The day after Dec. 25th.


…I am going to get slapped if I don’t stop using so much CCS pictures anytime soon.

But it’s Sakura and Syaoran so it’s ok~! <3

Hmm, yea, well, yesterday wasn’t only just Christmas. It was my 19th birthday, too. Yep, I’m a Christmas baby. Yay for me. *utterly unexcited now* My last year of really being a “teen.” Then it’s off to the twenties and everything just goes downhill from there. T___T

So help console me by sharing your presents and I shall share mine, mmkay? 8D

Ah, this year was probably one of the better birthdays I had in a while. The previous two years were just horrible.
17th – Went to China. Got food poisoned on that very day and stayed miserable for the rest of the trip.
18th – I cried…yes, I cried. And I wasn’t crying happily either. That’s one sucky way to enter your legal age, especially when it’s not even that you’re crying about.

*sigh* 19 is…okay. I don’t feel any different and I certainly don’t act like an adult either, which is fine with me. I love being a kid and always will be. Growing old is no fun at all. =P

But anyways…

I got my first “Happy Birthday” from one of my friends at 12:03 AM and it really touches me that she’d still be up that late to leave me a voicemail. *was up till 12:38 AM* xD; Aha, college kids never sleep early, what am I talking about? But still, it made me real happy. I should call her later. I miss her. ;3;

Then I woke up around 9 AM, went downstairs and my Dad gave me a red envelope (which I will explain about later on), wished me a happy birthday and followed it with “You know what would be a nice thing to do on Christmas? Practice your piano.” to which I rolled my eyes and replied “Oh, shut up.” and ate my cereal. xD;

Then I spent the rest of the day on the comp, finishing the intro post (yea, it took me a day to edit it cuz I can never do things right =P) while checking emails and other birthday messages I got from other friends before leaving for Queens to have a buffet dinner with the rest of my family. Pretty uneventful but I was content, nonetheless. |3

So, lessee, I got:


A purse (made of real fur, oh dear) and a pair of cute earrings from a friend.


Ralph Lauren perfume from my cousins.

I’m not much of a perfume person nor am I that kind of girl who’s really into jewelry and fancy name brands but I do like these kind of gifts when I receive them cuz when I do need to use it, I won’t have to go out and look for it myself! Ho ho ho~! >xD lol J/k. In fact, I love all the gifts I receive, even if there’s a slim chance I will actually use them. It’s the thought that counts. *nodnod*
bracelet w/wrappingbracelet

A jade bracelet from my Grandpa…it’s very beautiful. I love it. He told me that he’s been keeping it for 10 years until I was old enough to receive it. 10 years! So he got this when I was like 9 years old, wrote my Chinese name on it, and stored it some place safe until just yesterday. o.O;

…And then my uncle had to ruin the moment saying “Oh, you’re not old enough to wear this stuff yet.” *rolls eyes* Which is kinda true but w/e. Thank you, YehYeh~! <3


A sterling silver (it said so in the box) necklace with a very meaningful message etched in it: “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

I couldn’t agree more. And omg, the message in the card made me want to cry! I told her she didn’t need to get me anything and when she insisted that she didn’t want to stop giving me yearly presents (*sniff*) I just told her to give me a card with a nice message in it though I already knew she’d add an extra something and the necklace was it. Still, the card! The card! *reads it over again* ;w; I don’t deserve such love. *makes note to call her later*

red envelopes

And red envelopes stuffed with birthday money. Usually people would give red envelopes during Chinese New Year (which is coming up in January) but they’re also given out for birthdays and just occasional family get-togethers.
Hmm, yea. So I’ll be getting more of these in less than a month. lol xD

Oh, and uh, I got 3 birthday cakes. O.O 3!

cake 1 Unos!

cake 2 Dos!

cake 3 Tres!

…I’m going to have to fast for a year now. @.@; Pfft, nah. I didn’t eat that much. My stomach can’t even handle one full slice. Still…3 cakes…is there a record on how many an average person can get for their birthday?
Huh…well, the first one I got from my friend a week before Christmas (lol we stuck like 13 candles on this small thing and one of the decorations caught on fire cuz I was taking too long to blow them out xD; ), the second one the restaurant made for me (they lied! They said it was going to be a small cake!), and the third was from my other Aunty and cousin…and I gave that one to my other cousins cuz I can’t stand anymore cake. Ugh, I feel so fat. xP

So yea…no anime stuff but I usually get those things on my own. Which is a better idea because they would most likely get me the wrong ones if I asked.

Heh, to be honest, I really didn’t want anything this year. I’m not a materialistic person at all and am totally anti-spending unless it’s required to use money. But they go me stuff anyways. And not only do I feel so grateful that I have such a wonderful quite conflicting family and amazing friends who care enough for me to get me gifts and make my birthday special but also overwhelmed with a horrible sense of unworthiness (haha, this is where I go emo).

To be blunt, I’m a spoiled child. And I hate that part of myself. I’m no Oujo-sama, I can assure you that, but I am the only girl in my immediate family and also the one of the older ones of my generation. So, therefore, I have to set an example to the younger ones and maintain the typical A-average outstanding Asian girl image that my relatives would expect of me to do. And when they see me, they practically drown me with all these praises that I really don’t deserve. Yea, it feels great when you’re just a kid but I feel really rotten about it now. Not completely but quite awful about it. I do study hard when I need to but my grades are not so top-notch anymore. I’m so lazy and hideous that I’m disgusted almost every time I look myself in the mirror. I really wonder what they still see in me now that I’ve thrown the idealistic qualities I have on the floor and just left them there to be kicked around and stomped on.

Yes, I have issues. But glad I got that out of my system!
They don’t seem to mind about this as much as I do so I’ll just let them do as they please and continue to do what I please. Think life like pie and just eat it. =P

K, I’m done. Heh, a little over 3 pages not about Christmas but all about me. I really need to fix this personal stuff. Sounds so bratty and whiny. Then again, there wasn’t much “Christmas” anyway. No one exchanged Christmas presents and it was just more about my birthday than anything else. Hmm. :/

I’m sorry if I just wasted several minutes of your precious time with my pointless banter…but I did give you fair warning so…yea. Hopefully, there won’t be anymore of “Meeee~!”s anytime soon. Heh.

K, goin’ to work on my winter season post now. Should be up in a few hours. Look forward to it. ^^

And once again, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made my day awesome! You guys RAWK!!! 8D


4 thoughts on “The day after Dec. 25th.

  1. I’m actually quite glad to read all the personal stuff and it’s one of the many reasons I wanted to push you into getting a blog. After all of the time you’ve been commenting on my posts, I’m certain that you know more about me than I knew about you. Which is natural. If you’re not coming up with the topic yourself, you’re not going to randomly bring up stuff about yourself. In comments people tend to talk about what’s already being talked about (well, duh, it’s a comment).

    I would say, “Don’t think that way about yourself!” but I know that when people (my parents) say that to me I want to smack them in the face and shout like a little PMS-ing brat that they’re not allowed to tell me what to think or feel. So…I won’t say that. (Though I hope you’d hold back and not have the same bratty reaction I do)

    Instead I feel like quoting episode 53 of Shugo Chara to say why you should trust people’s opinions of you, but I won’t do that either for fear of being too corny (darn Tsukasa, he pulls it off better than I can).

    So! (Finally getting to it) I’ll say that family and love is all about seeing through someone’s flaws and accepting them for who they are (OMG that’s even cornier!). As long as you’re a good person (which you have to be considering even you’ve said you’re not materialistic and that leads to most not…goodness) you deserve what you get (if it’s good…not like…bad things…).

    And yeah, I’m going to stop there because I am such a failure at saying things.

    btw…there’s no need to stop using CCS pictures. I like them~ (of course I would) and if anyone ever complained, there would obviously have to be something wrong with them. It’s Sakura after all!

    • So you’ve been scheming this all along? 8D; Nyahaha~, I kid…a lil. xD But yea. Which is why I try my best not to repeat what is already said. If I’m going to do that, I’ll have to alter stuff around before I’m satisfied with submitting it.

      Hwoo, that’s how I feel, too, when people tell me I should do this or do that. I’m usually respectful about it and just sit in silence and listen but sometimes with my own parents (usually), I can’t allow myself to just take that kind of talk they throw at me, especially when they speak in such a condescending tone as if they know better than me. But the thing is we’re different. I didn’t grow up the way they did and they often forget that. So I have to shout back. I’ve been holding back for 18 years, now that I think about it. o.O;

      Ah! But that’s not the real point (sry for getting side-tracked).

      Aha, and it’s fine if you say something corny even if you didn’t want it to come out that way. The corny helps boost the meaning of what you want to say. ^^ Btw, for the sake of being irrelevant and ěk-sěn’trĭk, lol, I had corn soup and corn dumplings for dinner. Coincidences, eh? xD; And Tsukasa is so good at being “mysteriously” corny that someone should get him a girlfriend so she can roll her eyes at him. How old is he? And he’s not married? *shocked face*

      So…going back to what you said, you’re right. It’s just that most of my family don’t know this side of me so I sometimes wonder how they’d react if they really did. My mom didn’t take it very well so we ended up not talking to each other for a year now (happened last year on my birthday, too) but even so, if they reject it, then they reject it. I like how I am, even though there are some parts I still don’t like about myself but at least I can recognize them.

      && I know~! Who cannot like Sakura~?! <3

  2. this is gonna sound wierd but I have the same plate as you in the backround of cake 1 . dang cake 1 is the fanciest cake evr! o________o ^^

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