Hawooooo~~~!!! x333

Xiao Jie is still trying to figure this all out. *randomly clicks on anything*


Anyways, HELLO…*waits for it*…CRICKETS!

*complete dead silence*


I don’t even get echoes. How sad.


So…as of today, December 26, 2008, ěk-sěn’trĭk is now open for my anime/manga ranting and rambling needs. Because I warn you now, I rant long and hard like a bitch.

But first!

A Little Back Story

To be honest, I’ve never, ever even considered the thought of actually opening a blog until after almost a year of following and commenting on Fuyu-san’s blog. And this goes back to even before she opened Simplicity (she’s also the first blogger I’ve actually followed, btw). Ah, LJ memories…I was really crazy then. Typing like…3 pages of fangirl spazzes per comment and being scolded by the LJ reply box for making it too long. o.O; lol
Not to say that I’m not crazy now. Just not as much outrageous nonsense. Omg, really?! Since when?! You liar! 8D; The page-length is still more or less constant. Those who’ve seen my comments know that very well. Haha

Well, and it’s because of that I started feeling a little bad. See, I edit and reread my comments over and over and the more I did, the more I realized that I sounded really annoying. Even though Fuyu-san, being the nice person that she is, said it wasn’t (don’t worry, I believe you), I still felt that way…cuz I’m really hard on myself on the way I do things and whether or not if it’s a nuisance to people. ^^;

Then one day, I had half the mind to say “Huh, maybe I should open up my own blog since I have so much to talk about.” and she replied “Yes! DEEEWWWW IIIIITTTT~~~!!!!! 8D”. Lol, ok, not really. That’s just me exaggerating. But yea, after a while and some persuasion (I’ve grown very attached to my commenter status and didn’t want to let it go, tohoho~), I made up my mind. So it’s really thanks to her I’m sitting here typing 5 pages of my blahblahblah for you all to read. A toast to her and awesomeness! *toast*

Continuing…after a couple of months of busy school work and life getting in the way along with a heavy dose of procrastination (heh heh *points at this*) and several hours trying to figure wordpress out (which still hasn’t happened and probably never will), I’ve managed to finish this intro post all before I have to leave for Florida on Saturday! Yaaay~! xD Now I just need to do two more and finish my about page. Oi…

*cough* Moving along…

*dramatic lighting and sound effects*

THE BLOG (and some stuff about me meshed in there)

Real reason why I made it (besides the need to yap): Because I love anime and manga to the very deepest core of my existence.

I’m not lying when I say this is probably my one and only passion. It’s the only regular past time that makes me truly happy and something I unconditionally love. Then again, I do swim and play the piano but those are more like hobbies. Love them a lot, but not enough to want to fuss over it daily. Still, I do work for and enjoy other stuff so don’t be so freaked out by the image you probably have of me right now. It gets a lot worse. *evil laugh* >xD

Aha, no, no, I’m not that horrifying, really. ^^;

Ah, ok. So other than the fact that this is my obsession, there’s also another reason to add to the ranting part of it, I guess. And to clarify that the blog was not made mostly on my sense of guilt (only a bit). I don’t want to start off so negative. *nervous laugh* ^^;

Basically, it’s to distract me from the heavy amount of stress brought on by things in my personal life. I’m currently in my sophomore year in college and also have a flexible decent-paying job while balancing piano lessons and swimming practices all in one week. Add family issues to it and I. AM. VERY. MOODY! @.@;;;
And watching (or re-watching sometimes) an episode or reading a chapter of whatever I happen to be interested at the moment and discussing it with others who share (or don’t share) my opinions helps lift that a little. And yea, the fandoms can get wild and very dumb occasionally but even that gets my mind off of work and I direly need it. Instead of complaining about not wanting to go to school and still feeling crappy after I blow off some steam, I’d rather spend my energy screaming my theories away in some forum or something. It’s productive, at least, cuz then I can expand my views on what other people think and I feel so much better afterwards, because, like I said, it is my passion. Passion > priorities that just drag you down, though this will never happen in real life. Buu~…

Yea, I think I’ll spare you all any more reasoning. Then it’d just be redundant.

Ok, the blog. The blog. ěk-sěn’trĭk.

Took the pronunciation spelling of “eccentric” because…well, I see myself as a little eccentric understatement and I liked the marks over the letters. So sue me. I like peculiar looking things. *shrug*

Which kinda explains the weird category names, too. Heh. Just pronounce them out.
And “R,R,R” stands for “Rant, Ramble, RAGE!”. I would’ve added F for fangirl but those 3 pretty much sums up fangirling, doesn’t it? xD;

In regards to any plans I have for ěk-sěn’trĭk god, this is a pain to spell besides blogging season anime, reviewing a certain manga chapter or two, the usual stuff, I think I might post some of the “good enough” AMVs I plan to make…when I get around to it, that is. Procrastinator, remember? =P
I also want to do some kind of shoujo-only moe tournament but I’m not sure if I’ll go through with that or not. I’ll expand on it a little more in another later post but if you’re for or against it, do tell me in a comment. I’d like to know what you all think and would gladly accept any advice and/or suggestions for anything. Appreciation and thanks in advance. ^^

…Now that I’m done with that.

What to expect (and not expect) from me:

  • I don’t do summaries. Too much work. I am lazy. Yea…I’ll only do it if it’s needed to help explain my thoughts. Otherwise, I can point you somewhere else for them.
  • Beware of excessive smilies, ellipsises (…), “~”s, *insert action here*, and lots of “Ok”s, “OMG!”s “Um, ah, yea, and, uh”s, “lol”s with the occasional CAP lock shoutings and “Kyaaaa~!!!!”ings as well. They are littered everywhere and I have no intention of removing them because that’s just how I express myself.
    Seriously, I don’t think it’d be so hard to recognize me on the internet (in some places) because I do xDDDDDDDDD all the time. It makes it seem like I have really long face or something but it’s just me “Kyaa~!”ing.
  • I like to use parentheses a lot…which just makes what I want to say even more confusing. =_=;
  • My whole writing is rather sloppy and hard to understand, even to me, and sometimes even contradictory but I try to organize it as best as I can. If you don’t get it, I apologize and will do my best to explain. If you still don’t, then I can’t. Sorry.
  • I abuse the strike option like one would abuse marijuana. o.O;
  • I get so horrendously side-tracked and very personal sometimes that it drives me to insanity but should really only take me a few moments to recover. And I exaggerate almost everything like hell.
  • Replying on comments – I will absolutely NOT stand for “English” I can’t and will not try to understand nor will I have any unsupported, ridiculous flaming/bashing of ANY character/pairing/series whatsoever (unless I know you, then it’s okay to a certain extent). Even if I do agree with you, those will be ignored or promptly deleted.
    I mean, this is the internet and you can talk however you want to talk but seeing one messed-up paragraph full of “OMG! i luv xxx he’s so cute! did u hear he and xxx are doing xxxx?! i did! SOOOOOOO AWESOME! lolololol i hate xxxx, she can rot in hell and die there! xxxxXxXXXxxxx” makes me want to throw a tractor at whoever wrote that. Complete sentences and decent spacing are not hard. And if you’re going to fangirl or fanrant, then do it with some level of etiquette and back up your statements! D:<
    Otherwise, I will try my best to reply as soon as I can. ^^

…I think that’s all for now.

The following is just about the (crappy) banner so you can just skip to the next section if you’re not interested.

Hmm, well, I was looking for a New Years pic and I remembered this certain CCS image I had in my sticker book (yes, I still have it) that I knew would be perfect for it. Found it, went through several hours of cropping out the old background and separating them into two groups, redid it about a thousand more times and finally settled for the piece above. Yep, my first banner. Pretty lame and extremely basic-looking but eh, I’ll try better on the next one (which is also another CCS image). I should think about changing the theme, too. It looks so unattractive and dull but the rest I don’t really like much either. That or all of the good ones are taken. :/

Heh, but there’s something amusing I have to say about Meilin. Since Sakura’s image overlapped hers, I had to repaint in some parts of her hair and little of her right leg. Thank god I resized it and that she’s wearing black stockings cuz if I tried using her skin color, it would’ve appeared as if her leg blew up from the inside and is now sagging with puss. And then there was the issue with the part of her skirt that looked as if some dog took a nice chomp out of it while she was too busy blowing streamers everywhere. Being too lazy to draw that, I just used the last “k” in “EKSENTRIK” to block that part out. Haha, I feel so clever. *stupid*


I’d reward you if you read through all that and somehow managed to stay alive but unfortunately, I have nothing to give…

*stares* =(o ω o)=

So yea…Thanks for reading! Hope I didn’t scare anyone away and spell the end of my blogging career before it even started. I only sound grouchy and pessimistic sometimes when it’s just concerning me. Other than that, I’m pretty easy-going and shy (I’m serious~!). xD;

Looking forward to chatting with you all! I’m very fortunate enough to know a few of you bloggers already so please take care of me in case I somehow someday send the entire internet crashing into oblivion for whatever reasons xD; and yea, please look forward to my future posts. ^^

And for the lack of images in this first post (*failure*), I’ll have Mashimaro dance for you.

dancing Mashimaro

Dance, fat rabbit…thing…DANCE! xDD;;

K, bai.


7 thoughts on “Hawooooo~~~!!! x333

  1. First comment taken!!! *feels proud*

    And I feel so much prouder being mentioned so specially in the introduction post. *humble and shy and blah, blah, blah*

    “I’m not lying when I say this is probably my one and only passion. It’s the only regular past time that makes me truly happy and something I unconditionally love.”
    Be careful, there’s a flamer who will come at you and try to rescue you from your hobby if they read this.

    I love the name of your blog by the way. ěk-sěn’trĭk once I realized it was for eccentric (I’m a bit slow today), I then thought that it fit you perfectly. And you can’t get mad at me for saying that because you said it yourself!

    OH GOD YES! Do the shoujo-only moe tournament! DO IT!!!

    And I see you’ve entered the sometimes hell-ish world of banner-making. There’s plenty more cheats to messing with images that don’t look right when you mess with them that you’ll be learning. Or you can just get better at putting them back together again (I have gotten better at this…just really, really recently).

    This is so much fun! Though I have to admit that after having you just be a commenter on my blog, I’ll feel a little lonely (I’m impossible to please). But this is still more fun. It’s not like you’re disappearing after all!

    Ah, I don’t have much else to say. I wanted to super-spam as your first comment, but I’m feeling worse than usual today (I think I might have actually got the flu or something this time, though I’m still hoping it’s just a bad cold).

    Anyway~ I’m off to add you to my blogroll and then read your next post.

    • xD

      You should! I kept on re-editing that part to show you in the perfect light! lol

      He shall be ignoreth.

      Thank you! And of course not! I’m glad you agree that I’m eccentric, too (just like Maora only crazier). xD; I like it that way. It makes people wonder. 8D;

      @.@;; Ok… *spinnyspinny*…I’m sure I’ll get the hand of it. haha ^^;

      o.O; Nuu~! How can I disappear? I’m still your number one most lengthiest spam fan! You won’t be rid of me anytime soon! xDD;;

      Haha, it’s fine. You’ll have plenty of chances (but can you beat me? hohoho~!). Hope you feel better and thanx for commenting! ^^

  2. cool you finally made a blog. I know what you mean by your long comments but I like them cause they are funny and uhm well i just like reading them cause they are pretty much entertaining. and you pretty much describe everything about the episode. cool oh and uhm happy new year. ^^

  3. :’D I read your comments sometimes on Fuyu-maiden’s blog, and they are loong, I think it’s good that you made your own blog ^_^ and I think the banner is good too!

  4. Tramilisha: Haha, thanx. ^^ You, too.


    Mimi: Wow, I seriously can’t believe people read my long comments…but that makes me so happy! xD
    Thanx! And glad you like the banner (I’ll try better for the next one). ^^

    Well, I just came back so sorry for not witnessing your grand overture T.T I really feel horrible. But anyways, welcome to the blogging part of the blogosphere and wish you the best of the best in here.

    I’m honestly glad that you really have a blog now because in your comments I always say to myself that “omg this girl has so much potential to be a very very good and funny blogger-ist XD!” (yep, even more potential than me XDD) And it’s really nice to know that you have passion and determination so that’s definitely a good foundation ^_^ (and Fuyu-chan had really been a good inspiration to aspiring bloggers! Go Fuyu-chan!!!).

    And “ěk-sěn’trĭk”, I really like the name especially that you kept the pronunciation spelling of it because it really stands out :) (added you in my blogroll too :) Tsui is so stupid for not adding my VIP fiercest commenter so I’ll scold him later..)

    OMG a Shoujo Tournament??? O.O *pew pew pew laser beams pew pew pew* (lol forgive me for my vacation hang-over… I’m still on high XD)

    Looking forward to your fun thoughts here xiao_jie err… I mean Xiao Jie ^_^!!! (yep. gotta start practicing typing your name in that way lol)

  6. Lol It’s perfectly ok. Don’t feel bad. I was late welcoming you back, too. ^^;
    And thank you for such a warm welcome. Please take care of me since you’re my senpai, too. *bows*

    EH?! No way! Not more potential than the kanzeon! No, no, no. If we’re gonna talk about great bloggers, you are one of the best I know. No lie. I cannot compare! *must be dramatic about it* xD;
    Haha, I think my passion will be also be my trainwreck. I’ve already did that in a lot of my posts. ^^;
    (hehe, yes, she can be very persuasive.)

    I’m glad you like the name, too. I really wanted a word that I thought would fit best but also look good as well. And then I remembered there was a whole lot of different ways you could spell “e”, lol.

    Ah, and thanks! Not sure if you’ll be reading this (since I’m so late in replying back, too. I’m sorry~) but I’ll have to change your site address on my blogroll. I’m gonna do that now.

    Ahh~! Yea, I wanted to ask you first since you have the ANTM and I didn’t want to make it seem like I copied you or anything. And yours is so much more original. I’m just doing a moe competition.

    Hehe, you can call me Xiao-chan if you’d like. It’s easier. ^^

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