09 Winter Watchlist

Snow~! ^^

It’s around this time that I’m actually happy that I’m in college. One month off for winter break. Not too bad, right? ^^

Here’s the breakdown of what I’ll be watching.


The Amulets~! x3

Shugo Chara!! Doki

Kyaaa~! Don’t the Amulets look so cute together? x3
I have to say that even though Satelight has greatly disappointed me a lot of times with the sloppily done Lulu/filler arc, I really, really love this show. Almost to the point where it’s unconditional. o.O; I do love the manga more but the anime is just as awesome all the same. Kanae Ito voicing as Amu, the mahou shoujo aspects of it done in a thousand and more times better than anything Precure keeps coming up with that show needs to die already, everything. I do not hate anyone (with the exception of asshole director and bitch mom), I love the concept that Peach Pit has come up with for this series, and all the problems I have with the rabid fans and certain other things are always overshadowed by something much better so I can just sit back and enjoy without having to be so easily annoyed as I was before. Simply put, SC! just qualifies as one of my all-time favorites.

And what’s even better is that *gaspeth!* Ikuto’s arc is going to start soon! xDDD How can I not blog it? Hmm?! What kind of fan would I be?! lol
I plan to do a late/early post tonight when the Horrible Raws torrent comes out since I have to leave at 11 AM tomorrow. More ranting will be done there later on. Hehehe Bed scene~! x3

Watching: HELL YEA!
Blogging: HELL YEA!
Raw or subbed: Raw. I get the general idea of it. Will watch the subbed ones when they come out (and I only need to watch the subs once).


CLANNAD ~After Story~

Nagisaaaa~~~~!!!! <3

Um, yea, other than that, I like CLANNAD a lot but most of my love for this show has been deflated as it went on. It’s probably because that’s how it is with me and sequels (usually). And if there’s not enough LOVE, then I won’t blog it. Same goes for any other series. I’ll just share my thoughts on the latest episodes in my comments. K?

Watching: Yep.
Blogging: Nope.
Raw or subbed: Both.



K, so I heard this was stretching out until March. I haven’t even watched last week’s episode yet so I’ll have to catch up on it sometime after my vacation. And like it is for CLANNAD, really like it and all but not enough for me to blog it.

Watching: Though I’m behind, yes.
Blogging: No.
Raw or subbed: Subbed.

Now with the winter season, I’m assuming most of us already know what’s showing what so I’ll just skip the summaries and give a quick run-down of what’s guaranteed and what’s not (I’m still not sure but eh).

White Album

White Album
Airdate: 01/03

Nana-sama’s voicing. She sings. Her character is an idol. Do I need to say more? xD

Watching: Yesh, yesh, yesh.
Blogging: Guaranteed first impression; most likely will blog unless the plot no longer interests me, then I’ll drop it. Hopefully, that won’t happen.
Raw or subbed: Both.



Yes~…cuz I love ‘em traps! Haha! And Marina Inoue’s in it! *happy* ^^
Not much of a yuri fan but I like shoujo-ai for the “Aww”-ness of it. So watching it for that, too, along with the humor.

Watching: Yes.
Blogging: Guaranteed first impression and no. It’s not something I’d delve myself into so…
Raw or subbed: Subbed.


Genji Monogatari Sennenki
Airdate: 01/15

I was curious one day and went on Wiki to read the synopsis of the real story, got convinced that I wanted to throw stuff at this Genji (pedo playboy) and decided to give it a shot. Plus, I’m wondering how the art’s going to be done, too. Whether I’m going to continuing watching is going to be determined by that.
Oh! And Takahiro Sakurai and Tomokazu Sugita are voicing! YEA! 8D

Watching: First episode (for the art and the seiyuus).
Blogging: Guaranteed first impression; depends, most likely not.
Raw or subbed: Subbed, probably.


Kurokami the Animation
Airdate: 01/08

Looks exciting. Will see how it goes. Won’t blog since I’m not that interested and for the fact that every other blog will probably be taking this one up.

Watching: Yea, sure.
Blogging: No.
Raw or subbed: Subbed.

(Sorry, couldn’t find a decent image)

Asu no Yoichi!
Airdate: 01/08

Harem, fanservice. Just what I need! …Not. =P
But the girl with the purple hair and the seiyuus convinced me so I’ll give it a try.

Watching: Ok.
Blogging: Dunno. Probably not.
Raw or subbed: Doesn’t matter.


Airdate: 01/03

I’ve read the first impressions and good feedback makes me think otherwise. ^^ That, and the idea of beverages reminds me a lot of “Pixie Pop” by Ema Toyama though I thought that was one of her less impressive works but yea. Interesting.
And you can never have enough laughs about men’s butts. Har har. xD;

Watching: Yea-huh.
Blogging: Nah.
Raw or subbed: Whichever.


Sora o Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai
Airdate: 01/14

…I still have no idea what’s this suppose to come off from but why not? I just love being confused! (Yes, I’ve gone into one of my crazy, vicious moodswings now if you haven’t noticed) 8DD;;

Watching: If I can figure out what the hell’s going on, yea.
Blogging: Maybe if I’m motivated enough or bored enough to want to do something.
Raw or subbed: Both.

Other (watching but not blogging):
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei – I’m still too scared to watch the first season. Somebody come over to my house and watch it with me! ;___;
xxxHolic and TRC OVA – Yay for emo violence and self-abuse. CLAMP works just excel so wonderfully in that! D|

Meh~, is it over? =___= Argh, this post is so messy.
So a total of two guaranteed shows I’ll be blogging…mmkay.
I think I’ll just do one massive first impressions post for all the ones I know I won’t be blogging just for the heck of it.
We’ll see. We’ll see.

*sigh* This takes a lot out of me! o.O; And I still have one more post to go tonight. Argh, I need caffeine and a hot shower. *passes out*


7 thoughts on “09 Winter Watchlist

  1. ZOMG. I had the page open forever, then I just refreshed and the layout changed!

    Yes, of course, Doki~ You planned on starting up your blog right around the time that Ikuto’s arc starts, didn’t you? Cheater. Of course, I decided to start my blog up on an “important” episode too (episode 33).

    So…does not blogging Clannad mean I still get to look forward to long comments on my Clannad posts?

    Ah, but KuroKami! I think it’s not going to be as big of an “everyone” series for blogging because of the simultaneous airing. Well, at least I decided to drop it for the meantime because I feel like giving the dub a chance and if it’s airing right away I probably won’t have to wait too long for a DVD release or something. (OMG that was a run on sentence wasn’t it? I feel so ashamed…)

    Man. I’m surprised by how many posts you’ve done right after opening your blog. And the Shugo Chara post makes four. I think I only did four posts in my first week. Getting out everything you’ve been holding in I suppose.

    • I know! I couldn’t stand Tarski cuz it would only let me have two widgets so I changed it back to Ocean Mist and had to redo the entire banner. But that only took a few minutes, which is good. And it looks better bigger, too. *content*

      …Yes. xD And you can’t call me a cheater! You…you faster cheater! xDDD;;;
      Oh, and btw, sorry for not replying on Twitter. I just kept on updating without refreshing the page. lol Nothing pulls me out of possessed fan mode. ^^;
      And I meant the ugly asshole stepdad but I would like the real production director to have a nice “chat” with me, as well. >:(

      What do you think, hmm? >83

      Oh, but that does make sense…hmm. Well, I’ll watch the subbed versions if they come out anyway. I can’t stand dubs at all. And I think this whole simultaneous airing just ruins the fun of watching anime but if that’s what they want to do, then let them do it. At least I can be sure that shoujo won’t be getting that treatment anytime soon. That’d be horrible. D8

      Yea…plus, I have to do a vacation post before I leave so that makes five. o.O;
      …Is it still too late to go back to being just a commenter? |D;

  2. What an awful theme. Two widgets isn’t enough! I think I use at least like…7. Oh and about widgets quickly~ If you use sub categories in the category widget you have to check the box that says “Show Category Hierarchy” because otherwise it just does everything in alphabetical order…which makes everything look messy and stupid (and I hate it because I always forget to check the box when I change themes!!!).

    Yes, yes. I kind of figured that was the case.
    Ah and asshole director. That makes sense. See, that’s why I made it a question. But yeah, asshole director needs to die.
    lol, I can even recognize when people are talking about him unless they call him the ugly (or fugly) or asshole director.

    Yay~ More comments on Clannad! Of course, now I have to learn to start replying to my Clannad comments (Somehow I never get around to it! So frustrating…).

    Haha, well I’m only watching KuroKami dubbed because I’m trying to pretend like I have an open mind. Back when I did watch dubs, I remember liking Laura Bailey (who is in it) so I can at least hope that it’ll work out.
    Oh god. Shoujo dubs are always horrible. See…that’s why I’m hoping Shugo Chara gets licensed by Nozomi (subs only).

    Yes. It’s too late to go back. Well, probably not. Except now that I linked to your blog in one of my posts, it might be~

    • Ah, I totally forgot to do that, too, but I was wondering why it didn’t show in heirarchy form.
      Oh, and thank you for the email! I would’ve responded but y’know, rush and all. But really, thanks so much! ^^

      He’s too unworthy and lowly scum to even be graced with a name at all (ooo~, that was harsh but so justified! >8D)


      T_____T You better take responsibility for any possible damages in the future. xDD;; lol J/k. I should stop doing this.

  3. I think we’re watching almost the exact same shows! :D

    I know a lot of people are kinda meh about Genji Monogatari, but I’m super stoked!!! I took an Art of Japan class this past semester, and a lot of tradition Japanese art has to do with the Genji Monogatari (specifically, the Genji Monogatari Emaki, or handscroll). I can’t wait!!! :D

    But lol, I don’t really blog anime, it’s easier for me to blog the manga, so that’s what I tend to do. xD

  4. Rly? Awesome! :D

    Ooo, now that you said that, I’ll be looking forward to Genji even more now. Hope it won’t disappoint.

    Hehe, I think that’s easier, too, so that’s why I only blog the ones that I’m sure I am super interested/in love with. Plus, blogging takes a lot of energy and time. *still trying to get use to it* ^^;

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