Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 66

*yawn* I’m tired. Been up till 2:30 in the morning trying to finish a fanfic (15 pages for chapter 1!). Then I had piano class so expect SC! posts to be come up around this time. And yay! The torrent came out early! ^^

Hmm, I really don’t want to do this but since I forgot to put my thoughts in last week, I might as well just do it now.

New OP: Shugo! Shugo!

…What are you all talking about? What new OP? I see no new OP. *in complete denial* xD;
But if I must acknowledge it…it makes me cringe. Sure it might be hilarious to think of them… “dancing” like that but I never wanted to actually see it or anything. -_-;
And it doesn’t help that the song isn’t that great either. “Minna no Tamago” was cute and grew on me very quickly but this one just makes it sound like they’re reading off these half-assed lyrics instead of singing. The “Hey! Hey! Hey!” was annoying and the “Hop! Step! Jump!” just felt like it was shoved in there because they forgot to put it in “Minna no Tamago.” *sigh*
Worst part is…it doesn’t even make me laugh at its ridiculousness and I can laugh at almost anything. If I don’t laugh, it equals fail. But that’s kind of a little harsh, so I’ll just think of something that can make it funny to think about. *thinks for a moment* Ah! I know now. Just sing “Hokey Pokey” to yourself and you’ll be banging your head against your desk in no time.

♪ Ya put your right hand in! Ya put your right out! Ya put your right hand in and ya shake it all about- *SHOTSHOTSHOT!* |D;

Yea~, I think I’ll just stick with “Minna Daisuki” until the new one comes out. ♪ Kimi to issho ni hora! Hop! Step! Jump! ♪ *giggle* o(≧ω≦)o


Amu and the Charas are having a hard time trying to wake Ikuto up but Yoru says it’s because he’s not feeling well that he can’t bring himself to get up. Amu tells him not to leave the room while she’s at school.

During the Guardians’ meeting, Amu is spacing out and everyone’s staring at her and wondering why. She inwardly freaks out that she can’t tell them (or at least not Tadase) that Ikuto is staying in her room and just asks what they were talking about. Nagi says that lately, there have been sights of someone with cat ears and tail going about and Amu wonders if it’s Ikuto but says it’s not possible since just he was in her room since just yesterday. Tadase then brings up that the person is a girl, which relieves her, but she immediately goes stiff when Kiseki mentions that Ikuto also had cat ears and a tail when he Chara-changed. Tadase wonders if this has anything to do with Easter (you guys take things way too seriously when you’re not suppose to) and tells the Guardians to be careful.

After school as the group is walking home, Kiseki suspects that Amu’s Charas are hiding something which they deny. Amu’s running thoughts through her head on how her Mama was at work and since no one’s at home, it should be safe but can’t get over the fact that even at school, she constantly worries about Ikuto. Yaya was about to say something when they hear someone exclaim something nearby and go to check it out. It’s a girl dressed in a magical girl costume w/cat ears and a tail and she prepares to scold the little boys on the playground for picking on this other kid but they tell her no one was being to anyone at all and they were just asking if he was alright (about something). The kid then starts crying because he finds her scary and they leave. She yells at them to wait but ends up tripping on her own tail. The Guardians confirm that she’s no threat and say goodbye to Amu as she heads another way back home.
Amu, however, doesn’t go home just yet and goes back to see the cosplay girl. Her Charas remark on how she can’t leave other people in trouble alone (loosely interpreted here) and that’s pretty much why she allowed Ikuto to stay. Suu said that’s a good quality of her.

The cosplay girl introduces herself as Chiyoko Nakayama (I think, don’t really care) and tells Amu to call her by a nickname I won’t bother trying to spell out. Cosplay girl says her parents are huge anime fans (or involved with the anime industry? I’m really not sure here) and that’s how she was introduced to her first magical girl heroine who also had the same nickname as she does. Basically, she’s just another otaku. Amu asks why she was dressed like that and cosplay girl says she wants to be just like the magical girl Catsuya (?) on TV, dojikko yet righteous and yada yada.

As she continues to ramble about her henshin disability (oh shut up already) to Amu, Nana appears and spies at them from behind a corner. Lulu says that she will be the next target.

Back at home, Ikuto wakes up and says he’s hungry so Yoru goes downstairs to find something for them to eat since no one was there anyway. Ikuto tells him not to make too much noise or mess things up. When Yoru arrives at the kitchen, he spots a basket full of yarn and is tempted to just play with it. After waiting for a while, Ikuto goes downstairs to find Yoru tangled up in yarn and mess everywhere.

Amu’s walking home with a bag full of taiyaki she bought for them only to discover that Ikuto was also covered in yarn trying to untangle Yoru. She gets extremely pissed off and asks what the hell they were doing and what they were doing outside when she specifically told them not to leave her room.

Back in her room, she tells the Charas to pass the taiyaki to Ikuto but when it gets to him, all the taiyaki have been taken. Ran says she could’ve just simply passed it Ikuto herself but Amu goes tsuntsun and says “Why should I? I’ve already worried enough about him at school?” (something like that) and he remarks that she has been thinking about him. He questions out loud if she likes him and she calls him an idiot, saying that she couldn’t tell Tadase that he was staying there but feels bad because it seems as if she’s lying to him and says it feels like a burden. Ikuto tells her if she really doesn’t want him there, then to just say so. And she retorts something that I didn’t understand so sorry about that.

Later, Ami’s watching and imitating the magical cat girl on TV. Amu wonders if she’s been too harsh about what she said to Ikuto before but instantly takes it back when she goes to sleep that night.
Next morning, Amu couldn’t get any sleep again and blames it on Ikuto though she left him and Yoru a plate of riceballs next to her pillow with a message.

After school, cosplay girl is walking home but spots a man painting images on a wall and decides that it must be a bad thing so she “transforms” and gets ready to make her grand appearance. At Seiyo Academy, Yaya suggests they all go out to eat crepes but Amu is more worried about getting home as soon as possible. A group of boys pass by them, mentioning that the person with the cat ears was nearby, and Amu goes off to check by herself since Ran thinks it might be Ikuto instead.

The Easter employee is just standing around, wondering where Ikuto could possibly be and follows the group of boys when he hears them mention about cat ears but is let down when he finds out it’s just cosplay girl causing trouble for an artist who was being filmed for his work. Cosplay girl runs away when she realizes what she’s done and mopes in another part of the park. Amu runs off to find her, Lulu gets to her first and does her mahou jewelry thing, and cosplay girl Nazo-chara changes into something with a too-friggin’-long name.

Cosplay girl causes a mess of things and even transforms a toy into a Godzilla. Amu tries to tell her to stop and is saved from being hit by big-ass lizard in time by the other Guardians. They transform, battle, throw some lecture at cosplay girl and how much of nuisance she was, Open Heart, Otsukaresama deshita~!

Cosplay girl wakes up to find a bunch of kids staring at her and they call her cool because she’s just like the Catsuya on TV.

As Amu’s walking home, she reflects on saving cosplay girl and how she didn’t realize that even though it was a little tough to bear with him, Ikuto really didn’t have any place to go and came to her place instead. She regrets saying such mean things and decides to go buy some crepes for him but when she comes back to her room, he’s gone.


Was satisfied that I got some Amuto moments. Everything else was just meh.
Now let’s discuss. I didn’t take 47 screencaps for nuttin’.

“Don’t open the door for any strangers, alright?”

Nyahaha~, Amu will make a great mom one day. x3

I want to pinch her cheeks! x3333

And aww~…you’ll be doing that everyday for the rest of your life, Amu! *giggle*

Whut? Cat ears are being stereotyped now? D/

…so old school. You need to catch up on your mahou shoujo, hun.
And oh yea…exactly how old are you?! Dx If you obsess over something, it’s okay but don’t let it get out of hand and start pushing your nose into other people’s business over something stupid and childish. Grow up, you stupid girl. Ugh.



Ohayo~, Ikuto~! <3

Oh, poor Ikuto. He can’t even have a peaceful sleep. He always wakes up with sweat on his face. Damn Easter bastards! >:(

See~. Ikuto’s a good, polite guest. Telling Yoru to be mindful that this isn’t their house.

Aww~! Ok, I want to make a scrapbook for Ikuto, too. Yawning Ikkun is so cute~! x333

LOL I forever love the person who left that basket of yarn balls in such a convenient place where Yoru can’t miss it.
And it’s not so deceiving. They were so expecting him to take it like bait. xDDD

Oh crap, we’re so screwed.


I honestly thought that was a doggy bag when I first saw it. o.O;

Oho~, busted! xDDD

Haha, I wonder why did he Chara-change, though. Unless he got caught in playing with the yarn, too. Darn, I wanted Amu to catch him doing that but that will never happen. ^^;

Ok, I might change my mind but for now, I’m still going to use it.
I should go make a siggy for this, too~! <333

Now just imagine that they’re a few years older, the Charas aren’t there, and it’s either one of their apartments that they’re sitting in…and the fact that they just argued over something really silly. hehehe~! xDDD

Honestly, Amu! How can you treat your guests like that especially when they practically starved the whole day? Even Lulu is a better host than you are and she handled more than like twenty people.

…oh c’mon, I’m just joking around. xD;

Haha, the usual teasing. But I’m pretty sure he was secretly serious about it – asking her if this could possibly mean that she liked him. Too bad Amu had to be in one of her bad tempers when it happened.

And I’ll take the time to say it now. For all the people who are pissed because they believe that Tadase indirectly ruined another Amuto moment, then go shove yourself into a trashcan and be the worthless garbage that you are. Yes, Amu was wrong to get so angry at Ikuto but what she said was true. She is lying to Tadase (along with the rest of the Guardians) about keeping him at her place when they both know that he shouldn’t even be there. It doesn’t matter if this is according to the manga or not. Amu knows that she shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing and Ikuto knows that he should not impose on her.
And whether or not you see it as romantic or friendship, Amu values Tadase’s trust a lot. What the hell is freakin’ wrong with that? Is it wrong to feel bad thinking that you’re keeping secrets from someone close to you?


As for Amu, it’s how she usually is around Ikuto when he’s just messing around with her and rarely taking her seriously, so I can forgive her for saying such cruel things to him even though she knows he’s in need. You can’t blame Amu for being blinded by rage (she can’t control it that well yet cuz she’s still only 12/13) and partial fault does go to Ikuto, too. Not so much in this case since he quickly backed down a little after she said it was a trouble to her but these are also consequences for his teasing behavior. I’m not saying he’s wrong or anything. It’s just that he needs to know when and where’s the appropriate time for his teasing. Again, this does not pertain to only this episode but just in general.

lol Ami. <3

See, this is why I love Amu so much. She knows what she did wrong and what she has to do to apologize for it.

She just needs more time to let it stick in her head and be less stubborn about her grudges. ^^;

YES~! Something healthy for him to eat!
Though rice is high in calories, too, isn’t it? =w=;

I wonder what the message says. Gotta look at the sub later.


I swear, Satelight is trying to kill me with all these kitty images of Ikuto.
Amu, go back home and take care of your stray kitty! And take that box with you, as well! xD;

Ugh. Annoying.
There are people out there that are seriously born this dumb? =_=;

Well, this Chara-nari doesn’t look so bad. Of course, it had to bad in some other way and that just took form in the ridiculous name it came with.

Nagi and his briefcase look so out of place. Pfft. ^^;

No. Nononononononononononono. How many times do we have to say it? Stop using Amulet Heart and pay attention to her other Charas already! *sigh*

(agh, and animation this week was very inconsistent)

Well, I can’t forgive them this time for using Amulet Heart again but I like the speech Amu gave. It’s her talking and she’s not just making up pretty words as she goes along either. It’s real. Amu > all other magical girl heroines. Period.

Well, at least someone’s finally taking action about the Embryo.
And Lulu’s face was just too funny in this shot. xD;

Ah, see! She really regrets all the mean things she said to Ikuto and it affects her really deeply, too. Admit it already, Amu. Ikuto isn’t your enemy. Ikuto’s important to you. And just carry on smoothly on that path to being a couple. hehe! xD

Though it would make me feel better if you stopped bringing home so much junk food. T___T

Hmm, how typical of Ikuto to leave while she wasn’t there and didn’t even bother leaving a message, either. But it’s okay even though it’s a little sad. He’ll be back. He has to be back for certain things to happen so in the meantime, I hope he’s holding okay wherever he is. *worried now* …I hope he changes clothes, too. I want to see him wear the clothes he had in the manga. >3<

Maybe he’ll be back by next week’s episode…hopefully.

As for Amu, I think this mild shock of finding him gone does her some good. She’s beginning to realize that she might lose him. It’s not so clear to her yet but she’s getting there. Yay for development! ;D


I refuse to put any screencaps of UFO girl cuz she looks boring.

But I will put some of these:

Girls always eat junk food when they almost-not-yet-broke up with their boyfriends depressed. Amu, get your lil’ ass off that couch and go find your man already! It’s cold out there!

Btw, does anyone find it strange that the snow is all gone? o.O;

Lulu, come over to the good side, please. You look so much prettier when you smile like that.

Lawl~ At least this will be funny. :D

Hmm, yep, that’s all.
I’ll get back to reading and commenting everything else later.


5 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 66

  1. “If you obsess over something, it’s okay but don’t let it get out of hand and start pushing your nose into other people’s business over something stupid and childish.”


    Amu will make a good mommy. But that’s already been confirmed with how she takes care of Ami and others.

    Total agreement about the Amu-Tadase thing. He’s her friend if nothing else, so it makes sense she want to keep his trust. Fangirls who think otherwise need to take a chill pill.

    Kitty in a box. ^__^ Amu needs to go pick him up now.

    It was something like “eat these if your hungrey”

    He will be back. There’s no way Satelight would just get rid of him without doing chaper 28, 29 and 30.

  2. You are so right. That opening does not exist (though I do like it a little bit after all of the stupid dancing is over…I’ve been skipping past the dancing to watch it sometimes).

    Hahaha…mentioning Amu as a mom gets me day-dreaming again. What will be the future child-raising methods of the Tsukiyomi family (ah~ Tsukiyomi~ *mad giggling*

    …Now I can’t help but imagine Choco-tan (the original) doing the NyanNayn dance and going, “kira~” Or perhaps really imagining Ranka in cat ears (I like that better).

    You can have those images for your valentine’s banner, I already made mine (and oh~ It’s cute~)

    People complaining about Tadase ruining amuto moments need to stfu. I mean, I’d love Amuto raburabu to go on and on forever sometimes too, but then we’d all get spoiled and eventually bored. And this time it was even Tadase, it was just Amu being grumpy. You can’t get mad at her either because she had a right to be grumpy (she’s had no sleep! Poor girl). It’s not Tadase’s fault, it’s not Amu’s, and it’s not Ikuto’s. Every one was just being themselves.

    That’s why we need to get some of the immature fans out! They try to see everything in black&white so they have someone to hate and blame for everything bad.

    And yes~ The clothes from the manga~ He can steal them if he has too (because he can’t go home and I doubt he has money) but I just want him in those clothes!

    And of course, to say what everyone else in the world is saying: Stray kitty Ikuto in a box and Ikuto yawning are the best~

  3. warrior: ^^

    I can’t wait to see it actually happen, though! …Oh wait, I take that back. I can wait cuz I still and always will love Amu as a blushing, awkward girl. Hehe ^^

    And fanbrats need to be spanked.

    I just hope he doesn’t get worst before he comes back. It’s so cold out there and I can’t help but worry for his health. T___T


    Phantompaw101: Agrees~ <3


    Fuyu-san: I put it on mute and watch the clock for two minutes before I go back to the screen. That’s how “NGH!” I am about the new OP. xD;

    It shall be a lively household…with cute little Amuto children running around…hmm, yea, and probably lot of awkward moments caused by the adorable kiddies “Mommy, how come Onii-chan came before me?” or something like that and Amu would just jaw drop and Ikuto would just smirk. xDDDD;;;

    Ah! I can’t wait to see it! X3 And I changed my mind about the banner. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it in time. I really want it to look better than the two I already have so far.

    Exactly. Thank you for pointing that out. SC!’s focus is not Amuto (it’s only the romance part of any shoujo series) but Amu’s story. If they want their romance or if they’re unsatisfied with anything else, then they have to get themselves off the internet and go get a life.
    And agreed on the last two points. This is simple to understand. Why can’t they pause themselves for a moment and do some civilized thinking? -_-;

    It’s not only the people who see black&white but most of them are. *sigh* Too bad there isn’t a life-size Photoshop for the world. Whoever owns it is not willing to share and just loves messing around with it.

    Nooo. Ikuto is a sneaky catboy but he is so above stealing things that aren’t his (and the key is his because I’m sure it was always meant to be…unexplained things in the manga are just making it complicated). Well, maybe he’ll find a chance to get back into his room somehow and do a quick change before leaving again. ^^;

    Touzen. x3

  4. xD I really need to keep up with this, but even though I’m not a big Ikuto fan, Ikuto was just so cute in this episode, and I love you screen caps xD :3

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