Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 64


Ack, two more hours and I have to go. Sorry but this is going to be a rushed post with few screenshots (I’ll try to take the ones I think are best but WMP Classic is not working right now so I have to use WMV and Paint, OMG. o.O; )


Ikuto’s violin is still stuck in some dark laboratory next to a huge container full of X-eggs. In the meantime, Lulu and her dad are watching a variety show that Lulu’s mom is entertaining on (doing magic tricks) and Lulu’s dad is just ecstatic while Lulu remains convinced that it will be better if her mom could go back to being a “real” actress soon instead of doing these meager shows.

Then it cuts to Amu walking to the shrine to meet up with the other Guardians, so they could all pray for a good new year together. Tadase compliments Amu on her kimono (or maybe something about the New Year, I dunno, I’m not listening at that moment cuz I’m rushing) and Yaya and Rima whisper behind his back on how rude it was that he never complimented theirs.

Next the group goes to get their fortune told and Amu’s says something about a nagareboshi (“shooting star”) and her Charas wonder if this has anything to do with making a new friend (aka Lulu). Later, they meet up with a pair of siblings who are practicing for their performance that night (something like juggling balls on paper umbrellas). Rima gets into her element when the siblings mention they want to make the crowd laugh and smile for their act and orders everyone to start training.

Meanwhile, at Easter, asshole director is not pleased with how slow Lulu is in getting the Embryo. She gets pissed and leaves. The director then tells Ikuto they must get the Embryo for Gozen no matter what and if he hates any of this, then he should hate bearing the Tsukiyomi name as the all people with that last name are “fated” to work for Easter until their deaths (ooo~, I’m so scared, fugly). Ikuto then leaves and Yoru gives him the key to where the violin is being stored (he stole it from the director’s drawer while he wasn’t looking). They infiltrate the lab, take the violin and escape through the vent system while the guards run around trying to look for him.

Going back to Lulu, she’s still walking off pretty pissed at the attitude she received even though she said she’s still trying to find the Embryo and bumps into Amu. Amu introduces her (using her full name, Lulu de Morchef Yamamoto, to which Lulu is all “Yamamoto is not necessary” about) to the rest of the Guardians and Yaya is amazed that she gets to meet the daughter of the well-known French chef and popular actress. Lulu shows of her pride in it until Rima breaks in and tells everyone to get back to training, including Lulu. Lulu does the ball-umbrella balancing act with ease, leaving everyone in awe. She brushes it off, saying that is was an easy thing for her to do.

While the rest continuing practicing, Amu asks Lulu what is the thing she likes most. Lulu, seeing one of the Easter employees waving to behind Amu’s back, says that it was none of her business and walks off. The employee then tells her that the director wants her to go search for Ikuto because he stole the violin and without that, they can’t put the violin plan into action. Lulu gets even more pissed off because first of all, she was suppose to be looking for the Embryo as they had told her to. Nana reprimands the employee (and Easter in general) for saying that they’re going to abandon using Lulu’s tactics in favor of using Ikuto’s violin instead.

Later, the Guardians wish the siblings good luck on their performance and goes of somewhere to kill time until then. Somewhere around the same area, Nana senses the presence of another Shugo Chara and it turns out to be Yoru. Ikuto is bowed over in a sort of pain and Yoru told them to back off but Lulu reassures him that she’s not interested in informing Easter about Ikuto’s whereabouts and says that her main goal was the Embryo – that no matter what, she’d never give it to him or Easter. Ikuto smirks and remarks that she’s not just a puppet after all and Lulu retorts that he wasn’t any ordinary cat boy either before leaving. Nana tells them that while they go look for the Embryo, they should go hide somewhere safe until then before floating after her owner. A slightly confused Yoru thanks them but turns his attention back to Ikuto when another wave of pain comes over him again.

Lulu then finds the siblings, does her “mahou jewelry” thing and corrupts their hearts. The Guardians’ Shugo Charas senses this and they all run back to the place where they were practicing before to see them Chara-nari (I don’t know what the name is for this one but they look meh all the same). A fight ensues, Rima shouts some sense into them, Amu does Open Heart and they return to normal. Lulu, however, wasn’t paying any attention to any of this but notices the Embryo and is disappointed that she couldn’t get it when it flew off shortly afterwards.

The performance, with a few slight mishaps that were easily saved, was a success. Lulu is now even more determined to find the Embryo…and it starts to snow.

Later, back at Amu’s, she comes out after taking a bath and, seeing the fortune she took her earlier on her desk, still wonders if has anything to do with Lulu (no, it doesn’t, Amu~!) but just says she’ll think about it later (I guess), walks over to her bed, throws of her covers and jumps in, unaware of the big sleeping kitty who was already there until a few moments later…and then she screams “Is this what it meant by meeting a shooting star?!” xD

And now we have a two weeks wait until the next ep comes out.


Omg, I’m so hungry right now. Thank god I have an hour left to upload this. Then I’ll just grab a banana or something and eat it on the way to the airport. And then I’ll sleep. =w=



I really hate it when Satelight does this to Lulu especially after last week where her character improved by a lot. Now she’s back to being unoriginal. This pose…hand on the cheek with a “Whatever” expression. Amu does it better. =P

And her wish for her mother to return to what she considers “real” acting (which Lulu considers to be her mom’s true radiance) is naïve as ever. Lulu is too proud of keeping an impressive image to see that her parents are just fine the way they are right now. She needs to be pushed into the snow by Kukai or something and loosen up a little.


Lawl I love this screencap for Rima and Yaya alone. Displeased girls talking unapprovingly about boys rock! And so does Rima’s hair! x3


Rimaaaa~~~!!! <3333

Yep, do I really have to explain this? xD


Ikutoooo~!!! ;___;
Don’t look so sad! Yoru’s going to drop you off at Amu’s later! xDDD

God, I hate Ikuto’s bastard stepdad so much that I can’t even take a screencap of him and draw huge amounts of facial hair to cover up his horribly, ugly face! “It’s written in the stars” my ass! You certainly haven’t been reading Tsukasa’s astrology updates so you fail! Fail fail fail! D8<

And I don’t know whether to laugh or be disgusted by this but…


WTF is a deck of Amulet FLOW cards doing in his drawer? Someone file him as a possible child sex predator! This is a shoujo show for kids if you haven’t noticed!


You guys fail. You fail so much because you even had to tie yourselves up. Utter fail. =_=;


Ludase! xD It won’t happen until after that part, though, but I still have my hopes up for these two! Thank you, Satelight! Let’s just go with the no-person-left-behind plan!


Does Rima need to slap a bitch? 8D

…I love you, Rima. x3


Huh, Ikuto and Lulu’s conversation reminded me a lot of Sunohara’s imagined tough talk with Tomoyo…only that there’s no Sunohara in it. I don’t know why, it just did. Eh, either way, I’m glad Lulu’s taking a stand on disobeying Easter’s orders even if they were more for herself than to help him but she bought them some time at least. And though her renewed determination reminded me of Utau in a little-more-than-comfort way, the slight difference is that she won’t stand for crap. Utau had followed Easter’s orders unwillingly but she never raged outright at it and did her task with a silent nod. Lulu, however, starts cursing in her Nagoya-ben and if she’s ignored, then she’ll ignore right back. Not to say that Lulu is better than Utau because of that (oh please, who can ever top Utau? *rolls eyes*) or anything but just pointing out the difference.


I wonder how long it’s going to take for the Guardians to notice the necklaces. They haven’t yet, right? -_-;


The siblings remind me of some episode I saw in the fourth season of Sailor Moon. But instead of traditional Japanese culture, it was one gigantic circus seesaw.


THIS. This is an awesome shot of Rima. It practically called for me to screencap it! 8D

Oh yea, and the fight was awesome, too…cuz Nagi planned it before hand! Kyaaa~! Nagi, you’re so coooolllll~!!! xD I love how he looks in a male kimono, too. Hehe x3


Ugh, ok, as much as I love Amulet Heart, this episode should have gone to Amulet Spade. It’s not Amulet Heart’s fault but Satelight’s. What the hell is wrong with you and your inability to show Amu’s other Chara-nari’s, you idiots? Is it that f***in’ hard that I have to go over there to beat you into doing it?


Ok, Lulu, let’s talk for a bit. If you want the Embryo that badly then standing around waiting for it and watching it fly away without being able to do anything is certainly not going to get you there. So what’s the point in going “I’m definitely going to get the Embryo” if you won’t even go after it? Not that you can anyway since we still haven’t seen your Chara-nari (which you probably still can’t do) but still. Are you going to drop yourself down to a fail villain as well? Use your friggin’ brain, kid!

And…the moment we’ve all been waiting for!


Our shooting star has landed safely in the exact place where he should and we will remain on pleasant standby until the Lulu issue is resolved. Take care of him, Amu! He’s a sick kitty who needs your love and care~! <3


K, the next ep won’t be until two weeks from now but I’m happy for the break. I need to do a lot of catching up on stuff.


And it seems to be snowman filler ep. Yay! Kukai is back! Lol I’d wish for Utau to show up but I know she won’t. Buu…

And the one to push Rima into the snow should’ve been Nagi! But w/e. I’m hungry. I have to leave in half an hour. Oi.

Oh, and more mandatory one.


Kyaa~! Kyaaa~! Kyaaaaaa~~~~~!!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDD

Omg, I have to go now. I’m really, really sorry for the sloppy post.
Hope nothing else screwed the format or anything. Ugh, I hate html and that crap.

K, gotta go! Baiz! ^^


13 thoughts on “Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 64

  1. Xiao! You got a blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

    “WTF is a deck of Amulet FLOW cards doing in his drawer? Someone file him as a possible child sex predator! This is a shoujo show for kids if you haven’t noticed!”


    Seeing sad Ikuto sucked. Evil Stepdad is worst everyday who shows up.

    I wasn’t the only one who noticed the Ludase. (Maybe we’re just reading too much into it though?)

    I agree. If Lulu wants to get the Embyro she has to stop moping, and get off her arse to do something.

    Rima rules in this episode. I love how she was the one who gave the sterotypical maho shojo pep talk this time.

    Yes! (I love how she didn’t notice he was in the bed before she jumped in).

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to reading your blog in the future. ^___^

  2. Yay. Glad to see that you managed to finish your first Shugo Chara post before leaving. Especially when it’s for such a wonderful episode~!

    Well, actually quite a bit of the episode was boring, but I can really easily forget that considering how good part of the episode was.

    Hm…you know you’re starting to convince me that Lulu and Tadase might work. Before I went all crazy for Rimahiko, I think I remember saying that Rima would be good for Tadase because she could keep him in line! Lulu seems to be capable of that too. Ojou-sama generally fits with a prince I think. I’m not going to ship them though. I just think it would be nice if Tadase at least had someone in the anime (poor Tadase in the manga though…).

    Everything else, I generally agree with. Rima~! Nagihiko~! Everything else was awesome.

    But *gasp* Did you neglect to mention how cute Amu looked in her kimono? But it’s okay since we’ve already seen her in that kimono anyway.

    And Amulet Heart. Hmph. If the episode has anything plot relevant in it, Amulet Heart will appear. Really makes it feel like Amulet Clover and Spade are just “filler” Chara Nari’s and that pisses me off!!!

    Lulu can’t get the embryo at all. It hasn’t come up that much because Ikuto was supposed to catch it once it appeared before….something that Lulu seems to have really forgotten. Lulu… -_-;;
    I do want to see her chara-nari though.

    OMGz! So many screencaps of the bed scene! So many! Are you trying to challenge me? Well of course not since i haven’t even posted yet and it’s the natural thing to do (Amuto~).

    It’s a shame that no one can really say much about such a momentous occasion because…nothing’s happened. I mean something happened, but we all knew it would happen and all that’s really left to say is um…Well, ’til next week! Hahaha~

    But my god, I really want Utau to show up in the next episode. Please Satelight, I won’t ask you for anything else next episode (only because I’m guaranteed to get what I want anyway…)!

    And yes~ More bed scene next week. I bet that’s pretty much all we’re guaranteed to get next week though. They’re really going to stretch this out as long as they can. Not that I really mind.

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  4. Welcome Xiao Jie! I’ve been checking on you quite frequently(Reading your comments, watching on twitter) You just seemed really cool and intresting so I decided to watch you! The blog is great and I want to welcome you wordpress~ Happy New Year~!

  5. Wow, I love your blog! *__*

    “WTF is a deck of Amulet FLOW cards doing in his drawer? Someone file him as a possible child sex predator! This is a shoujo show for kids if you haven’t noticed!”

    LMFAO. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed! XD It was funny. The 2nd time watching this scene, I saw the cards and thought “WTF?! Is that Dia’s egg on that card..? He’s been stalking Amu OMG!” Freaking sexual predator. XD I thought there was something off about how he had all that info on Amu in ep 51.

    “Does Rima need to slap a bitch?”

    OMG. xDDD That would be epic win right there. Since Utau never did, I’d go apeshit if Rima did. Next best person! XD Ha ha, I’m starting to go for Ludase. XD

    “Our shooting star has landed safely in the exact place where he should and we will remain on pleasant standby until the Lulu issue is resolved. Take care of him, Amu! He’s a sick kitty who needs your love and care~! <3”

    LOL, THIS. Amu should reaaally take care of him. Cuddle him, give him milk, let him sleep on her bed, give him a kiss (okay, I’m just wishful thinking now. XD) But yes, our smexy cat boy has landed safely right into Amu’s bed. Take that, Easter. Especially you, fugly evil step dad.

    Speaking of him, your comment about him had me ROFLing. He’s so ugly not even trying to fix up the fugliness will work. (Has tried it) I actually made him look worse. XD Big foreheaded bastard is just too ugly. *Shiver* And evil. I hope someone shoves his head into that x-egg machine.

    YES BED SCENE. Epic win. Especially how Amu’s all just jumping into bed when you can see him in a second. I was shaking my head at her. XD But the cute-LOl moments after were soo awesome. XD Especially the “Is this what it meant by a shooting star?!” bit. XD Yes, Amu. Ikuto is YOUR shooting star. 8D I also loved Yoru rubbing his eyes looking like “What’re you screaming about?” So freaking cute. XD

    Hope you have a safe flight and rest well! :D I’m totally subscribing to/watching your blog. ^.^

  6. warrior: ^^

    Yes, Ikuto is so wrongfully deprived and life gives him the worst in return. Amu, save Ikuto from this terrible cycle of sadness! ;__;

    Haha, I’m pretty sure my main reasoning for supporting Ludase is because I just want Tadase to still have someone when/if Amu chooses Ikuto. He deserves a good girl and Lulu can be that good girl.

    Yesh, Rima ish awesomeawesome! 8D

    Thank you for reading and commenting! I promise to comment on yours soon, too! ^^ Or when I get back. We don’t get free internet after all. Ugh, that sux. -_-;

    Fuyu-san: The wonderful episodes must be blogged no matter what the situation!

    Yes, you did say that, but Lulu can keep him in line, too, and vice versa with Tadase. His amiable nature can throw off her overly prideful one and make her feel a little ashamed of it…so it works, cuz it deflates her huge ego. Heh.
    And like what I said to warrior, my main reason for shipping them is because I just want Tadase to get his own happiness in the end. I hope it will happen in the manga, too, somehow but we can only hope for the best from P-Pit. *sighs worriedly*

    Yea, Amu in her kimono is so pretty (prettier than last year even). Amu~, I’m so happy to see you getting prettier by the day! <3 Ah, but I at least used that as the front image to make up for not mentioning it (rush~).

    I noticed that, too! And it’s even more unfair that Satelight is now taking the filler privileges away from Amulet Spade and Amulet Clover in the anime, too! Grr!

    Lulu’s too caught in what she wants to even care about anything else. Amu, get angry and bitchslap some sense into her! Bitchslaps are effective!

    I’m imagining that her Chara-nari will be some kind of large Victorian aristocratic dress so if that’s it, I’m wondering how she’ll be able to fight in that. But it probably won’t be that way. ^^;

    WAAHHH!!! Fuyu-san has gone Utau over Amuto on me! *goes into Amu-like spazz/shock* xDD;; But every true Amuto fan had to do it. You know that. ~.^

    It will be the best if she and Kukai started getting into a snowball fight to see who gets hit the most…ooo! Must write that down! *does so* 8D

    Hehe, yep, I’m content with more bed scenes, too, so no complaints for next ep. I’ll just allow myself to be slightly annoyed if anything goes :P again but it’ll be an enjoyable filler mostly so I don’t think I’ll mind. ^^

    Thanks for commenting! Will comment on yours soon! ^^


    Dia: Thank you! I’ve been reading your comments on Fuyu-san’s blog, too, and am so happy to finally get a chance to talk to you on my own (cuz I think we agree on most things, especially Amuto *giggle* x3). I would’ve done so in comments but mines are, as you can tell, very long so I didn’t know if anyone would pay attention to that. ^^;

    Ah, but I’m very honored and humbled you like my blog! And even more so that you find me “cool and interesting”. *feels so shy and embarrassed now* >///< But thank you! And thanks for the very warm welcome, too! Happy New Years! ^^


    myvampireeyes: OMG, it’s you! *goes up to you and…shakes your hand furiously* xD I’d (virtual) hug you but we only talked with each other a few times on GW so I didn’t want to freak you out or anything. Lol But so glad you like my blog. ^^

    Yea, right?! How dare he?! Amu is off limits to all men except for a few guys in the Guardians (but they’re only admirers and good friends) and her hot future cat-eared boyfriend. If they just admire her from afar, that’s no problem but this is just wrong. And he’s an old creepy guy so it’s even more wrong. Let’s arrest him. *takes out handcuffs*

    Yay~! Another Ludase fan converted (or almost), hehe. X3

    Yes! That! That! Of course it won’t happen anytime soon but later on when they are together and he gets sick again, she’ll have to spoil him rotten! X3 Cuz he’s too cute and irresistible not to! And how can you not take care of a sick person anyways? Isn’t it your duty as a Ikuto fangirl person? xD;

    I’m glad someone agrees with me on that point. >:3 And ooo, but I bet you made him look so much more amusing to laugh at then when he is on TV. He can’t even make us laugh while being bad and those characters always immediately go into my dislike list.

    Yes~…I’ve squealed so much about the bed scene, I can’t even go to sleep anymore. xD;

    & thanks! Also, thanks so much for commenting and subscribing! I’ll be looking forward to your comments. ^^

    And oh yea, before I forget, I’ve skimmed through Fuyu-san’s post and did you say you opened up your own wordpress blog? If so, can I have the link? I want to read your posts and spam comment there, too! 8D

  7. so I wasn’t the only one who noticed the amulet flow card. thanks for reviewing this episode. it’s awesome! I can’t wait two weeks for the next episode!! D :

  8. I know Amuto forever *giggles* I had seen you talk about your blog on Twitter and I was waiting for you to bring it out. I was so happy when Fuyumaiden posted the link on her site. Cute banner too!

  9. Haha…awesome! You finally got a blog! I was wondering when you were going to make one…my guess was a week off!

    Looking forward to your posts, although I do not watch SC.

    Btw, if you want people to be able to click your name as a link to your site, try filling in your profile with this blog’s URL under the ‘website’ field.

  10. LOL! It’s okay! *Shakes hand and glomps*8D Ha ha, we should talk more! XD Of course! :D

    ROFL, yes. Evil step dad must be arrested. *Handcuffs him and throws him in jail to be raped by the inmates.* That would be a suitable punishment, though I think all of us Ikuto fangirls/Amuto fans want him dead either way. LOl.

    Ludase would make soo much sense, and it’s a pairing I’d seriously support because Tadase needs someone too. Just not Amu. She’s got her hawt cat-eared boyfriend, just like you said. :D Ha ha, I know, right? She better take good care of him once she saves him. I mean, he’s going to need a good long rest after this… poor thing. ;.;

    XD!! Now I need to find that picture again.

    You’re welcome! ^^ I look forward to reading your posts!

    Lol, yep. : D It’s

    Thanks! : D

  11. Tramilisha: Hehe, no, thank you for commenting. ^^ And it’ll only be a week from tomorrow. Won’t be too long of a wait. :)


    Dia: Thank you! ^^


    Mimi: Yes, he does. *glares at him*
    And thanks! :D


    Karen: Thanks! ^^


    7: Waahh~, a lot of people were. I’m very surprised. xD;

    Thanks. ^^ And I’ll have much more to rant about than SC! so no worries. ;D

    Ah, I did that just now. Thanks for telling me!


    myvampireeyes: lol We will! Yay! ^^

    I want him tortured before he dies. He’s caused too much pain towards too many people! >:( And eww, only a crazy person would rape someone like him. I feel bad for the poor crazy person. It’s not his fault that he can’t tell. xD;

    *nodsnodsnods* 8D

    I hope we get a nice touching scene between the two of them…and not just that “touching. xDD;;; lol I’m such a perv but I blame it all on Amuto for bringing it out! lol

    And yay~! Thanks for the link! I’ll be sure to comment tomorrow. Gotta go to be now. Haha ^^

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