting. He may be an underling to the Elders now but he can always turn the tables since he’s the one with the most manipulation of power (foolish old men). I can’t hate someone like that, even if they do something bad. I like things/people that keep me interested. Hehe x3

As for Yumemi’s friends, eh, they’re alright. Tomboy Ichiko is the responsible older sister type who can’t help but worry for her friends, despite complaining often about it. And three words for Suzume: LOLI DOWN SYNDROME. D|

…I threw a tiny hissy fit when I found out that loli here had such a good-looking (significantly older) boyfriend whom she was going to “marry” the next day. It was on Twitter but I just blew and screamed “I WANT MAIN LOVE TRIANGLE MUNTOxYUMEMIxKAZUYA!”…then forgot about it. I’m not expecting much romance from this fantasy series. Maybe some platonic love between Munto and Yumemi and I’ll be satisfied. Though Kazuya’s back story is still nagging me.

…god, did I mention I fall hard for the guys with deep blue eyes, too? xDDD;;; I wonder how many people would believe me that I’ve always loved guys with deep blue eyes before I got into SC! (I’m not lying!). lol

*cough* Eh, just heard Kazuya’s voice in the second ep a while ago and I’m kind of glad he sounds normal instead of hot, cool and/or sexy like I thought he would. I can let him go more easily if it’s like that. Shaddup, I’m not shallow. ^^;
But his past with Suzume does not impress me at all. Yes, I already read spoilers and I don’t care how much KyoAni can make it heart-felt or whatever. These angsty emo pasts have been done many times before and it’s just not one of KyoAni’s best highlights in a series when they produce it by themselves well, that explains the Key adaptations *slapped*. Case closed. Let’s go back to the war.

The Akuto crisis…ok, typical thing to fight over. Resource. Is this some kind of green economy message or what?

Music-wise, the score is lovely. Still too early to decide if I truly will love it or not but I think I will. The foreboding melodies fit very well for this fantasy series and I can’t wait to hear more. ^^
And waaahhh~, the ED makes me all fuzzy and warm and little bit sad when I hear it. <3 I want the songs now.

…Did I forget anything? …Oh yea, animation was nice. Lame way to end, I know. But it’s KyoAni so it has to be nice. =P

Wow, I didn’t think I would have so much to say about Munto. I’m still teeter-tottering the choices of whether I should blog it or not if that’s really the case. Usually, I wouldn’t have this much to say about a fantasy series. For one thing, there’s too many terms to remember. For another, the dialogue goes by so fast I have to constantly rewind and watch everything again in order to understand. Oi…
And it’s something I just like to sit and enjoy watching. Not actually go into full discussion about. Hmm, but I might make an exception this time. Depends on the second ep so I’ll wait for the subs before making my final decision. If not, it’ll definitely go into Mid-way Musings along with all the other shows I might’ve not dropped yet.

Ugh, yea…I’m tired and I’ll edit this later. Gotta sleep. School in the morning. Nuu~! My freedom! ;____;
K, thanks for reading. Laterz.


3 thoughts on “(not so) MASSIVE! First Impressions Pt. 2

  1. Genji looks interesting. I might marathon it during spring break.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said about Munto.

    The Heavenly folks people are cool. Except for the old geezers, but since most fantasy series have uptight old people it works.

    I don’t really care about the Kazuya thing. Things like that happen all the time in real life, two people who don’t look like they belong together being in a relationship.

    *Agrees with you about boys with deep blue eyes*

    Yeah, that’s the big thing that would be hard for Munto Blogging.

  2. I want that image at the top of your post. I want to find it in super high resolution and I want to do…something with it (wallpaper?).

    For Asu No Yoichi…I already like Tsubasa (because she’s voiced by Yui Makino) and I’m ecstatic because I thought she’d just be a random villain to show up, but it seems that she’s a transfer student so I’ll get to hear a lot of Makino-san~ And I’m so glad I keep getting characters for Yui Makino that have good character designs too. *fulfilled* And of course, Sayuri Yahagi too! *even more fulfilled*

    But Asu no Yoichi is only good enough to justify watching it for the seiyuu. Though I still think I’d enjoy it no matter what (and I still don’t know why…)

    …I was considering watching Genji if too many series I wanted to check out ended up being failures. Only one did so I’m staying away…I thought I might be tempted after reading your post, but anything good in it isn’t enough to make me watch it. That art freaks me out.

    As for Munto (no more using the long name for me) I don’t really have much to say at this point. It’s so hard for me to think up things to say about that series except, “I love everything~!” and that I pretty much agree with you 100% on everything. (And thank you for making me laugh with some of your comments)

    Also…I agree with you on guys with blue eyes. *swoon* (yes, I swoon for guys with blue eyes) But they can’t just have blue eyes. They have to have dark hair and blue eyes. Blonde hair and blue eyes on guys is just…fail! It sucks! They look too girly somehow…to me. You need the contrast between blue and dark so that you can feel all stricken dokidoki or whatever your fangirl reaction of choice is. Also they should have long bangs so it gets in the way of their eyes. (Ahahahaha~ Too into it) And Kazuya fit all of the blue eye requirements so he is already added onto my favorite list. He could turn out to be a loser, but he’s still on the list. (Agh, got carried away. Move on already!)

    Anyway, blog Munto. Do it! Do it for all of us who can’t think of blogging things to say! I want the chance to spam your entries with long comments.

  3. warrior: Same here on Kazuya. I’ve pretty much gotten over it as of ep 2. He’s just another troubled teen who got saved and fell in love with a little girl. *shrug*


    Fuyu-san: Ah, me, too. I tried to find a better resolution but since I was in a rush, just used that one cuz I didn’t have to resize it. Agh, but it would make such an awesome banner or wallpaper. I just need more…sky in it. Heh. X3

    Yes~! Yui Makino and Sayuri Yahagi are finally getting more roles. *so happy* Now we just need more for Kanae-san. :/

    And I think it’s because AnY is capable of getting us to laugh that it can stay enjoyable. For me, it is anyway.

    Haha, I totally understand about Genji. I’m surprised I didn’t run away as fast as I could when I saw the art. I wonder what’s keeping me. o.O;

    Swoon and melt for guys with blue eyes. xDDD
    And I agree! Dark hair to match-contrast and bangs long enough to make them look so drop-dead gorgeous! 8DDD Though I can vaguely recall that there use to be blonde guys with blue eyes who looked pretty hot, too. I can’t name any but I know there use to be some. :/ They seem to have gone extinct somehow. Agh! Why? Why are all the good ones dying out?! ;__;

    Lol I’m such a dork. I put all my favorite blue-eyed guys into sub categories. The top most favorite is the dark, tall, and handsome (wait, aren’t these criteria requirements, too? xD;) with a gloomy past but occasional shy personality around his girl type (lol, long name). I think Kazuya would fall into the box labeled as “he looks hot…and that’s just it”. xDD;;

    Ok, ok, I’ll blog it. I’ll try to make a post on tonight after I get some other stuff done.
    Huh, for some reason, every time you tell me to do something when I’m not sure of whether I should do it or not, I actually do it. Weird. Haha ^^;

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