Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 65

Ok, I apologize again on how late this is. I would have posted this sooner but after spending a day in front of the comp. waiting for that damn torrent to appear, I didn’t want to sit in front of the screen for another full day typing and editing when I had other stuff I needed to do (it was killing my eyes anyway). That, and photobucket is being a pain in the ass with the screencaps. But it’s here! So if you’re still interested, please read it.

Sorry if I sound nasty. I don’t mean to be…except in the intro (if you care to read it).

Before I go into the summary, here’s what’s going to happen with the SC! posts from now on. Because I think Crappyroll is now the biggest fagshit on the face of this planet with their new anime membership policy, I’ll write a post only when I get my raw. And since both legally and illegally subbed-ripped episodes I LOVE YOU, HORRIBLESUBS! IN YOUR FACE, CR!!! come out almost immediately after they air, I think the original raw providers don’t have to worry so much about getting the raws out as fast as they can (if it’s different than what I’m saying, I’m sorry, I don’t know much about it and am just guessing). Ok, I don’t mind the wait or blame them. I just hate CR. Like hell I’m going to pay you anything, you bunch of ripoffs. The only thing I was afraid of was that because of their new membership, the free raws wouldn’t come anymore. Thank god that wasn’t true. And let’s keep it that way.

Now, why can’t I just use the sub? Well, two reasons (or three, I guess).
The first is more to do with my future career. I hope to be an interpretor/translator when I finish my studies. And Japanese is one of the ones at the top of my languages-to-learn list. Right now, the best I can do about that is watching raws and I can’t learn with subtitles in the way. It’s distracting and defeats the whole purpose of my studying. I learn languages faster through listening than actually reading and writing it (mostly). If I’m too busy looking at the subs, I’ll never remember what means what and how to identify this and that as such.
But of course this has to be relevant. I know I said I won’t write summaries because they’re too much work. That’s a bit of a lie…for SC! anyways. As long as the dialouge is not so hard to comprehend (and for a mahou shoujo, it isn’t) and as long as I really enjoy the show, I’m willing to make the effort. It helps my learning anyway. I can see how off I am when I actually do watch the subs and correct my mistakes so I don’t do the same thing again. I’ll try to be as accurate as much as I can but if you’re looking for exact and precise summaries, please don’t come here looking for that (you have your subs, anyway).
And if you’re going to ask why bother writing a summary if people already watched the subbed one, the answer is already right there, isn’t it? It’s for me. Yea. B|

Second…it’s not like I hate subtitles or anything but they downgrade my enjoyment of watching the episode. I’ve been watching raws for I think 2 years now? And it’s just nice to see anime in its unaltered form. That’s all.
Oh, and I absolutely must have good resolution, too. I’m really paranoid about that. o.O;

Ok, now that I’m done with self-ranting, here’s the summary. It’s long. Just skip it if you don’t want to read it.


Amu is in shock to find Ikuto in her bed and starts freaking out, wondering how the hell did he get there. Yoru tells them to shut up and crawls out from under the blankets. An angry Amu demands-strangle an explanation from him and Yoru spills that they retrieved Ikuto’s violin from Easter. However, not long after that, Ikuto began to feel painfully exhausted and couldn’t even move. Yoru tried to tell him that they couldn’t stay in the alleyway where they stopped to take a short break on the run from Easter and Ikuto tells him to just give him five minutes. Yoru panics and says he’s got to find some place safe and warm for them to stay before telling Ikuto to hang in there and Chara-naris with him so Ikuto could get back on his feet again, though it still takes him a very hard struggle to walk.

Back to the present, Amu is staring at the violin laying next to her bed and remarks that he finally found it. Yoru, acting proud of what he did, says that’s the whole deal, “Understand, little girl?” to which Amu says “Oh, that’s how it is…MY ASS!” She then tells Ikuto to wake up and get out but her papa heard the commotion and knocks on her door, asking her what was wrong. Amu then jumps back into bed, and throws the cover on them both and gets super embarrassed at how close their faces were. Her papa comes in, sees that there’s nothing wrong and leaves, wondering if it was just his imagination. Amu then sighs, relieved, and tries to (quietly) tell Ikuto to wake up but Yoru tells them her dad might come again if she makes any more noise and to just leave Ikuto be. Amu has no choice but to comply and stares back at Ikuto, noticing that his face looked really different while he was asleep (I think she said he looks younger or something but I’ll have to check).

Next morning, Amu did not manage to get any sleep at all. Her Charas ask about Ikuto and she says he doesn’t seem to be waking up anytime soon. In her mind, she finally believes that he must be really sick and begins to worry how he got into this state when Ami bursts through her door, causing her to frantically hide Ikuto under her blankets again. She asks Ami what’s up and Ami says it’s completely white outside. Amu goes to her window and finds everything is covered in snow. She freezes when Ami makes a noise from behind and wonders if she found out about Ikuto but it was only Yoru she was playing with.

Meanwhile, at Easter, the asshole director orders his subordinates to find Ikuto no matter what.

At breakfast, and while Amu’s still thinking about Ikuto, Ami says that she wants to make a giant snowman but Midori says they don’t have enough snow in their backyard to make one. Ami begins to fuss and Midori suggests they go to Amu’s school since there would definitely be enough snow there. Ami begs her Onee-chan to take her, to which Amu tries to say she can’t but quickly loses to Ami’s “kirakira kougeki”. xD

At school, Amu tells her not to take too long and continues to worry if leaving Ikuto at home would be alright, even though Yoru said he would watch over him no problem (that makes her feel even more uneasy). Amu then hears Yaya calling her, turns around to see all the Guardians (plus Kukai) and asks what were they doing here. Yaya and Kukai said they came to play (or something) and Yaya managed to catch Rima and Nagi while they were out shopping to bring them along. Tadase had to meet with the chairman of the school and they just bumped into each other. And now that everyone was there, Kukai and Yaya enthusiastically yells “Let’s play!”

While watching Yaya and Ami roll up snow to make the body for the snowman, Rima remarks on how they’re such kids and Kukai sneaks up behind her to push her face first into the snow. She gets angry and yells at him but Kukai just tells her to just have some fun before jumping into the snow himself. He says it feels great and Amu decides to join in and plunges herself into the snow as well, agreeing that it does feel great and gets Rima to lighten up a bit. Amu then lies back and stares up at the sky, wondering if Ikuto was okay at home and what she should do about food since he didn’t eat anything since yesterday (or something). Tadase comes up to her and asks her what was the matter since she seemed to be spacing out but she brushes it off, saying it’s nothing.

At home, Yoru tells Ikuto to wake up and when he does, asks if he wanted anything. Ikuto barely manages to say yea but Yoru says he’ll go look for so water and leaves the room. Yoru tries to lift a water bottle out of the fridge but hides when he hears Tsumugu coming. Tsumugu wonders how the refrigerator’s door was open, giving Yoru a chance to sneak away but not before taking a chunk of snow out of the snow bunny Tsumugu made for Ami and bringing it back to Amu’s room. Ikuto has fallen asleep again. Yoru says the snow will have to do for now in place of water and starts letting it drip into Ikuto’s mouth.

Amu is still worrying about Ikuto. It’s the first time she saw him that weak and gets even more worried if his condition might have gotten worst. She says she should go back home now but seeing Ami and Yaya take their time in the snow, can’t bring herself to do it. Then she gets the idea that if they finish the snowman as fast as they can, they can go home sooner and speeds up the snow rolling. The guys decide to join in (Miki gets a spur of inspiration in the middle of all of it) and they finish the snowman in no time but just as she was about to say that it was time to go home, the Charas started having a snowball fight. Ami makes her own snowball and aims it for the Charas but they dodge and Yaya is the one who’s hit. Angry that her finished snowman collapsed, Yaya throws a heap of snow in one random direction and it hits Rima, who then gets into angry demon mode and starts chasing them around the yard. Amu laments that she can’t go home at this rate but quickly recovers and says that when Ami gets tired of throwing snowballs, they’ll leave. So she joins in the snowball fight as well. Yoru, at home, says he’s hungry.

Tadase notices Nagi standing on the sidelines, goes over and asks if he was tired. Nagi replies that he just remembered something while he watching the Charas and Temari comes to mind. I have no idea what Nagi said after that but they discuss on what a strange existence Shugo Charas have or something. Nagi continues that he thinks there’s some sort of “pattern” to certain Charas and/or Chara-changing. One concerns those who don’t change much in character even when they Chara-change (like Kukai and Yaya). Another type would be the ones who have more drastic changes in personalities when they do Chara-change (like Amu and Tadase). Nagi says he and Temari would probably fall into the latter category but wonders what would happen to his two Shugo Eggs in their current state.

Inside the school, Tsukasa seems to be experimenting with something (it looks like a rock or some kind of egg coming out of a small wrapped package) and says it’s almost ready. Hearing the noise from outside, he goes to the window and remarks on how much fun the kids were having before turning his attention to the trump cards on his table. He wonders where Ikuto could have gone to (it seems that he’s been trying to search for him in some way) and says since he couldn’t find him, it seemed Ikuto’s become a “lost child” (or just simply lost, w/e).

Back at home, Ikuto still hasn’t woken up and Yoru tries to pull the violin away but stops when he hears someone coming up the stairs. He tries to warn Ikuto, who still wouldn’t get up, and attempts to block the door with various objects in Amu’s room but is saved when the phone rings and Midori goes pick it up. Ikuto finally wakes and asks why is he in Amu’s room (Yoru says he’s slow because of low blood pressure) but immediately goes to check his violin to discover that it’s emitting some kind of ominous purple energy. They hear Midori coming back and hide somewhere.

It’s already late in the day when the Guardians finally finish their snowball fight. Miki also finished her weird-faced snowman and commends herself on being a genius but Ami cries because its face scares her. Yaya suggests that they all go over to someone’s house and chooses Amu’s since hers was the closest to school. Amu tries to refuse, saying everything’s a mess, but Nagi thought the interior was really neat and tidy the last time he saw it. Tadase gets a little anxious and asks if Nagi’s been in Amu’s room before to which Rima butts in and says that she was with them as well (lol, I love you Rima). Amu then brings up that it was late anyways and that their families would worry if they don’t go back home. They agree and Amu’s very relieved.

On the way back, Ami spots a taiyaki cart and wants some. Amu tries to tell her no since it’ll ruin her dinner but after a little more fussing, relents as long as they kept this a secret from their mom. While Ami is ordering, Amu notices that they also had chocolate-flavored ones.
Back at home, Tsumugu shows Ami the snow bunny but she points out that it doesn’t have a butt.

Amu rushes back to her room only to find Ikuto gone, frowns and says it’s good that he’s gone and that she never worried about him in the first place (you horrible liar). She goes to put her coat/shawl back into her closet and lo behold, Ikuto falls out. She manages to hold him up without letting him fall flat on top of her and he wakes up. She’s relieved and asks what was wrong. He asks if she was worried about him, to which she vehemently denies before giving him the chocolate-favored taiyaki she bought and telling him to leave right after he finishes it. He smirks and comments that even though she was mad at him, she still remembered he liked chocolate. Amu says to give her it back if he was going to act like that and he said he was only joking.

While watching him eat, Amu notes that Ikuto’s part of “tail faction” (there’s always some debate about which way you would eat a taiyaki – head or tail first) and giggles about it. Ikuto tells her that she should lock her room more securely (or something) and Amu says she doesn’t want to hear that from a perverted cat-eared cosplay man. Ikuto says she keeps on saying “hentai hentai hentai” but wonders if she really knows what it means and whispers that a hentai is someone who grins from ear-to-ear while watching another person as they sleep. Someone like Amu. Amu denies that she was grinning and he says “Oh, so you at least admit you were staring.” He then says he was just joking and that he’ll be going now. Yoru asks him where will they go since his home and even his friend’s houses were being watched but Ikuto tells him to be quiet. Amu asks if he doesn’t have any place to go and Ikuto responds that it was alright, that he could sleep anywhere, but Amu points out that he was sick. He asks if she’s trying to get him to stay and she replies it isn’t like that. He says it’s fine as long as she’s not grinning at him while he’s sleeping, which gets Amu even more angry. Midori calls Amu down for dinner and Amu just tells him to do what he wants before leaving.
Yoru then tells the other Charas that they’ll be roommates for the time being so they should get along (I think).

…Well, my writing sucks. I’ll have to work on it. Sorry for the crappy summary.


Oh my god, it’s like everything is against me posting for this episode or something. First the torrent and now photobucket. Thank god I fixed it, even though it took me this long. =_=;

Anyways…screencap galore~! x3333

Kaaaahhhhhh!!!! xDDDD Amu’s spaz attacks has never looked so great, especially when it’s only concerning Ikuto.

And I really have to go back and see what was Ran’s reply to Suu’s comment. It looked like a tsukkomi or something but it was cute. x3

Ikutoooooo~!!!!! ;____________________________;
Please don’t die. I don’t want you to die. Please don’t die. ;________________________;

Does this count as Chara abuse? No, yes? Yes, no? xD;

You win the award for best Papa of the month. x33333

Get use to it, hun. Ikuto likes to snuggle when he’s sleeping. ;D

*giggle* He looks so vulnerable! How can you not help but stare at how adorable he is when he’s sleeping? So cute. x333

This is what I will look like when I wake up later (it’s almost 2 AM now) and every morning for the rest of my life. Lucky Amu. I wish I could wake up with a hot cute kitty next to meh. =3=

You could’ve at least moved him onto his back. Poor boy. He’s been in that position so long, I wonder how he got up without feelings cramps all over his side. But whatever, he’s turned towards her way so I’ll just shut up. xD

Yoru acts as a better toy than all the others. ^^;

Oh ho ho~! Scheme-y-faced Ami ftw~! xD

And I love her outfit. It’s so cute! x333

Whoa, sis! Don’t kill me yet! I still haven’t finished breakfast! xDDD

I swear, kirakira! kougeki are the best. So lesse, Amu cannot resist Rima’s crying face and Ami’s kirakira! When can we add Ikkun to the list? x3

I was about to say “Did you two go shopping TOGETHER?!?!?! 8DDDD” when Rima mentioned something about shopping and Nagi said “Me, too”. xDD Kyaa~…we need another Rimahiko episode. Pronto.

Of course, Nagi is a gentleman but he didn’t have to be if Rima was being pushed into the snow by another guy. Oh, Nagi, where has thy flirty side gone to?

Aww, friendships are the best. x3 Ok, now I’m going to screencap Rima and Amu everytime they have a friendship moment. Amu’s the only one who can get Rima to smile (with one exception for Nagi) and I just love those moments.

I just got this idea…who wants to join me in making a scrapbook filled with pictures of Amu thinking about Ikuto? Hmm? And then we can mail it to him and then he can tease her about it! xDDD

lol She’s so fit to be his wife. “Is he getting enough to eat? Is he even eating? I hope he’s not slacking off on some roof and taking a nap there. Oh wait, it’s cold out. I hope he’s wearing his jacket…etc.etc.” :3

SEE! She’s so worried about him and so desperate to get back to make sure he’s ok that even kanji needs to be dropped onto the screen to show it! THIS IS LOVE, PEOPLES! >8D

I’m reminded of South Park for some reason. |D;


This is going in the scrapbook, too. |3
Amu has so many great faces, it’ll never be boring to look through.

Temari. T____T I miss her…
But yes! We finally got the special chapter animated! I was wondering how they were going to stick this part in. Not bad, Satelight.

Ok, what the hell is this? Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? Actually, I’m thinking about a lot of things when I look at this but…

…or not. Maybe he’s just growing rocks…but how the hell do you grow rocks that fast? And from a bar of soap? D|

Yoru screams like a girl.

xDDD Low blood pressure. I’m not surprised. Ikuto is kinda similar to Satoshi Hiwatari from D.N.Angel (I think so anyways and only in certain qualities) and he has low blood pressure, too.
…lol I wonder how Amu would react to this. Ikuto sitting in a daze and not moving for half an hour after he wakes up. That’d be funny to see.

Suu~! I need you to do Remake Honey!

Aha~, the snowman face I’ve been waiting for. I don’t recall Ami crying about it, though. Did she? Hmm.

Tsk, tsk. Nagi, Nagi, Nagi. Why are you not on par today?
But at least he caught on quickly that Amu really can’t let them visit. Ah, nice quick save there. I was beginning to worry. Heh.

Ok, this is NOT, I repeat, NOT Tadase bashing in ANY way (if you’re going to say something offensive, you’ll face my wrath). It just irked me that a guy would mention anything like “Huh, you went into her room?” especially if it’s concerning the girl he likes. I mean, I can understand why you would be anxious about that but really, don’t say it in front of other people, even if they are your friends. Keep it to yourself. *shudder*

And Rima is just so friggin’ awesome. She’s like “Chill. As if I’m letting any boy go up there alone, even if he so happens to be her best trap friend…which he is not. xP” Ahhh~, Ikuto, you’re in for a lot of competition for Amu’s attention later on. kehehehe~ x3

No particular reason for these. It’s just that sisterly love is right after friendship in my books. x3

DINGDINGDING!!! You win the grand prize for remembering future hubby’s favorite food! xDDDD
I mean, that’s how couples are. They remember each other’s favorites, y’know. hahaha~

Haha~, coming back to your room will never be ordinary again. XDDDD

“Aww, I’m touched. You worried about me the whole entire day?”

“No!Asif!Shutup!” *tsuntsun*

“Who’d worry about you anyway?”


“You liar. I know you did~.” Jiiiii…


Gah, this is so cute. I love how she’s not so “OMG, don’t come close to me!” towards him anymore. Even though this is just on a teasing, kinda friendly level, we’ve made progress. Actually, we’ve always been making progress but these are RESULTS, baby. |3

(Btw, I hope Amu’s not planning to feed only taiyaki to him while he’s staying there. He’s still a growing boy, Amu! Give him some nutritious food. *motherly instincts kicking in* ^^; )

Oho~, and I’m likin’ the results alright. x3 I mean, back in ep. 33, she wouldn’t even think about sitting this close to him. Now she’s all “Nuh-uh! You’re the perverted one!” not even a nudge away from him and she didn’t even freak out when he leaned over and said “No, you are.” xDDD Ahhh~, so great.

And did anyone notice how her blush came on so naturally when he whispered into her ear. I know it’s not just that comment about being a hentai. The closeness is pretty hard to not blush at. Ne, Amu-chan? x3
True, she’s always been blushy around him but there’s a fine line among a lot of things. You just need to know how to identify it when it happens.
Ah, and I didn’t take a screencap of it (starting to get too many) but when she was being deredere and going “Eh? You’re going?”, the blush was still on. Aww, Amu is so cute! x3

Which is why it’s also too hard to resist teasing her. ^^

“Alright! I admit it! I am worried!”

“Aww, you’re slow but honest.”

hehehe~ (so giggly)

And I know it’s not only just me, right? Ikuto does look younger in that shot. I wonder if it was done on purpose or something.
But that’s not what I wanted to say. Look! He’s happy! Even though he’s just teasing her, he’s really happy! Why? Cuz the girl he cares for the most is worried about him and only him. Now how many of you wouldn’t be happy if you knew that? x3
And there’s more to it, as well. This just confirms for him that Amu does not hate him. I think he’s always known that but he’s never been sure if she truly disliked him or anything. So I guess he’s also relieved as well.

Of course, he’s not going to let Amu catch on that he has a soft side to him (especially since she’s the one causing it) so he teases her some more to cover it up. Aww, Ikkun’s just shy~! hehehe~ x3

Amu: “Oh, just do what you want!”
Ikuto: “Will do. And since I’m the sick guest, I’m calling the bed.”
Amu: “Wha-what?!” D8<
Ikuto: “Unless you want to share~” ¬∀¬
Amu: “WHAT?!”

lol Yesh, I’m done. We have no pervy thoughts. Just teasing. |3


NO. Just NO! D:< And you know what? Satelight isn’t stupid. They know we don’t want this stuff but they shove it in our faces anyway. It’s all on purpose. They love watching us get mad over the fillers.
And it pisses me off that they’d throw in something like this in the first place. But that’s just me and my bias against most cat girls.

Oh, I’m so ready to use my whip for divine punishment later. So, so ready.

In the meantime…

Yesh~… |3

K, I’m finally finally done. And I won’t be back until probably later tonight (it reads 3:30 AM, shit, I’m screwed) because I’ll be catching up on sleep all day and other stuff. Well, hope you enjoyed reading it and was amused in some way. Sorry for the lateness and crappy summary. I go sleep now. K, bai. ^^


12 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 65

  1. Why does everyone hate the new CR membership so much? I don’t really think it’s a bad thing to get things out there legally and I don’t really care about CR going after money (everyone wants money…). Of course, even if I support it, I don’t mind that others don’t. I think CR is hoping for too much to change the way anime fans get their stuff overnight (they’re being naive). Let them learn the hard way. If you’re running a business, start treating it like one (I want those forums to die).

    But I don’t even want to talk about that.

    Uh….but I actually can’t think of anything else to say. It’ll have to just be a few random unorganized things because it’s past 4AM (I’m up later than you~) and I have a headache.

    Ikuto won’t get cramps because he is a kitteh and all kitties sleep like that.

    *gasp* How did I not think of that when Rima said she was shopping!? Too much focus on Amuto perhaps?

    I will join you in making that scrapbook!

    I think it’s strange for them to bring up Ikuto having low blood pressure so late in the series since he hasn’t been spacing out at all until now (the one thing I will continue to hold a grudge against Satelight for because spacey Ikuto is cute).

    I am still so looking forward to Ikuto and Rima properly meeting. I can’t even quite imagine what would happen (except lots of angry, jealous Rima).

    Ah! So I’m not the only one. When this chapter of the manga first came out I was all panicky over Amu giving Ikuto taiyaki. He’s sick Amu-chan! Give him something that will make him healthy! (OMG, filler with Amu making Ikuto soup or something).

    Oh and I loved your little Amuto conversation at the end. Making up what they were saying was fun this week, wasn’t it~?

    And everyone loves Ikuto covered in yarn, don’t they? I’m willing to sit through filler just to see what caused that.

  2. Kyaaa~ Such a cute episode~ I can wait for next weeks episode,but Ikuto caught in yarn is cute… The cute stubborn poses were probably the best scenes in the episode(What am I saying? Rimadusa was awesome’ Yayyaa!’ was freackin cute, so was her being pushed in the snow)

  3. “I just got this idea…who wants to join me in making a scrapbook filled with pictures of Amu thinking about Ikuto? Hmm? And then we can mail it to him and then he can tease her about it! xDDD”

    I’ll help ^__^.

    Yes Amu’s dad is win. (so will Amu’s mom in a few episodes down the line).

    OMG she is acting like a wife, or his mother.

    It is nice to see that she’s got over her, “don’t sit near me” phase with him. Ah progress.

    Happy Ikuto! He does look younger.

    She’s brings him rice balls in chapter 29, so I think he’ll probably get nutrition.

  4. ergh, I hate crunchyroll too, more and more people are going there just to pay a hefty fee to watch anime. I mean seriously =_= and now in my cr pm’s i just get shit emails that have crunchyroll throwing offers at me here and there like “Oprah’s berry died” wtf? =________=
    Aww, Nagi isn’t as smart as he usually is ><

    This was a good summary :’D

  5. you always say your summaries are bad – but they are awesome and very detailed. I loved this episode – it had great amuto moments. I liked the preview for next week – ikuto was tangled up in yarn, haha.

    Its great that your learning japanese as well – I wouldn’t be able to do it.

  6. Fuyu-san: Ack, sorry, I didn’t mean to sound that bad about it but you know my rages. -_-; I have other reasons besides the issue with the torrents on disliking CR (like how I don’t believe that a site that was originally a fansite should get together with an official company to make profit) but I’ll just keep the others to myself. Too much bias. I’m so bratty. *shame*

    I hope you feel better…but bad! Bad, bad, bad! Very bad! You should go to sleep on time, young lady! >:/

    Ok, fine! But it would’ve been better if he used her as pillow (*cackles*). At least it wouldn’t look so uncomfortable to me. Ah, but we’re gonna get that in a few episodes anyway, aren’t we? ;D

    *drags you to nearest Rimahiko workshop*

    YES! I’ve found recruitment! X3

    I thought I would have found that strange as well…but then I made up the excuse that he probably only does this after he’s super tired and/or he’s only spacey when he’s in Amu’s room. xD; I know, not really good excuses but eh.

    Oho~…I can a bit. I’m thinking it might get a lil’ semi-nasty especially if he goes into a phase where he really just wants to spend time alone with her (aww, c’mon, all boys do) and Rima just won’t let him get in between them. Oh noes, lol. xD
    …hey! Maybe that could be a double date episode…or something. *really wants one now* xDD;;

    That filler = DO WANT! >8D

    Oh, I think I can think up more than hundred for them. And most of them are work safe (don’t make such a face when I say that, lol). Hmm, but yea, it is fun. hehe ^^

    Haha, me, too. Can’t wait. X3


    Christine Daae: Yes, the entire episode was awesome! x3


    Karen: I’m glad. Haha


    warrior: Yay! xD

    Amu’s mom is great…I hope Amu learns to appreciate her more from now on (especially after ch. 30).

    Lol Well, regardless of your age or relationship, I think any girl would act/worry in a motherly way towards Ikuto (ha, look at me). It may be fine for him that he can sleep on a roof in freezing weather but what girl can stand watching that? Ikuto, you silly boy.

    And RESULTS! x33

    I want more happy Ikuto soon~. ;____;

    Yea, I read that. But he didn’t eat it~! Amu, you must be more strict about his diet! Lol


    Mimi: It really isn’t worth it to me. I even did the math (according to prices I’ve heard them charge) and still think that buying the DVDs are more worth your money.

    But what the hell? What does Oprah have to do with anything? Weirdos. =_=;

    It’s okay. I forgive Nagi cuz I love him. <3

    And I applaud you for reading through it. xD


    miriam: Aww, thank you! I still don’t think they’re good but yea, I pay very close attention to detail and that’s why it’s so long. ^^;

    Haha, everybody loves seeing kitties tangled up in yarn. Especially Ikuto. X3

    I’m trying my best. *sigh* But you should try before you say you can’t. Japanese isn’t really that hard to learn, I don’t think. It’s just the memorizing that’s hard, I think.

  7. Yeah. He’s like a stray you want to bring home and feed.

    Hopefully we’ll get when he’s staying at Amu-chan’s house. ;___; I don’t think we’ll get in the manga for awhile.

    She probably made him eat it later. Yoru looks after Ikuto too though.

  8. Ah, CR’s making me angry too. I don’t want to pay anything either. So I tried doing CR Bucks, but that didn’t work. Yay for the fan subbers who made it come out so soon now! I’m just using their subs. ^_^
    Yay for Amu’s dad as “Best Papa of the Month!”
    Lol, even Amu gives into cute adorable Ami. No one can resist a little girl’s kirakira eyes. xD
    I like the dialogue you added at the end, with Ikuto and Amu. It makes things even more entertaining. :3 Ooh I love seeing the improvement between those two! :D
    And yes, the preview for the next episode only looks interesting for Ikuto. Otherwise, it’s a painful round of fillers again. T^T

  9. Xiao Jie: Yes, rage is completely understandable and anything you say can be excused later on. I just decided to bring it up on your blog because you mentioned it first. No way I’m making a post aboutn it so some dumbass college frat boy can tell me how wrong I am because I just don’t think it’s EVIL to want money and bring up some bullshit from his economics class that really has no place in an argmuent like this (it’s happened to me five times).

    But CR deserves people being bratty to them. I have the same fansite issue with them, but for a different reason. Now they’re like ANN to me. Professionals that behave unprofessionally, so I despise them. I’ll use their services, but I don’t have to like them/

    He should have used her as a pillow! But yes! Soon~ (But hey, since we’re having fillers for a while, where is Ikuto going to be sleeping? Since Amu doesn’t want him in her bed (or so she says~).

    He’s only spacey in Amu’s room where he’s comfortable…right? Yeah…I like that.

    Hahaha, yes~ Too bad we won’t get an episode like that though…since the anime (and manga) will probably end with Amu choosing who she wants to be going out with (Ikuto). But hey! Maybe an epilogue, right?

  10. Christine Daae: Fix’d.


    warrior: *nodnod*

    But I want Amu to feed him~. ;A;

    lol xD


    blossomgirl101: Gah, I can’t even use subs cuz I’m super paranoid with my raws. *cringe*

    Haha, and glad you liked the dialogue. I could’ve done better but I’ll save those for the next ep. ~.^

    *suffers in pain with you* T_T


    Fuyu-san: Really? Huh, that’s strange. I thought someone else would’ve mentioned it before me.
    But five times? =_=; Can’t they just say what they think once and just leave it as it is? It only makes them look stupider when they’re trying to enforce their own opinions on people who couldn’t care less.

    Well, the CR issues aside…*will just pretend they don’t exist for now*

    Yes, and she has to be hospitable host, too! Learn at least that from Lulu, Amu! (lol, never thought I would say that xD; )


    I actually want to discuss that with you but I’ll save it for the other episodes later on. But yes, an epilogue would be nice~ I want kitties! xDDD;;;

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