MASSIVE! First Impressions Pt. 1


I cheated with the (very awfuluglywishyouneverlaideyesonit) post image but I don’t care. xD

So! I’m going to cover the shows I watched so far in the order of the ones I viewed first.

Just click the pages for ’em reviews. =P


This show sucks. Nuff said.

…No? Still not enough? Fine, then. I’ll give a crappy review to match the crappy images taken for this whole entire crappy package I got.

Your ordinary run-of-the-mill everyday perverted skank…

That’s him.

Gets his first kiss from a girl that he drank out of can…

That’s her.

While he is stark naked. She pulls back, looks down, freaks out, he shamelessly acts like the disgusting pervert he is…

Like this.

And she goes DBZ on him…melon style!

Like that.

Oh yea, and there’s something about the government being involved with looking for these magical can girls (see, they’re perverts, too), a glasses guy who works for them and loves molesting other men younger than him, main pervert’s perverted female classmate who wouldn’t mind “nyan nyan”-ing with him, a witch who can pull trump cards out of her ass and use them as kunai knives, and oh joy, more…

Of this.

But they later make up cuz who doesn’t like idiotic perverts?

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I tried the first episode out mainly for the seiyuus and am quite amused by Jun Fukuyama’s hentai voice as well as impressed with hearing Sayaka Narita (KusuKusu in SC!) voicing as a “human” for the first time. But really, there’s nothing to like here. I rolled my eyes at the “humor”, the art and plot is feh, and omg, it just hit me, this show fails more than AkaSaka! D8

K, bai.


13 thoughts on “MASSIVE! First Impressions Pt. 1

  1. I’m going to comment again later, but…no! You are cut out to be a blogger. You’re actually ahead of most people, figuring it out in your first few weeks. I am shocked. You’re not trying to blog anything that you’re not going to continue blogging. It took me until this season to really figure that out (and I’m about to write a post on that after my Sakura Hime Kaden and SoraKake posts).

    Try thinking about editorials and stuff instead. Just write something whenever it pops into your head. And since you’re so used to commenting, I can really imagine you getting into posts where you’re replying to something that someone else brought up and expanding on it and…stuff.

    Well, just you know. You’re doing too much of what I am well-known for doing (saying I’m a messy little failure) so I had to say something ti put a stop to it! There’s only room for one paranoid blogger with low self-esteem in these parts of the internet and that is me!

    But yeah. I’ll be back to reply to some things later (I know I wanted to say something about Maira and White Albume). I have to be a good girl and write my stuff now.

  2. Kurokimi looks awesome. (damn now I want to watch it).

    Maria-chan is win. I love that trap.

    Marina Inoue is an awesome voice actress. (my fave role is still Kyoko in Skip Beat though *shot*).

    White Album is boring. Rina-chan, Nana Mizuki and Shin Ai (the song not the animation).

  3. I am…BACK! As promised~

    First of all, I have to say that I loved the part on Akikan! even though I decided not to even bother with the first episode you made me laugh!

    Now then series by series (well just the two since I’m waiting for KuroKami on DVD if it turns out to be AWESOME enough).

    Maria+Holic: Oh Japan~ I love how they always like to make the girls be into other girls at Catholic schools. I suppose having it all at a religious school makes it seem more innocent, but still. Silly people.

    *gasp* Mariya is the best trap ever. Nagihiko is my favorite, but Mariya is the best. If I were a guy, I totally would have fallen for her even knowing she would be a guy.
    To be honest I don’t think Maora is that amazing *prepared to be killed by fellow ShinKuro fans* because he’s really just cute. Mariya and Nadeshiko both have appeal on different levels. Cute, moe~, ladylike, and just plain attractive.
    Hmm…but all of the traps are manipulative or sneaky in at least one way.

    And Matsurika! You know it’s occurred to me that I’m not that big a fan of maids and it’s the one thing I can’t talk with guy anime fans about. But now…NOW! Now I have my favorite maid. Matsurika <3

    Ohohoho~ See that’s why you’re a good blogger. You catch onto things that everyone else lets slip by. You’re not overthinking about Mariya maybe being good. I won’t say why or whatever, but I’ll just say that you’re not overthinking it.

    White Alubm: Thank you so much for talking about Yuki so much. I could only put it as, “I think she’s weak and boring” but you explained all the things wrong with her perfectly.

    Except I don’t think it’s that bad for her to try to hold onto her relationship with Touya. I just think she should be a little more aware of how he might be feeling. She pretty much deserves to have Touya stolen by another girl.

    Which brings up a point (something I’m mentioning in my next post) doesn’t it seem a little illogical that Rina would be Yuki’s rival for Touya? If they’re having problems because Yuki is trying to become an idol wouldn’t he probably go towards a normal girl instead? Someone who’s actually around.

    Hm…well I suppose it could be a thing of convenience (the first girl that shows interest makes him waver), but whatever. Have to see how things develop.

    And Rina! Rina~! This is the type of Nana-sama character I want to see. Someone full of confidence who will smack down any bitchy girls that get in her way! Someone in the idol business who is very aware of who she is better than!
    But, of course, she’s still nice to make her likable for everyone.

    And ah. That’s it. Because I already said all of that stuff before. So for now…ganbarre! (and pretend I said a lot of corny inspirational stuff too)

  4. Ugh. I got a small peek of Akikan and I’m so right.. It’s generic crap. But it’s quite amusing to hear Jun Fukuyama playing a dirty, perverted guy lol.

    Maria+Holic (lol I had no time figuring out how to do the real ‘cross sign’ XD) is so awesome though! my top 5 favorite characters in that show are:
    – Mariya (of course, the sadistic and classy trap. And the et-seh-tora was so funny lol XD. She’s so…beyond word… the epitome of ideal sadistic traps.)
    – Matsurika (I really like this character being cold and frank lol.)
    – the dorm leader-san (I think her voice-acting was excellent!)
    – Kanako (her overly-exxagerated 80’s-90’s shoujo expressions were so amusing. And of course, she the main female lead, so there’s more to expect from this gal)
    – and I’m having the hard time choosing between the yuri harem… I think I’ll go with the manly dorm-mate senpai. Kyaa~ she’s… hot (hey! I’m still straight! XDD~)

    I also watched KuroKami and it was really good too. The main guy was somewhat different compared to the manga but it’s not that bad for a change.

    Then White Album… dundundundun~ the most controversial show this season I must say. You probably had said anything and I definitely agree to them. If I would ever to describe Rina… she’s FIERCE!!!!!!!! Yeah, she’s my favorite girl of the year (so far, but I guess her reign would last long lol)…

  5. Fuyu-san: (I’m gonna merge my replies to both your comments in this one)
    Seriously? I really thought I was lagging behind. o.O;
    But yea. I really don’t want to put effort into something I can just say in one or two sentences. If something really, really interests me, I might make a little post on it but it all depends on what, really. :/

    Ohhh~, that’s a good tip! I think I’ll do that. Thanks! ^^
    …but wait, then I can’t do long comments! Nuu~! Is that what you meant by “disappearing”? Nuu! I want to continue with my long ranty spammy comments! *fusses like a little kid*

    Oh yea?

    Make room for two then. xD
    And I always tell you that you shouldn’t think that way cuz you’re not but since you’re going to be stubborn about it, I might as well, too. *stubborn*

    Yay! I’m glad my rant on Akikan! made you laugh. I have to get some laughs out of it, since the actual thing couldn’t even get me like it. Craptastically disappointed. =_=;

    Heh, now that I’ve cooled down over the “Awesome!” stage, Kurokami is pretty ok for an action series. I don’t think I’ll get it on DVD since watching it once will be enough to satisfy me. :)

    Maria+Holic: I wonder if the Pope would excommunicate (gah, how do you pronounce this word?) all Japanese animation studios if he ever laid eyes on anime…not that he would or anything. But hey, Pope John Paul II went skiing in his pope clothes. Anything’s possible. Lol

    Lol If were into shoujo-ai a little more, I think I might have had a girl crush on Mariya (ooo, dangerous talk now, lol) but then just say “Oh…WHAT?!” when I find out he’s actually a guy. xD;
    I like Maora mainly because he’s cute. But yesh, Mariya and Nagi are at the top of their game at being traps (we need more people to join this group).

    Haha I’m not a big fan of maids either but Matsurika is just too awesome not to fave her. x3

    No, I’m not. I try not to…it makes my head spin. @.@

    White Album: I suppose you’re right on her wanting to hold onto him while she still can (to watch him be taken so wonderfully and painfully away from her right under her nose). I guess I let the realistic part of my mind invade on it a little too much. Gah, that always happens.

    That’s a good point. I’m wondering how they’ll make this triangle work since Rina is an even more popular idol that Yuki is. This will be interesting.
    But yea, it all depends on how it develops.

    We should have more Rina-like celebrities in our world (not Nana-sama because she the one and only). A lot of them are too focused on taking the spotlight and acting like idiots to do so.

    Lol I like the way you ended it. Pretend. xD


    warrior: WATCH IT! I command you to!

    And I agree on almost everything you said.

    And your last comment got cut off. ^^;


    Christine Daae: Huh? What’s bad?

    And never watched Aria yet.


    kanzeon: Hehe, yes, that part alone was quite amusing.

    Ah, I just use the plus sign, too. And before I figured out that I could just use the plus sign, I just kept on typing “MariaHolic”. *lame* xD;
    Yes, Mariya is the epitome of all traps…I should throw a best trap contest, too. lol
    And “eto-seh-tora~” was like my most favorite line in the episode. Just awesome! xD
    & yes, yes, yes, yes to all! lol, sorry, I just pretty much agree on everything you said. I like the manly dorm-mate, too, and would’ve suspected her to be a trap but then I’m like “…nah, they made her manly so we might think she could be a trap but she’s really just a gal.” xD;

    Ah, I heard about that. I might read the manga after the series is done so I don’t end up comparing it too much and being disappointed with the anime.

    I agree. It all depends on how it’ll play out from this point.
    And yes, Rina is FIERCE!!!!! Yep. :3


    nazarielle: Yes, Rina is awesome! <3
    I know. Sad, isn’t it?

  6. This show sucks. Nuff said.

    You said it sister! Although I haven’t really watched it (thank god I haven’t), I could tell right off I’ll be disappointed if I did…you just confirmed right to me, so thanks!

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