Happy New Years! ^^ & I’m back! >8D

WELCOME 2009!!!


*throws confetti everywhere*


Note: If you’e the owner of this image or happen to know who made it, please tell me in a comment. I feel bad for not crediting (even though it’s mostly an official image) but I lost the page after I saved it. Gomen ne. ^^;

Aha~, wish I could have some just for the sake of having fun and you all know you want to, too! but other than for that, I don’t like alcohol. It tastes nasty to me. So I avoid drinking. Meh.

Anyways, hope everyone enjoyed their celebrations last night and are continuing to party until tomorrow at least. lol, I sat in front of my laptop the entire time the ball in Times Square was dropping while contemplating on my still-wet hair (just finished showering then) and how sleepy I was. xD I didn’t miss midnight, though. My brother screamed so loud, he would have woken me up anyway.

Yea~…& I’m back. :)
Ah, and I want to thank everyone who’s commented/viewed my posts so far…again. Really, thank you! I signed onto the internet at my hotel, logged into wordpress to check my stats and whoa! Like 170-something views for the SC! post alone! xD
It made me happy like nothing else. I can’t thank you all enough but I’ll stop here cuz then that would really be annoying. lol ^^;

Hmm, so what should I talk about first? New Years or my trip? I’m going to make this a double post in one cuz it’s too much of a hassle to do two separate ones. But I’ll split it with page breakers so if you want to skip my vacation story, just go to where the last “~~~~~~…” line is. Kay?

Uh, yea, let’s just start with New Years first since it’s easier.

K, 2009.
Almost a decade into the second millennium. Am I excited? Not really. I’m more worried about whether I have to go into probation for the honors program in my school or not. Cuz last semester has been a very bad term for me, namely Lit and English. Still didn’t get any final grades back from them yet but if I get anything below a B-, I’ll have to write a letter to put me on probation so I don’t get kicked out and lose my scholarship. *sigh* Hopefully, I won’t have to do that. I’m sure I can bring my GPA back up by the end of the spring term but I have bad teachers this semester so we’ll just have to see. -_-;

So I guess that’s my resolution among other things, to get my act together in my studies…and work, too. God, they must hate me, I know it. *worries*

On ěk-sěn’trĭk, my original plans stated in my intro post still haven’t changed. And I think I will do the unoffical shoujo-only moe tournament so I’ll start organizing for that soon. It shouldn’t be too hard to think up the rules since I’ll be using the SaiMoe ones as my source. The same goes for the elimination rounds and etc. Will make a post on that later. Just…someone remind me to actually do it…since I’m lazy and all. ^^;

Oh, and I already added a Twitter widget to the side bar. Note to those who follow my other twitter under the name “Xiao_Jie”, “eksentrik” will be the one based on any blog/anime/manga-related news I have to share. So if you want to switch to this one (and to avoid spammage of my everyday complaints xD; ), go right ahead. My “Xiao_Jie” account, I’m going to keep on using it as I always do – to keep my outside friends updated on other stuff I need to rage about. Having that show on this blog would be too irrelevant. ^^;
Hah, also, one of my friends told me that she was amused by all the SC! updates she keeps on receiving through text on her phone (I submit like 1,000 separate fangirl shouts while watching the latest episode stream) and is wondering “Who’s this…Rima person you keep on talking about?” xDD;;; Rima’s mine, babe! Don’t touch her! xDDDDD;;;;;;
…Yea, so I figured I’d open another one cuz I don’t feel like explaining. ^^;

Um, yea, that’s all. Onto Disney now!


The trip was bleh. Just like how I knew it would be. -__-

I didn’t like our hotel purely because I thought this pay-for-the-internet thing is ridiculous for a 4-star. On rational reasons, valet parking service was horrible and the front desk employees were kinda dumb. Only good food in Orlando is Red Lobster and everyone got “padded” down at the airport because we were going back to New York…oh, I’m sorry, let me correct that. Newark. But what’s the difference? xP Yea, it’s their job and all to take precautions on people going back to NY but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. It’s very traumatizing to have some stranger feel-check you. *shudder*
Moreover, my only company majority of the time was my brother and two cousins (both boys) I’ve grown up with. It’s not their fault or anything that I didn’t enjoy going to Disney World as much as I use to (there are obviously other reasons). It’s just that they’re the last people I’d ask to come with me on a trip to anywhere. They can be funny sometimes and I do like my cousins to some extent but I don’t need someone saying “F*ck” every five minutes to be entertained. And they do it more for themselves out of habit.
*sigh* This is why I practically begged my friends to come with me though we already paid for the tickets so they couldn’t. So I was stuck feeling lonely… T__T

Those problems aside, it really wasn’t so bad. My dad got us 3-day passes to any of the four Disney parks we wanted to go to so we ended up visiting Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom. We’re saving Sea World and Universal Studios for the next time we go back but in all honesty, I don’t want to go back for a long time. And this comes with the awful realization that I really am no longer a kid (mostly).

At first, when I was around 12 or something, I always thought that we couldn’t possibly cover an entire park in one single day and would throw hissy fits when my parents wouldn’t take the nice boat tour around the lake or tell me it’s time to leave. Now, I can just go alone and cover everything in less than 3 hours (omitting waiting on lines for rides, that is). Yea, Disney World is not that big at all. It’s bigger than Six Flags, true, but when I realized the park was so much smaller than what I originally thought it would be, something inside me kinda died, or “evaporated”. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just…depressing to know you’ve outgrown them. ;____;

I mean, even one or two of the few fast-paced rides I would go on (I think I went on 6 or 7 rides in total for all 3 parks) didn’t excite me like they use to. And all those kiddy rides I loved? Can’t expect me to go on those at my age now…unless I’m going with a 5-year old or something. And there were no 5-year olds. Just three moody, foul-mouthed teenagers who were half-enthusiastic that my dad would buy them beer. D:

…Somone pull a Fei Wong on me and turn me back into a kid or take me to Neverland. I hate growing up. ;____; *wallows in my misery*

In the meantime, indulge the images. Sorry for my zero picture-taking skills.


Does anyone agree with me that the huge AT&T structure looks more like life-sized golf ball? :D

And here’s my cousin being a dork. *rolls eyes* I forgot the name of the ride but it had something to do with the first space mission to Mars or something and when you’re in the capsule seat that is suppose to look like the inside of a space rocket, they start spinning you very fast so it’d push you against the chair when you’re “lifting off” into space. Pretty cool. ‘Cept we had to wait like an hour in line for an only 15-min ride and when we finally got in (and the boys started pressing every button in sight), we had to get out again because they were experiencing some technical difficulties. See what they did? I’m lucky I didn’t have to pay for the damage. xD;

Animal Kingdom

This duck is a demon duck! Look at its red eyes! O.O

Baloo! ^^ I saw Kirk, too, but wasn’t quick enough with getting the camera out to take a picture. Darn.

One thing I really love about Animal Kingdom is that awesome animal-carved tree sitting right in the middle of it all. It’s a magnificent piece of art work. You really have to stand up close and under it to see how perfectly etched the details are.

My cousin being a dork again. xD That thing is suppose to be a huge dung ball made by the Dung Brothers who are in the Bug’s Life 3D show cast.

Yep, “It’s Tough to be a Bug” is a must-see (and those ads are not it but I found them funny anyways). Even though I think only the younger children will scream for it, I really liked the effects. Especially the stink bug. Heh, that was great. xD;

Magic Kingdom

I took more pictures while I was here and I guess anyone would know the reason why. This was the original Disney that I loved so much. This was where all the “magic” in my childhood really started. And then they had to ruin it by making Pocahantas and Mulan as “Princesses” (I’m fine with the first five that were in there but Pocahantas and Mulan are not princesses) and coming up with the BRATZ un-uglified “Fairies” franchise.
But ha! I’ll have you know that Mulan and Pocahantas aren’t anywhere near the real princesses! At least, not on Orlando shelves but still! It means that all the Disney stores outside Orlando are conspiring with each other to rip customers off! Well, not me! When I own Disney (lol, whut? xD; ), I’ll set them straight! …after I get rid of the Fairies first. =P

Mickey’s house
(Note: Everything is Christmas decorated. It’s amazing. *finds it so* 8D)

Lol, I never knew Mickey to be lazy. xD; But he’s a pretty busy guy, er, mouse. haha

Minnie’s house

Ok, now that’s a little freaky. o.O;

Minnie’s Ojii-chan! xD

And believe it or not but…

Minnie’s quite an accomplished artist. o.O

Um, ok, that’s even freakier than the mailbox. xD;

Disney characters

Uncle Scrooge! Christmas is never complete without him! 8D

Jack! xDDD I’m convinced that no one can really be Jack Sparrow except for Johnny Depp but this Jack’s almost got the drunk, “suave” aura down. The makeup makes him look very convincing, too. ^^

Lawl~ Donald being tsuntsun cuz he doesn’t believe in dreams. Aww, Donald~! <3
It was pretty cool when he suddenly stood up to Maleficent and said the exact opposite. Haha, I love Donald. ^^

And how can I not include Disney romance? Especially Mickey and Minnie. They’re the OTP that happened before all OTPs. <3
& OMG! DAISY! 8D I love Daisy. She’s my favorite out of all of them. And I decided this like…less than 3 days ago. xD; But that’s because when I was trying to remember what kind of souvenirs my friends would like, none of them mentioned Daisy (well, none of them said Pluto either). And me, having a tendency to love characters that don’t get enough love (she didn’t even appear on the stage show!), said I wanted a Daisy doll as a souvenir.

Unfortunately, there were only two distinct Daisy dolls in the entire park (I believe I searched through all of them and that was why my feet hurt) and they were not cute at all. Xiao Jie was very disappointed. Very. :'(
I did say before that I’m not the type of person who likes to spend unless I really wanted something. And since this was going to be the last time in a while that I’ll go back there, I at least wanted a plush to take back home to remember this trip. But that something had to be worth my money, of course. Just like how I am with anime and manga (see, this is relevant!), I won’t buy it unless I really like it. And I like things that are appealing to the eye. I won’t settle for an $18 plush if I think it’s less than cute or pretty.
So…I give you a tip if you’re going to shop in Disney World. Don’t expect much variety except in clothing if you’re looking for something specific. All stores sell pretty much the same thing if you’re looking for one thing in particular.

Anyways…since I didn’t get my Daisy, I wanted a Lady instead. And there were only two different ones, too. Obviously, I chose the better-looking one and am content. ^^

Kyaaa~! She’s so cute! And pretty! Just like the lil’ Lady she is! x3 She’s sitting next to my pillow now. And just looking so…cute. Hee~! <3

Oh, and I also got a safari hat while I was in Animal Kingdom. Because I was so dumb in forgetting to bring sunglasses and didn’t want the sun beating down on me so I chose the best-looking one they sold. All the rest looked very plain so I didn’t want ’em. Again, not a lot of choices but better than nothing.

Pretty nice. ^^ It kept on getting squished, though, so when I took it out of the luggage, it looked so deformed. Thankfully the inside bands are elastic so I can mold it back close to it’s original shape. Not perfect but eh. ^^;

Yep, those are the things I bought for myself. Everything else got consumed and digested. Ooo, how’s that for a mental image? *brick’d* |D;

All in all, going back to Disney was fun. I’m looking forward to going back again someday but for now, I’ll just be the lazy bum I am at home. lol

I apologize for sounding bratty again at the beginning but I’d like to end on a good note for everything and half the time, I don’t really mean such things…I just rage, y’know. It’s a natural thing. *shrug*


*stretches and yawns* Agh, that was long. Nothing really more to say. I’ll be working on my About page, the next banner, and the all-in-one First Impressions posts tomorrow.

So…Happy New Years again to all my readers and fellow bloggers! I hope you have a good year ahead of you (or at least not a very bad one) and best regards to us both! ^^

K, laterz!


13 thoughts on “Happy New Years! ^^ & I’m back! >8D

  1. Happy new year~~~ Disneyworld is sssssoooooo much more better than Disneyworld (No matter how much they wish it isn’t so) Anyway Happy new Year~! Looking forward to future *giggle* Amuto based Shugo chara Doki reviews from you ^^

    • Dia: ? Did you mean Disneyland? Sry, got kinda confused there. ^^;

      Aha, and as much I’d like to make almost everything I watch Amuto-based, the sensible fangirl in me is telling me not to and I must obey or I shall get no Amuto dreams…but that isn’t to say I won’t spam Amuto images! hehe~! >83


      Fuyu-san: Oh~, you got to go on your birthday and it was the 25th anniversary? Lucky~! x3

      Ah, sorry for bringing back the disappointment. :( But you’re right, Disney is enjoyable no matter what (I just can’t help but sound pessimistic b/c being an “adult” hit me harder than I thought it would but I never expected or wanted it to be this!)…yep, it is eternal magic. :D Who knows? It could be the cure to all illnesses one day. ~.^ Like Minnie said “You just need to believe!” lol, so corny and cheesey. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at that. xD

      Agh, lucky again! Make your future husband rent out the whole entire castle and then parade around the park in a nice float! …And film it, too. I wanna see~! xDD

      Ugh, Hairy Montanna and High sh*t musical makes me want to pull my hair out. I can’t believe those things actually sell but kids would buy anything that are popular these days and get stupidly easily hooked on it all the same. =_=; But there is also some kind of tactic or strategy behind it. Once something or someone becomes famous on a brilliant piece of work, its/their loyal fans will continue to follow and support them no matter what after that. Even if they start generating crap out, they’ll still buy that stuff because it’s made by that certain name. The same goes for authors and stuff like that. I guess it’s not so bad because hey, you’re still getting money for making crap (oh, kinda extreme there) but for Disney…it just breaks me to see them degrade themselves like that.

      Heh, that reminds me, I have a younger cousin who absolutely adores Hannah Montanna (gah, she even wore a hoodie with her picture yesterday when she came over) and it took me a lot of effort to restrain myself from ripping it apart…ok, not really. But I really hate seeing it. I am a true Disney fan, after all. I even argued with my aunt over the princesses and said that all the merchandise she’s buying for her 8-year old kid is poisoining her mind. Oi, what’s happening with the world? *cries* Dx

      YES, I KNOW! It is an atrocious thing to do! I didn’t actually hear her voice yet but if I come across it, I’ll make myself momentarily deaf. Tinkerbell is a cute jealous lil’ bitch who *tingtings!* when she has anything to say. She’s not another Disney version of Barbie! >:(


      Yep, I did! I will always enjoy the original Disney I love and am glad that didn’t change much. ^^ lol, I actually ditched my cousins in Magic Kingdom and just went walking around by myself cuz that was the last place I wanted to hear them make any comments on how “Oh, this looks so gay” and whatnot. It was more fun that way cuz I was finally able to see the parade. :D

  2. Happy New Year and such!!!

    Hearing you talk about Disney World has me feeling so nostalgic and disappointed at the same time. I got a lot of memories from jogged from eleven years ago looking at your pictures. Mostly Mickey and Minnie’s house. Ah…when I went they were still building Animal Kingdom. But it’s okay I went to Disney on my birthday and it was the most awesomest present evar. Cinderella’s castle was even a cake because it’s was the 25th Anniversary.

    But the disappointment comes because the plan was to go again after I graduated. This was a plan made before I got sick so it seems especially unfair now.

    No matter what I’ll enjoy it though. I think I’m like my mother. We always go to the Disney store and enjoy it more than anything else in any mall we’ve been to. My mom went to Disney for her honeymoon and that’s pretty much the plan for me too.

    I just want less Hannah Montanna and High School musical than I see on TV specials though (those things aren’t Disney…they’re just not).

    God and don’t even get me started on those fugly fairies. Do you know that they made Tinkerbell talk!? She talks! And she doesn’t even sound like how you would imagine Tinkerbell to sound. She sounds nice and Tinkerbell isn’t nice. GRAGH! Disney as a business is always ruining my childhood.

    But Disney World is Disney World and as long as Cinderella’s castle is around I’ll love it~

    I hope that despite any stupid annoyances you still had fun though! It’s Disney World!

  3. Fuyumaiden: I knowTinkerbell is MEAN not nice~! What happened to our TsunTsun Tink? Andf HSM and HM are rlly really bad,sorry fans it is.What happened to our wonderous classics? *sobs*

  4. Belated Happy New Year! Looks like you had tons of fun in Disneyland. Sad to say, I’ve never been to one. LOLz.

  5. Sorry for the late post! Had to get rid of a ton of spyware! XD Happy new year! :D Aw, Disneyworld! Never been there but plan to one day. I’m glad you had a lot of fun, though! Aww *Hug* I know the feeling, it feels weird to finally grow up, and yet.. we want nothing more than to be young again. LOL omg Jack! *Spazz* He almost looks like Johnny, but then again only Johnny can pull off Mr. Jack Sparrow! ;) ROFL @ the demon duck. Seriously, it DOES look demented.. O__O

    Gah, I gotta get going now. xDDD It’s soo late and I’m soo tired. XD Take care, and can’t wait to read your new posts! :D

  6. Replying to your twitter:

    Just finished the first ep. of Kurokami and I was like…….WTF? Mix of Chaos;Head and Gai-Rei Zero o-O Interesting

  7. Happy New Year! (sorry this is so late)

    Too bad about the pay for internet thing.

    You’re so lucky! I’ve always wanted to go to disney world.

    I agree. Donald rules. ( both angry Donald and tsundere Donald).

    The Lady plush is cute. Sorry that you couldn’t find a Daisy one.

    @ Fuyu: Yeah, Tinkerbell the movie sucks. My mom bought it for our cousins and tried to get me to watch it with her. I could only watch the first five minutes of it.

    Suddenly wants to re-watch Beauty and The Beast.

  8. ergh, pay for internet at a 4 star hotel? wTF? and that one ride with the whole pressing buttons and all, that was a fun ride -last time mimi was on ride, she was in 3rd grade- but I was like “OMFG WHICH BUTTON DO I PRESS?” Aww, I’m sorry that the trip wasn’t as fun as you wanted ><

    well Happy New Year eventhough it’s late ^^

  9. O_O Oh man! I’ve never been to DisneyLand USA and it really looks cool with the pics you posted :) And I’ve always seen Epcot on TV and it looks really cool. (I had never been contented with all the theme parks here on our country lol)
    And lol @ your cousin XD Haha… Does the dung tastes good? Kidding ^^. Oh and a late Happy New Years’ greeting to you.

  10. One day, I wanna go there too ^^. And lol. It’s still highly debated if Poccha-chan and Mulan-chan if would be considered as Disney “princesses” along with Anastacia, whoever that is..

    OMG those furnitures at the house!!! It’s so cute!!! Btw, have you found lots of “Hidden Mickeys” in there? lol at your wacky cuz too :)

    And a belatedly-late Happy New Year to you!!! Lol at my lateness XD

    @FuyuMaiden: did I just hear Tinkerbell O.o?? Tinkerbell’s my favorite cartoon icon lol yeah ^^.

  11. ARGH! I can’t believe it took me this long to reply to comments. Sorry, everyone. T_T

    7: Happy belated belated New Year! xD; You should go when you get the chance. It’s pretty much designed for the little kiddies but it’s still fun. ^^


    myvampireeyes: Ugh, spyware is the worst. Hope your comp. is recovered now.
    And happy new years to you, too! X3
    *hugs back* I never wanted to grow up actually. :( I like my Peter Pan syndrome. xD;
    Yes, the only Jack that we accept is sexy Johnny Depp love~. :D


    Karen: I never watched Chaos;Head but now that I have Kurokami I don’t think I will.


    warriorhope: I’m sorry! I’m even later! *fails* Dx

    Yesh, paying for internet sux.

    Wow, I’m surprised a lot of people haven’t gone. o.O; And I know people who go to Disney world like every year. It’s kinda unfair.

    Donald ish the bomb. X3 lol, what? Who says that anymore? xD;

    *sniff* Daisy…but I love my Lady plush a lot so I’m content. Heh. ^^


    Mimi: Aww, no need to feel sorry. I was kind of expecting it anyways but it was still nice to go back to Disney World again. ^^

    Haha, yes, happy new year to you to. God, I’m really bad at catching up. ^^;


    tsuiteru: You should come to ours while our economy is still screwed! Put some money in and we’ll give you a full-week vacation with VIP passes. I take no responsibility if anything goes wrong, just trying to get out of the recession as soon as we can. lol xD;

    And late late happy new years to you, too (oh I think I said it on Metanorn already). ^^


    kanzeon: Anastasia is actually not part of Disney but Fox Entertainment or something. But I thought she was a Disney princess since I first saw her, too. ^^;

    “Hidden Mickeys”? Omg, I missed them! Nuuu~! Dx

    lol I’m even later but Happy New Years anyway. ^^


    Christine Daee: Eh? Why’d you change your name? o.O;

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