Xiao Jie’s leaving?! *gasp!* D8


For only four nights! ^^;

Ah, what a fortune it is to have to leave the day after I open my blog. At least I churned five posts out within 24 hours though my sore throat right now cancels out any enjoyment. *coughcough* Ugh, miserable. Hate being sick. Dx

I’m typing this as I’m waiting for the SC! torrent to come out (god, why tonight of all nights is it taking so friggin’ damn long?!) so I’ll post this up immediately after finishing the ep 64 post. Y’know what, screw it. I’ll post this up now and wait for it as I pack (it’s 12:43 AM now) and catch up on sleep during the flight. Stupid torrent. =__=;

So…I’m heading to the state where the sunshine grows (Flordia, oranges, y’know) with my family and two cousins. We’ll be going to some park in Disney, Sea World, and I guess Universal Studios if that’s what they’re planning. I have no idea. I’m just going with them. And I’ll be awfully lonely since I have no one to talk to. TwT So I’ll try to find internet somehow. They should have internet…for free…or else! xD;

In the meantime, while I have nothing to do, I’ll probably try to catch up on writing fanfics when I’m not going to the beach. Actually, I don’t even want to go the beach. Lot’s of people are probably going to be there and I don’t do well with crowds or cold water at this time of the year even if it is Orlando.

Hmm, yea, I’ll try to make the best of it and take lots of pics. And then I’ll do another “Meeee~!” post when I get back OH NOES! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!! |D;, which will be around New Years’ Eve. Oh god, that means more family parties I have to attend. Nuu~! =3=

Yep! So until then, stay well, everyone! ^^


5 thoughts on “Xiao Jie’s leaving?! *gasp!* D8

  1. I will be waiting for you to come back! Can I spam your blog with lots of nonsense in the meantime?

    …I will take that silence as a yes! (Totally taking advantage of the situation)

    Aw…but poor sick girl. Hope you get better soon! You know I can sympathize. Which makes me think…what’s wrong with the world? I’m actually feeling pretty good today and you’re sick. Hope you feel better in Florida though (do people even get colds in Florida?)

    Oh! And Disney World! I want to go!!! I was supposed to go when I graduated from high school, but you know…agh. Well I hope you have a nice time wherever you end up going.

  2. warrior: Thanks! ^^


    Fuyu-san: Try as you may, you will never catch up with me! Hahaha~! xD;

    I do feel better now, thank you! ^^ And glad you feel better, too, though I hope it doesn’t go bad/reverse for you now tht my sore throat is gone. o.O;
    And I didn’t sleep on the plane and it’s like 1:09 AM right now so I really need to get to sleep if I don’t want to feel utterly wasted tomorrow. Ohhh~…
    As for Florida colds, they probably have some kind of other special name for it or something that the rest of the world doesn’t know because it’s really comfortable down here. lol I actually told my friend to ship my house down here since the weather is so nice. xD

    I will! Thanks! ^^


    Dia: Thank you! Aww, we missed bumping into each other though we only just interacted through the internet. xD;

  3. Well of course not, you have too much of a headstart. But even so I don’t think I’ll even be able to match your comment-per-post average.

    Nope, I’m still feeling fine~ I think it helps that I slept until 6 PM today (I slept 14 hours).

    Now you go sleep 14 hours too (hopefully you are now). I’m amazed at your lack of sleep. But actually…don’t sleep 14 hours. You’re in Florida. if you sleep 14 hours you’ll miss out on…Florida.

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