Sakura Hime Kaden ~ Ch. 2

Yesh~, Sailor Moon has just been ousted from her bishoujo warrior seat by this beauty right ‘ere! >:3

Oh yes, I am so going to rant and RAGE! while my fury is still strong and burning. And then I’ll cool down and be a good girl again. ^^

Again, the warning signs are flashing and sirens are on. To make it clear, I am NOT a feminist but my views are slightly edged with a feministic touch. Therefore, I do not care if this setting takes place in the way way past where it’s common that men treat women as their property or if it has anything to do with vanquishing what people instantly perceive as witchcraft. I will absolutely not calmly stand by and watch an innocent girl get persecuted without having to say something about it! >:(

And now if you haven’t read the chapter yet (though I assumed most of you who come here already did), get your butt down to onemanga and do so. There’s no need for a summary so I’ll just dive straight into my thoughts.

In the name of an Arinacchi heroine, I shall mesmerize you with kickass demon-smitin’ skills in an epic storm of cherry blossoms!

And yes she did. Haha! xD Now this is also the real “Sakura-hime.” But I won’t get into any of that. I just think so because Sakura pwns all other Sakuras except for Sakura-chan. <3

Moving along, even though Sakura is still trying to get the hang of using the Chizakura (ooo, love the name even more now that I know the translation x3), it still won’t listen to her because she hasn’t leveled up to grandmama Kaguya yet. But I’m really glad to see that she’s trying her best and understands that exterminating demons is no job where you can just go “haha, I shall beat you down now!” as if it’s some sort of daily passtime/chore. For Jeanne, it was appropriate. Maron had to put up a cheerful, strong facade so no one could see her weakness anyway. She fought because she wanted to “be strong.” From Sakura, however, I get the feeling that she’s not completely setting her true self aside or anything but that destroying man-eating monsters come first. Personal issues afterwards. Oh yea, what an awesome princess she is! *pure love-blinded* xD

As for the life letter thing, huh, have to say it’s pretty interesting. In the modern world, I doubt such practices still exist (maybe in a small society somewhere it still does) but I’ve always been fascinated with superstitions, extinct or not. It’s probably due to the fact that I was raised in an Asian family, where we have so many superstitions it’s pretty much impossible to remember them all. I always thought they were silly, though. Like “Don’t wash you hair on your birthday” or “Don’t cut your nails at night!”. What do these little trivial things have to do with anything? But I follow them anyways because my parents would scold me if I don’t. That, or they scared me with the consequences of not following them so much that it just automatically reminds me whenever I think about doing this or that. :/

But back to the life letter. It must be a very private and important if you can’t show it to anyone else except the person you’re going to marry. o.O
Wait, though. So even if your fiance knows your letter, they can curse you, too, if they get a hold of it, right? D8 I mean, that’s more-or-so exactly what happened at the end of the chapter (which I will get to later)! What’s with this?! Such a flimsy superstition! Argh!

…I think I’m missing something here. If anybody has better grasp of the life letter thing, please explain it to me. *so confused* @.@

And I’m not the only one who saw that there might be a hidden meaning in Asagiri’s words, am I? “Someday when my dream comes true, I will show you my letter to you.”
So many possibilities! The ones that popped up into my mind first were:

  • Asagiri plans to marry Sakura. O.O …Ok, so maybe that’s a little ridiculous but I’m not ruling it out because I’m weird.
  • Since Asagiri is not human, she’s exempt from the rules that humans have to follow and can show her letter to others more freely?
  • Her dream must be something very, very good or something very, very bad…or neither and just something simple. I dunno. I just hope we don’t get another Finn. Aww man, Finn~! T__T

Hmm, but I really love the close friendship between Sakura and Asagiri. Besides Byakuya, Asagiri is the only other “person” who can truly understand Sakura’s position. The others just shun her because they think she has a bad lineage. What a bunch of losers. >:/

And aww! Sakuraaaaa~! <3333 She’s so respective of others. It’s both a refined quality of herself as a person and a princess. When I was girl, I’d pester my friends so much about certain secrets (they were not that big or anything) that they would finally give in and tell me just to shut me up. And vice-versa, too. Glad I don’t see that in Sakura. ^^ Hmm, come to think of it, I wonder if young girls these days even do stuff like that anymore? It’s not a bad thing since girls are curious but lately, I’ve found out that even an 8-year old can act pretty mature and it’s slightly shocking for me. o.O

Well, my love for Sakura keeps on growing every time I see her. And anyone should be able to see why. ;D

Ugh, but now my happy fangirl fluff is about to get ugly. This is just me overreacting, though. So please don’t take my rage seriously. I need to get it out if I am to be reasonable afterwards.

“Perfume your clothes with some sexy scent and entertain me, ok?

Eat. My. Fucking. Shit.

“Entertain me”? Sakura may be your bride but she isn’t your whore, you son of a bitch! If you wanted one, just rape Oumi one of your useless palace maids! They’d be happy to “entertain” you! Dx<

And he calls himself a Prince. Feh. More like royal brat full of hot-air ego. He hardly treats Sakura with respect at all, much less as a man should towards a princess and as a “gentleman of dignity” should towards a lady. And Sakura’s only 14! It doesn’t matter if that’s the age girls would enter into marriage back then! She’s only 14! Keep your dirty hands away from her! D8<

Aww, man, I feel so bad for Sakura cuz no one understands her at all. *wants to hug her* T____T Everyone’s congratulating her that she’ll lose her virginity to this asshole and even Byakuya is being dumb about it.

“Love is something that will be born your bridal night.”

Says the person who never even married. Minus 10 respect points from you.

And that’s “sex”, baba. Not “love”. Get it right! =_=;
…This is probably me just being paranoid but I wonder how all the girls who don’t understand this stuff are being affected by this. o.O; Poor girls. They’re about to lose a large chunk of their innocence.

But I’m glad that Sakura’s keeping to her “I’d rather there be love” idea. That’s right, girl! Even if she has no choice but to marry Aoba, that doesn’t mean she has to fake being happy about it! Love is the point of marriage. Not social standing. And right now, she’s not even receiving “friend love” from him. What a horrible husband-to-be! D:<

To add to that, her “hatred” towards him is completely justifiable. In fact, it was never even “hatred” from the start. She was only lonely and since her brother died, Aoba was the only person she could rely on. And she didn’t even know who he was so of course she would be curious to meet him. Of course she would want to meet him because he was the ONLY one she had. And he didn’t, which only caused her loneliness to intensify and her adversity towards her bethrothed to grow.

*sigh* I’m glad she doesn’t hold back on her negative feelings. Princess or not, she has every right to throw down her fan and spill all her anger clean and honestly out. If she kept it in, she would just keep feeling horrible. Another reason why I love Sakura. *has a soft spot for honest people* :3

And aww~! She regretted yelling at him so harshly afterwards! Sakuraaaa~! <33

K, more on that later. Now let’s just get Fuji-jiji over with.
Aka pedo~! lol
Well, at least he’s good-looking. xD
I personally don’t think I’ll hate him or like him in the future. He’s just either in awe of Sakura’s beauty or just want her to himself to spite Aoba and increase his own status or both. Whichever way his character’s direction is, it doesn’t bode well. Something bad is bound to be associated with him later on (like making some sort of a pact with a demon, perhaps) and I’ll rant about it then.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure the part where Aoba claims that Sakura is his might have gotten a few fangirls to go “kyaa~! Kyaaaa~!!!”-ing and maybe even say that Aoba was not as bad as he first appeared to be but it only made me frown at Aoba even more. Not only because I’m objected to the “She’s my ____!” tone but it seems like he said that more out of his own defense against his uncle than it was for her. And he doesn’t like Fuji, who took his rightful title as Crown Prince. So it’d make perfect sense that he wouldn’t want to be outspoken in anything else, especially when it concerns his future wife.

Whatever, just my opinion for this point. Next!

“I wanted you…to…fall in love with me for sure, Sakura.”

Now this part was what got me really frowning. If I hear “I’ve always disliked you” at the beginning of the manga then don’t expect me to immediately forget it and buy these fishy lines of fancy impressions.

That aside, how dare he lie to her! It would’ve been better if he said nothing at all! But he lied to her! He lied to her! D8<

And poor Sakura who doesn’t know anything about Aoba because he decided not to meet her. Her kindness is being taken advantage of and her perspective of him warped into another lie.

My god, just shoujo-murder me now to spare me the pain, why don’tcha? ;__________;
I wonder…no, I hope that Aoba deeply regrets all he’s done and all what he will do to Sakura later. Sakura is so pure-hearted. Even more than Haine. But she’s pure-hearted without the need to try to look pure-hearted. It’s natural. Yep, that’s the word I was looking for.
I mean, at first, she never considered the chance she might fall in love with Aoba. It was always “I hate him!” but now that she sees him in a new (false) light, she’s giving him that chance even though he clearly doesn’t deserve it.
And like she said herself, she is Aoba’s bride. Not anyone else’s. Even if she hates him, she said on her own free will that he was the one she is engaged to and no one else. AcK! Such loyalty! You’ll never see this in real life! Never! *so sad* Dx

Moreover, what’s really important is that Arina-sensei shows us that Sakura is not perfect. As a princess and as a person.
And it is portrayed very well in Sakura’s request to learn how to properly write poetry. Learning. I can’t stress that enough. She’s learning for the sake of wanting to get to know Aoba better and to become a better person for him. And it was through his example that initiated her earnest to learn (oh, I am so going to bash him like hell for lying later).
Frankly, this is a must in my shippings/pairings and any relationship in fiction or real life. When you love someone, you don’t want to be with them and do stuff for them because it will make you happy. You do that because you want them to be happy, which will in turn make you happy. And you’re always thinking of what could make them even happier, so improving yourself comes with that, too.

Ok, let’s continue before I ramble too much. @.@;

And oh yea, teary-eyed embarassed Sakura is cyuuuuuuutttttteeee!!!! <3333333

And Oumi is a bitch.

I hate her. I hope she doesn’t die but gets possessed by a demon, regrets and regrets on betraying Sakura who will save her, and then die. I want her to suffer ten times as much as Sakura has suffered! Social-climbing bitch. >:(

& not only is Aoba an egotistical lying Stu. He’s an idiotic one as well. He blames Sakura and her bloodline because his dad and his grandpa fell in love with her ancestors? That his old man couldn’t help being human, being a man who happened to fall for a beautiful woman? That it wasn’t Sakura’s ancestors that killed them but it was the demons that did? That he couldn’t be Crown Prince even though he could have flat out refused or canceled this marriage to her from the start and never even laid eyes on her for fear of being entranced?

And then he decides to shoot her down because of a piece of paper?

What. The. Fuck. Kikyou has balls and the side of Inuyasha we never saw.

…First of all, I would like to applaud Arina-sensei for keeping this story interesting. I’m not mad at her at all but rather pleased to see such an improvement in moving fast with the plot while making it exciting at the same time. It. Sells. Awesome.

On Aoba, I’ll never like him now. I’ve gotten over my hate period but I will always think he will never deserve Sakura even when he figures out how much of a bastard he is and how far he will go to make it all up to her. He is permanently resigned to the non-favorites. And yeah, Taka-kun and Chiaki were grade-A jerks as well but they didn’t try to kill the girls or anything. =_=;

On Sakura, she won’t die. And if Arina-sensei plans to make her die, she won’t die now. So I’m not worried. But I’ll cry for her anyways. Sakura~. T_____T

Yes, I’m done. And I have to go watch SC! soon and then send my dad to the airport. Might come back and edit this later. Note: If you take me too seriously for my rantings, I’ll just ignore you.
For everyone else, I’ll reply back as soon as I can. ^^


6 thoughts on “Sakura Hime Kaden ~ Ch. 2


    Eh. Like I said in my post, I’m kind of immune to this whole chapter right now. I did like Aoba so I hope that we’ll get more reasons for why he is the way he is and I’ll get to continue to like him. Otherwise, I’m feeling unusually cold to all of the things happening in this series.

    It’s good for the story, but I think it’s too fast for it to give any real drama outside of rage. Would have been better if people betrayed Sakura in like…chapter three or something. I don’t know, but hopefully this means the story’s going to get good from here.

    Off-topic: You can’t cut your nails at night struck me as so odd the first time I heard it because I only cut my nails at night and I guess I thought everyone was like that? (but I was like nine at the time or something) ^_^;

    Hm. I kind of think I want this series to just go along with no real shipping at all. *gasp* Am I betraying my shoujo love? Maybe, but I think for Sakura to remain so awesome that’s what has to happen.

    Um…not to speak in defense of Aoba or anything (I don’t want to face your wrath, I’m scared~), but I don’t think Aoba really had any say in the engagement either. Unless I missed something reading the chapter. Guys were always getting forced into marriages and stuff too back in the Heian era. I at least remember that much from the little I read of Genji. His dad couldn’t marry the woman he really loved (Genji’s mom) so she was just his mistress.

    So, Aoba didn’t really have any say either…I think. Though of course that doesn’t excuse anything he did at all. It just means more blame needs to be passed around.

    I don’t think Chiaki was a jerk, I think he just pretended to be one~ He fell in love with Maron as soon as her saw her remember? (But yeah…Taka-kun was a jerk, but an excusable jerk). Aoba…hm…well like I said we’ll just have to wait and see. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if I liked him even if I became determined not to (like you) because I disliked Ushio, Taka-kun, and even Haine at the start of ShinKuro.

    The only type of character I’ve never grown to like from Arina-sensei is what I imagine will be the stupid crown prince’s type.

    But wow. You sure seem to have your mind made up. Just want to remind you in a sing-song way that I was the same about Ushio~ and look where she is now, in my top ten girls~ (though granted Ushio didn’t shoot anyone -_-;)

    But see~? This is why you needed a blog. Ranting feels good, doesn’t it?

  2. You shouldn’t quit blogging. You’re too good. (I can’t rant like that).

    I think Arina’s is trying to show that it pretty much sucked to be a woman back than. Society basically used to view the entire gender as being babymakers without feelings. Also, if you seemed slightly different from the rest of society, they could call you a demon (or a witch) and kill you. It’s good to see that a darker part of human history (or human existence since that shit is still happening today) is being acknowledge. It sucks for Sakura though.

    Yes Aoba is being an idoit about that. People tend to blame their problems on other people though. That what’s caused most of the horrible things that have happened in history.

    Sakura is an awesome moon princess though.

    The series is going to be interesting.

  3. “Asagiri plans to marry Sakura. O.O …Ok, so maybe that’s a little ridiculous but I’m not ruling it out because I’m weird.”

    lol. I thought that too and was like, woah, trap????

    And on the topic of Inuyasha, isn’t Sango’s little brother named Kohaku? Which is the name of the little ninja chick who I think looks like Yaya (who still hasn’t shown up the actual series, despite being on this title page).


    I read your post…and forgot to submit my comment. *stupid* D:
    But I understand your reasons. I kind of want to say that for myself, too, but I can’t even bring myself to try to see the better side of him. Eventually I will but his bad mark is hard to erase.

    Yea, it really did move too fast but like you said, it has a high chance of something good following the cliffhanger. Actually, that’s why it’s called a cliffhanger, isn’t it? Hmm.

    |D I cut my nails at night when I was little, too, and no one seemed to mind but after reading that xxxHolic chapter on superstitions (I know, I am weird to believe something second sourced through a manga), it just freaked me out. Aish~…

    I wouldn’t mind if this entire series was shipless. Why need a ship? Just learn to swim. *cheater* xD;
    But I agree. Sakura is pretty much awesome just by herself. But since it’s Arina-sensei, romance is unavoidable. Hmm, it’s ok, though. I’ll just keep telling myself she’s good enough as she is.

    I actually want this series to be a tragedy now. o.O;

    Ah, it’s fine if you want to speak in his defense! I won’t be angry (lol, am I that frightful?). I just needed to get my rage out so it doesn’t mess up my reasoning when I discuss it and seem like just another rabid crazy fan.
    And now that I’m calmed down, yes, that is true. Even he knew it was custom so he probably just resigned himself to it without complaint. Still…you think that since his dad and grandfather had made the “mistake” of falling for Sakura’s ancestors that you wouldn’t put the successor in an engagement with the princess who shared that bloodline. I think this is where Fuji’s family plays in somehow. There has to be some royal-political blackmailing involved. Ooo, yes, I can’t wait! X3

    Ah, true, true. I should edit that (ack, my rage is dominant to the very end). Chiaki wasn’t so much of jerk…but he was an idiot for lying…but that was kinda necessary, too. Hmm.
    Huh, I think I would’ve disliked Taka-kun when I started reading Shinkuro, too, but that was also the time when I actually started reading Arina-sensei’s manga so I wasn’t so critical since I read it just for fun. Not to mention, when I started reading, the manga was already either done or halfway finished so I didn’t even get a chance to be angry at anyone. ^^;

    Agh, I just hope uncle prince will at least make the story interesting. As long as he does that, I don’t mind him even he does something bad (it’s etched in his face that he will do something bad later on).

    Haha, as for Aoba, we’ll see. I’m not budging from disliking him. But maybe just simply as a character in general, I might commend his good qualities.

    Of course, ranting feels good~…but I look like a complete fool doing it. ^^;


    warrior: haha, I won’t. Not anytime soon anyways. And I wish I could control my ranting sometimes. ^^;

    Yes, that’s very true. Those things do need to be addressed and I’m glad Arina’s doing her part as a good author and a knowledgeable person to show it.
    Still, as a 21st century girl, I just can’t approve it, whether it was…“right” back then or not. It just sickens me.

    Ah, the scapegoat usage. Hmph. Is it so hard to just blame others without the need to kill them, though?

    *nod nod* to the last two. :D


    kelakagandy: Cute chibi trap! X3 Aww, I want that now! lol

    Yes, his name was Kohaku, too. OMG, are all the shoujo mangakas conspiring with each other in one massive secret project where the coincidences are all done on purpose?! O.O;;;

    …I think so. xD

  5. Oh that’s good. Don’t worry about your ranting.

    It is sickening. Sakura doesn’t seem like the type of heroine who shits back and takes shit from people though, so that’s good anyways.

    The killing part is just him being a jackass.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in my last post, but I’m fine with it being shipless too. If shojan can be shipless why can’t shojo?

  6. Um, Hi~ I know you posted this ages ago, but this was a post I stumbled on recently as I looked up links to all those who have done recaps of Sakura Hime Kaden, and I thought your take on Aoba x Sakura is reallyyyy fascinating so I thought I’d comment! =D

    Oh, but before I forget, interesting theories on Asagiri’s dream. Hmm, I think her dream has something to do with the fact that she isn’t human but that’s just a hunch of mine~

    So, yes, to what I wanted to say: Interesting reactions to Ch. 2! Given, I didn’t do a serious feminist reading of Sakura-Hime Kaden (The most I noted in this chapter was the fact that it’s so frustrating to see Sakura saying how she relied on Aoba’s influence to maintain her lifestyle, because it’s just so, sooooo frustrating to see girls having to depend on The Man in order to survive. x.x) but I *do* usually see gender issues when I read things, and often rail away in anger when I see things that I feel are injust. However, Aoba doesn’t bother me in the slightest in this series. And I was reading your interpretation (which were very insightful and totally true) and reflected on my reactions to Aoba/Sakura and… I think the reason why the stuff that Aoba says doesn’t bother me (The whole ‘entertain me’ bit) was because I thought of it as very casual flirting. Both Aoba and the crown prince, Fujimurasaki, give off this womanizer vibe and it kind of amuses me. ^^;;

    Also, I think another reason why it doesn’t bother me is also due to Sakura’s reaction to Aoba in return. She doesn’t take it lying down, and doesn’t like the fact that he’s constantly undermining her by treating her like a kid and not the princess she actually is. If she DID just bow down and take it, I’d be for sure extremely pissed, both at Aoba for joking about stuff like this to girls who can’t take it, and for Sakura for lacking a spine. But it wasn’t like that, it felt like a very *two way* interaction and not just one guy overpowering and ordering around a docile girl, so yeah, I was mostly fine with it.

    But I totally understand your point. I too object to the whole ‘She’s mine blah blah’ talk. That kind of talk always reeks of the whole ‘possessive boyfriend’ type that I usually CANNOT stand. But I, erm, got distracted by the thing he said next, which was ‘Her fate and mine are connected!’ and I started doing all sorts of parallels between Sakura and Aoba and… Promptly forgot about sketchy possessiveness… Or was less disturbed by it, at the very least.

    Also, the whole part about the “perfect man” just smelled off the moment he said it. I got confused at first, because, like you, I recalled the first page of the first chapter, but then I considered taking that part seriously and I despairedddddddd. Because that kind of talk is so full of BULLSHIT and CHEESE. So, when the betrayal happened, just, the way Arina Tanemura reversed those words at the end was really fascinating for me.

    >>She’s learning for the sake of wanting to get to know Aoba better and to become a better person for him.

    Hmm, I never got that vibe from *Sakura*, of all people. Like, I think she tries hard with the sword fighting demons thing is because she doesn’t want to see the people around her die. And the part where she wanted to get along with Aoba in the 2nd chapter, I interpreted that as more of Sakura wanting to be in a good relationship with her future husband. I never really thought of it as Sakura wanting to do all the stuff she did for *Aoba* specifically. I generally don’t like those kinds of couples, where the girl or guy dedicates everything he or she does to make this ONE person happy, because that means you’re living for someone else and not yourself. To me, that almost feels like an unhealthy obsession with another human being. There has to be a line drawn and whenever I see shoujo manga stories crossing that line to obsessive-ness and doing anything for the guy/girl and forgiving him/her of all his/her Mistakes and Abuses because of ~*love*~ makes me want to hurl and scream at the whole business. That way lies abusive partners and WRONG. x.x

    lol, also, on another note, your reaction to never forgiving Aoba is so interesting for me, because that’s EXACTLY how I felt about Takanari. Even to this day I never accepted the Takanari/Haine couple. Thinking about it HURTS MY BRAIN in levels I can’t begin to describe. To me, Takanari is x10000000 worse of a Grade A asshole than Aoba, and I don’t care about his sob story, he was still A JERK. I could never stand the fact that the two ACTUALLY ENDED UP TOGETHER ARGHHHH.

    *coughs* Sorry, I’m just, when I don’t like a couple, I *really* don’t like a couple… So! Anyhow, very very fascinating post. It’s really cool to see different reactions people have to the same source material, lolz.

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